Current Science-Volume 49
January 1980. 1

NMR spectra of 2-fluoropyridine in nematic liquid crystals - N. Suryaprakash, A. C. Kunwar and C. L. Kethrapal 


A standard system of keys for programmable calculators - M. P. Abdurazak 


Studies on metal chelates of 5, 7-di-iodo, 8-hydroxy quinolino-4-(p-tolyl) sulphonamide as potential drugs- G. D. Tewari and M. N. Mishra


Significance of some enzymes & metabolites during ageing of the dipteran flesh fly Sarcophaga ruficornis - Radha Pant & Suman Kumar


Observations on 17β-, 3β- & 3α-hydroxysteriod dehydrogenases in the uropygial gland of house sparrow (Passer domesticus L.): A histochemical profile - B. C. Kotak and M. Padmanabhan

Letters to the Editor  
Force fields of electronically excited states of some triatomic systems --(Miss) D. Soundara Jyoti, S.Krishnaswamy, R. Ramaswamy and K.Venkateswarlu 17-18
Bayer-villiger oxidation of chromone-3-carboxaldehydes-A facile method for the synthesis of 3-hydroxy chromones -- C.chandraprakash Reddy, B.Veera mallaiah and G. Srimannarayana 18-19
A synthesis of 5,5'-Di-o-methylcupressuflavone and a new synthesis of digitolutein and Oroxylina -- S.gopalakrishnan, S. Neelakantan and P.V. Raman 19-20
Synthesis of some derivatives of 4-hydroxy-1-phenyl-2H(1) quinolones-- J.r.Merchant. M.S. venkatesh and S.S. Shirali 20-21
Chemical oscillations in Mn2+ catalysed belousov-zhabotinskii and dependence of tome of initiation and time period of oscillations on bromide ion concentration -- K.Prasad and M.S. Prasad 22-23
On the deposition of manganese and other metal compounds on the stones in river beds --M.Vivekananda Bhat and Gajanan A.Bhat 23-24
A review of stratigraphic significance of Meyeripollis Baksi and Venkatachala in assam-Arakan Basin -- A.K. Datta and d. Banerjee 24-25
Studies on isolated chloroplast in spinah (Spinacia Oleracea) : effect of change of pH. temperature and carbohydrate metabolites on the rate of photosynthetic electron transport --V.Kamalakannan and D.B. Motlao 26-27
Lepidium Sativum, Linn.-A new host record for Alternaria Alternata (Fr.) Keissler -- N.P. Melkania 27-28
Distribution patternof onions thrips (Thrips Tabaci Lind.) C.L.Suman, S.D. Wahf and N Jagan Mohan 28-29
Gonytrichum state of Melanosammella Inaqualis: A new record ato Indian Mycoflora -- S.R. Reddy and S.S. Reddy 29-30
A new thermophilic variety of Humicola Grisea Var. Indica -- A Subrahmanyam 30-31
Sulphadryls and survival of subaerial blue-green algae -- S.N.Tripathi and E.R.S. Talpasayi 31-32
Effect of coumarin on the cell division of Rhizoclonium Hieroglyphycum (Ag.) Kuetz. -- Y.S.R.K. sarma and S.B. Agrawal 32-33
Interfertility study of Daedalea Flavida Lev. --A.B. De 33-34
Cytology of a triploid SanSeviera -- M.A. Nazeer 34-35
Immunological evidence on the utilization of storage proteins during seed germination and seedlings growth in Tephrosia Purpurea (L.) Pers. (Fabaceae) -- C.K. Rao 35-36
The occurrence of luminescent bacteria in Penaeus Indicus from the backwaters of Cochin -- V. Krishnamurthy 36-36
Chromosome numbers in the family vitaceae -- V.P. Patil, M.S. Kumbhojkar and A.S. Jadav 37-38
Reviews and Announcements 39-40
January 1980. 2

On the alternative structure of DNA: Role of syn conformation of the basis - V. Sasikharan and Goutam Gupta

On contrast reversal of stored images in alkalihalide crystals containing anisotropic colour centers - S. Vekatagiri Rao and S. V. Pappu 49-50
On the shapes of the complex plane polarograms - G. A. Bhat 50-53
The phylogenetic and ecological implication of the haemolymph proteins in crustacae - M. A. Alikhan and S. Akhtar 53-56
Letters to the Editor
Junction conditions in bimetric relativity theory -- T.M. Karade 57-58
A note on the occurrence of tin-bearing rare-metal pegmatities in the bengal series (Precambrians), Govindpal-Chiurwda-Mundval area, Bastar District, M.P. -- V.J.S. Lamba 58-58
Occurrence of Spiroplasms of two serogroups on flowers of the tulip tree (Liriodendron Tulipifera L. ) in maryland -- V. Muniyappa and R.E. Davis 58-60
Studies on the internal structure of lemon leaves as influenced by plant growth regulations -- P.K.Chattopadhyay an S.P. Ghosh 60-61
Seedling handedness in Phaseolus Vulgaris L. -- M. Madhusudana Rao , N. Pratap Reddy andBir Bahadur 61-62
Structure and dehiscence mechanism of fruit wall in Eruca Sativa Mill. An Oleiferous Crucifer -- B.B. Arora and L.C. Lamba 62-64
The effect of sugars on the respiration of pestalotiopsis versicolor -- (Mrs) Kiran Hasija 64-65
Biodegradation of paper bags by Aspergillus and Mucor Species Ketan Shah and H.S. Chharpar 65-66
Control of seed deterioration in sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) -- Gopa Pathak and R.N. Basu 67-69
Feronia Limonia - A new host for Meloidogyne Incognita -- N.K. Sharma, B.P.S. Mangat and S.P. Kapur 69-69
Invitro multiplicatiion of Glycyrrhiza -- R.R. Shah and K.C. Dalal 69-71
Differential staining of phytophagous endoparasitic nematodes -- PParvatha Rddy, K. Srinivasan and D.B. Singh 71-71
A new species of Stenella from India -- P Abbasi and D.N. Shukla 71-72
Dermapteran predators in the biological regulation of sugarcane bores in India -- B.N. Ramamurthi and A.R. Solayappan 72-73
A new chromosome number for Furcraea gigantea Vent -- Z Abraham and P. Nagendra Prasad 73-74
Gliocladium Agrawala: A new Keratinophilic mold -- R.K.S. Kushwaha 74-75
Drechslera colocaseae-A new species --M.P.Tandon and V. Bhargava 75-76
B-chromosomes in tetraploid Matricaria Inodora L. -- K.J.Madhusudanan and O.P Arora 76-77
Female gametophyte in anchusa Officinalis L.-A reinvestigation --B.Hanumantha Rao and P.s. Prakasa Rao 77-79
On the biotic zonation of benthic ostracodes in the Bimili Balacheruvu Backwaters and Vasishta Godavari Estuary --C.Annapurna 80-81
Histochemical demonstration of steroid metabolism in the epididymis of Chameleon Calcaratus (Boulenger) -- G.R. Shivakumar, H.B. Devaraj Sarkar and B.M. Sekharappa 81-82
Effect of experimental ruminal acidosis oan blood glucose and plasma insulin concentration in buffalo claves -- S.S. Randhawa, M.S. Setia and S.K. Misra 82-83
Heterocytes as reproductive structures in blue-green algae --N.Anand 83-84
Reviews  85-86
February 1980. 3

Quality in science - G. N. Ramachandran

Metal-sulphur, metal-nitrogen and metal-oxygen bonded coordination compounds of Titanium (IV) and Zirconium (IV) with sulphur donor ketamines and aldimines - R. K. Sharma, R. V. Singh and J. P. Tandon 89-90
Low temparature acclimative studies on Philosamia ricini larvae - Radha Pant and Dwijendra K. Gupta 91-93
Effect of prostaglandin E2 administration on the male reproductive system a biochemical and cytomorphological study - N. K. Dev and H. K. Mangat 94-96
Electrophoretic and immunological evidence on protein degradation during seed maturation in Tephrosia (L) Pers. (Fabaceae) - C. K. Rao  97-99
Letters to the Editor  
Synthesis of bromo substituted isoxazolo (6,7-d)-1,2-Benzisoxazoles- K.A. Thakur, Miss A.B. Dumir and B.M. Bhawal 100-101
Synthesis of poly-p-xylylidene --Lalitha Rajaraman, M. Balasubramanian and M.J. Nanjan 101-102

Presence of two forms of beta-glucosidase in the culture filtrate of macrophomina phaseolina --Sagar C. Saha, Arunik Sanyal, Syamalima Dube and Dipal K. Dube

Auxin autotropic callus tissues in Nigella sativa --Suresh Chad and Satyesh chandra Roy 104-106
Chemically induced cariants in black gram- Phaseolus Mungo L. -- Bandana Bandyopadhyay and S. Bose 106-107
A Bifurcated seedling of Carthamus tinctorius Linn. --Suresh C.Goual, and Ambija Pillai 107-108
Leaf architecture in Lygodium Japonicum (thumb) Sw. and anemia Schimperiana Pr. S.D. lal and S. Bhambie 108-110
Effect of gamma radiation in the submerged organ of salvinia Auriculata Aublet -- B.S. Trivedi and O.s.Bajpai 110-112
Adaptation of sclerotium rolfsh to polyoxin-d -- S.B. sullia and Rose Maria 112-114
Conidial production in Helminthosporium Gramineum culture -- Prasanna Kumari Pillai, S.P. Lal and D. Suryanarayana 114-114
A note on the occurrence of Trichothecium Roseum Link. on Dolichos lab-lab India -- A.L. Siddaramaiah, S.A. Desai, R.P. Bhat and R.K. Hegde 114-115
Effect of different treatments on the dormancy of Sclerotia of Claviceps Oryzae-sativae -- R.A.Singh and K.S. Dubey 115-116
Chemical components of Eucalptus Citriodora Leaves -- Rameshwar Dayal 116-116
A new chromosome count in Zebrina Schnitz -- K.Lalithambika Bai and P.I Kuriachan 117-118
Influence of natural and synthetic insecticides on nitrogen fixation (C2H2 reduction) in the rice rhizosphere -- D.N. Nayak, I.C. Pasalu and V. Rajaramamohan Rao 118-119
The chromosomal location of a major gene for semi_dwarfism in the wheat variety Kalyansona --M.V. Prabhakara Rao 119-120
Infloresence mutant in Barley --Dalvir singh, R.K. Behl, Kuldip Singh Dhindsa and P.K. Sareen 120-122
Aspergillus Clavatus Desm. Mut. albino Raper and Fennell-A new record from India -- J.L.Varshney and A.K. Sarbhoy 122-122
February 1980. 4

