Current Science-Volume 45


An Optical High Pressure Cell for Liquid Crystals - R.SHASHIDHAR, S. RAMA SESHAN AND S.CHANDRASEKHAR 1-2
Diiodosalicylates of the Rare Earths - D.K.KOPPIKAR AND S.SOUNDARARAJAN 3-5
Cadmium (II) Complexes with Aroyl Hydrazones - N. S. BIRADAR, V.B.MAHALE AND B.R.HAVINALE 6-8
Deep Electrical Resistivity Soundings in the Deccan Trap Region - L. N. KAILASAM, A.G.B.REDDI, M.V.JOGA RAO, K.SATHYAMURTHY AND B.S.R.MURTY 9-13
First International Symposium on Invertebrate Reproduction - RITA G.ADIYODI 14-15
Letters to the Editor  
Accurate determination of M 1-E 2 mixing ratio and nuclear structure parameter of the 39.58 keV transition in 129 Xe 16
X-ray K-absorption edges of Ge, GeO2 and Se, SeO2 17
The petrographic studies and the age determination of Koidal Gneiss, Kumaon Himalaya 18
Studies in methylenation of some polyphenols; isolation of dimers linked through methylenedioxy group 18-19
Effect of electrolytes on the rate of hydrolysis of 1-phenylneopentylchloride in water 19-20
The observed activation of enzymes by MN++ is sometimes an artifact 20-21
Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase activity in Cicer arientum 21
Occurrence of avicularin in the leaves of Cinchona officinalis and C. Robusta 21-22
The effect of toluene, phenobarbital and 3-methylcholanthrene on hepatic microsomal lipid peroxidation 22-24
On the occurrence of priapulids in the littoral region of Bhimilipatnam (Visakhapatnam, Bay of Bengal) 24
A study on the pattern of excretion in the fresh water bivalve Lamellidens corrianus 25-26
A note on the seasonal changes in the incubation time of groundnut rust 26
A note on the pollen morphology of Corchorus capsularis Linn. C. Olitorius Linn. and their hybrid 27-28
A modified schedule for sugarcane chromosomes 28
Detection of cell wall breaking ability by cellulase of Alternaria brassicae (Berk.) Sacc. 28-29
Development of female gametophyte in Hymentherum tenuifolium Cass. 29-30
Dothichiza padi Sacc. and Roum. - A new record to India 30
Some parasitic fungi on Cynodon dactylon from Varanasi 30-31
Induced somatic pairing in Nigella sativa L. 32-33
Short Scientific Notes 33-37
Reviews and Notices of Books 38-39


Diffraction Images of Truncated Periodic Objects in Panoramic Cameras in the Presence of Parabolic Image Motion - A.K.GUPTA AND K.SINGH 41-44
Chemical Components of Asplenium Lactiniatum - R.B.GUPTA, R.N.KHANNA AND N.N.SHARMA 44-46
Paleomagnetism of the Cenozoic Volcanic Rocks from East Africa - P.K.S.RAJA 46-48
Letters to the Editor  
Use of radical scavengers in X-ray data collection from protein crystals 49
Iron, Sodium and Potassium contents to aid estimation of the relative contribution of various sources to the atmospheric aerosols - A proposition 50
Metal chelates of substituted naphthols with some bivalent metal ions in 50% acetone-water mixture 51-52
Vinyl polymerization by Thallium (III) salts 52-53
Synthesis of substituted 2-anilino-benzoxazoles 53-54
Quantitative seperation of titanium from copper by thin layer chromatography 54-55
Determination of some mineral elements in certain common mammalian eye-lenses 55-56
Improvement of the nutritive value of tomatoes 56-57
Tollen's reagent for the detection of carbamate and organophosphate insecticides 57-58
Sida acuta - An addition to the host list of Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. 58-59
Barilius menoni, a new cyprinid fish from Bihar (India) with a key to the Indian species of Barilius 59-60
Effect of cadmium chloride on the peripheral gonadotrophs in the hypophysis of rat 60-61
Amino acid differentiation in Ophioglossum L. by paper chromatography 62-63
A new species of Sporidesmium 63-64
Collectotrichum acutatum - A new seed born pathogen of Zinnia 64-65
Ophioglossum vulgatum Linn. - A new host of Curvularia lunata (Wal.) Boed 65
On the occurrence of stomata on the inner ovary wall of Belamcanda chinensis Dc. 65-67
Occurrence of types with characters of Oryza glaberrima in Assam rice collection 67
A note on the embryology of Lipocarpha sphacelata Kunth (Cyperaceae) 67-69
A note on the induced variations in chillies 69
Studies on storage diseases of fruits and vegetables 70
Effectiveness of known Sr genes for seedling resistance against Indian stem rust races in wheat 70-72
Leaf spot of Prunus cornuta Steud. incited by Polystigma rubrum (Pers. Ex. Fr.) Dc. 72
A new leaf blight of India rubber caused by Phoma glomerata (Corda) Wr. and hochapf in India 72-73
Silver Jubilee of the Department of Pharmacy, Andhra University, Waltair 73
Short Scientific Notes 74-76
Reviews and Notices of Books 77-79


Complexes of Cu(I) and Zn(II) with some N-Aryl, N-2-(5-Halo-Pyridyl) Thio ureas - B.C.KASHYAP, SAMIR K.BANERJI AND A.D.TANEJA 81-83
Colorimetric Studies on the Reaction of U (VI) and Mo (VI) with 3-5-Dichloro-2-Hydroxyacetophenone and its Oxime - KEEMTI LAL AND S.P.GUPTA 84-85
The Eparchaean Unconformity at Tirumalai - A Study - K.V.SURYANARAYANA 86-88
Nodulation Pattern in Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea Linn.) as Influenced by Varying Levels of Plant Density Nitrogen and Phosphorus - K.R.PAWAR AND V.S.KHUSPE 88-91
First Indian Geophytological Conference - PROF.S.SAMBE GOWDA 91-92
International Symposium on 'Use of Non-Human Primates in Biomedical Research' - M.R.N.PRASAD AND T.C.ANAND KUMAR 92-93
Indian Society of Developmental Biologists 93
Letters to the Editor  
Extractive spectrophotometric method for the determination of bismuth with tetraphenylarsonium chloride 94-95
Mesomorphic behaviour of some schiff base compounds comprising naphthalene moiety 95-96
Ion-exchange kinetic study using hydrous ceric oxide as an ion-exchanger 96-98
Adsorption of hydrogen on precipitated fischer-tropsch iron catalysts 98-99
Extraction and photometric studies of Cu(II) with N-benzoyl-N'-methyl thiourea 99-100
A preliminary report on the occurrence of radiolaria in the middle eocene of the Vinjhanmiani area, Kutch, Gujarat 100
On acid and alkaline phosphatase activity in fat bodies of Tenebrio molitor L. 101
Occurrence of Nereis (Neanthes) mossambica in Indian waters 102
Histochemical study of the steriodogenic sites in the testes of the Lizards, Hemidactylus flaviviridis and Mabuya carinata 102-103
Annual male reproductive cycle of house Sparrow Passer domesticus (Linnaeus) 103-105
Protective resemblance of the nest of Nasutitermes beckeri Prasad and Sen-Sarma (Insecta: Isoptera: Termitidae) to the bark of Veteria indica 105
Viability of Plasmopara viticola sporangia produced at different times in a diurnal cycle 106-107
Reversion of embryo in a seed of Plumeria 107
'Rosette habit' - An induced physiological mutation in Ragi or Finger-Millet (Eleusine coracana, Gaertn.) 107-109
Endosperm embryoids in cultures of Nigella damascena 109-111
Bacterial blight of 'Four-O'clock' - A new disease in India 111-112
An incipient gynostemium in the Aloineae (Liliaceae) 112-113
Bacterial leaf spot of garden nasturtium in India 113-114
Brassica campestris Var. Toria - A new host for Hellula undalis F. (Pyralidae: Lepidoptera) 114
The efficacy of combination treatment in promoting meiotic stability of Hexaploid Triticale (Triticale hexaploide Lart.) 114-117
Short Scientific Notes 117-118
Reviews and Notices of Books 119


