Current Science - Vol 51
January 1982. 1
Our Golden Jubilee Year 1-2
An Indian Academy of Science 3-5
Some Thoughts on Scientific Journals in India-- S.Ramaseshan 6-12
Indian Agriculture at the Crossroads-- M.S.Swaminathan 13-24
Chromospheric Emission Intensities and Stellar Evolution-- M.K.V.Bappu 24-27
Species Dominance in Chromosome Elimination in Barley fields-- N.C.Subrahmanyam 28-31
Some Unique Features of Egg Laying and Reproduction in Ichthyophis Malabarensis (Taylor) (Apoda:Amphibia)-- B.R.Seshachar, T.A.Balakrishnan, Katre Sakuntala and K.R.Gundappa 32-34
Dual Aetiology Diabetes Mellitus: A Novel Mouse Model-- T.Jacob John, P.George Babu and P.Zachariah 35-38
Letters to the Editor  
Condensation of Quinoline-5,6-Diamine with Benzaldehyde-- A.Pandu Ranga Reddy and V.Veeranagaiah 39-39
Spectrophotometric Determination of Traces of Formaldehyde with Beta-Naphthol-- J.R.Mudakavi and M.Ravindram 39-41
Kinetics and Mechanism of Chromic Acid Oxidation of Lactic Acid-- P.C.Samal, B.B.Patnaik, S.Ch.Dharma Rao and S.N.Mahapatro 41-42
A Preliminary Report on the Occurence of Sapphirine in an Ultramafic Enclave, near Terakanambi, Southern Karnataka-- A.S.Janardhanan and N.Shadakshara Swamy 43-44
Nitrogen Fixation in some Species of Opuntia-- B.Venkateswarlu and A.V.Rao 44-45
Observations of Seedling Allelopathy in Weeds-- S.C.Singh and D.N.Sen 45-46
Mytomycin C Induced Morphological Abnormalities in A Green Alga, Rhizoclonium Hieroglyphicum (AG.) Kuetz. (Chlorophyceae)-- S.B.Agarwal and Y.S.R.K.Sarma 46-47
Diagnostic Technique for the Detection of Bunchy Top and Infectious Chlorisis in Banana Suckers-- Arvind S.Summanwar and T.S.Marathe 47-49
Karyotypic Architecture of Periplanta Brunnea (Burmeister)-- N.V.Aswathnarayana, S.K.Ashwath and K.R.Manjunath 49-50
Insulin and Lycopodium Extract Acting as A Hypoglychemic Agent in Lohita Grandis Gray (Heteroptera:Phyrrhocoridae: Insecta)-- Sanjay mandal, Bibhas Ghosh and D.K. Choudhari 51-52
Reviews 53-56
Announcements 56-57
Science News 58-58
January 1982. 2
Basic Research as an Integral Component of a Self-Reliant Base of Science and Technology(Its Role,Relevance,Support and Area of Thrust)-- M.G.K.Menon 59-77
Announcements 77-77
The Dirac Equation- Old and New-- N.Mukunda 78-83
50 Years of Current Science- Gleanings 84-85
Announcements 85-85
Purification and Partial Characterization of Sesbania Mosaic Virus-- P.Sreenivasulu and M.V.Nayudu 86-87
Applied Aspects of plant tissue culture with special reference to tree improvement-- G.Lakshmi Sita, C.S.Vaidyanathan and T.Ramakrishnan 88-92
Announcements 92-92
Letters to the Editor  
Anomalous pressure dependance of Tc in Lanthanides and Actinides and the mechanism of superconductivity-- S.N.Ekbote and A.V.Narlikar 93-94
Pechmann condensation of 7-hydroxy-5-methylchromans with ethyl acetoacetate: Synthesis of 3,4-dihydro-5, 10-dimethyl-2H,8H-benzo(1,2-b:3,4-b') dipyran-8-ones-- A.S.Majumdar and R.N.Usgaonkar 94-95
Magnetic studies on magnetite-quartzites of Tamilnadu, India-- N.Subba Reddy 95-96
Occurence of tomato bunchy-top Virus in India-- P.K.Pandey and Arvind S.Summanwar 96-97
The genus myceliphthora from India-- Monica Basu 97-98
A new leaf spot disease of Ailanthus excelsa Roxb-- Mahendra Rai and R.C.Rajak 98-99
Basal wounding to improve rooting and root growth of tea (Camellia L.spp) cuttings-- N.Satyanarayana 99-100
Scanning electron microscopic analysis of Pollen in biophytum intermedium wight (oxalidaceae)-- Bir Bahadur, P.Harshardhan Rao, R.Srikanth and V.K.Lall 100-102
Formation of resting structures by the Colletotrichum falcatum Went in soil-- Narendra Singh and Kishan Singh 102-104
Production of pollen embryoids in anther cultures of Sambucus nigra L.-- C.B.Sehgal, Sunil Arora and Kanwaljeet Narang 104-105
Exceptional features of Sterility in Hibiscus rosa-sinensis CV. Scarlet-- V.Raghu Rajan and A.N.Namboodiri 105-107
A First report of the systemic valve in the truncus arteriosus of the Indian Frog Rana Tigerina-- Harish C.Nigam 107-108
Announcements 108-108
Reviews 109-110
Announcements 110-110
February 1982. 3
Biological application of photoacoustic spectroscopy-- D. Balasubramanian and Ch. Mohan Rao 111-117
Announcements 117-117
Schist-genesis relationship in the archaean of Dharwar Craton-- C.S. Pichamuthu 118-124
Announcement 124-124
50 Years of Current Science-Gleanings 125-126
Announcement 126-126
Fourier representation of halftone transmittances corresponding to various cell shapes-- Mohammad A. Karim 127-129
Announcements 129-129
Complexes of some lanthanides with p-dimethylaminoanil of flourene glyoxal-- H.S. Verma, Anan Pal, R.C. saxena and g.C. Saxena 130-131
An early maturing groundnut with foliaceous stipule marker-- Chandra Mouli and D.M. Kale 132-134
Announcements 134-134
Letters To The Editor  
Determination of the degree of heterogeneity of polystyrene samples by electron microscopy-- S.N. Upadhyay and R.P. Mall 135-136
Hypocholesterolemic effect of trigonella foenum graceum (Methi)-- P.C. Singhal, R.K. Gupta and L.D. Joshi 136-137
Influence of alien pollen on some fibre properties of cotton-- R. Krishnaswami 137-137
Prevention of aflatoxin production on some cereals and oilseeds by O-vanillin--K.S. Bilgrami, K.K. Sinha and Premlata Singh 138-138
Survival of anther-and ovule derived cotton callus frozen in liquid nitrogen--Y.P.S. Bajaj 139-140
Charcol rot of mango-- Shashi Dhawan 140-140
Free proline accumulation in response to water stress in wheat seedlings--D.K. Pandey 141-143
New market disease of Barhal fruit-- A.N. Roy, R.B. Sharma and K.G. Sharma 143-143
A technique for somatic counts from root tips of cereal seedlings raised by embryo culture-- H.C. Sharma 143-144
Septoria crepidis vestergen : A new record from India-- A.K. Singh, Kamal and S.K. Singh 144-145
Effect of GA3 and GA4+7 on the tendril formation in Cucurbita Pepo L. ev. HS-1--H.N. Krishnamoorthy and M. Mohan Rao 145-145
Crude Drug and anthraquinone yield of discarded parts of the senns plant (Cassa Angustifolia Vahi,) 146-146
Pns in the termite brain-- Suraj p.Sharma and Umesh K. Sharma 146-147
Distribution of constitutive heterochromatin in the chromosomes of Musdunni (Wroughton)-- K.R. Manjunatha and N.V. Aswathanarayana 147-148
On the occurrence of a colonial ascidian, Lissoclinum fragile (van Name, 1902) from India-- T.K. Renganathan 149-149
First record of Coccophagus silvestril Compere (Aphelinidae: Hymenoptera) from India parasiting on a new host, the soft brown scale, Coccus hespiridium-- Rajendra Singh, Ranjan K. Pandey , aravind Kumar and T.B. Sinha 149-149
Book Reviews 150-153
Announcements 153-153
February 1982. 4

Inorganic 'Enzymes'? Transition metal atoms as Assembly and control centres in organic synthesis-- Arthur J.Birch 155-157
Social cues and circadian rhythms-- M.K.Chandrasekharan 158-167
Thrips and pollination biology--T.N.Ananthakrishnan 168-172
50 Years of Current Sciene-Gleanings 173-174
Heterochromatin in perspective-- U.C.Lavania and A.K.Sharma 175-180
Histological effects of prostagladin A2 (PGA2) on the rodent kidney-- V.K.Gupta and S.V.S.Rana 181-185
Announcements 185-185
Synthesis of homobiflavones derived from pyrogallol-- Rakesh Kumar Vij, Rajeev Kumar Dhawan and V.V.S.Murti 186-188
Influence of Zinc impurities on the oxidation behaivour of aluminium thin films-- K.Bhavani and V.K.Vaidyan 189-190
Letters to the Editor  
Effect of organophosphorous pesticide Sumithion (Fenitrothion) on alkaline phosphatase activity of freshwater teleost, Sarotherodon massambicus (Peters)-- P.R.Koundinya and R.Ramamurti 191-191
Crystal Data in the radioprotectants, N-(2-mercaptopropionyl) glycine and N,N,N,N'-tetramethyl-1, 4-phenylene diamine-dihydro-chloride-- A.Mani, B.M.Vadavathi and Kalyani Vijayan 192-192
In Vitro culture of rabbit embryos-- V.H.Rao, K.P.Agarwal, I.V.Mongha and N.K.Bhattacharya 193-193
A Novel palladium(II) acetylacetonato mixed ligand complex containing hexafluoroacetoacetonate as counter ion -- B.K.Sahu, S.B.Mishra and B.K.Mohapatra 193-194
