Current Science-Volume 50
January 1981. 1
Ourselves 1-2

Annexure-Reorganization plans for current science

Chemistry in the service of humanity-S.Varadarajan 4-9
B to Z Transition in DNA Fibre:The question of handedness of the duplex-V.Sasisekharan and Samir K. Brahmachari 10-13
Vasomotor actions and smooth muscle relaxant properties of some intermediates of Chloramphenicol-Chandan Mitra, Arun Kumar Mukherjee and Sachidananda Banerjee 14-19
Induced apogamy in Adiantum Trapeziforme L.-M.A.Padhya and A.R.Mehta 19-20
Letters to the Editor 21-44
Reaction rates of C12 (alpha,gamma) 16O reaction affecting screening effect -- A.E. Md. Khairozzaman 21-22
Effect of metal ions on the antimicrobial activity of sodium dodecylsulphate -- V.S. Srinivasan (Sr.), c.L. Narasimhan, T.S. Suryanarayana and P.S. Raghavan 22-23
Grignard reaction on 3,4-cyclohexeno-and 3,4-cyclopenteno coumarins -- J.R. Merchant and K.M. Bakre 23-24
Variation in somatic chromosome number and behaviour in the species salvia farinacea Benth. var. Royal Blue. -- Md. S. Haque and K.K. Ghoshal 25-26
Polyploidy and speciation in costus specious (Koen,) Sm. -- P. Nagendra Prasad and Z. Abraham 26-28
Induced tetraploidy in Solanum nigrum L. complex -- N.H. Siddiqui 28-29
Heterochromatin in the first inbred Generation of Radish (raphanus sativus L.) -- N. Dayal, S.Kumar and C. Prasad 29-30
Development and structure resorption tissue in Capsicul L. -- R.K. Raghuvanshi and Dalbir Singh 30-31
Bulbochaete ivorensis Gauthier Lievre- A new addition to India Flora -- Braj Nandan Prasad and Tasneem Fatima 31-32
Inheritance of glossy stem character in Brassica Juncea L. -- K. Sengupta and S. Mukhopadhyay 32-33
Outbreak of collar rot sunflower caused by Botrytis cinerea in Rajasthan, India -- Sneh Mathur, B.B. Lal Thakore, B.P. Chakravarti and R.B. Singh 33-34
Zonate Anthracnose, a new disease of sorghum caused by Colletotrichum graminicola var. zonatum Var. Nov.-- A.H. Rajasab and A Ramalingam 34-36
Report on Fusarium Wilt in Pinus kesiya royle -- R.R. Mishra, G.D. Sharma and B.K. Tiwari 36-36
Chromatic adaptation in merismopedia minima at two depts in Damdama lake -- K.M.M. Dakshini and S.K. Gupta 36-38
Effectiveness of JH minic hydroprene for the control of Cules fatigans weld. -- Islam Ahmad and Mridula Gupta 38-39
Changes in the bimodal gas exchange and some blood parameters in the air breathing fish, channa Striatus (Bleeker) following lethal (Lc 50/48 Hrs.) exposue to metasytox (demetron) -- G.M. Natarajan 40-41
A Curculionid weevil with the lowest chromosome number (cuculionidae Lcoleoptera) -- G.P. Sharma and vinod Pal Sabhlok 42-43
Fertility of chemosterilized houseflies in relation to density -- Fasih Usshan khan 43-44
Reviews 45-46
January 1981. 2
New Liquid crystalline states-S.Chandrashekar 47-49
A strategy for resolving India's oil crisis-Amulya Kumar N.Reddy 50-53
Analysis of possible helical structures for poly(Dinucleotides).Evidence for left-handed Z-DNA and Z-type Helices-S.Jayaraman and N.Yathindra 54-61
Some more keys and rules for a programmable calculator-M.P.Abdurazak 61-63
Antifertility activity of (+)Gossypol-R.S.R.Murthy and D.K.Basu 64-66
Synthesis and CNS activity of 2-Aryl-3-(Substituted Phenoxyacetyl-Hydrazono)-Methylenyl-Indoles - Rajesh Agarwal,R.K.Satsangi,Shobha Mishra and S.S.Tiwari 66-68
Acquired Local and systemic Antiviral(TMV) resistance induced by treatment with T-poly(Trichothecium Polysaccharide) in Non-Hypersensitive Host plant NICOTIANA TABACUM CV,Np-31 - K.Chandra and B.M.Gupta 69-71
On the occurance of Arginase in the muscle and its role in various tissues in frog, RANA HEXADACTYLA during denervation atrophy and chronic ammonia toxicity - C.Sreeramulu Chetty, R.Chandramohan Naidu,W.Rajendra and K.S.Swami  71-73
Prostate gland Enzymology of sexually "Quiescent" and "Active" TAPHOZOUS MELANOPOGON MELANOPOGON TEMMNICK (Microchiroptera:Mammalia) - D.R.Swami and S.B.Lall 74-77
Letters to the Editor 78-102
A plane symmetric universe filled with perfect fluid -- S.Prakash 78-78
On spherivcally symmetric electromagnetic field distribution -- T.M. Karade and Chitra Tayade 78-79
D-X System of copper bromide molecule -- K Perumalasamy, S.B. Rai and K.N. Upadhya 79-81
The disappearance of CESR and Mechanism of Superconductivity --S.N. Ekbote and A.V. Narlikar 81-83
Synthesis of alpha-benzamido-beta-(2-methoxynaphthyl)-Acrylic acid -- S.P. Dhoubhadel, P.P. Wagkey and Sabitri Devi Pradhan 83-84
A-acylation and N-bromylatiion of fused benzopyrano-benzodiazepinones under phase transfer catalysis conditions -- G. Jagath Reddy and A.V. Subba Rao 84-86
Chlorosulphonic acid as differentiating titrant in non-aqueous medium -- S.V. Sreeram and P.R. Naidu 86-87
REsponse of alpha-1 globulin of serum during inflammation -- K. Anbalagan and J. Sadique 88-89
Phenoxy antimony(V) tetrachloride -- K.C. Malhotra, V.P. Mahajan (Miss) and S.c. chaudhury 89-91
Role of altered Karyotype in varietal differentiation of Allamanda cathartica Linn. -- Roma Dutt and G.N. Bhattacharya 92-94
Energies and economica of blue-green algal contribution to rice crop system -- G.S. Venkataraman 94-95
A fruit rot disease of Papaya -- A.K. Saxena and S.K. Jain 96-96
Identification of some translocation lines in Pea (Pisum sativum L.) H.Kumar, S.K.Jha, V.C. Mercy Kutty and Neena Nigam 96-97
Cytology of triploid Hybrid of Ageratum, Linn -- M.a. Nazeer, G.V. Subrahmanyam, K.J. Madhusoodanan and D.Ohri 97-98
Endothecium in Cyperacear -- K.H. Makde 98-99
Orientation of the embryonic mass in the blastosysts of the Emballonurid Bat, Taphozous melanogaster -- (Smt.) V.M. Sapkal 100-101
Spontaneous epidermal neoplasm in freshwater aquarium Fish xephophorus maculatus -- O.P.Saxena and R.S. Yadav 101-102
Reviews 103-105
February 1981. 3
Structure of DNA-V.Sasishekharan 107-111
Evidence for infrasound in the F-region associated with thunderstorm activity - B. M. Rao, M. S. Rao and B. R. Rao 112-114
Incorporation of tritium due to foliar exposure in certain vegetation - T. S. Iyengar, S. H. Sadarangani, P. K. Vase and S. D. Soman 115-118
pKa value of protonated 3,3-dimethyl-1-cyclobutene carboxylic acid - Rama Rao, K. Rajeswari and K. Ranganayakulu 119-120
A new method for the total synthesis of 1-oxo-3-thia-10-phenyl-9-methyl-9-aza-1,2,3,4,9,10-hexahydrophenanthrene - S. R. Ramadas and M. Vijaya Krishna 120-123
Microcodium algal remains from the upper tal limestones of Phulchatti, Pauri-Garhwal Himalaya - D. M. Sringarpure and A. N. Shah 124-126
Letters to the Editor 127-156
Statical models in bimetric gravitation theory -- T.M. Karade 127-127
Thiocarboxylato derivatives of bis-pi-cyclopentadienyl-and bis-pi- indenyl-molybdenum-oxo dichlorides -- K.C. Goyak and B.D. Khosla 128-128
Erythrocyte lithium efflux and response in maina -- G. Sampath, M.N. Subhash, B.S. Sridhara Rama Rao and S.M. Channabasavanna 128-129
Studies on reactivity towards carbon dioxide and Mossbauer spectroscopic analysis of ferro-coke samples -- P.K. Mitra, B.K. Sharma, D.K. as, D.N. Tewary and K. Raja 130-131
Discovery of uraninite in the precambrian basic rocks of bodal, Rajanandgaon District, Madhya Pradesh, India -- S.N. Aurora 132-132
New mineral texture in copper sulphides of Surda copper mine, Singhbhum Shear Zone, Bihar -- R. Bhardwaj 133-133
Oidium grewiae S.p Nov. and Phakopsora grewiae (Pat. and Har.) Comm.-two new disease of Grewia asiatica L. From Jabalpur -- N.D. Sharma and A.C. Jain 133-134
Serologic relations among some blue green algae -- B.D. Kaushik, C.R. Sharma, G.S. Venkataraman and A.N. Sen 134-137
A new species of Mycovellosiella from India -- P. Kumar and Kamal 137-138
Occurrence of sooty mould on oak plants -- R. Chakravorty and B.C. Das 138-138
Floral anatomy of Stegnosperma halimifolium Benth -- C. Suvartha and L.L. Narayana 138-139
Aspergillus rot of bean pods -- C.S.K. Vijaya Kumar 139-140
A new species of Phaeoramularia from India -- Durga Gupta, B. Padhi and P.N. Chowdhry 140-141
A new seedling blight of Solanum Khasianum in India -- S. Pandey, S.N. Srivastava and S. R. Misra 141-141
Tapetal endoploidy in safflower (Catharanthus tinctoritus L.) Cultivars -- A.K. chatterjee and M. Jayaramu 141-142
In vivo production of dihaploid Sorghum bicolor (L.) Monech -- U.R. Murthy, N.G.P. Rao, P.B. Kirti and M. Bharathi 142-143
Identification of Flatulence factors in some pulses -- Reeta Goel and Jitendra Verma 144-144
A new species of Brchystelma (Asclepiadaceae) from India -- Govindappa D. Arekal and T.M. Ramakrishna 145-146
Structure and ontogeny of stomata on the pericap of Anethum graveolens Linn. -- Indu Sharma and L.C. Lamba 146-147
A new race of Xanthomonas malvacearum in India -- N.K. Taneja 147-147
On the occurrence of Ichnogenus incnyspica Linck from upper Jurasic Jaisalmer series , Rajasthan -- G.W. Chiplonkar, M.A. Ghare and R.M. Badve 147-148
Chromosome architecture in the Earwig, Proreus Sp. -- O.P. Mittal and Veena Suri(Nee Sawhney) 148-150
Origin of retinol in Freshwater Fish -- Umesh C. Goswani and Arun B. Barua 150-151
Effect of Zinc on adenosine triphosphatase activity in the gills of channa functatus -- B.S. Khangarot, V.S. Durve and V.K. Rajbanshi 151-152
