Current Science - Volume 47

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January 1978. 1
A Study of the Information content in the Harmonics of the Spatial Frequency spectra of Halftone images using Coherent Optical Computers-- S.V. Pappu, C.A. Kumar and S.D. Mehta 1-6
The True Potential Energy Curves and Dissociation Energy of Titanium Monoxide-- S.V.I. Lakshman, T. V. Ramakrishna Rao and g.T. Naidu 7-10
Determination of Uranium trace in some Semiconducting materials by Nuclear Tractor Detectors-- S.K. Chakravarti, M.M. Dhawan and K.K. Nagpaul 10-12
All_India Symposium on Floristic Studies in India 12-12
Letters To the Editor  
Study of the vibration characteristics of a loaded composite string -- Sasadhar De 13-15
A Convenient method for the synthesis of 2-[2-benzenemidolyl)amino]-6-methyl-4-pyrimidinols -- Om Prakash and A.K. Shukla 15-17
Polymerisation of sesame oil -- J.M. D'souza Cletus and T.R. Ramaiah 17-17
New evidence on the relationship of bap boulder spread and badhaura formtion, North western Rajasthan -- H.S. Pareek and A.A.K. Sinha 18-20
Action of paracetamol on dividing cells of Allium cepa -- G. Anantha Reddy and S. Subramanyam 20-22
Radiation induced "Bunchy Top" mutant in Groundnut -- S.H.Patil and Chandra Mouli 22-23
Achaetomium Indicum Rai Et Chowdhery Spec. Nov : A new species of the genus Achaetomium from Indian 'Usar' soils -- J.N.Rai and H.J.Chowdhery 23-24
Sterculioxylon Kalargarhense Sp.Nov from Kalagarh (Bijnor district). U.P., India -- B.S.Trivedi and Madhu Ahuja 24-25
Gamma ray induced rice plants with 26 chromosomes -- T.V.V.Seetharami Reddi, V.R.Reddi and B.Ramesh 25-26
Foliar venation of Sonchus Arvensis -- G.Banerji 26-27
Dwarf sunflowers for fitting in rotations requiring a short duration crop -- K.R.Khanna and K.K.Gupta 27-29
One new interspecific hybrid in the genus Passiflora -- G.B.Dixit and S.G.Torne 29-31
Investigations on vascular browning in the roots of root (Wilt) diseased Coconut (Cocos Nucifera Linn) -- R.Snehi Dwivedi, V.P.Potti, B.Sumathy Kutty Amma, M.P.Govindankutty, J.J.Solomon and N.P.Jayshankar 31-32
Photosporogenesis in cercospora personata as influenced by glycine, Riboflavin and Malonic acid -- R.N.Swamy and K.Mani 32-33
Trypanosoma Neinvana Sp.N. from the fish, Barbus Grypus Heckel in Iraq -- Zohair Ibraheem Fattohy 33-35
Reviews 35-36
January 1978. 2
Study of Molecular Reorientations in Benzene Hydrochloride and Aniline Hydrochloride by Protein Magnetic Resonance-- S.C. Mishra, R.C. Gupta and Usha Bajpai 37-39
Production of Zinc Bicrystals by Modified Bridgman Technique-- Gopi Menon and A. S. Thattey 39-41
Host Cell Macromolecular Synthesis and Viral RNA Synthesis in Rinderpest virus infected Cells-- K. Prakash, A. Antony and T. Ramakrishnan 42-44
Central Leather Institute Madras- silver jubilee 44-44
Letters To the Editor  
Upper bound on the number of constraints in balanced arrays -- M.L.Chandak and B.L.Misra 45-46
Ultrasonic parameters of dicarboxylic acids -- C.Raghupati Rao and P.Subrahmanyam 46-49
Reaction of 4-Alkylnaphthols with carbon tetrachloride -- J.R.Merchant, R.G.Yadav and A.R.Deshpande 49-50
Azine dyes as new redox indicators in cerate oxidimetry -- N.Venkateswara Rao and K.M.M.Krishna Prasad 50-51
Soil moisture movement and ground water recharge by Tritium tagging technique -Discussion -- P.S.Datta and S.K.Gupta 51-51
Non stoichiometric pyrochlores -- V.S.Darshane 52-52
Thalassinoides in the mottled nodular beds, Jabalpur area, M.P. -- S. Kumar and K.K. Tandon 52-53
A note on the late middle eocene nannofossils from the vinjhan-miani area, Kutch -- Pratap Singh 53-54
Effect of polaris [N-, N-bis (Phosphonomethyl)glycine] on sugars of Mango fruits C. Baganapally -- Akula Rameshwar and N. Narayan Rao 54-55
Trichoderma piluliferum and T.Hamatum - New records from India -- M.A.Jabbar Miah and A.K. Sarbhoy 55-56
Witches broom of cowpea - a mycoplasmal disease -- A Varma, S.R. Sharma amd A.V. Moharir 56-57
Prohibitins in Catharanthus Roseus -- A. Mahadevan and N. Mohan 57-58
Some interesting macromutants of sunflower -- M.Ilyas Ahmed and J.V. Goud 58-59
Seed mycoflora of maize with reference to mycotoxins -- S.R.S. Dange, R.S. Rathore and S.D. Singh 59-60
Two new soft rot disease of onion bulbs in storage -- R.B. Sharma and A.N. Roy 60-61
A new species of Hippoporina (Ectoprocta, Ascophora) from Bombay Coast* -- S. R. Madhavan Pillai 61-63
Genetic relationship betweendiploid Solanum Nigrum and Solanum Nodiflorum Jaco. -- G.R.Rao, A.H. Khan and Reayat Khan 64-65
Pollen grains in Ephedra Helvetica c.A. Mev.-- (Mrs) Mithilesh Chaturvedi 66-66
Rapid detection of indole compounds with ehrlichs reagent -- V.P. Potty, K.V. Joseph and N.P. Jayasankar 66-67
Stigmatic extracts of Chlorophytum Heyneanum enhance in vitro germination of C.Malabaricum Pollen grains -- Meera Bhaskar and A.N. Namboodiri 67-68
Clock-connected rhythmicity in phosphorylase activity in the slug. Laevicaulis Alte (Ferrussac 1821) -- D.chandra Sekara Reddy, V.Jayaram, K. Sowjanya and B.Padmanabha Naidu 69-70
Constitutive heterochromatin in the Indian Bush Rat. Golunda Ellioti(Gray) -- S.Krishna Rao and N.V. aswathanarayana 70-71
Some new diseases of fruits -- T.S. Sridhar 71-71
February 1978. 3
Solar Cycle Effects in Equatorial Spread F.-- R.G. Rastogi and G.D. Vyas 73-74
Jamnalal Bajaj Foundation - Awards 74-74
Seasonal Alterations in the serum Prolactin and LH Levels in the water Buffaloes--A.R. Sheth, K.B. Wadadekar, S.B. Moodbidri, K. Janakiraman and M. Parameswaran 75-77
Differentiation and Estimation of P-Phenol Organothiophosphate Insecticides from other Organophosphate Insecticides by Mercurous Nitrate Reagent-- B.N. Prasad, G.B. Kawale and V.D. Joglekar 77-79
S.L. Hora Memorial Gold Medal for 1977 79-79
I.C.A.R. Grant to Current Science 79-79
Letters To the Editor  
Graft copolymerisation of methyl methacrylate onto wool fibres -- Jahanara Subhan, s. Sacubai and M. Santappa 80-80
Adducts of bis(salicylaldehydato) cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) -- N.C.Mishra, B.K.Mahapatra and S. Guru 81-82
Titrimetric determinatio of methionine cystine and its alpha-substituted derivatives with chloramine-T -- Krishna K.Verma 82-83
Interaction of Li+ and NH4+ with electron donor molecules -- Umesh P.Agarwal 83-84
Extraction photometric study of maganese(II) as salicylalidoximate complex into n-butanol -- P.B. Sankara Reddy and S. Brahmaji Rao 84-85
Synthesis of some naturally occurring hydroxylisoflavones -- J.K. Makrandi and S.K. Grover 85-86
Coprolites from the paleocene of Pondicherry area of South India -- S. Same Gowda and H.M. Nagaraj 86-87
A note on the late middle Eocene Nannofossils from Lakhpat, Kutch -- Pratap Singh 87-88
Rapid atomic absorption spectrophotometric method for estimation of (reactive & Total )Silica , Iron, Alluminium and Titanium in Bauxite -- A.Purushotham and P.P. Naidu 88-89
Protogyny in Elytrophorus Spicata (Wild.) A.Camus -- V. Seshavatharam and T.V.Ch.Sathyamurthy 90-90
Growth and phenolic production in callus cultures of crotolaria -- R.R. Shah and A.R. Mehta 91-92
Mechanical transmission of white fly-brone yellow mosaic virus of Lablab Niger Medikus (Dolichos Lablab L.) -- K.S. Subramaniam and P. Naranasasmy 92-93
Shoot formation in Catharanthus Roseus (L.) G.Don Callus cultures -- K.G.Ramawat, R. Raj Bhansali and H.C. Arya 93-94
Presence of staminodia and nectariferous disc in Smithia Cilliata Royle -- P.K. Basu 94-95
Hydrocyanic acid (HCN) content in sorghum as affected by age and soil salinity -- K.B. Rao, G.G. Bhat. T.D. Bhramagowdar and S. Panchaksharaiah 95-96
Isolation of Spirillum Lipoferum from the stems of wheat and nitrogen fixation in enrichment cultures -- S.K. Kavimandan, N.S. Subba Rao and A.V. Mohrir 96-98
changes in nucleic acid levels during aestivation in Pila Globosa (swainson) -- N. Aruna Kumari, Y. Srinivasa Reddy and K.S. Swami 98-99
Age-dependent reposnse of lactate dehydrogenase of gastrocnemius muscle of the rat to testosterone and estradiol --K.V. Giri and S.N. Singh 99-101
Feeding preferences of adults and mandibular morphology in the different instars of Eyprepocnemis Alacris Alacris (Serv.) (Orthoptera:Acrididae) -- M.C. Muralirangan 101-104
Developemntal behaviour of diacrisia obliqua (Walker) (Lepidoptera: arctiidae) on some common weeds -- Y.S. Rathore and G.C. Sachan 104-106
Chromosome number in Polystomoides Kachugae (Trematoda: Monogenea) -- P.L Duda and Vijay Gupta 106-106
February 1978. 4
Conformational Criteria for the Enzymatic Hydroxylation of Proline in Collagen-- Samir K. Brahmachari and V.S. Ananthanarayanan 107-108
Chemical Systematics of Family Gentianaceae-- M. Daniel and s.D. Sabnis 109-111
Influence of Sex on Hepatopancreatic Glycogenolysis of Scorpion Heterometrus Fulvipes (C. Koch)-- D. chengal Raju, S. Govindappa and K.S. Swami 111-113
Letters To the Editor  
Synthesis of isonitrosoacetanilides as antimicrobial agents -- Rajendra S. Verma and Iftikar A Khan 114-115
Amplification of immune response by cyclic AMP -- R. Krishnaraj 115-116
Effect of coloured light on earthworms -- Geetha Naimpally and Rajendra Nayak 116-118
Early lower triassic conodonts from spiti river section -- D.K.Bhat and V.K. Joshi 118-120
Microfauna of the Spiti shales (Upper Jurassic), malla johar area Kumaun Himalaya, Uttar Pradesh -- M.P.Singh and Surendra Kumar 120-121
Some histochemical studies on Calicophoron Calicophorum and Paramphistomum Epiclitum (Paramphistomatidae: Digenea:Trematoda) -- Jagadishwari Vaidya and Veena Mehrotra 121-123
A new record of Phyllobium Sphagnicolum Klebs from India --M.Srivastava and M.N. Noor 123-124
Dermal exposure of albino rats to the nuclear polyhedrosis virus of the armyworm Mythium (Pseudaletia) Separata -- M. Vijaya Kumar and S.B. Mathad 124-125
Inbreeding depression and heterosis in chromosome behaviour of Radish (Raphanus Sativus L. var. Radicola Pers.) -- Narsinha Dayal 125-127
Leaf Galls on Symplocos Spicata Roxb. (Symplococeae) caused by Trioza Sp. (Homoptera: Psyllidae) --A. Raman and C. Kandasamy 127-128