The role of interaction with middle latitude circulation in the behaviour of the south west monsoon of 1972-1979 - C. R. V. Raman, Y. P. Rao and S. M. A. Alvi 

Imine derivatives of lanthanons - S. P. Mital, R. V. Singh and J. P. Tandon 130-132
Rivularia like filaments from the Chitrabhanukot dolomite of the Lokapur formation, Kaladgi group, Karnataka - M. N. Viswanathiah, V. Venkata-chalapathy and A. P. Mahalakshmamma  133-134
Ovarian & uterine acid phosphtase of lactatin females of Pteropus giganteus giganteus brunnich (Megachiroptera: Mammalia) - D. P. Jaroli & S. B. Lall 135-138
Changes in the oxygen consumption of the maternal animal, and maternal and embryonic tissues during the gestation period of the viviparous scorpian, Heterometrus fulvipes - V. Subburam & T. Gopala Krishna Reddy 138-140
Letters to the Editor
Debye temperature and Gruneisen constant of some cubic crystals with perovskite structure -- (Miss) Debasri Basu and J.K.D. Verma 141-142
On the A-X ystem of the CuBr Molecule -- g.P. Misra, R. Tripathi , S.B. Rai and K.N. Upadhya 142-144
Superconductivity -Aconsequence of magnetic interactions -- S.N. Ekbote, S.K. Gupta and A.v. Narlikar 144-145
Stereospecific synthesis of (Z)-M-1-bromo 1-phenyl-2-tolyl-sulphonylethylene --M.S.R. Naidu, R. Prabhakara and V. Nirmala 145-146
Availability aof nitrogen fixing blue-green algae in the rice fields of some districts of Bangladesh in different seasons -- F.Z. Majid and Rahim Khatun 146-147
Selenium Heterocycles Part IV. Synthesis of 2,4 Dihydroselenolo(2,3-b)quinolines --T.K.Raja 147-150
A technique for permanent chloroplast preparations -- N.D.Jambhale and Y.S. Nerkar 150-150
Acrosporium dendrophthoae a new species from India -- P. Ramachar and G. Bhagyanarayana 151-151
chromosome studies in Forrestia Hookeri, Hassk. (Commelinaceae) --Bidyut Kumar Biswas 151-152
Effect of pre-press hot water treatment in processing of vegetation for leaf protein -- R. Harendranath and Narendra Singh 153-154
Chromosome number of Trigonella Spinosa --Abhoy Kumar Ghose 154-155
Introductions of 'Green Azolla' Biofertilizer in India -- P.K. Singh 155-156
The development of embryo sac. Endosperm and the structure of fruit wall in Blumea Mollis (d.Don.) Merr. -- G. Rajasekhar 156-158
Collar rot of soybean- A new report from India -- A.v. Mathew and M Chandrasekharan Nair 158-158
effect of phosphobacteria on the yield and phosphate uptake of potato crop -- B.S. Kundu and A.C. Gaur 159-159
A whitefly transmitted yellow mosaic disease in groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.) -- a sudhakar Rao, R.D.V.J. Prasada Rao and P.S. Reddy 160-160
Effect of parasitism on the neurosecretary cells of the Host. Lymnaea Luteola -- G. Venkata Rama Krishna and Shyam Sunder Simha 160-162
Regional distribution of steroidogenic enzymes in the epididymis of the Lizard, Psammophilus Dorsalis (Gray) -- G.R. Shivakumar and H.B. Devaraj Srkar 162-164
effect of sulfur-35 on the survival of young oocytes in mouse -- K.Satyanarayana Reddy, P.P. Reddy and O.S. Reddi 164-164
Report of Leptocaris Brevicornis (van Douwe, 1904) (copepoda, harpacticoida) from India -- Y. Ranga Reddy 165-165
March 1980. 5

The concept of poly (dinucleotides): Novel nucleic acid helices with dinucleotides as helix repeats & the conformational dynamics of DNA duplexes - N. Yathindra & S. Jayaraman

Late middle eocene calcareous nannoplankton from Rakhadi river section, Harudi, Kutch - Pratap Singh, M. P. Singh, D. N. Mathur & R. N. Srivastava 172-176
Effects of Gamma irradiation on the activities of adinosine triphosphatase & inorganic phyrophosphatase in gram seedlings – Vijay K. Khanna & N. Maherchandani 176-179
Effects of bilateral vasectomy on tissue cholesterol distribution in albino rats - G. Vemananda Reddy, P. Reddanna & S. Govindappa 179-181
Inhibition of sheep brain acetylcholinesterase by malathion - V. Mohanachari, D. Bhargava, W. Rajendra, K. Indra & K. A. Swamy  182-184
Letters to the Editor
Study of adultration in oils and fats by ultrasonic method -- C. Raghupathi Rao, L.c. Siva Reddy and C.A. Ramachandra POrabhu 185-186
A-X band system of Srf -- N.P. Singh and J.S. Singh 186-187
Ultrasonic absorption studies in some binary liquid mixtures -- Vijay Kumar Kaul and M.G. seshagiri Rao 188-189
Rotational analysis of 0.0 band of B-X system of CuBr moleule--Miss S.G. Nene, Philip Mathew and M.M. Patel 189-190
Bond-polarizability derivatives of some organometallic compounds-- S.L. Gupta, U.P Verma and V.K. Rastogi 190-192
Studies on the electrical properties of magnesium meta vanadate -- O.G. Palanna 192-193
Rapid separation of some alkaloids of pharmacological and toxicological interest on hydrous zirconium oxide paper -- N.V. Rama Rao and narendra J. Singh 193-194
Reinecke-acid analogues with 2-substituted benzimidazoles -- A. Mishra and J.P Singh 194-195
Dehydroascorbic acid reduction in Guinea pig tissues --S. Son, S. Basu,S.Deb.D Mukherjee and I.B. chatterjee 195-196
Regeneration of whole plants by Embryogenesis from cell suspension cultures of sandalwood -- G. Lakshmi Sita, J. Shobha and C.S. Vaidyanathan 196-198
Chemical constituents of the bark of Santalum Album Linn. -- K.H. Shankara Narayanan, K.L.S. Ayyar and G.S. Krishna Rao 198-199
Photooxidation of Di-T-butylthioketone -- V.Jayathertha Rao and V.Ramamurthy 199-200
Incidence and chemical control of mites on Mandarin in Himachal Pradesh -- S. Srivastava, J.S. Bhullar, O.P.Bhalla and G.S. Dogra 200-201
Seedling handedness in Cajanus Cajan(L.) Mill Sp. -- K.Lokender Rao and Bir Bahadur 201-202
Hassall's corpuscles in Chemonian thymus -- P.L. Duda and Adarsh Gupta 202-203
Relationship of sees number with follicle length and pollen sterility in catharanthus Roseus (L.) G. Don -- R. Krishnan, V.R. Nargund and T. Vasantha Kumar 203-204
Two new species of Myxobolus (Myxosporidea:Protozoa)Parasitc on Cirrhina Mrigala (Hamilton) and Puntius curmuua (hamilton) -- D. Seenappa and L. Manohar 205-206
Histopathology of the cestode amoebotaenia Indiana (Cohn. 1900)from Gallus Domesticus Aurangabad , India -- (Mis) K.B. Mitra and G.B. Shinde 206-207
Reviews  208-209
March 1980. 6

Modified cosmological term & its significance - V. B. Johri & R. Chandra

Studies on pyridine aldoximes - H. C. Joshi, P. K. Ramachandran & C. N. Haksar 213-215
Synthesis of heterocycles via lactones - Ganesh D. Pandey & Kamla P. Tiwary 216-218
Relief by γ-irradiation of lysine inhibited diaminopimelate synthesis in an Escherichia coli auxotroph  219-220
Effects of localized muscular exercise & training on the renal protein metabolism - P. Reddanna, C. V. Narasimha Moorthy & S. Govindappa 221-223
Letters to the Editor
On air induced by hovering insects -- G. Gopala Krishna. B.Krishna Shankar and Adeel Ahmed 224-226
Characterisation of the epimeric 3 alpha-and 3beta-friedelan-28-and 25-diols -- S.S.R.Anjaneyulu and M. Narayana Rao 226-227
A novel oxidation of 3-aminopyridine by peroxomonophosphoric acid -- S.N. Mahapatra, G.P. Panigrahi and A.K. Panda 227-227
1-Hydroxy-2-acetonaphthoneoxime as a gravimetric reagent for palladium(II0, copper (II) and Nickel(II)--V.V. Balkrishna and N. Appala Raju 227-228
Simplified calculation of dipole moments and polarizabilities from vapour-phase measurements of dielectric constant and refractive index -- Leonard S. Levitt 228-230
On the occurrence of syntectonically filled veins in the rocks east of Barwaha city, West Nimar district, Madhya Pradesh -- Prakash P. Roday and Arun K.Bhatt 230-231
Nodal organization in the family scrophulariaceae -- P.S. Bisht and G.S. Paliwal 231-233
Association of Drechslera setariae with downy mildew affected pearl millet -- K.A. Balasubramanian 233-234
A new species of Stenella from India -- P. Kumar, D.N. shukla and Kamal 234-235
a calculator programme for factorial experiments -- M.P.Abdurazak 236-237
Cholesterol and biosynthesis of diosgenin by tuber-callus of Bioscorea Deltoidea -- A.R. Chowdhury and H.C. Chaturvedi 237-238
Abscisic acid production by diplocarpon rosae and its role in the disease production -- Suhas P Wani, P.Vittal Rai and R.B. Patil 238-239
A new species of Dichomera (Coelomycetes) from India -- V.G. .. Rao and K.I. Mani Varghese 239-240
On the food preference and the morphological adaptations of the gut of some species of orthoptera -- M.C. Muralirangan 240-241
An antimicrobial antibiotics from a species of bacilus -- B.M. Sundaram and G. Ramananda Rao 242-242
On DDT-induced 'Radicular proliferation' in phaseolus Mungo Linn, -- AJayarami Reddy and V. Chandrasekharan 242-243
Evolutionary significance of pollen to ovule ratio-A study in some pulse crops -- R.Uma Shanker and K.N. Ganeshaiah 244-245
Development of infection structure by uredospores of Puccinia Ruelliae (Berk. and Br.) Lagerh-- A.B.De 245-245
Effect of simazine on DNA, RNA and total nitrogen of peas (Pisum sativum L.) -- S.s. Kadam and D.K. Salunkhe 246-247
Screening bread wheat germplasm for grain protein content and gluten strength -- A.S. Randhava and Karam Chand 247-248
Studies on silkworm diseases Phage and serotyping of bacillus thuringinesis strains occurring in the sericultural tracts of Karnataka -- V.N.Vasantharajan and N. Munirathnamma 248-249
The tubular differences in mouse testis -- A.L.Bhatia 250-251
Studies on piscidal plants of North-Eastern India: Hope for an indigenous plant poison for fish nursery management -- S.N.Ramanujam and B.K. Ratha 251-252
Reproductive cycle of the Indian Molossid Bat. Tadarida Aegyptiaca -- S.K. Kashyap 252-253
Reviews  254-254
April 1980. 7

