Current Science - Volume 72

January 10, 1997 (1)

In this issue 3-4
An uncertain future - P. Balaram 5
Herbal medicines - some more reports - M. K. Chattopadhyay 6
Biobatteries - S. N. Balasubrahmanyam; A. Q. Contractor 6-7
R&D efforts in industry - National awards for 1996 presented 7
Vaccine production in transgenic plants - P. Suprasanna, T. R. Ganapathi and P. S. Rao 7-9
Assessment of plant biodiversity in Kalakad-Mundanthurai - V. M. Meher-Homji; Response by T. Ganesh et al. 9-10
Electrostriction effect and solvent engineering - Rani Gupta and R. K. Saxena; Response by Anil Kumar 10
Dengue haemorrhagic fever epidemic in Delhi - V. P. Sharma 10-11
Sex and the single X - S. Ganesh 11-12
Cellular and molelcular biology of cardiac hypertrophy - D. S. Reddy 13-30
Ecology of desert mammals - Ishwar Prakash 31-34
Desert climate and its dynamics - D. R. Sikka 35-46
Role of remote sensing in resource management for arid regions with special reference to western Rajasthan - George Joseph 47-54
Isotope hydrology studies on water resources in western Rajasthan - S. M. Rao and K. M. Kulkarni 55-61
Solar energy in western Rajasthan - S. P. Sukhatme and J. K. Nayak 62-68
Correction in the reported amino acid sequence for human seminal plasms prostatic inhibin - Vinit K. Rastogi, K. V. R. Chary and Girjesh Govil 69-71
Liv.100 pretreatment inhibits the CCl4 - induced lipid peroxidation in rat liver - an in vitro study - V. Suja and C. S. Shyamaladevi 72-74
Isotopic composition of boron in sediments and their implications - P. V. Shirodkar and Xiao Yingkai 74-77
Professor Paul Erods (1913-1996), an obituary by K. Ramachandra 78-80
Annual Review of Pharmacology and Toxicology 1996, reviewed by R. Rajagopalan 81-82
The Natural Science of the Human Species: An Introduction to Comparative Behaviour Research - 'The Russian Manuscript' (1944-1948), reviewed by M. K. Chandrashekaran 83
Joseph Needham: 20th Century Renaissance Man. Profile, reviewed by Dhirendra Sharma 84-85

January 25, 1997 (2)

In this issue 95-96
Reaching out to industry - Y. S. Rajan, P. Balaram and S. Ramaseshan 97
Undermanaging health care: Lessons of the plague - P. N. Tandon 98-99
New research board for Navy-oriented ocean sciences 99-100
Immune recognition - R. Manjunath 101-102
Neutrino and muon bursts wiped out dinosaurs 103
Vagrant North America and its drop out - A. V. Sankaran 103-104
Priorities in earth science research - B. P. Radhakrishna 105-109
CdS nanocrystallites: An efficient light emitter - K. K. Nanda, S. N. Sarangi and S. N. Sahu 110-111
Xylanase production and its impact on bleaching of hardwood kraft pulp - S. Chinnaraj, K. S. Rajesh and N. R. Mohan Rao 111-112
Greater fertility of Drosophila ananassae flies possessing high number of sternopleural bristles -  B. N. Singh and Salomy Mathew 112-114
Chronic arsenic toxicity in West Bengal - D. N. Guha Mazumder; reply by Mandal et al. 114-117
HEP research in the Indian context - S. C. Tiwari; reply by G. Rajasekaran and R. Ramachandran 118
Ecological economics - Towards a synthesis of two disjunct disciplines - M. K. Pandit 119-123
A glimpse into the fascinating world of fullerenes - T. Pradeep 124-136
Platelet monoamine changes in diabetic patients and streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats - Jackson James, Pius S. Padayatti, Thomas Paul and C. S. Paulose 137-139
A Mossbauer spectroscopic study of the Pipliya-1 meteorite - K. L. Shrivastava, R. P. Tripathi and V. K. Vaya 139-142
Altruistic behaviour in Dictyostelium discoideum explained on the basis of individual selection - Daniella Atzomony, Amotz Zahavi and Vidyanand Nanjundiah 142-145
Possible evidences of animal life in Neoproterozoic Deoban microfissil assemblage, Garhwal Lesser Himalaya, Uttar Pradesh - Purnima Srivastava and S. Kumar 145-149
Ecology and Equity. The Use and Abuse of Nature in Contemporary India, reviewed by Usha Shekar 150
Bioelectrochemistry of Biomicromolecules, reviewed by P. Balaram 150-151

