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Vol. 22, No. 1, January 1997

Missing self by heterogeneous natural killer cells.  
Rajiv K Saxena
    3 -12
Immunoprophylactic studies on cell wall associated proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis H 37 Ra .
Neelam Dhiman, Indu Verma and G K Khuller

  13 - 21
Mechanisms involved in natural killer cell mediated target cell death leading to spontaneous tumour regression .
Ashok Khar
  23 - 31
In vivo clearance of Japanese encephalitis virus by adoptively transferred virus specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes
A Desai, K Murali-Krishna, B Ramireddy, V Ravi and R Manjunath

  33 - 45
Major histocompatibility complex restriction in tuberculosis susceptibility
R M Pitchappan, J N Agrewala, V Dheenadhayalan and J Ivanyi

  47 - 57
Generation of human class I major histocompatibility complex activating factor in serum free medium and its partial characterization.
Aparna Raval, Niti Puri and RK Saxena
  59 - 68
A new 85 kDa, breast tumour associated antigen—A potential diagnostic and prognostic agent
Utpala Chattopadhyay and Saumitra Pal

  69 - 75
Changing of Val 47 to ASp47 or to Lys47 enhances the immunomodulatory activity of the human Interleukin-1 β peptide 47-55
M Bruhaspathy and SK Kar

  77 - 89
Immunoprophylactic studies with a 43 kDa human circulating filarial antigen and a cross reactive 120 kDa Brugia malayi sodium dodecyl sulphate soluble antigen in filariasis
V Chenthamarakshan, K Cheirmaraj, M V R Reddy and B C Harinath   
 91 - 98
Flowcytometric assessment  of intracellular interferon-γ production in human CD4 + ve T-cells on mycobacterial antigen stimulation
S Bhattacharyya, S N Das, A B Dey, K Nagarkar, J Lobo, S K Kapoor and H K Prasad  
  99 - 109
Efforts in diagnosing early leprosy using serological techniques .
Om Parkash, M K Beuria, B K Girdhar, K Katoch and U Sengupta 
111 - 116