Current Science -Volume 5
JULY 1936

Nutrition Advisory Committee


August Wilhelm Von Hofmann 1818-1892


Data on Post Glacial Climatic Changes in North-West India - H. de Terra and G. E. Hutchinson


The Karewas of Kashmir - Birbal Sahni


"Indian Science Abstracts"




Letters To The Editor

On the Geiger-Nuttal Relation - K. C. Kar 17
Constitution of Formic Acid and the Formates - T. S. Wheeler 17-18
Decolourising Action of Fuller's Earth - B. S. Kulkarni and S. K. K Jatkar 18-19
p-Bridging of Succinosuccinic Ester - P. C. Guha 19-20
A Synthesis of Cis- and Trans-dl-1-iso-propyl Cyclopropane-1:2-Dicarboxylic Acids and a Resolution of the Cis Acid. Synthesis of Umbellularic Acid - S. K. Ranganathan 20
Apparatus for the Measurement of Respiratory Exchange in Plants - B. N. Singh and P. B. Mathur 20-22
Observations on the Dark, Opaque Inclusions in the Nellore Garnets - N. Jayaraman 22-23
A Preliminary Note on the Development of Embryosac in Averrhoa carambola Linn. - V. Venkateswarlu 23
On the Existence of Two Different Types of Striped Eyes among Solitary Type Specimens of the Desert Locust Schistocerca gregaria Forsk. - M. L. Roonwal 24

Supplement to "Current Science" - The First Jena Catalogue of Optical Glasses Published in 1886 - Mortiz Von Rohr




Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan

Samuels, Edward Augustus 39
Mapes, Charles Victor 40
Eastman, John Robie 40
Pickel, Ignaz Balthasar 40

The London Shellac Research Bureau - Lal C. Verman


Research Notes


Science Notes


Academies and Societies


University and Educational Intelligence




Industrial Research Bureau

The Himalayan Uplift Since the Advent of Man: Its Cult historical Significance - B. Sahni 57-61

Torrent Action Interferes With Canal Efficiency - Maclagan Gorrie


The Genes of Triticum Timopheevi Zhuk., Secale Cereale L. and Haynaldia Villosa Schur - Dontcho Kostoff


The Photoisomerides of Ergosterol - I. M. Heilbron and F. S. Spring


Letters To The Editor

Soft X-Rays and Photoelectrons from Nickel at Different Temperatures - S. Ramachandra Rao 73-74
Oberbeck's Vortices in Air - R. V. Barave and V. S. Dubhashi 74-75
A New Method of Oxidation - K. C. Gulati and J. N. Ray 75
Nutritive Value of Parboiled Rice - A. Sreenivasan and H. P. Das Gupta 75-76
Respiration of Ripening Tomatoes - B. N. Singh and P. B. Mathur 76-78
Some New Aspects of Nitrogen Fixation in the Soil - T. R. Bhaskaran and V. Subrahmanyan 78-79
The Electrical Resistance of Wood and its Variation with Moisture Content - D. Narayanamurti 79-80
A Clay Seal and a Sealing of the Sunga Period from the Khokra Kot Mound (Rohtak) - B. Sahni 80-81
Germination of the Seeds of Carica papaya inside the Fruit - H. Sreenivasa Rao 81-83
More Unrecorded Hosts of Loranthus longiflorus Desr. - M. Sayeeduddin and M. A. Waheed 83



Astronomical Notes - T. P. Bhaskaran

Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan  
Rome De l' Isle & Jean Baptiste Louis (1736-1790) 96
Leach & William Elford (1790-1836) 96-97
Black, Greene Vardimen (1836-1915) 97
Dr. Panchanan Mitra 98
Lt. Col. R. Knowles 98
Dr. F. J. F. Shaw 98