Basic chromosome number and the probable origin of the genomes in Brassica -- T. Kamala 128-129
Acanthocoris Scabrator Fabr. A new pest of Mango -- George Koshy, a Visalakshy and M.R.G.K. Nair 129-130
Circadian Rhythmic activity of Lipase in the Scorpion, Heterometrus Fulvives (C.Kochi) -- S.Masthanaiah, V. Doraiswamy Reddy, D. Chengal Raju and K.S. Swami 130-131
Effect of infestation of Ragmus Importunitas Distant (Hemipters) : Miridae) on respiration , Transpiration, Moisture content and oxidative enzymes activity in sunn-hemp plants (Crotalaria Juncea L.) -- M.Gopalan and t.R. Subramaniam 131-134
Abnormal inflorescence in Oberonia Verticillata Wt. Orchidaeae -- A.V.N. Rao 134-135
Glutoxylon Kalagarhense Sp. Nov. from Kalagari -- B.S. Trivedi and Madhu Ahuja 135-135
Chaetopatella Indica Sp. Nov., A new generic record for India -- R.C. Rajak and K.K. Soni 136-136
Cabomba Aquatica Aubl. - A new record for India from Kerala -- K.M. Aleykutty )Sr. Avita) and J.A. Inamdar 136-137
Somatic chromosomes of an estuarine fish. Trypauchen Vagina (Fam.: Gobiidae) from sagar Island , West Bengal, India -- A.R. Khuda-Bukhsh 137-138
Alkaline phosphatase activity in the tissues of active and aestivated Pila Globosa -- Y. Srinivasa Reddy, S. Subba Reddy and K.S. Swami 138-140
The adrenal glands of two species of fruit bats 140-142
Stem blight of wheat caused by Alternaria Alternata -- D.N. Shukla, N.K. Singh and S.N. Bhargava 142-142
I.C.A.R. Grant to Current Science 142-142
Indian Council of Agricultural Research, Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi-110 001, scheme for the Appointment of Emeritus Scientists 142-142
March 1978. 5
On Renormalization-Group Theoretic Approach to Anderson Localisation-- N. Kumar 143-144
Role of Hepatopancreas in the Metabolism of Copper in the Indian Amphiobious Snail, Pila Globosa (Swainson), With Special reference to Aestivation and Starvation-- M. Venugopal Reddy and B. Padmanabha Naidu 145-147
Anaerobic Fermentation of Plant Materials into Acids and Biogas-- S. Neelakantan, H.S. Sondhi, A. Manocha and S.C. Sarma 147-151
Letters To the Editor  
5, 7-Dimethy; apigenin 4'-o-beta-D-glucopyranoside from Saccharium Officinarum Leaves -- C.S. Misra and (Mrs) K. Misra 152-153
Thermodynamic investigation of the rare earth chelates of o-(alpha-2-oxopropylbenzylideneinino)ethanesulphonic acid -- P.K. Kanungo, D.C. Sehgal and P.K. Mehta 153-153
Reduction of thiophosphoryl fluoride and thiophosphoryl chloride with hydrazine hydrate -- D.K. Padma, S.K. Vijayalakshmi and A.R. Vasudeva Murthy 153-155
Spectrocolorimetric study of the complexation reaction between molybdenum(VI) and reacetophenone oxime -- G. Abdul Huq and S. Brahmaji Rao 155-156
A specific spot test for palladium using diphenyldisulphide 2:2'-Dicarboxtlic acid -- S.C. Soundar Rajan, B.V. Narayana and N. Appala Raju 156-157
Synthesis of 1,5-bis (beta-hydroxyethyl)-decaphenylpentasilane -- P.K. Sen 158-158
A note on the synthesis of some new merocyanines -- D.S. seth and P.I. Ittyerah 158-159
Antiviral property of Tea -- T. Jacob John and P. Mukundan 159-160
An Indigenous UV Photoelectron spectrometer -- M.S. Hegde and P.K. Basu 160-161
Production of pectic enzymes by Corynespora Cashcola causing fruit rot of papaya -- G. P. Agarwal and (Miss) S. Gupta 161-163
Effect of Gibberellic acid and coumarin on the Carotenoid content of carrot (Daucus Carota L.) root -- Soneswar Sarma and Reeta Sarma 163-164
Gamma ray induced semi-dwarf mutant with a new type of leaf arrangement in rice -- A.K. Ghosh and P.K. Bhattacharya 164-166

Rare fruiting in Allamanda Cathartica L. Var. Grandiflora (A. Grandiflora Hook.) -- V. Ravindra Nath

Vascular anatomy of Pittosporum Floribundum Wight and Arn. (Pittosporaceae) --M. Radhakrishnaiah and L.L. Narayana 167-168
Influence of age of host plant on the expression of acquired local and systemic antiviral resistance induced by treatment with trichothecium polysaccharide in N. Glutinosa -- K. Chandra, B.M. Gupta and H.N. Verma 168-170
Effect of altosid on the blood protein of caterpillar of Spodoptera Litura Fb. (Noctuidae :Lepidoptera) -- V.T. sundaramurthy and N. Mushtaq Ahmed 170-171
A new species of dictyuchus from alkaline ponds of India --J.N. Rai and J.K. Misra 171-172
Cytology of Areca Macrocalyx Becc. -- M.K. Nair and M.J. Rathambal 172-173
Popillia Schizonycha Arrow- a pollen feeding beetle on rice in Karnataka -- P.S. Rai 173-173
EMS-induced sterile mutants in redgram -- S.N. Chaturvedi and R.P. Sharma 173-174
Irradiation induced sterility in the males and females of tribolium castaneus Herbst:Tenebrionidae:Coleoptera) -- H.R. Pajni and Nivanjit Virk 175-175
Lophosquilla Tiwarii Blumstein from the coast of Porto Novo -- K. Balasubramanyan 175-176
Coleochaete pseudosoluta, a new addition to the Indian flora -- Braj. nandan Prasad and deep Kumar Asthana 176-176
Acartia, Sweepi, a new species of Copepod (acarthdae:Galanoida) From Lakshadweep -- P. Haridas and M. Madhuprathap 177-178
Award of Research Degree 178-178
March 1978. 6
Some Reminiscence of My Association with Professor Raman--K.R. Ramanathan 179-180
Fifty Years Ago-Some Thoughts on C.V. Raman and Current Science-- S. Ramaseshan 181-191
Reminiscences Relating to the Discovery of the Raman Effect--R.K. Asundi 192-195
Fifty Years of Raman Effect-Some Recent Developments--R.S. Krishnan 196-203
Crystal Structure of Barium Bromofluoride--T.N. Bhat, H.L.Bhat, A.H. Rama Rao, M.R. Srinivasan and P.S. Narayanan 204-206
Dielectric Properties of Compressed Rubidium Bi Sulphate Powders--K. Sambasiva Rao and A.Bhanumathi 207-209
Lamellibranchs, Etc. of Sampat Iyengar from the Dharwar Group of Chitradurga District, Karnataka, India--S. Sambe Gowda, T.P. Sundara Raju, S.K. Venugopal and S. Suresh Kumar 210-212
Reviews 213-216
April 1978. 7
Spectral Shape of the K-Forbidden Beta Transition of 152 Eu--K. Venkata Ramaniah, S. Bhuloka Reddy and K.Venkata Reddy 217-220
Spectrophotometric study on the Complexation reaction of Palladium(II) with Butaperazine Dimaleate--H. Sanke Gowda and K.A. Padmaji 220-221
Discovery of cyanophycean algal Remains and Chitinozoans from the late Precambrian Argillaceous Sequence of Satpuli, Garhwal Himalaya, India 222-226
International Symposium on the late Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation Vienna 226-226
Letters To the Editor  
The Crystal structure of ZInc Malonite,Dihydrate ZnC3H3O4, 2H2O -- M.P.Gupta and P.Ram 227-227
2-(N-Alpha-Methyl, 2-Hydroxybenzylidene-Imino) Ethanosulphonic acid as a gravimetric reagent for Copper(II) -- P.K.Kanungo, D.C>Sehgal and R.K.Mehta 227-228
An interesting reaction of 4H-1-Benzopyrano (3,4-d)-Oxazol- and Iso-oxazol-4-ones -- J.R.Merchant, S.S.Shirali andKum K.M.Bakre 228-229
Aminophosphine complexes of copper(II), Cobalt(II) and Nickel(II) -- P.R.Shukla and Gopal Narain 229-230
Occurence of Seismite in the precambrian rocks of Rajasthan, India -- Iqbaluddin 230-231
Cytogenetical study in Ipomoea pes-tigridis Linn -- R.Sampath Kumar 231-232
Purification and serology of a virus causing mosaic in Vinca Rosea L. -- T.K.Nariani, S.P.Raychaudhari, D.Rajyalakshmi Rao, S.M.Viswanath and Nam Prakash 232-233
Occurence of Asperisporium leaf spot of papaya in India -- B.A.Ullasa, H.S.Sohi and N.N.Raghavendra Rao 233-234
A new bacterial disease of green horned caterpillar of rice -- P.Nayak and R.P.Srivastava 234-235
Anthocyanosis virus disease of Cotton- A new record for India -- V.R.Mali 235-237
Root formation from Hypocotyl callus of Safflower (Carthamus Tinctorius) -- K.K.Nag and R.K.Pandey 237-238
Organogenesis in tissue cultures of a Lac host Moghania Macrophylla -- K.K.Nag and Jawed Ahmad 238-239
A new variety of Aspergillus Sydowii -- K.D.Sharma and O.P.Sharma 239-239
Utilization of nitrogenous compounds by Polyporous Hirsutus -- B.Sundarasiva Rao and R.Vijendra Rao 239-240
Crotolaria Striata DC. A new natural host of bean common mosaic virus -- K.R.Sarkar and K.Kulshreshtha 241-241
Entomophthora Fumosa Speare, An entomogenous fungus on rice brown plant hoppers -- P.Samal, B.C.Misra and P.Nayak 241-242
A note on pseudo-monocotyledony in Coccinia Indica W.&A -- Hakim Singh and G.P.Srivastava 242-242
A note on the phytal fauna in and around Balugaon in Chilka Lake -- A.L.N.Sarma and S.Satapathy 242-245
Preliminary report on the engulfment and retention of mycobacteria byTrophozoites of exenically grown Acanthamoeba Castellanii Douglas, 1930 -- B.N.Krishna Prasad and S.K.Gupta 245-247
Records of Pseudocypretta Klie, 1933 and Tanycypris Trebel, 1959 (Crustacea : Ostracoda) from India -- S.K.Battish 247-248
Effects of Insulin on blood glucose level, Glucose tolerance and glycogen content of the foot and hepatopancreas in Cryptozona Belangeri (Deshayes) (Mollusca: Gastropoda) -- R.K.Rajan and Vijayam Sriramulu 248-249
First record of host plants and additional distribution of Nysius Inconspicous distant (Lygaeidae : Heteroptera) -- K.Thangavelu 249-249
National symposium of microchemical techniques 250-250
Award of Research Degrees 250-250
Errata 250-250
April 1978.8
A Modified Model for Plant Competition under Varying Plant Geometry-- M.K.Jagannath 251-254
Differential Staining and Plant Chromosomes- A Progress in Cytogenetics-- U.C.Lavania 255-260
First Record of Algal Remains (Filamentous , Spheroidal ) and Acritarchs from the Precambrian Gangolihat Dolomites Formation of Pithoragarh, Kumaun Himalaya, India-- Avinash Ch.Nautiyal 260-266
International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry 266-266
Letters to the Editor  
On the feasibility of oscillatory fluxes in membrane transport in the linear region -- R.C.Srivastava and P.V.Chacko 267-267
Mass spectral fragmentation pattern of some compounds obtained by reaction of phenylenediamines with acrylic acids -- J.R.Merchant 268-269
Indirect quantitative complement consumption assay -- Engikolai.C.Krishnan, Leela Krishnan and William R.Jewell 269-270
Post harvest induced changes of diosgenein in Costus Speciosus Sims -- C.S.Shah, G.C.Bhavsar and A.Seth 270-271
Anthracene derivatives in leaves and fruits of Cassia Alata -- P.P.Rai 271-272
