Current Science - Volume 71


July 10, 1996 (1)

In this issue 3-4
Herbal medicines - M. K. Chattopadhyay 5
Global warming and forest fires in tropical Himalaya - S. K. Vats; R. L. Semwal 5-6
Classifying the kiwi - Kartik Shanker 6-8
Patenting and commercializing biotechnology inventions - Suresh Chandran 9-10
A non-radioactive method for detection of Tn5 Kanamycin phospho-transferase activity in cyanobacteria - S. Suguna, C. Thangavel, C. R. Marutharavindran and S. Shanmugasundaram 11
Gene identification in silico - Shrish Tiwari, Alok Bhattacharya, Sudha  Bhattacharya and Ramakrishna Ramaswamy 12-24
Record of prolific and indubitable acritarchs from the Lower Paleozoic strata of the Tethyan Garhwal Himalaya and age implication - H. N. Sinha, S. S. Srivastava and B. Prasad 24-31
Tumour-promoting diterpene esters of the plant family Euphorbiaceae - Rajiv R. Upadhyay 32-36
Submarine terrace limestones from the continental slope off Saurashtra-Bombay: Evidence of Late Quaternary neotectonic activity - V. Purnachandra Rao and V. Veerayya 36-41
Petrogenesis of granitic rocks of low- to high-grade transition zone of Krishnagiri, Dharmapuri District, Tamil Nadu - C. G. Chandrasekaran and S. Subramanian 42-48
Possibility of proton oscillations through the benzene ring - R. S. Shresth, R. Manickavasagam, S. Mahapatra and N. Sathyamurthy 49-50
Nucleotide frequency map:A new technique for pictorial representation of dinucleotide frequencies - Archana Pan, Soumalee Basu, Chitra Dutta, Debi Prasad Burma and Ranjana Mukherjee 50-53
Differences in energy metabolism in cells of neuronal and glial origin - 31P NMR spectroscopic study - Archana Singh and Nanda B. Joshi 53-56
Anomalous helium emission: Precursor to earthquakes - Debasis Ghose, Nishith Kr. Das and Bikash Sinha 56-58
Modelling of aeromagnetic anomaly and its implication on age of emplacement of ultramafic-mafic-alkaline complex at Jasra, Assam - D. Atchuta Rao, G. D. J. Sivakumar Sinha and H. V. Ram Babu 58-60
Further evidences of homeotic transformation in anuran tadpoles - Kakoli Das and S. K. Dutta 61-65
How does the nocturnal animal, Mus booduga, programme its activity in response to varying durations of light and darkness? - L. Geetha 65-68
Potent amoebicides from plant extracts -An in vitro assessment with the gum-oleo-resin of Commiphora wightii - Poonam Kumari Sharma and Jayashri Devi Sharma 68-70
Determination of hypoglycemic activity in Morus indica L. (mulberry) shoot cultures - S. M. Kelkar, V. A. Bapat, T. R. Ganapathi, G. S. Kaklij, P. S. Rao and M. R. Heble 71-72
Use of revegetated coal mine spoil as source of arbuscular mycorrhizal inoculum for nursery inoculations - V. S. Mehrotra 73-77
The Collected Papers of Albert Einstein - Volumes 1-3, reviewed by N. Mukunda 78-80
Wild Edible Plants of India: Diversity, Conservation and Use, reviewed by T. N. Khoshoo 80-81

July 25, 1996 (2)

