Current Science-Vol 48
January 1979. 1
Study of Effective Debye Temperature for Pure and Doped n-Type Gallium Antimonide-- J.D. Pandy and H.C. Pandey 1-3
Glauco-Conglomeratic Phosphorite and Stromatolites from the Late Precambrian Semri Group (Lower Vindhyan), Chitrakut Area, Madhya Pradesh-- S. Kumar 3-4
Gibberellic Acid (Ga3) Induced Enhancement in Flowering in Bulgarian Coriander (Coriandrum Sativum L.) in Relation to Changes in Carbohydrate Metabolosm-- Amruthavalli 5-6
Carbohydrate Metabolism in the Heart of the Scorpion, Heterometrus Fulvipus (C.L. Koch) with reference to Sex-- V.Jayaram and B.Padmanabha Naidu 6-8
Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi -scheme for the Appointment of Emerites Scientists 8-8
Letters To The Editor  
Radiation induced crosslinking and Cleavage in certain araldites -- P Venkateswara Rao and T.V. Kameswara Rao 9-10
Frank-Condon factors and gamma-centroids for the B-X band system of Sc) -- A.N. Pathak and B.K. Sinha 10-12
Onset of equatorial spread-F during post-midnight period -- J. Hanumanth Sastri 12-13
Reactionof Halogenoanilines with acrylic acids -- J.R. Mechant and A.B. Engineer 13-15
Rhein from he leaves of Cassia Nodosa -- P.P. Rai 15-15
2-(2'Lepidyl Azo)-1-Naphthola-4-Ammonium Sulphate (Lanas) as visual metallochromic indicator in Complexometric determination of Lead (II) --R.C. Chadha, B.S. Garg and R.P. Singh 15-16
Cadmium complexes with dicyanamide -- Rajendra P. Misra, Bipin B. Mahapatra and Sarweshwara Guru 16-17
Surface heterogeniety and elovich equation -- T.K.Varadarajan and B. Viswanathan 17-19
N-Debenzylation of Benzimidazole derivatives -- P. Jaya Prasada Rao and K. Kondal Reddy 19-20
Studies on the antigungal activity of some mixed ligand metallic complexes of salicyclic acid -- C.P. Saxena, S.H. Misra and P.V. Khadikar 20-22
A Soft fruit rot of Aegle Marmelos -- R.B. Sharma, a.N. Roy and R.K. Verma 22-23
Effect of hormones on the growth and chlorophyll content of Westiellopsis prolifica Najet --S.P. Adhikary and H. Pattnaik 23-24
The influence of temperature on Oxygen consumption of Daphnia Carinata King (Cladocera:Daphnidae) -- K. Venkataraman and S.V. Job 24-25
Chromosomal studies of two species of Aconitum -- Alpha Bhatacharjee 25-27
Contiguous stomata in Desmodium Desv. (Papilionaceae) -- Nilamoni Bora and Parukutty Baruah 27-28
Interception of a new brown spot strain of PVX in India -- Vijai Singh and R.A. Singh 28-29
Charcoal rot of garden Balsam- a new disease -- (Mrs) Janki Kandhari and M.M. Payak 30-31
Histochemical Localisation of enzyme acid phosphatase in the anthers of male-fertile, cytoplasmic, genic and induced male-sterile plants -- S.V.S. Chauhan 32-34
A trisomic Nymphae Hybrid 34-35
Cytological studies in the sex types of Morus alba L. (Moraceae) -- B.S. Gill and R.C. Gupta 35-36
A new species of Cerostegia de lotto (Homoptera:Coccidae) from Ajmer (India) -- Rajendra Kumar Avasthi and Shaikh Adam Shapee 36-37
Larval feeding behaviour of Scirpophaga Incertulas (WLK,) (Tryporyza Incertulas) D.P. Chaturvedi and K.C. Mathur 37-38
Cyclical changes in the mucus secreting cells of the cervical epithelium of pteropus giganteus giganteus -- (mrs.) V.M. Sapkal and M.M. Gadegone 38-39
Isolation of Corynebacterium Equi from Milk -- Syed Zaki, M.S. Rao and B.S.K. Murthy 39-40
Differential effects of Prostaglandins on cartilage -- Nirbhay Kumar 40-41
Occurrence of a new podocopan ostracod Tanella Vasishta in the vasishta Godavari Estuary , East coast of India -- C. Annapurna and D.V. Rama Sarma 42-43
Response of chromatophores to adrenalin treatment in the marine crab. Portunus Pelagicus (Rathbun) -- D.g. Kolwalkar and P.V. Rangnekar 43-44
Further studies on the prolactin secreting (LTH) cells in the Hypophysis of brown spiny Mouse, Mus Platythrix, Bennett -- N.H. Gopal Dutt and N.A. Madhyastha 44-45
A new record of Cletocamptus Deitersi (Richard, 1895) (Copepoda:Harpacticoida) from India-- Y Ranga Reddy and Y. Radhakrishna 45-45
Reviews 46-48
Conference on Electron Microscopy and Analysis 48-48
January 1979. 2
RKR France Condon Factors and r-Centroides for B2 A8pi Transition of CN -- D.C. Patil and V.M. Korwar 49-51
A Convenient Method for the Synthesis of 4-Oxo-4,5,6,7-Tetrahydroindole and Benzofuran derivatives-- S.R. Ra,das and S. Padmanabhan 52-53
Mineral and Trace Element Composition of Maize-- Y.G. Deosthale 54-55
Incorporation studies on the proteins of Hyman Normal and Senile Cataractous Lenses-- U.M. Rawal and G.N. Rao 56-57
Succinic Dehydrogenase activity in Cryptozona Ligulata (Ferussac) during aestivation-- R. Chandra Mohan Naidu and K.S. Swami 57-59
Semiconductor injection lasers and Their Applications 59-59
Copulation in Porrorchus Indicus (Schmidt & Kuntz 1967) (Syn.Pseudoporrorchus Indicus Das 1957)-- 60-61
Symposium on Ecology of animal Populations 61-61
Symposium on Food Proteins 62-62
Letters to The Editor  
5-B (mosalicyl aide -a prospective reagent for indentification of amino-acids -- (Miss) R. Saxena and C.N. Haksar 63-64
A novel arangement of vascular tissue in some orchids -- V.K. Lal, A.K. Wahi and R.L. Khosa 64-64
Kinetics of Os(VIII) catalysed oxidation of cyclohexanol by Periodate -- M. Prasad Rao, B. Sethuram and T. Navaneetha Rao 65-66
Flavanoids of scopara dulcis and Stemodia Viscosa -- P. Ramesh, A.G. Ramachandran Nair and S. Sankara Subramanian 67-67
An oxygen-isotope study of the condensation of methyl phenoxyacetate and anisaldehyde -- W.D. Bhchannon , G.E. Dunn, Ku.H.B. Porey and G. Bagavant 68-68
Reduction of amoebacidal activity of metronidazole (Flagyl) by bacteria -- S.R. Das and Sheela Ghoshal 69-70
Note on secondary infection of downy mildew in pearl millet -- S.P. Yadav 70-71
Residues of Quinalphos, Phosalone and malathion in/on sorghum -- K. Rajukkannu, M.S. Venugopal, P. Vasudevan and M. Balasubramanian 71-71
Parthenium Hysterophorus - A new host for Brevipalpus Phoenicis -- J.C. Dagar and V.P. Singh 71-72
Oudemansilla canaril - a new Indian Edible Mushroom -- A.K. Sinha, J.V.V. Dogra and m.S. John 72-72
A new era in Sugarcane breeding in Uttar Pradesh -- H.N. Singh, S.B. Singh, Subhash Sharma and Phool Singh 72-73
Gene groups for total resistance to wheat leaf rust in India -- M.S.S. Reddy 73-73
A new Megalodochium from India Rehana Begum and A.R. Rizwana 73-74
Phyllosphere study of wheat varieties grown in U.P. -- Sangharsh K. Tripathi and J.C. Edward 74-75
Parinarioxylon Splendidum Sp. Nov. from Kalagarh -- B.S. Trivedi and Madhu Ahuja 75-76
A new type of alternariosis in Arachis Hypogea L. -- R. Balasubramanian 76-77
Screening of Jasminum species against yellow ring mosaic virus -- K. Jagadish chandra , K.S. Sastry and J.V.R. Bhupal Rao 77-78
A new species of Characium Characium indicum Patel et. Isabella sp. Nov.-- R.J. Patel and Isabella George 78-79
Epidermal studies in some members of Oleaceae -- (KM,) K. Srivastava 79-80
Evidences for outbreeding in Catharanthus Roseus -- R. Krishnan, V.R. Naragund and T. Vasantha Kumar 80-82
The root-knot nematode on Gladiolus from India -- P. Parvatha Reddy, D.B. Singh and V.R. Rao 82-82
Anomalous secondary thickening in the roots of Pachygone Ovata Miers -- B.S.M. Dutt 82-83
A freak in the anatomy of Sandalwood (Santalum album Linn.) -- B.K.C. Rajan 83-83
On the parasites of tropical loachers from the South-West coast of India -- S.D. Ritakumari and N. Balakrishnan Nair 84-85
A preliminary study on Bait shyness in Bandicota Bengalensis towards Zinc Phosphide -- P.E. Cowan, K.A. Srihari and Shakunthala Sridhara 85-86
Colorimetric method for the determination of human serum cholinesterase and its activity towards methyl paraoxon -- K.Visweswariah, N.V. Nanda Kumar and S.K. Majumdar 86-87
A simple media to detect L-asparaginase positive bacteria -- N. Selvakumar, D. Chandramohan and R. Natarajan 87-89
Effect of Juvenile Hormone analogue Ze-515 on the last instar nymphs of Dysdercus Cingulatus Fabr. (Pyrrhocoridae:heteroptera) -- M.Zutshi, Y. Saxena and Jayadevi 89-90
Occurrence of mucos secreting segment in the nephron of Danio Rerio (Ham) -- K.c. Bose and B. Chakraborty 90-91
Conferences organised by the Institute of Physics, London 91-91
Reviews 92-93
Australian Scientist Design a Cheaper Telescope 93-93
February 1979. 3
True Potential Energy Curves and Dissociation Energies of SIF and GeG Molecules-- T.V. Ramakrishna Rao and R. Ramakrishna Reddy 95-98
Conference on Alluminium Metallurgy Researh, Developments and Technology 98-98
Enhancement of Antimicrobial activity of Sulfa Drugs by Metallic Ions-- P. Gundu Rao, P. Ranganatham, K.K. Srinivasan and N.R. Sharada 99-101
Interphase Sensitivity and Specificity of Siliqua Mutations induced by E M S in Indian Mustard-- U.C. Lavania 101-104
Effect of in Vitro Muscular Stimulations VI Inhibition of Cardiac Proteolysis by the Electrical Stimulations of Leg Muscle-- P. Reddanna and S Govindappa 104-106
Workshop on Stratigraphy and Correlation of the Lesser Himalayan Formations 106-106
I.C.A.R. Grant to Current Science 106-106
Letters to The Editor  
Chemical Examination of salvia Leucantha Cav. --K.S. Mukherjee and P.K. Ghosh 107-108
Deoxygenation of phenolic hydroxyl groups in Coumarins -- V. Narayanan, S. Neelakantan, N. Padmanaban and P.V. Raman 108-109
Spectrophotometric determination of vanadium(V) with 2,2'-Dipyridyl-2-quinolylhydrazone (DPQH) -- R.B. Singh, H. Kulashretra, B.S. Garg and R.P. Singh 109-110
Occurrence of the rare alkaloid maritidine in Zephranthes robusta and Z. Sulphurea -- R.V. Krishna Rao and J.V.L.N. Seshagiri Rao 110-111
Physico chemical investigation of rare-earth chelates of 2-(N-Hydroxy Benzylidineimino) ethane sulphonic acid -- N.K. Sankhla, C.P. Gupta and R.K. Mehta 111-112
Decarboxylation of 4-acetyl-3-aryl,pent-2-ene-1,5-dioic anhydride formatiion of oxin-2-ones -- Ramani Narayanan 112-113
Isolation and characterisation of beta-sitosterol and flavonol glycoside from the trunk bark of Ficus Rumphii -- R.K. Baslas 113-113
A Thermostable glucomylase from the thermophilic gungus thermocyces Lanuginosus -- V. Basaveswara Rao, Ramesh Maheshwari, N.V.S. sastry and P.v. subba Rao 113-115
Infection of banana leaf beetle by Beauveria Bassiana -- A.K. Roy and K.C. Pujari 115-116
Carbofuran prevents rice tungro virus infection -- G.Mohana Rao and A Najaneyulu 116-117
Variations in the structure and ontogeny of the stomatal apparatus of the cotyledonary internode of commelina Bengalensis L. -- K.V. Krishnamurthy 117-118
A case of cytomixis in solanum Nigrum L. Complex -- N.H. Siddiqui, Reayat Khan and G.R. Rao 118-119
Karyological highlights of Geniosporum Prostratum Linn. -- B. Vembu 119-119
Monochaetia Karstenii (Sacc. & Syd.) Sutton- a new record from Shillong -- Nameirakpam I. Singh and H.K. Baruah 119-120
Wilt disease of Calendula Officinalis - a new record from India -- J.V.V. Dogra, Prem Lata Singh and A.K. Shrivastava 120-120
In Vitro development of callus from anthers in Luffa Cylindrica -- K.K. Jha and R.P. Roy 120-121
Hansfordia Pulvinata- A Mycoparasite on Isariopsis Indica Var Zizyphi -- P.C. gupta and R.L. Madaan 121-122
Nuclear polyhedroses on certain insect pests of rice -- P. Nayak ans R.P. Srivastava 122-123
Two new members of diatrypaceae from India -- S.P. Gambhir 123-124
Duration of meiosis in Rhoeo -- S.K.t. Nasar 124-125
Inheretance of "prostrate" character in rice from Indica Origin -- P.N. Sreedharan and D.P. Srivastava 125-126
Plant analysis for nitrogen in Maximising wheat yield -- N.S. Dhillon, G. Dev and A.S. Sidhu 126-128