Some mesozoic plants from the higher Himalayas of Bhutan-- T.M.Ganesan, R.K.Chaturvedi and K.P.Reddy 194-195
Intraformational conglomerate of the Banganapalle formation, Kurnool Group-- M.Y.Kamal and B.E.Vijayan 196-196
Two new leaf spot disease of medicinal plants-- I.D.Singh 196-197
Cytological studies in Anthericum suffruticosum (Baker) Milne redhead-- V.N.Naik and S.M.Nirgude 197-198
Saurauia bracteosa DC. (Saurauiaceae)- A new record for the Indian subcontinent and a new generic record for Andaman and Nicobar Islands-- S.N.Yoganarasimhan, Y.Chelladurai, V.S.Togunashi, Govindaiah and K.R.Keshavamurthy 198-199
In Vitro action of amoebicidal agents on trophozites of Entamoeba Histolytica under axenic condition-- B.N.Krishna Prasad and Reeta Srivastava 199-200
A collateral host for Citrus phytophtora-- N.N.Raghavendra Rao 200-201
A new disease of potato tubers caused by a non-sporulating fungus-- R.P.Rai 201-202
Announcements 202-202
Book Reviews 203-204
Announcements 204-204
March 1982. 5
Dosage compensation as amodel system for genetic regulation in eukaryotes-- A.S.Mukherjee 205-212
Blood compatibility of materials-- M.S.Valiathan 213-215
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 216-218
Announcements 218-218
Dawinian evolution at molecular level: A new method of testing the hypothesis-- R.Balasumramanian and G.Raghunathan 219-222
Synthesis of methyl methacrylate grafted natural rubber in bulk phase-- J.S.P.Rai, S.K.Jain and G.N.Mathur 222-224
Sandal spike disease-- K.Parthasarathi and K.R.Venkatesan 225-230
Effect of Onion in Induced atherosclerosis in rabbits: II Reduction of lipid levels in the eye-- T.M. Vatsala and Megha Singh 230-232
Announcements 232-232
Letters to the Editor  
Oxidation of some epimeric 4-hydroxypiperidines with thallium (III)-- N.Bhavani and K.Lily 233-233
Synthesis of a tetrahydronaphthalene-2, 2-spirocyclopentane derivative and its rearrangement on catalytic dehydrogenation-- D.N.Chaterjee and Jayasri Guha 233-234
Hydrogen bonding interaction of alpha-tocopherol-- A.Muralikrishna Rao 234-235
Induced mutagenesis in Capsicum L. II. Effects of single and combined mutagenic treatments on habit and fruit-- R.K.Raghuvanshi and Dalbir Singh 235-237
A new species of massarena Sacc.-- D.K.Purohit and S.P.Joshi 237-238
Induction of negatively grouped geotropic roots in cultures of Tagetes Patula L.-- S.L.Kothari and N.Chandra 238-239
Identification of pepper vienal mottle virus on tomato(Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)-- K.S.Sastry 239-241
Flowers as source material in chromatographic detection of citrus greening disease-- S.S.Cheema, R.S.Dhillon and S.P.Kapur 241-241
First petrified fossil Riccia from Indian beds-- M.T.Sheikh and D.K.Kapgate 241-242
Effect of irradiation and centrifugation on seedling enantiomorphism in green gram and black gram-- M.Madhusudhana Rao and Bir Bahadur 242-243
Two new root-rot diseases of spices-- D.K.Dwivedi, D.N.Shukla and S.N.Bhargava 243-244
Dimorphic seeds in a capitulum and dispersal strategies in Oligochaeta ramosa (Roxb) Wagenitz-- B.K.Singhal and D.N.Sen 244-245
Responses of some Anabaena species to IBA-- N.Anand 245-247
Fusarium solani (Mart.) Sacc.- A new vascular parasite inducing Wilt in muskmelon-- P.Radhakrishnanand Bineeta Sen 247-248
Intermediate shoot apex of Papaver species-- Suresh C.Goyal and Ambuja Pillai 248-249
Inheritance of frost resistance in potato-- S.P.Tiwari and K.C.Garg 249-251
Sexing of the 28-spotted epilachnid, Henosepilachna vigintioctopunctata (F.) and some Observations on its fecundity and oviposition-- J.K.Gupta and Ashok Kumar 251-252
Prostaglandin in F2a induction of Ovulation in the musk shrew, Suncus Murinus L.-- Jyoti Seetal Singh and C.J.Dominic 252-253
New record of a genus of colonial ascidian from India-- T.K.Renganathan 253-254
Localization of some Enzymes involved in steroid metabolism in the oviduct of the skink-- Rajendra Mundkur and H.B.Devraj Sarkar 254-255
Book Reviews 256-258
Science News 259-261
March 1982. 6
Lectins: Are they involved in recognition of parasites by plants?-- A.Mahadevan, G.Muthukumar and A.Arunakumari 263-268
50 years of Current Science- Gleanings 269-270
Announcements 270-270
Rotatory dispersion of hexagonal crystals of Al(IO3)3 2HIO3.6H2O and its temperature variation-- M.S.Madhava and R.Somasekhar 271-273
Microplanktons from the late Precambrian Simla group, Himachal Pradesh-- Avinash Ch.Nautiyal 273-276
Effects of Onion in atherosclerosis in rabbits: IV Maintenance of normal activity of aortic enzymes-- T.M.Vatsala and Megha Singh 276-278
Announcements 278-278
Letters to the Editor  
reaction of cyclic anhydrides. Syntheses of 3-oxo-1,4-benzothiazines and 2-oxoquinoxalines. A novel approach via maleanilic acids-- P.Balasubramaniyan, M.V.Patel, S.B.Wagh and V.Balasubramaniyan 279-280
Steroidal constituents of different parts of Asparagus currillus Buch-Ham-- S.C.Sharma, O.P.Sati and r.Chand 280-281
Vivipary of Anthoxanthum odoratum L.-- C.Shanthamma 281-282
Aflatoxin production on some fruits by Aspergillus flavus Link ex Fries and Aspergillus parasiticus Speare-- Anjana Singh and K.K.Sinha 282-282
Pollen dimorphism in Althea rosea L.-- Darshan Sharma 282-283
Structure of Pericarp and dehiscense mechanism in Anethum graveolens L.-- Indu Sharma and L.C.Lamba 283-285
A note on male strility in hute (C.capsularis L.)-- M.rohman 286-286
A new species of Pseudocercospora Speg-- A.N.Rai and Kamal 287-288
Polyploidy induced in ginger by colchicine treatment-- K.Ramachandran 288-289
Selection of Bengal gram (Cicerarietinum L.) mutants for late sown conditions in North India-- S.K.Sinha, Renu Khanna- Chopra and K.R.koundal 289-291
Yield increase of wheat after inoculation with A.chroococcum and phosphobacteria-- B.S.Kundu and A.C.Gaur 291-293
Two new taxa of Curcuma Linn. (Zingiberaceae) from Cannanore District, Kerala, India-- R.Ansari, V.J.Nair and N.C.Nair 293-294
Megasporogenesis in some Dalbergieae-- V.Seshavataram and K.V.Subba Rao 295-295
Panicle senescence in rice-- A.Debata and K.S.Murty 296-297
Isolation of a new strain of Streptomyces albus from Agra soils-- D.D.Sharma and S.K.Sinha 297-298
Effect of calcium and magnesium on the susceptibility of rice plants to bacterial leaf blight -- Susantha K.Mohanty, P.Ranga Reddy and R.Sridhar 298-299
In Vitro efficacy of some fungicides on inhibition of ascospore discharge in Venturia inaequalis (Cooke) Wint-- G.N.Qasba and A.M.Shah 299-300
Foliar epidermal structure and ontogeny of stomata in Ophiopogon intermedius Don (Liliaceae)-- N.P.Vaikos 301-302
Physiological heterogeneity in stem explants of pearl millet cultured in vitro-- B.Lakshmi Prasad, M.Satish Chandra Prabhu and C.Shanthamma 302-303
A little looked at attribute of the leaves of Sonneratia caseolaris L.) Engl-- T.Ananda Rao and Swapna Chakraborti 303-305
On the Occurence of the leptocephalus of the rare deep-sea Eel Gavialiceps taeniola Alcock in the Gulf of Mannar-- R.V.Nair and P.Madhusudhana Pillai 305-306
A new species of Heliococcus Sule (Cocoidea:Pseudococcidae) from South India-- Rajendra Kumar Avathi and Shaikh Adam Shafee 306-308
Holocrine secretion in the hepatopancreas of Alpheus edwardsi (audouin)-- T.Rajendra nath, K.hanumantha Rao and K.Shyamsundari 308-309
Isolation of Bordetella bronchiseptica from a case of bovine mastitis-- R.N.Ramachandra, M.Satyanarayana Rao and P.Raghavan 309-309
Karyological study in the digenetic trematode Notocotylus attenuatus-- K.Jayanand Rao and P.Venkat Reddy 309-310
Book Reviews 311-313
Science News 313-315
Announcements 315-316
April 1982. 7
Drug research: The scope for novel chemistry-- S.Rajappa 317-320
Announcements 320-320
Tropical Mycology: Future needs and development-- C.V.Subramanian 321-325
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 326-329
Announcements 329-329
Crystal and molecular structure of bis-(4-hydroxy-L-prolinato) palladium (II) trihydrate-- S.Sinh, V.M.Padmanabhan, R.P.Patel, T.N.Ranganathan and G.S.Rao 330-331
