Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Section B

January-December, 1984

Population trends of some monophagous and polyphagous fulgoroids in
relation to biotic and abiotic factors (Insecta: Homoptera) -
S Swaminathan and T N Ananthakrishnan
Ecology of Indian estuaries—V: Primary productivity of the Ashtamudi estuary, south-west coast of India - N Balakrishnan Nair, P K Abdul Azis,
K Dharmaraj, M Arunachalam, K Krishna Kumar and N K Balasubramanian
Screening of mothbean Vigna aconitifolia Jacq varieties against the pulse
beetle Callosobruchus chinensis Linn.- Satya Vir
Life fecundity tables of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) on different hosts -
G P Garad, P R Shivpuje and G G Bilapate
Observations on the mucopolysaccharides in the mantle of Barbatia obliquata (Gray) (Arcidae) - P Rupavati, K Hanumantha Rao and
K Shyamasundari
Effects of desiccation on the ventral nerve cord-neurosecretory system of tropical earthworm, Metaphire peguana (Rosa, 1890) - D K Nanda,
P S Chaudhuri and A K Bej
Initial dyadic social behaviour in free-ranging rhesus monkeys (Macaca
mulatta) - Rajbir Singh
Comparative study on varietal resistance to rice green leafhoppers
Nephotettix virescens (Distant) and N. nigropictus (StA.1) - Kasi Viswanathan and M B Kalode
Activity of certain enzymes of amino acid metabolism in the liver and kidney of three amphibian species - V Lakshmipathi and P Venkat Reddy
A study on olfactory communication signals in sambar deer, Cervus unicolor
Eugene Mary and M Balakrishnan

Rhizosphere effect of Andropogon pumilus Roxb. on soil nematodes, soil organic matter and nitrogen - G B Pradhan and M C Dash
Maintenance of cooperative life in forest and urban rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta) - Raghubir Singh Pirta
Histoenzymological differences in the envelope of white and stages of rapidly growing yellow follicles in the ovary of crow (Corvus splendens)
R K Parshad and S S Guraya
Natural history of the Garhwal himalayan mahseer Tor putitora (Hamilton)
II. Breeding biology - Prakash Nautiyal
Fin rot and other diseases in marine fishes - P Lakshmanaperumalsamy,
D Chandramohan and R Natarajan
Adaptation to thermal stress in the freshwater eurythermal teleost
Sarotherodon mossambicus: Lactate dehydrogenase activity -
K Radhakrishnaiah
Effect of Cannabis hemp (hashish) on normal and rats subjected to psychological stress - N A Khan and S S Hasan
Population of the Western Ghats squirrel, Funambulus tristriatus Waterhouse in South India - S Keshava Bhat and D N Mathew
Aspects of biological evolution based on molecular data sets -
Shama Barnabas and John Barnabas
Development of organophosphorus and carbamate-resistance in Indian
strains of Anopheles stephensi Liston
- S Chitra and M K K Pillai
Alterations in gene expression during senescence - M S Kanungo
Use of electrophoresis and immunoelectrophoresis in taxonomic and pollution studies - Maria R Menezes and S Z Qasim
Cardiovascular effects of serotonin on the pigeon Columba livia -
 D Banerjee and Asok Ghosh