Mathematical Solution for the Flow of Two Immiscible Fluids in a Dipping Cracked Porous Medium with Mean Pressure - DILIP C.SHAH 121-123
Four and Six Co-ordinated Hydrazone Complexes of Mn(II) - N.S.BIRADAR, R.H.RAYTHATHA AND V.B.MAHALE 124-125
Variation in Glycogen, Total Carbohydrates, Free Sugars, Proteins, Total Free Amino Acids and Some Enzymes (Active Phosphorylase, Acid, and Alkaline Phosphates) During Embryonic Development of Antheraea Mylitta - RADHA PANT AND K.K.SHARMA 125-128
Geochemical Indicators for Geothermal Exploration - B.K.HANDA 128-130
Letters to the Editor  
Photon yield and energy in internal bremsstrahlung 131-133
A.C. Voltammetry at the tubular graphite electrode 133-134
Spectrophotometric determination of Iron(III) with N-hydroxy-N-p-chloro phenyl-N'-phenylbenzamidine 134-135
Spectrochemical properties of Cu(II), Ni(II) and Co(II) complexes of α-alanine 135-136
Spectrophotometric estimation of Vanadium(V) and Titanium(III) complexes with 4-methyl daphnetin 136
Synthesis of some substituted 4-thiazolidinone derivatives 136-137
Some transition metal complexes with N-4-methyl-2-hydroxy acetophenacy- lidene-p-dimethyl amino aniline 137-139
Effects of Rifampicin and Nitrofurantoin on 14C amino acids incorporation by different subcellular fractions from mouse skeletal muscle and fibrosarcoma 139-141
On the significance of calcite cementation in Garudamangalam limestone, Trichinopoly upper cretaceous, South India 141-142
Susceptibility of two neoplastic cell lines, Viz., Mouse Fibrosarcoma(MFS-8) and Human Fibrosarcoma(HFS-9) to infection with arboviruses isolated in India 142-144
Pancreas in certain fresh water teleosts 144
An undescribed species of Microclava (Hyphomycete) from Karnataka 145
Namatotehecium hansfordii Sp. Nov. - A new generic record to India 145-146
Maintenance of structural heterozygosity in the F2 generation of interspecific hybrids of annual Chrysanthemum 146-148
Karyotype of Cyrtanthus mackenii Hook. f. 148-149
A new record of Arxiella terrestris for Indian soils 150
Variation in amino acids in the growing culture of Alternaria alternata (Fr.) Keissler 150-152
Launaea mosaic - A new virus disease from India 152-153
Short Scientific Notes 154-156
Reviews and Notices of Books 157-159


Preparation and Estimation of Thiosemicarbazide Complexes of Platinum and Palladium with Chloramine-T and Dichloramine-T - D.S.MAHADEVAPPA, B.T.GOWDA AND A.S.ANANDA MURTHY 161-163
Study on Equilibrium Constants of UO2 2+ with Malonic Acid at Different Ionic Strengths - D.N.SHELKE AND D.V.JAHAGIRDAR 163-165
Neuromuscular Effects of Phenethylbiguanide (DBI) - M.BANSINATH, SUDHA KARA KARANTH, K.RAMABADRAN AND M.N.GURUSWAMI 165-168
Polarographic Study of Mixed Ligand Complexes : Cadmium (II) - Thiourea-formate System - R.G.BIDKAR, D.G.DHULEY AND R.A.BHOBE 168-171
Evolution of Foliar Venation in Embryobionta - G.S.PALIWAL, MEENAKSHI GARG AND NILIMA HARJAL 171-174
The National Symposium on Radiation Physics 174
Seminar on Environmental Geoscience (June 26-28, 1976) 174
Letters to the Editor  
Measurement of K-shell photoelectric cross-sections for some characteristic X-rays 175-176
Effect of solvent on polarisation of luminescence 176-177
Studies on the reaction of Zirconium (IV) with 4-methyl-daphnetin 177
Synthesis of some thiochromanones 178
Iron (III) and Cobalt (II) complexes with pyrimidines 178-179
Effect of varying water regimes on stem elongation of deep water rice varieties 180
A destiny gradient method for fractionation of Buffalo spermatazoa 181
Cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase of Hartmannella culbertsoni 181-183
Fossil vertebrates from Maruvattoor (Tiruchchirappalli district, Tamil Nadu) 183
A note on the smaller foraminifera from the Baripada beds, Mayurbhanj district, Orissa 183-184
The morphology of Monocercomonoides chakravartii N. Sp. (Protozoa: Mastigophora) from the gut of the insect Polyphaga indica 184-186
On the occurrence of Bos nomadicus Falconer, from the prehistoric site of Susunia, district Bankura, West Bengal 186-187
Arteriosclerosis associated with pulmonary ossification in Alpine Goats 187-188
Studies on salivary enzymes of Ragmus importunitas distant (Hemiptera: Miridae) 188-189
Mansariella lacustris, Gen. et Sp. Nov., A new freshwater medusa from Jammu, India 190-191
Two new records of Coelomycetous fungi from India 191-192
Penicillium brevissimum Spec. Nov. from Indian soils 192-193
Effect of pretreatment of seeds and water stress on transpiration rate in Bajra (Pennisetum typhoides Stapf and Hubb.) 193-194
Insoluble polysaccharides in Foeniculum ovules 194-196
Short Scientific Notes 196-198
Reviews and Notices of Books 199-201


Cobalt (II) Complexes with Tridentate ligands containing -0, 0, 0-sequences - N.S.BIRADAR AND B.R.PATIL AND V.H.KULKARNI 203-205
Polarographic study of biologically important complexes : Cd(II) and Zn(II) complexes with creatine - S.W.RAJBHOJ AND D.G.DHULEY 205-207
The Kirlian Phantom Leaf - Y.T.THATHACHARI AND S.PUSHPA 207-210
Neural regulation of proteins in the skeletal muscles of frog, Rana Hexadactyla (lesson) - K.SATYANARAYANA, K.V.RAMANA RAO, PRAMEELAMMA AND K. S. SWAMI 210-211
Short term geo-stimulation and P32 distribution in Alaska pea seedlings - SYED MUSHTAQ HUSAIN 211-214
Letters to the Editor  
Vanillydene-o-toluidine complexes of bivalent Cobalt, Manganese, Zinc and Oxovanadium (IV) 215-216
Oxidation of crotyl alcohol with chloramine-T 216-218
Spectrophotometric studies on Zn+2 with 7-α-anilino benzyl-8-quinolinol (ABQ) 218
Spectrophotometric determination of Ruthenium (III) thioridazine hydrochloride 218-219
The effect of ultrasound on the catalytic activity of Copper 219-220
Occurrence of the trace fossil Hirmeria Fucini 1936, in the intertrappean bed of Ninama, Surendranagar district, Gujarat 221
A note on the pseudo oolites from the great limestone of Lain, Udhampur district, Jammu province, J and K state (India) 221-222
Discovery of devonian scolecodonts in the lesser Himalayan zone of Garhwal, U.P. 222-223
First record of the microsporidia Nosema Sp. on Plusia peponis F. from India 223
Host correlated variation in Trialeurodes rara Singh and Bemisia tabaci (Gennadius) (Aleyrodidae: Homoptera: Insecta) 223-225
Regulation of uric acid synthesisduring aestivation by glutamine levels in Pila globosa 226
Effect of hypophysectomy on serum cholesterol in Catfish, Heteropneustes fossils Bloch. 226-227
The effect of heat treatment on the moisture, volatile matter and calorific content of the depot fats of some freshwater fishes 227-228
Diurnal rhythms in mitosis of cells of the Wheat root tip meristem 228-229
Changes in amino acids and amides content in Jowar leaves infected by Helminthosporium turcicum 229-230
Studies on the relationship between Meloidogyne incognita and galling behaviour of Cicer arietinum roots 230-231
Effect of wetting and drying of the soil on the lesion length produced by Xanthomonas oryzae 231-232
Productive efficiency of semi-dwarf cultures derived from Japonica and Indica rice hybrids 232-233
Short Scientific Notes 234-236
Reviews and Notices of books 237-239