Neutron diffusion through a bare prismatic solid-- P.B.Patil and A.D.Patil 331-333
Binuclear organosilicon imine complexes, with sulphur donor benzothiazoline-- J.P.Tandon, R.V.Singh,M.N.Mookherjee and S.P.Mittal 333-335
Spectrophotometric determination of dapsone from pharmaceutical preparation-- R.T.Sane, U.R.Pandit, V.G.Nayak and A.Y.Dhamankar 336-338
Solvent Extraction and Spectrophotometric cetermination of Vanadium(V) using N-hydroxy-N-m-tolyl-N'-phenylbenzamidine-- Ashok Vasantrao Ghagde, Pramod Kumar Sharma and Rajendra Kumar Mishra 338-339
Use of ultracentrifuge to study preferential interaction of solvent components with proteins in mixed solvent systems-- T.M.Aminabhavi, R.C.patel, E.S.Jayadevappa and B.R.Prasad 340-344
Announcements 344-344
Letters to the Editor  
Saturation depth for the multiple scattering of 662KeV photons in aluminium and copper-- L.Paramesh, P.Venkataramaiah, K.Gopala and H.Sanjeevaiah 345-346
Fluorine containing bio-active heterocycles: Synthesis and biological activity of some fluorine containing trizone (5,6-b) indoles-- K.C.Joshi, S.K.Jain and A.K.Jain 346-348
Diphenyl lead (IV) diiodide complexes with substituted 2-Aminothiazoles-- M.H.Sonar and A.S.R.Murty 348-350
Polarographic determination of Pd(II) using catalytic H-waves-- G.Mohamed rafi and Agnes Paul 350-351
Dimethirimol: Quantitative Estimation-- R.C.Das and B.K.Saikia 351-351
A New flavonoid glycoside from the leaves of Ipomoea fistulosa-- P.Dubey, N.Khare and P.C.Gupta 351-352
Kinetics of polymerisation of methyl-methacrylate in presence of crystal violet-- A.K.Srivastava , J.S.P.Rai and G.N.Mathur 352-354
Occurence of nephaline syenite within quartz syenite of Settupalle, Prakasam district, Andhra Pradesh-- T.P.Srinivasan and J.Ratnakar 354-355
Drainage basin analysis in the Western termination of the Bhavani lineament-- V.Prassanakumar and Thomas Mathai 355-357
Holothuroids from Jurassic tethyan sediments, Malla Johar area, Kumaon Himalaya, Uttar Pradesh-- R.K.Saxena, S.Kumar, I.B.Singh and S.K.Singh 357-358
Discovery of coal seam near Lakhpat village, Northwestern Kutch and Its significance-- Ranjit K.Banerji and P.K.Saraswat 359-359
Annual variation in a nociceptive reaction in mice-- K.Ramabhadran, N.Prudhomme and J.J.C.Jacob 359-360
Effect of age on plasma lipoprotein cholesterol in normal subjects-- Rajvir Dahiya and R.N.Chakravarti 360-361
Distribution on complement fixing antibody to equine rhinopneumonitis virus in foals and stallions-- A.M.Jana, G.Pandya and K.M.Rao 361-363
The nervous system and esterase distribution in Schistosoma spindalis(trematoda)-- S.Lakshman Rao, G.Venkata Rama Krishna and S.S.Simha 363-365
First report of the genes Adenolaimus Andrassy, 1973(Nematoda:Dorylaimida)from India-- Wasim Ahmed and M.Shamin Jairajpuri 365-367
Cholesterol metabolism in Lohita grandis gray(hemiptera:pyrrhacoridae:insecta). Effect of corpora allatectomy and garlic extract-- Sanjay Mandal and D.K.Choudhuri 367-369
Presence of elastin and collagen in the inner lining of the oesophagus in the shrimp Alpheus edwardsi(Audouin)-- T.Rajendranath.K.Hanumantha Rao and K.Shyamsundari 369-370
Effect of culture filtrates of Aspergillus terreus and terreic acid on cell permeability of green gram(Vigna radiata(L) wilczek) seedlings-- C.Govindaraju, G.Janardana Rao, Niranjali Sivasithamparam and E.R.B.Shanmugasundaram 370-372
Breakdown of self-incompatibility in Dendrobuim pierardii Roxb. (Orchidaceae) following ultraviolet irradiation of pollinia-- Thimmappaiah 372-373
A new record of Thalassia hemprichii (Ehrenb.) Aschers. from the main coast of India -- K.K.Lakshmanan and M.Rajeshwari 373-374
Occurance of nucellar polyembryony in Toddalia asiatica lamp-- V.Narmatha Bai and K.K.Lakshmanan 374-374
Perisporiopsis melioloides (Berk and Curt) von Arx- A new record from India-- Nishat Khalis, B.Sreenivasa Reddy and C.Manohar Chary 375-375
Colletotrichum fruit canker of passion fruit-- N.N.Raghavendra Rao and H.Ravishanker 375-376
Antagonastic effect on Bachillus subtilis on Fomes durissimus-- A.B.De 376-376
Cytological behaivour of a tetra trisomic plant in pearl millet(Pennisetum americanum (L).K.Schum)-- R.Sai Kumar, U.P.Singh, R.B.Singh and R.M.Singh 376-378
A new fruit rot of pomegranate caused by Aspergillus variecolor-- R.B.Sharma, A.N.Roy and G.Singh 378-378
Book Reviews 379-380
Announcements 380-380
April 1982. 8
Photodimerization of olefins in solid state-- H. Ramachandra Swamy, T.N. Guru Row, V. Ramamurthy, K Venkatesan and C.N.R. Rao 381-386
Legumes in human nutrition: Current status and future research needs-- D.K. Salunkhe 387-394
50 Years of Current Science-Gleanings 395-396
Time resolved electron spin resonance spectroscopy-- Balu Venkataraman 397-400
Strategies of synthesis of aromatic polyketides using cyclohexa-1,4-and-1,3-dienes in Alder Rickett reactions-- Charles C, Kanakam, Halasya Ramanathan, G.S. R. Subba Rao and arthur J. Brich 400-402
Conformational studies of phynyl and isoxazolyl penicillins-- T.K. Vasudevan and V.S. R. Rao 402-406
Steroidogenic potential of the testis of Columbia Livia during the preincubation , incubationa ndn squab feeding periods of the reproductive cycle-- Bhagyashri A. Shanbag and Vihayak B. Nadkarni 407-409
Letters To The Editor  
Crystal and molecular of pyrodoxal-- S.P. Sudhakar Rao, M. Damodara Poojari and H. Manohar 410-411
Conversion of o-allylphenol to coumarin using singlet oxygen-- S. Pandita and S. S. Chibber 411-412
Steric enhanvement of resonance:Kinetics of oxidation of substituted acetophenones with phenyl iodosoacetate--M. Uma and C.s. Kalavathi 412-413
Spectrophotometric determination of Ni(II0 and Pd(II) by extraction of their diimine dioxime complexes with molten naphthalene-- P.Riyazuddin 413-415
A Note on the occurrence and habitat features of Ichthyophis beddomi (Peters) and Uraeotyphlus narayani (seshachar)-- T.A. Balakrishna, K.R. Gundappa and Katre Shakuntala 415-416
Deposition of Chinese nuclear debris in Changme Khangpy glacier, Sikkim--N.Bhandari, V.N. Nijampurkar, P.N. Shukla and v.M. Puri 416-418
On the delination of Gondwana sediments below trap rocks in Maharashtra-- P.M. Mathew, P.D. Venkateswarly and U.K. Biswas 418-420
Occurrence of cystic atresia in the ovary of Channa Gachua-- A.B. Shanbag and V. B. Nadkarni 420-422
Preliminary observations on tail regeneration in normal and hypothyroid tadpoles of Bufoandersonii-- R.V. shah, G.K. Menon and P.K. Hiradhar 422-423
Nematode-weight to body-weight relationships in Tor tor (Ham.) in the Himalayan riverine ecosystem-- Sandeep K. Malhotra 423-424
The feeding pattern of Hyalomma Ticks on different hosts, and its evolutionary significance-- G. Geevarghese and V. Shanda 424-425
Barnea Manillensis (Phillipi) (Bivalia:Pholadidae)- A new record for India-- K. Dharmaraj and N.Balakrishnan Nair 425-427
A new record of Botryodiplodia Theobromae Pat. on Morus alba L.-- Padma Bai Luke and K.M. Sathiya Paul 427-427
Yellowing disease of Urochloa Panicoides Beauv.-- V Muniyappa, M. Subba Rao and H.C. Govindu 427-428
Synergid Embryo in Dioscorea composita Hemsi-- K. Thiruraman and K.K. Lakshmanan 428-429
Biological control of anthracnose disease of jute-- Bhaswati Bhattacharyya and R.P. Purkayastha 429-430
Survival of Rhizobium Japonicum in charcol bentonite based carrier-- R.s. Bhatnagar, K.S.Jauhri and V. Iswaran 430-432
Occurrence of A2 Mating type of Betelvine Phytophthoria in Jabalpur, M.P. India-- D.P. Tiwari and A.K. Ayachi 432-433
Eccentric stele in facinated aerial roots of Impatiens Balsamina L. --V. Gopal and K.K. Lakshmanan 433-434
Effect of leaf extract of Vitex Negundo on Mathyrus sativus Linn. Mohd. Safikur Rahmand and Golokendra Nath Bhattacharya 434-435
New additional hosts of pentalonia nigronervosa Coq.-- T.s. Marathe, Aravind S, Summanwar and r. D. Ram 435-436
On bifurcation ratio in schima species-- Ram Boojh and P.S. Ramakrishnan 436-437
A new powdery mildew from Madhya Pradesh--A.K. Saxena and s.B. saksena 437-438