Transuterine migration of theembryo in the bat, Miniopterus Schreibersii fuliginosus (Hodgson) -- A.Gopalakrishna, Gopal C. Chari abd K.B. Karim 152-154
A new species of rare spiders of the Genus Hyptiotes (Family : Uloboridae) from India -- B.K. Tikader 154-155
Reduction in pathogenic and saprophytic fungi in maize, Chilli and Paddy seeds by hydrochloric acid vapour and soaking in HCl solution treatment -- Y.I. Shethna and B. Muralidhara Rao 155-156
Reviews 157-159
Announcements 160
February 1981. 4
Thrust areas in chemical sciences 161-167
Crystal structure analysis with the maximum entropy method - Ramesh Narayan and Rajaram Nityananda 168-170
Molecular constants of S2O and C3 molecules - V. Prabhavathy, R. Nivedita Devi, R. Ramasamy and K. Venkateswarlu 170-172
On the mean elastic wave velocities in some orthorhombic crystals - Devasri Basu and J. K. D. Verma 172-173
Aluminium ,gallium and indium complexes of sulphur containing Schiff bases - M. Agarwal, J. P. Tandon and R. C. Mehrotra 174-175
Synthesis of 1,3-bis-(anilinomethyl) benzimidazolone-2-N-mannich bases and their biological evaluation - Surendra Bahadur and K. K. Pandey 176-177
Letters to the Editor 178-200
Vibrational relaxation in CN(B2sigma+) state -- M.R. Gorbal and M.I. Savada  178-178
On the D-X system of HgCl -- A.K. Rai, S.B. Rai and D.K. Rai 178-180
New flavone glycosides from the leaves of Premna latifolia Roxb -- Ch.Bheemasankara Rao and G.V. Subba Raju 180-181
Rare flavonone glucuronides from Mentha spicata -- A.G. Ramachandran Nair and R. Gunasegaran 181-181
Spectral and magnetic studis of lanthanon chelates of some schiff bases -- C.P. Gupta, K.G. Sharma and R.K. Mehta 181-183
Discovery of kyanite in the prospect Hill, Simla -- Anil Kumar Gupta and Arvind Pathania 184-184
Solar Eclipse effect on short-period geomagnetic field variations -- G.K. Rangarajan and A.V.S. Murty 185-186
Biochemical changes in rice associates with the rice-root nematode, Hirschmanniella ory-ae infestations -- A. Jayaprakash, Y.S. Rao and C.Mohandas 186-187
Chaetosphaeridium pringsheimii Klebahn - A new addition to the Indian Flora -- Braj Nandan Prasad and Tasneem Fatima 187-188
Nature of disease resistance in cowpea to septoria vignicola -- R.D. Rawal and H.S. Sohi 188-189
Mutachromosomic effects of lanthanum chloride on mammalian bone marriw -- S.K. De and (Mrs.) Archana Sharma 189-190
Occurrence of interveinal chlorosis of lentil in India -- R. Rangaraju and V.N. Chenulu 191-192
Rhizoctonia bataticola (Taub.) Butlet on Trichosanthes dioica Roxb- A new report -- D.Som and A.K. Bandyopadhyay 192-193
Sieve plate in Syzygium malaccensis (L.) Merrill and Perry -- J.J. Shah and S.L. Karnik 193-194
Membrane permeability in tetraploid and hexaploid wheats under salinity stress -- Dwivedi R. Snehi, Y.C. Joshi, A.R. Bal and A Qadar 194-195
Patchouly plants differentiated in vitro from stem tip and callus cultures -- C. Padmanabhan, S. Sukumar and S.R. Sree Rangaswamy 195-197
Chromosomes numbers in the genus piper -- M.R.A. Samuel and K.V.A. Bavappa 197-198
An indegenous virulent strain of bacillus thuringiensis, Highly pathogenic and specific to mosquitoes -- K. Balaraman, S.L. Hoti and L.M. Manonmani 199-200
Laboratory studies on the Longevity, Instar duration and growth of the male of Daphnia lumholtzi sars (Cladocera: Daphnidae) -- Sumita Das, B.K. Sharma and George Michael 200-200
Announcements 201-202
March 1981. 5
The unpublished manuscripts of Srinivasa Ramanujan - K. G. Ramanathan 203-210
Relationship between plasma cholesterol level and erythrocytes shape in rabbits on atherogenic diet and onion extracts - T. M. Vatsala and Megha Singh 211-213
Conductometric and spectroscopic studies on the interaction of imidazole with iodine - P. C. Dwivedi and Anil K. Banga 213-215
Specificity of isoniazid action against mycobacteria and a possible mechanism for the development of drug resistance - K. P. Gopinathan 216-217
L-asparaginase and glutaminase activities in the culture filatrates of Aspergillus nidulans - Rajendra K. Saxena and Umakant Sinha 218-219
Letters to the Editor 220-248
Daytime attenuation rates in the VLF as a function of Azimuth using atmospherics -- S. Gopalakrishna and P. Sitaramaswamy 220-221
Detection of Ionospheric polarization scintillation -- M.R. Deshpande, H.O. vats, G. Sethia, H. Chandra, G.D. Vyas, K.N. Iyer and A.V. Janve 221-222
Low energy auger electron spectra from Mg and MgO with a retarding field analyser -- P.S. Murthy, H. Korgaonkar and C.P. Gopalakrishnan 222-223
Synthesis with alpha-phenylcinnamoyl chloride and diazoalkanes -- K.M. Aruna Verma and S.K. Wadhwa 223-225
Comparison of the catalytic activities between isopropyl alcohol decomposition and nitrous oxide decomposition over La2TiMO6 (where M=Cu and Zn) -- D.K. Gowri, K.V. Ramanujachary and C.S. Swamy 226-227

Confirmation of the structure of semecarpus biflavanone B -- S.S.N. Murthy, N.S. Prakasa Rao, A.S.R. Anjaneyulu, L. Ramachandra Row, A. Pelter and R.S. Ward

A new occurrence of pyrrhotite and pentlandite in the mineral cement of tertiary gravels near patherghara, Singhbhum, Bihar -- Rajveer Bhardwaj 228-228
Studies on cellulolytic activity of some pyrenomycetous fungi -- T.R. Bandre and V. Sasek 229-230
Inhibition of monoamine oxidation of guinea pig liver mitochondria by extract of lathyrus sativus seeds -- Maitreyi Nag and S.R. Guha 230-232
Pathogenesis of Rhizopus oryzae went and Geerlings in fruit-rot disease of brinjal (Solanum melongena L.) -- S.S. Ali and Abha Shukla 232-233
Two Hyperparasites on acrosporium dendrophthoae -- G. Bhagyanarayana and K. Niranjan Rao 233-234
Occurrence of peach yellows in India -- Y.S. Ahlawat and V.V. Chenulu 234-235
Diosgenin and Phytosterosis from Lycium barbarium Linn. M.L. Harsh and T.N. Nag 235-235
Occurrence of cuticular papillae in cyperus -- O.P. Sharma and R. Shiam 236-236
A new species of Veronaea -- R.P. Singh, Kamal and Mrs. P. Abbasi 236-238
Simultaneous occurrence of powdery mildews on cucurbita dush and abelmoschus esculentius (L.) Moench from Karnataka, India -- B.A. Ullasa and K.S. Amin and O.P. Singh 238-238
Record of azimuthal effect on cotton bollworms -- O.P. Singh 239-239
New records of prredators beetle on brown planthopper in India -- K. Natarajan and K.C. Mathur 239-239
Effect of exposure of rats to low temperature on sodium and potassium homeostasis in Blood -- S.R. Sarkar, L.R. Singh and B.N. Chaudhuri 239-241
Karyotypic study in Tinocalloides montamus A.N. Basu (Homoptera : Aphididae) -- S.P. Kurl 241-242
Association of bacteria-like organism with citrus greening in India -- R. Naidu and H.C. Govindu 242-244
A new karyotype in a Teleost Fish K.K. Rishi, M.S. Haobam and Jaswant Singh 244-245
Studies on interaction induction by five strains of West Nile virus in Brains of suckling mice -- N Kedarnath, Cecilia Dayaraj and S.N. Ghosh 245-246
Chelating agent EDTA decreases the toxicity of copper to Fish -- B.S. Khangarot 246-248
Occurrence of Beauveria alba on a spider -- S Chandrasekhar, T.S. Suryanarayanan and C.L. Narasimhan 248-248
Reviews 249-250
March 1981. 6
Blue-green algae: A possible remedy to nitrogen scarcity - G. S. Venkataraman 253-256
MHD fluctuating flow of a non-Newtonian fluid past a porus plate - Mukesh Gupta and Om Prakash Varshney 257-260
Hepatic lipolysis during muscular electrical stimulations - C. V. Narasimha Moorthy, P. Reddanna and S. Govindappa 261-263
Development of the corpus luteum in the Indian leaf-nosed bat, Hippocyderos speoris (Schneider) - P. A. Ramakrishna, Deepa Bhatia and A. Gopalakrishna 264-268
Letters to the Editor 269-296
A modified nitroso-R salt procedure for determination of cobalt in presence of iron in biological samples -- G. Venkateswerlu and K. Sivarama Sastry 269-269
Pigeon pea )Cajajus cjan) A ureide producing grain legume -- Y.P. Luthra, I.S. Sheoran and Randhir Singh
Gonnardite from carbonatite complex of Tiruppattur, Tamil Nadu -- R. Ramaswamy
Mycotoxins in stored rice -- S. Gangopadhyay and N.K. Chakrabarti 272-275
Effect of gibberellic acid spraying on banana fruit development -- S.D. Mishra, B.M. Desai and B.K. Gaur 275-277
A new species of cylindrocarpon -- J.S. chouhan and K.S. Panwar 277-277
Systemic fungicides as pretreatment chemicals for root meristems squashes -- R.K. Sahu, B.N. Behera and C.B.S.R. Sharma 278-279
A new species of Centratherum cass. (compositae) from South India -- B.M. Narayana 279-280
Nitrogen fixation bu fimbristylis bisumbellata (Forsk.) Bub. -- C.K. Varshmey and K. Mandhan 280-281
A new fruit rot disease of Kanduri (Coccinia cordifolia Linn.) -- Alka Kapoor, Rekha Mahor and R.N. Gupta
Cytological studies on weeds -1 Sesbania bispinosa -- S.S. Bir and M. Sidhu 281-282
A note on the occurrence of twig blight and stem canker of Gossypium Herbaceum L. in India -- Sunil A Desai 282-283
Production of pectic enzymes by Cassytha Filiformis L. -- A.S. Reddy, M. Komraiah and S.M. Reddu 283-284
Thelasis pygmaea Lindl. New addition to the orchid flora of Andaman and Nicobar -- S.N. Yoganarasimhan, V. Chelladurai and V.S. Togunashi 284-284