In this issue 87-88
The Crest of the Peacock - S. Raghavan 89
Nobel prizes in X-ray and NMR - V. B. Sapre 89
Anti-hydrogen - S. Ramaseshan 90
The 1996 Crafoord Prize 90
The 1996 Blue Planet Prize 91
Comments on the 'Principle of maximum physical hardness - K. L. Sebastian 92
Biobatteries to utilize bioenergy from fruit and vegetable wastes - G. Prashant Kumar, K. V. Raju and G. Rajendrudu 92-93
REMI: A novel method for tagging genes - A. Prakash 94
A new tool for plant gene isolation - Transposon traps - C. Santhosh Kumar and K. K. Narayanan 95-96
Fishery genetics: An emerging discipline - B. K. Padhi and R. K. Mandal 97-99
Protein-DNA and protein-protein interactions in λ-repressor/operator system: A review - Siddhartha Roy 100-106
Oxidative phenol coupling: A key step for the biomimetic synthesis of many important natural products - Tarasankar Pal and Anjali Pal 106-108
High Energy Physics in the 21st century - An overview - G. Rajasekaran 109-110
The standard model of fundamental particles - D.P.Roy 111-115
Theoretical scenarios for 103 GeV to 1019 GeV - Romesh K. Kaul 116-121
New ideas on acceleration to Planckian energies - Abhijit Sen 121-125
High Energy Physics in the 21st century - A summary - R. Ramachandran 125-127
A new technique for visualization of shock shapes in hypersonic shock tunnel - G. Jagadeesh, B. R. Srinivasa Rao, K. Nagashetty, N. M. Reddy and K. P. J. Reddy 128-130
Steric enhancement of resonance: An electron localization perspective - Shridhar R. Gadre, Libero J. Bartolotti and C. H. Suresh 130-134
Quantum chaos in Rydberg atoms: A quantum potential approach - P. K. Chattaraj and S. Sengupta 134-139
Reduced uptake based zinc resistance in Azospirillum brasilense sp7 - P. Mangala Gowri and Sheela Srivastava 139-142
Ammonia volatilization and  denitrification losses from nitrogen fertilized flooded soil as affected by the addition of iron pyrites - D. Blaise, A. Amberger and S. von Tucher 142-144
Biological control  of blast disease of fingermillet (Eleusine coracana L.) and an analysis of fertility of Magnaporthe grisea - Viji Sitther and S. S. Gnanamanickam 144-147
Discovery and invention - Sir Martin Rees 148-154
Essentials of Nuclear Chemistry, reviewed by P. S. Groel 155-156
Wheat Revolution - A Dialogue, reviewed by S. K. Sinha 156-157

August 10, 1996 (3)

In this issue 167
Merit and mockery - B. K. Padhi 169
Biotechnology - P. Tauro; M. V. Nayudu 169-170
Global errors in science: Traps of chance and prejudice - K. N. Ganeshaiah 170-172
A survey of Himalayan resources - David A. Spencer and Rasoul B. Sorkhabi 172-174
Optical astronomy using radio techniques: Imaging Capelia with unprecedented resolution - P. Venkatakrishnan 175-177
Volatile oil constituents and wilt resistance in cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) - Sanjeev Agrawal 177-178
Heavy rainfall during monsoon season: Point and spatial distribution - P. R. Rakhecha and P. R. Pisharoty 179-186
Linking technology development with production: A methodology and case histories - S. C. Gupta 187-192
Viral cell recognition and entry - Michael G. Rossmann 193-204
Multidrug resistance: An emerging threat - Rajendra Prasad, S. Krishna Murthy, Ramasare Prasad, Vinita Gupta and Sneh Lata 205-213
Evidences of Late Quaternary neotectonic activity and sea-level changes along the western continental margin of India - V. Purnachandra Rao, M. Veerayya, M. Thamban and B. C. Wagle 213-219
Aerodynamic performance of SUNYA and OSHO airfoils - P. Ramamoorthy 220-223
Application of equalized molar refraction of zeolites and its correlation with the equalized electronegativity and hardness - N. V. K. Dutt, S. J. Kulkarni and Y. V. L. Ravi Kumar 223-225
Azadirachtin-induced changes in ecdysteroid titres of Spodoptera litura (Fabr.) - C. Mani, B. Subrahmanyam and P. J. Rao 225-227
Isozyme polymorphism in diploid and heat shock-induced tetraploid Indian major carp, Labeo rohita (Hamilton) - N. Sarangi and A. B. Mandal 227-230
Molecular genetic diversity among soybean plant introductions with resistance to Heterodera glycines - A. P. Rao Arelli and D. M. Webb 230-233
Aeolian deposition of Arabia and Somalia sediments on the southwestern continental margin of India - Onkar S. Chauhan 233-236
Microstructural evidence for the formation of crenulation cleavage in rocks - Manish A. Mamtani and R. V. Karanth 236-240
Relict coral reef and evidence of Pre-Holocene sea level stand off Mahabalipuram, Bay of Bengal - G. Gaitan Vaz 240-242
Resonance - Journal of Science Education, reviewed by K. Sudha Medapa and G. Venkatesh 243
Annual Review of Earth and Planetary Sciences 1994 and 1995, reviewed by C. P. Rajendran 244-245
Biology of the Fungi, reviewed by M. C. Srinivasan 245-246