Microfauna, age, palaeoenvironment and palaeobiogeography of the tal formation, lesser Himalaya, Garhwal, Uttar Pradesh, India - Pratap Singh

Synthesis of heterocycles via lactones - Ganesh D. Pandey & Kamla P. Tiwary 261-262
Activity of pep-carboxylase and two glycolate pathway enzymes in C3 and C4 plants grown at two altitudes - O. P. Pandey and A. N. Purohit 263-265
Toxicity of copper and zinc on cultures of Skeletonema costatum (Grev) cleve and Nitzschia longissima – A. N. Subramanian, B. R. Subramanian and V. K. Venugopalan 266-268
Letters to the Editor
Estimation of vanadium(IV), cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) with DCTA using haematoxylin as indicator -- Ram prakash, S.K. Rehani and Roshan-Lal S inghal 269-269
Total synthesis of A-nor-3,7-bisthiaestra-1,5 (10), 8,14-tetraene-17-one --S.R. Ramdas and Nizal S. Chandrakumar 269-270
Lower eocene marine mammal (Sirenia) from Dharampur, Simla Himalayas, H.P. -- Ashok Sahni, Kishor Kumar and B.N. Tiwari 270-271
A new species of clasterosporium --U.N.Saikia and A.K. Sarbhoy 271-272
Carrots-An excellent substrate for growth and sporulation of Alternaria Helianthi -- P.M. Mukewar and S.D. Gera 272-272
Reduce the cost of bacterial fertilizers by directly growing them on base material -- R.H. Balasubramanya, J.S. Sadreshpande and J.H. Kulkarni 272-273
A search for scilladienoliders in Scilla Indica Roxb --Sumita Jha and Sumitra Sen 273-274
Embryological studies in Lamiaceae Vii Development of endosperm in Craniotome versicolor Reichb Iconogr -- N.K. Dwivedi and B.M. Joshi 274-275
Nelliecarteria Ramosa (carter) de toni. A new record for India --V.R. Gunalie 275-276
Seasonal variation of total glycosidal content in Indian Squill (Urginea indica Kunth.) -- M.M. Patil and S.G. Torne 276-277
Comparative anatomy of the normal and tricotylous seedlings in Brassica Oleracea var. Capitata --M.I. Gupta and V.K. Jain 277-278
Observations on an induced epizootic of nuclear polyhedrosis of Ansacta albistriga Walker -- R.Jebamoni Rabindra and M.Balasubramanian 279-279
Influence of alpha-tocopherol on some physiological aspects of cucumber (Cucumis sativus L.) Var. cucumber Long -- P. Gopala Rao, Y. Kalpalath and J.K. Ramaiah 279-281
A new species of Myrothecium from Indian alkaline soils --S.C Agarwal 281-282
A new species of Mystrosporiella (Hyphomycetes) from India -- R.P. Singh 282-283
Developmental morphology and homologies in grass embryo -- C.K. Shah and S.B. Sreekumari 284-285
Adaptationof sclerotium rolfsii to systemic fungicide -- Dharam vir and R.K. Sharma 285-286
The diffuse stage in the meiosis of PMCs of Cymbopogon Caesius -- M.R. Sudharshan and K.S. Jagadishchandra 286-287
Isolation of Shigella flexneri from two toger cubs -- Syed Zaki, T.S. Nalini, M. Satyanarayana Rao and B.S. Keshavamurthy 288-288
Helopeltis Antonii sign. As a pest of moringa oleifera -- K.Sasidharan Pillai, K. Saradamma and M.R.G.K. Nair 288-289
Meiotic studies in Momordica Cymbalaria fenzl -- S.S. Mehetre and M.V. Thombre 289-289
Nariyal chudi, a promising rice variety -- Raju Philip and S.K. Shrivastava 289-290
On a new Indian Gall-Midge species (diptera: Cecidomyiidae) -- R.M. Sharma and S.N. Rao 290-291
Protesase activity in Brassica Juncea plants infected with Sclerotinia Sclerotiorum --(Miss) Shashi Dhawan 291-293
Cirolana Spp. (Isopoda) associated with marine wood-boring and fouling organisms -- C.J. Cherian 293-293
Reviews 294-294
April 1980. 8

Unsteady, laminar flow of a viscous incompressible fluid through porous media in a hexagonal channel - Prem Chand Gupta

Isolation and studies on biological activities of mixed ligand complexes of copper (II) with 2, 2'-bipyridyl and α-amino acids - G. S. Mallik, S. P. Singh and N. P. S. Bisht  298-302
Synthesis and biological activity of alpha, α'-thiobisformamidine derivatives: Part II - S. N. Pandeya and P. Ram 302-304
Polarographic study of uranyl-amino acids complexes - I: U (VI) in glycine, DL-α and β-alanines and histidine - V. G. Dongre and D. G. Dhuley 305-307
Letters to the Editor
NMR study of the oil build-up in sunflower seeds -- M.R. Lakshminarayana, A seetharam, K.V. Ramanathan and C.L. Khetrapal 308-309
Flavonoids of the leaves of Sterculia pallens -- R.M. Ranganathan and S. Nagarajan 309-310
1,3-addition of benzonitril oxides to 2-chloroalkybenzimidazoles: synthesis of 1-methyl-4-aryl-1H [1,2,4]oxadiazino-[4,5-a]benzimidazoles -- B. Rammohan Rao and Khalil Ahmed 310-311

Isolation and characterisation of different constituents of Euphorbia Hirta Linn. -- R.K. Baslas and Rakesh Agarwal

On the replacement of biotype by L-Felspar -- N.W. Gokhale and V.N. Hegde 312-314
Halotolerance of some anabaena Species -- N Anand 314-315
A new downy mildew on maize in Rajasthan, India -- Babu Singh Siradhana, S.R.S.Dange, R.S.Rathore and S.D. Singh 316-317
Study of the effect of Metronidozole on nuclear constituent --Abhoy Kumar Ghosh 317-318
Iodine treatment of mungbean seeds for the maintenance of vigor and viability --A.B.Rudrapal and R.N. Basu 319-320
Cytological studies in Coelachyrum Lagopoides (Poaceae) -- S.C. Hiremath 320-321
Kariyology of a triploid Hippeastrum stylosum Herb --N. Lakshmi and T.V.S.R.V. Prasada Murthy 321-322
A Spontaneous variant with larger flowers in Jasminum Auriculatum Vahl. -- J.V.R. Bhupal Rao and R.Krishnan 323-323
Domingoella, a new generic record with a new species from northeast India -- A.K. Sarabhoy and U.N. Saikia 324-324
Preliminary observations on the embryology of Spinifex littoreus Merr. --K.K.Lakshmanan and R. Jaylakshmi 325-326
Development pf tomato genotypes with exserted stigma and a seedling marker for use as a female parents to exploit heterosis -- S.K.Tikoo and N.Anand 326-327
Isolation of Corynebacterium Pseudotuberculosis from two aborted equine foetuses --Syed Zaki, M.Satyanarayana Rao, T.S. Nalini and B.S. Keshavamurthy 327-328
Induction of Rhizogenesis by caffeic acid in maize stem segments -- Param Jeet Saini and H.S. Srivastava 328-329
An unrecorded gruit rot of orange (citrus reticulata Blanco) -- Ranjna Dhingra, R.S. Mehrotra, K.R. Aneja 329-329
Interchange heterozygosity in Hemerocallis Linn. --Prakash Narain 329-330
The genus Stilbellula from India -- J.S. Chouhan and K.S. Panwar 330-331
Increased lysosomal mediated protein degradation in the liver of 'vacor'fed Bandicota Bengalensis --Shakunthala Sridhara and K. Srihari 331-332
Reviews 333-334
May 1980. 9

A new band system of indium iodide molecule in the region λλ-3490-3604 AD - A. B. Darji and S. P. Vaidya

Synthetic and structural studies on some mixed ligand complexes of manganese (II) - B. D. Pandey and D. C. Rupainawar 336-339
New indolyl hypotensive agents - Jagdish C. Agarwal, Y. K. Gupta, K. P. Bhargava and K. Shanker 339-342
Estimation of rare earth complexes of glutamic acid with chloramine-T and chloramine-B - Rangaswamy, H. S. Yathirajan and D. S. Mahadevappa 342-344
Sex-specific differences in total esterase, acetylcholine and acetylcholinesterase of heads of philosamia ricini adult moths - Radha Pant and Dwijendra K. Gupta 344-346
Fossil rhinoceros from Tamilnadu - S. C. Jayakaran 346-347
Letters to the Editor 348-372
Lunar tides in E-region drifts over Ahmedabad -- V.P. Patel, H.Chandra and R.G. Rastogi 348-348
The crystal structure of bisflycine cadmium chloride -- R. Thulidhass and J.K. Mohana rao 349-349
Nitration of aromatic compounds with ammonium nitrate in trichloroacetic acid --A.Balasubramanian 349-350
Specific chromogenic reagent for the identification of endrin on T.L.C. -- H.N.Katre and V.D. Joglekar 350-351
An examination of Bark of Ouercus Semicarpifolia -- (Miss) Mamta Agrawal and Ramesh Gupta 351-351
A preliminary study on the role of pyridoxine in lipid metabolism in Aspergillus Nidulans --V.Srimathi, C.V. Pichapp and E.R.B. Shanmugasundaram 351-352
A note on the adaptation of lentogenic strain (CD F66 of Ranikhet disease virus in cell culture -- N.B.Singh and B.R. Boro 352-353
The efficacy of cellulose acetate electrophoresis in fractionation of cerebrospinal fluid proteins -- M.N.Subhash and B.S. Sridhara Rama Rao 353-355
A preliminary observation of the action of metoclopramide on skeletal muscle of frog and Guineapig ilem -- S.R.K. Acharya and T.N.Kumar 355-356
The occurrence of Gabbroic intrusion in deccan trap basalts near Khopoli in the Konkan area (Maharashtra) -- J.G. Mulay and V.V. Peshwa 356-357
Discovery of condodonts in the cambrian of spiti. Tethys Himalaya --D.K. Bhatta and Gopendra Kumar 357-357
An undescribed species of Heteroconium Petr, (Hyphomycete) from South India --K.I. Mani Varghese and V.G. Rao 359-359
Occurrence of Podonectria Coccicola (Ellis and Everh>) Petch on citrus scale insects --N.N. Raghavendra Rao and H.S. Sohi 359-360
A simple technique for isolating Phytophthora Palmivora from soil -- K.Satyaprasad and P. Ramarao 360-361
Production of protease by sclerotina sclerotiorum cause of white rot of Brassica juncea -- (Miss) Shashi Dhawan
Barley X-rye hybrid (Hordecale) through embryo culture -- Y.P.S. Bajaj, M.M. Verma and M.S. Dhanju 362-363
Effct of fat soluble vitamins on growth and sporulation of Pestalotiopsis -- Geetha Sahay and A.K. Shrivastava 363-364
Bartholin's gland of the Indian Pipistrellid Bat. Pipistrellus Dormeri (Dobson) --(Mrs) V.M. Sapkal and M.M. Gadegone 364-366
Interfertility study of Trametes Floccosa Bres. --A.B.De 366-367
On the phenotypic variation in the certhiids of Waltair coasts -- L. Manmadha Rao and K.Hanumantha Rao 368-368
Tori Longitudinales and valvula cereblli in three species of labeo -- K.K. Tandon and Kiranjit Kaur 369-369
Serological evidence of leptoserial antibodies in man in and around Bangalore --G.Krishnappa, A.D. Upadhye, Naveed Ahmad, B.S. Kesavamurthy and Mrs. P.Bhat 369-371
Bimodal gas exchange and some blood parameters in the Indian Air-Breathing fish. Osphromenus Olfax (Day) --G.M. Natarajan 371-372
Reviews 373-374
May 1980. 10