Discovery of Ascaris Lumbricoides ova in peripheral blood of man -- K.M.Veerannan 272-273
A new species of Phyllachora NKE in FKCL -- R.C.Rajak and S.K.Hasija 273-275
Effect of cutting on the growth and flowering behaivour of Typha Elephantina Roxb -- Kanta Prasad Sharma 275-276
Occurence of Colletotrichum Gloeosporiodies on capsularis Jute plants -- A.Z.M.Nowsher A.Khan and M.Ihsanul Huq 276-277
An estimation of the senescence period of excited rice leaves -- P.A.Khan, Miss N.Lakshmi and B.Padhy 278-279
Ontogeny, structure and distribution of glandular trichomes on ovular surface of Leucas Urticaefolia BR. -- N.K.Dwivedi and B.M.Joshi 279-280
Crown and root gall of grape (Vitis Vinifera, L.) in Andhra Pradesh -- V.C.Lele, J.C.Durgapal, D.K.Agarwal and C.I.Sethi 280-280
Supernumerary gametes in the pollen tube of Colocasia -- J.S.Jos and K.Vijaya Bai 281-282
Chemotaxonomy of a few taxa of Pedaliaceae -- A.Prvati and L.L.Narayana 282-283
A case of effective control of severe infestation of Trichodina on fry of Cyprinus Carpio Linn -- Shyam Ratan Banerji, Upendra Narain Singh and Shreekant Tiwari 283-284
Effect of starvation on the mid gut Epithelium of the adult Odontopus Varicornis (Dist.) -- S.Sabesan and N.Ramalingam 284-286
Changes in the level of keto acids during perithecial development of Chaetomium Globosum Kunze -- K.S.Bilgrami and A.K.Srivastava 286-287
National Solar Energy Convention 287-287
Award of Research Degrees 287-287
Reviews 288-288
May 1978. 9
Crystal Structure of d(A-T)2 and Sequence Specific DNA-Protein Recognition-- M.A.Viswamitra 289-292
Some Recent Observations on the Systemic Mode of Action of Vitamin A-- J.Ganguly, K.Sarada and S.Krishna Murthy 292-295
Discovery of the Cyanophycean Algal Remains and Microplanktons in the Late Precambrian Schistose Phyllites and Its Bearing On the age of the Amri unit, Himalaya, India-- Avinash Ch.Nautiyal 295-299
Letters to the Editor  
Mono Amino oxidase (Mao) Inhibitory activity of Indole-3-Acetamido-4'-Arylcarboxylic acid alkylesters -- V.Gujarati, N.Srivastava, K.Shanker, K.Kishor and K.P.Bhargava 300-301
Chemical examination of the heartwood of Abroma Augusta Linn -- K.S.Mukherjee and Sah Badruddoja 301-301
Cone-in-Cone structure in the upper Flysch series(Upper cretaceous) Malla Johar area Pithoragarh district, Uttar Pradesh -- S.Kumar, I.B.Singh and S.K.Singh 301-302
Transpiration in rust infected leaves of groundnut -- P.Subrahmanyam, C.S.K.Vijaykumar and A.S.Rao 302-304
Infectious Variegation- A new virus disease of cotton in India -- V.R.Mall 304-305
Association of certain fungi with paddy seeds and the effect of seed dressing chemicals on them -- B.Barman and M.N.Chetia 305-307
Horizontal spread of sheath blight to rice plants in relation to spacing and nitrogen application -- A.K.Roy 307-308
On the occurence and distribution of Angiospermic parasites in Assam -- M.Islam 308-310
Factors responsible for the mode of action of polyhedral inclusion bodies of the nuclear polyhedrosis virus in the tobacco caterpillar Spodoptera Litura F. -- K.Narayanan and S.Jayaraj 310-311
Inheritance of glume colour in bread wheat c.v.Sharbati Sonora -- J.V.Goud and A.R.Sadananda 311-312
Leaf area determination in cabbage -- J.V.Rao 312-313
Occurence of a new virulent race 77B of leaf rust of Bijaga red wheat in Dharwar -- Srikant Kulkarni 313-313
Three new records of Ascomycetous fungi from India -- D.P.Tiwari, P.D.Agarwal and A.R.Lodh 313-314
Phyllachora Crotonis (Cooke) Sacc. A new record from India -- A.K.Srivastava and P.L.Singh 314-314
Neutral salt soluble collagen from the adductor muscle of amusium (Bivalvia) -- M.Kalyani 314-315
On the occurence of succinic dehydrogenase and its neural regulation in the bone tissue of frog Rana Hexadactyla -- R.Chandra Mohan Naidu and K.S.Swami 316-317
Prehistoric remains of the Grey Seal, Helichoerus Grypus Fabricis 1791, from Harappa, Pakistan -- M.Ghosh and U.Saha 317-318
Acid and alkaline phosphatase and amylase concentration in the semen of Malabari bucks -- R.V.Patil and C.K.S.V.Raja 318-319
Observations on ovarian ascorbic acid and cholesterol during induced ovulations in the skipper Frog Rana Cyanophlyctis Schneider -- M.Gopalakrishnan and M.R.Rajasekharasetty 319-321
Award of Research Degrees 321-321
Reviews 322-323
Pathological Wilting of Plants 323-323
May 1978. 10
On the Solar Control of the Quiet-Day Geomagnetic Variations near the Magnetic Equator-- V.P.Patel and R.G.Rastogi 325-327
Magnetic and Spectral Studies on Copper(II) Complexes with a-Pyridine Thiosemicarbazide-- C.L.Jain, R.C.Saxena, B.S.Saxena and L.R.Gupta 328-330
Complexes of Cu(II), Ni(II) and Co(II) with Schiff Base Derieved from 2-Amino-5-Methylpyridine and Salicyldehyde-- Smt Hemalatha Ranganathan and D.Ramaswamy 330-332
Regional Seminars on Diecasting Technology 332-332
Letters to the Editor  
Fine structure in c1-X and C2-X systems of BiF molecule --Philip Mathew and M.M. Patel 333-334
Calculation of free volume from ultrasonic velocity -- S. Alwan and K.Ramamoorthy 334-335
The crystal structure of mono succinato tetraaquo Nickel (H) monohydrate -- M.P. Gupta and B.P. Devi 336-336
A convenient synthesis of Allo-Athyriol -- D.K. Bharadwaj, R.K. Jain, S.C. Jain and Radhika Singh 337-338
Cyclolignans through stobbe condensation II * Synthesis of Thumasidioic Acid Dimethyl Ester Dimethyll Ether -- G. Bagavant and P.A. Ganeshpure 338-339
Comment of thicknes measurement of thermally grown oxide layer on Bismuth film --Samar K Saha 339-340
Peroxy compounds of Mo(VI) and W(VI) with pyridine -- S. Sarkar, R.C. Maurya and R. Sabharwal 341-341
N-Hydroxy-N-p-chlorophenyl-N'-2,6 Dimethyl) phenyl-Benzamidine hydrochloride as a new gravimetric regent for Nickel(II) --Kanak Kanti Deb and Rajendra K.Mishra 341-342
Some mixed coordination compounds of titanium(IV) with polyhydric phenols and acid amides-I -- M.K. Rastogi 343-345
Chemical examination of diospyros species -- G.K.A.S.S. Narayanan, L.R. Row and P. Satyanarayanana 345-345
A record of foraminafera from the lower triassic strata of Spiti tethys Himalaya -- D.K. Bhatt and V.K. Joshi 346-346
A note on the late eocene nannofossils from Tarkeshwar Gujarat -- Pratap Singh, K.K. Rastogi and K.P. Vimal 346-347
First record of Taxopitys from the Indian Lower Gondwana -- M.N.V. Prasad and Shaila Chandra 347-348
Fruit rot of orange caused bu Sclerotium Rolfsh sacc. -- H.C. Malik and K.S. Bhargava 348-348
Evidence of a new strain of Phaeoisariopsis Griseola Sacc. From India -- R. D. Sharma and H.S. Sohi 348-349
Effect of submergence on the growth of typha species -- Kanta Prasad Sharma 349-349
Induced mutations in redgram with special reference to floral composition --S.N. Chaturvedi and R.P. Sharma 349-352
Studies on the sound production behaviour in a freshwater teleost fish, Anabas Testudineus (Bloch) -- G.J. Srivastava, Arvind K. Srivastava and O.P.Srivastava 352-352
On a newspecies of Paronia Galli (Cestoda:Anoplocephalidae) from Gallus Domesticus, In India -- H.S. Nama 352-353
Natural and gibberellic acid induced parthenocarpy in Mango : CV. Thambva -- Vinod Kulkarni and Akula Rameshwar 353-355
A white muscardine disease on brown plant hopper of rice -- R.P. Srivastava and P. Nayak 355-356
Leaf function hypothesis in Banana in tropics -- O.Anchanam Alagia Pillai and K.G. Shanmugavelu 356-356
Reviews 357-358
Nuclear Fusion 358-358
June 1978. 11
Acid Degradation Studies of 2-Aroyl-3(2H)-Benzofuranones and 3-Phenyl-4-Hydroxy Coumarins-- M.L.Malik and S.K.Grover 359-360
Cyclic Amp and Cell Proliferation: A Catalogue of Positive Correlationships-- R.Krishnaraj 361-365
Neuroendocrine Regulation of Succinic Dehydrogenase Activity in the Indian Apple Snail Pila Globosa (Swainson)-- R.Chandra Mohan Naidu, C.Sreeramulu Chetty, P.Aruna, Y.Srinivasa Reddy and K.S.Swami 365-367
Some Cytogenetical Aspects of Genus Trichuris (Nematoda)-- Usha Goswami 368-371
Photographs of Type Specimens of Indian Plants 371-371
Letters to the Editor  
Study of forward scattering of meteor Bursts-- D.K. Gangopadhyay 372-373
Synthesis and structural studies of tetrathiocyanate complexes with five membered ring molecules as lewis bases -- S.A. Khan and O.P. Agrawal 373-376
Heat of formation of some organic compounds using IOC-o- Technique -- D.C. Rajwar and S.C. Tiwari 376-377
Preliminary studies on the control of mango hoppers by stem injection with systemic insecticides -- T.S. Thontadarya, B.N. Viswanath and S.c. hiremath 378-378
inactivation of extracellular polygalacturonase of Rhizopus Nigricans ehrenberg by phenolic substances -- P.K. Rai 379-379
Effect of bottlegouard mosaid virus on RNA contents of the leaves of Lagenaria vulgaris at different stages of pathogens -- S.K. Ghosh 380-380
Occurrence of a new fungal disease on green horned caterpillar of rice -- P.Nayak and R.P. Srivastava 380-381
Induced chlorophyll chimeras as breeding behaviour in chillies -- R. Sethupathi Ramalingsm 381-383
effect of ethyl-methane-sulphonate (EMS) on histology of testes and ovaries of Heliothis Zea -- B.D. Sharma and S. K. Mann 384-385
Proliferation in the reproductive structures of Aspergillus Niger van Tieghem -- C. Manoharachary and G. Bhagyanarayana 385-385
Polyploid chromosome numbers in the genus Nitella -- (Miss) Subhra Mukherjee 386-386
Effect of phyllosphere fungi on the spore germination of Alternaria Alternata FR. causing leafblight of sunflower -- Y.K. Gupta and M.N. Gupta 386-387
Defence secretions from the repugnatorial glands of a polydesmoid millipede -- Kubra Bano and R.V. Krishnamoorthy 387-389
An estimation of environmental factors for the cause of a summer fishkill in a tank near Allahabad -- Neelima sharma and Ashish Prasad Mukherji 389-391
Flame photometry and photocolorimetric determination of electrolytes of plasma of channa Punctatus (BL.) and Notopterus Notopterus (HAM). -- O.P. Sharma and B.K. sharma 391-391
A study on the lipid component of te haemolymph of a spider Poecilotheria Fasciata -- M.Aruchami and g. Sundara rajulu 392-392
cytotaxonomy of Trox fabr. (Trioginae : Scarabaeidae : Coleoptera) -- J.S. Yadav and R.K. Pillai 393-393