February 10, 1997 (3)

In this issue 155
Science education - T. S. Sadasivan; G. Subramanian 157
And now about urban langurs - M. D. Deshpande 158
Impact of the new economic policy on science and technology in India - P. N. Andhare 158-159
RESEARCH NEWS - A. V. Sankaran  
Southern India develops a hunchback 160-161
New views on Andes Mountains and South American plate movements 162-163
Split comets and crater chains (catenae) 163-164
Further comments on 'Fertile plants regenerated from mesophyll protoplasts of cold-tolerant rice' (J. N. Gupta, Curr. Sci., 1995, 68, 755-758) - H. S. Gupta; S. N. Gupta; J. N. Gupta 165
Comments on 'Interstratified low-Ti and high-Ti volcanics in arc-related Khairagarh Group of central India' - H. K. Pandey; Reply by D. Asthana et al. 165-166
Predicting monsoon rainfall and pressure indices from sea surface temperature - Y. Sadhuram 166-168
On the age and fauna of beachrock of Kegaon Coast, Uran, Maharashtra - R. M. Badve, C. Rajshekhar, K. P. N. Kumaran and C. V. Kamble 168-170
Parasitic infestation on commercially important sardines - A. J. A. Ranjitsingh and C. Padmalatha 171
Transgenic plants and biosafety concerns in India - P. K. Ghosh 172-179
How do proteins fold? - Utpal Nath and Jayant B. Udgaonkar 180-191
Evaluation of a light cured dental composite containing a radiopaque glass filler - V. Kalliyana Krishnan and V. Yumuna 192-195
Transpiration in two common tree species of Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India - Anil Gravesl, Pedro Berlinner and Israel Gev 196-201
Bioleaching of copper from chalcopyrite ores coated with polyaniline film - S. A. Mallick and A. K. Dasgupta 201-205
On the occurrence of manganese micronodules in the deep-sea sediment west of Lakshadweep Ridge, Arabian Sea - K. S. Adiga and V. K. K. Kalluraya 206-210
Seasonal variation in infestation characteristics of bagworm (Lepidoptera: Psychidae) in avenue plantation of Acacia and Peltophorum in the Chattisgarh region - Arvind Agrawal, Atanu Kumar Pati and Deepak Karkun 211-214
Analysis of gene expression during embryonic development in mulberry silkworm Bombyx mori - Amit Singh and Karumathil P. Gopoinathan 214-218
Annual Review of Medicine: Selected Topics in Clinical Sciences, reviewed by Swaminathan Subrahmaniam 219-220
Mineral Resources of Karnataka, reviewed by Asoke Mookherjee 220
Fundamentals of Aquaculture Engineering, reviewed by M. Devaraj 221
Pramatha Nath Bose (1855-1934) - B. P. Radhakrishna 222-224

February 25, 1997 (4)

