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Volume 20, Numbers 1 & 2, June 1999

Understanding the Spectral Energy Distributions of the Galactic Star Forming Regions IRAS 18314–0720, 18355–0532 and 18316–0602 -- Bhaswati Mookerjea & S. K. Ghosh

Infrared Emission from Interstellar Dust Cloud with Two Embedded Sources: IRAS 19181+1349 -- A. D. Karnik & S. K. Ghosh

Determination of Linear Polarization and Faraday Rotation of Pulsar Signals from Spectral Intensity Modulation -- P. S. Ramkumar & A. A. Deshpande

Density and Temperature Diagnostics of Solar Emission Lines from NeV/ MgV and SiVII/ MgVII Ions -- Anita Mohan & B. N. Dwivedi
Cosmological Models with Shear and Rotation  -- Shwetabh Singh
Formation of Giant Molecular Clouds by Aggregation in a Galactic Disc with Rigid Rotation -- Tong-jie Zhang & Guo-xuan Song 79-88
Volume 20, Numbers 3 & 4, December 1999
Special issue on 'The Physics of Black holes'   
Preface  89
New Light on the Einstein–Hilbert Priority Question -- John Stachel 91-101
Black Holes and Rotation -- C. V. Vishveshwara 103-120
Plenty of Nothing: Black Hole Entropy in Induced Gravity  -- V. P. Frolov & D. V. Fursaev 121-129
Hawking Radiation in String Theory -- Sumit R. Das 131-148
On M-Theory -- Hermann Nicolai 149-164
Observational Evidence for Massive Black Holes in the Centres of Active Galaxies -- J. M. Moran, L. J. Greenhill & J. R. Herrnstein 165-185
The Massive Black Hole at the Galactic Center -- A. Eckart & R. Genzel 187-196
Observational Evidence for Stellar Mass Black Holes -- Tariq Shahbaz 197-210
Gravitational Waves: The Future of Black Hole Physics -- B. S. Sathyaprakash 211-220
Gravitational Collapse, Black Holes and Naked Singularities  -- T. P. Singh 221-232
The Question of Cosmic Censorship -- Roger Penrose 233-248
New Mathematical Approaches to Classical Censorship Problems  -- C. J. S. Clarke 249-257
Some Aspects of Four Dimensional Black Hole Solutions in Gauss-Bonnet Extended String Gravity -- S. O. Alexeyev & M. V. Sazhin 259-268
Black Hole Dynamics: A Survey of Black Hole Physics from the Point of View of Perturbation Theory -- Nils Andersson 269-280
Analytic Black Hole Perturbation Approach -- Misao Sasaki 281-289
Author Index  291
Subject Index  293-294