Giemsa-banding in fish chromosomes -- K.K. Rishi 393-394
Cytochemistry and ultrastructute of the yolk nucleus in oocytes of the Loach. Misgurnus Anguillicaudatus (Cantor) -- N.H. Gopal dutt, Sakae Inoue and Kan Kobayashi 394-395
Tobacco stem borer survives on Datura -- S.A. Jacob and V.S.R. Das 395-396
Record of a new host for Oligonychus Coffear (Nietner) -- S.N. Mukherjee and N.S. Chauhan 396-396
Aflatoxin contamination of grains in flooded areas of Mathura, Uttar Pradesh -- R.S. Mishra and R. s. Singh 396-397
Two new species of Hyphomycetes -- R.C. Rajak, K.K. Soni and G.P. Pathak 397-399
Studies of chromocentres in Radish (raphanus Sativus L.) -- N. Dayal and s. Kumar 399-400
Institution of Chemists (India):Associateship Examination, 1979 400-400
Award of Research Degrees 400-400
June 1978. 12
Fourfold Helical Structures for Sequential Copolymers of Glycine and Imino Acid Residues Proline and Hydroxyproline-- V.N.Balaji and V.Sasisekharan 401-404
Biosomerism in Cycads-- Bir Bahadur, N.Pratap Reddy and P.Vijaya Kumar 404-406
Inhibition of Passive Anaphylactic (PCA) Reaction in Mice by Cobalt and Iron Complexes-- K.Kar, S.K.Bajpai and B.N.Dhawan 406-408
Letters to the Editor  
North-South movement of blanketing type es layers -- H. Chandra and R.G. Rastogi 409-411
Studies on condensed Thiazole system --S.K. Mahapatra, M. Patra and B. Dash 411-414
Chemical investigation of Indian Medicinal plants used for Leprosy I Constituents of the flowers of Ochrocarpus Longifolia Benth. and Hook. F.(Guttiferae) -- M.S. Y. Khan, I Kumar. Nizam U. Khan and M.Ilyas 414-415
Ascorbate-M(II) systems - equilibrium studies -- Keshava P Dubey and (Miss) Shamah Praveen 415-416
Synthesis of Quinazoline-4-N-Mannich Bases -- Rajendra S. Sharma 416-417
Isolation and crystallization of a metallopeptide from the ovary of silkwork, Bombyx Mori L. -- T. Veerabhadrappa Gowda and T.R. Ramesh 417-419
Thyroid activity and the nature of 131I uptake in the postmetamorphic Rana Hexadactyla Lesson -- A. Guna Singh and A. Balasubramanian 419-420
Changes in the levels of amino acids in developing Corcyra Cephalonica Stainton -- V. Ramakrishnan and K.G. Raghavan 420-422
Paper chromatography of metal ion complexes with morpholine-4- carbodothioate -- Ravindra Kumar and Nepal Singh 422-424
Flavone from Lynchnophora affins : a synthetic study -- D.K. Bhardwaj, A.K. gupta, R.K. Jain and G.C. Sharma 424-425
Mesomorphic behaviour of some schiff base esters: p-(p-n-alkoxybenzoyloxy) benzymidene-p''-phenetidines -- J.S. Dave, N.R. Patel and A.Prajapati 425-426
Living benthionic foraminafera from the innershelf sediments at Visakhapatnam -- J.Nageswara Rao and M. subba Rao 426-427
Initiation of Haustoria in cuscuta by cytokinin application -- Gopinadhan Paliyath, Ramesh Maheshwari and S. Mahadevan 427-429
Occurrence of a bacterium in polar glands of Pedalium Murex -- J. Raghava Reddy and C. Subba Reddy 429-430
Role of relative humidity and nutrients on seta formation in Colletotrachum Papayae P. Henn -- S.S. Chahal 430-431
Changes in phenolics and soluble carbohydrates in cowpea varieties infected by Xanthomonas vignicola burk. -- R. Mohan, M.N. Alagianagalingam and C.V. Govindaswamy 431-432
Metabolic changes in rice leaves during senescence -- Gadadhar Misra and Jayanti Hota 432-433
Effects of herbicides on the chlorophyll content of isolated leaves of Oxalis Latifolia HB and K. -- L.P. Misra, D.P. Sharma and H.S. Duria 433-434
Intraspecific polyploidy in costis speciosus -- G.V. Subramanyam 434-436
Powdery mildew of brinjal from Jammu (J & K state) -- Arun Kumar Sharma 436-437
Two new species of sphaeropsidales on ornamental plants -- B.R. Dayakar Yadav and V.G. Rao 437-437
Compartmentation of gluconeogenic enzymes in adult rat brain -- S.A. Shaffi 438-439
Mobilization of acid and alkaline phosphatase in the degenerating tail of Bufo melanosticus -- Anand O.Prakash and R. Mathur 439-440
Ultrastructural evidence for the origin of pigment in the oocytes of Tricurus Pyrrhogaster -- N.H. Gopal Dutt and Sakae Inoue 440-441
The male of the rotifer epiphanes senta (Ehrenberg) -- H.S. Vasisht and Piki Agarwal 441-442
Leaf blight of guava-A new record -- T.S. Sridhar and B.A. Ullasa 442-442
July 1978. 13
Evolution, Genetics and Recapitulation-- B.R.Seshachar 443-445
A Comparative Study on Acetylcholine and Acetylcholiesterase during Development of the Lepidopteran Philosamia Ricni and the Dipteran Sarcophaga Ruficornis -- Radha Pant, Suman Kumar and Ratan Dubey 445-448
Polarographic Determination of the Stability Constant of Complexes formed by Lead(II) and Cadmium(II) with Acetylene Dicarboxylic Acid -- A.L.J.Rao and Makhan Singh 448-450
Symposium in Chemistry 450-450
Award of Research Degree 450-450
Letters to the Editor  
On the height control of the onset of equatorial spread-F -- J. Hanumantha Sastri, V.Subrahmanyam, K. Sasidharan and M. Srirama Rao 451-452
Cis-Chloro-awuo-tetramminecobalt(III) sulphate as a photoinitiator of vinyl polymerization -- A. Abdul Kader, Q. Anwaruddin and L.V. Natarajan 452-453
Antibacterial activity of some essential oils -- J.B. Girgune, N.K. Jain and B.D. Garg 454-455
Some novel aromatic diterpenes from premna Latifolia Roxb. -- Ch. Bheemasankara Rao, T. Namosiva Rao and E.K. S. Vijayakumar 455-456
Anthraquinones from leaves of Cassia podocarpa -- P.P. Rai and O.M. Obayemi (Mrs) 457-457
Antigenic and nodulation properties of Rhizobium trifoli transformations -- Paromita Roychoudhury, K.R. Dadarwal and G.S. Venkataraman 457-458
Regeneration of hybrid tomato plants from leaf callus -- Bharati Dhruva, T.Ramakrishnan and C.S. Vaidyanathan 458-460
Discovery of micro-organism from the black cherts of the fawn limestone (Late precambrian, Semri group, son valley, Mirzapur District, Uttar Pradesh -- S Kumar 461-461
An interchange heterozygote in Eurycles Sylvestris salisb -- J. Venkateswarlu and N. Lakshmi 462-462
A note on the variation in the sexuality of spikelets of Cymbopogon Nardus -- B.K. Gupta 462-464
Effect of insect growth regulation on the phenolic changes in tropic organs of caterpillars of spodoptera litura Fb. (Noctuidae : Lepidoptera) -- V. T. Sundaramurthy 464-466
Mode of pollination and frequency of mutations in sunflower (Helianthus Annuus L.) -- M. Ilyal Ahmed and J.V. Goud 466-467
Dothiorella rot of Citrus Sinesis fruits from India -- Ku. Usha Saxena, A.K. Tiwari and D.P. Tiwari 467-467
The mango coccid, Rastrococcus Iceryoides Green (Homoptera: Coccidae) and its natural enemies -- P.L. Tandon and Beche Lal 467-468
"Soft-wood grafting" - A new technique for hard wood plants -- R.S. Amin 468-469
Cuscuta Chinensis Lamk. on Eleusine Coracana Gaertn. (Ragi) - A new Record --A.S. Kumaraswamy, J. Syamasundar, S. Lingappa and G. Jayaram 469-469
A new species of Kumanasamuha -- Tulasi Raman, B. Renuka Rao and Dev Rao 470-471
Pollen morphology in two varieties of Ephedra Intermedia Sch. & Mey. --(Mrs)Mithilesh Chaturvedi 471-472
Typical sporophore production of Polyporus tricholoma mont. in culture -- A.B. De and Anjali Roy 472-473
Occurrence of the genus Echinopodospora in Indian Soil -- D.P. Tiwari and Ku. Alka I. Jacob 473-474
A note on the recovery of Chelonus Blackburni cameron (Braconidae : Hymenoptera), an exotic egg-larval parasite of cotton bollyworms -- M.B.Sarkate, A.K. Raodeb, N.R. seeras and M.D. Jawale 474-474
Linear movement of cranular insecticides in soil -- N.Hari Prasada Rao and R.A. Agarwal 474-476
Natural ourbreak of the muscardine fungus Nomuraea Rilevi (Farlow) samson on leaf-eating caterpillar. Spodoptera Exigua HB. in Maharashtra -- C.H.Phadke, V.G. Rao and S.K. Pawar 476-476
Preliminary laboratory evaluation of Cephalpsporium Lecanii Zimm. As a Pathogen of brinjal leaf beetle, henosepilachna Viginti. Octopunctata (Fabr) -- G. Santharam, S. Eswaramoorthy and S. Jayaraj 477-477
Corpus Luteus in the Indian Rufus Horse Shoe Bat, Rhinolophus Rouxi (Temminck) --P.A. Ramakrishna 477-478
Reviews 479-479
July 1978. 14
Kinetics of Sorption of Certain Divalent Complex Cations in Ceric Phophate , An Ion Exchanger-- A.K. Bhaduri and K.R. Kar 481-484
Control of Seed Deterioration in Cotton (Gossypium Hirsutum L.)-- C.Dharmalingam and R.N. Basu 484-487
Zoological Survey of India Workshop on "Technique in parasitology" held at Calcutta on June 28 30, 1978 487-487
Letters to the Editor  
Qualitative analysis of binary mixutures by fluorescence polarization -- M.L. Pandy and M.K. Machwe 488-489
Studies on electrical resistivity of palladium silver bimetallic thin films -- S.K. Saha 489-490
Studies on the insecticidal and antimicrobial properties of some carbazole derivatives -- D.N. Chowdhury, S.K. Basak and B.P. Das 490-491
Synthesis of new anticoagulants as rodenticides and their toxicity against black rat (rattus rattus Lin. ) -- K.K. Arora, Veena dn O.P. Malik 491-493
Formation constants of some bivalent metal chelates of 2-hydroxy-1-naphthalidene-2', 5'-dimetnoxyaniline --M.S. Mayadeo and S.H. Hussain 493-495
Determination of microamounts of bromate colorimetrically using reacetophenone oxime an indirect method -- B.Narayana and B. Brahmani Rao 495-496
Mechanism of the synergistic effect in the anion exchange uptake of Co(II) in mixed solvent media -- J. Subrahmanyam and M.N. Sastri 496-497
A method for fractionation of buffalo spermatozoa suitable for the study of fructose metabolism -- R.S. Dhanotiya and R.K. Srivastava 497-498
Premnolal , A new aromatic Bisnorditerpene from Premna Latifolia Roxb. -- Ch. Bhemasankara Rao and T. Namosiva rao 498-499
Lipogenic actionof cyclic amp in Vitro -- R. Krishnaraj 499-501
The effect of varying the polarity of the solvent on the rate of chlorine-addition to olefins -- R.M. Subramanian and R. Ganesan 501-502
Fossil algae Solenopora and Amphiroa from the Trichinopoly cretaceous Rocks of South India -- s. Sambe Gowda 502-503
Response of Rhizobium culture inoculation, zinc and Molybdenum application on Rhizophere and phyllosphere microbial population of soyabean (glycine Max Merill) -- Sangharsh K. Tripathi and J.C. Edward 503-504