Mossbauer and infrared spectral studies on the complexes of some alkaloids with ferro- and ferricyanic acids - YASH PAL SINGH, M.P.SINGH AND WAHID U.MALIK 241-243
ACS Election of centennial foreign fellows 243
Physico-chemical studies of Schiff's base metal comlexes - B.L.WAZIR AND K.P.DUBEY 244-245
Cold-tolerance in the tent caterpillar Malacosoma Americanum and the effects of hormones - AJAI MANSINGH 246-247
Antholysis of Sesamum Indicum L. (TIL) - D.N.SEN, D.C.BHANDARI AND R.P.BANSAL 248-249
Embryological Studies in Lagnaria Siceraria Standl - E.R.NIKAM 250-253
The Indian Science Academy, New Delhi-1, Awards 253
Letters to the Editor  
Dielectric investigation of relaxation in some polar molecules 254
Use of tetracyclone derivative in the synthesis of polyphenylated aromatic hydrocarbons by Diels-Alder reaction 254-256
Pyridine-2-aldoxime as a reagent for the spectrophotometric determination of Ruthenium (III) in aqueous medium 256
Effect of isatin on chick brain acid and alkaline phosphatases 257-258
A reversible spermiostatic factor present in Buffalo seminal plasma 258
Protective effect of chlorpromazine on tissue culture against poliovirus 258-259
Radiometric dating of a Lithium pegmatite near Ajmer 259-260
A note on the control of jointing by topography between Jangalgali and Salal, Jammu province, J and K state, India 261-262
Chromosome organization of Periplaneta americana 262-263
On a new species of the genus Hypotrichomonas Lee, 1960 (Sub-family: Hypotrichomonadinae) from Hemidactylus species 263-264
A report on the occurrence of twin-tailed Scorpion 264-265
Karyotype of the sandfly Phlebotomus papatasi 265-266
Karyotypes of three species of mosquitoes from India 266-267
On the occurrence of stratified cambium in Salvodora persica L. 267-268
Stalk end rot of grapes 268-269
Abnormal female cones of Zamia floridana A. Dc. (Cycadaceae) 269
Harknessia: A new generic record to India 269-270
Prolonged presence of nucleus in the sieve tube elements of Chilli and Brinjal 270-271
The minimal time required for nematode extraction by Oostenbrink's Elutriator 271
Occurrence of the thermophilic fungi in coal-mine soils of Madhya Pradesh 271-273
Vein enation: A new virus disease of Maize in India 273-274
Morphological and histochemical studies in natural and chemically induced male-sterile plants 274-275
Short Scientific Notes 276-277
Reviews and Notices of Books 278-279


Spin and torsion provide the bouncing mechanism for a non-singular pulsating universe - Br.KUCHOWICZ 281-282
Rapid estimation of lysine by high voltage electrophoresis - K.N.SRIVASTAVA AND S.L.MEHTA 283-284
Institution of chemists (India) associateship examination, 1977 284
Some biochemical characteristics of modified phenotype strains of Opaque-2 (Zea Mays L.) - M.L.LODHA, H.O.GUPTA, P.C.RAM AND JOGINDER SINGH 285-286
Nutritive value of normal and Opaque-2 Maize - M.L.LODHA, K.N.SRIVASTAVA, H.O.GUPTA, B.O.EGGUM, S.L.MEHTA AND JOGINDER SINGH 287-289
Problems on host specificity in insects - T.N.ANANTHAKRISHNAN 289-290
Letters to the Editor  
A potent technique of mutagenesis 291
Temperature variation of ultrasonic absorption in some ring compounds 291-292
Copolymerization of acrylic and metacrylic acids with N-vinylpyrrolidone in aqueous solution 292-293
Chemical examination of timbers of Melia species 293-294
2-hydroxy-5-methylacetophenone semicarbazone and thiosemicarbazone as metal indicators for the complexometric titration of Iron (III) with EDTA 294
Flavanoids of Acacia suma heartwood quercetin and hyperin 3', 7-dimethyl ether 294-295
Some metal bisthiosalicylato mercurates 295-296
Note on the discovery of Conophyton and the record of oncolites from the Kumaon Himalaya 296-297
Changes in amino acids and amides induced by papaya mosaic virus in papaya plants 297-299
A new parasitic ciliate Cyathodinium indiae N. Sp., from the Guineapig, India 299-300
Acanthosquilla tigrina (Nobili) (Crustaceae: Stomatopoda) from the inshore waters of Porto Novo 300
Fluorescent antibody staining for detection of Coconut root wilt antigen 300-301
On the use of marine catfish pituitary glands for induced spawning of Silver Carp and Catla 302
Some additions to fungi of India 302-303
Effect of environmental fluctuations on the pollen sterility in Homo- and heterozygotes of Radish (Raphanus sativus L. Var. Radicola Pers.) 304
Dendrophthoe falcata (Linn. F.) etting - A parasite on the leaf of Mangifera indica Linn. 305
Occurrence of an unknown wild race of Mangifera in Tripura 305-306
Cleft grafting in Bursera penicillata (Dc.) Engl. 307
A new fruit rot disease of Malus pumila 307
First report of a tetraploid species of Corchorus from Africa 308
Induction of basidiocarp formation of three strains of Fomes durissimus Lloyd in culture 308-309
A report of leaf spot diseases on some vegetable, fodder and  ornamental plants 309-310
Anatomical studies on the bulbils of Coconut 310-311
Short Scientific Notes 312-314
Reviews and Notices of Books 315-317


