Current Science-Vol 43
January 1974. 1
Coexisting Aegirine and Magnesioriebeckite from Bababudan Hills, Mysore State-- T.R.Narayanan Kutty, G.V.Anantha Iyer and M.Ramakrishnan 1-3
An Occurrence of Gadonilite Near Karattupatti, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu-- N.V.A.S. Perumal 3-5
Heterosis in Chromosome Behaviour of Egg-Plant-- Basudeo Singh and K.R. Khanna 5-6
Letters To The Editor  
Intramolecular Force Fields and Mean Amplitudes of Vibration of IO 5 6-Ion-- Nitish k. Sanyal, Parvez Ahmad and L. Dixit 7-7
Uranium Content in Plants--M.K. Nagpal, K.K. Nagpal and A.K. Bhan 8-9
Analytical Application of Malondianilide oxime for Estimation of Copper, Nickel and Cobalt-- R.T. Desai and S.B. Khatavkar 9-10
Crystalline Constituents of Euphorbiaceae Part XIV, Isolation of Epilaraxerol from E. royleana Boiss-- A.S.R. Anjaneyulu. L. Ramachandra Row, C. Subrahmanyam and K.Suryanarayana Murthy 10-11
1-92-Quinolylazo)-2-Acenaphthylenol (QAAc0 and its Potentiality as a Chromogeneic Reagent--Y.l. Mehta, B.S. Garg and R.P. Singh 11-12
Metal Complexes of 4-Benzoylacetone-Ethanolimine--S. L. Pania, K.n. Kaul and R.K. Mehta 13-14
Some Enzyme Studies in the Longitudinal Sole Muscle of Vaginulus Foot--S. Sanvar Basha, K. Ananda Ratnam, R.L. Naidu and P.M.K. Dass 14-15
The Hammerhead Shark, Sphyrna Lewini (Griffith and Smith) from the East Coast of India, with Remarks on Its Taxonomy-- P.K.Talwar 15-16
Stimulation of Sheep Kidney Alanine Aminotransferase by gama-Globulin, L-Glutamic acid and L-Lysine-- S. Sanvar Basha 16-17
On The Breeding and Coccoons of Littoral Oligochaete Pontodrilus Bermudensis Beddard-- B.V.S.S.R.Subba Rao and P.N.Ganapathi 18-18
Population Fluctuations of 3 Species of Anthophilus Thysanoptera in Relation to the Numerical Response of Their Predator Orius minitus L.(Anthocoridae:Hemiptera)-- T.R.Vishwanath and T.N.Ananthakrishnan 19-20
Differential Reponse in the Cation exchange Capacity of the Host Plants on Parasitization by Sandal (Santalum Album Linn.)-- K.Parthasarathy, S.K.Gupta and P.S.Rao 20-20
Sectorial Pattern in Eupatorium conyzoides-- Sharada Thakur 21-22
Pollen chamber-In the Ovule of Williamsonia Carr-- B.D.Sharma 22-22
Organogenesis in Endosperm Tissue Cultures of Codiaeum variegatum Blume-- P.S.Chikkannaiah and M.C.Gayatri 23-24
On The Megagametophyte of Sesbania aculeata-I-- S.A.Salgare 24-25
Some Observations on the Fine Structure of Laticifers of Regnellidium diphyllum L-- G.S.Paliwal 25-27
A Need for Stricter Terminology for the Sclerenchymatous Layers in the Seed Coat of Many Phanerograms-- T.Ananda Rao 27-28
Giant Stomata in the Family apocynacea-- B.S.Trivedi and Nirmala Upadhyay 28-29
Short Scientific Notes  
A.T.D.C. 12 Computer Program for the Estimation of Genetic Variability, Heritability and Interrelationships of Quantitative Characters in Crop Plants-- K.V.Peter, V.K.Srivastava, B.Rai and R.C.Jain 29-30
A New Leaf-Spot of Groundnut from Mysore-- D.V.Narendra, V.G.Rao and R.R.Mallikarjunaiah 30-30
Record of Chelonus formosanus Sonan (Hymenoptera:Braconidae), a Parasite of Spodoptera litura (Fabricius) from Mysore State-- P.S.Rai 30-30
Reviews and Notices of Books 31-32
January 1974. 2
Synthesis and Spectral Behaviour of Some New (Substituted) Benzothiazoyl Guanidines-- P.N. Bhargava and Radhey Shyam 33-36
Observations on Hornblende porphyroblasts in Basic Granulites Around Baramba, Orissa-- K.V. Kameswara Rao 36-38
Growth of Barley and Wheat Endosperm in Cultures-- C.B. Sehgal 38-40
Letters To The Editor  
A Note on the Nuclear Structure Parameter and Percentage E, admixture for the 57.60 Kev Transition in 127 I--R.T. Sane and P.r. Kulkarni 41-42
Preparation of New Derievatives of Ph2PAuCo(CO)4 with some BidentateLigands-- R.T.Sane and P.R.Kulkarni 42-43
-Reaction of o-Chloronitrobenzenes with Benzylamine--C.V. Chalapati Rao, K. Kondal Reddy and N.V. Subba Rao 43-43
Reaction of 3-Chloroisocoumarin with Ammonia--Shobha Karnik (Nee'mathure) and r.N. Usgaonkar 43-44
Interferometric Estimation of Methyl and Ethyl Alcohols in Biological material-- M.P. Kurhekar and B.N. mattoo 45-46
Neutral Constituents of Albizzia Lebreck-- V.J.Tripathi and B. Dasgupta 46-47
Phytoalexin Synthesis in Ragi Leaves infected with Pyricularia Setariae as Influenced by Phenylalanine and Glucose-- D. Purushothaman and T. Marimuthu 47-49
Development of Black Rot Caused by Xanthomonas Campestris in Rooted Detached Cabbage Leaves-- B.P. Chakravarti, S.V. Hegde and D.K. Gupta 49-50
A new record of Pestalotiopsis Versicolor (Speg.) Syeyart on Citrus Fruits-- G. P. Agarwal and S.K. Hasija 50-50
Alkaline Phosphatase activity in the ovary of the Cat-Fish, Claris Batrachus (Linn.) During Maturation-- S.A. Shafei, A.K. Jafri and D.K. Khawaja 51-51
Chromosomes of Phidippus Sp. (Salticidae, Araneae)-- S.N.Das and C.C.Das 52-52
Occurence of a Commensal hydroid Eugymnanthea Sp. in a Marine Fouling Mollusc Congeria sallei Recluz (Pelecypoda)-- P.Ramachandra Raju, K.Mangapathi Rao and N.Kalyanasundaram 52-53
Cytological Effects of 2,3-Dihydro-2,2-Dimethyl-7-Benzofuranyl Methyl-Carbamate"Carbofuran"-- V.Sathaiah, G.Appaiah Sastry and P.Venkat Reddy 53-54
Influence of Fertilizers on the Dye-Binding Properties of Mulberry Leaf Protein-- B.K.Gupta, D.Ray and S.K.Mandal 54-56
Embryological Studies in Compositae. V.On the Embryology of Eclipta alba, Hassk-- S.Sundara Rajan 56-57
Perithecial Stage of Cylindrocladium ilicicola Boed. and Reit.-- S.M.Reddy 57-58
Preliminary Studies on the Effect of Certain Chemicals, Interfering with Protein and Nucleic Acid Synthesis, on the Process of Vernalization-- S.C.Chakravarti and B.Poorna Sri Devi 58-59
Occurence of Ceratophorum helicosporum (Sacc.) Sacc. in India-- A.J.Roy 59-60
A Simple Technique for Spore-Germination Studies-- A.Ramalingam and E.Rati 60-60
Chimera in Santalum album L.-- P.S.Rao, R.A.Srimathi and C.Kempanna 61-61

Short Scientific Notes  
A.T.D.C.12 Computer Program which Estimates Mahalanobis D2 Values, Canonical Vectors, and the Ranks of D2 Values-- V.K.Srivastava, K.V.Peter, R.C.Jain and B.Rai 62-62
Late Blight of Potato- A New Report from Maharashtra-- A.V.Sathe 62-62
Psidium guineense Swartz in Gauhati, Assam-- A.S.Rao and P.K.Hajra 63-63
Botanical Identity of Charcoal from Nagara-- R.N.Mehta and G.M.Oza 63-63
Reviews and Notices of Books 64-64
February 1974. 3
Non-Dispersive Part of Bilinear Optical Susceptibility in Jha-Bloemberg Approach-- Karamjeet Arya and A.V.Tankhiwale 65-66
The Circular Dichroism of Sphingomyelin-- R.S.Khare, R.K.Mishra, W.H.falor and A.J.Hopfinger 67-71
Effect of O-R Potential on the Growth and Multiplication of Axenic Entamoeba histolytica-- B.N.Singh, G.P.Dutta and S.R.Das 71-73
Letters to the Editor  
Chemical Investigation of Lichen:Cycloplaca almorensis:Isolation of Physcion and Lecanoric Acid-- Malleshwar Darbarwar, V.Sundaramurthy and N.V.Subba Rao 74-74
Minor Isoflavonoid Glycosides of the Stem Bark of Dalbergia paniculata- Isolation of the New C-Glycoside-- M.R.Parthasarathy, T.R.Seshadri and R.S.Verma 74-75
Triterpenoids from the Stem-Bark of Dalbergia sericea-- V.N.Aiyar, Rameshwar Dayal and T.R.Seshadri 75-76
Alkaloids from the Fruits of Aurantiacum Wall (Piperacea)-- J.Madhusudhana Rao, K.Subrahmanyam and K.V.Jagannada Rao 76-77
Effect of Exercise on the Trehalose Content of the Haemolymph of the Dytiscid Beetle Cybister confusus-- V.L.Kallapur and A.V.Narsubhai 77-78
Control of Helminthosporium Disease of Rice with Soil amendments-- P.Kaur and S.Y.Padmanabhan 78-79
Spontaneous Cell Seperation and Proliferation in Phoenix humilus Royle-- D.Padmanabhan and Veeraswamy 79-81
Stomatal Regulation and Subsidiary Cells in Crotalaria medicagnia Lamk-- Prakash N.Bohra and David n.Sen 81-83
Boostratigraphic Zones in the Archipelago Group of the Neill Island, South Andaman-- Pratap Singh and K.P.Vimal 83-84
A Possible Malady of Rice-- S.R.Das, G.P.Sahoo and D.Lenka 84-85
Circadian Periodicity in the Incidence of Air-Borne Spores of Spopormoria, Pithomyces and Spegazzinia-- C.Subba Reddi 85-86
Levels of Endogenous Growth Substances in Sweet Orange Leaves Affected by Mosaic Virus-- M.R.K.Rao and B.Narasimham 86-87
Colchicine from the Seeds of Gloriosa superba-- Y.K.Sarin, P.S>Jamwal, B.K.Gupta and C.K.Atal 87-87
The Endosperm Organization in Microcarpea R.Br.(Scrophulariacea)-- Govindappa D.Arekalan and S.N.R.swamy 87-88
Wild Occuring Senna (Cassia Angustifolia Vahl.)from Kutch, Gujarat-- Rajendra Gupta 89-89
Phsiological Changes in Bhindi [abelmoschus esculentes (L) Moench] Fruit Affected by Yellow Vein Mosaic Virus-- R.Singh and R.P.Srivastava 89-91
Occurence of Dimorphic Embryo Sacs in Trichosanthes lobata Roxb-- A.S.R.Dathan 91-92
Role of Cations and Epidermal Cell Turgor in Stomatal Opening Cynanchum pauciflorum R.Br-- M.C.Bhandari, S.Asadulla, G.S.Singhal and M.S.Gowda 92-93
Alternatia Leaf-Spot of Sunflower-- T.B.Anil Kumar, Shantha D.Urs, V.S.Seshadri and R.K.Hegde 93-94
Effect of Tiba on Yeild and Photosynthetic Enzyme in Red Gram-- B.Baldev and S.K.Sinha 94-95
Effect of Spraying Sodium Humate and Hydroquinone on Gycine max Var. Bragg and solanum lycopersicum Var. Heiz, 1370-- T.N.Varshney and A.C.Gaur 95-96