A new species of pseudocercospora -- P. Kumar and Kamal 128-129
Some embryological features of Emilla Flammea Cass. -- P.S. Prakasa Rao, K.T. Sundari and L.L. Narayana 129-131
A new species of Katagnymene -- P.V. Ashtekar and N.d. Kamat 131-131
Effect of sesonal variations, starvations and cold acclimation on serum cholinesterase activity of common from Rana Tigrina -- Kavindra Singh and Km, Neeru Singh 131-132
Response of a few economic species of graminaceous plants to inoculation with Azospirillum Brasilense -- N.S. Subba Rao, K.V.B.R. Tilak, C.S. Singh and M.Lakshmi Kumari 133-134
Physiology of low temperature acclimation:changes in the activity levels of adenosine tri-phosphatase in the different regions of the nervous system of selected poikilotherms -- U.P. Singh and Naymunnesa 135-135
Presence of non-pathogenic bacteria in the gut of rice yellow stem Borer, Tryporyza Incertulas Wlk. Lepidoptera:Pyralidae) -- R.C. Dani, N.Majumdar, s. Ganopadhyay and K.C. Mathur 136-137
Factor analysis in onion (allium Cepa L.) -- P.R. Ramachander, S.R. Biswas, D.P. Singh and C.S. Pathak 137-137
Reviews 138-140
Chromatography of Polymers and Petrochemicals 140-140
February 1979. 4
Proanthocyadin from Polyalthia Longifolia Stem Bark-- Sudhir Agrawal and (Miss) K.Misra 141-143
Biostratigraphic Position of Late Oligocene Strata in the Vinjhan-Miani area of Kutch, Gujarat, Western India-- A.K.Jauhari 144-146
A New and Simple Technique for Amniotic Inoculation of Chick Embryo-- B.Lalitha Rao 146-147
Letters to the Editor  
Photoelasticity of an epoxy adhesive -- P. Venkateswara Rao and T.V. Kameswara Rao 148-150
A short note on second order rotatable designs -- B.L. Misra and M.L. Chandak 150-151
Track-Etched micro-filters -- A.M. Bhagwat and S.D. Soman 151-152
Synthesis of 3-(3'-benzisoxazolyl) coumarins -- A Sree Lakshmi, K. Venkateswara Rao and V. Soundaramurthy 152-154
Stereochemical study of alpha-bromoketone: Acetolysis of 3beta-chloro-5,7beta-dibromo-5 alpha-cholestan-6-one (II) with sodium acetate-alcohol -- Shafiullah, Islamuddin and Hasrat Ali 154-155
Allylic oxidation of (+)-car-3-ene -- P.P. Pai, B.M. Mane, R.S. Joshi and G.H. Kulkarni 155-156
Cerium(IV)-benzyl-alcohol redox system for acrylonitrile polymerization -- K. Sanjjad, Q. Anwaruddin and L.V. Natarajan 156-157
Hexaquocobaltic ion as the active species of Co(II) -- Meenakshi Maruthamuthu 157-158
Simple photometric estimation of methyldopa -- R.T. Sane and U.M. Vaidya 158-160
Cone-In-Cone structure from upper cretaceous rocks of Tiruchirapalli, Tamil Nadu, South India -- M.N. Malur 160-161
A report of antibiotic producing mold from soil -- G.N.Wagh and K.V. Shankhapal 161-161
Sword-Bean mosaic-A new virus disease of Canavalia Ensiformis DC. -- V.R. Mali 162-163
Biochemical analysis of Bract mutations in Bougainvilleas: Requirement of Light for Betacyanin Synthesis in Bougainvillea cv. 'Mrs H.C. Buck' -- V.K. Kochhar, Sunita Kochhar and D. Ohri 163-164
Nature of resistance to yellow vein mosaic in Abelmoschus Manihot SSP. Manihot -- Mohan Singh and M.R. Thakur 164-165
A new species of Milletia from the tertiary of West Bengal, India -- P.K. Ghosh and S.K. Roy 165-166
A Disease of musk melon caused by Fusarium Solani (Mart) Sacc. -- Bineeta Sen and P.R. Palodhi 166-167
Yellow mosaid of Ammi Majus L. -Anew virus disease in India -- K.M. Srivastava, Waseem Ismail and B.P. Singh 167-168
First reports of chromosome numbers of a few species of Papilionaceae -- R.P. Roy and U. Mishra 168-169
Fruit rot disease of Canavalia Ensiformis DC- A new record -- Prem Lata Singh and A.K. Shrivastava 169-169
New records of parasites and predators of Nephopteryx Eugraphella Ragonot in India -- C.S. Sran and G.S. Sandhu 169-169
Survival of bacterial inoculants in a cheaper carrier material -- K.S. Jauhri, R.S. Bhatnagar and V.Iswaran 170-171
A bew species of Bartalinia -- Padmanai Like and S. Uma Devi 171-171
Cytoplasmic genic male-sterility in America Cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum L.) -- M.V. Thombre and S.S. Mehetre 172-172
Record of four orchid disease in Assam -- A.K. Roy 172-173
A modified immunization schedule for rapid development of antibodies against whole cell Rhizobium antigen -- C.R. Sharma and A,N. Sen 173-174
Nitrogen fixation and ammonia assimilation in Azotobacter chroococcum Isolates from C3 and C4 Plants -- D. Purushothaman, S Sadasivam and N. Dhanapal 174-176
Rapid clonal propagation of Dioscorea Floribunda by in vitro culture of excised leaves -- M.Sinha and H.C. Chaturvedi 176-178
Studies on North Indian Volvocales v. Volvulina Steinii Playfair from India -- R. Shyam 178-179
A mealybug attacking parthenium Hysterophorus Linn. -- B.a. Hegde and T.M. Patil 179-180
Giemsa banging pattern in the langur monkey-Presbytes Entellus Entellus (Dufr.) -- D.S. Krishna Murthy , S.Jayaraman and L.M. Ambani 180-181
Significance of ventral luminescence of silver-bellies (Fam:Leiognathidae) -- N.Jayabalan and K. Ramamoorthy 181-182
Histochemical localization of acetylcholinesterase in the whole mounts of Cotugina Sp. -- G. Venkata Rama Krishna, J.V. Narsiah and S.S. Simha 182-184
Reviews 184-186
Solar-Powered Communications System Opens 186-186
March 1979. 5
The Monsoon Experiment (Monex)-- P.K.Das 187-189
Physical Research Laboratory Radiocarbon Dates:CS II-- D.P.Agrawal, R.V.Krishnamurthy, Sheel Kusumgar and R.K.Pant 190-194
Symposium on the Role of Induced Mutations in Crop Improvement 194-194
Avalanche Transistor Discriminator for Low Energy Radiations-- R.K.Misra 195-196
A New Approach to Cancer Therapy-- P.Senapathy and T.M.Jacob 197-198
Spontaneous Occurence of Robertsonian Centric Fusion in Mouse-- Miss Jameela, S.Subramanyam and Dwarakanath K.Murthy 199-200
Winter School on Crystallographic Computing, Bangalore, India, 4-14 January 200-200
Letters to the Editor  
On the gravitational mass of a charges particle -- T.M. Karade 201-201

Spirals on the Rhombohedral faces of Gel grown Calcite -- K. Mohanan Pillai and M.A. Ittyachan
High resolution NMR studies in the solution of oxalic acid in dioxane -- T.K. Nambinarayanan and A Srinivasa Rao 203-204
Morpholine-4-carbodithioate as a gravimetric reagent for Zn(II), Cd(II) and Hg(II) -- Nepal Singh, S.K. Kulshrestha, A.K. Agarwal and T.N. Srivastava 204-206
REcognitiion of a sedimentological break between quartzite and lime stone members of the tal formation lesser Himalayas, India -- Indra Bir Singh 206-208
Discovery of some charophyta from the fossiliferous infratrappean beds of Lalitpur, Uttar Pradesh -- M.P. Singh and D.K. Mathur 208-209
Discovery of micro-organisms from the bedded cherts of the deoban limestone (Late Precambrians), Lesser Himalaya, Uttar Pradesh -- S. Kumar and S.N. Singh 209-211
Reciprocal translocation in Triticum Spelta -- M.N. Narkhede 211-211
A new species of Periconiella from India -- Kamal, S. Singh and R.P. Singh 211-212
Pollination biology of Calotropis Gigantea (L.) R. Br. -- T.M. Ramakrishna and Govindappa D. Arekal 212-213
A new record of bacterial wilt of ginger incited by Pseudomonas Solanacearum E.P. Smith from India -- James Mathew, Koshy Abraham, G. Indrasenan and Marykutty Samuel 213-214
EMS-Induced High yielding early mutant in linseed (Linum Ustatissimum L.) -- G.G. Nayar 214-216
Incidence of Rhizoctonia Solani on Azolla Pinnata -- P.S. Sasi, K.J. Wilson and N.K. Sasidharan 216-216
Thythmic variations in the lipase activity in the Slug, Laevicaulis Alte (Ferussac. 1921) -- D. Chengal Raju, S, Mastanaiah, D. Ravi Varma and K.S. Swami 216-217
Euscyritus Concinnus de Haan (Grylldae-Orthoptera) A new pest of Rice -- K. Natarajan, K.C. Mathur and S Rajamani 218-219
Effects of nucleopolyhedrosis virus on nitrogen, uric acid and protein contents of groundnut red-hairy caterpillar, Amsacta Albistriga --K. Narayanan, G. Santharam, S Eswaramoorthy and S.Jayaram 219-220
Concomittant isolation of Brucella Abortus and Campylobacter Fetus from an aborted bovine fetus -- Syed Zaki, G. Krishnappa and B.S.K. Murthy 220-221
Isolation of infectious Bursal agent (IBA) from disease outbreak in Broilers in Maharashtra State -- A.V. Manda and V.L. Paranjape 221-223
A report on the larval forms of the nematodes belongings to Gnathostoma Sp. Contracaecum Sp. and Eustrongylides Sp. from new piscian Hosts, from Vidarbha region of Maharashtra state, India --T.S.V. Naidu 223-224
Presence of elastin and collagen in the inner lining of the oesophagus in the crab Xantho Bidentatus (H.M. Edwards) -- D. Erri Basu, K. Hanumantha Rao and K. Shyamasundari 224-225
A note on the infestation of Barnacle, Balanus Amphitrite Amphitrite (Darwin) on the Prawn, Penaeus Monodon Fabricius -- S. Sidharaju and K,M, Mohamed Sultan 225-226
Effect of low concentratiions of DDT on the growth and production of marine diatom Skeletonema Costatum (Grev) -- B.R. Subramanian, t. Lingaraja and V.K. Venugopalan 226-228
DDT impact on aspartate and alanine amino transferase activity levels in the liver of Frog, Rana Hexadactyla -- D. Suhasini, W. Rajendra, K. Indira and K.S. Swami 228-230
Errata 230-230
Reviews 231-233
March 1979. 6
New Emission Bands of CO and CO+-- N.P.Singh and I.S.Singh 235-237
Helium Survey for Structural Mapping- A Case Study-- V.L.S.Bhimasankaram, M.L.Plusnin, S.M.Varaprasada Rao and I.N.Yanitskii 238-240
Changes in Certain Splenic Hydrolases during Tail Regeneration in the Gekkonid Lizard, Hemidactylus Flaviviridis-- R.V.Shah, J.S.Kothari and P.K.Haridar 240-241
Peyer's patches in some Indian Bats-- S.A.Bhide 241-243
Regulation of RNA Synthesis through Cell Contact in Sponge Cells-- Sreedharan Kartha and Sivatosh Mukherjee 244-246
Letters to the Editor  
Application of the law of corresponding states to molar sound velocity -- C. Raghupathi Rao and L.C. Siva Reddy 247-248
Equatorial geomagnetic bays and IMF sector polarity -- J. Hanumantha Rao 248-250
In spectroscopic manifestations of H-bonding interaaactions -- S. R. M. Meyyaooan and M. Subramanian 250-251
Synthetic studies in 2-arylbenzoiurans -- S.K. Sanduja and A.S. Kukla 251-252
Magnetic and spectral studies of mixed ligand derivatives of Cobalt(II), beta-Diketonate and Beta-Diketoesters with 9-hydroxy quinoline -- D.S. Sankhla, O.P. Arora and Sudhindra N. Misra 252-254
5-Substituted-1,3,4-thisdiazolyl-2-dithiocarbamyl(N,N,N-trialkyl)1 Thyl Ammonium iodides as anti-acetylcholinesterase -- Shakeel Ahmad and R.K. Satsangi 254-255
Synthesis of elvirol methyl ether -- T.K. Johna and G.S. Krishna Rao 255-256
Chromosome number and DNA, RNA values in some Indian Bats (Chiroptera) -- S.M. Handa and Sarbjit Kaur 256-258
Isolation of Corynebacterium Pyogenes from an aborted equine Foetus -- G. Krishnappa, Syed Zaki, B. Umakanth and B.S.K. Murthy 258-259
Successful graft culture of tomato in bacterial wilt silk soils -- S.K. Tikoo, P.J. Mathai and Ram Kishan 259-260
A new strain of tobacco mosaic virus causing mosaic disease in pigeon pea -- A.B. Singh and P.K. Pandey 261-261
Studies on floral biology in plantagionovata forsk and other species -- S.P. Mital and N.R. Bhagat 261-263
Incidence of Hapalophragmiopsis Ponderosum (SYD. & Butl) Thirum on acacia Leucophloea Willd. -- Paramjit K Mudhar and S.B. David 263-264
Amelioration of drought injury in rice by chemical sprays -- G. Rama Krishnayya and K.S. Murty 264-265
Antagonism between leaf surface microorganisms of rice -- S.B. Sullia and N.R. Jayanthi 266-267