Severe and catastrophic floods in the Tapi and Narmada - C. Ramaswamy and Vuddagiri Subba Rao

Study of peak frequency and bandwidth of atmospherics as a function of azimuth - S. Gopalakrishna and P. Sitaramaswamy 380-381
Synthesis of 3, 5, 4'-trihydroxy-6, 7-methylenedioxyflavone - D. K. Bhardwaj, M. S. Bisht, R. K. Jain and R. C. Tyagi 382-383
Some biological, haematological and histological observations in molybdenotic rats - S. V. S. Rana and Ajay Kumar  383-386
A new ant- like spider of the genus Myrmarachne (Salticidae) from India - B. L. Bradoo 387-388
Isolation of photosynthetically active mesophyll cells and protoplasts from leaves of C3, C4, and cam plants - I. Madhusudana Rao, G. Gajendrudu and V. S. Rama Das 389-390
Letters to the Editor
Solar flare proton fluxes in the last few million years -- T.R. Venkatesan and M.N.Rao 391-391
Determinationof thymol from various formulation by gas chromotography -- R.T. Sane, V.S. Narkar and P.P. Karkhanis 392-392
Selenium-powerful inhibitor of xanthine oxidase activity -- Uma Kela and R. Vijayavaroiya 392-394
Newer basis of differentiating alternaria helminthi from alternaria chrysanthemi -- P.M. Mukewar and S.D. Gera 394-394
A new leaf spot disease of chillies -- S.R. Sharma and H.S. Sohi 395-395
Methanogenic organisms from fermenting lurry of the Gobar gas plant --D.R. Ranade, J.A. Gore and S.H. Godbole 395-397
A new collar rot disease of castor from India -- A.L. Siddaramaiah, S.A. Desai and R.K. Hegde 397-398
A new species of Pseudocercosporella (Hyphomycetes) from India -- R.P. Singh 398-398
assimilation of acetate and production of methase by cattle waste slurry -- Rajendra singh, M.K. Jain and P. Tauro 399-400
A new record of Curvularia Gudauskasii Morgan-Jones and karr from Indian Soil -- D.P. Tiwari and (Kumari) Alka I Jacob 400-401
Occurrence of a ew strain of sorghum downy mildew peronosclerospora sorghi and its oospores on maize in Rajasthan --K.L. Kothari, K.L. Jain, R.S. Rathore and S.D. singh 401-402
A new wilt disease of gram caused by Fusarium moniliforme sheld -- S.N. Gurha and D.P. Misra 402-402
Studies with a new growth regulator Dikegulac-sodium --S.S. Purohit 403-404
Polypeptides of parthenium chloroplasts of SDS Gels -- K. Francis and R. Radhakrishnan 404-406
Histochemical studies on bovine filariid: setatia cervi -- Humaria Khatoon, Jamil A. Ansari and Abdul Baqui 406-408
Acid and alkaline phosphatases in the postembryonic stages of Pieris Brassicae L. -- Santosh Dhir and H.R. Pajni 408-409
Cardiac skeleton in the heart of the anuran Amphibia --Harish C. Nigam 409-410
Steroid hormone producing sites in the ovary of two Indian Lizards, Varanus Monitor and Mabuya Trivittata: A histochemical study -- B.M. Sekharappa and H.B. Devaraj Sarkar 410-411
Chromosomal study in the viviparous alatoid females of Tinocallis Kahawaluokalani (kirkaldy_ (Homopters: aphididae) --(Mis) S. Datta and A.R. Khuda-Bukhsh 411-412
Reviews and Announcements 413-414
June 1980. 11

Effects of equatorial anomaly on whistler wave propagation a low attitudes - S. K. Jain, Ram Prakash and Birbal Singh 

N4-(nicotinamido-methtyl)-sulphonamides - S. V. Matkar, S. H. Mishra and R. Kaushal 418-421
A note on the application hilbert transform for the transformation of geomagnetic anomalies due to two-dimentional bodies - D. Atchuta Rao and H. V. Ram Babu 421-423
A study on the lysozyme pattern in murine leukaemia and lymphomas - Sukta Das, Arun Basu, Amar Mitra, Asish Chatterjee and Santosh Mitra 423-425
Letters to the Editor
Electroluminescence in ZnO :Sm,ZnO : Sm,Cu and :Sm,Ag phosphors -- L.N.Tripathi, B.R. Chaubey, C.P. Mishra and Y. Mishra 426-427
An alternative synthesis of 7-O-methyl Glabranine -- Rameshwar Dayal 427-427
Mossbauer studies on the complexes of Tin(IV) with some monohydroxamic aids -- M.K.Das. M.R. Ghosh amd J.J. Zuckerman 428-429
Gadolinium(III) myoglobin : Interacton of Gd(III) mesoporphyrin IX with Apomyoglobin -- T.S. Srivastava 429-430
Crystallographic study of some mixed pyrochlores -- S.L.Patil and V.S. Darshane 430-431
Habit modification caused by Mono thio ethylene glycol during the electrodeposition of cadmium --C. Radha Krishnan and S Nageswar 431-433
Histochemical evaluation of pas reactions in the anthers of male fertile and male sterile plants --S.V. S. .Chauhan and Rajesh K.S. Rathore 433-436
Callus induction and growth in two varieties of Cymbopogen Nardus (L.) rendle ( Ceylon Citronella) --H.L. Srinath and K.S. Jagadeshchandra 437-438
Reactions of Azospirillium to certain dyes and their usefulness in enumeration of the organism -- M. Lakshmi Kumari, V. Lakshmi, P.A. Nalini and N.S. Subba Rao 438-439
Changes in phenolic contents of sorghum and maize cultivars resistant and susceptible to sorghum downy mildew -- H. Shekar Shetty and Rasheed Ahmad 439-441
Effect of metabolites of Myrothecium Leucotrichum on the germination of spores of plant pathogenic fungi --K.Suryanarayana and A. Ramalingam 442-444
A new name for an Indian Grass -- Sunanda Bhattacharyya and  S.K. Jain 444-444
Report on root nodule formation in eupatorium Spp. --R.R. Mishra and G.D. Sharma 444-446
Antibiotic activity of Thermophilic actinomycetes -- Kanta Bhakru and Bhavdish N. Johri 446-446
A new Hansfordia Hughes from India -- P. Raghuveer Rao and Sudarshan Rao 447-447
B Chromosomes in induced octoploid of Impatiens Balsamina L. --S.S. Raghuvanshi and Savita Mahajan 447-448
B-Chromosome in Linaria Biparitqa Willd. -- M.A. Nazeer, G.v. Subramanyam and D. Ohri 448-449
A tetraphyllidean Larva (Genus Phyllobothrium ?) from the ovaries of the sand crabs. Albunea Symnista and Emerita Asiatica off the Madras coast -- Sita anantaraman and T. Subramonian 449-450
New record of two caterpillars feeding on citrus in andhra Pradesh -- B. Nagalingam and P. Savithri 450-451
Pathomorphology of liver and bile duct of Bandicoot rat, Bandicota Indica (Bechstein); Infected with the nematode Capillaria Hepatica (Bancroft, 1893) Travassos, 1915 --T.S.V.Naidu and V.K. Thakare 451-452
Root and foot-rot of Eruca sativa caused by Alternaria Alternata (FR.) Keissler -- S.N.Bhargava, D.N. Shukla and Narendra Singh 452-452
Reviews  453-454
June 1980.12

Synthesis and cns activity of 5-arylidene-3-arylaminomethyl-4-thiazolidinon-2-thiones - Rajesh Agarwal, M. K. Shukla and R. K. Satsangi  