Synthesis og glabraninf, 5,7-dihydroxy-6-prenyl-flavanone and 5-hydroxy-7-methoxy-6-prenyl flavanone - V.P.MANCHANDA, A.K.BATTA, P.L.KHANNA AND R.N.KHANNA 322-324
Decryptification of nitrate reductase activity in the yeast Candida Utilis - V. PRABHAKARA CHOUDARY AND G.RAMANANDA RAO 324-327
A Rapid spectrophotometric method for the quantitative determination of diosgenin in Dioscorea tubers - A.K.RISHI, RAMESH KAPOOR AND V.K.VAKHLU 327-328
Letters to the Editor  
On the unitary analogue of the Euler Totient function 329
Rotational (and quasi rotational) bands in Se, Xe, Ba and Ce isotopes 329-330
pH metric studies of Tartronic acid complex with metal ions 330-331
Use of sodiumcobaltinitrite as a new spray reagent for the detection of some opium alkaloids on TLC plates 332
Orientation of the spermatazoa in the seminiferous tubules of some Bats 332-333
Host-pathogen equilibrium between Rice (Oryza sativa L.) and its pathogen Pyricularia oryzae Cav. 333-334
Salt tolerance of cotton and potential use of saline water for irrigation 334-336
Dextranase production by certain plant pathogenic fungi 336-337
Fatty acid oxidation by the leg muscles of Cybister beetle during vigorous exercise 337-338
Changes in corpus allatum volume of female Spodoptera litura (Fabr.) related with age and reproduction 338-339
On the occurrence of two new parasitic nematodes, Echinocephalus spinosissimus (Linstow, 1905) and E. Uncinatus in the eagle ray, Aetobatis narinari (Euphrasan) from Bay of Bengal 339-340
Giant cells formation of the testes of the house sparrow Passer domesticus (Linn.) by cobalt-60 external irradiation 340-341
Catalogical studies in Atemoya (Annona atemoya Hort.) 341-342
Oligogynophoria, virus induced lesion in the groundnut, Arachis hypogaea L. 342-343
Leaf surface imprinting - A new, easy and cheap method 344
Exilispora indica Sp. Nov. (Sphaeriaceae) - A new generic record to India 344-345
Vivipary in Livistona chinensis R. Br. 345
Some quantitative observations on the brain of the cat-fish, Heteropnuestes fossilis (Bloch.) 346-347
Ultrastructure of Flagella of spermatozoids of Lygodium flexuosum (L.) Sw. 347
An addition to Indian hypomycetes 348
The root-knot nematode on commercial plantings of tuberose in India 348
Short Scientific Notes 349-352
Reviews and Notices of books 353-355


Is COmpressibilty an Ionic Property? - S.RAMASESHAN AND RAMESH NARAYAN 357-361
Filtration of geophysical fields using eigen vectors - S.V.SESHAGIRI RAO AND A.A.NIKITIN 362-363
Protein bonded polymers: An Approach to anti-thrombogenic surfaces - C. V. S. N. MURTY AND N.V.S.SASTRI 364-365
A Fluorescent Nuclioside from mycobacterial tRna - DILEEP N.DEOBAGKAR AND K.P.GOPINATHAN 366-367
Letters to the Editor  
Some characteristicsof 22.8 GeV/c p and 50 GeV/c -nuclei interactions 368-369
Rotational analysis of A-X and B-X systems of Indium mono bromide molecule 369-370
Ultrasonic relaxation in 2-bromo propionic acid 370-371
A furnace for high temperature powder diffractometry 371-372
Estimation of mercury in chlorite-cell liquors 373-374
Stabilities of some bivalent metal-chelates of tridentate ligands derived from 2-hydroxy-1-naphthal-dehyde and β-amino acids 374-375
Studies on bio-gas sources 376-377
A study of the effects of DDVP (propoxure) on laboratory mouse 377-379
Corona structures and the origin of hornblende-bearing rocks of S. Wayanad, Kerala state 379-380
Foliar sclereids in Microtropis valida 380-381
A new rust on Polygonum glabrum from India 382
Squash method for the mitotic chromosomes of grasses 382-383
Embryology of Suaeda maritima (Linn.) Dumort. 383-385
Two Ascobolus species from India 385-386
Epidermal structure and distribution of stomata in Aponogeton natans (L.) Engl. and Krause 386-387
Microsporogenesis and male gametophyte in Rauwolfia serpentina (L.) Benth. Ex Kurz 387-388
Cytology of Pongam oil tree (Derris indica (Lamk.) Bennet) 388-389
A leaf disease of Poplar from Kashmir 389-390
Jonespeltis splendidus (Verhoeff) in association with Austrothrips cochinchinensis Karny in the galls of Calycopteris floribunda Lamk. 390-391
Short Scientific Notes 391-394
Reviews and Notices of Books 395-396


Characterisation of protein-chain-folding using peptide plane normals - R.BALASUBRAMANIUM AND R.SRINIVASAN 397-398
Five Coordinate oxovanadium(IV) complexes - N.S.BIRADAR, G.H.HAVANUR, V.B.MAHALE AND R.H.RAYTHATHA 398-400
Analytic reactions of barbituric acids - A.K.SINGH, MOHAN KATYAL AND R.P.SINGH 400-403
Decomposition of nitrous oxide on lanthanum-nickel oxide - K.M.VIJAYA KUMAR AND C.S.SWAMY 403-404
Violuric acids as analytical reagents - A.K.SINGH, MOHAN KATYAL AND R. P. Singh 405-408
Letters to the Editor  
Studies of standard potential of Cobalt-Cobalt pyrophosphate electrode 409-410
Acetates of Cobalt and Copper as spraying reagents for the detection of some opium alkaloids 410
New mercurated sulfonamides as potential pesticidal properties 410-412
Antibacterial activity of s-triazinyl aryl/alkyl sulphones 412
Drugs on protein binding of tolbutamide 412-413
Effects of thyroxine on the abundance of circulating erythrocytes in intact and hypophysectomized male killfish, Fundulus heteroclitus 414-415
Nucleic acids in the dark and white muscles of a freshwater carp, Barbus stigma (Cuv. and Val.) 415-416
Chemical control of downy mildew of Sorghum 416-417
Susceptibility of ramie with different gum contents to microbial damage 417-418
The effect of a desynaptic gene on B-chromosomes in pearl millet 418-420
Role of component compensation in imparting genetic homeostasis for fruit production in autogamous tomato cultivars 420-422
Effect of gamma-radiation on mitosis 422-423
Promising new multiple insect resistant rice varieties 424-425
Firm seeds in the finger millet (Eleucina coracana, G.) 425-426
Effect of hydrogen-ion concentration on the activity of inclusion bodies of Spodoptera litura nuclear polyhedrosis virus 426
Role of Leptocorisa acuta Thun. in the spread of bacterial blight of rice 426-427
Effect of a morphactin on growth and floral morphogenesis in Nigella damascena 427-428
Reviews and Notices of Books 429-432


Phosphazenes: A group of phosphorus-nitrogen compounds - S. S. KRISHNA MURTHY AND R.A.SHAW AND M.WOODS 433-443
Ion-exchange properties of hydrous ceric oxide II-sorption of some metal ethylene diamines - A.K.BHADURI, K.R.KAR AND K.B.PANDEYA 444-446
Letters to the Editor  
E 2 conversion coefficients 447
Structural study of ZnNbCuO4 447-448
Method of determining an index of the influence of vibration-rotation interaction on Franck-Condon factors in 2-atom molecules 448-450
Amino acid composition on wild legumes 450-451
Kinetics of substitution of potassium Tris (Oxalato) chromate (III) by orthophosphoric acid 451
Magnetic properties of 4-aminoantipyrine complexes of some lanthanide perchlorates and nitrates 452-453
Phenolic oxidation of a 1-phnethyl-isoquinoline 453-454
Potassium-argon ages of Micas from the pegmatites of Bhilwara, Rajasthan, India 454-455
A short note on structure of Jhamarkotra rock phosphate deposit, district Udaipur, Rajasthan 455-457
Irregular microstructures in Godavari coals 457-458
Some new observations on the nature and origin of cherts in the great limestone formation in an area between Muttal and Salal, Udhampur district of Jammu, J and K state, India 458-460
Effect of Cu-IUD on the level of glycogen and protein in different organs of rat 460-461
Beta-thalassaemia trait in West Bengal - A meethodological study 461-462
Chlorophyll stability of Brine and freshwater algae 462-463
Pattern of dormancy breaking in seeds of few paddy varieties 463-464
Some new records of fungi on medicinal plants 464-465
Short Scientific Notes 465-468
Reviews and Notices of books 469-471