A case of terminal chromosomes deletion in gloriosa superba L. -- Prakash Narain 285-286
effects of ionizing radiation on epidermal tissues and secondary xylem in Solanum melongene L. Cv pusa purple long -- Raisuddin Ahmad and Saeed A Siddiqui 286-287
Induced facination in Celosia argentea L. -- N.C. Behera and S.N. Patnaik 287-288
Fossil woods of millettia and albizzia from the tertiary beds of West Bengal, India -- Pradip Kumar Ghosh ans S.K. Roy
Nondehiscent anther condition in corron -- Sunil Seth, N. Maherchandani and M.S. Kairon 289-290
Mnesthia lavelis-A non-host for rice gall midge -- K. Natarajan, K.C. Mathur and S. Rajamani 290-291
A note on the incidence of liver adenocarcinoma in the common crow Corvus splendens -- K. Ramalingam and D. Srinivas 291-292
On the occurrence of Metacentrics in a South Indian Grasshopper -- N.V. Aswathanarayana, S.K. Aswath and K.R. Manjunatha 293-294
On the morphology of the stem galls of Eupatorium adenophorum Spreng. (Compositae) and the Natural enemies of the cecidozoan, Procecidochares utilis Stone (Tephritidae Diptera) -- S. Swaminathan and A Raman 294-295
Henneguya thermalis N.Sp. parasitic in the brain tissue of the Loach, Lepidocephalichthys thermalis (Hamilton) -- D. Seenappa, L. Manohar and R.M. Prabhu
Gidhaia Kilhapurensis N. Sp. (Cestoda L Anoplocephalidae) from Torgos Calvus -- S.S. Kadam, G.B. Shinde and B.V. Jadhav

Reviews 297-298
April 1981. 7
Transport of water soluble vitamins in pregnancy - N. Appaji Rao 299-301
Detection of human cardiac activity at apex region by laser speckle - A. Periasamy, Megha Singh and B. M. Sivaram 302-304
Synthesis and anti-thyroid activity of some benzimedazolyl and benzene-sulphonyl thiocarbamides - P. K. Srivastava, J. S. Upadhyaya and M. B. Gupta 305-307
Deoxycytidylate antibodies distinguish DNA from RNA - M. Vijayaraj Reddy and T. M. Jacob 308-310
Tissue culture of the jack tree - N. K. Srinivasa Rao, S. Narayanaswamy, E. K. Chacko and R. Dore Swamy 310-312
Letters to the Editor 313-337
Current dependence of junction capacity of avalanche transistor in breakdown region -- N.P. Sinha, R.N. Singh and M. Misra
Linetic equationfor DNA-DNA hybridixation -- Santanu Dutta
Antimicrobia properties of the essential oil of Vateria indica -- G.S. Grover and J. thirumala Rao
Bidentate bridged hexamethylenetetramine complexes with mercuty(II) chloride, Bromide and cyanide -- I.S. Ahuja, Raghuvir Singh and C.L. Yadava 317-319
Tephrinone -a ne flavanone from Tephrosis villosa --P. Pulla Rao and G. Srimannarayana 319-320
The aenigmatte-bearing alkaline rocks from the Prakasam and Nellore districts of Andhra PradeshV. Madhavan and C. Leelanandam 320-321
Algal stromatic from the vempalli formation neal pulivendla -- A.N. Vyas Rao and M.S. Murty
Two unrecorded storage disorders of citrus reticulata L. and solanum tuberosum L. -- Ashok Gaur and V.V. Chenulu 322-323
A new leaf-spot disease of bulbergia nutans H. Wendl., Caused by phoma jolyana pirozy -- H.S. Sohi and I.B. Prasher 324-325
Abnormal stomata in the bulb-scales of allium cepa L. -- Parveen Farooqui (nee Kidwai) 325-326
Spinach Leaf curl -- S.M. Viswanathand T.K. Nariani 326-327
Monascus ruber van Tieghem-A new record from India --K. Wadhwani (Mrs). and A.S. Nandakumar
Foliar histology of androgenetic haploid 'vegetative' and 'Generative' plants of Tobacco -- V.v. Anand, Govindappa D Arekal and B.G.L. Swamy
Some new cucurbitaceous hosts of Botryodiploidia -- S.K. Jain, S.B. Saksena and A.K. Saxena 328-329
A note on the occurence of obernoia falconeri Hook. F. and O. pachyphylla King and P. Kaushik 329-329
The olfactory organ in a a few Indian Teleosts -- Asad Rafi Rahmani and Saedar Mahmood Khan 329-331
First record of the Genus Rtanphidelus Andrassy, 1977 (Nematoda) from India -- Mahlaqa choudhary and M. Shamim Jairajpiri 331-332
Lipofuscin accumulation and lipid peroxidation in rat myocardium as a function of age -- K. Patel Shailesh and E. Radha 332-334
Comparative evaluation of methyl oarathion toxicity to soem selected freshwater organisms -- R. Nagarathnamma and R. Ramamurthi 334-335
Studies on the fecundity of barbus stigma (cuv. and Val.) Salim Sultan and S. Mahmood Khan 335-335
Suppression of adult emergence on treating effs of tribilium castaneum herbst by New synthesized di-substituted benzoylphenyl urea compounds -- S.C. Saxena and Girish Mathur
Phytotoxic metabolites from Botryodiplodia theobromae Pat. -- T.S. Suryanarayanan and K. Mani
Reviews 338-340
Announcements 341-342
April 1981. 8
Evolution of hybrid-4 cotton - C. T. Patel 343-346
Confirmation of a triple helical fragment at atomic resolution - E. Subramanian 347-348
On MHD unsteady Hele-Shaw flow of visco-elastic fluid-I - D. Bathaiah and V. Usha Rani 349-353
Palynological studies on some liverworts of Garhwal Himalayas - M. P. Sharma, R. P. Raturi and R. D. Gaur 353-356
Glass microslide as a thermal neutron fluence meter - H. S. Saini, A. P. Srivastava and G. Rajagopalan 356-359
Effect of Hibiscus rosa sinensis on testicular lactate dehydrogenesis of Rhinopoma kininnari Wroughton (Microchiroptera : Mammalia) - M. S. Singwi and S. B. Lal 360-362
Letters to the Editor 363-384
Daytime ionospheric drift measurements during sporadic E over Ahmedabad -- V.P. Patel and H. Chandra
Absence of lipoproteins in serum of golden hamster mesocricetus auratus --(Miss) Sunder Gujral, (Miss) Nita Patel, C.D. Lovekar and D.Seth
A novel cyclisation by sodium hydrogen selenide synthesis of 2,3-dihydrothieno (2,3-b) quinolines -- T.K. Raja
On the occurrence of some precambrian acritarchs in the carbonaceous lens associated with dharamkot limestones Dharmasala, Himachal Pradesh -- P.S. Mishra and R.Y. Singh
Dacite pebbles from the Hoskere-Gurusiddapura conglomerate Dharwar Group -- Fareeduddin, Appaji Amriti Bhaskar and R. Srinivasan 365-367
Antibacterial activity of Rhizoctonia bataticola (Taub) Butler -- K. Chakrabarti and N. Samajpati
Effect of cycloheximide on Isocitrate lyase activity in Neurospora crassa - Mrudula Shinde and H.S. Chhatpar
Pseudocercosporella ochracea Sp. Nov. from India -- S. Singh 370-371
Fruits galls of prosopsis cineraria (L.) Druce-A new record -- A.K. Sharma and D.K. Awasthi 371-372
Variation among flowers of androgenetic tobacco haploids -- V.V. Anand, Govindappa D. Arekal and B.G.L. Swamy 372-373
Preliminary studies on Jamun leaf miner( Antispila anna Meyr.) with two new parasite records -- R.C. Joshi, P. Kameshwara Rao and Mir Hamid Ali 373-374
Streptomyces dayalbaghensis Sp.Nov. -- S.K. Sinha and D.D. Sharma 374-377
A new species of phoma from Indian alkaline pond soil -- J.N. Rai and J.K. Misra 377-377
Podospora faurelii, a new competiter in the mushroom (Volvariella volvaceae) cultivation -- Nita Bahl and P.N. Chowdhury 378-378
Foam Spora from andhra Pradesh, India -- C. Manoharachary and A.B.S. Murthy 378-379
Fusarium redolens Wollenw. - A new pathogen of potato -- R.P. Rai 379-380
Naemacyclus minor Butin. Phacidiales-A new record for India -- M.P. Sharma and R. Sharma 380-381
Twenty-four new hosts of the cowpea cross-inoculation group -- Vijayalakshmi shinde 381-381
Is there a proliferation of antipodal cells in Leiothrix Ruhl. (Eriocaulaceae)? -- S.N. Ramaswamy and Govindappa D. Arekal 382-383
Observations of breeding and frequency of sex in the isopod crustacean Ligia indica of Tuticorin Coasts 383-384
Reviews and Announcements 385-386
May 1981. 9
Reclamation and crop production in alkali soils - J. S. P. Yadav 387-393
Fission track evidence of ocean botton spreading - H. S. Virk 394-395
Propericiazine as a selective and sensitive reagent for the spectrophotometric determination of vanadium and its applications to vanadium steels - H. Sanke Gowda and A. Thimme Gowda 395-397
Syndiagenetic microstructures due to internal fillings in termite mounts - E. A. V. Prasad and A. C. Narayana 397-400
A comparison of acid phosphatase activity in the spermatogenic and androgenic cells of the testes of impuberal and sexually competent Pteropus giganteus giganteus Brunnich (Megachiroptera : Mammalia) - S. K. David and S. B. Lall 400-403
Activity of alanine aminotransferase in serum and ventricular tissue of rats after exercise as a function of age - S. Asha Devi and E. Radha 404-405
Chromosomal analysis of Suncus murinus (Linn) from Poona (India) - S. M. Ghaskabdi and A. K. Indurkar 406-408
Letters to the Editor 409-428
Determination of stability constants of N-[5-methyl-salicylidene]-benzylamine complexes with Cu2+, Ni2+, Co2+ Mg2+ -- M.S. Mayadeo and V.P. Dhakappa
Some aminocoumarin derivatices possessing local anesthetic activity -- J.R. Merchant and Gail Martyres 410-411
Pleistocene tubipora from Tanzania (East Africa) -- Gisela I. Prasad 411-412
Induced differentiationfrom cultured cotyledonary leaves of mustard (Brassica juncea Var. Prakash) -- sayeedabanu, S. Singh, L.K. Pareek and N. Chandra 412-414
A new method of weed control -- B.K. Singhal and D.N. Sen
The effect of Gamma rays in distribution of chiasmata in three varieties of Lathyrus sativus L. -- A.B. Prasad 415-416