Repression of mating behaviour by nymphal exposure to sublethal doses of juvenile hormone analogues in Dysdercus koenigii (Fabricius) (Hemiptera: Pyrrhocoridae) - D. S. Hebbalkar and R. N. Sharma 457-459
Palladium complexes of schiff bases derived from heterocyclic aldehydes - V. K. Gupta, N. C. Jain and D. K. Sharma  459-461
Effects of alloxan diabetes on myocardial lipolysis - U. P. S. Chauhan and Vishwa Nath Singh 461-462
Macromolecular changes during asexual differentiations Aspergillus nidulans under liquid shake culture conditions - Rajendra K. Saxena and Umakant Sinha  463-465
Monoamine oxidase activity in the prostate gland of Taphozus longimanus hardwicke (Mocrochiroptera: Mammalia) - D. R. Swami and S. B. Lall 465-466
Letters to the Editor  
Conversion coefficient of the 754 keV transition in 139Ce --D. Sudhakara Reddy, S. Bhuloka Reddy, K.L. Narasimham and V. Lakshminarayana 467-467
Flavonoids of the flowers of Adenocalymma Alliaceum -- M. Appa Rao and E. Venkata Rao 468-469
Preparation of Bis-pi-cyclopentadienyl-bis-pi-indenyl molybdenum(VI) oxide -- K.C. Goyal and B.D. Lhosla 469-469
Stabilization of austenite by atomic hydrogen -- K.J.L.Iyer, E.G. Ramachandran and S.G. Whiteway 469-470
Discovery of upper gondwana plants north of Indus Suture Zone Ladakh, India -- Kewal K. Sharma, K.R. Gupta and S.C. D. Sah 470-472
Preliminary investigation on the antimicrobial activity of a phytochemical, xanthochymol from the fruits of Garcinia Xanthochymus Hook. f. -- R.K. Baslas and P.Kumar 472-473
An improved technique for chromosome studies in orchids --Bidyut Kumar Biswas 473-475
Nutrient potential : A predative tool for fertilization in a soil-crop system -- Gururaj Hunsigi 476-477
A new postharvest disease of Annona Squamosa L. Ranjna Dhingra, R.S. Mehrotra and K.R. Aneja 477-478
Growth potential of Spirulina Platensis in animal wastes -- D.L.N. Rao and G.S. Venkataraman 478-479
Occurrence of palynofossils from the Pinjor formation (Upper siwalik) exposed near Chandigarh --R.K. Saxena and H.P. Singh 479-480
Walkeromyces Thaung and Parapithomyces Thaung, two new generic records from India -- A.N. Rai, B.Rai and Kamal 480-483
Studies on a melon ringspot virus -- S.M. Viswanath, T.K. Nariani and V.V. Chenulu 483-483
Effect of Morphactin on the epidermal structures of okra pods --Vinod Kumar Gupta and Dibakar Mukherjee 483-485
Circadian rhythmicity in brain AMP deaminase activity of Bufo Vulgaris -- V.V.R.K. Anjaneyulu, W. Rajendra, K. Indira and K.S. Swami 485-486
Incidence of Timber-Boring animals in the Vellar-coleroon esturine system -- N.Balakrishnan Nair and D. Dharmaraj 486-487
Effect of the alcoholic extract of Zanthoxylum armatum fruits on certain Haematologic parameters of heteropneustes Fossils -- S.N. Ramanujam and B.K. Ratha 487-489
Effect of groundnut root exudates on different strains of Rhizobium Sp. --S.B. Sullia and D. Anusuya 489-490
Two interesting fungi from aquatic habitat -- M. Madhusudan Rao and C. Manoharachary 490-491
Notes on Megaselia Sp.(Diptera:Phoridae) a newly recorded parasite of Nephrantis serinopa Meyrick (Lepidoptera : xylorictidae) -- O.K. Remadevi, U.V.K. Mohamed and U.C. Abdurahman 491-492
Reviews  492-494
July 1980.13

Brief biographical note on Smt. Lokasundari Lady Raman - K. R. Ramanathan

Singlet oxygen induced stereoselective photo fries migration of acylamines - H. M. Chawla, (Miss) Amita Mittal, (Miss) Kakoli Chakrabarty and S. S. Chibber 497-498
Synthesis of hetrocycles via lactones1-a novel synthesis of sulphur containing heterocycles2-synthesis of1-desaza-1-thia-15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 - hexa-dehydroyohimbane - Ganesh D. Pandey and Kamla P. Tiwari 498-499
Study of electrokinetic potential of human erythrocytes in presence of anticoagulants - G. M. Panpalia, A. K. Dorle and D. Rambhau 500-502
Insecticide impact on contractile pattern of amphibian skletal muscle - W. Rajendra, C. Sree Ramulu Chetty, R. Anasuya, K. Indira and K. S. Swami 502-504
Effect of seasonal variations starvation and cold acclimation on serum acid phosphatase activity of common indian frog Rana tigrina  505-506
Letters to the Editor
A note on the occurrence of N echoes in the equatiorial region -- J. Hanumanth Sastri 507-508
Heat transfer in a Lattice having core dislocations at low temperatures -- K.S. Dubey 508-510
A convenient synthesis of sendaverine -- M.Masood, P.K. Minocha and K.P. Tiwari 510-510
Synthesis and physiological activity of new schiffbases of dehydroacetic acid and their metal chelates -- D. Surya Rao, M.C. Ganorkar, C. Sadasiva Reddy and V.T.John 511-512
Recognition of short juvenility in Poncirus -- I.S. Yadav, S.H. Jalikop and H.P. Singh 512-513
A note on conversion of new male sterile lines by limited backcrossing in pearl millet (Pennisetum typhoides) Burm. S. and H. --J.R. Sharma 513-514
Amylase productiion by Syncephalastrum species -- B.M. Desai and (mrs) M.B. Desai 514-515
Fundistasis due to volatile inhibitors produced by some penicillium species --B. Sundara Singh and S.B. Saksena 515-517
A new species of Pholiota from India --A.V. Sathe and Sandhya Deshpande 517-518
Is there any lethal gene in the tiger of Rewa -- A.K. Roychoudhury 518-520
Chlorotic streak, A new virus disease of rice -- A. Anjaneyulu, S.K. Singh, V.D. Shukla and M.M. Shenoi 520-521
Karyomorphology of Leucas r.Br. --N.Krishnan 521-522
A Trisomic coffea Canephora -- M.S. Sreenivasan 522-523
Mycosphaerella Ruscicola Sp.Nov. Pande, the perfect stage of cercospora Ruscicola -- Alaka Pande 523-523
Microsporogenesis and male gametophyte in three species of setaria (Poaceae) Ravinder K. Bhanwra, Sanjiv Kumar and S.P. Choda 524-524
Sexuality of ganoderma Colossum (Fr.) torrend -- A.B. De 524-526
Physostigmine inhibition of cholinesterase activity in the ventral nerve cord of scorpion -- S.A.T. Venkatachari 526-527
Chromosomal studies on apoderus sissu ( attelabidae) --G.P. Sharma and Vinod Pal 527-529
Tuberculosis in young calves --Nem Singh, Manik Chandra, M.S. Kwatra and Balwant Singh 529-530
Reviews  531-532
July 1980. 14

Structure and conformation of didodium guanosine-5'-phosphate heptahydrate C10H13N5O8PNa2.7H2O - S. K. Katti, T. P. Seshadri and M. A. Viswamitra

Electron-impact-induced hydrogen migration in organic molecules-III: Double hydrogen migration in substituted tetra-butylbenzoates - D. V. Ramana, N. Sundaram and S. Mahalingam 536-537
Free amino acids of haemolymph and silk gland in the developing fifth instar and spinning larva of Philosamia ricini - Radha Pant and Balagoplan Unni 538-541
Special alimentary provision in an edentulous clupeid - Gonialosa manminna (Ham) - N. Kaushik and B. G. Kapoor 542-543
Effects of post-natal undernutrition and subsequent rehabilitation on aldolase activity in rat brain - T. S. Rajeswari and E. Radha 543-545
Letters to the Editor
Flavonoids of the flowers of Leucaena Glauca -- R.M. Ranganathan and S, Nagarajan 546-546
Distribution of isomorphous salts between aqueous and solid phases in fractional crystallisation: effect of added electrodes -- S. Hariharan, A.S.A. Murthy and D.s. Mahadevappa 547-548
Intranasal administration of insulin reduces circulating levels of glucose in the Rhesus Monkey --T.C. Anand Kumar. atam Seghal and J.s. Bajaj 548-550
An alkaline province in Andhra Pradesh -- C. Leelanandam 550-551
A new occurrence of salt [NaCl] in Kangra District. Himachal Pradesh -- M.R. Vijayaraghavan and Avdhesh K. Shukla 551-551
Pollination in Pergularia Daemia -- M.R. Vijayaraghavan and Avdhesh K. Shukla 552-553
Effect of rock phosphate and glucose concentration on phosphate solubilisation by Aspergillus awamori -- A.C. Gaur and Sunita Sachar 553-554
Brinjal fruit rot caused by fusarium Monioliforme sheld- A new record from India -- V.V. Datar 555-555
Relationship between hormone levels and RNA synthesis in growing fruits --S.N. Seal and S.P. Sen 555-556
Fossil wood of Terminalia from the tertiary of West Bengal -- P.K. Ghosh and S.K. Roy 556-557
Production of cell wall degrading emzymes by two seed borne fungi --M.A.S. Chary and S.M. Reddy 557-558
Chromosome numbers in two species of opuntia -- R. Sampathkumar and N. Navaneetham 558-559
Development of gametophytes in Rauwolfia Beddomei Hook. --V. Balasubramanian 559-560
Facultative stomata in Griffitherlla (Podostemaceae) -- C.R. Nagendran, Govindappa D. Arekal and B.G.L. Swamy 561-561
Natureal tetraploidy in chrysanthemum frutescence L. -- M.A. Nazeer 561-562
Morphology of larval glands of spodoptera Exigua (Hubner) (Lepidopters : Noctuidae) -- K.K.Nema, O.P. Singh and G.S. Gangadre 562-563
Effect of administration of synthetic ecdysome of the moulting of Palamnaeus Bengalensis --Rajesh Kumar 563-565
Some karyological observations on metialma Sp. (Coleoptera : Curcilionidae)--G.P. Sharma and Vinod Pal 565-566
On a new species of the genus indodorylaimus ali and prabha 1973 from Solanum melongena L. (Nematoda : Dorylaimoidea) -- Bhaskar P. Thombre, S.A. Joshi and M.N. Farooqui 566-567
Infectivity of bovine leukema virus to rabbits : Lambs and rats --M.P. Bansal and K.P. Singh 567-569
Effect of corpus cardiacum extract on fecundity of Dysdercus Koenigi --Pushpa Ghanshani, Sudhir Bhargava and G.N. Tandon 569-570
August 1980. 15

Record discharge and severe floods in the Godavari - C. Ramaswamy and Vuddagiri Subba Rao