Indian Society of cell biology 475
Electronic absorption spectra of charge transfer interaction involving sulfur donors - SATISH B.SHAH AND A.S.N.MURTHY 476-478
Award of research degree 478
Second moment analysis of the wide-line NMR spectra of threonine and its isomers - S.GANAPATHY, K.RAMANI AND R.SRINIVASAN 479-480
Diabetic Association of India 480
Chemical examintaion of Amaranthus Spinosus Linn. - MUKAT BEHARI AND C.K.ANDHIWAL 481-482
Studies on lanthanide mixed complexes - J.N.NANDAPURKAR AND V.RAMACHANDRA RAO 483-484
Isolation and Insulation of special cells - T.V.DESIKACHARY AND B.G.L.SWAMY 485-486
Release of extracelluluar matter during photosynthesis by a Trichodesium bloom - ADITI PANT AND V.P.DEVASSY 487-489
Letters to the Editor  
Associated Kerr metric 490
The crystal structure of diglycine calcium chloride tetrahydrate 490-491
Formation of disulphur monoxide by the reaction between elemental sulphur and oxy compounds 491-492
Polarographic studies of Indium (III) complex with sodium oxalate 492-494
Synthesis of 1-methyl-2, 3-dicarbomethoxy-6, 7-dimethoxynaphthalene 494
Vanadametric determination of sulphanilamide 494-495
Metal chelates of Cu2+, Ni2+, Co2+ and VO2+. A spectrophotometric study using salicylaldehyde-4-p-methoxyphenyl-3-thiosemicarbazone as a ligand 495-496
Amperometric determination of thiamine (Vitamin B1) using potassium hexacyanoferrate (III) 496-497
Some observations on reproduction of Rhinolophus rouxi rouxi (Microchiroptera) 497-498
Utilization of respiratory substrates by Anacystis nidulans Richter 498
Mutation frequency in relation to M1 sterility 498-500
Isolation of ingenol from the irritant latex of Euphorbia serrata L. 500
Breaking dormancies in Potatoes by vapour treatment with ethyl alcohol 500-501
EMS and MMS induced leaf mutations in Peas 501-502
Changes in the free amino acids of Citrus leaves in relation to citrus greening and citrus canker 502-503
Reviews and Notices of books 503


Colorimetric studies on the reactions of Dioxouranium (VI) with 2,4-Dihydroxyvalerophenone and 2,4-dihydroxycaprophenone - JAI SINGH, O.P.MALIK AND S.P.GUPTA 505-506
The Fischer indole synthesis: 4-nitro-5-methylindole derivatives and ethyl 7-nitro-4-methylindole-2-carboxylate - G.S.GADAGINAMATH 507-508
Tonsils and other leucocytopoietic centres in the Indian frog Rana Tigrina (Daud) - HARISH C.NIGAM 509-511
Letters to the Editor  
Microwave absorption in ternary mixtures of some substituted piperidines and xylenes 512-513
Influence of temperature and concentration on the etching rates in glass and in plastic 513-514
Iron (III) thiocyanate complexes with some schiff bases 514-515
Analytical applications of 6-amino-5-nitroso-2, 4-pyrimidinediol 515-516
Terpenoids of Pterocarpus santalinu leaves 516-517
Chemical constituents of Umbilicaria indica frey and Ramalina farinacea L. Ach. 517-518
Chemical examination of leaves of Barringtonia acutangula Gaertn. 518-519
Oestrogen injection test for farly pregnancy diagnosis in Mares 519-520
Transfer of hily character to Indian Barley 521-522
Atrophy of nodular system in the virus-affected groundnut, Arachis hypogaea L. 522-523
Effect of inoculation with Rhizobium and Azotobacter on nodulation, growth and yield of soyabean 523-524
Effects of some specific inhibitors on the germination of spores of the fungus Trametes badia (Berk.) Cooke. 525
Supernumerary chromosomes in Pennisetum squamulatum Fresen. 526
Sonerila pedunculosa Thw. (Melastomataceae) - A new record for India 527
The effects of the glycoside "Morindine" on mitotic chromosomes 528-529
'Chemical dimorphism' of pollen grains of Rubiaceae 529
Short Scientific Notes 530-531
Reviews and Notices of books 532


Conformation of random polynucleotide chains - free rotational dimensions - A. R. SRINIVASAN 533-534
Synthesis of 2-o-Azidophenylbenzothiazoles and the fused heterocycles derived therefrom - G.SHEKHAR REDDY AND K.KONDAL REDDY 535-536
Copper (II) - Ethylenediamine-sulfadrugs complexes - K.K.NARANG AND J.K.GUPTA 536-538
Effect of substitution and its location on liquid crystalline properties of Cholesterylbenzoate and Cholesteryl Cinnamate - R.A.VORA 538-539
Studies on the complexes of Pentacyanoammineferrate (II) and some Organic bases - WAHID U.MALIK, RAMESH BEMBI AND Y.P.SINGH 540-541
Physiological studies on the effects of nutritional imbalance on the central nervous system: effects of thiamine-deficiency on some kinetic characteristics of acetylcholinesterase in the different regions of the brain of chicken, gallus domesticus - NAYEEMUNNISA 542-543
Letters to the Editor  
Pathologies in interacting massive vector and scalar fields 544
Low temperature magnetic susceptibility of thulium sesquioxide 545
Infrared spectral studies of N-phenyl and N, N'-diphenylthiourea complexes with d10 metal ions 545-547
A convenient method for the preparation of α-arylamino phenyl acetic acids 547
Mixed ligand complexes of Cobalt (III) containing N, N'-tetramethylenebis (Salicylideneimine) and bidentate ligands 547-549
Proton-ligand formation constants and formation constants of Tl (I)-3: 5-dinitro salicylates 549-551
Synthesis of chromanones from 4-hydroxycoumarin 551-552
Bis (2-methyl-∆2(3)-oxadiazine-4, 6-dione)-5-sulfonyl 552
Trilete spores from Kaladgi basin, South India 553-554
Note on the presence of triassic and permian sediments in sub-surface, Shumarwali Talai area, Jaisalmer district, Rajasthan 554-555
Changes in phospholipid content of blood and malpighian tubules of Epilachna dodeca-stigma Muls. (Coleoptera) 555-556
A simple new technique to demonstrate the presence of giant nerve cells (Retzius' cells) in the sub-pharyngeal and segmental ganglia of the common Indian cattle Leech, Poecilobdella granulosa 556-557
Occurrence of endopolyploidy in abdominal scent glands of Chrysochoris purpureus (Westw.) Pentatomidae - Heteroptera 557-558
On monogenetic trematodes from Upeneus vittatus (Forskal) and Upeneus sulphureus (Cuvier) of Waltair coast, Bay of Bengal 558-559
Effect of insecticides on the nerve conduction in Periplaneta americana L. 559-560
Abnormal development of earheads in rice (Oryza sativa L.) due to the white tip nematode (Aphelenchoides besseyi Christie, 1942) 560-561
Leaf fall diseases of Nagpur oranges caused by Phytophthora nicotianae Var. Parasitica waterhouse 561-562
Bacteriosis of iris in India 562-563
National Symposium on radiation physics 563
Short Scientific Notes 564-567
Reviews and Notices of books 568-569