Lichen Genus Asterothyrium Mull. ARG in India -- K.P. Singh 267-268
Exocellular lipase production by a soil streptomycete -- S. Chakrabarti, S. Matai and A.L. Chandra 268-269
Wood anatomy of Gouania Lupuloides (L>) urban --B. Sundara Siva Rao and R. Vijendra Rao 269-270
Effect of thioacetamide on Pupariation of Housefly -- A. Srinivasan and P.C. Kesavan 270-271
On a new cestode Yorkeria Southwelli (Cestoda : Onchoboigriidae) drom a marine fish -- R. A. Deshmukh 271-272
Formation of corpus luteus in the yield cricket Plebeiogryllus Guttiveniris (Walk) -- K. Ramasamy and N. Ramalingam 272-273
State of hydration in post embryonic stages of some blowflies (Calliphoridae: Diptera) -- Vijay Khole 273-274
First record of a Pterobranch hemichordate from the seas around India --R.B. Yaragal and P.S.B.R. James 274-275
Histopathology of Heteropneustes Fossils (BL.) infected by Procamallanus (Monospiculus) Devendri -- K.C. Bose and A.K. Sinha 275-276
Spodoptera Litura (F.) as a host from Nosema SP. -- K. Narayana and S. Jayaraj 276-276

A newfungus on chinar from Kashmir --V. Agnihothrudu

A new species of the genus Scutellonema Andrassy, 1958 (Nematoda:Hoplolaimidae) from Manipur, India -- M. Sarvat Sultan and M. Shamim Jairajpuri 277-278
Reviews 279-280
April 1979. 7
Infrared Transmission of Chalcopyrites Crystals-- Gopal C.Bhar 281-283
Variationin the Major Lipid Components, Total, Free and Esterified Sterols. Glycerol, Glycogen and Lipase Activity in the Fat Body of the Dipausing Pupa of Antheraea Myliita (Lepiloptera)-- Radha Pant and Kailash Nath Pandey 283-285
Electronic and Infrared Spectral Studies of Cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) Cyanide Complexes with some Nitrogen Donor Ligands-- R.C.Aggarwal and V.Chandrasekhar 286-289
5-HT and 5-Hydroxyindoleacetic Acid Levels in Successive Samples of Cisternal CSF of Rhesus Monkeys--M.S.Krishnamoorthy and T.C.Anandkumar 289-291
Symposium on 'Einstein- A Hundred Years' 291-291
Letters to the Editor  
Magneto optic rotations from refractivity studies -- V.R. Murthy and S.V.. Naidu 292-293
Crystallographic data of mesogenic 4,4'-Bis (Heptyloxy) Azoxybenzene -- R. Somashekar and M.S. Madhava 293-293
Estimation of uranium in plant and water samples -- H.S. Virk and Harinder Kaur 293-295
Morse Frank-Condon factors and gamma-centroides for some werner bands of H2 and D2 -- B.K. Sinha and A.N. Pathak 295-298
Extraction of photometric determination of Iron(III) with Salicylaldoxime -- P.B. Sankara Reddy and S.Brahmaji Rao 298-299
General spray reagents for naturally occurring higher fatty acids and their methyl and ethyl esters -- M. Masood R.N. Choudhary and K.P. Tiwari 299-299
Terpenic ketones as chelating ligands spectrophotometric investigation on vanadium (IV) comples with gamma-cyclocitrylidiene acetone -- Miss Mamta Agrawal, Ramesh Gupta and R.K. Baslas 299-300
Preparation of 2:4-hydroxy 5-acetyl acetophenone (Resodiacetophenone) -- A.S.R. Anjaneyulu, A.V. Rama Prasad and D. Sivakumar Reddy 300-301
Acid phosphatase activity in coryledons of germinating seeds of Vigna Sinensis (Linn.) Savi -- Tapan K. Biswas, S.S. Panigrahi, Nishith K. Mondal and Dipak K. Dube 301-303
Some novel spray reagents for naturally occurring higher fatty acids and their methyl and ethyl esters -- K.P. Tiwari and M. Masood 303-304
Xylia Dolariformis : An indicator to Gabro Bodies -- A G. Desai 304-304
Significance of U and Ph Content of Granitic rocks of visakhapatnam district, Andhra Pradesh -- B. Sathyanarayana, P.B.S. sastry and J.S.R. Krishna Rao 305-305
A new record of Phomopsis causing leaf spot of Argyreia Speciosa -- B.N. Pandey and D.C. Pant 305-306
Tolerence of certain fungicides by Nitrogen Fixing Blue-green Algae -- L.V. Gangawane and R.S. Saler 307-308
Gamma rays and magnetic fields induced vivipary in Cucumis Pubescens Willd -- M. Babu Rao and (Mrs) J.K. Bhalla 308-308
Effect of infection of Alternata Solani on sugar and starch content of the leaves of potato -- S.B. Chattopadhyay and B.K. De 309-309
Modified stipules in groundnut -- Chandra Mouli and S.H. Patil 310-311
Male sterile mutant in capsicum Annuum L. -- N. Sree Ramachandra Murthy 312-312
On the occurrence of new larval parasites of Plutella Xylostella (L.) in gujarat -- D.N. Yadav, R.C. Patel and T.M. Manjunath 312-313
Interfertility study of Hexagonia Sulcata Berk. A.B. De 313-313
Biometric study on yield and its component characters on pipper (Pipper Nigrum L.) -- K.Sivan Pillai, P. Saraswathy and E.J. Thomas 314-316
Cytomorphological study of the amphidiploids derived from the hybrids of the crosses between Solanum Menongena L. and Solanum Integrifolium Poir -- G.R.Rao ad Shamim Bakshi 316-317
A new leafspot disease of buck wheat inIndia -- A.L. Siddaramiah, Srikant Kulkarni and S.A. Hosamani 317-317
On Cyttarophyllopsis Cordispora Heim -- K. Natarajan 317-318
Leaf area determination in medicinal yam -- D.M. Hegde 319-320
An yet Undefined host of Isoparorchis Hypselobagri Billet, 1898 -- L. Narasimha Rao, M. Kameswari and G. Ram Hanumantha Rao 320-320
Morphological and cultural characteristics of salt and alkali tolerant strain of Azotobacter chroococcum -- N.Ahmad, M. Rai and B.P. Sahi 321-321
Melanogenesis in Solanum Khasianum tissue cultures -- Amin Uddin and H.C. Chaturvedi 321-322
An apparatus and methods of studying in Vitro feeding of blood by strongyles of Horse and the measurement of their pharyngeal activity -- S. Abdul Rahman and A.H. Waddell 322-324
Effect of endosulphan on the mid-gut epithelium of the Adult Odontopus Varicornis (Dist.) (Hemipters : Pyrrhocoridae) -- S. Sabesana dn N. Ramalingam 324-325
Reviews 326-328
April 1979. 8
Conformation of Glycerol Moiety of Dipalmitoyl Lecithin in CDCl2 Solution by 1H and 13C NMR-- Ramakrishna V.Hosur and Girjesh Govil 329-332
Fission Track Ages and Uranium Contents of some Indian Muscovites-- M.M.Ahmad and D.S.Srivastava 333-336
Acid-Rain : An Emerging Environmental Problem-- C.K.Varshney and L.S.Dochinger 337-340
The National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad, India 340-340
Letters to the Editor  
On the occurrence of long range interference observed with meteor wind Radar -- P.C.S. Devara, M.I. Ahmed and M. Srirama Rao 341-343
Studies on alizarin maroon, Alizarin Saphirol B and Alizarin Heliotrope Complexes of Mn(II), Fe(II), Co(II), Ni(II) and Cu(II) -- K.A. Idriss, M.M. Seleim and M.M. Khalil 343-344
Investigatiion on the toxicity of some carbazole derivatives and plant extracts -- D.N. Chowdhury and B.P. Das 344-346
Spectrophotometric Determination of copper on alloys with salicylaldehyde hydrazone -- (Mrs) Hemalata Ray, B.S. Garg and R.P. Singh 346-347
Friedel-crafts alkylation of aromatic hydrocarbons with the lactone of cis 1-Hydroxy-2-Indanyl acetic acid -- D.N. Cahtterjee and (Miss) Malati Sarkar 347-348
Discovery of permian fossils from Tal nadi section of the Garhwal Himalaya, U.P. --M.P. Singh, P.C. Mehrotra and A.K. Kacker 348-349
Discovery of stone age sites in the palleru Valley- Coastal Andhra Pradesh -- V.V. Madhusudana Rao 349-350
RApid multiplication of Eucalyptus by multiple shoot production -- G. Lakshmi Sita, C.S. Vaidyanathan 350-352
Three new host records from India -- R.C. Srivastava and A.B. Sinha 352-352
Effects of some selected antibiotics on soil algae -- J.L. Tarar and D.B. Kelkar 352-354
Pollen dimorphism in the heterostyed Solanum Melongena Linn. -- (Mrs.) Veena Srivastava 354-355
Effect of Herbicides on the RNA content in Sesbania Bispinosa JACQ. P.S. Dubey 355-356
Carbofuran residues in Brinjal -- M.S. Mithyantha, T.B. Gour, S.C. Tripathi, V. Agnihothrudu and D.S. Kulkarni 356-357
The effect of pre-sowing hardening and foliar applications with growth regulations in orach (Atriples Hortensis L.) -- D.N. saraswathamma 357-359
Curvalaria collar-rot of citrus -- M.L.Gupta and K.Baruah 360-360
Effect of gamma irradiation of seeds on growth,sex and yield on Lagenaria Siceraria standle -- M.P.Kaushik and Indra Singh 360-361
Fossil wood of Dracontomelum from the tertiary of West Bengal, India -- Pradip Kumar Ghosh and S.K.Roy 362-362
A note on the megasporogenesis and endosperm of some commelinaceae -- P.S.Chikkannaiah and B.Hamareddi 363-363
Addition to Indian fungi -- A.K.Srivastav and S.C.Gupta 364-364
Damping off of cardamom caused by Rhizoctonia Solani Kuhn -- K.I.Wilson, P.S.Sasi and B.Rajagopalan 364-364
Termitomyces Microcarpus, A new Indian edible mushroom -- D.K.Chakravarty and D.C.Khatua 364-365
An undescribed species of Stilbospora (Coelomycetes) from Maharashtra -- K.L.Mani Varghese and V.G.Rao 365-366
Some observations on cannibalism in larval blowflies (Calliphoridae:Diptera) -- Vijay Khole 366-368
On the tracheal organs of spider Oecobius Putus -- A.B.Vyas and S.M.Laliwala 368-369
The effect of gamma-BHC on the oxygen consumption of the earthworm, Megascolex Mauritii- A chronotoxicological approach -- M.Uthaman, V.Hemalatha and Y.Srinivasa Reddy 369-370
A note on hypophysation of Tawes Puntius Javanicus (Blkr.) in India -- M.Sinha, B.Singh and P.K.Saha 370-371
Presence of cilia in Schwann cells and in satellite cells of frog skeletal muscle in denervated conditions -- Vinod Verma 371-372
Rediscovery of Trichinella Spiralis (Owen,1835) in domestic pigs in India -- S.M.Niphadkar, M.H.Pardhan and V.S.Deshpande 372-373
A note on the comparison of tryptic susceptibility of fish myofibrillar proteins -- Absarul Hasnain 373-374
Reviews 375-376
Award of Research Degrees 376-376
May 1979. 9
Daily Variation of Total Electron Content near Magnetic Equator-- G.Sethia, H.Chandra and R.G.Rastogi 377-379
Preparation of Thin Uniform Beta-Ray Source-- R.K.Misra 379-381
Synthesis of Prosogerin-B-- D.K.Bharadwaj, R.K.Jain, C.K.Mehta and G.C.Sharma 381-382
Chemotaxonomy of Loganiaceae-- M.Daniel and S.D.Sabnis 383-385
Institution of Chemists (India) 385-385
Copper Complexes with Sulfadrug-Schiff Bases-- S.V.Tatwawadi, U.S.Katiyar and K.K.Narang 386-389
Letters to the Editor  
Environmental effect on the fluorescence of mercurydibromosodium fluorescein -- S. Odak, G.R. Pathak, M.L. Pandya and M.K. Machwe 390-391
Chromium (III) myoglobin -- T.S. Srivastava 391-393
Acid-catalysed condensation of formaldehyde with some phenolic ketones -- Santosh Bala Mohan, Anil Kumari Jhingan, Rakesh Kumar Vij, J. Parthasarathi and V.V.S. Murthi 393-394
A regiospecific c-acylation of 3-aryl pent-2-ene-1,5, dioic anhydrides under conditions of the perkin reaction -- Ramani Narayan and R.A. Kulkarni 394-395
Validity of frumkin double-layer correction in the case of sodium sulphate supporting electrolyte -- M.V.C. Sastri, S.R. Rajagopalan and C.S. Venkatachalam -- 395-396
Synthesis of unsymmetric bis-coumarinoxy phenoxy alkanes -- K.A. Thakur and Mrs. R.V. Pathak 396-398
Sugar composition of nectar in Pyrostegia Venusta -- D. Channe Gowda and Y.V. Aanjaneyalu 398-399
Simultaneous detection of phenobarbitone, phenytoin and their major metabolites in urine by this layer chromatography -- R. Subramanian, S Rajeswari, T.R. Chandrasekar and V.N. Viswanatha Rao 399-400
Significance of Jacutophyton in the deoban limestone, Chakrata Area, Dehradun District, Uttar Pradesh -- S. Kumar and S.N. Singh 401-401
Photoreactivation of cyanophage AC-1 infecting Anacystems Nidulans -- C.R. sharma and G.S. Venkataraman



A new species of perioconiella from India -- P. Kumar and Kamal 402-403
A new experimental research animal for Mycobacterium Lapramurium: Mastomys Natalensis --I.S. Mathur, N.B. Singh, H.P. Gupta and S.K. Gupta 403-405