Rancidity - N. N. Dastur and B. N. Banerjee


Research Notes


Science Notes


Academies and Societies


University and Educational Intelligence




Archaeology in India


Diamagnetism and Particle Size - H. Lessheim


On the Physical Properties of Crystals - A. Ganguli


India's Mineral Wealth


Letters To The Editor

A New Technique of Complementary Filters for Photographing the Raman Spectra of Crystal Powders - R. Ananthakrishnan 131-132
Structure of Cumarin - M. A. Govinda Rau 132
Viscosity of Air and Electronic Charge - V. D. Majumdar and M. B. Vajifdar 133
Synthesis of 5:6-Benzohydrindene - S. C. Sen Gupta 133
Amino Acid Dehydrogenases in Germinating Seedlings - M. Damodaran and K. Ramkrishnan Nair 134
Relative Digestibility of Caseins in their Artificial and Natural Environments - K. Bhagavat and M. Sreenivasaya 134-135
An Ageotropic Mutation in X-Rayed Rice - K. Ramiah and N. Parthasarathi 135-136
Visibility of Ultrasonic Waves in Liquids - S. Parthasarathi 136
Reviews 137-142
Supplement to "Current Science"  
British Association For The Advancement of Science. The Presidential Address: "The Impact of Science upon Society" - Josiah Stamp 143-158
Principles and Practice of Field Experimentation - M. Vaidyanathan 159-162
Ancient Schistose Formations of Peninsular India - J. A. Dunn 162-164
A Nutritional Survey of the Poorer Classes in Ceylon - W. R. A. 164-165
Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan  
Fahrenheit, Gabriel Daniel (1686-1736) 165-166
Pond, John (1766-1836) 166
Villari, Emillio (1836-1904) 167
Jussieu, Antoine Laurent De (1748-1836) 167
Astronomical Notes - T. P. B. 168
Obituary 169-171
Scientists and War 171-172
Rabies-A Note - S. P. Deshpande 172-173
Resume on the Literature of Indian Medicinal Plants - K. Biswas 173-174
Research Notes 175-178
Science Notes 178-184
Academies and Societies 184-185
University and Educational Intelligence 186
Science and Society 187-190
Professor S. S. Bhatnagar 190
Locusts as an International Problem - B. P. Uvarov 191-193
Enzymes in Relation to Cancer - Arnulf Purr 194-196
The Elephanta Caves 196
Letters To The Editor  
A Synthesis of γ-Resorcylaldehyde - R. C. Shah and M. C. Laiwalla 197-198
Action of Thionyl Chloride on Esters of Salicylic Acid in the Presence of Catalysers - J. A. Kundargi, Y. M. Chakradeo and S. V. Shah 198
Experiments towards the Synthesis of Isofenchone and Its Degradation Products - S. K. Ranganathan 199
A volumetric Method for the Estimation of Moisture - N. C. Mitra and K. Venkataraman 199-200
Linkage between the Blackish Purple of Sheath and Glume and Nucellar Brown in Sorghum - G. N. Rangaswami Ayyangar 200-201
Some Observations on the Ovule and Embryo-sac of Sonneratia apetala Ham. - J. Venkateswarlu 201
Nucellar Polyembryony in the Rutaceae - R. S. Chakravarthy 202-203
Teratological Notes - M. Sayeeduddin and M. A. Salim 203-204
A New Species of Myxosporidian from the Heart of a Marine Fish, Otolithus ruber - P. N. Ganapathi 204
The Dorsal Spine of the Lac Insect and Its Function - S. Mahdihassan 205-206
Tadpoles of Rana tigrina Feeding on Mosquito Larvae - G. C. Bhattacharya 206
The Supposed Sanskrit Seal from Rohtak: A Correction - B. Sahni 206
Supplement to "Current Science" 207-215
Thickness of Bran Layers in Rice - K. Ramiah 215
Reviews 216-221
Laterite - L. Rama Rao 222
Obituary - Arthur Henderson Mackenzie 223
Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan  
Shippen, William (1736-1808) 223-224
Lax, William (1761-1836) 224
Hough, George Washington (1836-1909) 224-225
Research Notes 226
Indian Museums - E. A. D'Abrew 227
Science Notes 228-232
Academies and Societies 233-234
University and Educational Intelligence 234