Short Scientific Notes  
A Note on Some Phytopathogenic fungi from Hyderabad(India)-- C.Manoharachary 97-97
A T.D.C.Computer Program for the Computation of Bartlett's Test for Homogeneity of Variances-- K.V.Peter, B.Rai, R.C.Jain and V.K.Srivastava 97-97
Reviews and Notices of Books 98-98
February 1974. 4
On the Shape and Stability of Fingers in a Displacement Process through a Fractured Porous medium-- G.Venkateswarlu 99-102
Some Results of Geophysical Surveys in Pondicherry and Adjoining Areas of South Arcot District, Tamil Nadu-- B.Subrahmanyam 102-107
Deformation Behaivour of Polycrystalline Zinc at 4.2deg K-- Y.V.R.K.Prasad and N.M.Madhava 107-108
Kinetics of Oxidation of p-Nitrobenzaldehyde by Potassium Permanganate-- P.Raghunatha Rao and E.V.Sundaram 109-110

Letters to the Editor  
Crystal Data of Mononucleotides-Deoxyguanosine-5' Phosphate and Guanosine-5' Phosphate-- T.P.Seshadri and M.A.Viswamitra 111-112
Vibrations of a Non-Isotropic Trapezoidal Plate-- Sasadhar De 112-113
X-Ray Study of the Structure and Ionic Configuration of CoMnGoO4-- P.D.Bhalerao, D.K.Kulkarni and V.G.Kher 113-114
Magnetic Susceptibility of the >CH2 Group in Alkyl Aryl Sulphidess-- C.Srinivasan 115-115
Isolation of "Trichotetrol"- A New Tetra-hydroxy Pentacyclic Triterpene from Trichosanthes bracteata (Cucurbitaceae) linn.Voight.Syn .T.Palmata (Roxb)-- P.A.Mohammed 116-116
A New Host for Bacterial Leaf Blight Pathogen of Rice-- P.Ranga Reddy and P.Nayak 116-117
Leptosphaerulina Leaf Spot of Cow-Pea, A New Record to India-- K.H.Anahosur, V.B.Bidari and R.V.Hiremath 118-118
Keto Acid Changes During Fruit Setting in Cicer arietinum-- D.Mukherjee 118-120
A Modified Schiff Reagent for Use in Feulgen Reaction -- Jose Kallarackal 120-121
Occurence of Symbiosis in some Non-Leguminous Plants-- K.S>Patel, D.C.Bhatt and Y.A.Shelat 121-122
The Occurence of Mucous Glands in the Appendages of Talorchestia martensii (Weber) and Orchestia platensis (Crustocea, Amphipoda)-- K.Shyamsundari and K.Hanumantha Rao 122-123
A New Record for Paleamon (Paleamon) Coccinus Dana, 1852 (Decapoda, Palaemonidae), from India-- S.Dutt and K.Ravindranath 123-124
The Common Baya (Ploceus phillipinus)-A Serious Pest of Agriculture-- S.Sengupta 124-125
On the Presence of a Forked Barbel in a Cat-Fish a Clarias batrachus (Linnaeus)-- M.Ovais 125-126
Rare Occurence of Conchoderma virgatum (Spengler,1790) on a Schyphozoan Medusa-- Antony S.Fernando and K.Ramamoorthi 126-126
Callogobius andamanensis, A New Gobioid Fish from Curlow Island, Middle Andamans with a Key of Species of Callogobius of the Seas of India and Malay Archipelago-- A.G.K.Menon and T.K.Chaterjee 126-128
Occurence of Stylar Obturator in Two Euphorbiaceae-- J.Venkateswarlu, Piratla Narasimha Rao and D.Sarveswara Rao 128-129

Short Scientific Notes  
A Note on Pyrrhotite of Tapang, Orissa-- K.N>Sahu 129-129
A Note on Interesting Fungi from Hyderabad (India)-- C.Manoharachary 129-131
The First Record of Algal Boiherbs Palaeozoic Sequence of the tethyan zone of the Kumaun Himalayan-- S.K.Shah and A.K.Sinha 131-131
Reviews and Notices of Books 132-132
March 1974. 5
Relation Between Nth Power of the Adjacency Matrix and the Number of Points of a Complete Graph-- T.N.Venkatesha Murthy 133-134
The Physiological Significance of the Interaction of Bilirubin with Reconstituted Collagen Fibrils-- C.L.Kapoor 134-136
Ecological Implications of Haemolymph Protein Patterns in some Amphipod and Isopod Species-- M.A.Alikhan, K.Jazdzewski and R.Gondko 136-139
Morphogenesis in Stem-Callus Tissue of Citrus Grandis in Long-Term cultures-A Biochemical analysis-- H.C.Chaturvedi, A.R.Chowdhury and G.C.Mitra 139-142

Letters to the Editor  
A Note on the Variation of Freezing Level Over India-- V.S.Ramachandranand J.K.Patnaik 143-144
A Note on the Monthly Mean Maximum Mixing Heights-- B.Satyanarayana and J.K.Patnaik 144-145
Spectrophotometric Studies on Iron (III) Complexes-- J.R.Shah and R.P.Patel 145-146
Rearrangement of Isonitrosoacetanilide Using Polyphosphoric Acid to Substituted Urea-- Pyare Parimoo 147-147
Reaction of Dimethyl Acetylenecarboxylate with 2-Amino-4,6-Trimethyl-1,3-Thiazine-- Mahendra Narain Sharma 147-148
Gravimetric Determination of Cadmium with N-Benzoyl-O-Tolyhydroxlamine-- Suprakash lahiri 148-149
Inheritance of Pollen Content in Rice-- G.Manimekalai Gurunathan, R.Swaminathan, R,Jambulingam and S.R.Sree Rangasamy 149-150
Isolation of Seed Borne Microflora from Leguminous Crops and Their Antagonistic Effect on Rhizobium-- M.K.Jain and R.B.Rewari 151-151
Light Regulated Distribution of Photosynthates to Various Plant Parts-An Adaptive Mechanism-- Brij Gopal 152-153
A Note On Fixation and Preservation of Calcareous Zooplankton-- T.Balachandran 153-154
On Methods of Collection,Handling and Storage of Zooplankton in Tropics-- T.Balachandran 154-155
a Preliminary Note on the Occurence of Gregarines(Protozoa:Sporozoa) in Insects of Kalyani, West Bengal-- D.P.Haldar and N.Chakraborty 155-157
Inter-Relationship Between the Amphid Aphis gossypii and the Leaf-Hopper, Amrasca devastans Populations on Bhendi-- A.Reghupathi and S.Jayaraj 157-158
A Note on the Characterization of Oocytes tn Three trematodes of Rana tigrina-- L.Narasimha Rao 158-159

Notes on A Predator of dysdercus koenigii Fabr. (Hemiptera :Pyrrhocoridae)-- Shripat K.Kamble

Chlorophyll Stability Index (CSI) of Certain Algae-- D.Purushottaman, R.Kesavan, T.Marimuthu and G.Oblisami 159-161
Cytological Studies in Chlorophytum Bharuchae Ansari, Raghavan et Hemadri-- V.K.Naik 161-161