Nuclear polyhedrosis of Plusia Signata (Lepidoptera : Noctuidae) -- D.B. Godse and r.B. Path 405-406
Tricarpellate mutant in Capsicum annuum L. induced by Gamma rays -- C. Indira and Susan abraham 406-408
Corolla handedness in Papilionaceae -- M. Madhusudana Rao, K. Lokendar Rao and Bir Bahadur 408-410
A contribution to the embryology of sansevieria Zeylanica Wild -- N. Lakshmi 410-412
Survival of azospirillium brsilense in different carriers -- K.V.B.R. Tilak, M. Lakshmi Kumari and C.S.. Nautiyal 412-413
Boll rot of cotton from Agra -- R.B. Sharma and A.N. Roay 413-414
Effect of antibiotic (Benzyl Penicillin) on photocerebral neurosecretary activity of the mullipede gonopectus malayus (Carl.) -- G.S. shukla and S.P. Tripathi 414-415
Chromosomes in Porrorchis indicus (Syn.Pseudoporrorchis indicus das 1957) -- Vasantha Rangaraju, V.M. Sapkal and Prema Navlurkar 415-416
A case report of epidermal tumors on a marine teleost, Johnius (Johnieops) Aneus (Bloch) from the waters off Visakhapatnam -- K. Drinivasa Rao and K.V.S. Janardhana Rao 417-418
Glycogen in common Indian Earthworm Pheretima Posthuma -- Shrawan Kumar Gupta 418-419
Morphology of the anterior end of Cyathostomum species as revealed by scanning electron microscopy -- S. Abdul Rahman and A.H. Waddell 419-420
Factors affecting production of sex pheromone in females of angoumois grain moth, Sitotroga cerealella (Olivier) (Lepidoptera : Gelechiidae) -- K.R. Kanaujia and H.S. Sidhu 420-422
Symposium on high altitude entomology and wild life ecology 422-422
Reviews 423-424
May 1979. 10
The Absolute Maximum Food Production Potential in India-An Estimate-- S.K.Sinha and M.S.Swaminathan 425-429
A New Glycoflavanone from Cleome Viscosa Whole Plant-- S.K.Srivastava and (Smt) S.D.Srivastava 430-431
Adenosine Triphosphatase Activity in the Spermatogenic and Androgenic Components of the Testes of Yaphozus Longimanus Hardwicke (Microchiroptera:Mammalia)-- D.R.Swami and S.B.Lall 431-433
The Influence of Denervation on the co-Enzyme Specificity of Malate and Glutamate Dehydrogenases in Gastrocenius Muscle of Frog. Rana Hexadactyla-- S.Mastanaiah, D.Chengal Raju and K.S.Swami 434-436
Letters to the Editor  
Preparation of aromatic polyamides based on phenylene diamines -- B. Siva Rami Reddy, Ganga Radhakrishnan and M. Santappa 437-438
Phase transfer catalysis reaction of dichlorocarbene on some aromatic ketones-synthesis of glycollic acids -- Miss D. Jyotsna and A.v. Subba Rao 439-439
Extraction and spectrophotometric determination of copper(II) with 20hydroxyacetophenoneoxime -- T. Sreenivasulu Reddy and S Brahmaji Rao 439-440
Polyphenolic components of Clerodendrum serratum -- A.G. Ramachandran Nair , T.N.C. Yedanthan and B. Kannabiran 440-441
N2O decompositiionon La2TiM)3 (M-Ni,Cu and Zn) -- Vinod Ram Sastri, R. Pitchai and C.S. Swamy 441-442
Ventral fin length as a sexually diamorphic character in the murret, Channa Punctata (Bloch, 1793) -- P. Balasundar Reddy 442-442
Scythian ostracodes from Khunamuh formation, Khreuh, Kashmir Himalaya -- Prem N. Agarwal 442-443
Anthracnose of Cassava- A new record for India -- M. Chandrasekharan Nair, M. Ramanatha Menon , M. Sudharban and A Sukumara Varma 443-443
Translocation of heterozygosity in Gloriosa Linn -- Prakash Narain 443-444
Rhizoctonia fruit rot of Jack (Artocarpus Heterophyllus Lam.) -- M.Ramanatha Menon, M.Chandrasekharan Nair, A.Sukumara Verma and L.Rema Devi 444-445
Occurence of rootknot nematode on winged bean -- D.B.Singh, P.Parvatha Reddy and R.Rajendran 445-446
A report of vivipary in buckwheat (Fagopyrum Sp.) -- P.C.Katoch, Shamim Bakshi, S.D.Bharadwaj and A.N.Kaushal 446-446
The effect of sorghum pollen on the germination of conidia of Drechslera Turcica (Pass.) subram and Jain -- M.S.Meenakshi and A.Ramalingam 447-448
Differential response of chromosomes of young and adult tissue to chemicals -- Yogendra Kumar Bansal and Sumitra Sen 448-449
Induction of germination in Solanum -- A.R.Pingle and V.R.Dyansagar 449-450
Three new deuteromycetes associated with leaf drying of coconut palms -- V.V.Sulladmath and K.M.Ponnappa 450-451
Endosperm of Scleria Foliosa Hochsetter Ex A.Richard -- B.H.M.Nijalingappa and N.Devaki 451-452
Solubility of differences of pollinial and pollen walls of Asclepiadaceae and their significance -- P.Sreedevi and A.N.Namboodiri 452-453
Two new additional hosts of citrus tristeza virus -- K.Balaraman and (Late) K.Ramakrishnan 453-454
Effect of blue-green algae and Azolla application on the aggregation status of the soil -- Paromita Roychoudhary, B.D.Kaushik, G.S.R.Krishnamurty and G.S.Venkataraman 454-455
Genetics of heterophylly in canavalia -- N.D.Jambhale 455-456
A new leaf spot disease of Parthenium -- A.P.Rao and A.S.Rao 456-456
Complete red currant (Ribes Rubrum L.) plants from adventive embryos induced In Vitro -- J.M.Zatyko 456-457
Prolactin influenced lipogenesis in Mystus Vittatus (Bloch) -- M.R.Parvathi and Vijayam Sriramulu 457-460
Iotonchus Prabhooi Sp.N. (mononchida nematode ) A new predatory nematode from the soils of Kerala -- C.Mohandas 460-461
Adaptiv changes in the blood bicarbonate levels of three air -breathing fishes following aerial exposure -- M.Ramaswamy and T.Gopalakrishnan Reddy 461-463
On the occurence of Spinostrongylus Indicus Lovekar, 1970 (Nematode :Trichostrongylidae) in micro bats (New hosts ) from Nagpur and a note on copulation -- T.S.V.Naidu and B.M.Murhar 463-464
Quantitative effects of HMAC; 1,6-hexamethlene Bis= (1-Aziridine carboxamide) on sterility of Dysdercus Cingulatus Fabr -- Islam Ahmad 464-465
Chromosome number of Cricula Trifenestrata Helfer (Lepidoptera:Saturniidae) -- R.C.Narang and M.L.Gupta 465-466
Reviews 466-469
June 1979. 11
Sociobiology: Before and After-- B.R.Seshachar 471-475
Potential Energy Curves and Disociation Energies of Hydrides, Deutrides, Oxides and Fluorides of some Rare Earth Elements-- B.R.Yadav, S.B.Rai and D.K.Rai 475-480
VI International Congress of Protozoology, Warsaw, Poland 480-480
Letters to the Editor  
Spectral and magnetic studies of some mixed ligand complexes of Bis-(Dimethylglyoximato) Cobalt(II) -- D.S. Sanhla, R.C. Mathur and Sudhindra N. Misra 481-482
Variation in major lipid components in the intestine of Antheraea Mylitta during larval development and spinning period -- Radha Pant and Girish Kumar Srivastva 482-483
Production of extracellular enzymes by jute pathogenic fungus Macrophomina Phaseolina -- Sagar C. Saha, Syamalima Dube, Arunik Sanyal, Dipak K. Dubi and Sandip N. Sinha 484-485
Two new hosts for Xanthomonas Vesicatoria (Doidge) Dowson -- Ram Kishun and H.S. Sohi 485-486
A leaf reduction disease of Cicer Arietinum in India caused by a cucumo virus -- K.L. dhingra, V.V. Chenulu and A Varma 486-488
A Translocation heterozygote in Capsicum Annum L. S.S. Mhetre, M.V. Thombre and H.N. Sonone 488-489
Sequence of stomatal meristemoid formation in some leguminosae -- Praveen Farooqui INee Kidwai) 489-490
Use of water hyacinth as an additive in biogas production -- Pradnya Deshpande, Seema Sarnaik, S.H. Godbole and P.M. Wagle 490-492
A rapid method for the study of Fertilisation in groundnut, Arachis Hypogaea L. -- U.R. Murthy and N. Gnanaprasadarao 492-493
Characterization of rice ragged stunt virus disease in India -- A.Ghosh, V.T.John and P.C.Reddy 493-494
Quantitative chromosomal changes in cultured cells of Digitalis Lanata Ehrh -- P.P.Gupta and Gy. Molnar 494-495
Dipterocarpoxylon Bolpurense Sp.Nov., A fossil wood of Dipterocarpaceae from the tertiary of Weat Bengal, India -- Pradip Kumar Ghosh and S.K.Roy 495-496
A simple propiono-orcein squash technique for the Karyomorphological studies in rice (Oryza Sativa L.) -- P.Mukherjee and D.K.Mukherjee 496-497
Phytoalexin from the germinating seeds of rice (Oryza Sativa ) -- Mohammed Zuber and K.Manibhushanrao 497-498
A fruit rot of Pyrus communis caused by trichoderma Viride -- A.N.Roy and R.B.Sharma 498-499
On Sphaeroplea Annulina (Roth) Ag., An interesting green alga -- B.R.Chaudhary 499-500
Protodontia Uda in India -- K.V.Chandrasekhara and K.Natarajan 500-501
Acid and alkaline phosphatase activity in the uterus of rat treated with Hibiscus Rosa -Sinensis Linn extracts -- Anand O.Prakash 501-503
Complement fixation test in experimental setariasis -- Abdul Baqul and Jamil A.Ansari 503-504
Failure of immuno-surveillance and recurrances of herpes labialis -- A.K.Kapoor and M.Basu 504-505
Morphogenetic abnormalities caused by treatment of eggs of Dysdercus Cingulatus with Jh analogues -- Mariamma Jacob and V.K.K.Prasad 505-507
A new species of blood sucking mite (Acarina) from India -- S.K.Gupta 507-508
Effect of lysine-arginine and Glutathioe on the growth of oocytes of the fish Anabas Testudineus (Bloch) -- N.K.Mishra and N.Sardana 508-509
Record of Myrmecophila Albicincta Var. Concolor Chopard (Orthoptera) -- B.L.Bradoo and R.K.Bradoo 509-510
Distribution of glycogen in the normal and regenerated barbel of the fish Heteropneustes Fossilis (Bloch) -- C.Raghuvanshi and H.Swarup 510-511
Taxonomic value of tori longitudinales and valvula cerebelli in Channa Punctatus (bloch) and Channa Marulius (Ham ) -- K.K.Tandon and P.Kaur 511-512
Reaction of chilli (Capsicum Frustescens) varieties to Colletotrichum Capsici (Syd) Butler and Bisby -- S.Amu Singh and D.P.Thakur 512-513
Reviews 514-516
June 1979. 12
Conformation of Poly-(a-Aminoisobutyric Acid): A Modified a-Helix-- B.V.Venkataraman and V.Sasisekharan 517-519
Spectrophotometric Determination of Platinum with Profenamine Hydrochloride-- H.Sanke Gowda and K.A.Padmaji 520-521
Antifungal Activities of the Phyllosphere Organisms-- A.K.Chandra, B.R.Pati and S.K.Gupta 522-525
Effect of Sublethal Concentration of Methyl Parathion on selected Oxidative Enzymes in the Tissues of the Fresh Water Fish, Tilapia Mossambica (Peters)-- K.Siva Prasada Rao and K.V.Ramana Rao 526-528
12th International Congress of Soil Science (India 1982) 528-528
Letters to the Editor  
Travelling ionospheric disturbances in the lower F-region -- B.Suryanarayan Murty and B.Ramachandra Rao 529-530
Fluoresecence polarization spectrum of mercuridibromosodium-fluorescein -- Sarita Odak, G.R. Pathak, M.L. Pandya and M.K. Machwe 530-531
A new band system of InCl molecule in the region 4100-3900 A -- V.P.N. Nampoori and M.M. Patel 532-532
Preparation of phantom polymers -- R. Kalyanasundaram, S Krishnamoorthy and H. Kothandaraman 532-533
Reaction of 2-methyl-5-nitro-azobenzene-2'-sulphenyl, bromide with ethyl methyl ketone -- A. Chaudhuri, T. Thakuria and S.K. Bhattacharjee 533-534
Chemical examination of the stems of Lippia Citriodora Linn. -- E.K.S. Vijayakumar and R. Rama Krishnan 534-535
Cardiotoxicity of immune spleen cells treated with specific antigen of antiserum -- S.M. Natu, U.C. Chaturvedi and Asha Mathur 535-537
A note on the ocurrence of Microstylolite seams in sulphide cherty rock at dariba-Rajpura deposit, Udaipur District, Rajasthan -- M.K. Pandya, S.L. Solanki and T.K. Pandya 537-537
A new patten of cuticular structure in glossopterid leaves -- D.E.P. Jeyasingh 538-538
Influcence of insecticides on IAA metabolism in paddy soil -- S. Jayachandra 538-540
Efficacy of dimethyl sulphoxide on the mutagenic action of diethyl sulphate on rice -- T.V.V. Seetharani Reddi 540-541
Manifold morphological effects of induced dwarfism in rice (Oryza sativa L.) --S.L. Dwivedi, K.N. Ral and R.B. Singh 541-542