Catalase and peroxidase activity in Dioscore composita leaves infected with gloeosporium pestis massee -- J.P. Singh 505-506
Bacterial leaf spot and stem blight - anew disease of safflower in India caused by Pseudomonas syringae -- Samuel S Gnanamanickam and T.K. Kandaswamy 506-508
Direct style and stigma neoformation from stigma explants of nicotiana Tabacum L. U. Subhashini, M. Unnikrishnan and K.V. Sathyanarayana 508-509
A new anomalous adaptive structure in roots of Crotolaria Burhia Hamilton -- David N.Sen 509-510
Heterogenetic spacing in the symbiotic blue-green alga anabaena azollae -- B.P.R. Subudhi and P.K. Singh 510-511
Studies on the entomogenesis fungus Nomuraea Rileyi (Farlow_Samson I --C.H. Phadke and V.G. Rao 511-512
A short-cut method for making permanent mounts of stained epidermal peels -- N. Ramayya and H. Rajamani 512-513
Mutagenic, potentiating and antimutagenic activity of certain metallic ions in the rice genetic system -- Tummala P. Reddy and K. Vaidyanath 513-515
Effect of oral contraceptive on plant chromosomes -- H.K. Goswami 515-516
Brown rust-A threat to grape cultivation -- R.D. Joshi, J. Prakash and L.N. Dubey 516-517
On the occurrence of Lernanthropus Koenigii Sto & Lutk, Parasitic on Parastromateus Niger (Bloch) in Kerala Waters -- P. Natarajan and N. Balakrishnan Nair 517-518
On the occurrence of the trematode Hemipera Ovocaudata -- H.S. Nama 518-519
Lateral line system in the tadpole of the Indian from Rana tigrina (Daud) --Harish C. Nigam 519-521
Reviews 522-522
August 1978. 15
X-Ray Analysis of Liquid Crystals-- S.Chandrasekhar 523-525
Mechanism of Action of Air Pollutants on Plants-- H.S.Srivastava 525-531
Effect of InVivo Muscular Stimulations -- P.Reddanna and S.Govindappa 531-533
Symposium on "Floristic Studies in Peninsular India" and Anniversary Celebrations of Madras Herbarium, Coimbatore 533-533
Indian Society of Cell Biology 533-533
Letters to the Editor  
The Crystal structure of manganese salicylate, dihydrate -- M.P. Gupta and J. Ashok 534-534
Ferroelastic effect in barium chloride dihydrate -- V.K. Wadhawan 534-535
A note on the simple techniques ot measure the uniformity of the beta-ray source deposit -- R.K. Mishra 536-537
A possible cause of midlatitude spread-F during magnetic storms -- J. Hanumantha Sastry 537-539
Study of Lanthanide(III)and thorium(IV) chloride complexes with thioureas -- Mallikarjun B. Adi and A.S. R. Murthy 539-541
An easy method for the isolation of fruiting myxobacteria from various substrates -- N.B. Singh and J.N. S. Yadava 541-542
Proton-ligand stability constants of salicyloyl hydrazine in aquo organic mixtures -- P.V. Krishna Rao, R. Sambasiva Rao and Ch. Rambabu 542-544
Correlation between superoxide dismutase and catalase activity in red blood cells of diffeent animals -- B.S. Ahuja and Usha Kiran 544-545
Stabilty constants of cadmium(II) and Lead (II) chelates of 2-amino-3-hydroxypyridine --R.S. Sindhu, K.B. Pandeya and R.P. Singh 545-546
Pretreating properties of endrin n plant chromosomes -- G. Bhowmik 546-547
Hermachroditism in the Murrel, Channa Punctata (Bloch, 1973) -- P. Balasundar Reddy 547-548
REsponse of cowpea [Vigna Unguiculata (L.) Walp] to Rhizobium seed inoculation -- D.J. Bagyaraj and S.V. Hegde 548-549
A note on the cytology of Hibiscus Punctatus Dalz, (Malvaceae) -- M. Sanjappa, (Mrs) Aparna Dasgupta and R.P. Bhatt 549-550
Reduction in total nitrogen content of 'Arhar'seeds due to storage fungi -- M.K. Sinha, A.K. Roy and T. Prasad 550-551
In vitro inductiionof adventitious shoots on stem explants of Boerhaavia Diffusa L. -- R. Raj Bhansali, A Kumar and H.C. arya 551-552
In vitro seed Germinatio of Zeuxine Strateumatic Schlr. (-Z. Sulcata Lindley), Orchidaceae -- Govindappa D. Arekal and K. Ananda Karanth 552-553
Epidermal structure and distribution of stomata in sagittaria Guayanensis H.B. & K. -- S.C. Paliwal and G.S. Lavania 553-555
Penicillin induced regulation of chlorophyll formation and Hill activity of isolated chloroplasts in rice (Oryza Sativa L.) seedlings --Asok Kumar Biswas and S Mukherji 555-556
Cantheconiidea Furcellata (Wolff.) (Pentatomidae-Hemipters): A predator of leaf-feeding caterpillar of rice -- P.S. Rai 556-557
A shot hole disease of nutmug -- R. Radhakrishnan Nair, M Chandrasekharan Nair and M. Ramanatha Menon 557-557
Observations on the monotypic genus Paathramaya Subram -- Dev Rao and B. Rehana 557-558
Pterion arrangement in the Rhesius Monkey (Macaca Mulatta)-- Ashok Kumar and Bhatia 558-559
Alloxan induced lukemoid conditiion in a fresh water teleost Clarias Batrachus -- Pradeep Agrawal and K.A. Goel 559-560
New additions to fungi of India -- G.P. Agarwal, D.K. Nema and U.C. Jha 560-560
Reviews 561-563
August 1978. 16
Potentiometric Studies on the Ternary Systems: Aluminium(III)/Iron(III)- Aminopolycarboxylic Acids- Dicarboxylic Acids-- Km Usha Jain, Km Vinod Kumari and G.K.Chaturvedi 565-568
Complexes of 4-Aminoantipyrine with Lanthanide Thiocyanates-- C.G. R. Nair and Jacob Chacko 568-570
Brunner's Glands in some Indian Bats--S.A. Bhide 571-573
Awards and Research Degrees 573-573
Letters to the Editor  
Occurrence of night sporadic-E (Es) in relation to geomagnetic storms -- J. Hanumantha Sastri, B.S. Murthy and K. Sasidharan 574-575
Crystal structure of ZnSe2)4 -- D.M. Dharmadhikari, D.K. Kulkarni and V.V. Deshpande 575-575
Synthesis of unsymmetrical biflavone -- P. Gandhl and R.D. Tiwari 576-577
Some new hydroxy sandaracopimar-15 enes from Premna Latifolia Roxb. -- CH. Bheemasankara Rao and T. Namosiva Rao 577-578
Kinetics of the addition of Iodine Monochloride to Olefins -- N. amritha and R. Ganesan 579-580
Effect of anions in hte paper chromatographic separation of Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II) and Zn(II), with different neutral monodentate Ligands -- K. Durai Raj, S.J. arulraj and C.C. Patel 580-581
A novel product in the claisen rearrangement of 6-Cinnamyloxy-4-methyl coumarin -- A.C. Jain and A Kumar 581-582
Studies on the major acidic polysaccharide from the seed mucilage of Ocimum Canum -- Y.V. Anjaneyalu and d. Channe Gowda 582-583
Homoflemingin and flemiwallichin-C from the leaves of Flemingia Wallichh W. & A -- J. Madhusudana Rao S. Sivaram Basu, K. Subramanyam and K.V Jagannadha Rao 584-584
Left and right handedness in seedlings of Bambusa Arundinacea Willd. -- Bir Bahadur, K. Lokendra Rao and M. Madhusudana Rao 584-586
Some fungi associated with the root system of coconuts in the root (Wilt) affected area -- Thomas Joseph 586-587
Critical soil water potential and seed hydration for germination of grain sorghum -- C.V. Mali, S.B. Varade, V.G. Musande and P.B. Chalwade 587-588
Anther in Moringa Concanensis Nimmo -- B.S.M. Dutt 589-589
Inhibition of fungi by a soil streptomycete -- S. De and A.L. Chandra 590-590
Induction synchrony and nuclear behaivour in Fusarium Oxysporum -- Dev Rao 590-592
Bacterial leaf spot of Betelvine (Piper Betle L.) induced by Xanthomonas Betlicola Patel Et Al. in Kerala -- James Mathew, Mani T.Cherian and Koshy Abraham 592-593
Drechslera Subpapendorfii Mouchacca - A new record from India -- N.K.Agarwal and B.L.Jain 593-594
Ustilago Consimiles Sydow- A new record from Manipur -- Nameirakpam I.Singh, M.Pushkaran and H.K.Baruah 594-594
Microsporogenesis and male gametophyte in Cynodon Dactylon -- M.S.Mahalingappa 594-595
Thanatephorus Cucumeris, causing Damping-off and Collar rot in Sunflower -- T.B.Anil Kumar and M.N.L.Sastry 595-595
Observations on the Pachytene chromsomes of Solanum Indicum Var. Multiflora -- P.B.Kirti and B.G.S.Rao 595-596
Australoxylon from the Kamthi beds of Lower Gondwana, India -- M.N.V.Prasad and Shaila Chandra 597-597
Induced male sterile leaf mutants in Cajanus Cajan (L.) Millsp -- S.N.Chaturvedi and R.P.Sharma 597-598
On a record of short finned worm Eel, Muraenichthys Vermiformis, Peters from Indian coast -- N.M.Patel and M.I.Patel 599-599
Scanning electron microscopic studies of spermoderm of Sesbania Scop. (Leguminosae) -- B.S.Trivedi, G.D.Bagchi and Usha Bajpai 599-600
Tori Longitudinales and valvula cerebelli as the basis of identification in fishes -- K.K.Tandon 600-601
Some observations on the histology of terminal filament. Ovariole sheaths and interfollicular plugs of a common plant bug Odontopus Nigricornis Stal -- P.V. Joshi 601-603
Effect of reserpine on the glycogen contents of the uterus in albino rats -- B.L.Yadav and R.Mathur 603-604
National Solar Energy Convention 604-604
Reviews 605-606
Chromatography of Polymers, Petroleum and Petrochemicals 606-606
September 1978. 17
Physical Research Laboratory Radiocarbon 13C Dates: CS-1--D.P. Agrawal, R.V. Krishnamurthy, Sheela Kusumgar and R.K. Pant 607-610
Kinetics and Mechanism of Oxidation of Acetophenone by N-Bromosuccinimide in Perchloric Acid Media--Lalji Pandey, Kameshwara Singh and S.P. Mushran 611-613
Effect of Voldys, An oral Contraceptive on the Electrical Activity of Rat Brain and Heart-- Chitralekha Mukherjee, C.D. Dey and C. Deb 614-616
International Cashew Symposium, Cochin (Kerala State, India) 616-616
Letters to the Editor  
A new initiating system for the Vinyl Polymerisation -- G.Gangi Reddy, T.Nagbhushan and M.Santappa 620-621
Phytochemical studies on Cassia Siamea leaves -- R.V.Krishna Rao and M.Narayana Murty 621-622
2-Methylbenzothiazole complexes with some Uranyl salts -- I.S.Ahuja, Raghuvir Singh and C.P.Rai 622-624
Chemical studies on Adiantum Caudatum -- Rattan Lal Khosa, Arun Kumar Wahi and Ashit Kumar Mukherjee 624-624
Redox reaction induced by energy stored in irradiated crystals -- H.J.Arnikar, B.S.Madhava Rao and M.J.Bedekar 625-625
Stability constants of complexes of 2-hydroxy-5-nitropropiophenoneoxime with Ni(II), Co(II), Zn(II) and Mn(II) -- B.H.Patel. j.R.Shah and R.P.Patel 625-626
Spectrophotometric determination of Cinchonine by Solochrome Green V 150 -- N.V.Rama Rao 626-627
Photochemical and Thermal synthesis of Phenenthr[9,10-d] imidazoles -- V.N.R.Pillai and E.Purushottaman 627-629
Hand-Axe - A new discovery in Ghaggar-Nalagarh complex -- Lalman 629-630
A preliminary epidermal studies in a few taxa of Coelogyne (Orchidaceae) -- A.K.Banerjee and A.V.N.Rao 630-632