Transfer of some ld world species of centratherum cass. To Phyvllocephalum Bl. -- B.M. Narayana 438-439
Ovicidal effect of Diflubenzuron on ash weevil-- K. Thangavelu 439-440
Eupatorium Capillifolium (L.) Small (Asteraceae-Eupatorieae) : A new record from India-- T.R.Sahu 440-441
Science News 442-442
May 1982. 9
Occultation:A precise method in astronomical studies-- J.C.Bhattacharya 443-447
Announcements 447-447
Growth strategies of trees and their application to Forest managemant-- P.S.Ramakrishna, R.P.Shukla and Ram Boojh 448-455
Announcements 455-455
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 456-459
Announcements 459-459
Synthesis of biologically active 1-(Arylidene-Amino-Ethyl)-2-Methyl/Phenyl-4-(benzilidene)-imidazoline-5-ones-- V.K.Pandey and H.C.Lohani 460-462
Nitrogen Fixation by Blue-Green algae associated with deepwater rice-- Iwao Watanabe and Wilbur Ventura 462-465
Announcements 465-465
Letters to the Editor  
Crystal data on L-epinephrine hydrochloride monohydrate-- B.M.Vedavathi, A.Mani and Kalyani Vijayan 466-466
(n,alpha) and (n,p) Cross sections in some Se and Zn isotopes at 14 MeV-- C.V.Srinivasa Rao, N.Lakshmana Das, B.V.Thirumala Rao and J.Rama Rao 466-468
Study of ESCA and Auger chemical shifts in some Gallium compounds-- P.S.Murthy, S.V.N.Bhaskara rao, S.K.Sharma and S.V.Grampurohit 468-469
Mutation induction by benomyl in Saccharomyces cerevisiae-- P.Gunasekharan and P.Tauro 469-470
Anti-inflammatory activity of Lawsonia inermis-- Sujatha Singh, N.M.Shrivastava, N.T.modi and A.Q.Saifi 470-471
On the developmental morphology of some abnormal stomatal types in the leaf galls of Barleria Prionotis Linn., (Acanthaceae) induced by Ferising virgata (Coccidae: insecta)-- C.R.Babujee and A.Raman 471-472
A Typical symptom of muskmelon wilt induced by Fusarium Oxysporum Schlecht-- P.Radhakrishnan and Bineeta Sen 473-473
Neutral Red as a marker for Lysosome-like particles in potato-- H.S.Gupta, B.L.Barua and K.R.Dhiman 473-474
Three new records of Helvella from India-- M.C.Joshi, N.S.Bishi and N.S.K.Harsh 474-475
Cowpea top Necrosis-caused by Fusarium Equiseti (Corda) Sacc-- Padma Ramachandran, A.S.Summanwar and S.P.lal 475-477
Octospora Euchora, A rare pezizales from India-- S.C.Kaushal and R.Kaushal 477-478
A Myxomycete, Fuligo intermedia Macbr. On masses from Nainital-- Giribala Pant and S.D.Tewari 478-478
Induction of male sterility in Solanum Khasianum Clarke by the use of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid-- S.A.Haleem and K.R.Thimmaraju 479-479
Natural incidence of grain smut in Sawa-- C.P.Pawar, R.K.Rathod, P.A.Navale and G.Harinarayana 480-480
Two new species of Phyllosticta from India-- P.N.Chowdhry, Durga Gupta and B.Padhi 480-481
Occurence of sexuparae and sexual morphs of wooly apple aphid (Eriosoma lanigerum hausmann) in Simla Hills, India-- D.C.Gautam and L.R.Verma 481-483
Occurence of Thelephora Terrestries in India-- K.Natarajan and N.Raman 483-485
Solubility of Proline and its biological significance-- K.S.Krishna Sastry, M.Udayakumar, R.Devendra and A.A.Mekhri 485-486
Esterase activity in the Osmoregulators-- H.Fernandez, U.rasheed and S.S.Simha 486-487
Announcements 487-487
Book Reviews 488-492
Erratum 492-492
Announcements 492-492
May 1982. 10
Magnetic resonance studies on drug-membrane interactions-- Girjesh Govil, Ratna S.Phadke and Sudha Srivastava 493-499
Announcements 499-499
Molecular Basis of Ageing-- M.S.Kanungo and M.M.Chaturvedi 500-505
Announcements 505-505
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 506-506
Announcements 507-507
Reaction of Hexachlorocyclotriphosphazene with 2,4,6-Trimethylaniline-- R.Visalakshi, T.N.Ranganthan, G.S.Rao and K.V.Muralidharan 508-510
Changes in the tissue concentration of Glutathione and protein in lead toxicity-- Subadra Seshadri and Anita Khanna 510-512
Letters to the Editor  
Synthesis of benso(f) chromone by Photooxidative Cyclisation of 2-Styryl-gamma-pyrone-- B.Veera Mallaiah and G.Srimannarayana 513-514
X-Ray spectroscopic determination of the valence structure of the spinel NiMnCrO4-- P.D.Bhalerao 514-515
Studies in Seed Morphology and Germination in Jojoba (Simmondsia Chinensis Link)-- P.H.V.Vasudeva Rao and E.R.R.Iyengar 516-518
Lytic phagus for Bacillus Thuringiensis in the locality around Calcutta-- Nirmal Chandra Som, B.B.Ghosh and M.K.Majumdar 518-519
Discovery of Endothyriid Foraminifers from the Bedded maldeota phosphorite, Garhwal Himalaya-- Prabha Kalia 519-520
A new seed-borne disease of radish caused by Alternaria Alternata-- M.Narayanappa 520-521
Ultrastructure of germinating Sporangiospores of Rhizopus Rhizopodiformis (Gohn) Zopf, A thermophile-- Bhavdish N.Johri 521-524
Achaetomium thermophilum sp.nov., A new thermophillic species of genus achaetomium from India-- Monica Basu 524-525
Obturator in the Cyperaceae-- K.H.Makde 525-527
Three interesting species of macho-lichens from North East India-- P.G.Patwardhan and M.B.Nagarkar 527-528
Influence of pesticide formulations on Nitrogenase activity of the rice rhizosphere soil-- J.L.N.Rao, I.C.Pasalu and V.Rajaramamohan Rao 528-530
Cytology of the Hybrid pepper variety, 'Panniyur-I'-- P.M.Mathew and P.J.Mathew 530-531
Tricholoma lobayense: A new edible mushroom from India-- D.K.Chakravarty and B.B.Sarkar 531-532
Conjugal transferability and spontaneous loss of R-Plasmids in strains of S.Typhi and S.Paratyphi A: Comparison of frequencies at 30deg and 37deg Celcius-- V.M.Rangnekar, S.V.Gadre and D.S.Chitnis 532-533
Etiological significance of Nocardia asteroides in corneal ulcer of cattle-- M.Pal 533-534
Effect of a juvenile hormone analogue, methoprene on the male reproductive organs of the cotton stainer, Dysdercus Koenigii(F)-- D.Revathy, S.S.Thakur,B.kishen Rao and G.Maruti Ram 535-535
New records of two genera of colonial Ascidians from India-- T.K.Renganathan and J.A.Daniel 535-536
Announcements 536-536
Book Reviews 537-538

June 1982. 11

Pesticides, Pest control and their Future-- V.Agnihothrudu 539-546
Announcements 546-546
Conservation of India's living resources through Biosphere reserves-- Madhav Gadgil 547-550
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 551-552
Announcements 552-552
A Simple and Efficient memory optimization technique for solution of large Matrices-- B.H.Briz-Kishore and R.V.S.S.Avadhanulu 553-555
Organotin complex compounds of N-substituted Benzohydroxamic Acids(2)-- B.Pradhan and A.K.Ghosh 555-558
Cellulase production by Amanita muscaria-- K.Natarajan and K.Kannan 559-561
Announcements 561-561
Letters to the Editor  
Toxicity of arsenic and copper in liver cirrhosis-- D.Dhawan and D.V.Datta 562-563
Ascorbic acid levels in the amniotic fluid, cord blood, maternal blood and newborn urine at different gestational periods-- K.P.Mistry, R.V.Bhatt, U.J.Modi, M.C.Shah and B.K.Modi 563-564
Changes in the Ovaries of immature inflorescence of pearl millet cultured In Vitro-- Bhagyalakshmi Prasad and C.Shantamma 564-566
Induction of rooting in cotyledon callus of coconut-- M.Jagadeesan and D.Padmanabhan 567-567
Studies on the Identification of Mosaic diseases of Brinjal (Solanum Melongena L.) in Karnataka-- K.S.Sastry 568-569
Cell Ornamentation in Cosmarium Bioculatum Breb. under Sem-- Vidyavati 569-570
Isolation and Characterization of Hibiscus Virus 1 causing Yellow-Vein mosaic of Bhendi (Abelmoschus Esculentus (L) Moench)-- I.L.Kothari, H.C.Dube and K.Doshi 571-572
A Contribution to Cytology of Solanum Nigrum complex-- R.N.Singh and K.Roy 572-573
Pyramidisation of resistant genes from mutants for increased degree of resistance to bacterial leaf blight-- S.C.Mathur, A.Ananda Rao and D.P.Srivastava 573-574
Studies on the biology of a Predator, Cardiastethus sp. (Hemiptera:Anthocoridae) found in the galleries of Nephantis Serinopa Meyr. (Lepidoptera:Xylorictidae)-- U.C.Abdurahiman, U.V.K.Mohamed and O.K.Remadevi 574-576
Effect of a juvenile hormone analogue, Hydroprene on the female reproductive organs of the Red cotton bug, Dysdercus Koenigii (F)-- D.Revathy, S.S.Thakur, B.Kishen Rao and G.Maruthi Ram 576-577