Ground-state wave function studies on Cu2+ ion in tetrakis (pyridine) copper (II) peroxydisulfate - M.N.CHARY, B.A.SASTRY AND K.VENKATA RAMIAH 571-572
Sequence distribution in Acrylonitrile-methylacrylate random copolymers by N.M.R spectroscopy - A.K.KASHYAP, C.RAMI REDDY AND MRS.V.KALPAGAM 573-575
The deformation behaviour of S.G.Irons - V.S.GALGALI AND D.S.SARMA 575-578
Role of magnesium and iron in the reversal of nickel toxicity in Ogawa serotypes of Vibrio Cholerae and Vibreo Eltor - B.P.LALITHAMMA, I.KARUNA SAGAR, S.NARASIMHA RAO AND C.N.NAGESHA 578-580
Plaque formation of arboviruses under an overlay of tissue culture medium and liquid paraffin - B.LALITHA RAO 581-582
Physiological studies on the effects of nutritional imbalance on the central nervous system: effects of thiamine defieciency on the regional protein metabolism in the brain of chicken, Gallus Domesticus - NAYEEMUNNISA 582-584
Letters to the Editor  
A direct evidence for the non-existence of ester-bonds in collagen chains 585-586
A relation between magnetic susceptibility and electronic polarizibility of noble gases 586-587
Fatty acid composition of triglycerides of Esscherichia coli lipids 587-588
Note on the evolution of phytokarst topography in the great limestone formation of Jammu province, J and K state, India 588-589
Shock avoidance learning in intact and headless preparations of grasshopper Poecilocerus pictus 589-591
On a new coccidium, Eimeria lophurae N. Sp. (Protozoa: Eimeriidae) from Kaliz-Pheasant, Lophura leucomelana 591-592
On the occurrence of oesteoma in a marine cat fish 592-594
Mammalian testis in organ culture 594-596
Improvement of scented rice varieties (Basmati 370) through induced mutation 597-598
A partially self-compatible sunflower 598-599
Juvenile hormone effects on the prepupal and pupal stages of the tobacco cutworm, Spodoptera litura Fabricius (Noctuidae: Lepidoptera) 599-600
Feeding effect of Juvenile hormone analogue, Zr 619-5 E, on the epilachna beetle, Epilachna vigintioctopunctata Fabricius 600-601
Ring rot of brinjal caused by Myrothecium roridum Tode Ex Fries from Bangalore 601-602
National conference on crystallography (1977) 602
Indian council of agricultural research, New Delhi-1 602
Indian meteorological society, New Delhi 602
New evidence for magnetic pole variations 602
Indian society of developmental biologists 602
Short Scientific Notes 603-604
Reviews and Notices of books 605-606
Clue to the origin of meteorites 606
INSONA, Baroda 606
Botanical Survey of India, Howrah 606


Spectral shapes of 1-  -»  2+ and 1-  -»  0+ beta transitions of 194Ir - K. VENKATA RAMANIAH, G.KUSA RAJU AND K.VENKATA REDDY 607-608
First record of filamentous algal remains from the late precambrian rocks of random island (trinity bay), eastern newfoundland, Canada - AVINASH CH. NAUTIYAL 609-611
Octahedral (sp3d2) nickel (II) complexes of aroyl hydrazones - N.S.BIRADAR AND B.R.HAVINALE 612-613
Symposium on ferrous and ferro-alloy minerals 614
Letters to the Editor  
Thermodynamic properties of some chromyl halides 615
Thioridazine hydrochloride as a new reagent for the spectrophotometric determination of Osmium (VIII) 615-616
Studies in thiadiazoles: Synthesis of some 2-substituted-5-mercapto-1,3,4-thiadiazoles 616-617
Genetics and biochemistry of pyridoxine requiring mutants of Aspergillus nidulans 617-619
In vitro toxicity of constituents of Rumex maritimus Linn. to ringworm fungi 619-620
Mango peel waste as a source of pectin 620-621
Ecdysterone induced ovarian inhibition in the cotton bug, Dysdercus cingulatus 621-622
Influence of a Juvenile hormone analogue on metamorphosis and reproduction in the cricket, Plebeiogryllus guttiventris walker 622-623
On the synonymy of Ganeo korkei Bhalerao, 1936 and Ganeo punjabensis Gupta, 1954 with Ganeo tigrinum Mehra and Negi, 1928 623-624
Biological control for the pernicious weed Parthenium hysterophorus Linn. 624-625
Histochemical localization of non-specific esterase activity in Paramphistomum cervi (Trematoda: Paramphistomidae) 625-626
The cerebral gland of Gonoplectus malayus (Carl.) (Myriapoda, Diplopoda) 626-627
On the occurrence of Bacillidium Sp. A microsporidian parasite infecting some thrips larvae 627-628
A new wilt disease of muskmelon in India 628-629
Stimulation of germination by gamma radiations of the dormant seeds of Avena fatua L. 629-630
Blossom end rot of bottlegourd (Lagenaria siceraria) (Molina) Standl. incited by Pythium butleri Subr. 630-631
Fungi in the root region of Parthenium hysterophorus Linn. 631-632
Significance of nitrate reductase activity in developing cotton seeds 632-633
Fungitoxicity of some urea derivatives of 1,3,4-thiadiazole 633-634
A convenient new medium for rapid preparations of cuticular replicas 634-635
A new virus disease of Arhar [Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.] 635-636
Effect of lecanoric acid on mitotic division in Allium sativum 636-637
Floral anatomy of Boraginaceae 637-639
Protection of materials in the sea 639
Short Scientific Notes 640-643
Reviews and Notices of Books 643-645
Symposium on general and comparative endocrinology 645
Diabetic Association of India, Bombay 645


Steroechemistry of the Pyrrolidine rings in the collagen structure - G. N. RAMACHANDRAN AND M.BANSAL 647-649
Solvent effect on the ultraviolet absorption spectra of ortho- and paranitro anisoles - M.A.SHASHIDHAR, D.K.DESHPANDE AND K.SURYANARAYANA RAO 650-651
Oxidation of valine, leucine and phenyl alanine by chloramine-T - Dr. S. MAHADEVAPPA AND H.M.K.NAIDU 652-653
Isolation and characterization of some new formate utilizing bacteria - T. S. CHANDRA AND Y.I.SHETHNA 653-656
New evidence of magnetic pole variations 656
Letters to the Editor  
Spin of the 1251 keV level in 97Nb 657
Atomic absorption spectrophotometric analysis of the seeds of Strychonus potatoram Linn. 657-658
Synthesis of a new Phenazine 658-659
Conversion of taraxasteryl acetate into taraxastane 3β-20 diol 659
Studies on pesticides 659-661
Tannins of Caesalpinia pulcherrima bark 661-662
A new spray reagent for the identification and determination of organo phosphorous insecticides by thin layer chromatography 662-664
Zinc (II), Cadmium (II) and Mercury (II) complexes of Bis-(Vanillydene) ethylenediamine 664-665
Effect of Rhizobium, Azotobacter and Beijerinckia inoculation on Cicer arietinum Var. Type-1 665-666
Rhythmic variations in the phosphorylase activity in the scorpion Heterometrus fulvipes (Koch) 666-668
Retractocephalus - A new genus of cephaline gregarines (Protozoa: Sporozoa) from insects 668-669
Cytological female heterogamety in jet-black molly, Mollienesia sphenops 669-670
Record of Pterolophia annulata Chevr. and Diboma procera Pasc. (Lamiinae: Cerambycidae: Coleoptera) as new pests of pepper (Piper nigrum L.) from India 670-671
An undescribed species of Cercospora causing leaf spot of Mitragyna parvifolia (Roxb.) Korth. 671-672
Observations on the stomatal morphology of leaf galls of Rivea hypocrateriformis Choisy formed by Asphondylia riveae Mani 672-673
Occurrence of a new race of Helminthosporium maydis on Maize 673-674
Short Scientific notes 674-680
Reviews and Notices of books 680-681
Announcements - Awards of Research Degrees 681