In this issue 227
Monitoring India's lifescape - Riki Krishnan; reply by Madhav Gadgil 229
Extramural research funding in India - An analysis for 1994-95 - N. C. Jain 229-230
Dengue epidemic - P. Maruthi Mohan 230
Organometallic chemistry of C60 beyond η2-C=C co-ordination: Buckminister-fullerenes as pentahapto (η5) cyclopentadienyl ligands -Ramaswamy Murugavel 231-232
K-T meteorite relics found - A. V. Sankaran 232-233
A planet rotating inside Earth's womb - A. V. Sankaran 233-235
Does steam cause a more sever burn than boiling water? - P. D. Kunte and B. G. Wagle 235-239
Remote sensing application for dilineating coastal vegetation - A case study - P. D. Kunte and B. G. Wagle 239-241
A rapid method of estimating essential oil content in heartwood of Santalum album Linn - K. H. Shankaranarayana, V. G. Angadi, A. N. Rajeevalochan, K. S. Theagarajan, C. R. Sarma and C. R. Rangaswamy 241-242
A more refined method to identify core institutes:  A case study of biomass research - M. C. Shukla, S. Saksena and M. R. Riswadkar 243-247
Fossil woods and their significance - J. S. Guleria and A. Awasthi 248-254
Adult crowding effects on longevity in Drosophila melanogaster: Increase in age-dependent mortality - Amitabh Joshi and Laurence D. Mueller 255-260
Neural network modelling of human electroencephalogram patterns - D. Mukesh and R. Y. Nadkar 261-265
Response of IgG sub-classes to diethuylcarbamazine therapy in bancroftian filarial patients - P. K. Murthy, Mridul Mehrotra, K. Tyagi, U. C. Chaturvedi and R. K. Chatterjee 265-268
Synthetic and antitumour activity of new derivatives of podophyllotoxin - Pan Jian-lin, Wang Yan-guang and Chen Yao-zu 268-271
High frequency somatic embryogenesis and efficient plant regeneration from hypocotyl explants of groundnut Arachis hypogaea L.) - P. Venkatachalam, P. B. Kavi Kishor and N. Jayabalan 271-275
Influence of metalaxyl on Glomus fasciculatum associated with wheat Triticum aestivum L.) - P. K. Shetty and S. P. Magu 275-277
QED: The Jewel of Physics, reviewed by A. K. Vijayakumar 278-279
Banking on Biodiversity: Report on the Regional Consultation on Biodiversity Assessment in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas, reviewed by Shri Niwas Singh 279-280
IUCAA revisited - S. Ramaseshan 281-283

March 10, 1997 (5)

In this issue 291
Science and industry - Rustom Roy 293-294
Flawed policy of DST and DoE - V. Rao Aiyagari; M. Vidyasagar 294
Essentials of Nuclear Chemistry: Critique of a review - H. J. Arnikar 295
Science policy in neo-liberal India: Corporate culture, basic science and scientific credibility - Suresh K. Mahajan 295-299
Fertilization in flowering plants - What is new? - K. R. Shivanna and N. S. Rangaswamy 300-301
New light on the antiquity of Siwalik Great apes - B. C. Verma and S. S. Gupta 302-303
Ultrastructural evaluation, an useful method for fish leucocyte identification - Jagdish Ojha and Neera Pandey 303-305
Plant life under extreme environments - H. Y. Mohan Ram and Promila Gupta 306-315
Bacterial ice nucleation: Prospects and perspectives - P. Pattnaik, V. K. Batish, Sunita Grover and Niyaz Ahmed 316-320
Aerosol measurements at Trombay relating to the 1995 solar eclipse - B. K. Sapra, Y. S. Mayya, V. D. Sawant and K. S. V. Nambi  321-325
Role of thyroidal and testicular hormones in regulation of tissue respiration in hibernating and non-hibernating species of frogs - B. B. P. Gupta and A. Mahanta 326-330
Biological control of sheath blight of rice: Induction of systemic resistance in rice by plant-associated Pseudomonas spp. - K. Krishnamurthy and S. S. Gnanamanickam 331-334
Litomosoides carinii and Acanthocheilonema viteae in rodents: The influence of nonspecific immunosuppression on establishment of filarial infection - Nigar Fatma, Amita Shukla-Dave and R. K. Chatterjee 335-337
Block rotation in a part of eastern Dharwar craton of South India: A suggestion from aeromagnetic data interpretation - Ch. Rama Rao, D. S. Bhaskara Rao and D. Atchuta Rao  337-341
Statistical analysis of glaciers in Himachal Pradesh, northwest Himalaya, India - D. B. Dobhal and Surendar Kumar 341-344
Knot Theory and its Applications, reviewed by Anant R. Shastri 345-346
Lysozymes: Model Enzymes in Biochemistry and Biology, reviewed by M. N. Gupta 346-347
Haridas Banerjee - A self-taught physicist - S. M. Roy 348-349
The Indian Academy of Sciences elects new fellows - 1996 350-352

March 25, 1997 (6)