Short Scientific Notes  
Ear Blight and Scab of Wheat in Arunachal Pradesh-- A.K.Roy 162-162
Computer Program for Estimating Stability Parameters in Crop Plants-- K.V.Peter, V.K.Srivastava, B.Rai and R.C.Jain 162-163
Reviews and Notices of Books 163-164
March 1974. 6
A Finite Neutrino Rest Mass from General Relativity-- C.Sivaram and K.P.Sinha 165-168
Temperature Dependence of Magnesium Stimulated Adenosine Triphosphatase Activity During Aging of the Central Nervous System of Rat-- Chandra Mohan and E.Radha 168-170
Gametophytes and Seed Development in Pineapple-- Y.C.Wee and A.N.Rao 171-173
Letters to the Editor  
Holographic Interferometry:Measurement of In-Plane Deformation-- V.Ram Mohan and V.Venkateshwara Rao 174-174
Effect of Magnetic Activity on the Fading of Radio Waves at Waltair-- P.S>Keshavarao and B.Ramachandra Rao 175-176
On the Decay of 125Sb-- K.Subbarao, P.Ila, K.Sudhakar, K.L.Narasimham and V.Lakshminarayana 176-177
Acid-Catalysed Reaction of Acetophenone Oxime with 2,4- Dinitrophenylhydrazine-- A.Meenakshi and M.Santappa 177-178
Salicylic Acid and Its Related Compounds as Indicators for the Direct EDTA titration of Ferric Ions-- B.B.Patel, B.S.Patel and M.M.Desai 178-179
A Novel Synthesis of Methyl 4H Pyrimido (1,2-a)Pyrimidin-2-One-4-Carboxylate-- Mahendra Narain Sharma 179-179
Interaction of Bistrifluoromethyl Nitroxide with Perfluorovinylsulphonyl Halides-- K.C.Eapen 179-180
Chemical Constituents of the Seeds of Entada scandens Benth-- V.Hariharan 181-181
A Note on the Tolerance to Leaf-Rust (Puccinia recondita Rob. ex.Desm) of Wheat-- S.L.Naik, K.G.Nema and Sahdeo Patel 181-182
An Auto Tetraploid in Rice(oryza sativa L.) induced by EMS-- A.V.S.S.Sambamurthy 182-184
Some Biochemical Studies in European and Asiatic varieties of Carrot-- H.S.Gill and A.S.Kataria 184-185
Note on Effect of Top-Dressing of Nitrogen on the Protein Content of Rice Variety I.R.8-- C.R.Mohana Kumar and C.M.George 186-187
Cytological Effects of the Insecticide "Sevin " on the Meiotic Cells of Poecilocerus pictus-- P.VenkataReddy, G.Prem veer Reddy and S.Subramanyam 187-189
Formation of Vitteline Membrane in the Egg Chambers of Chrysomia megacephala (Fabr)-- N.Ramalingam and P.Govindan 189-190
Amino Acid Incorporation by PM-Supernatant from Bean-Axes-- V.Subramanian 190-192
Microsporogenesis in Stellaria aquatica (Scop)-- S.Pal 192-192
On the Sparganum (Plercercoid) of Spirometra Sp. (Pseudophyllidea:Diphyllobothriidae) from Tropidonotus piscator Wall-- P.Ramachandra Raju 193-193
On Conservation of Vascular Bundles-- V.Singh and D.K.Jain 193-194

Short Scientific Notes  
A New Host for Catenulaster batistae Agarwal and Sharma-- N.D.Sharma 195-195
On the Occurence of Glossiphonia heteroclita (Linneus) 9Annelida:Hirudinae) from Rajasthan, India-- Mahesh Chandra and R.N.Mukherjee 195-195
Reviews and Notices of Books 196-196
April 1974. 7
A New Type of Dihedral Angle for the Description of Bimolecular Structures-- G.N.Ramachandran, A.S.Kolaskar and Ramesh Narayan 197-199
The Role Of 'Cosmological Constant' and f-Gravity in Removing Gravitational Singularities-- C.Sivaram, K.P.Sinha and Eric A.Lord 199-202
Kaemmererites from Chromite Deposits of Byrapur, Hassan District, Karnataka State-- M.N.Viswanathan, J.A.K.Tareen and P.N.Satish 202-205
Development of Cultured Pearls in India-- K.Alagarswami 205-207
Letters to the Editor  
Radio-Metric Dating of the Dalhousie Granite-- V.B.Bhanot, J.S.Gill, R.P.Arora and J.K.Bhalla 208-208
Dependance of Surface-Tension of Liquid Helium 1 on the Temperature and Density-- N.Devaraj 208-209
Kinetics of Condensation of 3:5:Dimethyl 4-Nitro Isoxazole with Substituted Benzaldehydes-- (Mrs) Sushama Kandilkar, B.Sethuram and T.Navaneeth Rao 209-210
Studies on Metal Complexes of 5-Methyl-2-Amino Benzothiazole-- M.R.Chaurasia and P.K.Sharma 211-212
A Preliminary Foraminiferal Report of the Lower Tertiary ROcks of the Vinjhan-Miani Area , SouthWestern Kutch, Gujarat-- A.K.Jauhari and K.P.Vimal 212-212
Studies on the Structure of Silk Cotton-- Y.V.Anjaneyalu, D.Channe Gowda and C.Anjana Murthy 213-213
Amino Acids of Some Wild Leguminous Feeds-- Radha Pant and Pushpa Lata Bishnoi 213-215
Effect of Pseudomonas glycinia Exotorin on Chemical Composition of Host Leaves-- B.Prasad, g.L.Pathak and U.V.Singh 215-216
On the Incidence and effects of the Infestation of Selenothrips rubrocinctus (Giard) (Thysanoptera:Heliothripine) on the Free Amino Acids of Some Susceptible Host Plants-- T.N.Ananthakrishnanand N.Muraleedharan 216-218
Post-Infection Changes in Ascorbic Acid Contents of Aonla (Phyllanthus emblica L.) Fruits caused by Aspergillus niger Van TIegh-- jamaluddin, M.P.Tandon and R.N.Tandon 218-219
Studies on the Rosette Virus infected Groundnuts (Arachis hypogaea L.) .I.Effect on Free amino acid-- R.Singh and R.P.Srivastava 219-220
Studies on the Feeding Habits of Eretesticticus(L) (dytiscidae-Coleoptera)-- C.Gopala Swamy and K.Hanumantha Rao 220-222
Features of Taxonomic Value in Hyalomma marginatum isaaci Sharif, 1928-- M.S.Jagannath, K.V.Nagaraja and K.S.Hegde 222-224
Anatomical Observations on Mollugo oppositifolia L. with reference to its Adaptive significance-- Harihar Prasad Singh 224-226
Contributions to the Floral anatomy of Linaceae 3--L.L.Narayana and Digamber rao 226-227

Reviews and Notices of Books 228-229
April 1974. 8
Sheath Equivalent circuit Parameters by Pulse Measurements and Its Use for Plasma Diagnostics-- V.T.Chiplonkar and M.V>Advani 231-232
Group Electronegativities of a Few Ring Radicals from Microwave Spectroscopy-- S.D.Sharma and S.Doraiswamy 233-234
Amino Acid Composition of some Wild Legumes-- Radha Pant, C.Rajagopalan Nair , K.S.Singh and G.S.Koshti` 235-239
Letters to the Editor  
Molecular Vibrations in Isotopic Molecules-HOF and DOF-- Nitish K.Sanyal, A.K.Ganguliand L.dixit 240-241
NMR Studies on Poly(S-Benzyl-L-Cysteine) in solution-- V.S.Ananthanarayanan and K.R.K.Eswaran 241-242
Crystal Data on Monobromohypophyllanthrin-- Syed burhanullah Qadri and B.Ram Prasad 242-243
Proton Ligand Stability Constants of Substituted Naphthols in 50% V/V Acetone Water Mixture-- P.Lingaiah and E.V.Sundaram 243-244
Resacetophenone Oxime as an Indicator for the Titrimetric Determination of Flouride-- R.C.Hussain and N.Appala Raju 244-245
Synthesis of N-Terminal Tetrapeptide Sequence of Human Fibrinopeptide-A-- G.M.Anantharamaiah and K.M.Sivanandaiah 245-246
Stability of Aqueous Chloramine -T Solutions to Heat and Ultraviolet Radiation -- Mahadevappa and A.S.Anandamurthy 246-248
Mechanism of the Dieckmann-Komppa Reactio of Diethyl Oxalate with Diethyl Oxydiacetate-- G.Bagavant, M.R.Thaoker and N.K.Raich 248-249
Varietal Difference on the Nutrient Composition of Banana Powders-- D.L.Patil and N.G.Magar 249-251
Mineral Nutrient Value of Citrus Fruits-- K.Durai Raj,X. Rosario Rajkumar, S.J.Arulraj and Casimir Gnandickam 251-252
Amino Acids in Root Exudates of Healthy and Helminthosporium turcicum Infected Sorghum plants-- V.Veeraraju and N.N.Prasad 253-254
Affinity of Sheep- Pox Virus (SP8 Strain) for Heterologous Systems-- A.Bhatnagar and B.M.Gupta 254-255
On the Frequency of Occurence of Pinnotheres Sp in the Window Pane Oyster, Placenta placenta (Linne)-- P.V.Bhavanarayana and S.Lalitha Devi 255-256
A Note on the Prescence of "Giant Glomeruli" in a Sisorid Cat-Fish Glyptothorax kashmirensis Hora-- B.L.Koul 256-256
A Study on the Female External Genitalia of the Hippobosca maculata (Leach)-- S.N.Parmar 256-257
Some Embryological Features of Euphorbia vermiculata Raf-- P.S.Prakasha Rao and K.Raja Rajeswari Devi 257-259
Is the Embryo Sac of Podostemaceae Bisporic?-- C.R.Nagendran 259-260
Late Blight of Potato Phytophthora infestans (Mony)-- Smt V.C.Kadam, M.S.Sarode, N.J.Bendre, V.V.Shingte, S.B.Hukeri,B.B.Khot and S.B.Lokhande 260-260