New Records of Illoricate Rotifers from India-- C.S.Patil and B.Y.M.Gouder 577-578
The Haemolymph protein patterns of Periplanta Americana infected with Cystacanths of Moniliformis Moniliformis Bremser (Acanthocephala)-- K.Ramalingam, M.Krishnan and R.N.Gargesh 578-579
Announcements 579-579
Book Reviews 580-581
Announcements 582-582
June 1982. 12
Cytogenetical Evolution of Garden Chrysanthemum-- M.A.Nazeer and T.N.Khoshoo 583-585
Stomata: The physiological and biochemistry of their regulation in leaves-- V.S.Rama Das and Agepati S.Raghavendra 585-594
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 594-595
Announcements 595-595
On the Implications of the Radio and X-Ray Pulsar in the Supernova Remnant MSH 15-52 596-599
EEG after reaction and Brain cholinesterase activity in Rats following oral administration of Lyndiol-- Chitralekha Mukherjee, C.D.Dey and C.Deb 599-602
Effect of Patulin on intestinal amino acid uptake-- H.Devaraj, K.Radha Shanmugasundaram and E.R.B.Shanmugasundaram 602-604
X-Ray Scattering by Columnar liquid crystals-- G.S.Ranganath and S.Chandrasekhar 605-606
Letters to the Editor  
Proton-Induced excitation autoionization-- R.Srivastava, C.S.Singh and D.K.Rai 607-608
Glauconite in the Quilon limestone (Early Miocene) of Coastal Kerala sedimentary basin-- P.K.Raha and S.Sinha Ray 608-609
Studies of interferon production by MFS-8 cells-- S.S.Gogate, C.Dayaraj and N.Kedarnath 609-610
On the Occurence of a Pleistocene Ossiferous gravel at Nagpur, Central India-- Ashok Sahni, Kishor Kumar and R.S.Rana 610-610
A Nuclear Polyhedrosis of the Black headed Caterpillar, Nephantis Serinopa Meyrick (Lepidoptera:Cryptophasidae)-- Babu M.Philip, Susamma Mathai and Abraham Jacob 611-611
Sexuality of Daedalea Andamani Berk-- Asim Mitra 611-614
Synergistic production of Pectin Lyase and Polymethyl Galcturonase by spegazzinia Tessarthra-- Kantilal Narania and S.M.Reddy 615-616
Embryo development in two species of Begonia-- H.Maheswari Devi and K.Chandrasekhar Naidu 616-617
Isolated Tracheids in the tribe Trifoleae (Papilionaceae)-- G.L.Shah and M.Gopala Rao 617-618
Respiratory Metabolism of Somatic embryogenesis in callus cultures of Dioscorea Deltoidea Wall-- J.P.Singh 618-620
Mastogloia Dansei Thwaites- A new Addition to the Indian flora-- B.N.Prasad and M.N.Srivastava 620-620
A new Ear and kernel rot of maize caused by Trichoderma viride pers. Ex Fries-- Vasantha Kumar and H.S.Shetty 620-621
Announcements 621-621
Science News 622-624
Announcements 624-624
July 1982. 13
Syad Nyaya system (SNS)- A new formulation of senential logic and its isomorphism with Boolean algebra of genus 2-- G.N.Ramachandran 625-636
Announcements 636-636
Airglow emission as a temperature probe in Earth's atmosphere-- P.V.Kulkarni 637-639
Application of Cyanoethylation and related reactions in the synthesis of heterocycles-- J.R.Merchant, R.B.Upasani and Mohan Venkatesh 640-649
Announcements 649-649
50 years of Current Science- Gleanings 650-650
Announcements 650-650
Electron Donor-acceptor complexes of substituted benzenes with quinones-- P.C.Dwivedi, Avanija Gupta and A.K.Banga 651-653
Distribution of neurosecretory material in the neurosecretory system of Odontopus Varicornis (Dist) (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae)-- D.R.Kamalakannan 654-656
Letters to the Editor  
Excited state dipole moment of Phloxine (Tetra-Bromo-Dichlorofluorescein)-- Ashutosh Sharma and M.K.Machwe 657-659
Effect of BaTiO3 on unit cell parameter of Dy(0.5)Li(0.5)TiO3-- P.V.Patil 659-660
Nature of Paleocurrents and environmental signifance of Vindhyans (Kaimur Quartzite) around Chittaurgarh, Rajasthan-- K.N.Shridhar and P.K.Jain 660-660
Tapetal dimorphism in Jasminum Grandiflorum Linn-- K.H.Makde 661-662
Planophila Terrestris groover and Hofstetter- A new record for India-- M.S.Balakrishnan and Leela T.Deore 662-663
A new Rhizoctonia root-rot of Gram-- B.S.Siradhana, A.Shivpuri and R.G.Jat 663-663
Amino Acid changes in ageing Bruchid, Zabrotes subfasciatus Boh. (Coleoptera)-- Suraj P.Sharma and Pardeep K.Bhatia 664-665
Induction of growth in explanted Inflorescence axis of Banana-- N.K.Srinivasa Rao, E.K.Chacko, R.Dorai Swamy and S.Narayanswamy 666-667
Spiropes Guareicola (Stev.) Cif. causing a new Storage disease of Oranges-- V.Ravichandran and S.B.Sullia 667-667
Two most suitable indices of lodging for wheat-- S.M.Vaidya, A.B.Joshi and B.R.Murthy 667-668
Metabolic Depression in the freshwater Teleost, Cyprinus Carpio exposed to an organophosphate pesticide-- R.Nagaratnamma and R.R.amamurti 668-669
Announcement 669-669
Book Reviews 670-670
July 1982. 14
Micrometallic particles-- D.Chakravorty 671-676
Announcements 676-676
Precambrian pictric pillow lavas from Nomira, Koenjhar, Eastern India-- Mihir K.Bose 677-684
Announcements 684-684
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 685-685
Halftone image analysis at non-zero diffraction orders-- Mohammad A.Karim 686-688
Radiation resistance of a loop antenna in two components warm plasma-- R.K.Gupta and Anil Kumar 689-691
Synthesis of some disulphide and trisulphide sulphinate salts as antithyroid agents-- P.K.Srivatava, Ramesh Chandra and M.B,Gupta 692-695
Study of dielectric relaxation processes using an approach based on the polarizability-- Amar Singh, S.K.Saxena and M.C.saxena 695-699
Letters to the Editor  
Mechanics of vacuoles in plant cells-- Sasadhar De 700-701
Mollwo-Ivey relation for KCl-KBr mixed crystals-- Brinda Subramaniam and K.G.Bansigir 701-703
A Study of some toxic constituents of five new varieties of pigeon pea (Cajanus Cajan L.)-- S.K.Srivastava and R.K.Bajpai 703-704
Thiourea derivatives as anti-tubercular compounds-- B.R.Shinde, N.M.Shinde and G.S.Parab 704-705
Absorption and Translocation of 59Fe by some rice genotypes-- M.B.Misal and Y.S.Nerkar 705-706
Vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizas in three plantation crops and cultivars of field bean-- A.Manjunath and D.J.Bagyaraj 707-708
Embryology of sonchus Oleraceus Linn. 708-710
Occurence of luminescent bacteria in sediments-- N.Jayabalan, R.Chandran, V.Sivakumar and K.Ramamoorthy 710-711
Effect of the juvenoid, hydroprene on the ovaries of sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius F. (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)-- G.Maruthi Ram, B.Kishen Rao and S.S.Thakur 711-713
An uncommon Psyllid gall of Ficus bangalensis-- C.Kandaswamy 713-714
Announcements 714-714
Book Reviews 715-716
August 1982. 15

'Missing links' in evolution of vascular plants-- B.K.Nayar 717-722
RNase I as aprobe for determining the higher ordered structures in ribosomes and ribonucleic acids-- D.P.Burma 723-726
Announcements 726-726
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 727-728
Announcements 728-728
Hall effects on combined free and forced convective hydromagnetic flow through porous media-- Mukesh Gupta and Om Prakash Varshney 729-733
Effect of feeding hexachlorobenzene and acetylcholine to Philosamia ricini larvae during development-- Radha Pant, Santosh Kumar Katiyar and Geeta Jaiswal 733-737
Chemical and Pharmacological studies of the plant Ervatamia Crisp (syn. Tabernaemontana-Crispa-Apocyanaceae)-- T.K.Thirumalapad, V.S.Geetha and Lalitha Kameswaran 738-739
Phenolic acids and potential inhibitors of plant amylase-- Satish Kumar, A.K.Goel and M.S.Tayal 739-742
Myoglobin levels in the myocardia of some representative vertebrates-- Mathew M.Oomen and K.M.Alexander 742-745
Letters to the Editor  
Accurate spin assignment to the 525KeV level in 125Te-- Raj Mittal, Kulwant Singh and H.S.Sahota 746-746
Apatite ages of some Granites of Meghalaya-- B.C.Talukdar, K.m.Pathak, A.Chakravarthy and P.K.Chowdhary 746-748
Hyperconjugative effects of Bromine in some (P-Bromobenzoylacetones) of Fe(III), Co(II), Ni(II), Zn(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II)-- Y.Limouzin Maire, B.P.Bachlas, A.Baldy and A.Kumar 748-749