August 25, 1996 (4)

In this issue 251-252
Patterns of creativity in arts and sciences - S. Sengupta 253
The Pipliya meteor shower: A preliminary study - V. K. Vaya, D. S. Mehta, P. C. Bafna, M. S. Sisodia and K. L. Shrivastava 253-257
The expanding world of 2-acetyl-1-pyrroline - R. L. Brahmachary 257-258
Somatic embryogenesis and plant  regeneration in Aegle marmelos - a multi-purpose social tree - R. Islam, M. Hossain, A. Hoque and O. I. Joarder 259-260
Norbert Wiener and the development of mathematical engineering - Thomas Kailath 261-274
Heat shock proteins - Role in thermotolerance of crop plants - C. Viswanathan and Renu Khanna-Chopra 275-284
Slower-chemical or faster-electrical signalling under stress in plants: Is it the hare and tortoise story of a slower signal winning the race? - G. Rekha, L. Sudarshana, T. G. Prasad, Mahesh J. Kulkarni and V. R. Sashidhar 284-289
Application of ion-solvent interaction parameter in interpreting the kinetic profiles  of Diels-Alder reactions and thermal stability of DNA duplexes in ionic solutions - Anil Kumar 289-297
Electrical resistivity imaging of Mohand anticline of Siwalik range: A tectonic appraisal  - Ch. Sivaji, B. R. Arora, R. Kalra and A. K. Pandey 297-303
Interstratified low-Ti and high-Ti volcanics in arc-related Khairagarh Group of Central India - Deepanker Asthana, Manas R. Dash, Anil M. Pophare and Sunil K. Khare 304-306
Unusual aspects of pressure-induced phase transitions in CuGeO3 - A. Jayaraman, S. K. Sharma, S. Y. Wang and S-W. Cheong 306-312
Synthesis and anticancer activity of new derivatives of podophyllotoxin - Wang Yan-guang, Pan Jian-lin and Chen Yao-Zu 312-314
Contributions of oxide film and bacterial metabolism to the ennoblement process: Evidence for a novel mechanism - S. Maruthamuthu, G. Rajagopal, S. Sathiyanarayanan, S. Angappan, M. Eashwar and K. Balakrishnan 315-320
Defective neurulation in frog embryos exposed to dilute sea water - H. V. Ghate, A. D. Padhye and Surendra Ghaskadbi 320-326
The Many Faces of Science: An Introduction to Scientists, Values and Society, reviewed by Binny Cherayil 327
Symmetry Orbits, reviewed by Harjinder Singh 327-328
Genetics and Evolution of Aquatic Organisms, reviewed by A. H. Parulekar 328-329
Some earthquakes of Kashmir from historical sources - R. N. lyengar and Devendra Sharma 330-331
Metallization of hydrogen - Everest conquered? - S. Ramaseshan [Curr. Sci., 1996, 70, 876-877] 331

September 10, 1996 (5)