Reviews and notices of Books 261-262
May 1974. 9
Complexes of Disprosium, Holmium and Ytirium with Kojic Acid-- R.C.Agarwala and S.P.Gupta 263-265
Suitability of Experimental diets for Earthworm Culture-- J.V.Bhat 266-268
Occurence of Translocatory Nuclear Movements in the Vegetative Cells of Angiosperms along with a Discussion on Their Causation and Morphogenetic Significance-- N.Ramayya and A.Leelavathi 269-272
Influence of Scorpion Venom on Enzyme systems of Scorpion Heterometrus fulvipes-- V.R.Selvarajan, Ch. Radhakrishna Murthy and K.S.Swami 273-274
Letters to the Editor  
on the Problem of Resistivity Variation in Antimony Doped Crystals-- W.N.Borle and O.P.Nangia 275-276
Crystal Structure of Lysine Aspartate-- T.N.Bhat and M.Vijayan 276-277
Chlorocobaltate(III) Complexes Featuring morpholinium and Ethylnedimorpholinium Cations-- D.Venkappayya and G.Aravamudan 277-278
Reduction of the Substituted Phenanthrene-9-Carboxylic Acids by Sodium dihydrobis (2-Methoxy-Ethoxy) Aluminate to 9-Phenanthrylmethanols-- D.O.Shah and K.N.Trivedi 278-278
A Sensitive Spectrophotometric Method for the Determination of Vanadium (IV)-- G.N.Rao and Ravi Prakash 279-279
Condensation of 3-methyl-o-Phenelene Diamine with Benzaldehyde: Formation of 4-Methyl Benzimidazoles-- C.V.Chalapathi Rao, V.Veeranagaiah and N.V.Subba Rao 280-280
Effect of the Rice Tungro Virus (RTV)Infection on Starch ,Reducing Sugar and Phosphorus Contents of Leaves of Different Varieties of Rice-- A.K.Chowdhury and S.Mukhopadhyay 280-281
A Mosaic Disease of Watermelon (Citrullus vulgaris Schrad)-- G.Shankar and T.K.Nariani 281-282
Distribution of Silicate Dissolving Bacteria in Vellar Estuary-- A.Purushotaman, D.Chandramohan and R.Natarajan 282-283
Host Preference by Adult Epilachna vigintioctopunctata Motsch-- S.C.Mandal 284-284
On the Metacercaria of Prosogonotrema (trematoda: Prosogonotrematidae) from Plankton of Waltair Bay of Bengal-- K.Hanumantha Rao 284-285
A Note on the Synonymy of Ganeo kawi Dwivedi and Chauhan, 1970 with Ganeo bufonis Fotedar, 1959-- L.Narasimha Rao 285-286
Complete Inhibition of VitellogenesisAfter Extirpation of Median Neurosecretory Cells in Dysdercus cingulatus-- M.Jalaja 286-287
Germination and Seedling Growth of Rice Varieties under high Depth of Submergence-- S.K.Datta and B.Banerji 287-288
Occurence of Fossil nypa Root from the Deccan Intertrappean Beds of M.P., India-- C.L.Verma 289-290
A Case of Reversion of Flower of nymphaea mexicana to Vegetative Condition-- H.Y.Mohan Ram and Vijay Laxmi Nayyar 290-291
Asynapsis in Chlorophytum laxum-- A.Sheriff and Usha Gopala Rao 291-293
Oil Tanker Disaster in North-West Coast of India-- V.D.Ramamurthy 293-294

Short Scientific Notes  
Detection of Loose Smut Infected Plants before Ear Emergence in Wheat Cultivar Sonalika (RR-21)-- A.Singh, Y.L.Nene and H.S.Chaube 295-295
An Undescribed Anthracnose Disease of Chlorophytum from Maharashtra-- V.G.Rao and D.V.Narendra 295-295
Reviews and Notices of books 296-296
May 1974. 10
Protein synthesis During Early Germination-- V.Subramanian 297-299
Susceptibility of Aedes novalbopictus Cell Line to Infection with some Arboviruses-- U.K.M.Bhat and P.Y.Guru 300-302
Record Fish Production with Intensive Culture of Indian and Exotic carps-- H.Chaudhari, R.D.Chakrabarty, N.G.S.Rao,K.Janaki Ram, D.K.Chaterjee and S.Jena 303-304
Letters to the Editor  
Ferromagnetism in Insulating Er2 (WO4)3-- H.B.Lal, Ashok Kumar and Naseebdar 305-306
1-(2-Pyridylazo)-2-Phenantrol (PAP) as a visual Indicator in EDTA Titrations-- Y.K.Bhoon, K.B.Pandeya and R.P.Singh 306-306
N-Benzoyl-Phenylhydroxylamine as a Gravimetric Reagent for Zinc-- S.P.Bag and S.Lahiri 307-308
Concerning Solvent Effects on the Reactivity of Lactones Towards Alkaline hydrolysis-- M.Balkrishnan, G.Venkoba Rao and N.Venkatasubramanian 308-309
Use of NH4F as a Maskent in the Complexometric Determination of some Divalent Cations in the Presence of Calcium-- S.V.Chiranjeevirao 309-310
Seperation of Iron(III), Cobalt (II) and Nickel (II) by Paper Chromatography-- R.B.Kharat and Ku.T.A.Kunjamma 310-311
A Simple Potentiometric Method for the Estimation of BHC-- M.S.Mithyantha and N.G.Perur 311-312
Hydrocyanic Acid Content of Cassava (Manihot esculenta Crantz) Peel, as affected by Fertilizer Application-- P.Muthuswamy, K.K.Krishnamoorthy, C.R.Muthukrishnan, S.Thamburaj and A.Shanmugam 312-312
Effect of Adrenaline on the Induction of Streptozotocin Diabetes-- Maya Philip, L.N.Ramani and P.Zachariah 313-314
Long Term Effect of Norgestrel on Biochemical Changes in Rat Fallopian Tube-- A.K.Srivastava, P.R.Dasgupta and A.B.Kar 314-315
Effect of Arhar Mosaic Virus on Nodulation, Nitrogen Value and Nitrogen Fixation by Sannhemp (Crotalaria juncea L)-- R.Singh and T.P.Mall 315-317
Effect of Mycotoxins on the Infectivity of Tobacco Mosaic and Tobacco Ring Spot Virus-- P.Subramanyam and K.S.Sastry 317-318
Tuber rot of Cycas beddomi Dyer Caused by Fusarium equiseti (corda) Sacc.-- P.Subramanyam, C.S.Prabhakar and A.S.Rao 318-319
Segregation of Non Lysogenic Cells from Lysogenic Clones of Salmonella typhimurium-- Hanumanlu Polasa 319-320
Breeding of the Common House-Fly, Musca domestica L.for Physiological Studies -- (Km) Minakshi Sinha 320-320
On a New Record of Anoplophrya Lumbrici (shrank) (Protozoa:Ciliata) from a New Host, Pheretima peguyana (Rosa) from Calcutta-- M.K.Biswas and R.N.Mookherjee 321-321
Stomatogenesis in the Leaves of Clerodendrum phlomidis L.f.-- B.Kannabiran 321-322
Inheritance Studies on Certain Pea mutants-- K.Das and Hriday Kumar 322-323
Replication of surface Features of Sand Grains of Sizes 0.5 to 4.0 mm for Electron Microscopy-- A.V.Moharir and Nam Prakash 323-324