In this issue 355-356
Plutonium and thorium in the Indian nuclear programme - B. R. Rastogi; reply by Kamala Balakrishnan and Anil Kakodkar 357-359
ISRO spy scandal - An unending witchhunt - S. Dhawan, T. N. Seshan, U. R. Rao, Yash Pal, R. Narasimha and S. Chandrashekar 359-360
Indian scientists win top UN awards - N. C. Jain 361
On the recent editorials - S. C. Tiwari 361
Hello Dolly! - K. P. Gopinathan 362-364
Biogenicity of stromatolites and early life on Earth - A. V. Sankaran 364-366
Possible involvement of surface ultra-structural features in utilizing the semi-conductive properties of pigments in chemically coloured insect cuticle - Sudip Dey 366-367
Lepidontal alterations of the circuli on the scales of freshwater snakehead, Channa punctatus (Bloch) upon exposure to malathion - M. S. Johal and A. K. Sawhney 367-369
Conflict in science policy declarations: An analysis of the Indian model - Pawan Sikka 370-375
Sister chromatid cohesion during meiosis: Differential mechanisms for arms and centromere coherence - Amit Bardhan 376-382
Potential application of RAPD and RAHM markers in genome analysis of scombroid fishes - P. Jayasankar and K. Dharmalingam 383-390
The Rayleigh-Taylor instability of a viscous fluid layer with viscosity stratification N. Rudraiah, R. D. Mathod and Hameeda Betigeri 391-395
Mutational study and prevalence of Duchenne/Becker muscular dystrophy - S. Mishra, V. Singh, L. S. Chaturvedi, R. D. Mittal and B. Mittal 395-397
Studies on antianaphylactic activity of fractions of Albizzia lebbeck - C. C. Barua, P. P. Gupta, G. K. Patnaik, D. K. Kulshrestha and B. N. Dhawan 397-399
Effect of supplementary ultraviolet-B radiation on young wheat seedlings - Prabhat Kumar Sharma, Rajendra Shetye and Saroj Bhonsle 400-405
Temporal patterns of visitation among avian frugivores at fruiting strangler figs in a tropical evergreen forest in the Western Ghats, Southern India - Vidya R. Athreya 405-408
Vegetational and climatic changes during recent past around Tipra Bank Glacier, Garhwal Himalaya - A. Bhattacharyya and M. S. Chauhan 408-412
The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein - The Berlin Years: Writings 1914-1917, reviewed by N. Mukunda 413-414
Physics for Engineers, reviewed by V. Balakrishnan 414-415
Ecology and Sociobiology of Indian Primates, reviewed by L. S. Rajapurohit 415
Atlas of Paleogene Ostracodes of Rajasthan Basin, reviewed by D. K. Guha 415
Pancheti Koteswaram - An obituary by P. K. Das 416-417
Solar eclipse and neutrinos, Mohan Narayan, G. Rajasekaran and  Rahul Sinha [Curr. Sci., 1996, 70, 848-849] 417

April 10, 1997 (7)