In this issue 339-340
Herbal drugs - P. C. Bhattacharyya 341
Let us salute the old guards - K. C. Subhash Chandra 341-342
Uncommon opportunities for a food secure world - Ruchi Bhandari and Subbiah Arunachalam 342-344
Madras Declaration of the Science Academies Summit 344-346
The 11th Himalaya-Karakoram-Tibet Workshop: Conference report - Rasoul B. Sorkhabi 346-349
Chaos - A new paradigm for comprehending nature - T. R. Krishna Mohan 349-352
Monsoon: A bioclimatologist's point of view - V. M. Meher-Homji 352-357
Peroxidase activity in relation to in vitro rhizogenesis and precocious flowering in Bambusa arundinacea - S. A. Ansari, S. Kumar and K. Palanisamy 358-359
Gene therapy: Principles, practice, problems and prospects - P. N. Rangarajan and G. Padmanaban 360-368
Micelles: Self-organized surfactant assemblies - S. P. Moulik 368-376
Immunodiagnostic approaches to detect bovine tuberculosis - S. N. Joardar and A. Sikdar 376-378
Assessment of plant biodiversity at a mid-elevation evergreen forest of Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve, Western Ghats, India - T. Ganesh, R. Ganesan, M. Soubadra Devy, P. Davidar and K. S. Bawa 379-392
Managing the impact of seasonal rainfall variability through response farming at a semi-arid tropical location - U. S. Victor, N. N. Srivastava, A. V. M. Subba Rao and B. V. Ramana Rao 392-397
Ultrasonic agitation of Kevlar fibres - R. V. Iyer and Kalyani Vijayan 398-400
Spontaneous regeneration of pancreatic β-cells in EMC-D virus induced diabetic mice and reversion from diabetic to normal state - R. R. Bhonde 401-404
Ascorbic acid counteracts the prooxidant effect of alloxan in erythrocytes in vitro - Poonam Yadav, S. Sarkar, Nisha Rathore, Susan John, Manisha Kale and D. Bhatnagar 404-406
Plant extracts: A non-chemical approach to control Fusarium diseases of mulberry - V. P. Gupta, Govindaiah and R. K. Datta 406-409
Geochemical analysis of iron  oxide/hydroxide coated and  uncoated non-magnetic component of the bulk sample: Possible utility of the coated component in a stream sediment survey for gold - K. Bheemalingeswara 410-411
Chitinozoa and melaiiosclerite from the Lower Paleozoic sequence of the Tethyan Garhwal Himalaya - A note on their identification and distinction - H. N. Sinha, S. S. Srivastava, P. N. Kapoor and Rajesh Chauhan 412-416
Gas-charged sediments in shallow waters off Redi along the Central west coast of India - L. V. Subba Raju and B. G. Wagle 416-419
The inventor of the jet engine, an obituary of Sir Frank Whittle by P. N. Shankar 420
Annual Review of Microbiology 1994, reviewed by Umesh Varshney 421-422
Dyke Swarms of Peninsular India, reviewed by M. Raza 422-423
Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics 1994, reviewed by D. C. V. Mallik 423-424

September 25, 1996 (6)

In this issue 427
Indian journals: To start or scrap? - S. S. Vasan 429
Microbes, molecular biology and the final assault - J. S. Virdi 429-430
The aroma of Bassia flower - S. Midya and R. L. Brahmachary 430
Praneem polyherbal cream for contraception - Safety in malaria endemic countries - V. P. Sharma; reply by G. P. Talwar 430-431
A new international order on oceans - Indian perspective - M. Sudhakar and B. V. Kumar 432-438
Breeding for rice improvement: Where do we stand? - K. Muralidharan, G. S. V. Prasad and C. S. Rao 438-448
PCR-based detection of Listeria monocytogenes in dairy foods - S. K. Sood and Jasjit Kaur 449-456
Comparative sequence analysis and expression in E. coli of the subgroup 1-specific antigen VP6 from a G2 serotype human rotayirus IS2 - Saima Aijaz and C. Durga Rao 456-464
Undernutrition and aging: Effects on DNA repair in human peripheral lymphocytes - Kalluri Subba Rao, Surekha Ayyagari, N. S. Raji and K. J. R. Murthy 464-469
A simple technique to expose tree seedlings to elevated CO2 for increased initial growth rates - A. S. Devakumar, M. Udayakumar and T. G. Prasad 469-472
Studies on molluscan diversity in Kaveri river system (Tiruchirappalli, India) with special reference to vector snails of trematode parasites - B. Amanullah and P. Shahul Hameed 473-475
Evidence of Archaean crustal shortening from deformed pillow lavas: An exam-pie from Sandur greenstone belt, Dharwar craton - C. Manikyamba and S. M. Naqvi 476-479
Palaeotectonic implication of Lamayurulake (Ladakh) - T. N. Bagati, R. K. Mazari and G. Rajagopalan 479-482
Chemical age of detrital zircons from the basal quartz-pebble conglomerate of Dhanjori Group, Singbhum craton, Eastern India - T. S. Sunilkumar, R. Parthasarathy, M. M. Palrecha, V. L. Shah, K. K. Sinha and N. Krishna Rao 482-486
Annual Review of Physical Chemistry 1995, reviewed by S. Vasudevan and Puspendu Kumar Das 487-488
Oxidative Stress and Aging, reviewed by T. Ramasarma 489
The cakravala method - S. Raghavan 490-493
Fifty years of the exact solution of the two-dimensional Ising model by Onsager - Somendra M. Bhattacharjee and Avinash Khare [Curr. Sci., 1995, 69, 816-821] 493