Temperature responses to seed germination in two closely related tree species of Schima Reinw. -- Ram Boojh and P.S. Ramakrishnan 416-418
Pinjoriopollis , A new Fossil pollen from the Pinjor formation (Upper Siwalik) exposed near Chandigarh -- R.K. Saxena and H.P. Singh 418-419
Genetic study of cleistogamy in rice (Oryza sativa L.) G.L. Kolhe and N.R. Bhat 419-420
Effect of low light at anthesis on spikelet sterility in Rice -- P.S.S. Murty and K.S. Murty
Hypostase in cyperaceae -- K.H. Makde 421-422
Development of female Gametophyte in Ougenia oojeinensis (Roxb) Hochreat -- V. Seshavatharam 422-423
A modified technique for the clarification of somatic chromosomes -- S.K. Gupt and S.K. Roy 423-424
Reproductive potential of Trogoderma granarium Everts during diapause -- D.M. Saxena, V.P. Aggarwal and H.C. Agarwal 424-425
Clastogenicity of Estrogen in the rat bone-marrow cells -- G.P. Sharma, R.C. Sobti and Komal Sahi 425-426
On a rare trematode, Transversotrema chaushanti N. Sp. , from a freshwater fish, Nandus nandus (Ham.) -- Nirupama Agrawal and Hridaya Shanker Singh 426-427
Role of thymus and bone marrow cells in immunity to Mematospiroides dubius in mice -- M. Vyas, P.N. Lakshmi. P.K. Sanghvi and G.N. Johri
Review 429
May 1981. 10
Protein factors in the regulation of cholesterol biogenesis - T. Ramasarma 431-436
Report of the working group on science and technology for the sixth plan (1980-95) - An overview - V. Rao Aiyagari and Ashok Jain 437-440
A welcome directive from UGC 440
The reactivity of α-cyanochalcones as Michael acceptors - Mohamed Ali Elsayed Khalifa, Gamal H. Tammam and Ezzat M. Zayed 441-442
A study on the acetylcholinesterase activity at the neuromuscular junctions in tibalis anterior and soleus muscles of the dog - S. Malathi and P. Kaliraj 443-447
Structure and some aspects of histochemistry of the stomach of two Indian bats - S. A. Bhide 448-452
Letters to the Editor 453-469
Survey report on medical radionuclides -- U.C. Gupta
Determination of stability constants of 5-methysalicylidene-p-Nitroaniline complexes with Pr3+, Nd3+. Gs3+ and Dy3+ -- M.S. Mayadeo wnd V.P. Dhakappa 454-454
Morphological and histochemical studies on Capsicu, annum L. Plants infected with cucumber mosaic virus -- S.V.S. Chauhan and J.N. Srivastava 455-458
Bacillus cereus as a cause of abortion in a mare -- H.G. Ranganatha, Syed Zaki and B.S. Keshavamurthy 458-458
Inhibition of indome-3-butyric acid promoted rooting by gibberellic acid and acriflavine in cowpea hypocotyl cuttings -- K. Janardhann and K.K. Lakshmanan 459-460
Russula foetus (pers.) Fr.- A new record for India -- S.S. Saini and N.S. Atri
Accessory chromosomes in garden chrysanthemum -- M.A. Nazeer 461-462
Leaf dichotomy in Coidiaeum variegantum blume -- J.A. Inamdar, Venigella S. Rao and J.S.S. Mohan 462-463
Helicomina carbonica Sp. Nov. -- A Subramanyam 463-464
Occurrence of a new blight disease of Mango caused by Curvularia -- V.C. Lete, Jagbir Singh, S.N. Rai and Janki Kandhari 464-465
Endogenous respiration of conidia of Phyllactinia dalbergia pirozynski -- S. Bakshi and R.S. S. Chauhan 465-466
A new species of the genus Krimi butt. 1944 (cestoda:dilepidae) -- G.B. Shinde and P.M. Gaikwad 467-467
Difference in cultures of prosopsis cineraria Linn. Yashpal Goyal and H.C. Arya 468-469
Reviews and Announcements 470-471
June 1981. 11
Meteorology in India - P. K. Das 473-479
Ecology of Ichthyophis glutinosus (Linn.) (Apoda, Amphibia) - K. R. Gundappa, T. A. Balakrishna and Katre Shakuntala 480-483
Antifungal activity of some novel Lanthanon thiosemicarbazone complexes - S. P. Mital, S. K. Sharma, R. V. Singh and J. P. Tandon 483-484
Isolation and biogenesis of 24-alkylsterols in Alhagi psudalhagi - Mukat Behari and S. C. Gupta 485-486
Δ5-3β-hydroxysteroids dehydrogenase activity in the caput, corpus and cauda epideymis of Taphozous melanopogeon melanopogon  Timmnick (Microchiroptera : Mammalia) - J. C. Bhardwaj and S. B. Lall 487-489
Letters to the Editor 490-514
Active sites on gold catalyst: A model -- M.A. Bhakta

Synthesis of Eupatorium coelestinum Flavone -- D.K. Bhardwaj, A.K. Gupta, R.K. Jain and Amita Rani

Passive bacterial agglutination for the detection of hepatitis B virus surface antigen -- M.s. Rajagopalan and T. Jacob John
Bonnet monkey erythrocyte rosetting: A marker for B Lymphocytes -- P. George Babu and T. Jacob John 493-495
Nitrate absorption by Corn. Independent or root Nitrate reductase activity -- Raghuveer Polisetty and R.H. Mageman 495-496
Occurrence of Azospirillium in association with the roots and stems of different cultivars of barley (Hordeum vulgare) -- K.V.B.R. Tilak and B.N. Murthy
Assimilation of ammonia in azospirillium brasilense Tarrand et al -- S. Purushothaman, B. Thayumanavan and S. Gunasekaran 498-499
Inhibition of purple seedcoat colour in groundnut -- Chandra Mouli, D.M. Kole and S.H. Patil 499-500
Influence of various nitrogenous sources on the production of volatile inhibitors by penicillia invitro -- B. Sundara Singh and B.P. Singh 500-501
Tigeolonium mudiusculum (Kutz.) Kutz. (Emend)- An addition to the India flora -- Braj Nandan Prasad and Tasneem Fatma 501-502
A 13-63392 : A highly effective juvenile hormone analogue for the control of tribolium castaneum herbst (Coleopters :Tenebrionidae) -- Satya vir 502-503
Effect of rhizobium and phosphomicroorganisms on yield and nutrient uptake in chickpea -- S.S. Dedeja, A.L. Khurana and B.S. Kundu 503-505
Induced Ne-locus mutation in bread wheat (T.aestivum L.Emend Thell,) -- J.G. Bhowal, M.M. Paladhi, N.S. Reddi and Alice K. Vari 506-508
Two new species of fungus Genus cercospora pres. -- P. Kumar and Kamal 508-510
Polymorphism in Channa punctatus -- Absar-Ul Hasnain, seikh Ajmed Ali and Iqbal Ahmad Khan
Influence of trap design, pheromone source and releaseon moth trapping of angoumois grain moth. sitotroga cerealella(olivier) -- K.r. Kanauja dnd H.S. Sidhu 512-514
Reviews and Announcements 515-516
June 1981.12
Rice improvement in India - R. Seetharaman 517-522
TDPAC studies of electric quadrupole interaction of 133Cs in compounds of barium (BaCr2O7 and BaCrO4) - B. L. Chawat, S. N. Jaffrey and J. Varma 523-524
Preparation of undamaged hypocotyl microsomes by Ca++-aggregation technique - K. K. Sharma, H. M. Dani and S. K. Jagota 525-527
Regional differences in the histochemical site and pattern of distribution of acid phosphatase in the adrenal gland of Pteropus giganteus giganteus Brunnich (Megachiroptera : Mammalia) - S. K. David and S. B. Lall 527-529
Letters to the Editor 530-557
New band systems of the NiF molecule -- R. Gopal and M.M. Josh
Spectrophotometric determination of Iron(II) with beacetyl monoxime -- M. Zaria and P. Riyazuddin 531-532
A proterozoic stromatolite from East Africa -- P.C. Dixit and Gisela I. Prasad 532-533
On the status of Sivapithecus indicus Material from the lower-siwaliks of Kangra District, H.P. -- Samvit Kaul and R.N.Vasishat 534-535
Certain viewpoint on the remaining of Cyanophyta -- N. Anand 535-536
Occurrence of Udabatti disease on Sorghum in Karnataka -- D. Nanje Gowda, A Janardhan and H.R. Reddy
Translocation of 14C Metabolites from different leaves to the grain sorghum -- N.K. Srinivasa Rao and S.P. Singh 537-538
Scanning electron microscopic analysis of pollen in tristylous Eichhornia Crassipes (Mart.) Solms. (Pontederiaceae) -- Bir Bahadur, S. Bangaru Laxmi and R. Srikanth 538-539
Leptosphaeria leaf spot and blight of ginger in India -- Vishwa Dhar, L.S. Srivastava and H.S. Sahambi
Triploidy in Heteropteris Kunth. Emend. Griseb -- M.A. Nazeer and K.J. Madhusoodanan 541-541
Anatomy of circumscissile dehiscence in Plantago ovata Forsk -- L.C. Lamba and Veena Gupta 541-543
A new species of Circinella van tiegh and Le Monn. S.D. Patil and Jyoti C. Kale 544-544
Cytological instability inArachis hypogaea L. -- (Mrs.) M.R. Jahnavi, (Mrs) M. Bharathi and U.R. Murty 545-546
Teliospore germination and nuclearbehaviour in Ravenelia tandonii Syd. on Acacia catechu Willd. -- S.D. Patil and (Miss) K.G. Date 546-548
Studies in the Pollen grains of Juniperus L. -- (Mrs.) Mithilesh Chaturvedi 548-549
Cultivation of calocybe indica, A tropical edible mushroom -- D.K. Chakravarty, B.B. Sarkar and B.M. Kundu 550-550
Colibacillosis in a Oeacock -- M. Satyanarayana Rao, Syed Zaki and T. Ganesh 550-551
Further observations on the freely ciculating Haemocytes of Lipeurus lawrensis tropicallis peters (Phthiraptera : Ischnocera) -- G.P. Agarwal and A.K. Saxena 551-551
Insect sterilants from Catharanthus roseus -- Kumuda Sukumar and Z. Osmani
On the occurrence of the brittle stal ophiophrixus confinis koehler (Echinodermata : Ophiuroidea) in the Indian Ocean -- D.R.K. Sastry 554-555
REport on the occurrence of bioluminescence in the earthworm, Lampito (=megascolex) Mauritii -- S.A. Ismail and M. Kaleemurrahman 555-555
Increased rate of melanization in Haemolymph of Dysdercus cingulatus F. alter treatment with leaf alkaloid of Catharanthus roseus -- Kumuda sukumar, H.R. Parvati, J. Narasaiah and Z. Osmani 555-556
Occurrence of Eurydendroid cells in the corpus and Valvula Cerebelli of Notopterus notopterus (Ham.) -- H.R. Goel, O.P. Saxena and K.K. Tandon 556-557