In this issue 423-426
Of politicians and theologians: The post-Dolly scenario - P. C. Sarkar 427-428
Bio-safety of transgenics - C. R. Bhatia 428-429
Indian science as cultural heritage - V. Siddhartha 429-430
Extinct species - G. K. Srivastava; Reply by T. N. Khoshoo 430
Mode of action of isonicotinic acid hydrazide - M. K. Chattopadhyay 431
On the orchid, Bulbophyllum crassipes Hook. f. in the Andaman Islands - P. V. Sreekumar, K. Veenakumari, A. Subramaniam and Prashanth Mohanraj 432
Does statistical significance always imply biological significance? - S. A. Chiplonkar and V. R. Prayag 432-433
Biotechnology in India: The technology imperative - Harish Padh 434-436
SOHO hunts elusive solar prey - B. N. Dwivedi and Anita Mohan 437-440
Effect of greenhouse gases on climate change and Indian ruminant livestock - G. P. Singh 441-446
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin - An introduction to her work and personality - J. D. Dunitz 447-450
Forty years' friendship with Dorothy - Max Perutz 450-453
Dorothy Hodgkin and molecular biophysics in Oxford: A fragment of personal history - David Phillips 453-455
Meetings with Dorothy - B. K. Vainshtein 455-456
Dorothy Hodgkin and the Indian connection - S. Ramaseshan 457-463
Dorothy and insulin crystallographic research in China - Dong-cai Liang and Chih-chen Wang 463-465
Dorothy Hodgkin, protein crystallography and insulin - G. G. Dodson 466-468
Chemical crystallography - Past, present and future - Jack D. Dunitz 468-469
Insulin structure and diabetes treatment - Jens Brange, Jean Whittingham, David Edwards, Zhang You-Shang, Axel Wollmer, Dietrich Brandenburg, Guy Dodson and John Finch 470-476
Steroids, steroid-binding proteins and hydrophobic-binding sites - D. M. Blow, Alice Vrielink and Peter Brick 477-482
Aspartic proteinases: From the first X-ray photos of pepsin crystals to hundreds of 3-D structures - Tom L. Blundell, Kunchur Guruprasad, Armando Albert, Mark Williams, Bancinyane L. Sibanda and Venugopal Dhanaraj 483-489
The Collected Works of Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (Volumes I-III), reviewed by M. Vijayan 490-493
Purification and pathogenicity of the cytotoxic factor from the cases of dengue haemorrhagic fever - Ruma Mukerjee, U. C. Chaturvedi, D. W. Vaughn and S. Kalayanarooj 494-501
Thermotolerance and the heat shock response in Musca domestica - P. K. Tiwari, Archana Joshi and D. R. K. Mohan 501-506
Optical limiting action in poly(para-methoxy phenylacetylene) - R. Vijaya, Y. V. G. S. Murti, T. A. Vijayaraj and G. Sundararajan 507-508
Helix-sheet interconversion in a synthetic pore lining peptide derived from a designed ion channel - Subhendu Seth, P. Balaram and M. K. Mathew 509-512
Predatory efficiency of larvivorous fish, Gambusia affinis on the mosquito larvae of Aedes aegipti and Anopheles stephensi - G. Singaravelu, S. Mahalingam and K. Jaya Bharathi 512-514
Identification of Sandur schist belt as a potential gold field - C. Manikyamba, S. M. Naqvi, R. H. Sawkar and G. R. Group 515-518
Soft-sediment deformation in the Quaternary sediments of the Lower Mahi river basin, Western India - D. M. Maurya, J. N. Malik, Rachna Raj and L. S. Chamyal 519-522
Oxygenic Photosynthesis: The Light Reactions, reviewed by Prasanna Mohanty 523
Sixty Years of Biology: Essays on Evolution and Development, reviewed by Amitabh Joshi 523-524
Cell and Molecular Biology, reviewed by S. C. Lakhotia 524-525
Architect of India's first test tube baby: Dr Subhas Mukerji (16 January 1931 to 19 July 1981) - T. C. Anand Kumar 526-531

April 25, 1997 (8)

In this issue 535
Erosion of funding - J. K. Ghosh 537
Upper temperature limit of fungi - Ramesh Maheshwari; reply by H. Y. Mohan Ram and Promila Gupta 537
Technical education - Vision 2010 - K. L. Chopra 538-541
Are we losing our heritage? - P. V. Sreekumar 541-543
The Permian mass extinction - Are the killers from outer space? - A. V. Sankaran 543-545
Protective role of ashwagandha in cadmium-induced hepato-toxicity and nephrotoxicity in male mouse - Sunanda Panda, Pratima Gupta and Anand Kar 546-547
Lambornella (a ciliate parasite) for biological control of Anopheles stephensi, the urban malaria vector - Anil Prakash, D. R. Bhattacharyya, P. K. Mohapatra, K. Narain and J. Mahanta 547-548
Opportunities for women in science - The CSIR (extra mural re-search) experience - Archana Gupta 549-551
Planning for science and technology and its relevance to national security - K. Subrahmanyam 551-555
Laboratory studies of density-dependent selection: Adaptations to crowding in Drosophila melanogaster - Amitabh Joshi 555-562
Anisotropy across biological membranes: Histidine charges oppose net charge anisotropy - V. Sitaramam 562-571
Amino acid doublets and triplets in protein sequences - A database analysis - K. Veluraja and S. A. Mugilan 572-577
Antimutagenic activity of tryptophan and alanine - A. K. Handique and H. Aprem 578-580
Anti-staphylococcal activity of Pseudomonas aeruginosa - G. Arunkumar, S. Gowrish Rao and P. G. Shivananda 580-582
Community structure of larval trematode fauna of the snail Thiara tuberculata from a freshwater stream at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh - R. Madhavi, K. Umadevi and V. G. M. Swarnakumari 582-585
On the theory and utility of spectral seismograms - M. Ravi Kumar, D. Sarkar and S. J. Duda 585-590
An Aquilapollenites-associated palynoflora from Mohgaonkalan and its implication for age and stratigraphic correlation of Deccan Intertrappean beds - K. P. N. Kumaran, S. D. Bonde and Medha D. Kanitkar 590-592
Ballistic Missile Proliferation: The Politics and Technics, reviewed by V. Siddhartha and S. Chandrashekar 593-594
Interface between Chemistry and Biochemistry, reviewed by R. Nagaraj 594
Fish Nutrition in Aquaculture, reviewed by T. J. Pandian 594-595