Tapetum-like anther epidermis in Zeuxine Longilabris (Lindl.) Benth ex HK. Orchiidae -- K. Ananda Karanth, P.K. Bhat and Govindappa d arekal 542-543
Occurrence of Thanatephorus cucumeris as a weed fungus on mushroom beds -- P. Lakshmanan, S. Bhavani Devi and M. Chandrasekharan Nair 543-544
On a xanthophycean alga new to India -- Vraj Nandan Prasad and Pradeep Kumar Misra 544-545
Chara Fibrosa Var. Fibrosa f.Longicorollata : A new record for India and its cytology --Probir Chatterjee 545-547
Efect of soil application of carbofuran in split doses on the control of the rice root nematode -- J. Satyanarayana Prasad and Y. Seshagiri Rao 547-548
Occurrence of a new insect. small brown plant hopper Laodelphax Striatellus (Fallen), in India -- K.K. Shukla 548-548
A simple method for inducing sporulation in Helminthosporium Gramineum in culture -- Shashi Bala Gulati and S.K. Mathur 548-548
Level of glucose and fructose in hyphae of two fruit rot causing fungi -- K.S. Bilgrami and M.M. Prasad 548-549
Cholesterol activity in the testes of Passer Domesticus and Streptopelia Decaocto -- Madhu Saxena and R.s, Mathur 549-550
Abnormality in growth of Pediastrum Simplex var. Clathratum -- A.M. Abdus Salam and Yusuf Sharif A Khan 551-551
Mosaid disease of Petunia Violacea Lindl. Hybrida -- R.K. Raizada, B.P. Singh and R.P. Gupta 551-553
A new species of Pseudolepocreadioides Hafeezullah. 1970 (trematoda : Lepocreadhdae) from puri coast, Bay of Bengal -- Jamil Ahmad 554-554
Effect of leaf and kernel extracts of neem on moulting and vitellogenesis in dysdercus cingulatus Fabr. (Heteroptera : Pyrrhocoridae) -- C.C. Abraham and B. Ambika 554-556
Anatomy of the utero-vaginal junctiion in the Indian sheath-tailed bat. Taphozous Longimanus (Hardwicke) --A gopalakrishna, K.B. Karim and Shibani Banerjee 556-558
A new record of internal parasite of Gynaikothrips Flaviantennatus moulton from India -- Vijay Veer 558-558
Oil Technologists Association of India 558-558
National Symposium on food Proteins 559-559
Reviews 560-564
July 1979. 13
Immunoglobulins and Immunoglobulins Complexes Associated with Human Malignant Tumours-- Engikolai C.Krishnan and William R.Jewell 565-567
Synthesis and CNS Activity of some 2-Aryl/Alkyl-3-/N-Phenyl,[ N-(Dihydroxy Phenyl-Methyl)-Amino]-6,8-Disubstituted-Quinazolin-4(3H)-Ones-- S.S.Tiwari, R.K.Satsangi and Rajesh Agarwal 568-571
Assessment of Heavy Metal Toxicity-- P.K.Bhatt, D.Upadhyaya, J.C.Dagar and V.P.Singh 571-573
Variability of Amino Acid content in Seed of some Wild and Cultivated Species of Oryza-- K.Vaidyanathan, G.M.Reddy and P.Hanumantha Rao 573-575
Letters to the Editor  
Some problems with differential pulse polarography and differential pulse anodic stripping voltammetry in the determination and speciation of trace metals in natural waters -- K.S.Subramanian 576-577
Crystallographic data of PaT5, UT5 and UT4Cl -- A M. Bhandari and D.K. Kulkarni 577-578
Separation and determination of Pd(II) and Ni(II) using 2-hydroxy-4-methyl-5-chloro acetophenone oxime -- Nepal Singh, B.D. Kansal, A.C. Ojha and Hambir Singh 579-580
Isoquinolones-An elegant synthesis for 3-acetyl and 3-Benzoyl-isoquinolones -- A.R. Modi and R.N. Usgaonkar 580-581
Studies on antidiarrheal activity of insoluble polyacrylamide -- V.B. Mathur and D.M. Brahmankar 582-583
Phase transfer catalysis in the alkylation of N-crylacetoacetamides -- P.S. Raman and M.A. Ashrof 583-584
A Method for decomposition of chromite for analysis by atomic absorption spectrophotometry -- P.D. Malhotra, P.P. Naidu and T.J. Panduranga Rao 584-585
Synthesis aof 2-phenyl-4,5-dihydro-6H-pyrrolo(3,2,I-ij) quinolines 6-ones; intermediates in the synthesis of benzodiazepines -- J.R. Merchant and V. Shankarnarayan 585-586
On a new species of Anabaenopsis from India -- Ahalya Chintamani 586-586
Syntrophism between wild-type and a diauxotrophic mutant of yeast Torulopsis Bovina -- S.P. Rao and H. Polasa 587-587
Beauveria Bassiana Strain Globulifera and monacrosporium Ellipsoporum two new records of fungi from India -- P.N. Chowdhury, A.K. Sarbhoy and J.L Varshney 588-588
Seedling blight of Sorghum -- K.S. Dhanraj 588-589
Lipid synthesis in mature and immature groundnut kernels -- S.D. Mishra, B.J.A.F. Mendia, B.K. Gaur 589-590
A new leafspot disease of Thespesia populinea Corr(L.) Soland.Ex.Corr -- Padmaraj Luke and C. Narayana Reddy 590-591
Induction of flowering and fruiting in immature mango shoots with KNO3 -- N.D.Bindad and C.J.Apostol 591-593
Additional early pliocene diatoms and silicoflagellates from Neill island, South Andaman, India -- Pratap Singh 593-594
Fruit and seed of Gyrocarpus Americanus Jacq -- B.S.M.Dutt 594-596
Gamma ray induced triploid grain Sorghum -- V.R.Reddi, S.Saradamani and T.Sanyasappa Rao 596-597
Nutrition and antibiosis of Stachybotrys Albipes -- A.Subrahmanyam 597-598
Cytological studies in Acanthephippium bicolor Lindl -- Puttalingaiah and V.Rangaswamy 598-599
Damping-off of seedlings in Methi (Trigonella Foenum-Graecum L.) A new record -- S.S.Ali and S.H.Qureshi 599-600
Observations on some teratological anomalies in Pedalium Murex Linn -- K.Rangaswami Ayyangar and R.Sampathkumar 600-600
Archegonia in Williamsonia Carr. (Bennettitales) -- B.D.Sharma 601-601
Development of stomata in Barringtonia Racemosa Roxb -- Parveen Farooqui and (Nee Kidwai) 601-603
Host range of the entomogenous fungus Fusarium Oxysporium Schlect and its safety to three crop plants -- Suma Kuruvilla and Abraham John 603-603
Preliminary observations on the influence of age and male sex on fecundity in Drosophila Melanogaster -- N.B.Krishnamurthy, V.A.Vijayan and V.Vasudevan 604-604
Induction of sterility in Zabrotes Subfasciatus (Boh.) (Bruchidae:Coleoptera) by the use of Gamma Radiation -- H.R.Pajni and Anita Jabbal 604-606
Histochemical localization of steroidogenic sites in the ovary of the lizard, Psammophilus Dorsalis (Gray) -- G.R.Shivakumar, H.B.Devaraj Sarkar and B.M.Sekharappa 606-607
Adrenal glands in two Indian bats -- K.B.Karim, A.Gopalakrishnan and Harbir Gadhoke 607-609
Reviews 610-612
Welcome Herbarium Specimens 612-612
July 1979. 14
Re-Entrant Nematic Phase in Pure Compounds at Atmospheric Pressure-- N.V.Madhusudhana, B.K.Sadashiva and K.P.L.Moodithaya 613-614
Constitution of Laxanthone-III Synthetic studies-- D.K.Bharadwaj, R.K.Jain and C.K.Mehta 614-615
Complexes of Cu(II), Ni(II) and Pd(II) with 1-Hydroxy-2-Acetonaphthnone Phenylhydrazone-- S.Srihari and N.Appala Raju 616-617
A Note on Magnetisation of Magnetite-Ore Band at Addatigala in Andhra Pradesh-- V.Bhaskara Rao and A.Lakshmipati Raju 617-620
Temperature of Formation of Barite Based on Fluid Inclusion Data-- Ashok Ballurkar 621-622
Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry: Awards for 1979 622-622
Study of Amino Acids and Fatty Acids in the Stromatolites of Someshwar area in Kumaun Himalaya-- A.K.Mattoo, A.N.shsh and S.K.Munshi 623-624
Letters to the Editor  
Invariant characterization for null electromagnetic fields in general relativity -- Zafar Ahsan 625-625
Rotational analysis of the A-X system of the CuCl molecule -- G.P.Mishra, S.B.Rai and K.N.Upadhya 625-626
The crystal structure of Glycine orthophosphate -- R.Thulasidas and J.K.Mohana Rao 626-627
Synthesis of Rubone -- S.S.Chibber, R.P.Sharma and S.K.Dutt 627-627
The proton magnetic resonance contact shift studies on Cobalt(II) halide complexes of Pyridine N-oxide and diphenyl sulphoxide -- K.Durairaj, S.J.Arulraj and C.C.Patil 628-629
Kinetics and mechanism of oxidation of some substituted benzoic acids by chloramine-T in alkaline media -- S.P.Mushran, J.Sharma and L.J.Pandey 629-630
Carotenoids of Cephalandra Indica (Coccinia Indica) -- A.B.Barua and B.C.Goswami 630-632
Molecular polarizabilities of some halogenoanilines and N,N-dimethylanilines -- C. Srinivasan and A. Chellamani 632-633
Condensation of 2,1,3-benzothiadiazole4,5-diamine with p-anisaldehyder -- P. Santhan Rao and V. Veeranagaiah 634-634
Pseudo mudcracks and sand polygons in the udaipur flysch. Rajasthan, India -- S.B. Sharma, Iqbaluddin, R.K. Mathur and Balmiki Prasad 634-635
Study of the karyotype, report of B-Chromosomes and polytene chromosomes in Phaseolus Aureus Roxb --Sima Bhattacharyya 635-637
Influene of kinetin and morphactin on 14C incorporation into alcohol soluble and insoluble substances during feminization of cator (Ricinus Communis L.) -- N. Raja Kumar and P. Gopala Rao 637-639
Studies in Raphanus sativus L. Plants infested by Lipaphis Erysimi Kalt. --J.N. Srivastava and S.V.S. Chauhan 639-641
Changes in a corbic acid contents of pineapple (Ananas comosus) fruits by Ceratocystis Paradoxa -- Jamaluddin 641-642
Aflatoxin production and loss in caloric value of maize seeds due to Aspergillus Parasiticus -- K.S. Bilgrami, R.S. Misra and K.K. Sinha 642-643
Early maturing bold seeded mutants in pigeon pea [Cajanus cajan (L.) mill SP.] --S.E. Pawar, R.G. Thakare and D.C. Joshua 643-645
Influence ofspray of the culture of epiphytic microorganisma on the yield of the gram (Cicer Arietinum)-- J.S. Jauhri and V. Iswaran 645-645
Pentacmeoxylon ornatum Gen. Et. Sp. Nov. from the siwaliks of Kalagarh -- B.S. Trivedi and Madhu Ahuja 646-647
Limitationsin nitrogen fixing ability of rhizobia in Heterologous legume hoses -- K.R. Dadarwal, Shashi Prabha and P. Tauro 647-649
Regenerationof rhizome segments of regnellidium diphyllum Lindm. in Aseptic cultures -- Harvinder K. Cheema (Nee Harvinder K. Chopra) 649-649
Baited ragi culm culture, an easy technique for maintenance of virulence in Helminthosporium nodulosum Berk, & Curt. -- C.N. Reddy and Padmabai Luke 649-650
Does soil inhibit biological nirogen fixation -- D. Purushothaman and S Gunasekharan 650-652
Ovule and seed of Moringa Concanensis Nimmo -- B.S.M. Dutt 652-654
Pseudocercospora contraria (H. & P. Syd.) deighton-Anew record from India -- P. Kumar and Kamal 654-654
Description of Austroagallia afganistanensis Sp. Nov. (Agallidae: Homo[tera) -- P. Kameswara Rao, Usha Ramakrishnan and Swaraj Ghai 655-656
New host for Quadruspinospora chakravartyei Chakraborty and Halder, 1974 (Protozoa:Sporozoa) -- D.P. Haldar, N.K. Sarkar and S.C. Dutta 656-656
Studies on the chromosome of the genus mus -Autosomal polymorphism in the Indian Pygmi Mouse Mus dunni (Wroughton) --K.R. Manjunatha and N.V. Aswathanarayana 657-659
Reviews 659-660
Proffessor Gunnar Erdtman International Medal for Palynology 660-660
August 1979. 15
Synthesis of Proanthocyanidin- A New Leucocyanidin Trimer (4-8, C-O-C)-- Sudhir Agarwal, A.Kumar and (Mrs) K.Misra 661-663
Synthesis of 2',4',-Dihydroxy-3'-Methyl-2",2"-Dimethylpyrano(5",6";5',6')Chalcone-- V.P.Manchanda, R.B.Gupta and R.N.Khanna 663-665
Mechanism of Pyridine Inhibition of iA, Anti iA Binding-- C.Jayabaskaran, M.sugumaran and T.M.Jacob 666-667
Karyological Studies on four Species of Lizards from Peninsular India-- S.Krishna Rao and N.V.Aswathanarayana 667-671
Indian Lead Zinc Information Centre:Seminars and Prize Awards 671-671
Accumalation of Mercury by the Mussel Perna Viridis Linnaeus-- P.T.Lakshman and P.N.Krishnan Nambisan 672-674
'International Cecidology Newsletter' Published by the Entomology Research Unit, Loyola Colleg, Madras 600034, India 674-674
Letters to the Editor  
Non-Existence of anially symmetric massive complex scalar fields in Rosen's theory of gravitation -- 675-676
method of determining the source spectrum of the return stroke of atmospherics -- S. Gopalakrishna and P. Sitaramaswamy 676-678