Short Scientific Notes  
Unit Cell Dimensions and Space Group of Beta-IrHCl2 [AsC2H5(C6H5)2]3-- B.RamaRao, Mir Raza Hussain, G.K.N.Reddy and E.G.Leelamani 325-325
A Record of Triassic Ostracodes from Kashmir, Himalayas-- Ashok Sahni and Nandlal Chabbra 325-325
Pearl Glands in Carica Papaya L.-- Y.S.Dave and N.D.Patel 326-326
A Leaf Spot Disease of Pongamia glabra Vent. Caused by Trichotecium (Cephalothecium) roseum (Pers) Link et Fries-- Susamma Philip,P.V.Pailey and M.Ramanatha Menon 326-326
Reviews and Notices of books 327-328
June 1974. 11
The Potential Energy Curves, dissociation Energy and r-Centroids of Diatomic GeO-- T.Savithry, D.V.K.Rao and P.T.Rao 329-331
Formation Constants of Chelates of 7-Iodo-8-Hydroxy Quinoline-5-Sulphonic Acid with Yttrium and some Lanthanides-- Y.D.Kane and D.M.Joshi 332-334
Effects of Nymphal Treatment with Tepa on Reproduction of Dysdercus koenigii F.-- S.S.Sehgal and S.C.Maheshwari 334-338
Letters to the Editor  
Metastable Solid Solutions in Lead-Tin Alloys-- M.Prabhakara R.Sarode and A.R.Chetal 339-339
Uridine-(5')Phophate: Structure and Conformation-- T.P.Seshadri, B.Swaminatha Reddy, M.A.Vishwamitra and Gopinath Kartha 339-340
VIsible SPectra of the Molecule-CuCl-- S.N.Puri and Hari Mohan 340-341
Isolation of (+)Gallocatechin from Cashewnut shells-- S.S.N.Murthy, N.S.Prakasa Rao, A.S.R.Anjenayalu an dL.Ramachandra Row 341-342
Thermolysed Polychelate-- A.M.Talati, V.N.Mistry and R.N.Kapadia 342-343
Synthesis of a Protected Nonapeptide Sequence of the Active Site of Triosephophate Isomerase-- K.Channabasavaiah and K.M.Sivanandaiah 343-344
Spectral Studies of the Rare Earth Chelates of Tridentate Schiff Bases-- D.D.Ozha, K.N.Kaul, (Miss) Sushila Mehta and R.K.Mehta 344-345
A Rapid Method of Classifying Granitic Rocks from X-Ray Flourescent Intensities of Rock Powders-- S.Viswanathan 345-346
Blight disease of Sunflower Caused by Alternaria helianthi (Hansf) Tubaki and Nishihara in India-- P.M.Mukewar, A.K.Lambat, Ram Nath Majumdar, (Mrs) Indra Rani and K.Jagdish Chandra 346-347
Studies on the Toxins of Pyricularia.2.Detection of Pyriculol in Blast Diseased Leaves of Graminae-- A.Narayana Rao and S.Suryanarayanan 348-349
Probable Mycoplasmal Etiology of Broom Bush Witches' Broom-- Anupam Verma, Asha Sang, S.K.Ghosh, S.P.Ray Chaudhari, V.V.Chenulu and Nam Prakash 349-350
Wild Rice Plants as Possible Source of Bacterial Blight Inoculum of Cultivated Rice-- S.Devadath, A.Premalatha Dath and S.Y.padmanabhan 350-351
Pythium Middletonii Parasitic in the roots of Crucifiers-- S.L.Singh and M.S.Pavgi 351-352
Induced Twinning in Rice-- P.N.Sreedharan, R.N.Mishra and A.K.Ghosh 352-353
Inheritance of Resistance to Powdery Mildew (Oidium lini skoric) in Linseed Linum usitatissimum Linn.-- P.K.Kaushal ansd S.R,Srivas 353-354
First Record of Heliothis Armigera (Hubner) as a Predator on the Pupae of Castor semilooper (Achoea janata L.)-- V.V.Thobbi and B.U.Singh 354-355
Effect of Gamma Radiation on Two Developmental Stages of Zebra Fish Eggs-- L.V.Venkataraman 355-356
Single Testis in the common House Crow (Corvus splendens Vieillot) and Bank Myna (Acridotheres ginginianus Latham)-- D.K.Vyas 356-358
A New Brachionid Rotifer Platyias quadricornis andhraensis Subsp. Nov.from India-- M.V.S.S.S.Dhanapathi 358-358
Gall Formation by Puccinia thwaitesii Berk. apud Berk. and Br. on Gendarussa vulgaris Nees-- P.N.Unni and V.J.Philip 359-359
Short Scientific Notes  
Diplodia Die Back of Nutmeg-- K.I.Wilson and P.K.Sathiarajan 360-360
Some Additions to Indian Fungi: Some New Acremonia-- R.N.Verma 360-360
Incidence of Scarlet Mite, Brevipalpus phoenicis (Geij) on sesamum in West Bengal-- S.K.Gupta 361-361
Reviews and Notices of Books 361-362
June 1974. 12
Trends in Botanical Thoughts and Research: in Retrospect and in Prospect-- F.C.Steward 363-365
A Semiphenomenological Theory of Superfluid Liquid 3He-- R.E.Amritkar and N.Kumar 366-367
Concentration of Japanese Encaphalities Viral antigens Prepared from Vero cell culture by Sucrose Dialysis-- C.N.Venkateshan, S.D.Kelkar, C.N.Dandawate and S.N.Ghosh 367-369
A Molecular Orbital Treatment of Some Halogen substituted Amides--L.srinivasa Rao, V.Venkata Chalapathi and K.Venkata Ramaiah 369-371
Letters to the editor  
A Plane Symmetric Universe Filled with Perfect Fluid-- K.P.Singh and Ardusattar 372-372
Simultaneous and Spectrographic Determination of Volatile and Refractory Impurities of Tantalum Oxide Using a D.C.Arc excitation -- L.C.Chandola and (MRS)V.S. Dixit 372-373
The use of O-Nitrophenylsulphenyl Group for N-Protection During the synthesis of the protected Hexapeptide Sequence(5-10) of Human Fibronopeptide-A--S. K.Baligadad and K.M.Sivanandaiah 373-374
Emission spectrum of SnCl(C-X271 1/2) System--P.H.Katti and V.M.Korwar 374-374
Mangano-Cobalti-Ferrite MnCoFeO4 Spinel--D.K.Kulkarni 374-375
Elimination of Dissolved Hydrogen Sulphide from Barium Chloride Solution--K.R.Vaidyanathan and S.H. Ibrahim 376-376
Phase studies in the system Fe2Tix Zr1-xO5--P.T.Supe and K.Rama Rao 377-378
A High Alkaloid Containing Race of Solanum incanum Linn., Collected from the Paniyas of Kerala--E.K.Janaki Ammal and T.V.Viswanathan 378-378
A Mega-Porphyritic Dolerite Intrusion at San Pedro,Goa--B.G.Wagle and F.Almeida 378-380
Phenoxetol A as Good Sorting Medium cum Preservative for Zooplankton in the Tropics-- T.Balachandran 380-381
Two New Leaf Spot Diseases of Citrus-- N.D.Sharma 381-382
On the Occurence of Myoglobin in the Nephridium of the Gastropod Pila Virens-- R.Shylaja and K.M.Alexander 382-383
Secretory Blebs from the Seminal Vesicles of the Indian Fruit Bat, Rousettes leschenaulti (Desmarest)-- A.Gopalakrishnan and K.B.Karim 383-384
Some Chemical Consttituents in the Dlood Plasma of Four Species of Freshwater Air-Breathing Fishes-- Neena Siddiqui 385-385
A New Report on Secondary Dormancy in Certain Arid Zone Seeds-- S.S.Sharma and D.N.Sen 386-386
Cytological Instability of Wheat Variety Kalyanasona-- Dalmir Singh and B.C.Joshi 387-387
A Note on the Fish, Amphiprion polymnus (Linn), A New Record to the Indian Coast-- Yogendra Trivedi 387-390
The Probable Origin of the Basal Placentation in Elaeagnaceae-- V.S.Rao 390-391
Contributions to the Floral Anatomy of Linaceae-- L.L.Narayana and Digamber Rao 391-393
Effect of GA on Extension Growth of Pearl Millet (Bajra) Seedlings under Low Moisture Level-- A.B.Vora, K.S.Dehal and A.V.Vyas 393-394
Short Scientific Notes  
Rosa Indica and Punica granatum as New Hosts of Noctoid moth Achoea tirrhaea Linnaeus in India-- V.S.Bhatnagar and J.S.Wazir 395-395
Occurence of Lymantria obfuscata Walker, the Indian Gypsy Moth, as a Pest of Cacao in South India-- T.Prem Kumar 395-395
Reviews and Notices of Books 396-396
July 1974. 13
Electron Microscope and Optical Diffraction Studies on Interaction of Psycoactive Drugs with Biomembranes-- R.S.Khare and R.K.Mishra 397-400
The Graafian Follicle in Some Indian Bats-- A.Gopalkrishnan, A.Madhavan, R.S.Thakur and (Miss) Gopa Rajgopal 400-402
Minerology and Chemistry of Asbestos from Holenarasipur Schist Belt: Mangalore Area-- G.V.Anantha Iyer, T.R.Narayan Kutty and R.V.Raghavendra 402-405
Letters to the Editor  
Accurate Determination of the M1-E2 Mixing Ratio for the 39.58 keV Transition in 129Xe-- K.Venkata Ramaniah, T.Seshi Reddy and K.Venkata Reddy 406-406
Some New Fluoroberyllates-- Tarun Kumar Ghosh 407-408
Gravimetric Estimation of Silver as Diamminesilver (I) Tetraisothiocyanatodianiline- -chromate(III)-- S.K.Bhargava, P.K.Mathur and Ram Gopal 408-409
Spectrophotometric and Anlytical Studies of the U(VI) complex with 4,6-Dihydroxy-3',4'-Dimethoxyaurone-- M.L.Dhar and A.C.Jain 409-410
Fatty Acid Composition of Kusum (Schlcichera trijuga) Seed Oil by Gas-Liquid Chromatography-- A.K.Basu 410-410
A Note on the Baryte Occurences in Ralam-Garbyang Sequence of Kumaun Himalaya-- S.K.shah and Anshu K.Sinha 410-411

On the Occurence of 'Block Structures' in the Anorthosites Around Oddanchatram, Madurai District, Tamil Nadu--P Narasimha Rao

