Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Section A

July, 1976

On some nonlinear generalizations of Gronwall's inequality - B.G. Pachpatte
Magneto-hydrodynamic stability of plane Poiseuille flow with flexible boundaries - S.K. Pathak and M.C. Chaturvedi
Oscillatory free convection flow of a second order fluid from a vertical plate - Shankar Prasad Mishra and Tarini Charan Panda
A report on polarography of nitro derivatives of arylazopyrazoles -
Wahid U. Malik and R.N. Goyal
August, 1976

Effect of discontinuity in density and conductivity on the hydromagnetic stability of a two-dimensional jet - M.M. Ranade and B.B. Chakraborty
Determination of lead by the precipitation of lead molybdate from a homogeneous solution by the diffusion method - Somasekhara Rao Kaza and Vishnu Gopalrao Vaidya
Studies in the formation of heterocyclic rings containing nitrogen : Part XXIII. Condensation of o-aminobenzamide with aldehydes and Schiff bases - P. Hanmanthu, S.K.V. Seshavatharam, C.V. Ratnam and
N.V. Subba Rao
Polarographic reduction of nitrophenols and nitroanilines in aqueoustetrahydrofuran - Ram Parkash, R.K. Kalia and Ranjit Singh Verma
Amperometric determination of copper with resacetophenone phenylhydrazone - Y. Krishna Reddy, S. Brahmaji Rao and N. Appal Rao
A study of the Mannich reaction in the isoxazole series - K.S.R. Krishna Mohan Rao and Y. Uma Devi
Reaction of hexachloropropene with hydroxy-coumarins and chromones - Ajit W Deshpande and J.R. Merchant
September, 1976

Polarography of molybdenum in phosphoric acid medium - C.V. Narayanan and S.A. Yanjik
Detection of alkoxy-complexes using visual indicators in non-aqueous solvents - N.V. Jain, A.K. Rai and R.C. Mehrotra
Study of indium complexes by solvent extraction and ion exchange -
M. Sudersanan and A.K. Sundaram
Nonsimilarity solutions of a class of free convection problems - G. Nath
Coordination compounds of Cu(II), Ni(II) and Co(II) with sulphanethazine-5-bromo-salicyladimine - Prabuddha Jain and Kamal
K. Chaturvedi
October, 1976

The equatorial anomaly in ionospheric total electron content and the equatorial electrojet current strength - K.N. Iyer, M.R. Deshpande and
R.G. Rastogi
Cyanoethylation of methyl and ethyl ethers of dimethylphenols -
J.R. Merchnt and Meera S. Kamath
2-Hydroxy-1-acetonaphthoneoxime as analytical reagent : Part I. Gravimetric determination of copper - R.C. Hussain and N. Appala Raju
Studies on the extraction of vanadium (IV) in the presence of some anions and neutral oxygen donors - V. Pandu Ranga Rao, V.V. Sarma and
A.S.R. Krishna Murthy
Chronology of Mesozoic volcanics of India - J.K. Agrawal and Rama
November, 1976

An inhomogeneity problem in couple stress theory - S.C. Gupta
Effects of mass transfer on free convective flow of a dissipative, incompressible fluid past an infinite vertical porous plate with suction -
V.M. Soundalgekar
Generalized inaccuracy and a coding theorem - Ram Autar and R.S. Soni
Synthesis of linear diphenyl furanocoumarins - M. Kanakalingeswara Rao,
K. Krishna Pillai and S. Rajagopal
Morphological studies of tine oxide gel - R.L. Madan and N.K. Sandle
December, 1976

The Weierstrass-Jacobi transform H.D. chaubey and R.S. Pathak
On certain double integrals - C.L. Koul and R.K. Raina
On recurrence relations for the H-function of two variables - O.P. Garg
Numerical study of unsteady flow of a second order liquid past a porous infinite flat plate with uniform suction - Tapas Ranjan Roy
Combined free and forced convection effects on the magnetohedrodynamic flow through a porous channel - Shankar Prasad Mishra and Jugal Charan Muduli
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