Qualitative check phosphorus distribution in neutron irradiated silicon crystals using auto-radiography --O.P. Nangia 678-679
Fission track age of tektities found in recent sediments -- H.S. Virk and R.H. Mc. Corekell 679-680
A novel disulphide formation during the cyclodehydration of 3-deoxy-12-thia-8,14-Seco-1,3,5(10),6,8-estraphentaen-14,17-dione -- S.R. Ramdas and P.Ch. Chenchaiah 680-680
Formation constants of the chelates of 20hydroxy-1-naphthalidene-orthobromoaniline with soem bivalent metal ions -- M.S. Mayadeo and a.M. Chaubal 681-682
Pharmacological studies on macrocyclic polyether 15-crown-5-- D. Sankaranarayanan, C. Gopalakrishnan, S.K. Nazimudeen, S. Viswanathan, Lalitha Kameswaran and V. Krishnan 682-683
Dehydration of cholestanol by anhydrous-copper sulphate -- K.H. Shankaranarayana and K.S. Ayyar 683-684
A convenient method of blood collection from rat for experimental studies -- L.D. Joshi, P.C. Singhal and R.K. Gupta 684-684
A petrified strobilus of selaginella -- R.B. Singh and G.V. Path 684-685
A granulosis virus of sugarcane shoot borer, chilo Infucatellus Snell. (Lepidopters : Crambidae) -- S. Easwaramoorthy and H. David 685-686
Chromosome number in some sansevieria species -- M.A. Nazeer 686-687
Viral, Wilt-A new disease hitherto unrecorded on cotton --V.R. Mali 687-688
A new base number for the genus Bunium L. -- A,K, Koul and Irshad Ahmad Hamal 688-689
Occurrence of vessels in Helminthpstachys Zeylanica (Linn.) Parkash Madan and S. Bhambie 689-690
Isomerism in flowers of Azanza Lampas Dalz ( Malvaceae) -- M. Sanjappa and R.P. Bhatta dn (Mrs)aparna Dasgupta 690-691
Morphology of pollinial apparatus in secamonoideae, asclepiadaceae and its systematic value -- Govindappa D. Arekal and T.M. Ramakrishna 691-693
Chilorolepiota-A new genus of Agaricales (Mushrooms) from India --A.V. Sathe and Miss Sandhya D. Deshpande 693-695
Accessory chromosomes in Trigonella Corniculata L. N. Lakshmi and T. Venkateswara Rao 695-696
Occurrence of perithecal stage of SphaerothecaFuliginea on muskmelon (cuccumis Melo L.) from Bangalore (Karnataka State) -- B.A. Ullasa, H.S. Sohi and K.S. Amin 696-697
Uromyces Pavgii Goswami Et Ngachan- A new rust Taxon on Achyranthes Aspera L. --R.N. Goswami and S.V. Ngachan 697-698
Gamma ray effects on heterostyly in Solanum Khasianum clarke -- Y.S. Chauhan and S. Ravindran 698-698
Corpora allata of Postelectrotermes Nayari (Isoptera : Kalotermitidae) -- R.V. Verma 699-699
Some observations on the Miracidium of Singhiatrema Longifurca simha 1958 (Trematoda : Echinostomatidae) -- K. Hanumantha rao 699-700
Carriage of a distinct isolate of potato virus Y in Solanum Nigrum L. --Ram Krishna, K.M. Srivastava and B.P. singh 701-702
External sexual characters in the Juvenile stages of the lemon-Butterfly, Papilio Demoleus -- K.P. Srivastava and P. Kumar 702-703
Plectonchus Cucumis sp.N. (Nematoda, Panagrolaimidae) from Cucumis Melo Var. Phut --H.S. nama and G.R. Soni 703-704
The Aphidological Society, India 704-704
Jawaharlal Nehru Fellowship 704-704
August 1979. 16
Neutrino Flux Correlation with Solar Activity-- A.Subramanian 705-707
Electroosmotic Transport of Alcohol-Water Mixtures Through Ion- Exchange Membranes-- Raj Kumar 708-711
Synthesis and Potential Local Anaesthetic Activity of some 2-Substituted Thiazoles and Benzamidazoles-- Pramod K.Srivastava, Shri Krishna Rai and G.S.Yadav 711-714
Phenolics, Peroxidase and Phenolase as Related to Gall Formation in some Arid-Zone Plants-- S.D.Purohit, K.G.Ramawat and H.C.Arya 714-716
Pregnancy Record of some Indian Bats-- A.Gopalakrishna, K.B.Karim and Gopal Chari 716-718
Letters to the Editor  
On Mn2+[4T1g(4G)-6A1(6S) transition in CaS:Mn:Ce Pgosphor -- P.R. Lalitha, v.r. Rao, A.R. Indiramma and V.P.N. Nampoori 719-720
Helium-Neon laser induced changes in Erythrocytes -- Megha singh and T.M. Vatsala 720-722
Synthesis of 4-chloroayapin -- B.V. Gopala Rao, P. Subrahmanyam and P. Satyanarayana 722-722
Synthesis of maxanthones-H- and their derivatives -- D.K. Bhardwaj, M.S. Bisht and R.K. Jain 722-723
Amperometric determination of Palladium with 1-Hydroxy-2-Acetonaphthoneoxime -- V.V. Balakrishna and N. Appala Raju 724-724
A novel synthesis of 10,11-Disubstituted tetrahydroprotoberberine alkaloid xylopinine -- G.D. Pandey and K.P. Tiwari 724-726
C-Glycosides of Rhynchosia species -- D. Adinarayana, D. Gunasekar and P. Ramachandraiah 726-727
On a fallacy about genotypic and phenotypic correlation coefficients -- E.J. Thomas 728-728
High protein HUL-Less barleys from Hiproly -- L.V. S. Sastry and B.N. Murthy 729-730
Chromosome number and meiosis in Cleome Aspera Linn. -- B Hanumantha Rao, N. Lakshmi and P.S. Prakasa Rao 730-731
Effect of gamma irradiation on callus growth of Vigna Sinesis (L) Savi --G.C. Mitra and A.K. Sharma 731-732
Serological evidence of leptospiral antibodies in elephants -- A.S. Upadhye, G. Krishnappa, Syed Naveed Ahmed and B.S. Keshavamurthy 733-733
Identification of a market sample of Granthika Tagara Nymphoides Macrospermum Vasudevan -- S.N.Yoganarasimhan, V.s. Togunashi, (Mrs.) Z. Mary and R.C. Nayar 734-735
On a branched dwarf male Oedogonium Sp. -- Braj Nandan Prasad and Pradeep Kumar Misra 735-736
Eugregarine parasites of coleoptera from North East region of Karnataka II Leidyana Gayanagangal b.s.p. , Found in the Gut of Rhytinota Impolita Fairm -- C.C. Patil and S.D. Amojl 736-737
Some additions to Indian Fungi -- N.D. Sharma 737-737
Chisochetonoxylon Bengalensis Gen. Et Sp. Nov., A new Fossil wood of Meliaceae from the tertiary beds of Birbhum District, West Bengal, India --P.K. Ghosh and S.K. Roy 737-739
A new species of Leptodothiorella from India -- R.P. ngh and (Mrs) P. Abbasi 739-739
Effect of varying K : Na ratios in saline irrigation water on grain yield anf ionic composition of wheat -- K.V. Janardhan, s.Panchakasharaiah, K. Balakrishna Rao and B.N. Patil 739-741
Culture of stem bits of Cenchrus Glaucus Mudaliar et Sundararaj in vitro -- B. Lakshmi Prasad and C. Shanthamma 741-742
Alcohol dehydrogenase polymorphism in Drosophila Ananassae -- A.P. Jha. D.N. Mishra and B.N. Pandey 742-743
Islet cytology of the Himalayan Newt (Tylototriton Verricosus) -- A.P. Sinha Hikim 744-745
Esterases in the Suckers of Diplodiscus Subclavatus (trematoda) -- G. Raghu Ramulu and L. Narasimha Rao 745-745
A novel mechanism of polination in Wrighta Tinctoria R. Br.-- C. Subba Reddi, E.U.B. Reddi and M.S. Reddi 746-747
The Histopathology of the stomach wall of the fish Chana Gachua (Ham,) (Channidae) attributable to the digenetic trematode Genarchopsis Goppo (Ozaki) (Hemiuridae) --K.C.Bose and A,K, Sharma 747-748
Malathion impact on contraction kinetics of amphibian skeletal muscle -- W. Rajendrappa, d. Suhasini, C. Sreeramulu Chetty, K. Indira and K.S. Swami 748-750
Effect of nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the armyworm Mythimna (Pseudaletia) Separata on the Tasar Silkworm Antheraea Mylitta --S.G. Dhaduti and S.B. Mathad 750-751
Reviews 751-752
September 1979. 17
DNA Flexibility and Tertiary Folding, A Model for Superfolding of DNA in Chromatin-- N.Yathindra 753-756
Solvatochromic Behaivour of the Low Energy Transitions in the Visible region of Hydroxy Styryl Pyridine and Quinoline Ethiodide Derievatives-- M.R.Mahmoud and R.Abb-El-Hamide 757-759
Thermal Studies on Soft and Brittle Asbestos-- A.N.Vyasa Rao and M.S.Murthy 760-761
Effects of a Non-Steroid, Clomiphene citrate on theBiochemical Composition of the Testis and Accessory Sex Organs of Adult Albino Rats-- Charanjit Kaur and H.K.Mangat 761-764
Histopathology of the Intestine of the Crow-Pheasant Infected with Porrorchis Indicus (Schmidt and Kuntz), (Syn. Pseudoporrorchis Indicus Das.)-- Vasantha Rengaraju 765-768
Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi Award of 'Science Academy Medals for Young Scientists' for the Year 1979 768-768
Borlaug Award 768-768
Letters to the Editor  
Rotational analysis of A-X 1 system of PbCl molecule -- Philip Mathew 769-769
Estimates of tracking errors for low orbiting satellites -- H. Chandra and G. Sethia 769-770
Synthesis of trichocolein -- V.P. Pathak and R.N. Khanna 770-771
Steriochemical features of some Ni(II) complexes of 2-amino-pyridine:Thiosemicarbazide and its substituted thiosemicarbazone -- H.S.Verma, R.C. Saxena, C.L. Jain and D.C. Sharma 771-772
Determination of the stability constants of 2-hydroxy-1-naphthalidene-p- fluroaniline complexes with Pr3+,Nd3+,Gd3+, Dy3+ and Y3+ -- M.S. Mayadeo and R.L. Ganti 773-773
Some novel spray reagents for flavones and quinones -- K.P. Tiwari and M. Masood 773-775
A note on the palaeogeographic significance of occurrence of recycled lower gondwana palyflora in mesozoic and cenozoic sediments of Assam Arakan province -- A.K. Datta and D.Banerjee 775-776
Karyotypes of two species of Gryllids -- S.K. Ashwath and N.V. Aswathanarayana 776-778
A note on the floral abnormality in sugarcane under in vivo and in vitro grown conditions -- Thimmappaiah 778-779
A Chromosome map of five anthocyanin genes in rice (oryza sativa L.) -- G.L. Kolhe and N.R. Bhat 779-781
Influence of carbon sources of IAA synthesis by two seed borne fungi -- M.A Singaracharya, S.R. Reddy and S.M. Reddy 781-782
An approach to control brown spot of rice with chemicals known as phytoallexin inducers -- A.K. Sinha and D.N. Giri 782-784
Nature of Sg-Toxin [Sclerospora Graminicola (Sacc.) Schroet] and its role in symptoms causation -- Suhas P. Wani and P. Vittal Rai 784-786
The influence of pre-sowing soaking with mineral solutions on the seedling growth in methi (trigonella Foenum-Graecum L.) Var. "Pusa early Bunching" -- D.N. Saraswathamma and Jayachandra 786-787
Incidence of squirting cucumber masaic virus of cucumber in West Bengal -- S.K. Ghosh and S. Mukhopadhyah 788-788
Antibacterial activities of some fleshy fungi -- Krishna Chakrabarti and N. Samajpati 788-789
Occurrence of Trichodina Pediculus Ehrenberg, 1838 on Freshwater Carps, Barbus Spp. --S.S. Hagargi and S.D. Amoji 789-790
On occurrence of monoecious tree of Diospyros Melanoxylon Roxb. --C.D. Athaya and G.P. Mishra 791-792
Success in embryo transfer in indigenous goats -- K.P. Agrawal, I.V. Mongha and N.K. Bhattacharyya 792-792
A simple area calculating device (ACD) for biological systems -- R.R. Chavan, I.L. Kothari and J.D. Patel 792-793
Karyology of two species of Hillstream fishes, Barilius Bendelisis and Rasbora Daniconius (Fam. : Cyprinidae) --A.R. Khuda-Bukhsh 793-794
Reviews 795-795
Toxicology in Defence Science 795-795
Indian Society of Developmental Biologists, Poona-Symposium 795-795
September 1979. 18
In Vitro changes and Recovery of Erythrocytes Shape in Induced Atherogenesis in Rabbits-- T.M.Vatsala and Megha singh 797-799
4-Dimethylamino Pyridine-1-Oxide Complexes of Lanthanide Perchlorates-- N.S.Navaneetham and S.Soundararajan 799-802
Mass Spectral Studies on Schiff Base Complexes of Germanium (IV)-- R.V.Singh and J.P.Tandon 802-804
Implications on the Tectonic Setting of Gabbroic Anorthosite Occurences around Gundlupet, Karnataka-- A.S.Janardhanan, G.R.Ravindra Kumar and N.Shadakshara Swamy 804-806
Mitrochondrial Adenosine Triphosphatase Activity in Arachis Hypogea L.Seedlings under the Stress of Chlorides and Carbonate of Sodium-- K.Srirama Rao and V.S.Rama Das 807-808
Letters to the Editor  
Estimation of bond order for the bonds involved in benzyl chloride and benzyl bromide -- V. Kumar, U.P. Verma and A.N. Pandey 809-809