Potentiometric study of the kinetics of oxidation of Formaldehyde, Acetaldehyde, Propionaldehyde and n-Butyraldehyde by ammoniacal silver nitrate-- T.Ravi Prasad, B.SethuRam and T.Navneeth Rao 749-751
Mycotoxins from fungi on maize-- G.Rama Devi and H.Polasa 751-751
Copper concentration in some grasses from Khetrinagar and Ajitsagar-- A.K.Thukral, M.C.Joshi and Rohtash Chand 752-753
Effect of HCH isomers on the dehydrogenase activity in a Red sandy loam soil-- N.G.K.Karanth, M.S.Srimathi and S.K.Majumdar 753-754
Jaundice stalk rot- A new disease problem of Maize-- M.M.Payak and R.C.Sharma 754-755
Observation on the prolonged staining of Erianthus Michx roots in leuco basic fuchsin-- N.Mohan 755-756
Abscisic acid-stimulated rooting in Hypocotyl cuttings of cowpea-- K.Janardhanan and K.K.Lakshmanan 756-757
The volume of corpora allatain relation to the Egg maturation of the sweet potato weevil, Cylas formicarius F.(Coleoptera :Curculionidea )-- G.Maruti Ram, B.Kishen Rao and S.S.Thakur 757-758
Bacillus cereus Frankland and Frankland as a Pathogen on rice leaf roller, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis, guenee (Pyraustidae. Lepidoptera)-- -- Babu M.Philip, Maicykutty P.Mathew, Sheela Paul T and Abraham Jacob 758-759
Book Reviews 760-761
August 1982. 16
Liquid diffusivities- Their measurement and prediction-- G.S.Laddha 763-766
Announcement 766-766
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 767-767
Nuclear magnetic resonance of an Iron-Pyridine clathrate-- R.C.Gupta, S.C.Mishra, S.C.Gupta and U.S.Rai 768-770
Growth rate of calcite concentrations-- R.V.Krishnamurthy 770-772
Solid solution series of hydroxyl and chlorapatites of arsenic-preparation and characterization-- T.S.B.Nrasaraju, P.Lahiri, P.R.Yadav and U.S.Rai 772-774
Steric effect I- Charton's parameter vs topological index-- R.S.Lall 775-777
Interaction of Lysozyme with dyes-I: Binding of methyl Orange to Lysozyme-- M.Subramanian and M.P.Venkatappa 778-780
Letters to the Editor  
A new species of Mycovellosiella Rangel-- A.N.Rai, Kamal and S.K.Singh 781-782
Two new records of Wood decaying fungi from India-- N.S.Bisht and N.S.K.Harsh 782-785
Malbranchea sulfurea (Miehe) Sigler and Charmichael: A new record from India-- S.K.Deshmukh and S.C.Agarwal 785-786
Odium vernoniae- A new species from Madhya Pradesh-- A.K.Saxena and S.B.Saksena 786-787
A new species of Asterostomella Speg. from India-- Anil K.Singh, Kamal and S.K.Singh 787-789
A peculiar mode of insertion of glandular hair in Sapindus laurifolia Vahl.-- Parveen Farooqui 789-790
Natural outbreak of an entomogenous fungus, Entomophthora sp. near Virulenta Hall and Dunn on hairy caterpillar, Diacrisia obliqua Wlk (Noctuidae: Arctiidae)-- Ashok Varma, Krishna Mitra and Kishan Singh 790-792
Odium Antigononii sp.nov from India-- B.Sreenivasa Reddy, Nishat Khalis and C.Manoharachary 792-793
Epzootic occurence of nuclear polyhegrosis viruses on spodoptera litura F.-- N.Dhandapani, R.Janardhanan and T.Kumaraswami 793-794
A new multicrystalliferous Bacillus thuringiensis isolate from diseased mosquito larvae-- K.K.R.Menon, A.S.Rao and S.V.Amonkar 794-795
Seed surface study of possible hybrid between C3 and C4 species of Cleome (Capparidaceae-- G.Rajendrudu and V.S.Rama Das 795-797
Cryptobia Indica N.sp. (Protozoa: Kinetoplastida) ectoparasite on the gills of Puntius sarana (Ham)-- M.Jayasri and M.Parvateesam 797-798
Studies on localization of infectious Bursal disease virus in chicks by immunoflorescence technique-- T.Bhaskar Rao, T.Susan B.Rao and S.A.Naqi 798-800
Chromosome of five species of Indian Chilopoda-- L.Siddaveere Gowda and A.S.Ashok Kumar 800-802
Announcements 802-802
News and Views 802-802
September 1982. 17
The three-body problem: Third generation and beyond-- A.N.Mitra 803-807
Announcements 807-807
The three technologies-- Roddam Narasimha 808-812
Announcements 812-812
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 813-813
X-Ray diffraction studies of Gall stones-- K.C.Nagpal, T.A.K.Ghori and S.Z.Ali 814-815
Reaction of tetraphenylditin diacetate with n-phenyl-benzohyroxamic acid and 8-hydroxyquinoline-- B.Pradhan and A.K.Ghosh 815-817
Synthesis and anthelmintic activity of 1-(5'-substituted phenoxy methyl,1',3',4'-thiadiazol-2'-yl), 2'-methyl-4-substituted benzylidene imidazol-5-ones-- J.S.Shukla and Kanchan Agarwal 817-820
Synthesis of some newer, 1-heterocyclic amino/iminomethyl-2-substituted benzimidazoles as a potent CNS, anticonvulsant and monoamine oxidase inhibitory agents-- J.S.Shukla, Shradha Saxena and Renu Rastogi 820-822
Sensitivity analysis on aquifer parameters using a digital model-- B.H.Briz-Kishore 823-825
Electrophoretic studies of the hexokinase of Entamoeba Histolytica-- S.R.Das, M.P.Singh, P.Das, S.Ghoshal and A.K.Gupta 825-828
Effect of diethyl carbamazine citrate on precocious puberty induced by esteradiol monobenzoate in immature Rats-- M.S.Murthy and V.S.Venkata Subbu 828-830
Effect of Magnesium on the toxicity of Chromium and Lead towards Escherichia coli and Aerobacter aerogenes-- U.S.Bagle and A.K.Varma 830-832
Letters to the Editor  
A note on the Mechanics of muscle-- Sasadhar De 833-835
Pulsed NMR studies of molecular reorientation in CH3NH3I-- C.S.Sundaram and J.Ramakrishna 835-836
Induction of crowngall tumor on Vigna Sinensis (Linn) Savi and Studies on nucleic acid synthesis in isolated gall nuclei-- R.Dutta, S.Palit, G.Sarkar and D.K.Dube 836-838
Synthesis of new genotypes of Brassica nepus suitable for cultivation in India-- R.N.Raut and Tribawan Kaul 838-839
A rapid Seedling test for Gibberellin response in rice-- P.Narahari and S.G.Bhagawat 840-841
Biochemical changes in Mosabi fruit inoculated with species of aflatoxin producing aspergilli-- Anjana Singh and K.K.Sinha 841-842
Gynoecial ontogeny in Canscora sessiliflora Roem-- V.Balasubramanian and A.Arunachalam 842-843
A new record of edible Russula from India-- Kamal Kumar Jana and R.P.Purkayastha 844-844
Two unrecorded fungi on seeds of sesamum (Sesamum Indicum Linn)-- A.S.Reddy and S.M.Reddy 844-845
A new leaf Blight disease of groundnut caused by Alternaria tenuissima (Kunze ex Pers) Wilts-- M.P.Ghewande, R.N.Pandey, A.K.Shukla and D.P.Mishra 845-846
A new Species of Mycovevellosiella from India-- P.Kumar and Kamal 846-847
Two Species of Cymbella Ag- New to India-- B.N.Prasad and M.N.Srivastava 847-847
Toxonomy and Myogen patterns of some caecilians of the Indian subcontinent-- T.A.Balakrishna, Katre Shankuntala and K.R.Gundappa 848-849
Effects of technical grade malathion and DDT onthe action of chlorpromazine diazepam and pentobarbitone with reference to fighting behaivour in mice-- R.P.Uppal, B.D.Garg and A.Ahmad 849-851
Insulin tolerance test in the normal and hypophysectomized toad, Bufo melanostictus (Schneider)-- M.S.Mehendale and A.S.Padgaonkar 851-852
Steroid hormone producing sites in the ovary of two species of Otters. Lutra lutra and Aonyx cineria: A histochemical study -- S.Mural, D.Theertha Prasad and H.B.Devaraj Sarkar 852-854
Announcements 854-854
Book reviews 855-856
Obituary 857-858
September 1982. 18
Stastistical mechanics of liquids-- R.V.Gopala Rao 859-865
Solid State NMR: Multinuclear approach to proteins and nucleic acids-- K.N.Ganesh 866-874
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 875-876
Announcements 876-876
High strength defects in nematic liquid crystals-- N.V.Madhusudhana and R.Pratibha 877-881
Diurnal variation of monsoon rainfall at an inland station in the Brahmaputra Valley-- S.Kalita and S.K.Sarmah 881-883
Simple diagnostic technique for plant diseases of mycoplasmal etiology-- N.Srinivasan 883-885
Residual effect of Sevin on the Acetyl chlorinesterase activity of the nervous system of earthworm Pontoscolex corethrurus-- Radha D.Kale and R.V.Krishnamoorthy 885-886
Letters to the Editor  
Synthesis of some new Schiff bases derived from camphor and their biological activities-- A.A.Gupta and A.K.Sengupta 887-888
A note on the chemotoxonomy of the menispermaceae-- L.L.Narayana, M.Radhakrishnaiah and I.T.Sundari 889-890