True potential energy curves and dissociation energy of the PS molecule - S. V. J. Lakshman and M. Venkataramanaiah 579-581
Physico-chemical studies of some transition metal complexes with hydroxy-citronellal 582-583
Properties of the "relation figure" between the vertical and the horiziontal field magnetic anomalies over a long horizontal cylindrical ore body - D. Atchuta Rao and H. V. Ram Babu 584-585
Letters to the Editor  
The crystal structure of sulfisomidine -- R.Reinhardt, R.K. Tiwari and T.P. Singh 586-587
A simplified synthesis of chromanones --J.R.Merchant and R.B. Upasani 587-589
Effect of phenacyl pyridinium bromide on germination and seedling emergence in Cajanus Cajan --U.N.Singh, K.C. Gupta and R.K. Nigam 589-590
Ultrasonic investigation of molecular interactions of carbontetrachloride with p-xylene and n-pentanol -- A Kumar and S. Prakash 590-591
In situ photolysis -EST investigation of ascorbic acid-peroxodiphosphate system -- P.Maruthamuthu 591-592
Synthesis of 4-phenylcoumarines -- P. Satyanarayana 592-593
In vitro morphogenetic studies on the gametophyte of Anogramma Leptophylla (Sw.)Link --Harvinder K Cheema (Nee Harvinder K. chopra) 593-594
Peroxidase, phenoxidase and total phenols in the spinach leaves infected with fusarium Equiseti -- T. Shankarlingam, T. Giridhar Singh, S, Srinivas Rao and V. Thirupathaiah 594-595
Colleters on the cotyledons of in vitro raised seedlings of witchweed-Striga Asiatica (L.) Kuntze --B.V.N. Reddy and Piratla N. Rao 595-596
Two new fruit rot diseases of citrus --R.C. Rajak and S.P. Gautam 597-598
Genetic system and interrelationship between solanum Retroflexum and s. Noidiflorum of S. Nigrum complex -- A. Ganapathi and G..R. Rao 598-599
Distortion mosaic - a new virus disease of chichpea in India -- V.R. Mali and N.T.Vyanjane 599-600
A new biotype of colletotrichum falcatum W. -- S.C. Gupta, M.P. Singh and U.C. Upadhyaya 600-601
Endosperm in ariopsis peltata Nimmo, Araceae --M.T. Govinde Gowda 601-602
Laevigatosporites ovalis wilson and webster with its sporangium from lignitic beds of Ratnagiri district -- N.R. Phadtare and A.R. Kulkarni 603-603
Chimeral embryoids of pollen of pollen origin in tobacco --V.V.Anand,Govindappa D. Arekal and B.G. L. Swamy 603-604
Carbon fixation in symbiotic nostoc from Cycas -- Aruna Garg, S.N. Tripathi and E.R. S. Talpasayi 605-606
Mass migration and mortality of amynthas (=pheretima) Alexandri (Beddard) (megascolecidae: oligochaeta) 606-606
Reviews and Announcements 607-608
August 1980. 16

Red edge effect in excited state protolytic reactions in flurescein cation - J. Shah, N. B. Joshi and D. D. Pant

Trends in (n, γ) cross-sections - H. M. Agarwal and M. L. Sehgal 612-614
Studies of oxovanadium(IV) thiocyanate complexes with thioureas - A. H. Jamkhandi and A. S. R. Murty 615-616
Organophosphate insecticide DDVP-induced increment in regional total lipids and cholesterol levels: Diminution of phospholipid concentration in different regions of the rat brain - K. Tayyaba and Mahdi Hasan   617-619
Changes in the activities of two membrane-bound enzymes during solar eclipse on February 16, 1980 - S. Vijaya, Meera Rau, R. Manjunath, A. Satish Menon, C. K. Ramakrishna Kurup and T. Ramasarma 622-626
Sorghum based cropping systems to meet shortages of pulses and edible oilseeds - N. Ganga Prasada Rao and B. S. Rana 620-622
Letters to the Editor  
Simple calorimetric method for the estimation of chlorcyclizine hydrochloride --R.T. Sane, V.S. Narkar and U.M. Vaidya 627-628
Evaluation of true rate constants for the catalytic decomposition of nitrous oxide-a general numerical method -- S. Louis Raj, V. Srinivasan and B. Viswanathan 628-630
Deprotonation constants of some Trans-acidopyridinebis(dimethyl-glyoximato) cobalt(III) complexes -- P.N. Balasubramanian and V.R. Vijayaraghavan 630-631
Heterotic effect of chemical mutagenns in solanum melongena L. -- B.A Siddiqui 631-632
Auxin (1AA)production by Associative fungi of termite gut, Odontotermes obesus in vitro -- Sunanda Rajgopal and A.K. Varma 633-634
A short note on the formation of larva-pupa intermediate after treatment with chemosterulant-penfluron -- (Km) Sudhanshu Dwivedi and A.N. Chattoraj 634-635
Influence of Dikeglulac-sodium on chlorophyll degradation and chlorophyllase level in detached leaves of avena sativa -- S.S. Purohit and K. Chandra 635-636
Inheritance of resistance to cercospora sorghi ellis and everH causing grey leaf spot of sorghum-- K.H. Anahosur, B.T.S. Gowda and S.H. Patil 637-637
The effect of testosterone on female gecko hemidactylus flaviviridis -- P.L. Duda and Ashwani Vohra 638-639
Two new collateral hosts ofr pseucomonas solanacearum --Ram Kishen, H.s. Sohi and M.V.B. Rao 639-639
Acaphyllisa Parindiae, a new eriophyid mite pest of tea --R.L.N. Murthy and G.N. Rao 639-640
Fossil coprolites from Indian rock formations -- G.W. Chiplonkar, R.M. Badve and M.A. Ghare 640-641
In vitro inactivation of rice tungro virus by plant growth regulations -- Joseph Thomas and V.T. John 641-642
Aneusomaty in plantanthera susannae (Linn.) Lindl. -- Vipin Garg and S.M. Jorapur 642-643
Two new species of Marsupiobothrium Yamaguti, 1952 (cestoda : Phyllobothriidae) from Marine fishes -- G.B. Shinde and R.A. Deshmukh 643-644
collar rot and leaf blight- new disease of winged Bean -- S.R. Sharma and H.S. Sohi 644-645
Effect of sub-lethal concentration of sumithion and sevin on certain haematological values of srotherondon Mossambicis (Peters)--P.R. Koundinya and r. Ramamurthy 645-646
Reviews  647-648
September 1980. 17

Halftone dot corruption - Mohammad A. Karim

A simple colorimetric method for the determination of paracetamol from biological specimen - R. T. Sane and S. S. Kamat 650-652
A new technique for the study of piezoelectric prospecting anomalies over models - S. Murali, Y. Sreedhar Murthy and V. L. S. Bhimasankaram 652-654
Variation in the nimber phyllospheric nitrogen fixers and other microflora in relation to age of the plant - B. R. Pati and A. K. Chandra 655-657
Changes in the lipid content of the maternal and embryonic tissues and variations in the maternal hepatosomatic index during the gestation period of the viviparous scorpion Heterometrus fulvipes - V. Subburam and T. Gopalakrishna Reddy 658-661
Effect of tepa on the free amino acids of ovary in Dysdercus cingulatus fabr. - R. K. Mishra and L. K. Jha  661-663
Letters to the Editor  
An improved synthesis of isoflavanones using phase transfer catalyst -- P.K.Jain, J.K. Makrandi, S.K. Grover and M. Nogradi 664-664
Remanent magnetisation and magnetic anomalies of charnockites near Visakhapatnam -- V. Bhaskar Rao and A. Lakshmipati Raju 664-665
Fossil wood of anisoptera from the miocene beds of birbhum district, west Bengal, India -- P.K. Ghosh and S.K. Roy 665-666
Epicotyl, grafting in jackfruit (artocarpus Heterophyllus Lam.) --R.T. Gunjate, D.T. Kolekar and V.P. Limaye 667-667
Permeability alterations in moderately resistant and susceptible variety of greengram infected by Xanthomonas phaseoli -- T. Marimuthu and T.K. Kandaswamy 667-668
Aphis citricola van der goot-a new vector of citrus tristeza virus in India -- R. Naidu 668-669
Cholesterol content in the mycelium of fifteen species of Helminthosporium -- S. R.Reddy and S.M. Reddy 669-670
Penicillium dry gruit rot of Ashgourd -- A.N.Roy, G. Sharma and R.B. Sharma 670-670
Cellulose activity in Haustoria of cassytha Filiformis L. -- A.S. Reddy, M. Komariah, S.M. Reddy 670-671
Classification of subsidiaries according to interstomatal space relationships -- N. Ramayya and T. Rajagopal 671-673
A new bacterial stalk rot of Brassica -- T.P. Bhowmik and B.M. Trivedi 674-675
Evidence of complement fixing antibodies against equine rhinopneumonitis virus in army horses and mules -- A.M. Jana, G. Pandya and K.M.Rao 675-676
Induced mutations in relation to heterochromatin in drosophila melanogaster -- N.K. Vijaya Kumar and H.K.Jain 676-678
A new approach towards double graftin inMango -- N.P.Singh and R.P. Srivastava 678-679
Purification and serology of cowpea (vigna sinensis savi) mosaic virus -- T.K. Nariani, S.M. Viswanath. V.V. Chenulu and A.V. Moharir 680-680
Effect of electrical stimulation on ammonia detoxification potential in amphibian skeletal muscle -- W. Rajendra, K. Indira and K.S. Swami 681-683
Studies on cestode migration and pH changes in Clarias Batrachus (Linn) infected by Lytocestus indicus (Moghe) -- K.C. Bose and A.K. Sinha 683-683
On the occurrence of Bullia Transquebarica (Roding)Nasaaridae (Gastropoda in Kavaratti atoll (Lakshadweep) -- P.N. Namboodiri and P. Sivadas 683-684
Reviews  685-686
September 1980. 18

Carboxylic group reorientation and hydrogen bonds in gallic acid - S. C. Mishra, S. C. Gupta, Usha Pande and R. C. Gupta

Floral biology and stigma-pollen maturation schedule in Isabgul plantago ovata F.- N. H. Patel, S. Sriram and K. C. Dalal 689-691

A study on the neuromuscular junctions of human vastus lateralis based on their acetylcholinesterase activity - S. Malathi

A new technique for the quicker separation of undamaged microsomes using ascorbic acid - S. K. Jagota and H. M. Dani 694-696

Effect of thiourea on the cytology of prolactin secreting (eta) cells in the hypophysis of the catfish, Clarias batrachus (linn.) - R. Jayashree and H. R. Srinivasachar