New band system of NiBr molecule in the near ultraviolet region -- A.B. Darji and N.R. Shah 809-810
Information on the internal fields through Beta-Gamma directional correlation in H0-166 -- M. Srinivasa Rao, S. Lakshminarayana , V. Seshagiri Rao and D.L. Sastry 811-812
Cu(II), Ni(II) and Fe(II) chelated of 4'-Methyl, 4,-hydroxy,3-carboxy azobenzene --S.D. Goswami 812-813
Hydrogenperoxide-A new spray reagent for flavones and quinones -- M. Masood, Ashok Pandey and K.P. Tiwari 813-814
Chemical examination of the fruits of Garcinia Xanthochymus -- R.K. Baslas and Pradeep Kumar 814-815
Spectrophotometric method for the direct determination of cysteine in the presence of other naturally occurring amino acids -- R. Rama Krishna, P. Siraj and C.S. Prakasa Sastry 815-816
Cations of tetraphenoxy niobium(V) and tantalum(V) chlorides -- K.C. Malhotra, U.K. Banerjee and S.C. Chaudhru 816-817
A report on the occurrence of Gyrochorte and other bilobed trace fossils from the Raisalmer formation. rajasthan -- Arun Kumar 817-818
A simple technique for studying cytology of male gametophyte in angiosperms -- V. Bhaskar 818-818
Tetrazolium reduction in a heterocystos Blue-green alga -- P.S.N. Rao and U.B.S. Swami 818-819
Ethrel-induced inhibition of pistil in Solanum Indicum L. -- J.S. Kharbteno and Y.S. Chauhan 819-821
Pseudocercospora Celastri Sp.Nov. from India --S Singh 821-822
Inheritance of pigmentation in Ocimum Basilicum Linn. -- V.R. Naragound, R. Krishnan and T. Vasanth Kumar 822-823
A New species of Calophyllum from the miocene beds of Birbhum district, West Bengal, India -- P.K. Ghosh and S.K. Roy 823-824
A Basmati (Sented) sorghum from Madhya Pradesh -- K.E. Prasada Rao and d.S. Murty 824-825
Occurrence of mixed infections of virus and protozoa in two species of lepidoptera -- K. Narayanan and S. Jayaraj 825-825
Heterosis in inter-mutant hybrids of Sesamum Indicum L. --G.S.S. Murty 825-827
The trigeminal nerve and its branches in a non-poisonous snake, Natrix Piscator Piscator schneid, and a poisonous snake. Naja Naja Naja Linn. P.N. Agarwal 827-829
Effect of sodium cyanide on tissue energy reserve in a fresh water catfish Clarias batrachus (Linn,) -- S.A. Sastry and D.Y. Prasad 829-830
Liver necrosis and hypertrophy in 'Vacor' administered field rats -- S.V. Usha Devi and R.V. Krishnamoorthy 830-832
Effect of gall midge attack in paddy at flowering stage -- S. Rajamani, I.C. Pasalu and K.C. Mathur 832-832
Comparative study of inhibition of acetylcholinesterase activity in the freshwater teleost Sarotherodon (Tilapia) Mossambica (Peters) by sevin (Carbamate) and sumithion (Organophosphate) -- P. Ranganatha Koundinya and R. Ramamurthy 832-833
The endocrine component of the testis of the catfish, Clarias Batrachus (Linn.) : A histochemical study -- G.P. Sathyanarayana Rao, V.B. Nadkarni and M. Appaswamy Rao 834-835
Effect of DDT on Succinate and glutamate dehydrogenase activities in selected tissues of frog (Rana Hexadactyla) -- R. Anasuya, V. Gajalakshmi, W. Rajendra, K. Indira and K.S. Swami 835-838
The Institute of Physics, 47, Belgrave square, London Swix 8QX 838-838
Award of Research Degrees 838-838
Errata 838-838
October 1979. 19
Preparation and Chacterisation of Cu(I), Ag(I),Tl(I), Zn(II),Cd(II) and Pb(II) Complexes with 3-Ethyl-4-Benzylidene-5-Mercapto-1, 2 ,4-Triazole-- R.V.Gadag and M.R>gajendragad 839-841
On the Occurence of Abnormal Stomata in Plants-- Ptaveen Farooqui (Nee Kidwai) 841-849
Transfer of Polymyxin from V.Cholerae 'Eltor' to V.Cholerae 'Classic' by Conjugation-- Padma Sridhar and H.Polasa 850-853
Changes in the Protein Content of the Maternal and Embryonic Tissuesof the Viviparous Scorpion Heterometrus Fulvipes during Gestation Period-- V.Subburam and T.Gopalakrishna Reddy 853-856
Australian Scientists claim New Laser Advance 856-856
Letters to the Editor  
Beta ray generation bremsstrahlung total yields in different elements -- K.V.N. Sharma, K. Lalitha, K. Narasimha Murthy and V.V.V. Subramanyam 857-857
Manganese dioxide as a catalyst in the radiation decomposition of potassium chlorate -- H.J. Arnikar, Leela Bapat and T.P.S. Pathak 857-858
A note on the synthesis of some new coumarins, benzocoumarins carbostyril and quinolines from N-alpha-Naphthyl, Malonamic acid and some of its derivatives -- D.S. Seth, B.C. Baneji and P.I. Ittyerah 859-860
A note on the rare minerals nearing granite of kanigiri in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh -- T.M. Ramachar, B. Krishnamoorthy and K.M.V. Jayaram 860-861
Structural control of magnesite mineralisation at Attapadi, palghat District, Kerala -- P.K.R. Nair, Thomas Mathai and V. Prasannakumar 861-862
Dependence of linear thermal expansion coefficient on the ratio of groundmass to phenocrysts of metavolcanics of indus suture zone, Kashmir Himalaya -- K.V.L.N.S. sarma, B.S. Gogte and Y.V. Ramana 862-864
The alaknanda Thrust -- R.S. Rawat and S. Varadarajan 864-865
Soybean and greengram as local lesion assay hosts for sugarcane mosaic virus -- S.H. Farrag and T.K. Kandaswamy 865-865
Notrogen-fixing azospirillium lipoferum from common weeds associated with rice and aquatic ecosystems -- D.N. Nayak, A Swain and V. Rajaramamohan Rao 866-867
Carbonic anhydrase activity as an index of zinc nutrition in cabbage -- B.R.V.Iyengar, D.K. Pal and Y. Selvaraj 867-868
Scab of ocimum basilicum _ A new disease caused by Elsinoe Arxii Sp. Nov. from Bangalore T. S. Sridhar and B.A.Ullasa 868-869
Survival of Alternataria Triticina incitant of leaf blight of wheat -- C.S.K. Vijaya Kumar and A.S. Rao 869-870
The somatic chromosomes in Ajuga Genevensis L. (Labiatae) -- Sima Bhattacharya 870-871
Outbreak of a new bacterial disease of amalbel, a medicinal plant in Rajasthan -- B.P. Chakravarti, P.S. Shekhawat and D.K. Gupta 871-871
Inducing sporulation in Helminthosporium gramineum in culture --P.K. Sengupta and A. amu Singh 871-872
Effect of albino rat gastric juice on the virulence of Mythimna (Pseudaketia) Separata nuclear polyhedrosis virus -- M. Vijaya Kumar and S.B. Mathad 872-873
Glucose-6-phosphatasde activity in the epididymis of Taphozous Longimanus (Microchiroptera : Mammalia) -- D.R. Swami and S.B. Lail 873-875
Incidence of Vibrio Parahaemolyticus in relationto feeding habit of fishes -- R. Natarajan, G. Balakrish Nain and Martin Abraham 875-877
Haematological studies in Sarotherodon (Tilapia) Mossambica (Peters) exposed to lethal (Lc50/48 HTS) concentration of sumithion and Sevin --P. Ranganatha Koundinya and R. Rama Murthi 877-879
Effect of brain and corpora allata extracts on the lipid profile of the Haemolymph of L. -- V.L. Kallapur and S.N. Holihosur 879-880
Blood-2,3-diphosphoglycerate (DPG) and potassium homeostasis in thyroid disorders -- S.R. Sarkar, L.R. Singh, R.Banerji and B.R. Chaudhuri 880-880
October 1979. 20
Strong Gravity ans SO3 Gauge Field-- C.Usha and K.P.Sinha 883-885
Bifunctional Tetradentate Alcimine and Ketamine Derivatives of Zirconum(IV)-- R.K.Sharma, R.V.Singh and J.P.Tandon 886-888
Mechanism of Urea Adduct Formation-- K.P.Sharma, N.N.Singh and K.A.Kini 888-890
Premunity in Wilt Disease of Cotton-- V.Muruganandam and R.Kalyanasundaram 890-892
Embryology of Pittosporaceae-II-- L.L.Narayana and K.T.Sundari 892-893
Letters to the Editor  
Conversion coefficient of the 96 keV transition in 79Se -- D. Sudhakar Reddy, P. Vivekananda, K.L. Narasimha and v. Lakshminarayana 894-894
X-ray analysis of monosodium cytidine-5'-diphosphoethanolamine:C11H19N4O11P2Na.7H2) -- S.K. Katti and M.A. viswamitra 895-896
Effect of sector boundary passage on the daily variation of equatorial geomagnetic field -- J. Hanumantha Sastri 896-898
Intrinsic viscosity molecular weight relationships and unperturbed dimensions of polystyrene from different theoretical relations -- G. Venkataramana Reddy, Ganga Radhakrishnan , t. Nagabhushanan and M. Santappa 898-901
Synthesos and spectral characteristics of some mixed ligand Co(II) complexes -- R.K. Jain, G.K. Joshi and Sudhindra N. Misra 901-903
Range of dictyoconoides Flemingi Davies, 1937 and the age of Sabathu group of rocks of India -- K.S. Soodan 903-904
Some studies on the biology of Coccinella Undecimpunctata Memetriesi Muls.- A predator of mustard Aphid -- R. Singh and R.K. Malhotra 904-905
A new species of paneolus from India -- A.V. Sathe and Jeyson Daniel 905-906
REgeneration of plants from apical meristem tips of some legumes -- Y.P.S. Bajaj and M.S. Dhanju 906-907
A new chromosome number for Balanophora abbreviata Blume -- G.R. Shivamurthy and Govindappa D. Arekal 907-909
Pollen morphology of cotyledon Grandiflora and Echeveria Sp. and their hybrid -- P. Mamatha Rao , C. Ravi Kumar and P.K.K. Nair 909-910
Some promising farly dwarf mutants in barley var. Clipper -- Avinash Chandra and K.H. Makde 910-912
A new species of Stenellopsis - S.M. Singh 912-913
Coniothyrium Fuckelii causing leaf spot of Prunus Cornita steud -- R.D. Ram 913-913
Occurrence of Azotobacter within the root cells of Cynodon Dactylon -- V.P. Bhide and A.G. Purandare 913-914
Correlated response in Amaranthus Hypochondriacus L. -- Ram Milan Pandey 914-915
Effect of root-knot nematode on the susceptibility of pusa purple cluster brinjal to bacterial wilt. --P. Parvitha Reddy, D.B. Singh and Ram Kishun 915-916
Leaf mutants induced with NMU and Gamma Rays in lenthil (Lens Culinaris Medic.) -- S.K. Sharma and B. Sharma 916-917
Mound layers of cashew (Anacardium Occidentale L.) -- M.A. Menon and s. Nagasbushanam 918-919
A model for the generation of T Cell receptors -- B. Seshi 919-920
Influence of an oral contraceptive on steroidogenesis -- Chitralekha Mukherjee, Suchitra Banik and C. Deb 920-922
Reviews 922-924
International Seminar on Management of Environment 924-924
A Three Day Insect Symposium on Insect Vector Biology 924-924
Indian National Science Academy Awards 924-924
November 1979. 21
Study of Neutral Wind Gradients in the Upper Atmosphere-- MD Iqbal Ahmad and P.C.S.Devara 925-928
A Common Factor in In Vivo Synthesised Polypeptides-- A.S.Kolaskar and K.V.Soman 928-931
Newer Indole Derivatives as Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors-- Garima Sathi, Vibha Gujrati, M.Sharma, C.Nath, T.K.Gupta, K.P.Bhargava and K.Shanker 932-934
On the Chemical Composition of Mango Kernel Fat (Mangifera Indica L.)-- C.Bandhopadhyay and A.S.Gholap 935-936
Differential Effects of Aminoglycoside Antibiotics on the In Vitro DNA Synthesis-- Swati Palit, Gobinda Sarkar, Purabi Sinha and Dipak K.Dube 936-939
Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, 1979 940-940
Fellows Elected at the Annual General Meeting 940-940
Foreign Fellows Elected 940-940
Letters to the Editor  
On the cause of triangle size effect in spaced receiver drift experiment -- H. Chandra 941-942
Studies of copper(i) complexes with N,N'-substituted thioureas --S.B. Jigalur and A.S. R. Murthy 942-943
Colorimetric method for the estimationof p-phenylenediamine -- R.T. Sane and P.G. Anaokar 943-945
A note on the purification of myxobacterial cultures -- N.B. Singh 945-945
Preparation and antibacterial activity of 2,3-diaryl-5-carboxymethyl-4-thiazolidinones -- G.C. Kamdar, H.H. Patel and A.R. Parikh 945-947
Nucleic acid in the developing embryo of Philosamia Ricini (Lepidoptera) -- Radha Pant and Suman Kumar 947-949
Effect of some furofuranoid ligands on thre species of seeds -- P.V. Bhiravamurthy , Rama Das Kanakala , E. Venkata Rao and K.V. Sastry 949-950