May 10, 1997 (9)

In this Issue 603
Development of cloning technology for humans - C. R. Bhatia 605-606
Hello Dolly - P. Tauro 606
Age of principal investigators in EMR schemes of CSIR: How do young scientists fare - Archana Gupta, Vinita Panchanadikar, V. S. Bhati and Sukumar Mallick 607-608
A new Sun from SUMER/SOHO - B. N. Dwivedi and K. Wilhelm 609-610
Potassium tempers earth's core - A. V. Sankaran 611
Solar, earth and human capitals and sustainable development - T. N. Khoshoo 612-621
Declining semen quality in Banglaoreans: A preliminary report - Rajiv H. Mehta and T. C. Anand Kumar 621-622
Bambusa vulgaris blooms, a leap towards extinction? - K. C. Koshy and P. Pushpangadan 622-624
Restriction fragment length polymorphisms of the rRNA genes in some pulses - S. Ignacimuthu, K. Schumann, D. Zink and W. Nagl 624-626
Height vs water depth for small sand ripples - An aid to palaeohydraulics - Siddhartha Sankar Das and Supriya Sengupta 626
Disease-resistant genes: New approaches towards the control of parasitic diseases - Sribir Sen 627
Allelochemical synergism and insect behavioural diversity - T. N. Anantha-krishnan 628-630
Gamma-ray diffraction - A powerful tool in crystal physics - D. B. Sirdeshmukh 631-640
Evaluation of water quality index of the river Cauvery and its tributaries - A. Chetana Suvarna and R. K. Somashekar 640-646
A neuro-expert model for conflict resolution - N. V. Subba Reddy and P. Nagabhushan 647-650
Preparation of GaN and InN for blue light emitting sources - D. Pal and D. N. Bose 651-653
Detection of the lcr gene in Yersinia pestis responsible for the recent outbreak of plague in India - S. S. Lahiri and B. S. Karothia 653-656
Correlation of alpha-logger radon data with microseismicity in N-W Himalaya - H. S. Virk, Anand K. Sharma and Vivek Walia 656-663
A feasibility study towards absolute dating of Indo-Gangetic alluvium using thermoluminescence and infrared-stimulated luminescence techniques - M. Someshwar Rao, B. K. Bisaria and A. K. Singhvi 663-669
Record of Cretaceous magnetic quiet zone: A precursor to the understanding of evalutioary history of the Bay of Bengal - M. V. Ramana, V. Subrahmanyam, K. V. L. N. S. Sarma, Maria Desa, M. M. Malleswara Rao and C. Subrahmanyam 669-673
Precious metal association in the Jaduguda uranium ore deposit, Singhbhum Shear zone, Bihar, and its significance - R. N. Sankaran, N. Krishna Rao, K. Anand Rao, V. Balaram and K. K. Dwivedy 673-675
India's exclusive economic zone - Resources, Exploitation Management, reviewed by N. Balakrishnan Nair 676-677
Annual review of nutrition 1996, reviewed by Mahtab S. Bamji 677-678
Annual review of Biochemistry 1996, reviewed by R. Nagaraj 678-679
Deterministic chaos: Complex chance out of simple necessity, reviewed by Harjinder Singh 679-680
Plant life under extreme environments - H. Y. Mohan Ram [ Curr Sci., 1997, 72, 306-315] 680
Science policy in neo-liberal India: Corporate culture, basic science and scientific credibility - Suresh K. Mahajan [ Curr Sci., 1997, 72, 295-299] 680
Manganese mobilization from the western continental margin of India - D. N. Yadav [ Curr Sci., 1996, 71, 900-905] 680
Conformation of ATPMg(II) bound at the specific site on bovine serum albumin: 1H-nuclear magnetic resonance study - Hari Pada Maity and Gotam K. Jarori [ Curr Sci., 1996, 71, 906-914] 680

May 25, 1997 (10)

