Proceedings of the Indian Academy of Sciences, Section A

July, 1966

High Level Radiosonde Ascents at Hyderabad during January to April, 1961 - Anna Mani, G.P. Srivastava, B.B. Huddar, N.V. Narayana Rao and
N. Narayana Iyer
The Probable Iodine Molecular Lasers in the Violet and Ultraviolet Regions - Putcha Venkateswarlu and D. Ramachandra Rao
Performance of a Large Air Cerenkov Counter Used to Distinguish Protons and Pions in the Cosmic Radiation upto an Energy of 45 GeV -
A. Subramanian and S.D. Verma
Temperature Dependence of the Knight Shift of 207Pb Resonance in Na15Pb4 Intermetallic Compound - D.L. Radhakrishna Setty and
B.D. Mungurwadi
Temperature Dependence of the Photoelastic Behaviour of Crystals - Part I - K.V. Krishna Rao and V.G. Krishna Murty
Infra-Red and Raman Spectra of BaCl2 2H2O and BaCl2 2D2O 0-
G.M. Venkatesha and P. Neelakantan
Raman Spectrum of Dimethyl Sulfoxide (DMSO) and the Influence of Solvents - A. Selvarajan
Three Examples of ΔBe7 Hyperfragments - K.N. Chaudhari, S.N. Ganguli, N.K. Rao and M.S. Swami
August, 1966

Stratospheric Flights Over Tropical Latitudes with Polyethylene Ballons of Large Volume - G.S. Gokhale, M.G. Menon and R.T. Redkar
Tabulation of the Number of Independent Components of Physical Tensors for the Magnetic Classes - J. Tenenbaum
Influence of Temperature on the Photometric Determination of Silicon by the Molybdenum Blue Methods - G.V.L.N. Murty, K.S.R. Krishnaiah and
M.S. Raju
Substitution and Solvent Effects on C13-F19 Coupling constants -
M.M. Dhingra, G. Govil and C.L. Khetrapal
The d 1 Σ+ - c 1 Π System of NH - N.A. Narasimham and G. Krishnamurty
Raman and Infrared Spectra of Ethylene Glycol - K. Krishnan and
R.S. Krishnan
September, 1966

Determination of the Flux of Primary Cosmic Ray Hydrogen and Helium Nuclei Near the Geomagnetic Equator Using Nuclear Emulsions. Part II. Flux of Helium Nuclei on March 24, 1960 at Geomagnetic Latitude 7.6 oN -
P.J. Kajarekar
Vinyl Polymerization. III. Polymerization of Acrylamide Initiated by Cobaltic by Cobaltic Ions in Aqueous Solution - M. Santappa, V. Mahadevan and
K. Jijie
Studies in the Formationof Heterocyclic Rings Containing Nitrogen. Part X. Condensation of s-Diphenyl and Phenyl Urea with Aromatic Aldehydes and Ammonium Acetate - Khalil Ahmed and N.V. Subba Rao
Potential Constants and Mean Amplitudes of Vibrations of N-Methyl Acetamide - V. Venkata Chalapathi and K. Venkata Ramiah
A Hybrid Computer for X-ray Crystallography - S. Harigovindan
Thermal Expansion of Ferroelectrics. Part II. Lithium Hydrazinium Sulphate [Li (N2H5) SO4] - S. Devanarayanan and K.R.K. Easwaran
Studies in the Separation and Determination of Zicronium Using Vanillin as an Analytical Reagent - B.D. Jain and J.J. Singh
Polyphenols from the Stem Bark of Rhododendron grande Wight -
S. Rangaswami and P. Venkateswarlu
Some studies on Wave Refraction in Relation to Beach Erosion along the Kerala Coast - P.K. Das, V. Hariharan and V.V.R. Varadachari
October, 1966

Study of Hyperfragments. Part III. Multinucleon Interactions of o in Hyperfragments - D.P. Burte, K.N. Chaudhari, S.N. Ganguli, N.K. Rao and M.S. Swami
Study of Hyperfragments. Part IV. Mechanism for Production of Hyperfragments - D.P. Burte, K.N. Chaudhari, S.N. Ganguli, N.K. Rao and M.S. Swami
Fraction of Solid Angle Subtended by the Detector to the Source -
A.V.R. Sastry and S. Ramamurty
Viscosities of Binary Liquid Mixtures - P.R. Naidu and V.R. Krishnan
Inlet Length by Laminar Flow of Elastico-Viscous Liquids through Straight Channel and Circular Tube - Shankar Prasad Mishra
Spectrophotometric Studies of Uranium (VI) - Pongamol Complex - B.D. Jain and (Mrs.) K.V. Purushottam
On Slow Motion of a Sphere in a Viscous Liquid - S.D. Nigam and
V. Subba Rao
Infrared Spectrum of Ferroelectric Lithium Hydrazinium Sulphate [Li(N2H5)SO4] - A.V.R. Warrier and P.S. Narayanan
November, 1966

Influence of Crystallite Shape on Particle Size Broadening of Debye-Scherrer Reflections - Shrikant Lele and T.R. Anantharaman
Paramagnetic Resonance of Mn2+ in KNO3 Single Crystal : Motional Effects - K.N. Shrivastava and Putcha Venkateswarlu
Rotational Analysis of Some of the Bands of the Orange System of FeO - R.K. Dhumwad and N.A. Narasimham
Free Convection Flow of a Second Order Fluid Past a Hot Vertical Plate - Shankar Prasad Mishra
On Generalised MHD Couette Flow with Heat Transfer - V.M. Soundalgekar
Estimation of Aromaticity by NMR Dilution Shifts - C.R. Kanekar, G. Govil, C.L. Khetrapal and M.M. Dhingra
December, 1966

Effect of Temperature and Time on Paramagnetic Resonance of Mn2+ in NaCl Single Crystal - K.N. Shrivastava and Putcha Venkateswarlu
Cosmological Applications of Moller's Tetrad Formulation of the Energy Momentum Complex - K.B. Shah
Estimation of Mercury (ii) and Its Separation from Copper (ii) Using α-Nitroso- β-Naphthol - S.V. Patil
Electronic Space-Charge Neutralisation in a Thermionic Converter -
V.T. Chiplonkar and S.K. Desai
Oxidation Studies. I. Oxidation of Primary Alcohols by Peroxydisulfate -
L.R. Subbaraman and M. Santappa
Satellites in the Gravitational Field of the Moon - N. Rajappa
Studies on the Polarographic Behaviour of Nitrophenols. Part II. p-Nitro-phenol - R.S. Phadke and R.S. Subrahmanya
Flow of a Viscous Incompressible Fluid between Two Parallel Plates, One in Uniform Motion and the Other at Rest with Uniform Suction at the Stationary Plate - P.D. Verma and J.L. Bansal
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