Proton magnetic resonance study of solid L-Glutamic acid at room temperature - S.C.MISHRA AND R.C.GUPTA 683-684
Ionospheric Scintilations induced by cloud of intense sporadic E layer - R. G. RASTOGI AND K.N.IYER 685-686
Preparation and characterisation of orthophenylenediamine complexes of lanthanides - B.K.PATIL AND V.RAMACHANDRA RAO 686-688
Studies on Costus Specious Sims - Part-I - Y.K.SARIN, B.K.KAPAHI, S.K.KAPUR AND C.K.ATUL 688-690
Letters to the Editor  
Histamine content of the gut and visceral organs of the frog Rana tigrina (Daud.) 691-692
Observations on high altitude and vivipary in Lizards 692-693
Physiological studies on the effects of nutritional imbalance on the central nervous system: Hormone-like action of the blood of thiamine-deficient chicken, Gallus domesticus 693-695
Peroxidase activity in Papaya plant infected with papaya distortion mosaic virus 695-696
Inhibition of three strains of watermelon mosaic virus by bark extracts 696-697
Pachytene chromosomes of Jute (Corchorus capsularis) 697-698
On the formation of the micropyle in Nemachilus triangularis day 698-699
Characterization of nuclear histones in spermatazoa of a Centipede (Mecistocephalus Sp.) 699-700
Activation of prophenoloxidase in the hemolymph of Calliphora vicina R-D 700-702
A spontaneous allotetraploid Aloe 702-703
Hybridization between Amaranthus graecizans and A. Viridis 703-704
A twin grain mutant in Barley 704
Short Scientific notes 705-708
Reviews and Notices of books 709-710
Second 'Oriental Entomology' Symposium 710
Genetic studies on mosquitoes 710
Indian Science Congress Association 710


2-Pipocline-n-oxide complexes of rare-earth chlorides - P.V.SIVAPULLAIAH AND S.SOUNDARARAJAN 711-712
Physicochemical investigation of some trivalent metal-chelates of o-(a-2-oxopropylbenzylideneimino) benzene sulphonic acid - B.R.SINGHVI AND R. K. MEHTA 712-713
Studies on anther culture - LAKSHMI SITA GANUGAPATI, R.DORE SWAMY, E. K. CHACKO AND R.N.BHAT 714-715
Changes in cholesterol content of ovaries and adrenals during ovulation induced by homoplastic pituitaries in the green frog, Rana Hexadactyla (lesson) - M.GOPALKRISHNAN AND M.R.RAJASEKARASETTY 716-717
A new type embryo sac organization in angiosperms - Govindappa D. Arekal and C. R. Nagendran 717-719
Differential susceptibility of Allium Cepa and A.Tuberosum to colchicine treatment - SUMITRA SEN 719-720
Letters to the Editor  
Application of Cu (II)-thiomallic acid complex as an indicator in the complexometric determination of Al(III), Ga(III) and In(III) 721
A convenient method for the synthesis of 2-carbethoxy 3 (2H) benzofuranone 722
Spetrophotometric studies on Pd (II)-5-chloro-2-hydroxy-4-methylaceto phenone oxime complex 722-723
Preparation molar conductance and infrared spectra of some aromatic amine complexes of Copper (II) phthalimide 723-724
Rhizobium inoculation and oil content of soyabean seeds Glycine max (L.) Merrill 725
Sense organs on the pharyngeal plate of the ant Camponotus compressus Fabr. (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) 726-727
Neurochemical correlates of alloxandiabetes: Changes in the aminotransferase activity in the brain stem region of Frog 727-728
Histochemical localization of ∆5-3β-, 17β- and 11β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases and glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activities in the testis of Bat, Vesperugo pipistrellus (Dobson) 729-730
Distribution of glycogen and phosphorylase activity in the various muscles of frog 730-731
Histochemical nature of the translator apparatus in Pergularia daemia (Forsk.) McC. and Blat. 731-732
Leptosphaeria doliolum (Pers. Ex Fr.) Ces. and de not Leptosphaerulina trifolli (Rost.) Petr. - Two new host records from India 732-733
A new strain of alfalfa mosaic virus from Primula obconica 733-734
Further studies on the effect of chemicals, interfering with protein and nucleic acid synthesis, on the process of vernalization 735-736
Chromosome number and the morphology of Sesbania procumbens (Roxb.) W. and A. 736-737
Some observations on pepper spot disease of groundnut 737-738
Award of Research Degrees 738
Short Scientific Notes 739-740
Reviews and notices of books 740-742


Spectral shape of the 0--»0+  beta transition of 144Ce - K. VENKATA RAMANIAH AND K.VENKATA REDDY 743-744
Silver (I) complexes of sulfathiazole, sulfadiazine, sulfamerazine and sulfamethazine - K.K.NARANG AND J.K.GUPTA 744-746
Some stable dicyclopentadienyl tungsten(VI) oxydioximates and bisindenyl tungsten(VI) oxydioximates - M.K.RASTOGI AND R.K.MULTANI 747-748
Cutilcle of the Indian whip-tailed scorpion Uroproctus Assamensis  (Stoliczka, 1869) and the solifugid Galeodes Orientalis (Stoliczka, 1869) - HARISH C. NIGAM 749-750
On idioblasts in a few taxa of penaeaceae - T.ANANDA RAO AND (Mrs.) SHILPI DAS 750-752
Letters to the Editor  
Polarization of fluorescence of tetrabromo-sodium fluorescein 753
A simple method for the evaluation of force constants from isotopic frequencies 754-755
Substrate selectivity in catalysis by ion-exchange resins 755-756
o-aminobenzaldehyde condensation: formation of some 2-quinolones 756-757
Stability constants of some trivalent metal-ion complexes of N-benzoyl-acetoneanthralinic acid 757-759
Catalytic activity of oxide snipels: Decomposition of isopropyl alcohol 759-760
A note on the late pliocene-early pleistocene ostracoda and foraminifera from Neill island, South Andaman 760
Effect of various auxins on growth rate of static and suspension cultures of Physochlaina praealta hook 761-762
Pattern of C-banding in Acrida turrita (Acrididae-Orthoptera) 762-763
On the shedding of gill raker processes in gray mullets (Fam.: Mugilidae) 763-764
A convenient method for the preparation of monosubstituted guanidines 764-765
Effect of stage of cutting on the crude protein, Ca and P content of Lucerne (Medicago sativa L.) varieties 765-766
Some parasites of cabbage worm, Pieris brassicae Linn. (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) from (Kulu valley), Himachal Pradesh 766-767
A note on the cytology of Boerhaavia repanda Willd. 767-768
A new leaf-spot disease of Ramie in India 769
Nutritional value of Moringa 769-770
Polarity of metaphase plate in Dioscorea hispida Denst. 770-771
X-ray studies on the effect of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner on the feeding activity in three species of Lepidoptera 772
Occurrence of true sclerotia in Claviceps oryzae-sativae - The causal organism of false smut of rice 772-773
EMS-induced multicarpellate condition in Cajanus cajan 773-774
Short Scientific Notes 775-777
Reviews and Notices of Books 778