In this issue 687
Funding research projects: We need to be wiser - Amit Bardhan 689
Discussion meeting on instability and transition in fluid flows - A report - P. K. Sen 690-695
IPR and microorganisms - Suman Sahai 696-697
Sacred groves of India - Vanishing greenery - G. Harikrishnan Nair, K. Gopikumar, Pramod G. Krishnan and K. K. Sunil Kumar 697-698
Gene silencing: A problem in transgenic research - Tapan Kumar Mondal, Pradip Kumar Kundu and P. S. Ahuja 699-700
The India-Asia collision warps and thaws Tibet's bowels - A. V. Sankaran 700-701
Caprine arthritis encephalitis in Indian goats - D. K. Singh, O. P. Paliwal and S. C. Dubey 702
In vitro flowering and backcrossing of Brassica intergeneric hybrids - B. K. Sarmah and N. Sarla 702-704
Non-indexed citedness - Endre Szava-Kovats 705-707
Human genome studies and intellectual property rights: Whither national interest? - T. R. Sivaramjani and Samir K. Brahmachari 708-716
The structure and function of PQQ-containing quinoproteins - Christopher Anthony and Minakshi Ghosh 716-727
A study of source spectrum, site amplification functions, response spectra, Fourier spectra and peak ground accelerations from the strong ground motion data of the 1991 Uttarkashi earthquake - V. Sriram and K. N. Khattri 728-740
Development of insect-resistant transgenic plants using plant genes: Expression of cowpea trypsin inhibitor in transgenic tobacco plants - Vidhu A. Sane, P. Nath, Aminuddin and P. V. Sane 741-747
Reproductive success of large and small flies in Drosophila bipectinata complex - M. S. Krishna and S. N. Hegde 747-750
Deformational features in the river bluffs at Ter, Osmanabad district, Maharashtra: Evidence for an ancient earthquake - C. P. Rajendran 750-755
Deccan Trap dioritic gabbros from the western Satpura-Tapi region - H. C. Sheth, R. A. Duncan, D. Chandrasekharam and J. J. Mahoney 755-757
Princeton Guide to Advanced Physics, reviewed by V. Bala-krishnan 758-759
Myocardial Ischemia: Mechanisms, Reperfusion, Protection, reviewed by C. C. Kartha 759-762
Indian Food: A Historical Companion, reviewed by H. A. B.  Parpia and Carolyn W. Parpia 762

June 10, 1997 (11)

In this issue 771-772
ISRO spy scandal - R. N.Singh; S. C. Tiwari 773-774
Life in extreme environments - S. K. Vats 774
Exodus of scientists from DRDO and ISRO 775
India accedes to chemical weapons convention - National Authority established to oversee implementation 775
A promising hybrid vaccine against malignant tertain malaria - C. C. Kartha 776-777
Experimental statistics for biology students: An experiment in motivation - V. Sitaramam 777-781
Experimental annual forecast of all-India mean summer monsoon rainfall for 1997 using a neural network model - Prashant Goswami and Pradeep Kumar 781-782
Temporal variation in gravity field during solar eclipse on 24 October 1995 - D. C. Mishra and M. B. S. Vyaghreswara Rao 782-783
Enzyme dot blot assay: A diagnostic tool for detecting rice tungro virus infection - P. Arti, V. V. Shenoy, A. Ghosh, N. P. Sarma and E. A. Siddiq 784-785
Possible occurence of a Fabry-Perot type of interference filter in a fish eye-lens - Sudip Dey 785-787
Transition metal-saccharide chemistry and biology: An emerging field of multidisciplinary interest - Rajiv P. Bandwar and Chebrolu P. Rao 788-796
Derivatization of heteroditopic cryptands: A new generation of amphiphiles - Pradyut Ghosh and Parimal K. Bharadwaj 797-801
Binuclear iron, manganese and copper centres in biology: Synthetic analogue approach - R. N. Mukherjee 802-807
New photonucleases based on tetrapyrrole, polypyridine and diazo-arene chromophores - Bhaskar G. Maiya 808-814
Antibody responses revisited - Kanury V. S. Rao 815-818
Structure-function relationships and engineering of host-defense peptides - R. Nagaraj 819-825
Structural studies of protein folding - Girish S. Ratnaparkhi and R. Varadarajan 826-830
Molten globule state of human serum albumin in urea - B. K. Muralidhara and V. Prakash 831-834
Intracellular dynamics seen through time-resolved fluorescence microscopy - G. Krishnamoorthy and Arvind Srivastava 835-845
Global change scenario: Current and future with reference to land cover changes and sustainable agriculture - South and South-East Asian context - Suresh K. Sinha 846-854
Crystal structure of the peanut lectin-T-antigen complex. Carbohydrate specificity generated by water bridges - R. Ravi-shankar, M. Ravindran, K. Suguna, A. Surolia and M. Vijayan 855-861
Toward a solution for the Himalayan puzzle: Mechanism of inverted metamorphism constrained by the Siwalik sedimentary record - Rasoul B. Sorkhabi and Kazunori Arita 862-873
Shock-induced secondary vortices on a delta wing — An Euler simulation - Anand Kumar 874-876
Plasmid profile of Erwinia herbicola ATCC 21998 - S. Koul, V. Verma, Anand Kumar and G. N. Qazi 876-879
Satellite data reveals pre-earthquake thermal anomalies in Killari area, Maharashtra - S. K. Srivastav, Manoj Dangwal, A. Bhattacharya and P. R. Reddy 880-884
Fission track dating of obsidian artefacts from Columbia - H. S. Virk, G. S. Randhawa and A. S. Sandhu 884-885
Asian elephants with larger tusks have lower parasite loads - Milind G. Watve and R. Sukumar 885-889
Alzheimer's   Disease: From Molecular Biology to Therapy, reviewed by A. S. Balasubramanian 890
Ethical Values for Excellence in Education and Science, reviewed by K. L. Chopra 890-891
Neem, reviewed by T. N. Ananthakrishnan 891
A genius called Abdus Salam, an obituary by H. S. Virk 892-894