Basidiocarp formation by Volvariella Diplasia in culture medium -- M.Suharban, M.Chandrasekharan Nair and M.Ramanatha Menon 632-632
Chorflurenol- A new pretreating agent for chromosome work -- U.C.Lavinia 632-633
Estimation and identification of alkaloids produced by Claviceps Fusiformis Loveless on some varieties of pearl millet -- A.Kumar and H.C.Arya 633-635
Role of thiamine hydrochloride as a hatching factor in larval emergence from cysts of Heterodera Oryzicola (Nematoda:Heteroderidae) on rice -- Y.Seshagiri Rao and A.Jayprakash 635-636
Embryogeny in Gyrocarpus Americanus Jacq -- B.S.M.Dutt 636-636
Twin pollinia in Ceropegia Linn (Asclepiadaceae) -- Govindappa D.Arekal and T.M.Ramakrishna 636-638
Cynometroxylon Siwalicus N.Sp. from the Siwalik range -- B.S.Trivedi and Madhu Ahuja 638-639
A preliminary study of the effect of the herbicide 2,4-d on the nitrogen metabolism of the water fern Salvinia Natans L. -- Anne Xavier and J.L.Gnanarethinam 639-640
Observations on Pithomyces Ellish -- Vasant Rao and K.Adinarayan Reddy 640-640
Association of the citrus nematode with grape roots in acommercial orchard -- P.Parvatha Reddy and D.B.Singh 640-641
Formation of a typical basidiocarp of Polyporous Arcularis Batsch ex fries in culture -- A.B.De 641-642
Differentiation of sex in pupae of spotted bollworm, Earias fabia (Stoll) (Lepidoptera:Noctuidae-Erastriinae) -- B.D.Gupta 642-642
Attachment to intestinal wall and copulation in Bunostomum trigocephalum (Rud.,1808) Railliet, 1902 -- T.S.V.Naid 642-643
Talc pelleting as an aid to legume seed inoculation -- M.K.Jain and R.B.Rewari 643-644
Tlson setae and sexual dimorphism of the sand lobster, Thenus Orientalis (lund) -- M.A.Hossain 644-645
On the unusual occurence of Zymogen bearing cells in the liver of Lepidocephalichthys Guntea (Ham.) -- K.C.Bose and K.P.Mishra 645-646
Staining of DNA with aqueous solution of an oxazine dye, Meldola's Blue -- Mihir K.Dutt 646-648
Occurence of symbiotic bioluminescent bacteria in Indian Leiognathids -- N.Jayabalan, K.Dhevendaran and K.Ramamoorthi 648-649
Effects of Scorpion (Heterometrus Fulvipes) venom of phosphatase activities in Guinea Pig -- K.Vijaya Kumari, P.Murali Mohan and K.Sasira Babu 649-651
Effect of oral Zinc sulphate supplementation on the growth of regenerating tail of Hemidactylus Viridis -- S.K.Taneja and Harpreet Kaur 652-653
Reviews 653-653
September 1978. 18
2,4-Lutidine-I-Oxide Complexes of Lanthanide Nitrates and Chlorides--N.S. Navaneetham and S. Soundararajan 655-658
Periodicity of Oestrous cycle in Rats: Response to Artobotrys Odoratissimus Linn. Extracts-- Anand O.Prakash 659-662
Differential effects of Ultrasonication on the Myofibrillar and Mitochondrial ATPase activity of "Slow" and "Fast" Muscles om Birds and Mammals-- C.L. Talesara and Vasudev Narang 662-664
Changes of Glucose and Glycogen contest in the maternal and Embryonic Tissues of the Viviparous scorpion Heterometrus Fulvipes during Gestation Period-- V. Subbaram and T.Gopalakrishna Reddy 665-667
Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi- Award of Science Academy Medals for Young Scientists of the Year 1978 667-667
Letters to the Editor  
Centrifugal distortion constants and thermodynamic functions of C2H4O5 C2D4) and C2H4S -- D.C. Patil and V.M. Korwar 668-670
Effect of solvent on the polarization of fluoresecence of acridine orange -- M.L. Pandya and M.K. Machwe 671-672
The crystal structure of Monoadipato tetraaquo Nickel(II) -- M.P. Gupta and B.N. Saha 672-672
Formation constants and thermodynamic parameters of some poly-Hydroxy phenols -- P.V. Khadikar, A.K. Das and P.S. Deshmukh 672-674
Polarographic study of palladium amino-acid complexes -- P.B. Kalapurna 674-677
Selenium dioxide oxidatiion of saussurealactone -- B.M. Mane, S.v. Hiremath and G.H. Kulkarni 677-678
A novel spray reagent for plant pigment -- K.P. Tiwari, M. Masood and R.N. Choudhary 678-679
Synthesis and structural studies of malonyl and succinyl dihydrazide complexes of some first row transition metal ions -- R.C. Aggarwal and Bachcha Singh 679-680
Amino acid composition of the fibres of some silk worm species (Philosamia Ricini, Antheraea Mylitta and Attacus Atalus) -- Radha Pant and Balagopalan Unni 681-682
A novel observation in the claisen rearrangement of 7-prenyloxyisoflavone -- A.C. Jain and D.K. Tull. 682-683
Synthesis of 2-p-Chlorophenoxymethylchromone -- M.K. Gurjar and G. Bagavant 683-684
A magnetic survey on Charnockites in the vicinity of Vishakapatnam -- V.Bhaskara Rao and A.Lakshmipati Raju 684-686
Cytokinin like behaivour of some B vitamins in Bougainvillaea Spectabilis Wiild. and Green Gram (Phaseolus Radiatus L.) -- P.Gopala Rao and K.Mallikarjuna 686-688
Casnoidea Indica (Thunb.) A Carabid ground beetle predating on brown plant hopper, Nilaparvata Lugens (Stal) of rice -- P.Samal and B.C.Mishra 688-689
A new system for plant tissue culture -- P.P.Rai 689-690
Nodal organization in the family Acanthaceae -- Shashi Kumar and G.S.Paliwal 690-690
Some cytochemical observations on the giant cells in human placenta -- A.S.Deshpande and Uma G.Vasishta 690-692
"Substrate Decoction" A new technique to isolate the Myxomycetes from dead plant materials -- S.P.Nanir 692-693
Embryo development in Moringa Concanensis Nimmo -- B.S.M.Dutt 693-693
CA-dose response in the production of intermedidtes of Chrysocoris Stollii Wolff (Hemiptera:Pentatomidae) -- Sanjib Chakraborty and Tarak Nath Samui 694-694
Factors affecting formation of Aflatoxin B1 by Aspergillus Flavus on Ganga-5 Maize hybrid -- Om Prakash and Babu Singh Siradhana 695-696
Meisis in the interspecific hybrid of two spinous solanums and its bearing on their affinities -- P.B.Kirti and B.G.S.Rao 696-697
Effect of juvenile hormone analogues on reproduction in the cricket, Gryllodes Sigillatus Walker -- J.S.Yaragamblimath, V.K.Biradar and S.B.Mathad 697-698
New dragonfly records from India and the Dehra Dun valley (Northern India ) -- B.K.T 698-698
Award of Research Degrees 698-698
Reviews 699-700
October 1978.19
Sixth International Conference on Raman Spectroscopy at Bangalore-4-9 September 1978 701-704
Invited Lectures Delivered at the Conference 704-705
Photographic and Gems and Mineral Exhibitions at the Raman Research Institute, Bangalore 705-705
Infrared Spectra of some Metal Complexes of N,N-Dimethyl Thiourea--K.Dwarakanath and D.N.Satyanarayana 706-708
Synthesis of N-[2-Phenoxy and Chlorosubstituted Phenoxy Acetyl] Morpholines and Their Plant Growth Regulatory and Pharmacological Activities-- Awadesh Kr.Gupta and J.S.chauhan 708-709
Cyanophycin Granules in a Blue-Green Alga Calothrix Marchica Lemm.-- Z.N.Tahmida Khan and M.B.E.Godward 710-712
Letters to the Editor  
Thermal boundary layer thickness for flow past a permeable bed -- V.Vidyanidhi and P.C.L.Narayana 713-714
Diurnal variation of f0F2 at Equatorial latitudes and counter electrojet -- J.Hanumanth Sastry and K.Sasidharan 714-715
On the nature and dynamics of irregularities causing equatorial VHF scintillations -- M.R.Deshpande. Hari Om Vats and H.Chandra 716-716
Crystallographic data of 8-Methoxy Psolaren -- Anil Jain and K.N.Goswami 717-717
Isoparametric curves and Vegard's law plots for the ternary system Pd-Au-Ag -- Y.C.Venudhar, Leela Iyengar and K.V.Krishna Rao 717-719
Thermal expansion of potassium acetate -- Jajneswar Hatibarua 719-720
Influence of Phenobarbitone on Salicylate metabolism in carbon teterachloride treated rats -- S.G.Kaskedhikar, A.V.Kasture and A.K.Dorle 720-722
Synthesis and biological activity of amidine sulphides -- Surendra N.Pandeya and Pattoo Ram 722-726
Extractive spectrophotometric determination of Atropine sulfate by Solochrome Green V 150 -- N.V.Rama Rao and V.B.Reddy 726-727
Reactions of 2-Aryzalo-Arylsulphenyl bromides with olefins -- A.Chaudhari, S.K.Bhatacharjee and P.Sengupta 727-728
Studies of some condensed systems of nodulation -- Miss A.P.Kulkarni, D.V.Dev and D.S.Deshpande 728-730
Tautomerism of2-hydroxy chromones and 4-hydroxycoumarins -- S.Chibber and R.P.Sharma 730-731
Action of alkali on 2-p-Tolyzomaphthalene-1-sulphenyl bromide -- A.Chaudhari and S.K.Bhatacharjee 731-733
A note on the intraformal recumbent folds in the Jodhpur sandstone of Ladnun district, Naguar, Rajasthan -- B.S.Paliwal 733-733
Utilization of lipids bt Spodoptera Litura (Fabricius) on nine food plants -- R.C.Chibber, A.K.Bhattacharya and P.K.Pathak 733-735
Parthenocarpy in Tricosanthes Dioica Roxb and Momordica Dioica Roxb -- Hakim Singh 735-735
Influence of Rhodotorula and aerobacter on protonemal growth and bud initiation in two mosses -- R.N.Chopra, P.K.Kumra and Anita Rekhi 735-737
Effect of different chemicals on In Vitro germination and tube elongation in Nyctanthes Arbor-Tristis L. -- B.R.Maity and Jagadis Mukherjee 737-739
A new species of Lepista from South West India -- A.V.Sathe and K.C.Sasangan 739-740
Size dependent behaivour of the diatom Cyclotella Meneghiniana -- V.N.R.Rao 740-741
Parallelism in respiratory pattern of Ga3 treated lettuce seedlings grown in light and dark -- M.S.Saxena, V.K.Rai and M.M.Laloraya 741-742
Cytogenetical investigation in Cucumis L. B-chromosomes in two cucumis species -- A.K.Singh and K.S.Yadava 742-743
"Toxicity of some standard and prospective Chemosterilants" against Aedes Aegypti (L.) Larvae -- H.M.S.Sulaiman, S.N.H.Naqvi and A.M.S.Mohammed 743-744
Receptors for immunoglobulin G in human placenta -- Engikolai C.Krishnan, James H.Thomas and William R.Jewell 744-745
Bacteria associated with plankton of Porto Novo region -- K.Dhevendaran, R.Santharam and N.Selvakumar 745-747
Seminar on Ecosystems 747-747
First International Congress on Hormones and Cancer 747-747
Reviews 748-748
October 1978. 20
Growth of Pure and Doped TGS Crystals-- G.R.Pandya and D.D.Vyas 749-750
Tracheal Photophases after a Long Term Co Poisoning in Indian Palm Squirrels. A Histochemical Study-- S.V.S.Rana, R.K.Gautam and V.P.Agrawal 751-753
Effect of In Vivo Muscular Stimulations :V. Some Aspects of Carbohydrate Metabolism of Amphibian Brain during Short Term and Prolonged Muscular Stimulations-- P.Reddanna and S.Govindappa 753-755