Occurence of leaf blight on groundnut-- H.S.Singh, A.K.Sobti and B.S.Siradhana 890-891
Gamma induced yellow testa colour mutant of green gram CV-T44-- V.P.Singh and R.D.S.Yadav 891-892
Phoma nebulosa (Pers. Ex.S.F.Gray) Berk., an addition to the fungi of India-- Nishat Khalis and C.Manoharachary 892-892
Two hitherto unrecorded diseases of lemon (Citrus medica Var., Medica L.)-- J.Jagdish Babu, P.Laxminarayana and S.M.Reddy 892-893
A new report on antholysis in Convolvullus microphyllus Sieb. Ex Spreng-- Sudeep Kumar and D.N.Sen 893-894
Notes on Indian hyphomycetes- VII Monacrosporiealla indicum sp. nov. on Mushroom compose-- P.N.Chowdhury and Nita Bahl 894-896
Distribution of Heterodera avenae the casual organism of 'Molya' disease of wheat and barley in India-- Gopal Swarup, C.L.Sethi, K.K.Kaushal and Siya Nand 896-897
Cintractia limitata Clint on Cyperus pangorei Rottb-- K.Wadhwani and N.Mehrotra 897-898
Some new fossil sites on the Central Narmada Valley, Madhya Pradesh, India-- G.L. Badam amd Salahuddin 898-899
Rice rhizosphere nitrogen fixation (C2H2 reduction) as influenced by nitrogen source--J.L.N. Rao, J.S. Prasad and v. Rajarammohana Rao 900-901
Desunapsis in a cultivar of Casmos Sulphyreus Cav.-- Prakash Naran 901-902
A New species of Chilocarpus Bl.. (Apocynaceae) from Andaman and Nicobar islands, India S. V. Yoganarasimhan, K.R. Keshavamurthy, Govindaiah, V. Chelladurai and V.S. Togunashi 902-904
New records of parasitoids attacking rice leaf folder, Cnaphalocrocos medinalis Guenee, in India--Prativa Pati and K.C. Matur 904-905
A new year-rot of barley-- B.N. Shukla, R.S. Pandey, S.N. Bhargava and D.K. Dwivedi 905-905
Polystely in the tubers of orchidaceae and their formation-- H. Singh 905-907
On the vein termini idioblasts in Reaumuria Hassel. Ex.L. (Tamariaceae)--T.Ananda Rao and Swapna Chakravorti 907-908
Book Reviews 909-911
October 1982. 19
Some aspects of nucleus-nucleus collisions at medium energies-- S.S. Kapoor 913-920
50 Years of Current Science- Gleanings 921-921
MHD unsteady Hale-Shaw flow of visco-elastic fluid-- P.C. Gupta and R.G. Sharma 922-924
Some mixed coordination compounds of titanium(IV): A new synthesis for cyclopentadienyl and indenyl titanium (IV) derivatives-II-- M.K. Rastogi 924-925
Proteolytic activity of rabbit brain tissues at various pH values-- Amarjit Kaur and Hari Singh 926-928
Announcements 928-928
Histochemical activity of acid phosphatase and adenosine triphosphatase in pancreas of buffalo calves (Bubalus bubalis) during rumen development--M.S. Setia, g.G.S. Khatra and P.N. Verman 929-930
Announcements 930-930
Letters to the Editor  
Cathodoluminescence of Eu3+ in LaCl3-- J. Shah, N.B. Joshi, H.B. tripathi and d.d. Pant 931-933
Tephrome, A new chalcone from Tephrosia Candida seeds S.S. Chibber and S.K. Dutt 933-934
Energy terms of f2-configuration by constructing the pigeon hole diagram-- G.K. Joshi 934-936
Occurrence of a rate diholosylflavone, 2"-O-glucosylvitexin in Demodium triflorum -- D. Adinarayana and K.V. Syamasundar 936-937
Lactiv dehydrogenase isoenzymes in tumours associated tieh cyst fluid-- M.N. Subhash, S.K. Shankar and B.S. Sridhara Rama Rao 937-939
Delaying of Rosa damascena Petal senescence by certain plant growth regulators-- G.N. Rao 939-940
Occurrence of Leptoxyphium bahiense Bat and Clf. on the midrib of cotton leaves-- R. Balasubramanian 941-941
Petriella sordida, A new fungal record to India--I.J. Joshi and R.K.S. Chauhan 942-942
Differentiation of heterocysts and spores in Cylindrospermum-- N. Anand and R, Rengaswamy 942-944
Name correction of Striga asiatica as S angustifolia-- P.N. Rao and B.V.N. Reddy 945-945
Induced tetraploidy in Dolichos lablab Linn. --Tomy Philip 945-945
Note on determinate and spreading variants in cluster bean-- S. Ram Mohan Rao, P.K. Murty and Digamber Rao 945-946
Cytological shift between lymphocytes and thrombocytes in the fresh waster fish, Badis buchanani-- C.A.P. Rao and S.S.S. Sarma 947-948
Bimodal oxygen uptake and some blood parameters in the bubble nest builder, Trichogaster pectoralis (Regan) -- G.M. Natarajan and G. Sundara Rajulu 948-950
Blood volume of freshwater field crab as a function of salinity adaptation-- M.V.V. Subramanyam and r.v. Krishnamoorthy 950-951
Announcements 951-951
Book Reviews 952-954
Announcements 954-954
October 1982. 20
Three and half centuries of binary star research-- K.D.Abhyankar 955-965
Announcements 965-965
Felicitations 966-967
Announcements 967-967
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 968-969
Announcements 969-969
Culture condition-dependent changes of ribothymidine in bacterial transfer RNA-- P.Ajit Kumar and Joseph D.Cherayil 970-975
The site of sex pheromone production in the freshwater prawn, Macrobrachium kistnensis-- R.Sarojini, M.S.Mirajkar and R.Nagbhushan 975-978
Distribution of isomorphous salts between aques and solid phases in fractional crystallisation-- A.A.Hrafoush 978-980
Modification of susceptibility in rice and bacterial leaf blight by phenols and related substances-- Susanta K.Mohanty, P.Ranga Reddy and R.Sridhar 980-982
Monothio-Beta-diketone derivatives of Titanium and Aluminium-- R.K.Kanjolia, C.K.Narula and V.D.Gupta 983-986
Letters to the Editor  
Isoenzymes of superoxide dismutase from Mung bean (Phaseolus aureus) Seedlings-- C.Damodara Reddy and B.Venkaiah 987-988
Mouse model for experimental hepatic amoebiasis-- R.K.Srivastava, Pradeep Das and S.R.Das 988-990
Perpax chandrasekharanii Bhargavan et Mohanan- A new species of orchid from silent valley-- P.Bhargavan and C.N.Mohanan 990-992
Relationship between downy mildew evaluation parameter and pearl millet productivity-- C.D.Mayee and R.D.Siraskar 992-993
Quantitative Estimation of diosgenin in different populations of Costus speciosus-- M.De, M.Banerjee and A.K.Sharma 993-994
Phenomena of infection of Ergot disease of pearl millet-- O.P.Sharma and R.K.S.Chauhan 994-995
On the Loop formation in Trifolium dubium Sibth-- G.L.Shah and M.Gopala Rao 995-996
Ultrasound-induced cytological effects on a green alga, Oedogonium virceburgense Hirn-- S.B.Agarwal 996-997
A new leaf spot disease of maize from Kumaon, Himalayas-- S.K.Pant, N.P.Melkania and H.C.Joshi 997-997
Occurence of Ursolic Acid in eucalyptus leaves-- Rameshwar Dayal 997-998
The luminous bacterium , Beneckea harveyi in the gut of leignathid fishes-- N.Jayabalan and K.Ramamoorthi 998-999
Sex stimuli receptors of Parhyale hawaiensis Dana (Curstacea :Amphipoda)-- O.Divakaran and N.Krishnan Pillai 999-1000
Scanning electron microscopic observations of penial setae of the earthworm, Lampito mauritii (Annelida:Oligochaeta)-- Sultan A.Ismail 1000-1001
Book Reviews 1002-1004
November1982. 21
The gene -An overview-- M.R.Rajasekharasetty 1005-1009
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 1010-1011
Announcements 1011-1011
Fibrosocoma-Induced angiogenesis and its inhibition in the presence of activated Lymphocytes-- U.K.Mitra and A.K.Chakravarthy 1012-1015
Surfactant micelles for Solar energy storage-- R.C.Srivastava, R.Srinivasan, P.R.Marwadi, S.B.Bhise and S.S.Mathur 1015-1017
Behaivour of tetraphenoxy niobium (V) and Tantalum (V) chlorides in the presence of Lewis acids-- K.C.Malhotra, U.K.Banerjee, K.C.Mahajan and S.C.Chaudhary 1018-1021
Announcements 1021-1021
Letters to the Editor  
A new species of Cercospora from India-- R.C.Rajak 1022-1022
Cunnighamella echinulata (Thaxt.) Thaxt. as a new and destructive hyperparasite of Rhizopus Arrhizus Fischer-- Renu Sharma and A.K.Sarbhoy 1023-1023
Insect Parasitisation of Muga silkworm, Antherae Assama Westw. (Lepidoptera: Insecta)-- K.Thangavelu and G.Subba Rao 1023-1024
Indoles as potential biodynamic agents: Synthesis of 2-Aryl-3-(Substituted hydrazono)- methylenyl Indoles-- A.K.Sen and N.Srivastava 1024-1026
Peroxodiphosphate cleavage by alkaline phosphatase-- S.N.Padhy, B.N.Mishra, H.Patnaik and S.N.Mahapatro 1026-1028
