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Vol.23, No.1, July 1984
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Rotating relativistic electron beam-plasma interaction and formation of a field-reversed configuration -- K K Jain and P I John
Electrical transport and high pressure studies on bulk Ge20Te80 glass --G Parthasarathy, A K Bandyopadhyay, S Asokan and E S R Gopal
Pressure-induced electronic and structural transformations in bulk GeSe2 glass -- M V N Prasad, G Parthasarathy, S Asokan and E S R Gopal
Validity regions of charge shift model -- S N Gupta, G Varma and H C Verma
Critical properties of nitrobenzene solutions by electric conductivity method -- B Matuszewska and T Hilczer

Anomaly in electric resistance of binary liquids near the critical point -- B Matuszewska

Optical transitions of Eu3+ ions in EuCl3 solutions -- S Ram, O P Lamba and H D Bist
Light scattering from a nonequilibrium fluid undergoing a planar Poiseuille-Couette flow -- Debendranath Sahoo
Phase shift analysis of pion -4He scattering by optimal polynomial expansion -- K M Das and B B Deo
Recoil corrections to magnetic moments of charmed baryons in the MIT bag model -- K P Tewari and C P Singh
Nonleptonic decay matrix elements in the variable pressure bag model -- P K Chatley and M P Khanna
Vol.23, No.2, August 1984
Dynamic response approach to dynamic image potential -- P R Rao, Chayanika Shah and G Mukhopadhyay
Optical absorption spectra of tripositive erbium ion in certain nitrate complexes -- S V J Lakshman and C K Jayasankar
Temperature dependence of 79Br NQR frequency in cadmium strontium, barium, zinc, magnesium and nickel bromates -- S Ramaprabhu, R Valli and K V S Rama Rao
Thermal properties of cubic metals in anharmonic approximation -- O P Gupta
Ultrasonic velocities and elastic constants in tin-indium alloys -- N Swarnalata and A R K L Padmini
Side-bands in 170Yb -- S V Moholkar, C S Warke and M R Gunye
Regionwise absorption in nuclear optical model -- C S Shastry and Y K Gambhir
Calibration of different plastic track detectors using accelerated heavy ions -- S M Farid
What is heavier—d or u quark? -- S Chakrabarty
Gauge theories of weak and strong gravity -- K P Sinha
Photoacoustic studies on excitation transfer in Rh6G and RhB dye mixture -- V N Rai, S N Thakur and D K Rai
Nonresonant third harmonic generation in thallium vapour -- Sharada Itagi and Abdul Rafe Khan
Dielectric studies in dilute solutions -- Rajni Misra, Amar Singh, J P Shukla and M C Saxena
Computer calculation of positron drift velocities in He, Ne and Ar -- P S Grover, Sanjay Kumar and K V Sinha
Modified vacuum vibrator ion source for phosphorous and boron ions -- N K Patil, P N Kulkarni, M R Bhiday and V N Bhoraskar
A simple instrument for relative microhardness measurement -- K Kishan Rao and D B Sirdeshmukh
1/f noise and resistivity of spin glasses -- Debashish Chowdhury and Abhijit Mookerjee
Cluster Bethe lattice model studies of chemisorption: H on Ni surface -- B C Khanra
High pressure transport behaviour of AgI-Ag2O-MoO3 glasses and the cluster model -- S Hemlata, G Parthasarathy, K J Rao and E S R Gopal
Conditions for the relativistic virial theorem for one electron -- Sambhu N Datta
Vol.23, No. 3, September 1984

Raman effect in the x-ray region -- Ashok Pimpale and Chintamani Mande
The electron-electron interaction in doubly-excited states of atoms -- A R P Rau
3 He-rich solar flares -- S Ramadurai, M N Vahia, S Biswas and K Sakurai
High resolution measurement of Bragg cut-off in beryllium -- C L Thaper, P S Goyal and B A Dasannacharya
Absorption spectrum of the HCCO radical -- S L N Krishnamachari and R Venkatasubramanian
Cumulant functions in optical coherence theory -- C L Mehta
Soliton and boundary condition induced fractional fermion number -- S M Roy and Virendra Singh
Origin of fine structures in solar radio bursts -- G S Lakhina and B Buti
Potential double layers in double plasma device -- A N Sekar and Y C Saxena
A geometric generalization of classical mechanics and quantization -- R K Varma
Black hole thermodynamics from a possible model for internal structure -- P Goswami and K P Sinha
Effect of correlation and spin-polarisation on the band structure of metallic dysprosium -- P K Mukhopadhyay, C K Majumdar and K C Das