Alloxan induced metabolic changes in liver - V. Mohanachari , P. Neeraja, K. Indira and K. S. Swami 699-701
Letters to the Editor 704-721
A plane symmetric cosmological model of class one -- P.P. Kale and Amita Purohit 702-702
Polymeristio of acrylamide by potassium peroxydiphosphate in aqueous sulphuric acid solution -- S. Saraswathy and K. Venkatrao 702-703
Spectrophotometric determination of iron with Di-imine dioximes --P. Riyazuddin 703-705
Occurrence of upper cretaceous early tertiary basaltic rocks in an offshore well, Gulf of Mannar -- K. Madhavan Nair 705-706
A note on the palaeogeography of Himalaya during eocene -- Pratap Singh 706-707
Effect of peanut mottle and rust on growth parameters, nodulation and nitrogen content of groundnut --V.R.Mali, C.D. Mayee and D.D. Nirmal 707-708
New records of fusarial rots of petha fruits -- Smt. Girjesh Sharma, A.N. Roy and M.N. gupta 708-709
Nucleopolyhedrosis of Amsacta Moorei, Buttler (lepidopters : arctiidae) --A.S. Rao and S.V. Amonkar 709-710
Pollen morphology of two cultivars of Papaver somniferum L. -- (Miss) Darshan Sharma 710-712
The diffuse stage during the meiotic prophase in the hexaploid lemongrasses -- B.S. Subrahmanya and K.S. Jagadishchandra 712-713
Antagonism between saprophytic and pathogenic species of curcularia --H.S. Narayana and A.K. Mongia 713-714
Some interesting observations on a terrestrial form of Cladophora growing at Allahabad -- R.N. Yadhava and D.C. Pandey 715-715
Combined effect of simultaneous mercury pollution of diet and water on the fish Channa (=Ophiocephalus) Punctatus --C.L. Mahajan and C.J. Juneja 715-717
Radiation induced small capsule mutant in sesame (Sesame indicum L.) --G.S.S. Murthy 717-719
On new records of host plants and species of Rhyparochrominae (Lygaeidae : heteroptera)from India -- K.Thangavelu 719-719
An alcohol dehydrogenase variant in Khapli wheat (Tricum dicoccum schubler) -- K.N. Suseelan 719-721
Factor analysis in medicinal yam -- D.M. Hegde, G.s. Randhwa, S.R. Biswas and P.R. Ramachander 721-721
Reviews  722-723
October 1980. 19

A simple theory of thermal effects in ionic crystals - Ramesh Narayan and S. Ramaseshan


Rearrangement reactions of 3, 3-di-p-methoxyphenylprepenoic acid on bromination in different solvents - Sadek Elsayed Abdou and Alfy B. Sakla


Enzymorphologic demonstration of d-2β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase and succinic dehydrogenase in the cortical and medullary cells of the sdernal gland of Taphozous longimanus hardwicke (Microchiroptera: Mammalia) -  M. L. Lowry, J. C. Bhardwaj and S. B. Lall


Rhythmic variations in hepatic ammonia metabolism of toad, Bufo vulgaris - V. Mohanachari, W. Rajendra, K. Indira and K. S. Swami

Letters to the Editor 736-759
Energy transfer between Tb3+ and Eu3+ in DMSO -- J. Shah 736-738
Mechanism of substitution of amines into cobalt(III) amine complexes --A.S. Janardan, V. Krishnan and D.S. Mahadevappa 738-739
On the kinetic studies of S(II)-S(IV) system -- G.P. Panigrahi and R.N. Nayak 740-742
A record of conodonts from early lower triassic rocks of Mandakpal, Kashmir Himalaya -- Prem N. Agarwal 742-743
Alternaria-fruit rot of solanum Khasianum in India --P.C. Hiremath, A.N.A.Khan and A. Janardhan 743-744
Induction of material haploids in maize through heat treatment of pollen -- D.S. Mathur, M.A. Aman and K.R. Sarkar 744-746
First record of acrophialophora-wilt of gram (cicer arietinum L.) -- R.P. Purkayastha and B.N. Chakravorty 746-747
Thrips- A new record as a pest of citrus blossoms in himachal Pradesh -- S. Srivastava and J.S. Bhullar 747-747
a new disease of Chillies caused by drechslera --S.R. Sharma and H.S. Sohi 747-748
Some observations on species hybrids of Solanum Nigrum L. Complex -- G.R. Rao and A Ganapathi 748-749
Septal variation in the teliospores of Ramakrishnania (uredinales) -- P. Ramachar, G. Bhagyanarayana, K. Niranjan Rao and Miss Suhasini Ganguli 749-749
Androgenic Chimeral Plantlets in Tobacco-- V.V. Anand, Govindappa D. Arekal and B.G.L. Swamy 750-750
On a new species of Mylonchulus (Cobb, 1916) Altherr, 1956 (Nematoda : Mylonchulidae)-- G.R. Soni and H.S. Nama 750-751
Rivularia aquatic De wilde as a parasite on Griffithella Hookeriana Warm. -- S.P. Hosmani and C.R. Nagendran 751-752
Floral anatomy of Sesamum latum Thonn -- K.T. Sundari, P.S. Prakasa Rao and L.L. Narayana 752-754
A new leaf gall by Trioza Gigantea Craw. (Homoptera : Psyllidae) on Vaccinium Neilgherrense W. (Vacciniaceae) -- C. Kandasamy 754-754
Weeds as hosts to parasitic nematodes of rice -- J. Satyanarayana Prasad, Y. Seshagiri Rao, S.M. Zaheruddeen and C. Mohana Das 754-756
Compensatory hypertrophy of contralateral testis and its inhibition with testosterone in the partially castrated green Frog. Rana Hexadactyla Lesson -- S. Kasinathan, V. Anandan and S. Chandrababu 756-757
Morphometric changes in the field crab on adaptation to higher salinity -- M.V.V. Subramanyam and R.V. Krishnamoorthy 758-759
Reviews  760-761
October 1980. 20

Quantum aspects of gravitation - Abhay Ashtekar


A new tannin from young stem bark of Caesalpinia pulcherrima - K. K. Awasthi, Anoop Kumar and K. Misra


Dominance hierarchy and division of labour in the social wasp., Ropalidia marginata (elp.) (Hymenoptera:vespidae) - Raghavendra Gadagkar


The structure of the pituitary gland and the seasonal numerical variations in the gonadotrophs in Rousettus leschenaulti (desmarest) - B. L. Bhalchandra

Regulation of glutamate dehydrogenase, ammonia and free amino acids in the tissues of the teleost Tilapia mossambica (peters) consequent to sublethal malathion exposure: a time course study – I. Kabeer Ahmad Sahib, K. S. Swami and  K. V. Ramana Rao 779-782
Letters to the Editor
Comments on "superconductivity-A consequence of magnetic interactions?" -- Balu Venkataraman, B.S. Chandrasekhar and B.S. Prabhananda 783-783
Reply to "comments on superconductivity-A consequence of magnetic interactions?S.N. Ekbote, S.K. gupta and A.V. Narlikar" 783-784
A simple method of calculating the volume of any distorted coordination polyhedron in crystal structures -- S Natarajan, J.K. Mohana Rao and A.K. Vijayakumar 784-785
The dipole moment of n-butanol carbonyl adducts -- V. Shanmugasundaram and R.Mohan 785-785
Dependence of dissociation constant of tri-bromide ions on temperature and solvent composition -- D. Kaushik, R.K. Malkani and G.V. Bakore 786-787
Isolation of 2'-hydroxy 3',4',5',6'3,4-hexamethoxy chalcone from the bark of Macaranga peltata muell -- A.S. R.A. Anjaneyulu and D.Sivakumar Reddy 787-787
Complexometric determination of magnesium in presence of phosphite and chromate -- S.K. Vijayalakshamma and H.S. Satyanarayana Rao 788-789
chemotypic studies in natural populations of Rauvolfia serpentina from certain regions of Karnataka State, India --S.P.Mittal, Mansoor Kazim, M.A. Kidwai and K.K. Mittal 789-790
Microsomal degranulation by tea Tannins -- M.M. Gupta and H.M. Dani 790-792
Red-cell 2,3-diphosphoglycerate and potassium homeostasis in thyroid disorders -- J.L. Alvarez-Sala, D. Espanos, M.A. Urban, J.J. Sicilia and A.J. Diaz-Fdez 792-792
Propagation of yeast in whey, a by-product from leaf protein production plant -- S. Chanda, S. Chakrabarti and D.K. Bagchi 793-794
Occurrence of "intracortical Azotobacter chroococcum" in some monocots -- P.R. Tikhe, A.G. Purandare and Ranjana N. Karkhanis 794-794
Changes in aminotransperase activity and total free amino acid levels in the haemolymph of the snail indoplanorbis Exustus during larval trematodes infection -- G. Venkata Rama Krishna 795-796
Asymmetrically oriented carbohydrate metabolism in scorpiob: Heterometrus Fulvipes Pedipalpi Muscle -- K.S. Jagannatha Rao and R. Chandra Mohan Naidu 796-798
Effect of precocene II on indirect flight muscle histolysis in Dysdercus cingulatus -- C.R.M. Nair and V.K.K. Prabhu 798-799
Erythrocytic abnormalities ue to urea stress in Cirrhinus Mrigala (Ham.) Fingerlings -- D.K. Srivastava and V.M.S. Srivastava 799-800
New record fo trichogrammatoidea Bactrae Nagaraja (Hym : Trichogrammatidae) as an egg parasite of the castor semilooper achaea Janata (lep: Noctuidae)-- K Jai Rao, T.S. Thondadaraya and K. Rangadhamaiah 800-801
Reviews  801-802
November 1980. 21

A novel virtual bond scheme to probe ordered and random coil conformations of nucleic acids: Configurational stastistics of polynucleotie chains - R. Malathi and N. Yathindra


Noise effect on human memory - M. M. Bajaj and O. P. Khandelwal


A convenient synthesis of 6-methoxy-7-hydroxy-3', 4’-methylenedioxy-isoflavone - D. K. Bhardwaj, S. C. Jain, R. M. Kohli and C. K. Manchanda Nee Mehta


Gastric anatomy of the molossid bat, Tadarida aegyptiaca (wroughton) - S. A. Bhide

Letters to the Editor
NQR of 14N of the -CN group in some methylbenzonitriles -- C.V.L. Narasimha Rao and D.Premaswarup 818-819
Rotational structure in the C-X system of CaF-- A.K.Rai, S.B.Rai and D.K.Rai 819-820
Synthesis of 2H,4H,5H-sulphonylpyrano(3,2-c)(1)-benzopyran-4,5-diones -- J.R. Merchant, N.M. Koshi and P.J. Shah 820-821
Spoilage of mango by aspergillus Flavus -- Gopa Majumdar and V.V. Modi 821-822
Sem study of petal surface in two Taxa of Meliaceae -- P.K.K. Nair and Durdana Yunus 823-824
Cytomixis in clitoria ternatea L. var. pleniflora fantz. F. Pleniflora -- P.K. Srivastava and S.N. Raina 824-825
A new method for counting whitefly (Bemisia Tabaci Genn.) populatio in mung bean [vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek] --R. Rangaraju and V.V. Chenulu 825-826
A new species of sirosporium Bubak and serebrianikow from India -- C. Manoharachary and K. Venugopala Rao 826-827
A simple technique for injecting chemicals into teak --S.K. Ghosh and M.Balasundaram 827-828
Melanorrhoeoxylon Garbetaense Sp.Nov., A fossil wood pf anacardiaceae from the tertiary of West Bengal India -- Pradip Kumar Ghosh and S.K. Roy 828-829
Parasites of Aphis Gossypii G: infesting taro and Tannia -- M.S. Palaniswamy and K.S. Pillai 830-830
A new species of cercospora from India -- U.N. Saikia and A.K. Sarbhoy 830-831
Sexuality of polyporus leucospongia cooke and harkness -- A.B.De 831-832
Toxic effects of mercury on the Gills of a Freshwater Teleost, Puntius Sophore Hamilton -- B.S. Khangarot and R.C. Somani 832-834
Studies on the myoglobin concentration and its relation to function in the two chambers of ventricle of some aquatic birds --B.R. Deshpande