October 10, 1996 (7)

In this issue 499-500
Science education for the poor - M. Periasamy 501
Vitamin A analogues and cancer - P. C. Bhattacharyya 501-502
A feast for the pharaoh 502
Finicky flights of fancy 503
'Y' are we so hungry? 503
India - Economic liberalization and biomedical and health sciences research - V. Ramalingaswarni 504-505
India needs a National Biodiversity Conservation Board - T. N. Khoshoo 506-513
Indian cycads cry for protection - D. D. Pant 513-515
Evolution of the nasuta-albomicans complex of Drosophila - N. B. Ramachandra and H. A. Ranganath 515-517
Evidence for positive assortative mating within Drosophila bipectinata - B. N. Singh and Seema Sisodia 517-518
Inhibition of filarial proteases by antibodies from human filariasis - M. S. Bal and M. K. Das 519
Contribution of fluid mechanics to recent developments in meteorology - J. C. R. Hunt 520-526
Planetary motions and the birth of classical mechanics - N. Mukunda 527-532
Origin of the highest energy cosmic rays - Pijushpani Bhattacharjee 532-541
Is the Hubble flow a result of inverse cascade? - V. Krishnan 541-546
New measurements of the Hubble constant and its implications - D. C. V. Mallik 547-552
Elucidation of secondary structures of peptides using high resolution NMR - L. Gomathi and S. Subramanian 553-567
Patterns of distribution of macrolichens in western parts of Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve - Hans Raj Negi and Madhav Gadgil 568-575
Transformation of Streptococcus sp. by cholera toxin gene - Swadesh R. Biswas,  Sukanya Pal, Sukanta K. Sen and Sushil C. Pal 576-577
Occurrence of a 'mariner' element in the silkworm Bombyx mori - S. Mathavan, S. Mayilvahanan and A. Jeyaprakash 577-579
Methane production by Indian ruminant livestock - G. P. Singh and Madhu Mohini 580-582
Mutants resistant to foliar diseases in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.) - B. N. Motagi, M. V. C. Gowda and R. Sheshagiri 582-584
Visual evidence of nitrate reductase exudation from plant roots - Praveen-Kumar and Uday Burman 585-586
Minerals and Metals in Ancient India: Vol. 1, Archaeological Evidence; vol. 2, Literary Evidence,  reviewed by C. V. Sundaram 587-588
Parasitic Infections of Domestic Animals: A Diagnostic Manual, reviewed by B. S. Gill 588-589
The State of Food and Agriculture, reviewed by M. S. Swaminathan 589-590

October 25, 1996 (8)

In this issue 595-596
Biotechnology - M. C. Srinivasan 597
In situ pollen germination and selective ovular abortion in Trifolium dubium Sibth - Namrata Sharma and A. K. Koul 598
Discotic liquid crystals - Self-organizing molecular wires - Neville Boden, Richard Bissell, Jonathan Clements and Bryan Movaghar 599-601
Modelling  of industrial flow processes: Opportunities for per-formance enhancement - V. V. Ranade 602-612
Transforming growth factor beta (TGF-β) in bone remodelling - S. K. Maiti and G. R. Singh 613-617
Bile acids in asymmetric synthesis and molecular recognition - Uday Maitra 617-624
Molecular band polarization in Comet Hyakutake C/1996 B2 - U. C. Joshi, S. Ganesh, K. S. Baliyan and M. R. Deshpande 624-627
Organochlorine pesticides and preterm labour in human beings - Mamta Sharma and Pradeep Bhatnagar 628-631
Transfer factors of radionuclides 137Cs and 65Zn from soil to pearimillet and sorghum - P. Sachdev, M. S. Sachdev and D. L. Deb 631-633
Stylar length variation in Caesalpinia pulcherrima (Caesalpiniaceae) - Basic patterns - R. Lokesha, R. Vasudeva, B. S. Sarala, P. Palakonda Reddy and S. N. Nayak 633-636
Trondhjemite   of   the   Alwar   basin,   Rajasthan:    Implications   of   late Proterozoic rifting in the North Delhi Fold Belt - M. K. Pandit, Maher Khaled Khatatneh and Rakesh Saxena 636-641
Quantum Biology, reviewed by V. Kothekar 642
Tadeus Reichstein (1897-1996) - An obituary - G. S. R. SubbaRao 643
Chandrasekhar - some reminiscences - S. Ramaseshan 644-649