June 25, 1997 (12)

In this issue 899-900
Massacre of mahseer fish - K. C. Jayaram 901
X-ray crystallography in India - H. Manohar 902
Agriculture in floating fields on Loktak Lake, Manipur - O. K. Singh 902-903
Modelling biological systems - Somdatta Sinha 903-907
Detection of submarine delta along Madras coast, India, using IRS imagery - SM. Ramasamy 908-909
A new overlay in virological work for animal viruses - S. S. Gogate 909-910
Medical research on the sick list - M. S. Valiathan 911
How  relevant is  medical  research  done  in  India? - A  study  based  on Medline - Subbiah Amnachalam 912-922
Communication signals and sexual selection in amphibians - Debjani Roy 923-927
Stationary prey insures life and moving prey ensures death during the hunting flight of gleaning bats - G. Marimuthu 928-931
Conflict between parent and offspring in plants: Predictions, processes and evolutionary consequences - R. Uma Shaanker and K. N. Ganeshaiah 932-939
Alternations of sexes in a deciduous tree: temporal dioecy in Bridelia retusa - Renee M. Borges, Hema Somnathan and Subhash Mali 940-944
Adaptive evolution and the footprints of history - Amitabh Joshi 944-949
Social evolution - has nature ever rewound the tape? - Raghavendra Gadagkar 950-956
A novel observation in the measurement of ultrafast relaxation times using incoherent light - S. Venugopal Rao, L. Giribabu, B. G. Maiya and D. Narayana Rao 957-960
Micropropagation of two species of Rauvolfia (Apocynaceae) - Vishwanath M. Patil and M. Jayanthi 961-965
Quaternary radiolarian faunal changes in the tropical Indian Ocean: Inferences to paleomonsoonal oscillation of the 10°S hydrographic front - Shyam M. Gupta and A. A. Fernandez 965-972
Occurrence of Fe, Mn-rich layer in the distal Bengal fan - S. V. S. Pavana Putra, M. Lucy Gray, P. B. Murty and A. S. R. Swamy 972-976
Satellite data reveals pre-earthquake thermal anomalies in Killari area, Maharashtra - S. K. Srivastav, Manoj Dangwal, A. Bhattacharya and P. R. Reddy [Curr. Sci.,1977, 72, 880-884] 976
The Infamous Boundary - Seven  Decades  of Controversy  in  Quantum Physics, reviewed by N. Mukunda 977-978
Yakov Ilich Frenkel: His Work, Life and Letters, reviewed by N. Kumar 978-979