Electrometric and thermodynamic studies on the rare-earth chelates of 2-(-alpha-2-oxopentyllideneomino)ethane sulphonic acid schiff base -- C.P.Gupta, N.K. Sankhla and R.K.Mehta 950-952
seed-borne infection of rice by Pyricularis Oryzae in Karnataka -- K.G. Ranganathaiah, S.M. Srinivasaiah and S. Sanne Gowda 952-952
A new species of Aspergillus from Mangrove swamps of West Bengal, India -- H.J. Chowdhery 953-953
Verticla distribution of fungi in two different soils of Delhi -- N. Behera and K.G. Mukherji 954-955
Age-related Lipid studies in Bruchids -- Suraj P. Sharma and Geeta Sharma 955-956
Seasonal variationin the air-borne algae over a rural and an urban area -- H.V. Paraswanath and A Ramalingam 956-957
Otolith as age indicator in the Mahseer, Tor Putitira (Hamilton) -- s.S. Pathani 957-958
Effects of suboptimal temperatures on the hatching and incubation period of eggs of Pyrilla Perpusilla Walker -- Mridula gupta and Ismal Ahmad 958-959
Impact of Gamma radiation on the male germinal cells of the ERI silkworm, Philosamia Ricini H. (saturnidae:Lepidoptera) --B. Nayak and K.B. Padhy 959-961
Suppression of mouse fertility after administration of derivatives of chalcone --Dennis Jacob, Gopal Lal, Madan Mohan Sharma and Anuradha Singh 961-962
Observations of a rare ciliate Zoothamnium Dichotomum Wright-Kent 1882. attached to Indoplanorbis Exustus, from India -- P. Rama Mohana Rao, K. Hanumantha Rao and K. Shyamasundari 963-963
Effect of reserpine on acid and alkaline phosphatase activities of rat brain -- B.L. Yadav, R.B. Gupta and r. Mathur 963-965
A perfusion fluid for the freshwater Crab. Barytelphusa Guerini Milen Edwards -- S.A. T. Venkatachari 965-966
Award of Research Degrees 966-966
Reviews 967-967
November 1979. 22
The Conformation of Piperdine Ring System from X-Ray Studies-- S.K.Bhattacharjee and K.K.Chacko 969-974
Magnetic and Spectral Studies of Copper (II) Complexes with Schiff Bases Derived from o-Amino-Benzoyl Hydrazine-- B.R.Patil, B.K.Prabhakar and V.H.Kulkarni 974-976
A New Synthesis of 3,3'-Bi(2-Methyl-1,4-Napthoquinone)-- R.B.Gupta and R.N.Khanna 977-979
Studies on the InVitro Effect of Different Benzodiazepines on Chlorinesterase Activity of Human Fetal Brain-- S.Das, S.C.Datta, A.K.Guin, S.Dey and D.Sengupta 979-982
Minor Nucleotides in the Ribosomal RNA of Thermomyces Lanuginosus-- J.S.Nageswara Rao and Joseph D.Cherayil 983-987
INSA Awards 987-987
Letters to the Editor  
Magneto optic rotatory dispersion curves of Benzene -- V.R. Murthy and Y.C. Rangaswamy 988-989
X-ray analysis of the monopotassium salt of adenosine-5'-Diphosphate dihydrate C10H14N5O10P2K.2H2O -- S.K. Katti and M.A. Viswamitra 989-990
Kinetics and mechanism of Ru(III) catalysed oxidation of alcohols by periodate -- M.Prasada Rao, B. Sethuram and t. Navaneetha Rao 990-993
A note on natural crossing between Cassia Acutifolia Delile and Cassia angustifolia Vahl and their Genetic Relationship -- Pushpa Singh 993-994
Corundum deposits from Gedritities of Khammam District, Andhra Pradesh -- A.T. Rao, V.R. Rao and A. Sriramadas 994-995
A Fossil axis (Xyridaceae) from Mohgaonkalan -- G.V. Patil 995-996
An unrecorded post-harvest rot of apple -- R.C. Srivastava 996-996
Cytomixis in the pollen mother cells of Hemerocallis Linn. -- Prakash Narain 996-998
Association of fungi in termite gut -- Sunanda Rajagopal, D. Rajalakshmi Rao and A.K. Varma 998-999
Origin of Trisomics in the Solanum Nigrum Complex --Anil Kumar and G.R. Rao 999-1000
Dormancy regulation in groundnut seeds (Arachis hypogaea L.) C.Var.Tmv-3 -- M.R.K. Rao and I.M. Rao 1000-1001
Occurrence of triploidy in Aloe Vera Trurn. Ex Linn. -- Z. Abraham and P. Nagendra Prasad 1001-1002
Cytological investivation in the ribe veronieae (asteraceae) -- B.M. Narayana 1003-1004
Cannabis Sativ Linn. A new host ofr Phoma Sp. -- S.L. Srivastava and S. C. Nathani 1004-1005
Fusarium capsule disease of cardamom --K.I. Wilson. P.S. Sasi and James Mathew 1005-1005
Alloxan induced multiple Benign hepatoma in a fresh water teleost. Clarias Batrachus -- Pradeep Agrawal, Krishna A. Goel and Rekha R. Agrawal 1006-1007
Dominant lethals induced by Cadmium chloride in Drosophilla Melanogaster -- V. Vasudev and N.B. Krishnamurthy 1007-1008
The family of Catfishes of the genus Arius (Siluriformes) -- J.R. Dhane and K.C. Jayaram 1008-1008
First record of Alloxysta Sp. A Hyperparasitoid of Trioxys (Binodoxys) Indicus Subba Rao and Sharma (alphidiidae: Hymenoptera) -- Rajendra Singh and T. B. Sinha 1008-1009
Reviews 1009-1010
All India Workshop on Crustacean Reproductive Biology 1011-1011
Prof. T.R.Govindachari 60th Birth Commemoration Award in Organic Chemistry 1011-1011
Indian Academy of Sciences: Forty Fifth Annual Meeting 1011-1011
FLexible Packaging of Processed Foodstuffs 1011-1011
December 1979. 23
A New Technique for Contrast Reversal and Its Application for Replication of Photographic Transparencies-- S.V.Pappu and S.Ananda Rao 1013-1015
Spectrophotometric Determination of Tungsten as a Mixed Thiocyanate-Chloropromazine Complex-- P.G.Ramappa, H.Sanke Gowda and S.Manjappa 1016-1017
Enzyme Therapy of Spinal Arachnoiditis-Potential Usefullness of Hyaluronidase-- M.Gourie- Devi and P.Satish 1017-1019
A Comparison of Acid Phosphatase in Non- Pregnant and Pregnant Uterus of Taphozus Longimanus Hardwicke (Microptera:Mammalia)-- D.P.Jaroli and S.B.Lall 1020-1022
Studies on the Neurosecretory Cells in the Brain of the Adult Female Mylabris Balteata Pallas (Coleoptera- Polyphaga)--R.Rajendran and N.Ramalingam 1023-1025
Letters to the Editor  
Structure and nature of water in a human bladder stone:proton magnetic resonance and infrared studies -- B. Krishnan and A Srinivasa Rao 1026-1027
Molecular conformation of adenosine-5'-diphosphoric acid (C10N5O10H14)2,3H2O) -- M.V. Hosur and M.A. Viswamitra 1027-1028
The crystal and molecular structure of the radioprotectant cystamine dihydrochloride -- B.M. Vedavathi and Kalyani Vijayan 1028-1030
Colorimetric determination of microgram quantities of isoniazid -- R.T. Sane and C.H. Thombare 1030-1031
Synthesis and heterocycles Via Lactones a facile synthesis of 3-Hydrosy-9, 10-Dimethoxyberbine -- G.D. Pandey and K.P. Tiwari 1032-1033
Lewis acid character of tetraphosphorus triselenide (P4Se3) -- K.C. Malhotra, J.M. Butail. R.K. Mahajan and S.C. Chaudhary 1033-1034
Micellar catalysed Ce(IV)- Acetone reaction -- Meenakshi Maruthamuthu and G. Usha 1034-1035
Some new bis-tetrahydrocarbazolyl methane derivatives and their antimicrobial properties witn respect to the corresponding trtrahydrocarbazoles -- B,P. Das and(Miss) B, Choudhury 1035-1037
Hydrothermal synthesis of Ooliths -- M.N. Viswanathan, J.A.K. Tareen and K.V. Krishnamurthy 1037-1038
A record of holothurian sclerities from the Triassic of Lamma Johar, Kumaun Himalaya -- Nandala Chhabra, Ashok Sahni and S. Kumar 1038-1039
Mitotic spindle irregularities induced by aspirin in Allium Cepa -- K.B. Santhamurthy and V. Rangaswamy 1039-1041
Progeny tests on Apomictic Sprghum Bicolor (L.) Moench. -- U.R. Murthy and N.G.P. Rao 1041-1042
A new species of Entoloma from India -- A.v. Sathe and S.M. Kulkarni 1042-1043
Fusarium Equiseti (Corda) Sacc. causing dry rot of potato tubers- a new report --R.P. Rai 1043-1045
A new virus disease of rice in India -- S.K. Ghosh 1045-1045
Influence of pollen on the germinationof Conidia of Drechslera Turcica (Pass.) Subram. and JainK. Suryanarayana and A Ramalingam 1045-1046
Didymosphaeria Peltigerae Fuck- A Lichen parasite from South India -- Sandhya Rairkar and P.G. Patwardhan 1048-1048
Secondary polyploidy in the Solanum Nigrum L. Complex -- G.R. Rao 1048-1049
Yltrastructural changes in the interstitial cells of Leydig in the Testis of Cadmium injected Rats -- N.H. Gopal Dutt, Sakae Inoue and K. Wkabayashi 1049-1050
The status of Clypeus and epistomal sulcus in the ant Camponotus Compressus Fabr. (Hymenopters:Formicidae) -- Asha Kawatra 1050-1052
Colloid concretions in the pars anterior of the pituitary of Megaderma Lyra (Geoffroy) 1052-1052
Reviews 1053-1054
Asian Physical Society 1054-1054
The Institute of Physics, London 1054-1054
December 1979. 24
On the Holographic Simulation of aGirard Grille-- S.Ananda rao 1055-1056
Ligational Behaivour of Thiosemicarbazide and Thiosemicarbazone-- M.C.Jain, R.K.Sharma and P.C.Jain 1056-1059
A 3-D Model for Mitochondrion Based on Studies of Ultrathin Serial Sectors-- Suman Sahai and P.D.Gupta 1059-1062
Catalytic Potential of Glutamate Hydrogenase in Normal and Fatigued Gastrocnemius Muscles in Frog-- W.Rajendra, K.Indira and K.S.Swami 1062-1064
Minimum Level of Phosphate in Water for Growth of Azolla Determined by Continous Flow Culture-- B.P.R.Subudhi and I.Watanabe 1065-1066
Letters to the Editor  
Cosmic radiation effects in Dhajala Meteorite --H.S. Virk 1067-1068
Simultaneous drift measurements by spaced receiver technique and by barium cloud release near magnetic equator -- H. Chandra 1068-1069
Derivations from Kohler's rule in ferromagnetic Iron --M.A. angadi and B.G. Mulimani 1069-1071
Premininary X-ray studies on N-Acety;glycyl-L-Lycine methyl ester acetate L-arginine L-Aspartate and L-Ornithine L-Aspartate -- D.M. Salunke and M Vijayan 1071-1071
Debromination of dibenzalacetone dibromides with thiourea -- R.S. Raghavan , M. Govindaraju and K.G. Sanjeevi Babu 1072-1072
Effect of substitution and its location on liquid crystalline properties of phenylene derivatives -- R.a. Vora and M.T. Chhangawala 1072-1073
Habit modification caused by chloride ions during the electrodeposition of silver from cyanide bath on Silver(III) face -- G. Roopa Kumar and S.Nageswar 1073-1075
Zn(II) complexes aith schiff beses derived from sulphonamides -- S.V. Tatwawadi, U.S. Katiyar and K.K. Narang 1075-1077
Studies on Th(IV) and Zr(IV) Complexes of oxygen donor ligands-X- Pi-Bonded complexes of Oxygen donor ligands with Oxocirconium(IV) Tetraphenylboronate --R.K. Agarwal, A.K. Srivastava and T.N. Srivastava 1077-1079
Synthesis of some substituted thioureas -- Chandra Bhushan Pandey, Devendra Kumar Dwivedi and Arun K. Dey 1080-1082
Occurrence of lead deposits in the Jutogh formation of Simla Hills. Himachal Pradesh, India -- Sanjeev S. Thakur and Ramesh Kumar 1082-1082
a new species of Phyllostica from India -- P. Kumar and Kamal 1082-1083
Influence of presowing hardening on resistance to allelopathy, dry matter production, Chlorophyll content and senescence in Wheat -- R. Sarvamangala Cowsik and Jayachandra 1083-1085
On the occurrence of Scleroderma Citrinum in India -- K. Natarajan and K. Kannan 1086-1086
A case of trisomy in Lathyrus Odoratus L. -- D. Ohri, M.A. Nazeer and G.V. Subrahmanyam 1086-1087
Colchicine induced autotrtraploids of tea [Camella sinesis (L.) O. Kuntze] -- L.C. Goswamy and P.C. Sarma 1087-1089
Mass Mortality of solen truncatus (Bivalvia: Solanidae) in Tuticorin Bay. South India --M.S.M. Sahybar Hussain 1089-1090
Ovicidal activity of Eclipta Alba Hassk: (Compositae) -- Anand Prakash, I.C. Pasalu and K.C. Mathur 1090-1090
A histochemical study on the control of lipid metabolism in the fat body of Poecilocerus Pictus (Orthoptera, acrididae) 1090-1092
The effect of X-irradiation on chlorosterol content of Guinea Pig liver Adrenal and Testis -- V.C. Shah and J.M. Bhatavedekar 1092-1093
First report of the male of Mylonchulus Mulveyi Jairajpuri, 1970 (Nematoda:Mononchida) -- Wasim Ahmad and M. Shamin Jairajpuri 1093-1094
Reviews 1095-1097
Award of Research Degrees 1097-1097
volume 48