Effect of Soil Salinity on the Viability of Wheat Seeds--A.R. Basu 412-413
Role of Actinomycetes in the Biosynthesis of Indole Acetic Acid--D. Purushothaman, T. Marimuthu, C.V. Venkataramanan and R.Kesavan 413-414
Effect of Potassium and Zinc on Growth and Tryptophan synthesis in Alkaloid Producing culture of Aspergillus Fumigatus-- K.K. Rao and A.R. Gupta 415-416
Identification of Grassy Stunt, A New Virus Disease of Rice in India--A. Anjaneyulu 416-417
A new Graft-Transmissible disease of Cowpea (Vigna Sinesis(Torner) Savi)--M. Ramaiah and P. Narayanaswamy 417-418
The Effect of Different Citrus Viruses on Photosynthesis Pigments--M.R.K. Rao and B. Narasimham 418-419
Ephestla Vautella (Walker) (Phycitidae:Lepidopters) Infesting Stored garlic (Allium Sativum)--A.K. Bhardwaj and J.R. Thakur 419-420
On the form of Gillraker Serrae in the Indian Ilisha--B.V. Seshagiri Rao 420-421
Occurrence of an Accessory Haemochlorial Placenta in the Indian Leaf-Nosed Bat, Hipposideros Fulvus Fulvus (Gray)--K.B. Karim 421-422
Effect of Simulated rain on the Survival of First Instar Larvae of Chilo Partellus (Swinhole), Chambidae : Lepidoptera--Balraj Singh, J.S. Dhaliwal and A.S. Atwal 422-423
An Inbred line of Radish (Raphanus Sativus L. Var, Radicola Pers.) with Abnormal Male Gametophyte--Narsinha Dayal 423-423
A Simple Maceration Technique for the Separation of sieve elements from the Barks of woody Plants--A.K.M. Ghouse F.L.S., Mohd. Yunus, (Miss) Farzana Farooqui, (Miss) Durdana Sabir 423-425
Studies on Utilization of Nitrogn by Fomes Durimmus LLoyd from Wood of Swietenia Mahagoni, Casuarina Equisetifolia and Mimusops Elengi-- Sandhya Santra and Balen Nandi 425-426
Development of Tomato Plants from Shoot tips-- C.Padmanabhan, Manimekalai Gurunathan, R.Jambulingam and S.R.Sree Rangasamy 426-426
Diaphragms in Cyperus-- R.Shiam and O.P.Sharma 427-428
Short Scientific Notes  
Occurence of Enlecanium sp. tiliae (L.) (Homoptera:Coccidae) on Plum and Apple in Himachal Pradesh-- R.C.Mishra and O.P.Bhalla 428-428
Observation on the Host Specificity of Isopod Parasite Nerocila Sp. from Andhra Pradesh-- B.V.Seshagiri Rao 428-428
Three New Host Records of Leaf Spot Fungi-- P.Subrahmanyam and Y.R.Sarma 429-429
A New Leaf-Spot Disease of Mulberry in India-- P.D.Sharma 429-429
Reviews and Notices of Books 430-430
July 1974. 14
Geophysical Investigations for the Development of Groundwater in parts of Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh-- B.Subrahmanyam and T.S.Radhakrishanan 431-435
Uptake of Radioactivity by Body Fluids and tissues in Rhesus Monkeys after Intravenous Injection or Intranasal spray or Tritium- Labelled Oestradiol and Progesterone-- T.C.Anand Kumar, G.F.X.David, B.Umberkoman and K.D.Sajni 435-439
Letters to the Editor  
NMR Study of Intra-Molecular Motion in Solid 2-5 Dichloroaniline-- (Miss) P.Mirza, A.K.Banerjee and R.C.Gupta 440-441
Thermal emission Spectrum of the Molecule- MgBr-- S.N.Puri and Hari Mohan 442-443
o-Xylylene Diboronic acid and Its anhydride-- A.S.Mane and S.H.Dandegaonker 443-443
Damage centers in Irradiated Potassium Bromate-- J.S.Dube and S.R.Mohanty 443-444
Seperation and Identification of Opium Alkaloids by Thin Layer Chromatography-- G.C.Jain and M.s.Dahiya 444-445
Dolomitisation of Bilara Limestone of Trans-aravalli Basin during Eocene Period-- V.B.Khilnani 445-446
The Algal Structure and Phosphorite in the Aravalli Rocks of Jhabua District (M.P)-- R.L.munshi, H.H.Khan and D.B.Ghosh 446-447
Turbidite Structures from a Sandstone Shale Sequence of Talchir Group, Talchir Basin, Orissa-- K.L.Pandya 447-448
Effect of Infestation of Lipaphis Erysimi (Kaltb) (Aphididae,Homoptera) on Quantitative Characters of Seeds of Mustard (Brasica JunceaCoss)-- D.K.Nath and G.N.Saha 448-449
A New Bacterial Blight Disease of Murraya Koenigii Spreng-- K.S.Patel, Y.A.Shelat and D.C.Bhatt 449-450
The Occurence of Race 5 of Xanthomonas Malvacearum in India-- K.V.Srinivasan and N.K.Taneja 450-450
A Vrus Causing Leaf Distortion in Oxalis Corniculata L.-- B.K.Giri and D.C.Sharma 451-451
A New Record of the Spermongonial Association with the Developing Ascocarps of Phyllachora Sorghi Hoehnel-- K.H.Anahosur and V.B.Bidari 451-452
A Statistical Analysis of Thorax/Head Lenght relationship in the Indian Black Ant, Camponotus Compressus Fabr-- S.Mustafa, I.Ahmed and A.K.Jafri 452-453
Cardiac Activity During Aestivation of the Snail Pila Globosa (Swainson)-- K.V.Ramana Rao,P.Murali Mohan and K.S.Swami 453-454
Post Ovulatory Changes in the Eggs of some Indian Bats-- A.Gopalakrishna, K.B.Karim and (Miss) Gopa Rajagopal 454-455
An Undescribed Species of Trematosphaeria Fuckel from India-- D.N.Mhaskar and V.G.Rao 456-456
A New Crossing Technique in Clusterbean [Cyamopsis Tetragonoloba (L) Taub]-- B.S.Chaudhary, R.S.Paroda and K.R.Solanki 456-459
Seed Setting in Tabernaemontana Divaricata Br in Plains-- S.S.Raghuvanshi and C.S.Pathak 459-460
Cytological Studies in Blastinia Gracini Cong of Cucurbitaceae-- A.K.Singh 460-460
Karyomorphological studies in Bulbophyllum Neilgherrense wt-- S.M.Jorapur and S.N.Hegde 460-461
Remarkable Similarities in Pollen Dynamics-- M.B.S.Char and C.R.Nagendran 461-462
Occurence of Hypogyny in Cucurbitaceae-- G.P.Srivastava 462-463
Vernalization of Epidermal Cells in Linseed-- S.C.Chalravarti and V.R.G.Kurup 463-463
Reviews and Notices of Books 464-464
August 1974. 15
Kinetics and Mechanism of Hydrolysis of Mono-p-Iodo Benzyl Phosphte (Mono Ammonium Salt)-- M.M.Mhala and A.V.Killedar 465-467
Levels of Lysosomal Hydrolases During Growth of Yoshida Ascites Sarcoma-- Aruna Bhandarkar, G.Ramananda Rao and M.Sirsi 468-470
Cytological Studies in Normal and Mutagen Treated Strains of Triticale (Triticale Hexaploide, Lart)-- H.K.Srivastava and K.P.Malik 470-473
Letters to the Editor  
Crystallographic Study of Zn Mn(1-x) Crx FeO4 Spinels-- P.D.Deshpande, D.K.Kulkarni and P.V.Khandekar 474-475
Tricyanobis (Gamma-Picoline) Nitrosyliron (II)--S.Sarkar, R.Singh and R.C.Mishra 475-476
Structure of the Myricetin Glucoside from the Flowers of Calophyllum Inophyllum-- S.Mohammed Kasim, S.Neelakantan and P.V.Raman 476-477
A Study of the A.F.O.Oxidation of 2-Hydroxy-Alpha-Methyl Furfurylidene Acetophenones-- A.V.Subba Rao and N.V.Subba Rao 477-478
Kinetics of Copper Catalysed Oxidation of Lactic Acid by V 5+-- G.S.S.Murthy, B.Sethuram and T.Navaneeth Rao 478-479
Flavonoid Constituents of the Leaves of Cinchona Ledgeriana-- Durga Nath Dhar and Ramesh Chand Munjal 479-479
Apigenin Glycosides from Thunbergia Fragrans and Ruellia Tuberosa-- A.G.Ramachandra Rao and S.Shankara Subramania, 480-480
Comparative studies on the Lethal and Mutagenic Effects of Formaldehyde and Hydrogen Peroxide in Chaetomium Aureum Chivers-- Basantha K.Ghora 480-481
Caste Differentiation in the Parer Wasp Ropadilia Marginata (Lep)-- Madhav Gadgil and Anil Mahabal 482-482
Distribution of Silver in Granitic Gneisses Near Narsipatnam Area, Vishakapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh-- B.Satyanarayana and J.S.R.Krishna Rao 483-483
Extrapharyngeal Thyroid Follicles in a Cat-Fish Heteropneustes Fossilis-- T.A.Qureshi and N.A.Qureshi 484-484
Follicular Atresia in some Bats-- A.Gopalkrishna and (Miss) Gopa Rajgopal 484-486
A Note on the Presence of Strongyloides Papillosus and Neoscaris Vitulorum in the Milk of Buffaloes-- P.P.S.Chauhan, R.D.Agarwal and S.S.Ahluwalia 486-487
Dry Rot of Ginger caused by Macrophomina Phaseolina (Tassi) Goid-- Y.R.Sarma and K.K.N.Nambiar 487-488
First Record of Spider Mite Tetranychus Ludeni Zacher Transmitting Dolichos Enation Mosaic Virus-- K.Rajagopalan 488-489
Myrothecium and Alternaria Leaf Spots of Cotton in South India-- K.V.Srinivasan and A.Kannan 489-490
Organisation of Stomatal Complex in some Orchidaceae-- V.Singh and H.Singh 490-491
A New Fruit Rot of Banana in India-- K.K.Khanna and S.Chandra 491-492
Occurence of the Perfect stage of Alternaria Tenuis Nees of the Leaves of Marsilea Quadrifolia L.-- R.S.Bilgrami 492-492
Effect of Panacide on some Green and Blue-Green Algae-- G.S.Gupta and P.N.Saxena 492-493
Ostrinia Kasmirica Moore, A New Host of Serratia Marcencens Bizio from India-- Balrao Singh G.S.Battu and A.S.Atwal 493-493
Short Scientific Notes  
A Technique for Seperating the Early Blastomeres of Limnaea-- R.L.Brahmachary and P.K.Tapaswi 494-494
A Mossabauer Study of Dipotassium Aqua-Pentafluoroferrate (III)-- A.Syamal 494-495