Reviews and Announcements 558-560
July 1981.13
Geoscientific instrumentation - A. Mani 561-566
Dissociation energy of the CuBr molecule - T. V. Ramakrishna Rao, R. Ramakrishna Reddy and P. Sambasiva Rao 567-568
Isolation and structural studies on the complex of copper(II) with imipramine hydrochloride - H. Sanke Gowda and Jayarama 569-570
Synthesis of some α-naphthol derivatives: Dye intermediates - Ashuthosh, N. D. Pandey and J. K. Mehrotra 570-572
Evaluation of sound velocity and interactions study in ternary liquid mixtures - M. C. Saxena and N. Pant 572-575
Embryo in Vallisneria, a quantitative study - C. K. Shah and D. K. Srivastava 575-578
Acute histopathological effects of lindane [γ-benzene hexachloride] on the liver of Colisalalia  - R. Ramalingam and Y. Srinivasa Reddy 578-580
Letters to the Editor 581-604
Modifications of scribner mullins shallow cup (SMSC) electrode for rapid volatisation -- L.C. Chandola
Fission track dating of muscovites from pegmatites of the Shillong plateau -- B.C. Talukdar, K.M. Pathak, a. chakravarty and P.K. Chowdhary
Effect of orthene on tissue level of riboflavin and succinic dehydrogenase activity -- S.T. Deotare and C.H. Chakrabarti 583-585
5-Coordinate Oxovanadium(IV) complexes with monofunctional tridentate schiff bases containing -O,N,O- sequences -- V.H. Kulkarni, B.R. Patil and B.K. Prabhakar
Mixed ligand complexes involving diethylene triamine and Leucin -- J.K. Shrestha 587-588
Magnetinc orientation in termite mounds -- E.A.V. Prasad and A.C. Narayana 588-589
Preliminary Note on the presence of jurassic Holothuroids from Jaisalmer, Rajasthan -- S.N. Singh, S.K. Kulshreshtha, Rahul Garg and R.K. Saxena 589-591
Perfect stage of Pestalotiopsis neglecta Thuem -- D.K. Purohit and S.P. Joshi 591-592
parthenium histerophorus L. (Asteraceae) Exhibiting low photorespiration -- G. Rajendrau and V.S. Rama Rao
A note on the chemotaxonomy of Staurogyne -- M. Radhakrishnaiah, V.V.L.N. Sarma and L.L. Narayana 593-594
Productioan of phenolics in acrostichum aureum L. During growth in vitro -- M.A. padhya, P.B. Kavi Kishore and A.R. Mehta 594-595
In vitro studies on gametophytes of pteris vittata L. -- M.a. Padhya and a.R. Mehta 595-597
Chromosome number of the tree-fern-cyathea gigantea -- P.I. Kuriachen 597-598
Cellulcyclic activity of Myceliophthora thermophilia D-14 -- Sribir Sem, T.K. Abraham and S.L. chakrabarty 598-600
Phoma lucknowensis sp.nov. from Indian Alkaline soils -- S.C. Agarwal and J.K. Misra 600-601
Role of hathing factors in larval emergence from cysts of heterodera orizicola-A nematode pest of Roce -- A Jayaprakash and Y. Seshagiri Rao 601-601
Interaction of lectins with different plant protoplasts -- B.N.Ghosh, Ajoy Kumar Sarkar, B. Dasgupta and P.K. Sircar 602-603
The productivity in induced mutants on moong bean -- V.P. Singh and S.N. Chaturvedi 603-604
Reviews and Announcements 605-606
July 1981. 14
Calandria for the 100 Mw thermal research reactor at BARC - S. Challappa and R. S. Alekal 607-612
The relationship between density and potential fluctuations in low frequency magnetoplasma turbulence - R. Jones 613-615
The reactivity of α-cyanochalcones as Michael acceptors -  Mohamed Ali Elsayed Khalifa, Gamal H. Tammam and Ezzat M. Zayed 615-617
Solar tracking and light interception by leaves of some dicot species - G. Rajendrudu and V. S. Rama Das 618-620
Seed-borne infections of Alternaria brassicae in Indian mustard and its elimination during storage - A. Chahal 621-623
The effect of short term treatment of methallibure [ICI compound 33,828] on the histomorphololgical and enzymatic aspects of testes and thumb pad of toad, Buffo melanostictus - R. D. Kanamadi and S. K. Saidapur 623-624
Letters to the Editor 625-651
A static source of the taub solution -- P.P. Kale and Amita Purohit
Correlation for thermally affected fission tracks in glass (Obsidian) by age plateau method -- Surender Singh, P.S. Suri and H.S. Virk 626-627
Mechanism of inhibition of electrode ractions-Cu2+, Cd2+ and Zn2+ ions discharge from aqueous sodium sulphate in the presence of surface active substances -- G.S. Venkatachalam, S.R. Rajagopalan and M.V.C. Sastri
Inhibition of alpha amylase by polycationic ionen -- V.H. Mulimani and R.A. Day
Synthesis of 7-methoxyoccidol [2-(2'-hydroxyisopropyl)-7-methoxy 5,8-dimethyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene], A bio-congener of occidol -- P. Anantha Reddy and G.S. Krishna Rao 631-632
Studies of some naththothia-aza compounds as plant growth promoters -- Miss A.P. Kulkarni, D.V. Dev and D.S. Deshpande 632-633
Hemolytic effects of a membrane active polypeptide from central Asian cobra venom -- Vijay Khole and B.A. Tashmukhamedov
Formation of giant hepatocytes in response of radiation -- M.L. Gupta and P. Uma Devi 637-638
14CO2 incorporation studies in peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) Under phosphorus deficience -- G. Gururaja Rao, S.K. Mahaboob Basha and G. Rajeswara Rao 638-640
Press mud as additive to increase biogas production from cattle waste -- Rajender Singh, M.K. Jain and P. Tauro
Role of soluble sugars in the resistance of susceptibility of greengram varieties to bacterial leaf blight caused by Xanthomonas phaseoli -- T.Mariamuthu and T.K. Kandaswamy 643-645
Karyomorphological studies on piper attenuattum Ham. A new record -- Joseph Jose
Studies in the laminaceae. X.A. Note on the sporogenesis and gametogenesis in Nepeta hindostana (Roth.) Haines -- N.K. Dwivedi and B.M. Joshi 647-649
A report on the cytology of Paspalum compactum var. fimbriatum -- S.P. Halappanavar and M.S. Chennaveeraiah
Worm cataract of Heteropneustes fossils (Bloch) -- N.K. Dubey, Usha Dubey and P.K. Pandey 651-651
Reviews 652
August 1981. 15
In vitro genetic manipulation of higher plants - S. Bhaskaran, S. K. Mukerjee, Rehana Majid, N. Gupta and B. Vatsya 653-661

The confirmation of an LD tripeptide N-acetyl-L-propyl-D-alanyl-methylamide from proton and carbon-13 NMR - S. Ramaprasad, S. C. Shekar and K. R. K. Easwaran

Topology and physical properties of n-alkanes - R. S. Lall 668-670
Letters To The Editor 671-696
A plane symmetric universe filled with stiff matter -- Abdussattar
Back scattered m-lines -- K.V. Avudainayagam, A Selvarajan and M. Ramakrishna Rao
Excited state dipole moment of acridine orange -- S. Odak, Ashutosh Sharma and M.K. Machwe 673-674
The superconductivity of YRh4B4-An enigma -- S.N. Ekbote and A.V. Narlikar 674-676
Synthesis of some N1-aryl/heteroaryl-2,2-disubstituted azomethines as potential fungicides -- S.Giri, R.K. Khare and K.K. Singh 676-677
Estimation of indigocarmine by bromamine-B, Dichloroamine-B and Dibromamine-B -- H.S. Yathirajan and Rangaswamy 677-678
Studies on amidoalkylation reaction:synthesis of alpha(amido-alkyl)-cyclohexanones and their corresponding thiosemicarbazones -- V.K. Pandey
Lipolytic activity of thermophilic fungi of paddy straw compost -- T. Satyanarayana and Bhavdish N.Johri 680-682
A new disease od poi (Basella rubra L.) in India caused by alternaria alternata (Fries) Keissler -- S.N. Rai, V.C. Lele and Janki Kandhari 682-683
Heterosis in Blackgram -- Phyndan Singh and A.N. Srivastava 683-684
Imparipinnate leaf with normal size leaflet in groundnut -- Chandra Mouli and D.M. Kale 684-685
Adaptive significance of seed polymorphism in Lagerstroemia parviflora roxb. -- R.P. Shukla and P.S. Ramakrishnan 685-688
Neurosecretory system of the brain of the cotton bug serinetha augus (Fabr.) (Heteroptera : Coreidae) -- M.M. Samuel and N. Ramalingam
A note on hydrocyanic acid content in acacia leucophloea Roxb. Willd -- B.K. Bhaoria and R.K. Gupta
Hormonal control on the mating behaviour in the females of spodoptera mauritia (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae) -- V.S.K. Nair 690-691
Effects of Griseofulvin on the Karyology of spirogyra paradoxa Rao -- P. Abhaya Vardhani and Y.S.R.K. Sarma 691-693
Diagnosisa of rinderpest in cattle by Agar gel precipitation test -- R.N. Ramachandra, N. Ravindranath and G.N. Subbasastry 693-694
Isolation of proteus mirabilis from frozen bull semen -- R.N.amachandra, M. Sathyanarayana Rao, K. Viswam and U. Suryanarayana Murthy 694-694
Anophelus subpictus, vector of malaria in coastal village of South-East India -- K.N.Panicker, M. Geetha Bai, U.S. Bheema Rao, K. Viswam and U. Suryanarayana Murthy 694-695
Effect of the gonads on the growth of fat body of Poecilocerus pictus (Orthopters, acrididae) -- Samita Banerjee
Reviews 697-698
August 1981. 16
Trends in immunology and parasitic diseases - D. Subrahmanyam 699-703
Non-linear heat transfer in a lattice having dislocation core - K. S. Dube 704-705
Studies on quaternary mixed-ligand complexes of some transition metals - Km Sujata Khanna, R. C. Sharma and G. K. Chaturvedi 706-708
Some observations on the flowering of bamboos in Mizoram - H. Y. Mohan Ram and B. Hari Gopal 708-710
Letters To The Editor 711-740
Recombination delayed fluorescence 0f 9-amino acridinehydrochloride -- P. Gangola, N.B. Joshi and D.D. Pant
Photoelectrochemical conversion of light using electrodes coated with polymer film containing thiazine Dye -- R. Tamilarasan and P. Natarajan 713-715