XVIII International Congress of Mathematicians: 1978 756-756
Seminar on Primary Communications in Science and Technology in India 756-756
Letters to the Editor  
An exact solution of Einstein Maxwell Equations -- P.P.Kale and Miss Amita Baid 757-758
Fine structure of B-X system of SbO molecule -- K.J.Chakoo and M.M.Patel 758-759
New Oxovanadium(IV) complexes with Schiff bases derived from Salicylaldehyde or substituted salicylaldehyde and 2-amino-ethanethiol or 3-aminothiophenol -- A.Syamal 759-761
Interaction of Rhodium(III) with nucleic acids --R.Sasi and U.S.Nandi 761-763
Kinetics of Ru2+ catalysed oxidation of propanol ethyleneglycol and Mannitol by ceric sulphate -- Y.Rajeswar Rao and P.K.Saiprakash 763-765
Synthesis of thiobenzophenone -- R.T.Sane and S.S.Kamat 765-766
Magnetic and spectral studies on Oxovanadium(IV) complexes with Bidentate alpha-pyridyl thiosemicarbazide -- C.L.Jain, R.C.Saxena and R.K.Gupta 766-767
Chemical investigation on the leaves of Rhododendron Arboreum and Coccolus Pendulus (Forsk.) diels -- N.C.Gupta 768-769
A possible biogenesis of the novel type of flavones from Tephrosia Polystachyoides -- A.C.Jain and R.C.Gupta 770-770
Oscillatory reaction-apparent energy of activation -- N.Ganapathisubramanian, S.Jaya and R.Ramaswamy 770-772
Paleological - ecological interpretation of sediments of Mangalore harbour area, West coast of India on the basis of colour variation of Ostracoda shells -- Honnappa and V.Venkatachalapathy 772-773
Pahoehoe in the basic volcanic flows of the Bijawar group, Kurrat area, Lalitpur district, Uttar Pradesh -- S.Kumar and M.P.Singh 773-773
Microfossils and cell division in proterozoic stromatolites from the Aravalli supergroup, Rajasthan -- P.K.Maithy 774-774
Cercospora Lensii Sp.Nov.: A new species of Cercospora on lentil -- N.D.Sharma, R.P.Mishra and A.C.Jain 774-775
Shoot formation in stem and root callus of Citrus Aurantifolia (Christm) swingle grown in cultures -- R.Raj Bhansali and H.C.Arya 775-776
Effect of potash on protein and various aminoacid contents in chilli leaves infected with Xanthomonas Vesicatoria (Doidge) Dowson -- R.Mohan, N.Mohammed Mustaq Ahmed, V.Thennamal and Sabitha Doraiswamy 776-778
Phomopsis rot disease of grape -- N.Gopalakrishna, N.N.Khune and B.B.Bhombe 778-778
Rare axillary branching in Phoenix Slyvestris (L.) -- C.Chandrasekharan, V.Thangarathinam and D.Kasinathan 778-779
Carbohydrate, Proteins, Phenols and enzymes (PPO,PRO & IAA oxidase) in gall and normal tissues of Achyranthes Aspera L. -- N.S.Shekhawat, K.G.Ramawat and H.C.Arya 780-781
In Vitro production of honey dew in Claviceps Fusiformis Lov -- A.Kumar and H.C.Arya 781-782
Residues of methyl parathion, Quinalphos, Phosalone and Fenitrothion in/or Okra -- K.Rajukunnu, K.Saivaraj, P.Vasudevan and M.Balasubramanian 782-783
Aflatoxin B1 formation by Aspergillus Flavus on the grains of some common maize cultivars -- Omprakash and Babu Singh Siradhana 783-783
Carbofuran and Aldicarb residues in Green chillies -- K.Rajukunnu, K.Saivaraj, P.Vasudevan and M.Balasubramanian 784-784
Response of cowpea [Vigna Unguiculata (L.) Walp.] to Rhizobium-VA Mycorrhiza dual inoculation -- D.B.Godse, Suhas P.Wani, R.B.Patil and D.J.Bagyaraj 784-785
Gametophytes in Hoppea Dichotoma Wiild -- K.Sankara Rao 786-788
Observations on tissue changes caused at the sites of attachment of the nematodes, Tanqua Anomala and Dispharynx Nausta -- T.S.V.Naidu 788-789
Effect of Zinc phosphide (Rodenticide) on soil algae -- J.L.Tarar and C.R.Salpekar 789-789
November 1978. 21
The Interelectronic Repulsion Parameters in Cubic High Spin Vanadium(II) and Chromium(II) complexes ofp-Diethylamino Anil of Phenyl Glyoxal-- H.S. Verma and R.C. Saxena 791-792
Copper(II), Nickel(II) and Cobalt(II) Complexes of Disalicylaldimine Phthalamide and Di(o-Hydroxyacetophenoneimine) Phthalamide-- K.K. Narang and R.A.Lal 793-795
Physiology of low temperature acclimation: Changes in the levels of Gamma Amino Butyric Acid in the Nervous System of the Fresh Water Crab.Paratelphusa Hydrodromus-- Nayeemunnisa and U.P. Nalini 796-797
Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi 1978 798-798
Letters To The Editor  
Lunar Tidal effect on spread F -- M.Srirama Rao and V.Subrahmanyam 799-800
Crystallographic data for the mesogenic material cholestryl benzoate -- N.C.Shivprakash, P.K.Rajlakshmi and J.Shashidhara Prasad 800-800
The Einstein Godel universe with an electromagnetic field -- L.K.Patel and V.M.Trivedi 800-801
A Kinetic study of the reaction of triols with halogen htdracids in Non-Aqueous media -- (Late) T.P.Viswanathan and P.S.M.Kannan 802-803
Synthesis of 7-Chloro-2, 3-Dihydro-4(1H)-Quinolone - An important intermediate in the synthesis of Chloroquine -- J.R.Merchant and A.B.Engineer 803-804
Fossil wood of Canarium from the tertiary of West Bengal, India -- P.K.Ghosh and S.K.Roy 804-805
Occurence of nodules on the placenta of fruits of papaya -- A.Balasubramanian 805-806
Induced variability for pod and seed size in lentil (lens Culinaris Medic.) -- S.K.Sharma and B.Sharma 806-807
Embryological studies on Indian species of Morus -- S.Kumar 807-809
Carbofuran residues in Banana -- K.Rajukunnu, M.S.Venugopal, P.Vasudevan and M.Balasubramanian 809-810
Photosynthetic carbon dioxide fixation by rice ears -- K.V.Janardhanan and K.S.Murty 810-811
Effect of morphactin on the leaf epidermis of Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill -- Vijender Kumar Jain and Dibakar Mukherjee 811-812
A new chromosome number report in Setaria Kagerensis Mez -- N.Lakshmi and Z.Yacob 813-813
Sydowiella, A new record to Indian Ascomytes -- K.S.Bilgrami and M.A.Rizwi 814-815
Studies in Lamiaceae -- M.L.Gupta and S.Bhambie 815-816
An undescribed species of Haplosporella on rose from Maharashtra -- A.W.Subedar and V.G.Rao 817-817
Isolation of thermophilic fungi from dust on books -- A.Subrahmanyam 817-819
Additional diagnostic symptoms of covered smut of barley -- D.V.Singh, L.S.Chauhan and H.K.Saksena 819-820
Physiological evidences for quick regeneration of wall on isolated plant protoplasts -- Arun K.Misra and Miss Davinder Kaur Arora 820-822
Nitrogen fixation by Azospirillum Sp. isolated from Benomyl-amended rice soil -- P.B.B.N.Chryulu and V.Rajaramamohana Rao 822-823
A new record of Protomyces Macrosporus Ung on Foeniculum Vulgare L. -- P.B.Aswathi, U.S.Misra and B.N.Pande 823-824
Recovery from damages induced by ultraviolet irradiation in Azotobacter Vinelandii OP -- Supriya Majumdar and A.K.Chandra 824-825
Sporostatic activity of volatile culture metabolite(s) of Aspergillus Flavus -- R.R.Yadav and R.Dayal 825-826
Changes in the amount of ascorbic acid in normal and regenerating barbels of fish Heteropneustes Fossilis (Bloch) -- (Mrs) C.Raghuvanshi and H.Swarup 826-827
Amino-acid and sugar composition of the silk of the weaver-ants, Oecophylla -- A.Raghu Varman 827-828
An interesting observation on Gnathostoma Spinigerum infestation in a domestic cat -- D.J.Chellappa 828-829
Eggs and early larvae of the Indian Mackerel, Rastrelliger Kanagurta (Cuvier) from nearshore waters of Porto Novo -- R.Ntarajan and P.Bensam 829-830
Succinate dehydrogenase activity during Alloxan diabetes in the brian of albino rats -- Nayeemunisa and P.Venkatesh Prasad 831-832
Physaloptera Funambuli Sp.N. (Nematoda, Physalopteridae) from Funambulus Pennanti -- Aruna Parihar and H.S.Nama 832-834
A case of ambisexuality in an air-breathing fresh-water Teleost, Clarias Batrachus (L.) -- Siddharta K.Munnet, N.K.Mishra and M.P.Singh Kohli 834-835
Parasitization of Isoparorchis Hypselobagri Billet in Channa Punctatus Bloch -- C.L.Mahajan, N.K.Agarwal, M.J.John and V.P.Katta 835-836
Occurence of giant mitochondria in the cells of gametophytes of Lygodium Flexuosum (L.) Sw. exposed to Gamma Radiation -- B.S.Trivedi and Usha Bajpai 836-837
An air dry method for cytological preparations of Aphids (Homoptera:Aphididae) -- S.P.Kuri and R.C.Narang 837-838
Awards and Research Degrees 838-838
November 1978. 22
Synthesis and CNS Activity of N,N-Dialkylamino-Ethyl-(5'-Substituted 1',3',4'-Thiadiazolyl-2'-Substituted-Amino)Dithiocarbamates and Their Methiodides--S.S. Tiwari and R.K. Satsangi 839-841
In Vitro effects of Organochlorine Pestide (DDT) on Catalytic Potential of SDH in Gastrocnemius muscle of Frog, Rana Hexadactyla -- C. Sreeramulu Chetty, W. Rajendra, K. Indira and K.S. Swami 842-844
Polar Brilliant Crimson as a Staining Dye for Electrophoretically Separated Proteins-- K.V. Thirumoorthy, M Varadarajan, M. Abdulali and P. Rajappan 844-846
Studies on TobaccoRing Spot Virus from Brinjal (Solanum Melongena L.) with Particular Reference to Purification and Assessment of losses-- K.S. Sastry and M.V. Nayudu 846-848
Letters To The Editor  
Atomic potential energy distributions for XYZ and XT3Z type molecules -- K. Ramaswamy and G. Krishna Prasad 849-850
Physico-Chemical studies of the bivalent metal chelates of some monoprotic tridentate schiff bases -- N.K. Sankhla, C.P. Gupta and R.K. Mehta 850-851
Complexes of morpholine-4-thiocarbonic acid anilide with Tellurium(IV) and Tellurium(II) -- G. Aravamudan and Chhaya Janakiram 851-852
Gravimetric estimation of Pd(II) with o-(2-pyrrolideneimino) benzoic acid -- N.K. Sankhla, P.K. Kanungo and R.K. Mehta 852-853
Colorimetric method for estimation of oxymetazoline hydrochloride -- R.T. Sane, U.M. Vaidya and (Miss) Sandhya Sane 853-854
LCAO-MO method for the evaluation of spectral shiff due to electron repelling substitution in benzoic acid -- D.C. Rajwar and S.C. Tiwari 854-856
Isolation of 6-hydroxy-2',7-dimethoxy 4', 5'-methylenedioxyisoflavone from the pods of Dalbergia Assamica -- S.S. Chibber and R.P. Sharma 856-857
Occurrence of Triterpenoids in Azima Tetracantha -- E. Venkata Rao and P.R.S. Prasada Rao 857-857
Low temperature PMR evidence on the self-association in thioacids -- H.S. Randhawa 857-858
Occurrence of trace fossil Palaeodictyon carpathicum in the upper flysch succession (upper cretaceous), Malla Johar area, Pithoragarh District, Uttar Pradesh -- S. Kumar, I.B. Singh and S.K. Singh 858-859