Mechanism of phase transformation in ZnS -- M T Sebastian and P Krishna

Pressure and volume dependence of the LO-TO phonons in InAs -- A Jayaraman, V Swaminathan and B Batlogg
Ga0.47In0.53As—The material for high-speed devices -- Biswa Ranjan Nag
Electron transport in Chevrel phase superconductors, Cu1.8Mo6S8–ySey, 0£y£8 and Cu1.8Mo6S8–yTey, 0£y£4—fit to Cote-Meisel theory -- V Sankaranarayanan, G Rangarajan and R Srinivasan
Vol.23, No.4, October 1984

Gauge fields, space-time geometry and gravity -- Tulsi Dass
Symmetry groups of mathematical physics -- P Rudra
Quasi invariants and generalized Killing vectors -- B R Sitaram and Ram K Varma
Analysis and merit of the constrained-component variation in Dirac theory -- Sambhu N Datta and S Jagannathan
Zeros of the helicity amplitudes of Sp and Lp elastic scattering -- S Mohanty and J K Mohapatra
Refractive indices and related properties of some potential mixed crystals -- D K Ghosh, L K Samanta and G C Bhar
Elastic scattering of 36 MeV alpha particles from 197 Au -- S Kailas, S K Gupta, S Bhattacharya, S N Chintalapudi and Y P Viyogi
Ion acoustic subharmonic excitation in a plasma -- R S Chhabra
Calculation of entropy of mixing of liquid metal alloys in a hard sphere system -- P Singh and K N Khanna
Evaluation of the SSCF and PY approximations for quadrupolar fluids -- J Ram
Semiempirical molecular orbital calculations for four-, six- and eight-atom systems -- C P D Dwivedi
Vol.23, No.5, November 1984

Superposition of special non-abelian potentials -- Sunil Kumar and D C Joshi
Flip angle dependence in two-dimensional multiple quantum coherence NMR spectroscopy -- N Murali, Y V S Ramakrishna, K Chandrasekhar, M Albert Thomas and Anil Kumar
DT-window neutron spectrometer -- P S Goyal, C L Thaper and B A Dasannacharya
Infrared studies on ion irradiated quartz -- A K Sood, V Umadevi, R Kesavamoorthy and G Venkataraman
X-ray determination of the Debye-Waller factors and Debye temperatures of AgCl and AgBr -- K Srinivas and D B Sirdeshmukh
Thermal conduction through loose and granular two-phase materials at normal pressure -- R N Pande and D R Chaudhary
Are weak vector bosons composite? -- S N Biswas, S Rai Choudhury, K Datta and Ashok Goyal
Charmonium and upsilon systems with fine-hyperfine splittings -- S N Jena and T Tripati
Superspace Ward identities in supersymmetric gauge theories -- Darwin Chang and Asim Gangopadhyay
Optical anisotropy of some cholesteryl esters of fatty acids -- H S Subramhanyam and Upkar Singh Hunjan
Operator method and eigenvalues of the triple-well anharmonic oscillator -- R K Roy Choudhury and Barnana Ghosh
A hermitian open-shell many-body perturbation theory for treating intruder states -- Md. Azizul Haque and Debashis Mukherjee
Isotope shifts in the A1P–X1S+ system of PN molecules -- P Saraswathy and G Krishnamurty
Velocity dependent inertial induction: An extension of Mach's principle -- Amitabh Ghosh
Vol.23, No.6, December 1984

Probing proton spin structure through hadronic reactions -- M Rafat and R Ramachandran
On higher order computations in strong coupling -- Carl M Bender, Ashok Das and Hwa-Aun Lim
Bethe-Salpeter equation with the sine-Gordon interaction -- G P Malik and Gautam Johri
Is reggeon field theory rendered obsolete by QCD? -- B Sidhanta
Lattice imperfection studies in polycrystalline materials by x-ray diffraction line-profile analysis -- M De and S P Sen Gupta
An explanation of the phenomenon of polytypism -- S Ramasesha
Lattice dynamical study of alkali metals: An unified approach based on CGW model -- V Ramamurthy and M Satishkumar
Light ion fusion in deformation model -- R C Nayak
Nonlinear distribution function for a plasma obeying Vlasov-Maxwell system of equations -- Saroj K Majumdar
Quasisymmetry and classification of molecular structures -- M Kondala Rao and Ch. Suryanarayana
A neutrino universe with viscosity -- Bijan Modak
An Auger electron spectroscopic investigation of the electron states of copper alloys -- P Sen, D D Sarma and C N R Rao
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