Genetic analysis of the trilobate leaf mutant in Mungbean (Vigna Radiata Var. Aureus (L) wilczek)-- P.K.Sareen 1028-1029
Pollen anomaly in Dombeya X Cayeuxii Hort. ex Andre (D.Wallichii X D.Mastersii)-- M.Chaturvedi, S.Gupta and I.Manchanda 1029-1032
Occurence of Scaliform perforation plants in some Verbenaceae-- Lilly Mathew and G.L.Shah 1032-1033
Hormonema Dematioides Lagerb. and Melin- A new record from India-- S.Taneja, S.M.S.Parmar, D.Williamson and B.L.Jain 1033-1034
A report on a bacterium utilizing Beta-Sitosterol-- S.K.Srivastava, R.A.K.Srivastava and S.N.Mathur 1034-1034
Effect of Colchicine on chlorophyll formation in primary leaves of Mungbean (Phaseolus Aureus L.)seedlings-- Tapati Sengupta 1034-1035
A note on the Chemotaxonomy of Trapa-- M.Radhakrishnan, I.T.Sundari and L.L.Narayana 1035-1036
Occurence of Rutin in Asplenium Trichomanes L.-- K.R.Bharadwaj, S.D.Lal and P.K.Jaiwal 1036-1037
Changes in serum cholesterol and blood sugar levels on feeding with Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (Guar) and its solvent extracts-- L.D.Joshi, P.C.Singhal and R.K.Gupta 1037-1039
Physiological differences in the male and female plants of Jojoba ( Simmondsia Chinensis Link)-- V.V.Prasadand E.R.R.Iyengar 1039-1040
Apigenin-7-o-Methylglucoronide from Adenocalymma Alliaceum-- E.Venkata Rao and M.Appa Rao 1040-1040
Colorimetric serum resistance assay of drug resistant E.Coli Strains-- J.N.S.Yadava, Reeta Goel and M.Q.Ansari 1041-1042
Beta-resorcylaldehyde as a Chromatographic spray reagent for metal ions-- M.L.Dhar and Kuldeep Pandita 1042-1043
The occurence of fibrous atretic follicles in the ovaries of Rana Cyanophlyctis and RanaTigerina-- S.K.Saidapur, S.Pramoda and M.Pancharatna 1043-1044
Ovulation induction in the Musk Shrew by Clomiphene citrate administration-- Jyoti Seetal Singh and C.J.Dominic 1044-1045
Book Reviews 1046-1046
November 1982. 22
Surface Raman Spectroscopy : A new Analytical technique in Surface Science-- Sudhanshu S.Jha 1049-1057
Announcement 1057-1057
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 1058-1059
Synthesis of some new 7-nitro-2-phenyl-3(-3'-Arylcarbamido-1'-carbonylalkyl)-4 (3H)-Quinazolones as potential antiviral agents-- D.D.Mukherji, S.K.Shukla, A.K.Agnihotri and S.R.Nautiyal 1060-1063
Influence of anticoagulants on Erythrocytes sedimentation as determined by He-Ne laser-- Megha Singh 1064-1067
Announcements 1067-1067
Letters to the Editor  
Dielectric Breakdown properties of aluminium nitride films-- D.Mangalaraj, M.Radhakrishnan and C.Balasubramanian 1068-1069
Structure of a new Flavone Glycoside from Ixora Arborea Stem-- J.S.Chauhan, Santosh Kumar and Rajesh 1069-1070
Fossil Impressions of Jelly-Fish in the Nimbahera Limestone, Semri group of Vindhyan supergroup of Rocks-- D.S.Sisodiya 1070-1071
Two new post-harvest diseases of fruits from India-- S.K.Jain, A.K.Saxena and S.B.Saksena 1071-1071
A Teratological Cosmos without Ray Florets-- N.Lakshmi, Z.Vishnu Vardhan and N.B.Rao 1071-1072
Hydrocarbon Utilization by Aeromonas,Arthobacter,Brevibacterium, Corynebacterium, Micrococcus, Mycobacterium, Nocardia and Serratia Spp-- Bidya B.Ghosh and A.K.Banerjee 1072-1075
Regmatodon Declinatus (Hook) Brid - A new record for the North-Western Himalayas , India-- B.D.Vashistha and R.N.Chopra 1075-1076
Sauromatum Guttatum (Schott) A fly catcher and Sampler Aroid-- S.Dakwale and S.Bhatnagar 1076-1077
A note on Ovoviviparity in Culex Quinquefasciatus (Diptera:Cucilidae)-- N.Arunachalam, K.Dasaradha Ramaiah, N.Pradeep Kumar and K.Balarajan 1077-1078
Effect of metabolic inibitors on Excystment process in Entamoeba Histolytica-- R.K.Sharma, Sheela Ghosh and S.R.Das 1078-1079
Role of neurotransmitters in the aestivation of the Indian Apple Snail, Pila Globosa (Swainson)-- P.Murali Mohan, K.Yellamma, K.Subhashini and K.Sasira Babu 1079-1080
On the occurence of a fossil Janthina Roeding (Gastropoda: Prosobranchiata) from Andaman Islands (India)-- S.Krishnan, N.V.Subbarao and K.V.Lakshminarayana 1081-1082
Significance of the Histological changes in the fat body of Periplanta Americana (L) infected with the cystacanths of Moniliformis moniliformis (Bremser)-- K.Ramalingam, M.Krishnan and R.N.Ganesh 1082-1083
Book Reviews 1084-1085
Science News 1086-1086
December 1982. 23
The new Horizon of Mutagenesis-- G.K.Manna 1087-1093
Announcements 1093-1093
50 years of Current Science-Gleanings 1094-1095
On theorigin of the recently discovered Ultra-Rapid Pulsar-- V.Radhakrishnan and G.Srinivasan 1096-1099
Announcements 1099-1099
Synthesis of Indole derivatives as potential biodynamic agents: PartII: 1,5-Disubstituted 3-(5-aryl-1,3,4-Oxadiazolyl-2-) Iminoindolin-2-ones as possible antibacterial and CNS active Agents-- A.K.Sen, N.Srivastava and A.A.Gupta 1100-1103
From the Joshi effect to Opto-Galvanic spectroscopy-- H.J.Arnikar 1103-1105
Evaluation of Chromium Toxicity in chick embryo Fibroplast monolayers-- Gayatri Biswas and S.Divakaran 1106-1108
Letters to the Editor  
On the Microhardness induced by impurity ions in the NaCl and KCl single Crystals-- S.R.Ghadekar and B.T.Deshmukh 1109-1111
The crystal structure of Sulphamoxole-- M.Haridas, R.K.Tiwari, N.R.Kulkarni and T.P.Singh 1111-1112
Activated Nitriles in Heterocyclic Synthesis: A novel synthesis of Pyridinones, Quinolines and Thiazolinones-- Mohammed Ali Elsayed Khalifa, A.A.Elbanany and G.H.Tammam 1112-1114
Electron spin resonance Spectroscopic evidence for steric enhancement of resonance-- K.Ganapathy, T.Balasubramanian and K.Pandiarajan 1114-1115
Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination of Palladium(II) with 3,5-Dichloro-2-hydroxy Acetophenone Oxime-- Keemti Lal and Mohan Katyal 1115-1116
Isolates of Aspegillus flavus from Sorghum seeds and Aflatoxin production-- B.Bhadraiah and P.Ramarao 1116-1117
Isolation of a phosphate dissolving soil Actinomycete-- A.V.Rao, B.Venkateswarlu and P.Kaul 1117-1118
A new report of die-back disease on Rubber (H.Brasiliensis) from Tripura-- N.C.Chattopadhyay,N.Ghosh Hajra and N.Ghosh 1118-1119
A new Fruit rot of Carissa-- Shiv Kumar and M.P.Tandon 1119-1119
Chemical control of Dendrophthoe Falcata on Teak through Trunk injection : A Preliminary field Study-- S.K.Ghosh, M.Balasundaran and M.I.Mohamed Ali 1119-1119
Biological study of Uzi-Fly-- P.H.Devanathan, A.R.Kasturi Bai and V.S.Ranganathan 1120-1121
Induction of Oogonial/Oocyte fusion by X-Irradiation in the ovaries of the Red Cotton bug, Dysdercus Koenigii Fabr, (Heteroptera:Pyrrhocoridae)-- K.P.Srivastava and D.J.Deshpande 1121-1122
Effect of Scorpion (Heterometrus Fulvipes) venom on its cardiac activity-- B.Vanajakshamma, p.Murali Mohan and K.Sasira Babu 1122-1124
Occurence of two polystyrenes in Prosopis juliflora Seeds-- Radha Pant and Pushp Lata Bishnoi 1124-1124
December 1982. 24
Phsical Organic chemistry-Retrospect and Prospect-- M.V.Bhatt 1125-1131
Announcements 1131-1131
Physics of Remote sensing-- B.L.Deekshatulu and O.P.Bajpai 1132-1143
50 years of Current Science-Glesnings 1144-1144
Activation of Murine Lymphocytes In Vivo: Blastogenesis and DNA Synthesis after stimulation with bacterial adjuvant-- T.K.Chaudhari and A.K.Chakravarthy 1145-1148
Announcements 1148-1148
Changes in Nucleolus and related parameters during Anther differentiation in Limnophyton Obtusifolium (L.) Miq-- A.C.Dhar 1149-1151
Letters to the Editor  
Spectroscopic studies of the Electon donor-acceptor interactions between Chloranil and Anilines-- P.C.Dwivedi, Avanija Gupta and A.K.Banga 1152-1152
Platinum (II and IV) complexes with NS and NO donor Ligands-- A.Syamal, B.K.Gupta and S.Ahmed 1153-1155
Eriocercospora Websteri sp.nov. and related species-- P.Raghuveer Rao, C.Manoharachary and P.Ramarao 1155-1156
Additions to Aeromycoflora of India-- S.p.Kala and R.D.Gaur 1157-1157
Crosslinking of 16S and 23S RNAs present in the complex formed under reconstitution condition-- B.Nag and D.P.Burma 1158-1159
Karyological study in the digenetic trematode Xenopharynx Solus-- P.Venkat Reddy and S.Subramanyam 1159-1160
Book Reviews 1161-1161
Volume 51