Reaction of N-bromosuccinimide on (+)-3-carene -- B.M. Mane and G.H. Kulkarni 715-716
Studies on the preparation and properties of some new phenolic derivatives of bis-ets 5- methylcyclopentadienyl titanium(IV) dichloride -- R.S. Arora and R.K. Multani 716-717
Rapid spectrophotometric determination of selenium with perazine -- H. Sanke Gowda, J.B. Raj and K.S. Jagadeesh 717-718
Nuclear magnetic resonance study of 59Co in some Co(III) complexes -- V.P. Patankar, S.S. Dodwad and M.G. Datar 719-720
Microsomal degranulation by Isatin and its inhibition by ascorbic acid -- S.K. Jagota and H.M. Dani
Lognoclastic activity of Aspergillus clavatus, Penicillium martensii and Pythium proliferum -- M. Murtuza, L.L. Srivastava and N.Ahmad 722-724
A new leaf blight disease of citronella grass -- K. Sampangi Ramaiah and M. Chandrashekar 724-725
Lophodermium piceae (Fuck.) Hohn. (phacidiaceae)-A new record from India -- M.P. Sharma and R. Sharma 725-726
A new host record for the fungal genus Achlya -- S.C. Sati and R.D. Khulbe 726-726
Existence and exploitation of latent genetic variation for salt tolerance in three crosses of barley -- S. Chandra
SEM study of ancient wood remains from Kashmir -- G.M. Buth and R.S. Bisht 728-728
In vitro complimentation at the two different loci of aspergillus nidulans -- Bijoy Krishna Roy 729-730
Spodiopogon jainii V.J. Nair, A.N. Singh et N.C.Nair : A new grass from Madhya Pradesh, India --V.J. Nair, A.N.Singh and N.C.Nair 730-732
Gamma radiation induced changes in the peroxidase activity of chickpea seedlings -- Vijay K. Khanna and N. Maherchandani
Behavioural components in feeding reproduction and disposal of the grass seed feeding thrips chirothrips mexicanus Crawford -- T.N. Ananthakrishnan and A Mohan Daniel 733-735
Cadmium induced neoplasia in channa punctatus (Bloch) -- O.P. Saxena 735-736
Myxosoma mathurii n.sp. (Protozoa : Myxosporidia) Parasitic on puntius sarana (Ham.) -- M. Jayasri, M. Parvateesam and P.N. Mathur 736-738
SEM study of seed surface in Argemone mexicana L. and Brassica compestris L. var. brown toria -- L.C. Lamba and Veena gupta 738-740
Protoachlya paradoxa coker, A new record for Indian aquatic fungi -- S.C. Sati and R.D. Khulbe 740-740
New record of Alternaria alternata (Fr.) Keissler on sterculia villosa Roxb. -- P. Chakravarty 740-740
Reviews 741-742
September 1981. 17
Computer studies of molecular collisions and chemical reactions: A state-of-the-art survey - N. Satyamurthy 743-747
Biologically active mixed-ligand complexes of rare-earths - R. C. Sharma,  S. P. Tripathi, Km Sujata Khanna and R. S. Sharma 748-750
Syntheses of Andrographis paniculata flavones - D. K. Bhardwaj, A. K. Gupta, Ramesh Chand and Kumkum Jain 750-753
Giant cells in the placenta of the Indian sheath-tailed bat Taphozous longimanus (Hardwicke) - S. A. Bhide and Deepta Bhatia 753-756
Letters To The Editor 757-786
Kinetics and mechanism of the oxidation of dimethyl sulphoxide by sodium N-Chloro Benzenesulphonamide 1 hydrochloric acid medium -- Rangaswamy and H.S. Yathirajan
Synthesis with diazoalkanes and o-benzoyl chloride -- Km.Aruna Verma and S.K. wadhwa 758-760
Factors controlling the chemistry of ground waters of Sandur Schist Belt, Karnaaka State -- S.C. Puranik, H.M.Jayasheela and B.Somasekar
An improved synthesis of substituted derivatives of 2-aminoadamantane -- Mahbub Alam 761-763
Volatile sporostatic factors of thermophilous fungal strains of paddy straw compost -- T. Satyanarayana and Bhavdish N. Joshr 763-766
Sphaerotheca verbenae, a new fungus for India -- A.K. Saxena and S.B. Saksena 766-767
Yellow mosaic of patcholli (Pogostemon patchouli) in India -- K.S. Sastry and T. Vasanthakumar 767-768
Scanning electron microscopic study of Parthenium hysterophorus L.Pollen -- G. Rajendrudu and V.S. Rama Das 768-768
A hyperparasite of phyllactinia corylea, the powdery mildew of Mulbery -- S, Shama Rao and S.B. Sullia 769-769
Improvement of rice through induced mutations "A fine grain recombinant of Jhona-349" -- M.L.H. Kaul and Vijay Kumar 770-771
seed sterility in Dactyloctenium sindicum Boiss. (Poaceae) -- M. L.Sharma, R.K. Bhanwra and Sukhjit Kaur
Studies on the response of acid lime (Citrus aurantifolia Swingl.) to vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae -- n. Shanmugam, R. chandra Babu and C. Thalamuthu 772-773
A simple and rapid method of screening stomatal distribution and trichomes in cassava -- K. Vijaya Bai and J.S. Jos 773-774
Little known features in the epidermology of cissus quadrangularis L. -- K. Janardhanan, V. Gopal and K.K. Lakshmanan 774-775
The development of endosperm in priya cordifolia (Linn. F.) Druce -- K.Thirumaran and K.K.Lakshmanan 775-776
The effects of culture filtrate on sporulation of the green alga stigeoclonium pascheri (Vischer) cox and bold -- S.C. Agrawal and Y.S.R.K.Sarma 777-778
A new species of Scenedesmus-S.serrato-perforatus Sp. nov. R.J. Patel and Isabella George 778-779
Occurrence of Cleistothecial stage of erysiphe cichoracearum DC. on Coccinia indica W.a. -- H.S. Sohi, Harinder Kaur and Gurmail Singh
Reversal of effects of alkylating agents through the use of prostaglandin E1 in the ovotestis of the snail Lymnaea acuminata -- Ravindra singh and R.A. Agrawal 780-781
Embryological studies in pterotheca falconeri Hook.f. B.S. Gill and M. Iqbal 781-782
Lepidium sativum Linn. An unrecorded host for albugocandia (pers.ex.Chev.) --Kuntze. -- N.P. Melkania and G.B.Upreti 782-782
Note on inheritance of resistance to powdery mildew and days to flowering in peas -- Hari Har Ram, R.D. Singh and Y.V. Singh 782-784
A new species of Perichaena Fr. -- S.P. Nanir 784-785
Role of IAA, IAA-oxidase ,O-hydroxy phenols, polyphenol oxidase and peroxidase in stem gall disease of Coriandrum sativum L. -- M.S.Tayal, S.Kumar, A.K. Goel and D.K. Maheshwari 785-786
Reviews 787-788
September 1981. 18
Current trends in glass research - K. J. Rao 789-794
High energy double plasmon satellites in K-X-ray emission spectra of Cr and Fe - K. S. Srivastava, O. K. Harsh, V. Kumar, M. Husain and Shiv Singh 795-796
Monomethyl ammonium substituted chloro complexes of cobalt(II), nickel(II) and zinc(II) - Sarweshwar Guru and Rajendra P. Misra 796-798
Some observations on the alkaline province in Andhra Pradesh - C. Leelanandam 799-802
Some aspects of floral biology of Cassia fistula Linn. (The Indian laburnum) - Part I - P. Pardha Saradhi and H. Y. Mohan Ram 802-805
Measurement of the ratio of the number of X-chromosomes to sets of autosomes in Drosophila melanogaster  - Raghavendra Gadagkar, V. Nanjundiah, N. V. Joshi and H. Sharat Chandra 805-807
Letters To The Editor 808-829
Ultrasonic velocity studies of Hydrogen bonds -- S. Raman and C.B. Tipnis
Studies on metal chelates of Silver(I0, Copper(I) and Thallium(I) with 5-Iodo-8-hydroxy quinolono-4-(p-Tolyl) Sulphonamide and 5,7-Di-Iodo-8-hydroxy quinolino-4-(p-Tolyl) sulphonamide as possible antibacterials -- G.d. Tiwari and M.N. Mishra 809-811
Flavonoids of the inflorescence of Veronia elaegnifolia -- N.S. Subramanian and S. Ngarajan 811-811
Spectrophotometric determination of isoniazid -- Anant N. Nayak, H.S Yathirajan and S. Manjappa 812-813
Synthesis of sulphenamide, sulphenimide and sulphenimine with sulphenyl bromide of ortho-Mercapto-Azo compound -- S.K. Bhattacharjee and S.K. Dasgupta 813-814
A new spray reagent for the identification of monocrotophos by thin layer chromatography -- A.S. Deshpande, S.V. Padalikar and S.K. Meghal 814-815
Microgram determination of quinine with Solochrome green V 150 by Extractive spectrophotometry -- N.V. Rama Rao and A.R. Prasad
Synthesis of some 2-alkyl cycloalk-2-en-1-ones -- Vijay Shanker Singh and S.M.L. Gupta
a simple, rapid and reproducible technique for clonal culture of axenically grown Entomoeba histolytica and other entomoeba -- S.R. Das and E. Meerovitch 817-818
Derrone-4'-O-methyl ether from seeds of derris robusta -- S.S. Chibber, R.P. Sharma and S.K. Dutt 818-819
Age of the Ladakh-Deosai granite batholith, trans-Himalaya -- Kewal K. Sharma, O.P. Sharma, Vinay M Choubey and K.K. Nagpaul 819-821
Buellia isidiophora and lopadium austroindicum-Two new species of Lichens from India -- Dharani Dhar Awasthi and Dilip Kumar
Two new species of the lichen genus megalospora from South-west India -- Urmila Makhija and M>B. Nagarkar 823-824
New records of plant parasitic nematode infestations and their significance in decline in tea plantations of West Bengal, India -- B. Mukherjee and M.K. Dasgupta 824-825
Fat and glycogen concentrations in flesh of catfish Heteropneustes fossils (Bloch) as indicators of living condition -- Saleem Mustafa and A.K. Jafri
Phosphatase activity in the Hepatopancreas and the larval digenean parasites of Lymnaea luteola -- G. Venkata Rama Krishna 826-828
Influence of host plants in the control of green peach aphid Myzus Persicae Sulz with different chemicals -- N.Dhandapani and S.Jayaraj
Short scientific notes 830-831
Streptomyces Collinus Linbenbein-A new species causing Common Scab of Potato -- S.K. Dey , Nirmaljit Singh and Harnam Singh