November 10, 1996 (9)

In this issue 655-656
Gene therapy - Rustom Roy; P. N. Rangarajan and G. Padmanaban 657-658
Report and recommendations of the panel to assess the NIH investment in research on gene therapy 658-659
Asteroids and Earth's evolution - A new perception - A. V. Sankaran 659-660
The manganese hide out in the photosynthetic reaction centre - M. K. Raval 660-661
Giant magnetoresistance: New-concepts 661-662
Hi Once upon a (Jurassic) time... 662
Small is beautiful 662
Turmeric - the goldern spice 663
Comments on 'The end phase of sedimentation of Krol Belt succession in Nainital syncline - Stratigraphic analysis and fossil levels' (D. K. Bhatt, Curr. Sci., 1996, 70, 772-774) - Ravi Shankar and V. K. Mathur; Reply by D. K. Bhatt 663-664
Association of transglutaminase-like antigen with cytoskeletal proteins - P. D. Gupta and V. Vijayalakshmi 665-666
Role of animals in the spread of human ringworm disease in Madras - S. Ranganathan, Thangam Menon and S. Arun Mozhi Balajee 666
Human influence on global climate - J. Srinivasan 667-669
Biotechnology: Its global impact and relevance to India - Harish Padh 670-676
The non-organic theory of the genesis of petroleum - Samar Abbas 677-684
Salim Ali - Madhav Gadgil 685-686
Salim Ali - A tribute - J. C. Daniel 686-687
Deploying student power to monitor India's lifescape - Madhav Gadgil 688-697
Common mechanism of secretory diarrhoea - Nirmal Kumar Ganguly and Tanvir Kaur 698-702
Molecular biology and biotechnology of higher plant nitrate reductases - H. S. Srivastava and Niharika Shankar 702-709
3' Non-templated 'A' addition by Taq DNA polymerase: An advantage in the construction of single and double mutants - J. Jagath-Reddy, N. Appaji Rao and H. S. Savithri 710-712
Direct and indirect somatic embryogenesis in teak (Tectona grandis L.) - Rijuta Kushalkar and Madhuri Sharon 712-715
Onset of an arid climate at 3.5 ka in the tropics: Evidence from monsoon upwelling record - Pothuri Divakar Naidu 715-718
Precambrian-Cambrian boundary microbiota from the Chert Phosphorite Member of Tal  Formation  in  the  Korgai  Syncline,  Lesser Himalaya, India - Meera Tiwari 718-720
Potential  threat  to  reservoir  fishery  by  fungi  in  Kumaun  Himalaya, India - G. S. Bisht, Deepa Bisht, Chandra Joshi and R. D. Khulbe 720-723

November 25, 1996 (10)

In this issue 727-728
Role of DST - R. L. Brahmachary 729
Long-range forecasts of the total monsoon rainfall of India - P. R. Pisharoty 729
Oldest emergent continental crust 730
Earthquake precursors 730-731
Herbivorous crocodile fossil 732
Food security in 2020 and beyond — Will the developing countries be dependent on the developed world? - Suresh K. Sinha 732-734
Biosynthesis of selenoproteins - P. Sreenivasula Reddy 735-737
Hormones, cytoskeletal proteins and cell shape - P. D. Gupta and Nandini Rangaraj 737-745
Implications of increasing greenhouse gases and aerosols on the diurnal temperature cycle of the Indian subcontinent - M. Lai, G. Srinivasan and U. Cubasch 746-752
Forcing mechanisms of the Bay of Bengal circulation - P. N. Vinayachandran, Satish R. Shetye, Debasis Sengupta and Sulochana Gadgil 753-763
Comparison of three different tests for detection of cucumber   mosaic cucumovirus in banana (Musa paradisiaca) - G. Kiranmai, P. Sreenivasulu and M. V. Nayudu 764-767
Thin layer problems in geoelectrics - I. B. Ramaprasada Rao, Ram Raj Mathur and S. Srinivas 767-771
Geohydrology of springs in a mountain watershed: The need for problem solving research - G. C. S. Negi and Varun Joshi 772-776
Recent crustal adjustments in Dehra Dun valley, western Uttar Pradesh, India - Piyoosh Rautela and D. Sati 776-780
The plague outbreaks of India, 1994 - A prologue - V. Ramalingaswami 781-782
An overview of the work carried out by the Technical Advisory Committee on plague 783-786
Isolation and identification of  Yersinia pestis responsible  for the recent plague outbreaks in India - H. V. Batra, Urmil Tuteja and G. S. Agarwal 787-791
Passive haemagglutination tests for Y. pestis infection in Surat pneumonic patients - G. S. Agarwal and H. V. Batra 792-793
The 1994 plague epidemic of India: Molecular diagnosis and characterization of Yersinia pestis isolates from Surat and Beed - S. K. Panda, S. K. Nanda, A. Ghosh, C. Sharma, S. Shivaji, G. Seshu Kumar, K. Kannan, H. V. Batra, U. Tuteja, N. K. Ganguly, A. Chakrabarty and H. Sharat Chandra 794-799
Ecology of flea-transmitted zoonotic infection in village Mamla, District Beed - Vijay K. Saxena and T. Verghese 800-802
Observations on urban ecology of Surat and bubonic plague transmission in the city - Vijay K. Saxena and T. Verghese 803-805
Epilogue - What next? - V. Ramalingaswami 805-806
Plagues: Their Origin, History and Future, reviewed by J. Gowrishankar 807-808

