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Journal  of

MARCH 1984




Vol. 6, No. 1, March 1984

Conformational characterisation of  valinomycin complexation with barium salts—A nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopic study
S. Devarajan and K. R. K. Easwaran
    1 - 16
Studies on Aspergillus niger glutamine synthetase: Regulation of enzyme levels by nitrogen sources and identification of active site residues
N. S. Punekar, C. S. Vaidyanathan, and N. Appaji Rao
  17 - 35
Lipoic acid and diabetes: Effect of dihydrolipoic acid administration in diabetic rats and rabbits
C. V. Natraj, V. M. Gandhi and K. K. G. Menon
  37 - 46
Isolation and partial characterisation of α-amylase components evolved during early wheat germination
J. P. Manchaiah and U. K. Vakil
  47 - 59
Water stress induced alterations in ornithine aminotransferase of ragi (Eleusine coracana): Protection by proline against heat inactivation and denaturation by urea  and guanidinium chloride
Rajendra P. Kandpal and N. Appaji Rao
  61 - 67
Characteristics of a nuclear protein kinase from rat epididymis
Rupamanjari Biswas and Gopal C. Majumder
  69 - 77
The minor anionic form of arylsulphatase B (arylsulphatase Bm) of monkey brain. Purification and phophoprotein nature
S. Lakshmi and A. S. Balasubramanian
  79 - 85
Genetic analysis of a Minute mutation in the distal region of the second chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster
Atanu Dutta Roy, Pankaj K. Manna and Ashish K. Duttagupta
  87 - 95
Comparative study of fatty acid composition in human and monkey aorta
Rajvir Dahiya, S. Majumdar, N. K. Ganguly and R. N. Chakravarti
  97 - 105
Aortal collagen polymorphism in monkey and man
Rajvir Dahiya, N. K. Ganguly, S. Majumdar and R. N. Chakravarti

  107 - 113
Purification and characterization of Cu-Zn superoxide dismutases from mungabean (Vigna radiata) seedlings
C. Damodara Reddy and B. Venkaiah
  115 - 123
An indomethacin sensitive suppressor factor released by macrophages of leprosy patients
T. J. Birdi, P. R. Salgame, P. R. Mahadevan and N. H. Antia
  125 - 134
A versatile gel casting cum electrophoresis apparatus
G. D. Ghadge, A. M. Bhodhe, S. T. Dhume, M. V. Rele and H. G. Vartak
  135 - 145
Toxicological evaluation of karaya gum; acute and subacute oral toxicity in rats
T. S. S. Dikshith, R. B. Raizada, R. B. Misra and Kanchan Srivastava
 147 - 153