Two new additions to the fungi of India -- S.K. Srivastava and B.B.S. Raizada 830-830
An unrecorded root rot of cauliflower caued by Macrophomina pphaseolina (Tassi) Gold -- K.R. Aneja, B.L. Saini and Meena Batra 831-831
Very early maturing strains in rice -- D.P. Srivastava 831-831
Announcements 832
Reviews 833-834
October 1981. 19
Plant tissue culture - Its role in studies on organogenesis - A. F. Mascarenhas 835-840
Synthesis of some new 4(3H) quinazolinones as potential fungicides - M. R. Chaurasia, Surendra K. Sharma and Sunil Kumar 841-843
Fe(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) perchlorate complexes with aminopyrine - S. V. Tatwawadi, A. B. Singh and K. K. Narang 843-846
Topology and physical properties of alicyclic componds - R. S. Lall 846-849
Developmental changes in the pattern of glucose-6-phosphatase activity in the testis of Pterapus giganteus giganteus Brunnich (Megachirptera : Mammalia) - S. K. David and S. B. Lall 849-851
Stimulation of oocyte growth in fish by amino acids - Nirmal Kumar Mishra and Nirmal Sardana 852-853
Letters To The Editor 854-876
Thermal emission spectrum of B-X system of NiCl molecules -- R. Gopal
Synthesis of 6,7-dihydro-10-methylxanthyletin-Inter alia synthesis of 4-formyl and 4-carboxy-10-methyl-6,7-dihydro-xanthyletins -- Pratibha Waykole and R.N. Usgoankar 855-856
Antibacterial activity of some compounds related to drosophilin-A -- S.K. Gupta and A.C. Jain
Cyclisation of o-hydroxybenzoylmethanes to flavones : use of p-toluene sulphonic acid -- P.K. Jain, J.K. Makrandi and S.K. Grover 857-858
Occurrence of pseudo-mudcracks in talchir sediments, near Ambikapur, Madhya Pradesh -- M. raza, s. Rais, and R.A. Akhunji 858-859
Discovery of Filamentous algal form from the Stromatolite conophyton garganicus, Fawn Limestome, semri group (Late Proterzoic), Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh -- S. Kumar 859-860
Post infection changes in ascorbic acid content in fruits of citrus reticulata L. Induced by Cladosporium sphaerospermum Penz. and fusarium moniliforme Sheldon -- Ashok Gaur and V.V. Chenulu 861-861
A new fungal disorder of Australian Acacia -- A.K. Saxena and S.B. Saksena 862-862
An instance of rare seed setting Curcuma longa L. H.D. Ketkar and S.H. Tulpule
Replication of influenza virus in the presence of vitamin C -- Kalpagam Pichan and H. Polasa
An unrecorded leaf spot disease of Eucalyptus in Kerala caused by Phaeoseptoria eucalypti (Hansf.) walker -- J.K. sharma and C. Mohanan 865-866
Nodulation of Cajanus cajan (Pigeon Pea) by Rhizobium japonicum -- C.S. Singh and N.S. Subba Rao 866-868
Tissue lactic dehydrogenase isoenzyme activity in the differential diagnosis of tumors and other space occuping lesions of brain -- M.N. Subhash, S.K. Shankar, B.S. Sridhara Rama Rao and D.H. Deshpande 868-870
Influence of storage temperature on sclerotial germination of Claviceps fusiformis -- H.S. Prakash and H.S. Shetty
Effect of allatectomy and brain cauterization on the activity and distribution of three digestive enzymes in the gut lumen to Schizodactylus monstrosus Drury -- Sanjay Mandal S, Roy and D.K. Choudhuri 871-872
Sexual dimorphism in Oxyurichthys nijsseni Menon and Govindan -- B. Madhusoodana Kurup and C.T. Samuel
Studies on high secretion of neutral polysaccharides in the stomach of chana gachua (Ham.) infected by Genarchopsis goppo (Ozaki) -- K.C. Bose and A.K. Sinha 873-874
Systems models for parasite pathways in Ichthyoparasitology of the Himalayan Riverine ecosystem -- Sandeep K. Malhotra 874-875
Haematoenzymology of Heteropneustes under chemicoazo stress of Bismark Brown -- K.A. Goel, A.K. Awasthi and S.K. Tyagi 875-876
Reviews 877-878
Announcements 879-880
October 1981. 20
Alkali and alkaline earth cations - interaction principles - N. S. Poonia 881-886
Cloning of rice DNA and identification of tRNA gene clones - H. A. Vasavada, Geoge Thomas and J. D. Padayatty 887-889
Physiological studies in the regenerating root cuttings of Clerodendrum viscosum Vent. - T. K. Prasad, P. M. Mehta and Y. S. Dave 889-891
Studies on the retrocerebral endocrine and neurohaemal organs of the adult Serinetha augur (Fabr.) (Heteroptera : Coreidae) - M. M. Samal and N. Ramalingam 891-896
Letters To The Editor 897-920
The viscosity of cholesteryl Oleyl carbonate -- R. Somasekhar
A note on the origin of trikuta dolomites of Jammu (J and K State) -- Satish Kumar Chadha 898-899
A Syncotylous seedling of carthamus tinctorius Linn. -- Ambuja Pillai and Suresh C.Goyal
Nectrotteria mangifera Sp. Nov. and Valseutypella khandalensis Sp. Nov. - New records from India -- J.G. Vaidya
Hydrocyanic acid content, A biochemical marker for ractions to powdery midlew in linseed -- Ram N. Pandey, Anil K Kush and D.P. Misra
A note on the karyomorphology of Hiptage bengalensis (L.) Kurtz. -- K.V. Devar and G. Boraiah
Phytoalexin production by germinating seeds of Mucuna utilis -- P. Narayanaswamy and A Mahadevan 905-906
Cytomorphological behaviour of double trisomic in pearl millet [Pennisetum americanum (L.) K. Schum] -- R Sai Kumar, U.P. Singh, R.B. Singh and R.M. Singh
Relevence of the membrane resting potential for the study of drought resistance in wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) cultivars -- A Ravindran, J. Ashraf and M. Amin
Malayaeaspora costata Gen. Et. Sp. Nov. from the tertiary coal of Malaya -- B.S. Trivedi, K. Ambwani and R.K. Kar 910-911
A new species of Cercospora from India -- R.C. Rajak and R.K. Rajak 911-911
Karschia lignyota (FR.) Sac., A new record for India -- R. Sharma 912-912
Development of female gametiphyte in Ipomea Hispida Parodi -- Harbans Kaur 912-913
Inheritance of resistance to bacterial blight of Rice -- S.T. Tembhurnikar and S.Y. Padmanabhan 913-914
The sites of steroid synthesis in the testis of Hawk, Accipiter badius (Gmelin): A histochemical study -- S.G. Gaitonde, S.K. Saidapur and B.Y.M. Gouder 915-916
The karyotype of trichgaster facsciatus (Osphranemidae, Pises) -- N.K. Tripathy and C.G. Das 916-917
Long normal distribution of parasitization index and gastroparasitic index in the fish gestode relationship of hill-stream fishes -- R.S. Chauhan and Sandeep K. Malhotra 917-918
On the pollen morphology of the Genus Adansonia Linn. -- Neeta Vaishampayan and Y.N. Sharma 919-919
On cephalobothrium Larva (Cestoda : Lecanicephalidea) in the marine crab, Charybdis (Charybdis) cruciata of Waltair -- K.J. Chandra and K. Hanumantha Rao
Short scientific notes 921-922
An addition to Indian Mushrooms -- Nibha Chakraborty and R.P. Purkayastha 921-921
Cylindrocladium scoparium Morg. A new record on black gram seeds -- C.S.K. Vijaya Kumar 921-922
On the occurrence of a colonial ascidian, Didemnum psamathodes (Sluiter, 18950 from India -- T.K. Renganathan 922-922
Reviews 923-924
Announcements 925-926
November 1981. 21
Acid-catalysed intra-molecular C-alkylation and alkylation-rearrangements through unsaturated diazomethyl ketones. A new varsatile approach to the synthesis of complex carbocylic systems - U. R. Ghatak 927-932
Theoretical studies on the confirmations of acyclic alditols - Melpakkam Ranganathan and V. S. Rao 933-936
Effect of neem cake on the population and nitrogen fixing activity of blue-green algae in flooded soils - I. Watanabe, B. P. R. Subhudhi and T. Aziz 937-939
GABA-induced neurosecretion in the cockroach - N. K. Mishra and N. Aparajita Srivastava 939-941
Auto-paracitization of leaves in pulses - N limiting or C limiting? - K. N. Ganeshaiah and R. Uma Shaanker 942-944
Letters To The Editor 945-969
Thermoluminescence dating of burnt clay from an upper paleplithic occupation level at a cave site in South India -- K.S.V. Nambi and M.L.K.Murthy
Preliminary report of production of a new toxin by Penicillium cyclopium -- N. Ramani and E.R.B. Shanmugasundaram
Growth of morphogenesis in frozen (-196oC) endosperm and embryo of rice --- Y.P.S.Vajaj 947-948
Use of metronidazole as a new pre-treating agent for chromosome analysis -- Maharaj Kishen Peer 948-949
Sarbhoyomyces, a new genus of Synnematous hyphomycetes -- U.N. Saikia 949-950
Vexillary aestivation in fabaceae : a re-appraisal -- Bir Bahadur and M Madhusudana Rao 950-952
Pore formation in cyperaceae : a new report -- O.P Sharma and R. Shiam 952-953
Effect of elevated temperature and its interaction with B vitamins on growth and amylase activity of tomato (Lycopersicum esculentum L.) seedling -- P. Gopala Rao, G. Jayasree and J Kodandaramaiah 953-955
Phyllody disease of some cucurbitaceous crops in India K.S. Sastry and S.J. Singh 955-956
Chemical analysis of Urginea indica (Roxb.) Kunth. cytotypes -- M.M. Patil and S.G. Torne 956-958
A new fungal disease of veronia divergence -- A.K. Saxena and S.B.Saksena
On the epidermal fibre-like sclerides in the two siblings genera of the poaceae -- T.Ananda rao and T.R.B. Naidu 958-959
Involvement of pH in Gametangial formation in the Moss Bryum argenteum Hedw. -- S.C. Bhatia 960-961
Electroretinogram studies on Hawkmoth and cockroach compound eye -- Vasantha R. Chandran, P. Mohanty and M. amin 961-963