British Association and British Science Guild 235-236
The Discovery of Hafnium - G. Hevesy 236-240
Hermaphroditism in Dasychone cingulata, Grube. - R. Gopala Aiyar and M. K. Subramaniam 240-242
Letters To The Editor  
Diffraction of Light by Ultrasonic Waves: A Test for Polarization - S. Parthasarathi 243
The Synthesis of trans sym.- Homopinic Acid - P. C. Guha and K. Ganapathi 244
Prospects of Power Alcohol in India - A. L. Sundar Rao 245
Mutual Aid Society for Scientific Workers in India - N. G. Chokkanna 245
Astronomical Notes - T. P. B. 246
Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan  
Fordyce, George (1736-1802) 247
McAdam, John Laoudon (1756-1836) 247-248
Hutton, Frederick Wollaston (1836-1905) 248-249
Twentieth Century Psychiatry - M. V. Govindaswamy 249-251
Senescence and Death in Invertebrate Animals - H. Sreenivasa Rao 252-255
Reviews 256-258
Industrial Outlook :Problems of the Leather Industry in India - Rai Bahadur B. M. Das 259-263
International Chemical Engineering Congress of the World Power Conference 264-265
British Chemical Plant Exhibition 266
Research Notes 266-267
Science Notes 268
Erratum 268
Supplement to "Current Science" - British Association For The Advancement of Science, Blackpool, 1936 269-282
Public Benefactions and Science 283-284
From Vitamin C to Vitamin P - A. Szent-Gyorgyi 285-286
Researches on Galaxies at the Harvard Observatory - Jenka Mohr 287-289
The Phenomenon of Secondary Association - R. H. Richharia 290-291
A Forgotten Authority on Lac Cultivation - S. Mahdihassan 292-293
Letters To The Editor  
Density of Calcium and Hydrogen at Different Levels in the Sun - T. Royds and A. L. Narayan 294-295
On the Constitution of Ayapin - P. K. Bose and S. K. Ghose 295
Dehydrogenation and Ring transformation of Spiro-Hydrocarbons - S. C. Sen Gupta 295-296
Individuality of Ascorbic Acid Oxidace - M. Sreenivasan 296-297
The Non-Protein-Nitrogen of Milks - Kamala Bhagvat 297-298
A Note on the Mydriatic Effect of Cocaine in Cat's Eye and Its Differentiation from the Atropine Group of Alkaloids - K. R. Ganguly 298
Megasporogensis and Embryo - sac Formation in Two Species of Meliaceae -S. G. Narasimhachar 298-299
Deciduous Sessile Spikelets in Sorghum - G. N. Rangaswami Ayyangar, V. Panduranga Rao and B. W. X. Ponnaiya 299-300
Albinism in Eleusine indica Gaertn. - G. N. Rangaswami Ayyangar and U. Achyutha Wariar 301
A Note on the Pistillody in Hibiscus syriacus Linn. - L. Narayana Rao 301-302
Notes on Floral Monstrosities in Maize (Zea mays L.) - B. D. Ganguly 302-304
The Antennae of Aleurodidae - Karam Singh 304
On Certain Abnormalities in the Sacrum of Rana hexadactyla - B. Thirumalachar and T. Subramonia Pillai 304-305
Annual Recurrence of Rustes in Eastern Russia - B. B. Mundkur 306-307
A Note on the Rainfall of Kadur, Bangalore and Chitradurg Districts in the Mysore State - N. Rajgopalan 307
Imperial Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi. 308
Reviews 309-324
Correlation of the Ancient Schistose Formation of Peninsular India - J. A. Dunn 325-328
Astronomical Notes - T. P. B. 328
Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan  
John Maurice Bruhl (Count) (1736-1809) 329
John Johnstone (1768-1836) 329
Charles Frederick Chandler 329-330
Research Notes 331-334
Nutrition and National Health - W. R. A. 335
World Production of Mineral Oils - Emmennar 336
Science Notes 337-341
Academies and Societies 341-345
University and Educational Intelligence 345-346
Erratum 346
The Indian Institute of Science - I 347-350
Geographical Distribution of Indian Freshwater Fishes and Its Bearing on the Probable Land Connections between India and the Adjacent Countries - Sunder Lal Hora 351-356