A Method to Increase Protein Content in Rice-- D.K.Dasgupta and P.Basuchaudhari 495-496
Colchicine Induced Mixoploid in Coriander-- H.S.Hanumanthappa and A.Seetharam 496-496
collar Rot of Sunflower (H.Annus) A New Host Record from India-- V.V.Datar and K.J.Bindu 496-496
Reviews and Notices of Books 497-498
August 1974. 16
Effect of Antibiotics and Antimetabolites on the induction of L-Arabinose Isomerase in Salmonella Typhimurium-- A.K.Bhattacharya and M.Chakravorty 499-503
Establishment of Symbiosis In Vitro, betweeen Rhizobium and Pea (Piscum Sativum) Root Callus-- V.Ranga Rao, Sudhir Sapory and N.S.Subbarao 503-505
An Indirect Estimation of Litter Disappearance in Grassland Study-- L.P.Malla and S.K.Billore 506-507
Letters to the Editor  
Force Constants, Coriolis Coupling Constants and Generalised Mean Square Amplitudes of Vibration of In Cl 6 3- -- Nitish K.Sanyal, D.N.Verma and L.dixit 508-509
The Crystal Structure of Calcium Phthalamate Monohydrate Ca.C8H4O4.H2O-- M.P.Gupta, S.M.Prasad and R.P.Sinha 509-509
The Crystal Structure of p-Bromo-Acetophenone, Br.C6H4COCH3-- M.P.Gupta, S.M.Prasad and S.R.P.Yadav 509-510
Effect of Pluronic F-68 on Surface Tension and Viscosity of Blood and Plasma-- K.Srinivasa Manja, T.K.Nambinarayanan, B.Krishnan, A.Srinivasa Rao and A.Venugopal Rao 510-511
Occurence of a Remnant Primordial Sialic Crust in Northeastern Minnesota, U.S.A-- S.Viswanath 511-512
Middle Carboniferous Fossil Bed from Western Rajasthan-- N.Ahmad, N.H.Hashimi and K.K.Ghauri 512-513
Quartzine and Lutecite as Environmental Indicators in Sirban Limestone Of Raisi, J and K state-- C.Gundu Rao 513-514
Significance of the Developing Vertebral Column of Pelodytes Punctatus Tadpole-- (Mrs) Usha Mathur 514-516
Foetal Membranes in the Indian Horse-Shoe Bat, Rhinopholus rouxi (Temminck)-- A.Gopalakrishnan and D.A.Bhigwade 516-517
Preservation of the Buffaloe Semen at Room Temperature (20 deg - 28deg) in Russian dilutor-- V.B.Saxena, S.s.Tripathi and Ratan singh 518-518
Varietal Differences of Rice to Salt Tolerance at Germination-- T.S.sinha and S.K.Dutta 518-519
Influence of Light and Temperature on Seed Hardening in Sweet Pepper-- Sukhada D.Kanchan and Jayachandra 520-521
Possible Role of Organic Acids in the Ergot Disease of Bajra (Pennisetum Typhoides L.)-- J.Kannaiyan, P.vidhyasekharan and T.K.Kandaswamy 521-522
Soil Transmission of an Aquatic Smut-- M.S.Pavgi and Lallan Singh 522-523
On Some Species of Zygnema from Jammu-- Shashi Kant 523-524
A Case of Rare Triploidy in Excised Root Cultures of Trigonella Foenum- Graecum Linn-- P.M.Gopinath 524-525
A New Species of Dendryphiella-- Vasanth Rao and Kantilal narania 525-526
Hypersensitive Reactions in Cotton and Okra by Xanthomonas Oryzae (Uyeda & Ishiyama) Dowson-- S.K.Addy 526-527
Studies on aVirus Causing Mosaic Disease in Bougainvillae-- R.D.Joshi, L.N.Dubey and U.P.Gupta 527-527
Jatropha Gossypifolia, A New Host of some Pathogenic Fungi-- P.D.Sharma 528-528
Short Scientific Notes  
Computer Program for Conducting Hybrid Analysis from a LineX Tester Mating System-- K.V.Peter, B.Rai, V.K.Srivastava and R.C.Jain 529-529
Detection of Ragi (Eulesine coracana) in mustard Seeds (Brassica nigra)-- N.G.Divakar, U.N.Nagaraja Rao and C.P.Hartman 529-530
A New Leaf Spot Disease of Mulberry caused by Fusarium concolor Reinking-- M.N.Reddy and A.S.Rao 530-530
Announcements 530-531
Reviews and Notices of Books 532-532
September 1974. 17
Diffuse Type and Blanketing Type Sporadic E at Kodaikanal-- H.Chandra and R.G.Rastogi 533-535
Shoot-Bud Differentiation in Stem Callus Tissue of Citrus Grandis and Correlated Changes in Its Free Amino Acid Content- H.C.Chaturvedi, A.R.Chowdhury and G.C.Mitra 536-537
Effect of Desiccation Treatment on Catylase Activity of Sesamum Indicum L.during Germination-- Usha H.Archarya and Hilda C.Desai 538-539
Letters to the Editor  
Fluorometric Study of 5 Methoxy-3 Phenyl-4 Methyl Coumarin-- R.P.Bhalla, J.Kishore, M.K.Machwe and K.Gopalakrishnan 540-540
Rotational Analysis of the (0,0) Bands of the C2 II-X2 summation(+) System of CaBr Molecule-- M.N.Kamalasanan 540-541
Studies on Fluoroberyllic Acid and Its Salts-- Tarun K.Ghosh 541-542
A New Synthesis of Justicidin E and Taiwanian C-- A.S.R.Anjenayulu, V.Kameswar Rao, A.Madhusudhana Rao and L.Ramachandra Rao 542-544
Antocyanin of Sugarcane-- (Mrs) K.Mishra and R.C.Dubey
Isolation of 3, 3',4-Tri-o-Methyl- Flavellagic Acid from Bark of Anogeissus Latifolia-- K.R.S.Reddy, G.Srimannarayana and N.V.Subba Rao 544-545
Nitrate Reductase in Relation to Nodulation in Cowpeas and Mung Beans-- P.Shantha Kumari and S.K.Sinha 545-547
Nodulation of Trifolium Alexandrinum by Pencillin Treated Rhizobium Trifolii-- A.Biswas, A.N.Sen and N.S.Subba Rao 547-548
Occurence of Nummulites Pengaronensis Verbeek, An Indo-Pacific Larger Foraminifera, in the Middle Eocene Fulra Limestone of Cutch, Gujarat-- B.K.Samantha and U.Samaddar 548-549
An Abnormal Corpuscle of Stannius in the Cat-Fish, Heteropneustes Fossilis (Bloch)-- Nishikanth Subedar and P.D.Prasada Rao 550-551
Fronyal Organs in Rivulogammarus Syriacus Chevreux-- I.C.Baid and Suhalya A.Darbagh 551-552
Bilgramia, A New Genus of Hyphomycetes-- K.S.Panwar, D.K.Purohit and J.S.Chauhan 552-553
Notch Expression in Rice Kernels-- R.Thakur 553-554
The Effect of Colchicine on Sex Expression in Musk Melon-- A.K.Bisaria, M.P.Kaushik and Indra Singh 554-555
Microdissection Studies on the Developing Leaf Primordia of Phoenix Sylvestris L.-- D.Padmanabhan 555-557
Inheritance of Pigmentation in an Interspecific Cross between Eleusine Coracana and E.Africana-- S.C.Hiremath 557-558
Endogenous Gibberellin and Inhibitor Contents in the Shoot Apices of Tomato Plants-- V.Rajagopal, M.R.K.Rao and I.M.Rao 558-559
Cultivation of Isolated Leaf Cells of Dolichos Lab-Lab-- A.Gnanam and D.Padmanabhan 559-560
Air Cavities in the Culms of Genus Poa-- Bimal Misri and Kirtee K.Koul 560-561
Three Fungi from Groundnut Leaf Surface-- R.L.Kulkarni 561-562
Floral Anatomy of Broussonetia Papyrifera Vent.(Moraceae) with SPecial Reference to Its Gynoecium-- V.Singh and P.K.Dublish 562-563
Short Scientific Notes  
Aspergillus Flavus Link- A Fungal Parasite on the Leaf-Eating Caterpillar, Lymantria obfuscata Walk-- R.Radhakrishnan Nair and T.Prem Kumar 563-563
Additions to the Host Records of the Root-knot Nematode, Meloidogyne incognita (Kofoid and White) Chitwood-- S.Qamar A.Naqvi and M.Mashkoor Alam 564-564
Geocoris Jucundus Fieb (Lygaeidae : Hemiptera) as Predator of Lucerne and Tomato Aphids in the Indian Desert-- S.K.Pal 564-564
Reviews and Notices of Books 565-566
September 1974. 18
Scintillations of Satellite Signals near Magnetic Equator-- H.Chandra and R.G.Rastogi 567-568
Costus Speciosus Rhizome as Source of Diosgenin-- Y.K.Sarin, K.L.Bedi and C.K.Atal 569-570
Identity and Nomenclature of Utricularia Nivea Vahl-- V.Abraham, R.L.Mitra and K.Subramanyam 571-572
Cytophotometric Analysis of Ascorbic Acid (AA), Ribonucleic Acid and Sulphydral Proteins during Embryo Genesis In Coix Lacryma Jobi L.-- C.K.Shah and P.N.Bhatt 573-575
Letters to the Editor  
Reaction of Bis- Diethyldithiocarbomato Zinc (II) with some Substituted Pyridines -- D.L.N.Sarma and D.V.Ramana Rao 576-576
Addition Compounds of Zirconyl Chloride with Benzimidazoles-- N.S.Biradar and Miss A.L.Locker 577-578
A New Clorimetric Method for the Estimation of Carbofuran in Pesticide Formulations-- M.S.Mithyanatha and N.G.Perur 578-579
Synthesis of some 1-Acyl-4-Substituted Thiosemicarbazides-- G.L.Maheshwari, R.P.Mahesh and P.Singh 579-580
Effect of Benlate on the Growth and Radio-Active (14 C) Glucose Assimilation by Aspergillus Carneus-- A.Balasubramanian, R.H.Balasubramanya and Miss Gita Nilakantan 580-581
The Interaction between Disulphur Dichloride and Iodine Monochloride-- P.N.Krishnan Nambisan 581-582
Occurence of Indicola Rajasthanensis in the Lutetian Rocks of Vinjhan Miani Area, Southwestern Kutch, Gujarat-- A.K.Jauhari 582-583
Occurence of Hornblendegarben- Schiefer in Mangalur Area, Gulbarga District, Karnataka-- G.G.Deshpande and V.T.Parashar 583-584
Oxygen Consumption of Chela Bacaila (Ham.) in Relation to Size-- A.L.Lohgaonkar 584-585
Cytology of Oryza Officinalis (4n) X O.Latifolia-- S.D.Sharma, G.Subba Rao and V.Jaya Mohan Rao 585-587
Effect of Temperature and Sunlight on the Infectivity of a Nuclear Polyhedrosis Virus of Spodoptera Mauritia (Boisduval)-- P.Lathika and Abraham Jacob 587-588