Physiological alterations in the leaves of buchanania lanzan due to paylid galls -- S. Umesh Kumar, A Raman and M. Sheik Abdul Kader 963-964
Reversal of dikegulac-sodium induced chlorophyll degradation and chlorophyllase. Activity in Helianthus annuus by urea -- S.S.Purohit and K. Chandra 964-965
Ruminate endosperm in Dillenia suffruticosa (Griff.) Martelli -- J. Dulcy Elizabeth and K.K. Lakshmanan
Interactions between soil fusaria and thermophilic fungi -- Kiran Johri 966-967
First record of leaf galls on Litsea stocksii (Meissn.) Hook.F.(Lauraceae) caused by a psyllid -- C.Kandaswamy and B.Hari Krishnan 967-968
Tissue respiration in sarotherodon mossambicus (Peters) exposed to sub-lethal Concentration of sumithion and sevin -- P.R. Koundinya and R. Ramamurthi 968-969
Reviews and Announcements 970-972
November 1981. 22
On the direct calculation of electron density in many-electron systems - B. M. Deb 973-976
Complexes of lanthanide perchlorates with the hydrazene-derived ligands-N-acetyl-N'-benzoyl hydrazene (ABHyd) and N-acetyl-N'-isopropyledene hydrazene (NANIH) - C. Premlatha and S. Soundarajan 977-980
Taste responsiveness to phenyl-thio-carbamide and glucose during menstrual cycle - S. Bhatia, K. N. Sharma and V. Mehta 980-983
Analysis of carbohydrates by high performance liquid chromatography - Abhijit Roy and Nirmolendu Roy 983-985
Effect of lethal (Lc 50/48 hrs) concentration of metacystox on selected oxidative enzymes, tissue respiration and histology of gills of the freshwater air-breathing fish, Channa strtiatus (Bleeker)  - G. M. Natarajan 985-989
Letters To The Editor 990-1008
Propagation of pure radiation in conformally flat axisymmetric universes -- S.C.Thakur and L.K. Patel
Ab-initio studies of anomeric effect in thiosugars -- Saraswathi Vishveshwara and V.S.R. Rao 991-992
Embryology of Acanthospermum hispidum DC -- T. Pullaiah 992-994
A novel immunogenic strain : Mycobacterium habana against mycobacterium ulcerans I Buruli Ulcer) Infection in Mice -- N.B. Singh, I.S. Mathur, H.P. Gupta and A. Srivastava 994-996
Uronema africanum borge from Andaman Islands-A new addition to Indian flora -- Braj Nandan Prasa and P.K. Misra
Inhibition of aflatoxin production by ferilic acid on some cereals and oil-seeds -- K.S. Bilgrami, Kaushal Kishore and Premalata Singh 997-998
Induction of pollen embryoids in Solanum torvum Swartz -- V.S. Jaiswal and Pratal Narayan 998-999
Induction of the perfect state of cylindrocladium quinquesepatatum -- K.K. Sulochana and M. Chandrasekharan Nair
Inflorescence Anatomy of cyprerus compressus -- O.P. Sharma and R. Shiam 1000-1001
A new fruit rot disease of Anona squamosa L. from India --A.L. Siddaramiah, Srikant Kulkarni, H.S. Haralappa and R.K. Hegde 1001-1002
A new species of Phomopsis causing leafspot disease of Tectona grandis L. -- D.P. Tiwari, R.C. Rajak and Ku.M. Nikhra 1002-1003
Dysgenesis Vis-a-Vis digenetic trematodes -- A.K. Bhatnagar and A.N. Gupta

Wound Healing in the pericaro of some Mimosaceae -- S. Rangaiah, I.L. Kothari and G.L. Shah
Chemically induced giant cell in insect midgut -- S.C. saxena and Prabhu N.Saxena
Isolation of Acinetobactercalceaceticus from extended frozen buffalo semen used for artifical insemination -- R.N. Ramachandra, M. Sathyanarayana Rao, R. Raghavan and B.S. Keshavamurthy
Histochemical localization of acid phosphatase and esterase in the third stage larva of diplotriaena tricuspis -- Wajihullah and Jamil A. Ansari 1006-1008
New record of a simple Ascidian, Styela bicolor )Sluiter, 1887), from the Tuticorin Coast of India -- T.K. Renganathan 1008-1009
Reviews 1009-1010
December 1981. 23
Transcriptional control in information transfer from DNA - V. B. Biswas 1011-1013
Application of plasma oscillations theory to Kβ'-satellite of some chromium compounds - K. S. Srivastava, Prathibha Gupta and Shiv Singh 1014-1016
Structural information on nickel(II) and zinc(II) acetate complexes with hexamethylenetetramine - I. S. Ahuja, Raghuvir Singh and C. L. Yadava 1017-1019
Studies on the bone marrow and splenic erythropoiesis in mice-bearing Ehrlich ascites carcinoma - M. R. Ray and J. Roy Chouwdhury 1020-1023
Letters To The Editor 1024-1043
Effect of earthing on Ac electrodeless discharge current -- L.C.S. Murthy and P.S.V. Setty
Inorganic pyrophosphatase in leaves of cynodon dactylon pers. -- J.J. Mukherjee and P.R. Pal 1027-1028
t-Butanolysis of leanoric acid -- Al.Meyyappan, S. Neelakantan and P. Ramesh l028-1029
Two new species of Pseudocercospora from India -- P. Kumar and Kamal
Mutability of SR locus in jute (Corchorus capsularis) -- S.N. Ghosh, P. Paria and S.L. Basak 1031-1032
Solar energy utilization efficency of typha wetland -- Kanta Prasad Sharma 1033-1033
Phenotype stability in upland cotton -- Phundan Singh 1034-1035
A new leaf disease of Macadamia -- R.D. Rawal and N.C. Muniyappa 1035-1035
Functional male sterility in cassava -- J.S. Jos and K. Vijaya Bai 1035-1036
Developmental stomatography on the floral parts of Hyoscyamus niger Linn. -- P. Nath and L.C. Lamba
A new disease of Potato incited by Fusarium acuminatum Ell. and Ev. -- R.P. Rai and B.P. Singh 1037-1038
Pistillody in a commercial sugarcane variety -- R. Nagarajan and B.V. Natarajan 1038-1039
Penicillinase activity of a blue-green alga synechococcus cedrorum -- R.K. Gupta and E.S.R. Talpasayi 1039-1040
A new bacterial leaf-spot disease of Thespesia populnea Sol. Ex Corr. -- A.S. Patil and Y.S. Kulkarni 1040-1041
Prganogenesis in callus cultures of crotalaria medicagenia Lamk. -- R. Raj Bhansali and H.C. Arya 1041-1043
Do phytopathogenic and symbiotic bacteria contain phenylalanine Ammonia lyase ? -- Pushpa Agrawal and A Mahadevan 1043-1043
Reviews 1044-1045
Announcements 1046
December 1981. 24
Catalysis by transition metal complexes - Achievements and promises - A. Rajagopal and J. C. Kuriacose 1047-1052
A study of structural domains in t-RNA. A diagonal plot using the blocked nuceotide concept - R. Malathi and N. Yathindra 1053-1055
Detection of contaminants on some solid surfaces by using auger electron spectrometer - R. D. Luktuke, C. P. Gopalaraman and V. K. Rohatgi 1055-1057
Potassium N-iodo benzene sulphonamide as an oxidimetric titrants in aqueous medium - Rangaswamy and H. S. Yathirajan 1057-1058
Analysis of cross-immune reactions I. Effect of Hymenolepis nana infection in the expulsion of ancylostoma caninum larvae in mice - S. Vyas, V. V. Vardhani and G. N. Johri 1059-1060
Letters To The Editor 1061-1088
Thermal emission spectrum of H-X and I-X systems of NiBr molecule -- R.Gopal and M.M. Joshi
Proton magnetic relaxationin (NH4)2ZnCl4 -- C.S. Sundaram and J. Ramakrishna 1064-1065
Habit modification caused by 2-thiouracil during the electrodeposition of copper on copper(100)face -- R. Lakshmana Sarma and S. Nageswar 1065-1066
A convenient synthesis of meliternatin -- D.K. Bhardwaj, R.M. Kohli, C.K. Manchanda and Minu Prashar 1066-1067
A novel route to polyhaloarylchalcones -- S.S. Dua and C.Hemrajani 1067-1068
Double infection by citrinin-producing fungi on Sorghum -- T.R.Bandre, H.F.Daginawala and C.B. Powar
Spectrophotometric determination of Iron(II0 by synergistic extraction with N-hydroxy-N--m-tolyl-NN'-alpha-naphthy-benzamidine hydrochloride and thiocyanate -- (miss) Hemlata Mohabey, Pramod Kumar Sharma and Rajendra Kumar Mishra 1070-1071
Early diagnosis of kresek (wilt)phase of bacterial blight of rice -- N.Srinivasan
Foliar nectaries in Terminalia arjuna (Combretaceae) -- T.M. Ramakrishna and G. Rajashekara 1072-1074
A prehistoric site at Vullipattadi (Near Sri Padmavathi Women.s College, Tirupati) Chittiir District, South India -- S.Bhaskar 1074-1075
A new species of umbilicaria from Ladak, India -- M.B. Nagarkar and P.G. Patwardhan 1075-1076
Asactogaster inducens (Walker), A new root grub pest of upland paddy and maize -- M.Vikram Reddy 1076-1076
Toxicity of phytoalexin to bacterial pathogens of Man -- G. Govindarajan and Samuel S Gnanamanickam 1077-1078
Some new host records of the root-knot nematode, Meioidogyne javanica (Treub, 1885) Chitwood, 1949 -- Akhtar Haseeb, Abrar M.Khan and S.K. Saxena 1079-1079
Chemotaxonomy of some annonaceae -- L.L. Narayana, I.T. Sundari and M.Radhakrishnaiah
Flower rot of verbena caused by Alternaria state of pleospora infectoria Fuckel -- N.c. Mondal and Subhendu Chaudhuri 1080-1080
A new fruit rot of pomegranato caused by Aspergillus variecolor -- R.B. Sharma, A.N. Roy and G. Singh 1080-1081
Occurrence of powdery mildew of parthenium caused by Oidium parthenii Sp. Nov. -- K Satyaprasad and P. Usharani 1081-1082
An unusual circadian rhythm with a precise 24-hour period -- M.K. Chandrashekaran 1082-1083
Neoligo Singli n.sp. (cestoda : Dilepididae) from Micropus affinis at Parbhani -- G.B. Shinde, B.V. Yadhav and S.S.. Kadam
Occurrence of Spatheteredo Moll (Bivalvia: Terodinidae) in India -- K Dharmaraj and N.Balakrishnan Nair
Monodelphic female of aquatic thornei Schneidler, 1937 (Nematoda : Dorylaimida) with two spears -- Harish K Bajaj and D.S. Bhatti 1086-1086
A new species of Monoctonus (hymenoptera: Aphdiidae) from Kashmir, India -- Ramesh C. Bhagat 1087-1088
Reviews 1089
Announcements 1090