On the Food of the so called Mosquito -Destroying Fishes of Bengal - P. Sen 357-361
Comparative Study of the Determination of Iodine Values - N. N. Godbole, V. V. Ketkar, K. V. J. S. Sharma and H. R. Kamath 361-364
Prof. K. K. Mathur 365-366
B. Jayaram 366-367
Vitali's Test for Mydriatic Vegetable Alkaloids - K. R. Ganguly 367-368
Peking Man 368
Supplement to "Current Science" - Indian Science Congress, 1937 369-384
Letters To The Editor  
On Bayes' Problem - S. R. Savur 385-386
Absorption Spectra and Photo - dissociation of Simple Organic Molecules - Y. P. Parti and R. Samuel 386-387
The Spectrum of Argon IV - S. G. Krishnamurty 387
Crystal Structure of Hydrazobenzene - The Space Group - Jagdish Shanker and Mata Prasad 387
Resolution of Bicyclo-(2:2:2)-octane-2:5-dione-1:4-dicarboxylic Acid - P. C. Guha and S. K. Ranganathan 387-388
A New Method of Synthesis of Caronic Acid and Homocaronic Acids - P. C. Guha and D. K. Shankaran 388
A New Method of Synthesis of Iso-dehydropocamphoric Acid - P. C. Guha and D. K. Shankaran 388-389
A New Strain of Mid-Late Kolamba Rice - B. S. Kadam 389-390
The Occurrence and Inheritance of Earheads With Empty Anther Sacs in Sorghum - G. N. Rangaswami Ayyangar and B. W. X. Ponnaiya 390
Roots from the Stalks of Sorghum Earheads - G. N. Rangaswami Ayyangar and A. Kunhikoran Nambiar 390-391
Internal Proliferation in Carica papaya Linn. - R. Shah 391
Reviews 392-396
Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan  
Guyton, De Morneau (1737-1816) 397-398
Franchini, Pietro (1768-1837) 398
Macnish, Robert (1802-1837) 398
Lighting Studies - Anna McNeil 399-400
Research Items 400-402
Science Notes 402-404
Academies and Societies 404-405
University and Educational Intelligence 405-406
Erratum 406
The Indian Institute of Science - II 407-412
The Silver Jubilee of H. E. H. The Nizam 413
Studies on Polyploid Plants - D. Kostoff and N. Arutiunova 414-415
A Photoconductive Photometer - A New Method Apparatus for the Quantitative Estimation of Chlorophyll - B. N. Singh and N. K. Anantha Rao 416-418
Letters To The Editor  
The Median as a Statistic - S. R. Savur 419-421
Raman Spectrum and Constitution of the (NO3) Ion - R. Ananthakrishnan 421-422
The Ratio of Precipitation to Saturation Deficiency of the Atmosphere in India - J. S. Hosking 422-423
Crystal Structure of p-Azotoluene Space Group - M. R. Kapadia and Mata Prasad 423-424
Isomerism and Constitution of Diazo-methane and Its Derivatives - K. S. Murty 424
The Configuration of Pinic Acid - P. C. Guha, K. Ganapathi and V. K. Subramanian 424-425
Synthesis of Thujane - P. C. Guha and Bhola Nath 425
Constitution of Burtin Isolated from Butea Frondosa Flowers - Jagraj Behari Lal 426
Interference of Soil in the Estimation Furfural - C. N. Acharya 426-427
Staminodes in Elatteria cardmomum Maton - R. L. Narasimha Swami 427
A Note on the Development of the Embryosac in Trichosanthes dioica Roxb. - I. Banerji and M. C. Das 427-428
Nuptial Relation of Diacamma vagans Smith - G. Bhattacharya 428
A Case of Polyembryony in the Nyctaginaceae - L. B. Kajale 429
On a Cymothoan Parasitic on Some Brackish Water from Madras 429-430
A New Easy and Inexpensive Method for Taking Photomicrographs - M. A. Basir 430-431
Reviews 432-436
Soil Erosion and its Control - R. Maclagan Gorrie 437-439
Obituary - Dev Dev Mukerji 439
Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan  
Gellibrand, Henry (1597-1637) 440
Turner, Edward (1798-1837) 440-441
Mascart, Eleuthere Elie Nicolas (1837-1908) 441
Industrial Outlook - The Hydrogenation of Coal - Kenneth Gordon 442-448
The Insecticidal Properties of Kerosene and Lubricating Oil Emulsions - U. S. Sharga 449-450