Enzymological anomalies in liver and kidney of Channa Punctatus after 2',4'-diamino,3'-aminoazobenzene (DAAB)exposure -- Krishnan A.Goel and Veena Garg 835-837
The usual occurrence of the male of pseudocharopinus Narcinae on the gill filaments of narcine Timlei --A. Chandran and N.Balakrishnan Nair 837-838
A report on the serological evidance of porcine yersinosis in India --G.Krishnappa, Syed Zaki and B.S. Krishnamurthy 838-839
Isolation of Acenitobactor calcoaceticus from the cervical mucus of Mares suffering from Metritis and endometritis --H. G. Ranganatha, Syed Zaki, B.S. Kesava Murthy and C.K. Abdulla Khan 839-840
Dreshslera cyndontis causing leaf spot disease on sudan grass -- A.Janardhan, D. Nanje Gowda, H.R. reddy and P.C. Hiremath 840-840
Reviews  841-842
November 1980. 22

Group reorientation in solid mandelic acid - a NMR investigation - S. C. Mishra, Ratna Sircar, Usha Bajpai and R. C. Gupta


Studies on kawa-pyrones: synthesis of 5, 6-dehydrokawain - Avijit Banerji and Arup Kumar Siddhanta


Some newer piperazino silanes as cardiovascular agents - Jagdish C. Agarwal, A. K. Mathur, J. N. Sinha, K. Shanker and K. P. Bhargava


Zn(III), Cr(III), Mn(III) and Fe(III) complexes of disalicylaldimine oxamide, -malonamine and -succinamide - K. K. Narang and U. S. Yadav

Letters to the Editor
On the growth of gypsum -- K.S. Raju 856-857
Helium neon laser irradiatio of erythrocytes: Determination of safe exposure levels -- Megha Singh and T.M. Vatsala 857-859
Reaction of 2-p-tolylazonaphthalene-1-sulphenyl bromide with resorcinol Tautomer --A. Chaudhuri, S.K. Bhattacharjee and S.K. Dasgupta 859-860
Alkenes from alcohols using triphenyl phosphine -- Tariq Umer Qazi 860-861
a rapid method for uranium analysis using UA-3 'scintrex' uranium analyser -- B.N.Tikoo and D.S.R. Murty 861-862
Reflected aravalli trend in Rudra prayag area. Chamoli District (U.P -- R.S. Rawat 862-864
Separation of auxin protectors from Zizyphus gall tissue by sephadex Gel filtration -- Pramod Tandon and H.C. Arya 864-865
Altered flowering pattern in a late mutant of jute -- D.C. Joshua and R.G. Thakare 866-868
Sexual dimorphism in Ophisops Jerdoni Blyth (Lacertilia: Lacertidae) -- Ashwini Vohra and P.L. Duda 868-868
Chromosome pairing in species-hybrids of solanum nigrum L complex --G.R. Rao and Anil Kumar 868-870
The meiofauna of chilka lake (Brackish water Lagoon) -- A.L.N.Sarma and D.G. Rao 871-872
Transfusion cells in Isoetes Coromandelina L. -- B.D. sharma, D.R. Vohra and R.Singh 872-874
Suppressioan of plantation crops by Eupatorium weed -- S.R. Ambika and Jayachandra 874-875
Toxicity of sumithion and sevin to the freshwater fish, Sarotherodon Mossambicus (Peters) P.R. Koundinya and R. Ramamurthy 875-876
Sex ration in ACanthosents Oligospinus as Acanthocephalan Parasite from the gut of Mystus Gulio -- Sita Anantaraman 876-876
Musca Domestica L. As a vector of the nematode. Harbronema Muscae , carter. 1861 (Spiruroidea) in Madras -- Jayalakshmi Jagannathan 877-877
Reviews  878-880
December 1980. 23

Excitation and emission characteristics of pressure pretreated SrS:Mn:Ce phosphors - P. R. Lalitha, V. R. Rao and V. P. N. Nampoori


Design and fabrication of nonlinear halftone screen - Mohammad A. Karim


Synthesis and spectroscopic investigations of complexes of lanthanide nitrates with n-(4-methyl-2-pyridyl)-acetamide - N. Rajasekar and S. Soundararajan 


Synthesis and antitubercular activity of some bromo-substituted 1, 2-benzisoxazole derivatives - K. A. Thakar, Miss. Achla B. Dumir


Variations in the cellular constituents of Aspergillus nidulans grown on different carbon sources - R. Sathiagana Seelan, S. Malathi and E. R. B. Shanmuga-sundaram

Letters to the Editor
Paskins theory with phonon-phonon interaction -- P.D. Pathak and N.P. Shah 896-897
Some studies on astrophysically significance BN moleule -- Veerappa M. Mummigatti 897-898
Effect os sunspot activity on the occurrence of M and N echoes in the equatorial region -- J. Hanumanth sastri 898-899
3-ethyl-4-benzylidene-5-mercapto 1,2,4-triazole as a new gravimetric reag NT for copper --Mahesh Goudar, R.V. Gadag and M.R. Gajendragad 899-900
Lutetium(III) myoglobin: interaction of Lu(III) mesoporphyrin IX with apomyoglobin --T.S. Srivastava 900-902
Preparation and characterization of copper(II) nitrate complexes with nicotinic acid and related ligands -- I.S.Ahuja and Raghuvir Singh 902-906
Sr67/Sr56 Ratios in vempalle dolomitic limestone from pilivendla -- A.N.Vyasa Rao and M.S. Murty 906-907
Post-depositional changes in the bhima limestones form ammapur hunusagi area, gulburga District Karnataka State -- R.K. Sukhtankar and V.T. Parashar 907-907
Pigment dispersion in Tilapia Mossambica peters exposed to Dichlorvos (DDVP) -- S. Rath and B.N. Misra 907-909
Developmental changes in Coriandrum sativum L. anthers of plants infected by protomyces Macrosporous UNG. --J.N. Srivastava and S.V. S. Chauhan 909-911
Microsporogenesis and male gemetophyte in Jasminum pubescens willd. --Y.R.Bhargava 911-912
Kappa phage adsorption of thiamine induced pigmented cells of pigmentless serrata marcescens strain 9-3-3 -- K.A.Patil and P.J. Dave 912-913
Identification of ratoon stunting disease of sugarcane in Karnataka state -- D.S. Teakle, V. Muniappa and H.C. Govindu 913-914
Synergid embryo in Pennisetum Squamulation -- A.Nagabhushana Rao Sindhe, (Late) B.G.L. Swamy and Govindappa D. Arekal 914-915
A new basic numbers in clitoria Linn. --P.K. Srivastav and S.N. Raina 915-916
Three interesting pyrenolichens from the forests of Karnataka state -- P.G. Patwardhan, Urmila Makhija and Ddaya Rane 917-918
Artificial fertilization and larval development of Cassostrea madrasensis (Preston) from porto Novo waters -- M Somasekhar and R. Kasinath 918-919
Reviews  920-920
December 1980. 24
Analysis of fidelity image reproduction by halftone screens of specific designs - Mohammad A. Karim 921-925

X-ray spectroscopic and optical reflectance study of ZnCrCO4 spinel - S. S. Reddy, M. R. Dakshindas, A. V. Pendharkar and A. R. Chetal


Role of protein backbone in specific recognition of nucleic acid base sequences: a hypothesis - Ramakrishna V. Hosur


Changes in the electrokinetic potential of milk fatglogules during ageing - D. Rambhau, G. M. Panpalia, B. R. Reddy, V. L. Thakur and A. K. Dorle

Letters to the Editor
Isolation and characterization of Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes with the Schiff base derived from isatin and o-aminophenol -- M.K.Hassan, M.I. Ismail and Z.H.Khalil 935-936
Synthesis and biological activity of som ehydrazones and uredo oxadiazoles of 4-acetamido phenoxyacetic acid hydrazide -- M.K. Shukla, S.P. Singh abd V.K. Agarwal 936-938
Indirectspecrophotometric determination of cyanide ion through ligand exchange reaction -- sudarsan Barua, Yashbir S.Varma, Ishwar Singh, B.B. Garg and R.P. Singh 938-939
Potential Antihudroid agents VI. Synthetic and Pharmacological studies of N-Aeylformamidino-N-O-Chlorophenylthiocarbamides -- J.S.Upadhyaya 939-941
Cylindrospermum Planctonicum Sp. Nov.(cyanophyta, Nostocales) from Allahabad -- S.P. Singh, G.L. Tiwari and D.C. Pandey 941-943
Association of Triza Obliqua with virus0like symptoms and seeds sterility in Chenoposium Amaranticolor --K.M.Srivastava, J.K. Johri and B.P. Singh 943-943
Gamma-ray induced floral mutant affecting female fertility in Capsicum L. -- N.Papa Rao, N. Lakshmi and P.S. Prakasa Rao 944-945
Green cotyledon mutant in mung bean [Vigna radiata (L.) wilczek] -- R.G. Thakare, S.E. Pawar and D.C. JoshUA 945-946
Phaeoisariopsis tephrosicola- a new speies -- P. Raghuveer Rao, Y. Annapurna and N. Krishna Mohan 946-947
The Botany of fruit stalk in groundnut: Arachis Hypogaea L. -- Mrs. M. Bharathi and U.R. Murty 948-948
A new species of Verticillium -- R.K.S. Kushwaha 948-949
Invasion of root cortex of rice (Oryza Sativa L.) by Beijerinckia Indica --Ranjana Karkhanis and P.R. Tike 949-950
A note on the meiosis in two species of ticks (Acari: Ixodidae) -- N.K. Tripathy, S.S. Misra and C.C. Das 950-951
Storage of spermatozoa in the epididymis of the Bat. Hipposideros Speoris (Schneider) --A. Gopalakrishna and Deepa Bhatia 951-953
Concomittant occurrence of Corynebacterium Pyogenes and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa in the mouth lesions of Cobras -- M. Satyanarayana Rao, Syed Zaki, T.S. Nalini and B.S. Keshavamurthy 953-953
Demonstration of acid alpha Naphthyl acetate esterase activity in bovine leucocytes in the peripheral blood smear -- M. Vikram Reddy, A. Rajan, S. Sulochana and M.Krishnan Nair 954-954
Reviews  955-957