Double standard polynucleotides: two typical alternative conformations for nucleic acids - V.SASISEKHARAN AND N.PATTABIRAMAN 779-783
Kinetics of decomposition of nitrous oxide over Nickel Titanate - G. NAGASUBRAMANIAN, B.VISWANATHAN AND M.V.C.SASTRI 783-784
Systematics in Total (n,2n) Cross Sections at 14 MeV - K.C.GARG AND C.S.KHURANA 785-786
Short Period Waves in the F2-Region During Magnetically Disturbed Period - B. MADHUSUDHANA RAO AND B.RAMACHANDRA RAO 786-788
Studies on the CMC of Anionic Surfactants in the Presence of Nonionic Surfactants - WAHID U.MALIK, RAMESH BEMBI AND R.N.GOYAL 788-789
Letters to the Editor  
Solar cycle constant of ionospheric absorption 790-791
On the L-conversion of the 77 keV transition in 197Au 791-792
On the conversion of the 192 keV transition in 114In 792-793
The crystal structure of triglycene calcium bromide 793-794
Potassium bromate oxidation of aryl methyl sulphides 794-795
Catalytic decomposition of isopropyl alcohol on Mg Al2-xFexO4 795-796
Triterpenoids and phthalyl esters of Moghania macrophylla stem-bark 797
Synthesis of theralin 797-798
Paper chromatographic separation of potassium, Rubidium and caesium in n-amyl alcohol-hydrochloric acid-ethanol 798-800
On Fisher's fundamental theorem of natural selection with non-overlapping generations 800-801
Hystolisis of Pedipalpal muscle of the scorpion Heterometrus fulvipes (C. Koch) during molting 801-802
Comparision of the effect of cycloheximide treatment on the antiviral activity of different types of interferon inducers in Mice 802-804
Susceptibility of mouse peritonial macrophages infection with arboviruses 804-805
Antiviral activity of 6MFA, growth product of fungus on A.Ochraceus, against Foot and Mouth disease virus 805-806
Streptomyces vijaensis- A new streptomycete 806-807
Nitrogen fixation by Azotobactor occurring in the rhizosphere of C4 plant species 807-809
Inhibition of induction of streptozotocin diabetes by mannoheptulose 809-810
Short Scientific Notes 811-812
Quality of scientific publications in India 812
Reviews and Notices of Books 813-814


Effect of water-Methanol Mixed Solvents on the Ultrasonic Relaxation of Cadmium Acetate - J.SREE RAMA MURTHY AND B.RAMACHANDRA RAO 815-816
The Observer in the World-View of Physics - RAJENDRA BHANDARI 817-818
Spectrophotometric Study of the Reaction of Osmium with Isoniazid - H.SANKE GOWDA AND B.NARAYANA ACHAR 818-820
Proton-Ligand Formation Constants and Formation Constants of TI (I)-3-Nitro Salicylates - P.V.KHADIKAR AND P.S.DESHMUKH 820-823
Spectrophotometric Investigation of Ti(IV) Complexes of N-Salicyl Phenyl Hydroxylamine - SASWATI P. BAG AND ANUP K. KHASTAGIR 823-824
VII International Congress on Rheology - B. R. SETH 825
Announcements - Awards of Research Degrees 825
Letters to the Editor  
Crystal data on thionucleosides 826-827
Relation between force field parameter and mass ratio 827-828
On the Z-dependence of total to K-shell photoelectric cross section ratios at K-threshold 828-829
Friedel-Craft's reaction of Selenium sulphide 829-830
Analytical potentialities of a new heterocyclic azo dye: 1-(2-lepidylazo)-2-naphthol-4-ammonium sulphonate (Lanas) as a metallochromic indicator for titrimetric determination of mercury (II) with EDTA 830-832
Synthesis of 5-homothiochromanone 832
A new method for synthesis of 3-phenylisophenoquinolones 832-833
Absence of Leydig cells in the mature testes of the Lizard Lygosoma himalayanum 833-834
On the localization of hydroxysteroid dehydrogenases in the testes of the skink, Mabuya carinata 834-835
On the nature of the cyst of Lernaeenicus hemirhamphi Kirtisinghe 835-836
Occurrence of Phaeoisariopsis griseola (Sacc.) ferraris on French beans 836-837
Unicelleular storage idioblasts normal and mutagen induced Crotalaria L. species 837-838
Modification of sex expression by Kinetin, Morphactin and Urea in castor (Ricinus communis L.) 838
Trypanosoma acanthobramae N. Sp. from a freshwater fish, Acanthobrama marmid heckel (Family: Cyprinidae) from the river Tigris, Iraq 838-839
China dodder (Cuscuta chinensis Lamk.) on Cowpea - A new record 839-840
Karyological studies in Pancratium longiflorum L. 840-841
Pachytene chromosomes in autotriploid Brassica campestris Var. Oleifera (2n=3x=30) 841-842
Short Scientific Notes 843-844
Reviews and Notices of Books 845-846


Tritium Transfer Pathways in the Aquatic Plant Hydrilla Verticellata - T. S. IYENGAR, S. H. SADARANGANI, P. K. VAZE AND S. D. SOMAN 847-850 
Ultrasonic Relaxation in Ethyl Salicylate - J. SREE RAMA MURTHY AND B. RAMACHANDRA RAO 850-852
Synthesis of 3''-methyl-furo-(5'', 4'':7, 8)-flavones - G. L. David Krupadanam, G. Srimannarayana and (Late) N. V. Subba Rao 852-854
First All-India Seminar on Environmental Geosciences 855
Letters to the Editor  
A note on the equatorial stratopause 856-857
The crystal structure of n-p-cyano-benzilidene-p-n-octyloxyaniline 857-858
K-shell photoelectric cross-sections at 32.879 keV in intermediate Z-elements 858-859
Observed correlation between composition and molecular weight of amino acids in proteins 859-860
The evaluation of the electronic transition moment for a band system of diatomic molecule 860-861
Adducts of BIS (Ethylacetoacetato) Copper (II) with nitrogen ligands 861-862
Bromination of acetanilide catalysed by anhydrous ferric chloride, anhydrous zinc chloride and iodine bromide 862-863
Chromatographic identification of certain sulfoxides of cysteine present in onion (Allium cepa Linn.) extract 863-864
Chemistry of Terminalia species 864-865
The utility of manganese in lactose medium to differentiate rhizobia from agrobacteria 865
Acetylcholinesterase heterogeneity in the brain of the frog Rana cyanophlictis 866-867
The effect of paper factor on the fecundity and hatchability in Dysdercus cingulatus (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae) 867-868
Antagonistic effect of thiamine on indoleacetic acid in green gram (Phaseolus radiatus L.) 868-870
On terminal sclereids in Bellendena montana R.Br. (Proteaceae) 870-871
Reversal of niacin inhibited growth by gibberellic acid in green gram (Phaseolus radiatus L.) 871-873
Lepturus radicans (Steud.) A. camus - A new record for India 873
Male sterility in sunnhemp (Crotalaria juncea L.) 873-874
A new host record for Branchiomyces sanguinis Plehn. 874
A note on the natural occurrence of Cercospora oryzae miyake in rice varieties in Tamil Nadu state 874-875
Reviews and Notices of Books 876-878
Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi 878