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Volume 13, Number 1, March 1992


Evolution of Massive Binary Stars in the LMC and its Implications for Radio Pulsar Population  -- N. Rathnasree & A. Ray

Gamma-Ray Emission from Pulsars -- V. B. Bhatia, S. Mishra & N. Panchapakesan

Effects of Rotation on the Colours and Line Indices of Stars 5. The ZRMS and the ZRZAMS -- A. Mathew & R. Rajamohan
Effects of Rotation on the Colours and Line Indices of Stars 6. The Reality of the Blue Straggler Phenomenon -- J. D'Souza, A. Mathew & R. Rajamohan 109-128
Gain Calibration of CCD Systems at VBO -- T. P. Prabhu, Y. D. Mayya & G. C. Anupama
Obituary (Harlan J. Smith) 145-149
Volume 13, Number 2, 1992

Pulsar Observations at 34.5 MHz using the Gauribidanur Telescope: I -- A. A. Deshpande & V. Radhakrishnan 

A Sweeping Local Oscillator System for Pulsar Observations  -- A. A. Deshpande

Mid-Ultraviolet and Optical Photometry of Helium Stars -- G. C. Kilambi, Praveen Nagar & N. Kameswara Rao

A High Speed Photometer in the Optical Region for Lunar Occultation Studies -- T. Chandrasekhar, N. M. Ashok & Sam Ragland
Spectroscopic Binaries near the North Galactic Pole, Paper 22: HR 4793 -- R. F. Griffin & J. J. Eitter
Volume 13, Number 3, 1992
Kinematics of the Cometary Globules in the Gum Nebula  -- T. K. Sridharan 217-239
SiO Maser Emission and the Intrinsic Properties of Mira Variables -- Nimesh A. Patel, Antony Joseph & R. Ganesan 241-265
Photopolarimetric Studies of Comet Austin -- U. C. Joshi, A. K. Sen, M. R. Deshpande & J. S. Chauhan 267-277
Photometric Analysis of the Chromospherically Active Giant Star HD 86005 -- Tania R. Scott, J. B. Hearnshaw, R. D. Watson, P. M. Kilmartin & A. C. Gilmore 279-286
Volume 13, Number 4, 1992
Globular Clusters as Gamma Ray Sources -- V. B. Bhatia, S. Mishra & N. Panchapakesan 287-291
VRI Photometry of M67 for CCD Standardization at 2.3m VBT -- P. N. Bhat, K. P. Singh, T. P. Prabhu & A. K. Kembhavi 293-305
High Resolution Spectroscopy of the Semi-Regular Variable LR Sco -- S. Giridhar, N. Kameswara Rao & David L. Lambert 307-318
Stochastic Stellar Orbits in a Pair of Interacting Galaxies  -- Ch. L. Vozikis & N. D. Caranicolas 319-326
Physical Identification of Static and Axially-Symmetric Vacuum Metric Tensors -- N. K. Spyrou & D. Papadopoulos 327-347
Author Index  349-350
Subject Index 351-352