December 10, 1996 (11)

In this issue 811-812
Need to integrate science communication initiatives - N. C. Jain 813
Light and the future - C. Srinivasan 813-815
RESEARCH NEWS - A. V. Sankaran  
Anomalous diamonds 815-816
Ediacaran fossils - lichens?   816-817
Paucity of preserved old crust 817
Caution on the use of oxygen electrode-based assay for superoxide dismutase activity in crude preparations - Sanjay Kumar, Pradip Kumar Kundu and Paramvir Singh Ahuja 818-819
Response - D. Bhatnagar 819
Vision 2005: Earth Sciences 820-823
On the black hole trail...: A personal journey - C. V. Vishveshwara 824-830
JGOFS (India): Introduction - S. Krishnaswami and R. R. Nair 831-833
Winter cooling in the northern Arabian Sea - S. Prasanna Kumar and T. G. Prasad 834-841
Arabian Sea upwelling - A comparison between coastal and open ocean regions - P. M. Muraleedharan and S. Prasanna Kumar 842-846
Seasonal variability in oxygen and nutrients in the central and eastern Arabian Sea - S. N. de Sousa, M. Dileep Kumar, S, Sardessai, V. V. S. S. Sarma and P. V. Shirodkar 847-851
Seasonal variations in inorganic carbon components in the central and eastern Arabian Sea - V. V. S. S. Sarma, M. Dileep Kumar, M. D. George and A. Rajendran 852-856
Phytoplankton production and chlorophyll distribution in the eastern and central Arabian Sea in 1994-1995 - P. M. A. Bhattathiri, Aditi Pant, Surekha Sawant, M. Gauns, S. G. P. Matondkar and R. Mohanraju 857-862
Lack of seasonal and geographic variation in mesozooplankton biomass in the Arabian Sea and its structure in the mixed layer - M. Madhupratap, T. C. Gopalakrishnan, P. Haridas, K. K. C. Nair, P. N. Aravinda-kshan, G. Padmavati and Shiney Paul 863-868
Seasonality and composition of phytoplankton in the Arabian Sea - Surekha Sawant and M. Madhupratap 869-873
Studies on the microzooplankton from the central and eastern Arabian Sea - Mangesh Gauns, R. Mohanraju and M. Madhupratap 874-877
Bacterial abundance and production in the central and eastern Arabian Sea - N. Ramaiah, S. Raghukumar and Mangesh Gauns 878-882
Photosyntheticaly available radiation in the central and eastern Arabian Sea - T. Suresh, Elgar Desa, R. G. P. Desai, A. Jayaraman and P. Mehra 883-887
234Th scavenging and particle export fluxes from the upper 100 m of the Arabian Sea - M. M. Sarin, R. Rengarajan and V. Ramaswamy 888-893
Distribution of nitrous oxide and methane in the Arabian Sea - Shyam Lai, Prabir K. Patra, S. Venkataramani and M. M. Sarin 894-899
Manganese mobilization from the Western Continental margin of India - D. N. Yadav 900-905
Conformation of ATPMg(II) bound at the specific site on bovine serum albumin: 1H-nuclear magnetic resonance study - Hari Pada Maity and Gotam K. Jarori 906-914
Patterns of large multilamellar vesicular clusters - T. Lahiri, A. K. Dasgupta and A. Chakrabarti 915-918
The plant Banjauri (Vicoa indica) exhibits antifertility activity in adult female bonnet monkeys (Macaca radiata) - A. J. Rao, N. Ravindranath and N. R. Moudgal 918-921
Plantlet regeneration from leaf explants of oil palm seedlings - Anita Karun and K. K. Sajini 922-926
Differentiating conductive and resistive inhomogeneities: A new approach in groundwater exploration - P. N. Ballukraya 926-931
Bimal Kumar Bachhawat, an obituary by Avadhesha Surolia, A. S. Bala-subramanian, A. N. Bhaduri, Asis Datta, C. M. Gupta and Sandip Basu 932-933
Advancements in Iron Nutrition Research, reviewed by Prasanna Mohanty 934
The Archaean and Proterozoic Terrains of Southern India within East Gondwana - Textbook and Field Guide, reviewed by M. Ramakrishnan 934-935
Annual Review of Physiology 1996, reviewed by M. Devanandan 935