First record of Maxilliary dentitions of Sayimps Perplexus ICtenodactylidae) from the Indian Sivaliks -- R.N. Vasishat 859-860
Occurrence of Glauconite in the tal formation, Singtali area, Dehra Dun district, Uttar Pradesh -- S.Kumar and S.N.Singh 860-860
Early man on Sri Venkateswara campus, Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh -- V.Rami Reddy and S.Bhaskar 860-861
Evidence of contact metamorphism in the chor area, Himachal Pradesh -- Brijraj K.Das and Rakesh Rastogi 861-862
Irregular meiosis in strains of Triticale -- N.C.Sharma 862-863
Transformation of Streptomycin resistance in Rhizobium and Azotobacter -- S.Sadasivam and S.Pandian 863-864
Inductin of tendril mutations in lentil (Lens Culinaris Medic) -- S.K.Sharma and B.Sharma 864-866
Light microscopic detection of Mycoplasma-like organism (MLO) in Sesamum Phyllody -- S.D.Purohit, K.G.Ramawat and H.C.Arya 866-867
In Vitro plant regeneration in papaya -- I.K.Arora and R.N.Singh 867-868
Cadmium intoxication on tissue glycogen content in three fresh water teleosts -- S.A.Shaffi 868-870
Production of diosgenin from Costus Speciosus (Koen) SM., and Solanum Nigrum L., suspension cultures -- Aditya Kumar Rathore and Pushpa Khanna 870-871
Changes in cholesterol content in 'Khesari' (Lathyrus Sativus L.) seeds infested with Aspergillus Flavus Link -- M.K.Sinha, T.Prasad and A.K.Roy 871-871
Aversion of isolates of Sclerotium Rolfsii Sacc -- Padmabai Luke and M.Gayatri 872-872
New head rot pathogens of sunflower -- J.M.Agrawat 872-873
Studies on total, free and esterified sterols in the head part of Antheraea Mylitta (Lepidoptera) during larval development -- Radha Pant and Suman Kumar 873-874
Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity in denervated amphibian gastroanemius muscle -- S.Mastanaiah, D.Chengal Raju and K.S.Swami 874-876
Circadian rhythmic activity of isocitrate dehydrogenase in the slug, Laevicaulis Alte (Ferrusac, 1821) -- S.Mastanaiah, D.Chengal Raju and K.S.Swami 876-877
Chaemoarchitectonics of the prostate glands of two digenetic trematodes -- P.N.Sharma 877-879
On the occurence of Sepietta Oweniana (Cephalopoda) from Vishakhapatnam -- P.Chandra Mohan and D.Ratna Rao 879-880
Reviews 880-883
December 1978. 23
Makrofol As a High Exposure Gamma Ray Dosimeter--S.M. Shah, A.M. Bhagwat and S.D. Soman 885-886
Stereochemistry and Synthesis of 5-Chloroaurone and 6-Chloroflavone--M.K. Gurjar 887-888
Phenylation of Hydroxybenzophenones using acid (BF3) and Base (Ag2O) Catalysts-- Anil K. Mathur 889-890
Synthesis of 7-Hydroxy-6, 2',4',5'-Tetramethoxyisoflavone-- D.K.Bhardwaj, H.N.Jha, S.K.Sanduja, R.Singh and S.B.Saxena 891-892
Immunocytochemical Techniques for Localization of C2 Component of the Complement-- P.D.Gupta, L.M.Srivastava and Nalini Srivastava 892-894
Effect of Malathion on the Excretory Pattern of the Snail, Pila Globosa (Swainson)-- S.Sivaiah and K.V.Ramana Rao 894-895
Letters To The Editor  
Low energy plasmon satellites in K(Beta)1,3 X-ray emission spectra of 23V, 26Fe and 28Ni -- S.P.Singh 896-897
Preparation of Diethanolaminemanganate(III) -- P.Gnanasundaram and H.Kothandaram 897-898
Polymetallic mineralisation in Ladakh granite, Indus suture zone, Ladkh, India -- Kewal K.Sharma and K.R.Gupta 898-898
Photochemical activities of Parthenium chloroplasts -- K.Francis 899-900
Vibrational spectra of Bromoantimonates(III) -- Bivekanand Mishra 900-902
Spectral studies of Trichloroacetates of Lanthanons -- Megh Singh 902-903
Pillow Breccia from the precambrian metabasalts of the Chitradurga greenstone belt, Karnataka -- R.Srinivasan 903-904
Puccinia Xanthii Schw - A first report from India -- A.N.Jadhav and R.B.Soman 905-905
Powdery mildew of horse gram -- J.S.Sardeshpande 905-906
Induction of sporulation in Clathiridium Corticola (Fckl) Shoem, and Muller -- T.S.Thind, S.B.Saksena and S.C.Agarwal 906-907
Dendrophthoe Falcata, A menace to fruit orchards -- T.S.Sridhar and V.Rama Rao 908-908
Two new fruit rot diseases of pomegranate (Punica Granatum L.) caused by Coniella Spp. -- N.D.Sharma and A.C.Jain 908-909
Control of Chrysanthemum Aspermy virus by heat therapy -- B.P.Singh and R.P.Gupta 909-910
Effect of 2,4-d on seed germination, hypocotyl elongation and amylase activity in Phaseolus radiatus -- S.H.Raza and P.K.Saiprakash 910-911
Influence of different photoperiods on the flowering of mungbean -- G.S.Sirohi and K.G.Wasnik 911-913
The occurence of Pseudocercospora Nigricans on Cassia Obtusifolia in India -- V.P.Dube, M.U.Charaya, (Km) Shobha Tyagi and Satendra Kumar 913-913
Chlorotic mottle of Chrysanthemum Morifolium (Ram.) Hemsl- A new record from India -- B.P.Singh, R.P.Gupta, S.M.H.Abidi and R.K.Raizada 913-914
Seasonal periodicity of cyanophage AC-1 -- C.R.Sharma and G.S.Venkataraman 914-915
Chromosome studies in Ocimum -- T.P.Singh 915-916
Genetic control of artificially induced desynapsis in Jute(Corchorus Olitorius L.) -- P.Paria, M.S.Basu, S.Chattopadhyaya and S.L.Basak 916-917
Idioblasts typology on the taxonomy of Capparis Spinosa complex -- T.Ananda Rao and Mrs Silpi Das 917-919
Aspergillus Flavus in the air of working environments -- K.B.Jayprakash, E.Rati and A.Ramalingam 920-921
Temperature dependent osmotic remedial mutation induced in the adenine biosynthetic pathway in Torulopsis Bovina -- S.P.Rao and H.Polasa 921-922
Cytochemical studies on the effect of kinetin on cucumber cotyledons -- B.J.Apparao, Kamlesh R.Patel and C.K.Shah 922-924
Utility of unmated females of Perisierola Nephantidis control of Nephantis Serinopa Meyrick -- V.T.Sundara Murty and K.Santhanakrishnan 924-925
Contributions to the cytology of the mole cricket Gryllotalpa Africana -- M.R.Rajasekharasetty and K.R.Kumaraswamy 925-927
Chlorotic stunt- A new virus disease of Catharanthus Roseus in India -- A.A.Zaidi, B.P.Singh and K.M.Srivastava 927-928
A nuclear polyhedrosis virus from rice case worm, Nymphula Depunctalis (Guen.) (Lepidoptera:Pyralidae) -- Abraham Jacob, K.Sashidharan Pillai and P.A.Rajan Ansari 928-929
Larval Trichinellid in capsules of diaphragm and striated muscles of albino rats -- J.N.Sinha and G.Majumdar 929-929
Sex expression in coriander (Coriandrum Sativum L.) as affected by growth regulators -- Amruthavalli 929-930
On the little known pony fish, Gazza Achlamys Jordan and Starks (Pisces: Leiognathidae) in the Indian waters -- (Miss) Rani Singh and P.K.Talwar 930-931
The 59th annual convention of the institute of engineers (India ) 931-931
Tenth national conference on crystallography 931-931
Reviews 932-932
December 1978. 24
Theoretical Studies on Beta-Lactam Antibiotics-- N.V.Joshi, R.Virudachalam and V.S.R.Rao 933-936
Observation of Higher Seismicity Associated with Lower Premonsoon Rainfall in North-East India-- Suryya K.Sarmah 936-937
Bromine Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance of Cyclophosphazene Derivatives-- K.R.Sridharan, J.Ramakrishna, S.S.Krishnamurthy and M.N.Sudheendra Rao 938-939
Ultrastructural Study on the Fate of some of Special Cytoplasmic Inclusion in Pathogenic Naegleria Aerobia (Singh and Das, 1970)-- S.C.Maitra, A.C.Shipstone, B.N.Krishna Prasad, V.K.Bajpai and S.R.Das 939-941
Letters To The Editor  
Seasonal and solar cycle variations in the occurence of night E3 at Ahmedabad -- H.Chandra 942-942
Fluorescent polarization spectrum of Rhodamine 6G -- M.L.Pandya and M.K.Machwe 943-944
Spectral studies on rare earth complexes of Schiff bases -- P.Singh, R.L.Goel and V.Singh 944-946
Schiff base complexesof Cu(II) and Ni(II) with 2,4-dihydroxyacetophenone ethylenediamine -- S.Srihari and N.Appala Raju 946-947
Comparative study of relative order of ligand field strength in isomeric substituted cobaltic complexes -- S.S.Dodwad, S.K.Manjrekar and M.G.Datar 947-948
Kinetics of Chromic acid oxidation of methyl alcohol: Effect of phosphoric acid and oxalic acid -- M.Govinda Reddy and S.Brahmaji Rao 949-950
Synthesis and Antimicrobial screening of amino-1, 2-Benzisoxazoles and sulphanilamido-1, 2 benzisoxazoles -- K.A.Thakar and B.M.Bhawal 950-952
A staining technique for microscopic identification of Boehmite (Gamma-Alooh) -- R.Seetharam 952-954
Variations in tissue glycogen content serum lactate and glucose levels due to copper intoxication in three freshwater teleosts -- S.A.Shaffi 954-956
Piper Nigrum L. A new host of Xanthomonas Betlicola Patel Et Al -- James Mathew, Mani T.Cherian and Koshy Abraham 956-957
Sporoschisma Saccardoi Mason and Hughes state of Chaetosphaeria Coelestina Hohnel, An addition to Indian mycoflora -- S.R.Reddy, S.S.Reddy and S.M.Reddy 957-958
A Contribution to the floral anatomy and morphology of the gynoecium of Sericostoma Pauciflorum stocks -- B.M.Joshi 958-960
NMU induced polycarpellary mutants in redgram -- S.N.Chaturvedi and R.P.Sharma 960-961
Auxin production potentiality of nitrogen fixers isolated from the phyllosphere of crop plants -- Mahuya Banerjee and A.K.Chandra 962-963
The pistillode of Phoenix Loureirii Kunth -- M.Gunamani, D.Padmanabhan, S.Pushpa Veni and D.Reghupathy 964-964
A new species of Brachystelma R.Br. (Asclepiadaceae) from India -- M.B.S.Char 965-966
Two new species of Cercospora -- R.C.Rajak and S.P.Gautam 966-967
A new record of sclerotinia rot of cabbage in India -- M.N.Alagianagalingam, R.Mohan, C.L.Subramanian and S.Sampathamoorthy 967-968
Systematic position of Balantines Delile -- A.Parvati and L.L.Narayana 968-970
Leaf blight of Tapioca caused by Periconia Manihoticola -- A.K.Roy and B.K.Saikia 970-970
Senescence in isolated leaves of cestrum Nocturnum linn -- Gadadhar Mishra and Snehaprava Das 970-971
In Vitro clonal propagation of Cassava -- Y.P.S.Bajaj 971-972
Glycogen and acid mucopolysaccharides in the ovary, testis, brain neurosecretory cells and corpora allata of Dysdercus Koenigii (Hemiptera: Pyrrhocoridae) -- M.P.Sinha, S.L.Sahni and D.P.Sinha 973-974
Uptake and release of 1-C14 palmitate by the fat body of the beetle Cybister Confusus -- V.L.Kallapur 974-975
International conference on polyploidy: Biological relevance 975-975
Award of research degrees 975-975
Reviews 976-977