Biochemistry in Relation to Agriculture- John Russell 450-451
Physics in Hungary - Past and Present-I - R. Ortvay 452-454
Research Items 455-456
Science Notes 457-461
Academies and Societies 461-462
University and Educational Intelligence 462
MARCH 1937
The Silver Jubilee of Indian Science Congress 463-464
Ministry of Knowledge - James Colquhoun Irvine 465-466
Science and the Indian Oil Industry - P. Evens 466-472
Letters To The Editor  
A Note on the Relation between Fisher's 't' and 'z' - P. V. Krishna Ayyar 473-474
The Emission Spectrum of CCl4 - R. K. Asundi and S. Mujtaba Karim 474
Action of Alkalis on the Dibromides of o-Acetoxy or o-Hydroxy-Phenyl styryl Ketones and a New Synthesis of Chrysin (5:7-Dihydroxyflavone) - A. M. Warriar, A. P. Khanolkar, W. A. Hutchins and T. S. Wheeler 475-476
A Penta-Coordinated Cobalt Complex and its Magnetic Susceptibility - P. Ray and N. K. Dutt 476
Constitution of Herbacitrin and Herbacetin - K. Neelakantam and T. R. Seshadri 476-477
A New Value for Butter-Fat and Ghee - V. Venkatachalam 477-478
A Noteworthy Feature in the Anatomy of Cycas Roots - V. Sitarama Rao and N. N. Murty 478
Sexual Maturity of Some Sedentary Organisms in the Madras Harbour - M. D. Paul 478-479
Chromosome Numbers in Some Economic Flowering Plants - J. S. Patel and G. V. Narayana 479
Presence of Embryonic Respiratory Organs (External Gills?) in Acentrogobius viridipunctatus (Day) - S. Jones 480
Cement Glands (Adhesive Organs) of Etroplus maculatus (Bloch) - S. Jones 480-481
A Case of Commensalism between a Gastropod and a Monascidian - S. M. Das 481-482
Mosquito Destroying Fishes - F. H. Gravely 482-483
Reviews 484-493
Human Genetics and its Social Import - Eileen W. E. Macfarlane 494-495
Production of Aluminium in Bombay - N. N. Chatterjee 496-497
Indian Research in the Service of Indian Reconstruction - Lore Liebenam 497-498
Obituary - Dewan Bahadur Dr. L. K. Ananthakrishna Iyer 499
Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan  
Chamberlain, William Isaac (1837-1920) 500
Colebrooke, Henry Thomas (1765-1837) 500-501
Lafont, Eugene (1837-1908) 501-502
Proctor, Richard Anthony (1837-1888) 502
Insects and Disease - S. M. Das 503-505
Wagener's Theory of Continental Drift - L. Rama Rao 506-507
The Teaching of Applied Chemistry in Indian Universities - N. C. Chatterjee 507-508
Physics in Hungary - Past and Present-II - R. Ortvay 509-512
Research Items 512-514
Science Notes 514-517
Academies and Societies 518
Erratum 518
APRIL 1937
Museums in India 519-524
A Lecture to the Scientists 524-526
Cancer Producing Chemical Compounds - C. L. Hewett 527-530
Letters To The Editor  
Oxygen in Solar Prominences - T. Royds and A. L. Narayan 531-532
Effect of Temperature on the Wing Accompanying Rayleigh Scattering in Liquids - K. Bapayya 532-533
Diamagnetic Susceptibility of Heavy Water - V. Nehra and M. Qureshi 533
Estimation of Rice Yields by Sampling - B. S. Kadam, R. J. Kalamar and V. K. Patanakar 533-534
Fibrous Tourmalines from the Mysore State - K. Y. Sreenivasa Iyengar 534-535
A Note on the Development of the Embryo-Sac in Phyllanthus niruri Linn. - P. Maheshwari and O. R. Chowdry 535-536
Formation of a Quadrivalent Group in Hybrid between Triticum vulgare and a Tr. Vulgare extracted Derivative - Dontcho Kostoff 537
Perennation in Cuscuta reflexa Roxb. - L. Narayana Rao 537-538
The Inheritance of Deciduousness of the Pedicelled Spikelets of Sorghum - G. N. Rangaswami Ayyangar, V. Panduranga Rao and T. Venkataramana Reddy 538-539
Reviews 540
Supplement - The Problem of Reality in Physics - R. Ortvay 541-553
Fish and Mosquito Control - S. L. Hora 554-555
Astronomical Notes 555
Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan  
Parmentier, Antoine Augustin (1737-1813) 556
Benntt, Edward Hallaran (1837-1907) 556
Mclachlan, Robert (1837-1904) 557
Scudder, Samuel Hubbard (1837-1911) 557
Industrial Outlook- Problems of the Paper Industry in India - M. P. Bhargava 558-561
Research Items 561-562
Need for a Soil Survey in India 563-564
Blood Substitutes 564-565
Science Notes 565-569
Academies and Societies 570-572
University and Educational Intelligence 572
MAY 1937
Indian Fisheries and Japanese Enterprise 573-577
The Vitamin B2 Complex and Allied Factors-I - J. R. O'Brien and R. A. Peters 577-582
Inter-specific Hybrids in Secale (rye). - Dontcho Kostoff 583-584
Liesegang Rings and the Influence of Media on their Formation - B. N. Desai 584-585
Letters To The Editor  
The Structure and Probable Biogenesis of β-Caryophyllene - K. Ganapathi 586-587
Crystalline Globulin from P. Aconitifolius Jacq. - Kamala Bhagvat 587
Volatilization of Ammonia from Indian Soils - V. Subrahmanyan 587-589
Observations on the Microflora of the Punjab Soils - Jagjiwan Singh 589
The Occurrence and Inheritance of Purple Pigment on the Glumes of Sorghum Close on Emergence from the Boot - G. N. Rangaswami Ayyangar and B. W. X. Ponnaiya 590
Labial Glands in Coleoptera - S. Pradhan 590-591
Serial Experiments - P. V. Sukhatme; Reply by D. S. R. 592-593
A Note on the High Insulation of Outdoor Antennas - C. V. Rajam 593-595
A Note on the Hairiness in the Punjab Cottons - R. S. Jai Chand Luthra 595-596
Reviews 597-606
The Ice Age - D. N. Wadia 607-608
Biology of the Desert Locust Schistocerca gregaria - Hem Singh Pruthi 608-609
Agricultural Research in India - A. K. Y. 609-610
The Cape Crawfish - B. N. C. 611
Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan  
Hoff, Karl Earnst Adolph Von (1771-1837) 612
Hicks, Henry (1837-1899) 612-613
Astronomical Notes - T. P. B. 613-614
Indian Science Abstracts 614
Research Items 615-616
Disperse Systems in Gases: Dust, Smoke and Fog - B. Sanjiva Rao 616-618
A Currency for India - Maurice Frydman 619-622
Stratosphere Flight in the Balloon "Explorer II" - RE 622
Science Notes 623-627
Academies and Societies 628
Forthcoming Events 628
JUNE 1937
India's Livestock 629-632
The Production of Food-Stuffs, Alcohol and Glucose from Wood by means of the Bergius-Rheinau Process - Friedrich Bergius 632-637
Food Adulteration in the Madras Presidency - Herbert Hawley 637-640
The Occurrence of Mica-Pegmatites around Gurpa, Gaya - M. P. Bajpai 641-643
Obituary 643-644
Nanga Parbat Expedition, 1937 644
Letters To The Editor  
Some New Features in the Activated Accumulation of Solute Molecules at surfaces of Solutions - K. S. Gururaja Das 645
Influence of Double Bond on the Stability of Heterocyclic Compounds - Tejendra Nath Ghosh 645-646
6-Aceto-7-hydroxycoumarin - K. N. Gaind, S. K. Gupta and J. N. Ray 646
Enzyme Method for the Estimation of Adrenaline from Suprarenal Glands -Kamala Bhagvat 646-647
Anthracnose of Cucurbits in the Punjab - B. B. Mundkur 647-648
Mutations in Gram Cicer arietinum L. - R. B. Ekbote 648-649
Chromosomes of Rana tigrina - J. J. Asana and R. G. Kharadi 649
Pearl-like Concretion from Siluroid Fish - H. Sreenivasa Rao 649-650
Influence of the Phenyl and Carboxyl Groups on the Course of Reaction in Walden Inversion Processes - V. Anna Rao 650
Reviews 651-653
Centenaries - S. R. Ranganathan  
Bezold, Johann Friedrich Wilhelm von (1837-1907) 653-654
Pearce, Richard (1837-1927) 654
Snelus, George James (1837-1906) 654-655
Astronomical Notes 655
Some Aspects of the Chemistry of Swamp Soil - V. Subrahmanyan 656-659
Research Items 659-660
Science Notes 661-663
Academies and Societies 663-664
Erratum 664