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Journal  of

JUNE 1984




Vol. 6, No. 2, June 1984

Purification and characterization of chymotrypsin inhibitors from marine turtle egg white
M. K. Guha and N. K. Sinha
  155 - 163
Evaluation of fractionated Wuchereria bancrofti microfilarial excretory-secretory antigens for diagnosis
of bancroftian filariasis by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay
M. V. R. Reddy, Ashok Malhotra, G. B. K. S. Prasad and B. C. Harinath
  165 - 171
Cyclic AMP transport across membrane vesicles of ultra-violet light irradiated Escherichia coli
D. Bhatnagar and A. K. Bhattacharya
  173 - 179
Diverse effects of formate on the assimilatory metabolism of nitrate and nitrite in Rhizobium
R. K. Singh and R. M. Singh
 181 - 184
Ureide biogenesis and the enzymes of ammonia assimilation and ureide biosynthesis in nitrogen fixing
pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan) nodules

Amarjit and Randhir Singh
  185 - 192  
Adrenocorticotrophin secreting cells in the hypophysis of the brown spiny mouse Mus platythrix (Bennett)
N. H. Gopal Dutt and N. A. Madhyastha
Localization of 3-phosphoglyceric acid synthesis in the mother cell compartments and forespores of
Bacillus megaterium and the effects of manganous ions on its metabolism

Ravendra Pal Singh
  203 - 212
Studies on the effects of in vitro methylation on aminoacylation of transfer RNA
B. R. Vani and T. Ramakrishnan
  213 - 220
An in vitro test using cholesterol metabolism of macrophages to determine drug sensitivity and resistance of Mycobacterium leprae
Ishwari Nair and P. R. Mahadevan
  221 - 231
Purification and regulation of aspartate transcarbamylase from germinated mung bean (Vigna radiata)
P.V. Prasad and N. Appaji Rao
  233 - 248