The problem of marine timber destroying organisms along the Indian coasts
N Balakrishnan Nair
Observations on the social behaviour of free ranging groups of tame Asiatic
elephant (Elephas maximus Linn) - Madhav Gadgil and P Vijayakumaran Nair
Mother mouse sets the circadian clock of pups - N Viswanathan and
M K Chandrashekaran
Thrips-fungus association with special reference to the sporophagous
Bactrothrips idolomorphus (Kamy.) (Tubulifera: Thysanoptera) -
T N Ananthakrishnan and K Dhileepan
Descriptions of new species of oriental Mymaridae and Aphelinidae (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) - B R Subba Rao
Foreward 263-264
Plant-insect-fungus association in some plant galls - K V Krishnamurthy
A preliminary review of some interesting aspects of bioethology of the
chalcids (Hymenoptera: Chalcidoidea) associated with plant galls -
T C Narendran
Orseolia and rice: Cecidogenous interactions - K C Mathur and S Rajamani
Gall insect-host plant relationships—An ecological perspective - A Raman
The dynamics of the root-knot nematode galls  - S Kannan and   
T Chandraguru   
Thrips-fungus interactions with special reference to their vector potential
T N Ananthakrishnan and G Suresh
Mycoplasma and allied diseases of forest trees in India and vector-host­pathogen interactions  -  P K Sen-Sarma
Leafhopper and planthopper transmitted viruses of cereal crops -
C B Sulochana  
Insect vectors of virus diseases of sugarcane -  H David and K C Alexander
Interactions of insect vectors with plants in relation to transmission of plant viruses - S Mukhopadyay   
Flower-insect interaction in pollination - H Y Mohan Ram and Gila Mathur   
Agaonid-Ficus interactions with special reference to pollination ethology
K J Joseph and U C Abdurahiman   
Bee-flower interactions and pollination potential  -  C Subba Reddi and
E U B Reddi   
Butterflies and pollination biology  - C Subba Reddi and G Meera Bai   
Plant virus diseases transmitted by whiteflies in Karnataka -
V Muniyappa and G K Veeresh   
Some entomogenous fungal infections of a sporophagous Tubuliferan Elaphrothrips denticollis (Insecta: Thysanoptera)  - G Suresh and
T N Ananthakrishnan
Bionomics of hill-stream cyprinids. IV. Length-weight relationship of Labeo
dero (Ham.) from India  - Sandeep K Malhotra and R S Chauhan   
Ecology of biofouling on Crassostrea madrasensis (Preston) (Mollusca: Bivalvia) in a tropical backwater  -  N Balakrishnan Nair, K Dharmaraj,
P K Abdul Azis, M Arunachalam and K Krishna Kumar
Relative efficacy of male and female conspecific urine in masking shyness behaviour in Indian gerbil,Tatera indica -Saroj Kumari and Ishwar Prakash   
Food preference studies of Plotosus canius Hamilton and its cultural suitability  - M Sinha
Interactions of feeding frequency and density on food utilization in air-breathing murrel, Channa striatus  -  K Sampath and T J Pandian   
Haemolymph of female Oxya hyla hyla Serville (Orthoptera: Acrididae): A preliminary study   - D Ghosh, B Ghosh, R Saha and S G Pal
Morphogenesis of the foetal membranes and placentation in the bat, Miniopterus schreibersii fuliginosus (HODGSON)  -  G C Chari and A Gopalakrishna 
Role of key mortality factors in overlapping generations of Earias vittella (Fabricius) in insecticides treated cotton field  -  P R Jadhav and
G G Bilapate
Body weights, sex ratio and population structure of the Western ghat squirrel, Funambulus tristriatus  -  Ranjan Advani and A Sujatha
Effects of insecticide, permethrin, on dietary water utilization in eri-silk worm Philosamia ricini  - Prakash R Naik and M R Delvi
Mating behaviour of two assassin bugs—Rhinocoris marginatus Fabr. (Harpactorinae) and Catamiarus brevipennis Serv. (Piratinae) (Heteroptera: Reduviidae)   - Dunston P Ambrose and David Livingstone
Effect of administering different doses of 17 a-methyl-testosterone in Heteropneustes fossilis -  S Sindhu and T J Pandian
Comparative studies on the effects of population density on moult production and food conversion in two freshwater prawns  -
R Ponnuchamy,
S Ravichandra Reddy and Katre Shakuntala
SEM studies on Bucephalopsis karvei Bhalerao, 1937, an intestinal parasite of the fish, Xenentodon cancila (Ham.)-K C Pandey and Sunil Kumar Tewari
Specialised integumentary glands of house rat, Rattus rattus - R Kairali,
P Rani and K M Alexander
Histology and histopathology of the feeding lesions by Cyrtopeltis tenuis
Reut. (Hemiptera: Maridae) on Lycopersicon esculentum Mill. (Solanaceae)
K Raman and K P Sanjayan
Susceptibility of symbionts of Rhizopertha dominica F to various sulpha drugs in vivo - Rashid Hasan and Absar M Khan
Effect of phenol on the phosphomonoesterases and ATPase activity in the fish Sarotherodon mossambicus (Peters) in saline waters  - S Ravichandran
and Bernice Anantharaj   
Morpho-histology of the pituitary gland of the estuarine teleost fish, Valamugil cunnesius (Valenciennes)  -  Asha Narayan, K C George
and A D Diwan
Ecology of Indian estuaries: Studies on the zooplankton ecology of Kadinamkulam backwater - N Balakrishnan Nair, K Krishna Kumar,
M Arunachalam, P K Abdul Azis and K Dharmaraj  
Reduction in population of Indian desert rodents with anticoagulant rodenticides  -  R P Mathur and Ishwar Prakash
Log-normal distributions in parasitology - Sandeep K Malhotra
Relation between food consumption, growth and egg production in the tropical spider Cyrtophora cicatrosa (Araneidae, Araneae) under experimen‑
tal conditions of food abundance and ration -  S Palanichamy 
Aquatic and aerial respiration of an intertidal tropical gastropod Morula granulata (Duclos) in relation to temperature - V Uma Devi, Y Prabhakara Rao and D G V Prasada Rao    
Course of neurosecretory tracts within hypothalamus in a Snow trout,
Schizo thorax niger (Heckel) by in situ technique - Usha Bali and M Y Qadri
Effects of dihydropalmitinium hydroxide isolated from the roots of Berberis chitria on intact/spayed/oestradiol dipropionate/pregnant female gerbils (Meriones hurrianae Jerdon)   - V P Dixit and R S Gupta    
Four new species of mesozoan parasites (Mesozoa: Dicyemidae) from cephalopods of Bay of Bengal  - C Kalavati, C C Narasimhamurti and
T Suseela    
Observations on the fine structure of the sebaceous flank gland of the Indian musk shrew, Suncus murinus viridescens (Blyth)  -  M Balakrishnan,
K M Alexander and J C George    
Ectoparasites of the freshwater food fishes of Haryana  -  R N Singhal,
Swain Jeet and R W Davies  
Studies on riverine ecology of torrential waters in the uplands of the Garhwal region II. Seasonal fluctuations in diatom density  -  Prakash Nautiyal    
Ecology of the above ground and under ground insect fauna in relation to the respective floral changes of Botanic garden grassland, West Bengal, India - A K Hazra  
Relative toxicity of phenoxy herbicides on Lebistes (Poecilia) reticulatus (Peters)   - H K Vardia and V S Durve    
Seasonal variation in primary production in relation to some limnological features in Lakhotia lake (India)   - T C Khatri 
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