December 25, 1996 (12)

In this issue 939
Observation on urban rhesus monkeys - Jayashree Datta 941
Technological advances in the biological control of insects - T. N. Anantha-krishnan 941-945
Discovery of a new effect: CFM effect - S. K. Ghosh 946
The parting of Indo-Australian plate 947
Archaeopteryx - No more oldest known bird 947
Yellow fever threat? - N. L. Kalra and V. P. Sharma 948
Occurrence of a 'fossil' crocodilian vertebra from Hassan District, Karnataka State - A preliminary report - K. R. Prasad and T. Upendra 948-951
Agnostic trilobites from the Cambrian Sequence of Zanskar and their stratigraphic significance - S. K. Shah, Ashok Kumar and C. S. Sudan 951-954
Gas emanations and subterranean sounds/microearthquakes in Marathwada, Maharashtra, India - R. D. Kaplay, D. B. Panaskar and A. M. Rakhe 954-957
Uranium mineralization in the Palnad sub-basin Cuddapah Basin, Andhra Pradesh, India - A. V. Jeyagopal, Prakhar Kumar and R. M. Sinha 957-959
Science education in Indian universities: Proposal for a 5-year integrated M Sc course in life science - Sohan P. Modak 960-967
Progress towards malaria vaccine - V. S. Chauhan 967-975
What's the essence of royalty - one keto group? - Raghavendra Gadagkar 975-980
Realtime kinetic analysis of antigen-antibody interaction using solid phase binding: Transformation of hCG-monoclonal antibody complex - G. S. Murthy 981-988
Liquid drops in rise against gravity through a viscous medium: Drag force by the method of dimensions and comparison with liquid drops in fall under gravity - G. J. Srinivasan, P. Satyanarayana and G. Thirunavukkarasu 989-995
Inter-conversion of chemiosmotic parameters and its inhibition in Thiobacillus ferrooxidans - Niladri S. Kar, Tapas Kr. Datta and Anjan Kr. Dasgupta 996-1001
Visualization in biodiversity research: A case study of Mehao Wildlife Sanctuary, Arunachal Pradesh, north-east India - S. Narendra Prasad, B. Prabakaran and C. Jeganathan 1001-1005
Transient expression of (3-glucuronidase reporter gene in embryogenic callus cultures of an elite indica basmati rice (Oryza saliva L.) - D. Minhas, S. Bajaj, A. Grover and M. V. Rajam 1005-1007
Impact of magnesium-aspartate hydrochloride on gluco-regulatory system of two avian species - Madhusudan Das, Santasri Sengupta and Bandana Guha 1008-1009
Stereochemistry  and  Mechanism  through  Solved  Problems, reviewed by M. K. Raval 1010
State of the Art in Polymer Science and Engineering in India, reviewed by B. M. Mandal 1010-1011
A pioneer in X-ray crystallography, electron microscopy and biophysics - An obituary of R.W.G.Wyckoff (1897-1995) by S. Ramaseshan 1012-1013