Oviposition Behaivour of Heliothis Armigera (Hbn.) in Cotton, Hybrid-4-- R.C.Patel, R.M.Patel, B.V.R.Madhukar and R.B.Patel 588-589
IAA Synthesis in Relation to Phyllosphere Microflora of Solanum Melongena L. Sprayed with Pesticides-- G.Obliswamy, D.Kandasamy, T.Marimuthu and T.R.Subramaniam 589-590
Rhizosphere Mycoflora of Healthy and Infected Jute Plants-- Debdas Mukhyopadhyay and B.Nandi 590-591
Seed Patterns and Germination Behaivour in Crotalaria Medicaginea Lamk. Growing in Indian Arid Zone-- Prakashn Bohra and David N.Sen 591-592
Interstrain Difference in Karyotype of brassica Oleracea L.-- Pulak Mukherjee 592-593
Synthesis of Acid from Mannose by the Symbiotes of Cletus Signatus Walker (Coreidae:Heteroptera)-- Gajendra Singh and N.C.Pant 594-595
Effect of Methybromide Fumigation of Changes in Nitrogenous Constituents of Groundnut Seedlings-- P.M.Swamy and S.Balanarasimha Reddy 595-597
Cytology of Triploid Iseilema Hubbardii Murty-- D.Satyavathi and U.R.Murty 597-597
Ramgarh Meteorite Crater-- N.Ahmad, B.D.Bhardwaj, H.A.Sajid and Iqbal Hasnain 598-598
Reviews and Notices of Books 599-600
October 1974. 19
18 O/16 O and 13 C/12 C Ratio Variations in Kajarhat Limestones-- Lallan Singh, R.C.Jha and S.N.Das 601-602
Aflatoxin Production in Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus) Seed Varieties-- V.Nagarajan, ramesh V.Bhat and P.G.Tulpule 603-604
Brucite Marbles of Devgad Baria Area, Panchmahals District, Gujarat-- B.L.Narayana 605-606
Biotites from the Granitic Rocks around Doranda in the Eatern Part of the Bihar Mica Belt-- Debashish Ghosh 607-608
Letters to the Editor  
Static Plane Symmetric Solution of a Scalar-Tensor Theory in a Lyra Manifold-- T.Singh 609-609
On the Gruneisen Parameters of some Ferrites-- B.P.N.Reddy and P.J.Reddy 610-610
Oxidation of Phosphorus Pentasulphide with Potassium Permanganate and Potassium Ferrycyanide: An Amperometric Study-- H.S.Mahanti, H. Chaudhuri and S.S. Chatterjee 610-611
Chemical Components of Pterocarpus Santalinus Sapwood--N.Kumar and T.R. Seshadri 611-612
Effect of Certain Phenolic Compounds on the Growth of three Isolates of P.Oryzae--M Koti Reddy and N.N. Prasad 612-613
New Exposures of Talchir Striated Pavements in Madhya Pradesh--N. Ahmad and N.H. Hashimi 614-615
Goitrogene activity of danazol- A Synthetic Steroid Derivative--V.P. Dixit, N.K. Lohia and Manjula Arya 615-617
Nitrate Reductase inWild and Cultivated Wheats--S.K. Sinha, V. Rajagopal and V. Balasubramanian 617-618
Sex-Ration of Oryzaephilus US Mercator, Fauvel on Different Feeds--G.P. Joshi
A new Species of Creseis (Gastropoda, Mollusca) from the Laccadive Sea-- M. Sakthivel 619-620
Seasonal Variations in the size of the Cambial Initials in Polyathia Longifilia-- G. S. Paliwal and V.S. Sajwan 620-621
Effectiveness of DD-136, An Entomophilic Nematode against insect pests of AGricultural Importance--Janardan Singh and A.K. Bardhan 622-622
Additional hosts of the Root-Knot Nematode, Meloidogyne Javanica--D.S. Bhath, D.C. Gupta, R.S. Dahiya and Indira Malhan 622-623
Effect of growth Regulations on Fruit Seiting of Arecanut )Areca Catechu L.) Palms--R.B.R. Yadav, K.N. Murthy and R.S.N. Pillai 623-624
Degradation of Insectides by the Cultured Symbiotics of Cletus Singnatus Walker (CoreidaeL Heteroptera)--Rajendra Singh and N.C. Pant 624-625
Effect of Fungal Infection in Vitamin C Content of Apples-- P.S.Bisen 625-626
Nocturnal Pollen Germination in Impatiens (Balsaminaceae)-- V.Bhaskar and B.A.Razi 626-628
Nitrogen Fixation by a Non-Sporulating Mutant Strain of Anabaena Doliolum Bharadwaja-- V.K.Sharma 628-629
An Edible Alga Of Manipur (Lemanea Australis): Presence of Silver-- D.B.Deb, B.Krishna, (Mrs) K.Mukherjee, S.Bhatacharya, A.N.Chowdhury, H.B.Das and Sh.T.Singh 629-629
Short Scientific Notes  
A New Fruit Rot of Zizyphus jujuba Lamk-- N.L.Vyas and K.S.Panwar 630-630
Leaf Spot of Prunus Tomentosa caused by Cladosporium herbarum-- R.D.Ram and P.N.Gupta 630-630
A New Host Record for Erysiphe polygoni-- O.P.Verma and L.N.Daftari 630-631
Crab Caterpillar-Stauropus alternus Wlk. (Notodentro :Lepidptera), A New Pest of Sapota (Achras sapota L.)-- C.Siddappaji, M.Pedda Reddy and H.V.Pattanashetti 631-631
New Records of Alternative Host Plants of Red Cotton Bug, Dysdercus cingulatas Fab.-- M.R.Jalamkar, M.N.Borle and S.N.Bodhade 631-632
Occurence and Control of the Stunt Nematode, Tylenchorhynchus brassicae Siddiqi, 1961 Infesting Rice Nursery in Punjab-- H.K.Chhabra, S.S.Sajan and Jaswant Singh 632-632
Reviews and Notices of Books 633-634
October 1974. 20
Banding Techniques and Plant Chromosomes-- N.P.Sarma and S.L.Tandon 635-637
Effect of Irradiation on Transduction and Lysogenisation in Salmonella Typhimurium-- Hanmanlu Polasa and H.H.Plough 638-640
Radioelogy of some Bluegreen Algae-- K.S.Manilal 641-643
On the Point of Origin of Heart Beats in the Scorpion, Heterometrus Fulvipes C.Koch-- V.Devarajulu Naidu 643-645
Chemical Components of Eugenia Jambolana Stem Bark-- K.K.Bhargava, Rameshwar Dayal and T.R.Seshadri 645-646
Letters to the Editor  
Visual Meteoric Activity over Waltair during October-February, 1961-1972-- M.Srirama Rao, A.Gopalakrishna Murthy and S.Raja Ratnam 647-647
New Compounds of the Type A+A^3+B^4+O 4^2- I Structure-- O.B.Thakre, P.V.Patil, A.R.Vyawahare and V.S.Chincholkar 647-648
Phsiochemical Studies on N-Acetylphenylhydroxylamine Metal Complexes-- S.P.Bag and S.Lahiri 649-650
Polarographic Study of the Acid Hydrolysis of Ketoximes-- K.V.Krishna Rao and S.Brahmaji Rao 650-651
Isocoumarins: 4-(7-Methoxycoumarin-3-yl)-7-Methyl-Isocoumarin-- R.B.Tirodkar and R.N.Usgaonkar 651-652
Tritiation of Organic Compounds using Tritiated Water-- S.D.Soman and T.N.Krishnamoorthy 653-654
The Self-Association Constants of Methylene Blue from the Concentration Dependence of the Fluorescence Efficiency-- Ashish K.Ghosh 655-656
Folates of Lactobacillus Casei, Strepptococcus Faecalis and Pediococcus Cerevisiae -- V.H.Potty, A.Vaidyanathan and D.V.Tamhane 656-657
Some Studies on the Vermiculate Deposits of Thirupattur in Tamil Nadu-- P.N.Sundar Rao 657-658
Sex Specific Proteins in the Beetle Aulacophora Foveicollis Luc (Celeoptera, Chrysomelidae)-- R.N.Shukla and U.S.Gupta 658-659
A Simple Shallow Water Sampler for Recording Temperature-- Laxmi Lal Sharma and V.S.Durve 659-660
On the Cultivation of Gracilaria Edulis in the near Shore areas Around Mandapam-- M.Umamaheswara Rao 660-661
Dichloros (DDVP) induced breaks in the Salivary Gland Chromosomes of Drosophila Melanogaster-- A.K.Gupta and Jagmail Singh 661-662
Effect of Ethyl Hydrogen 1-Propyl Phosphonate on the Ontogeny and Orientation of Stomata of Vicia Faba L.-- Nilima Paliwal, G.S.Paliwal and Bhaskar Barma 662-664
The Chromosome Numbers in Conocephalum Conicum (L.) Dum-- H.S.Kanwal 664-665
Short Scientific Notes  
A New Record of Astronia macrophylla BI.(Melastomataceae) from Great Nicobars and Its Phytogeographical Significance-- N.G.Nair 665-666
Oldenlandia umbellata L.- An Addition to the Flora of Northern India-- M.Sharma 666-666
Reviews and Notices of Books 667-668
November 1974. 21
Acid and Base Catalysed Transformations of m-Menthadienes-- Bakthan Singaram and J.Verghese 669-671
Effect of Crop Sequence Of Aspergillus Flavus Infestation and Aflatoxin Accumalation in Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.)-- P.Subrahmanyam and A.S.Rao 671-673
Kinetic Complement Fixation Test for Rapid Identification of Japanese Encephalitis and West Nile Viruses-- C.N.Dandawate and S.N.Ghosh 674-676
Discontinuity in the Larval Distribution of Phoronida and Brachiopoda in the Indian Ocean-- Vijayalakshmi R.Nair 676-678
Letters to the Editor  
Electrical Properties of a New Type of Compounds A^3+ A+B^4+O4^2- -- O.B.Thakare, P.V.Patil, A.R.Vyawahare and V.S.Chincholkar 679-679
Bond and Molecular Polarizabilities of Benzophenone-- Nitish.K.Sanyal, C.P.Pandey and L.Dixit 679-680
Preparation of Red Mercuric Sulphide (Alpha)-- K.Venugopal Chetty and P.R.Naidu 680-681
A Rough Estimation of the Solubility Parameters of Styrene-Acrylonitrile Copolymers-- C.Rami Reddy and V.Kalpagam 681-682
Reactions of Some Unsaturated Compounds with 1,3-Diaza-2-Phospholidines and Borolidines-- Mrinal K.Das 682-683
Oxidometric Analysis of Some Thiocyanate Complexes of 3d-Transition Metals, using Iodine Monochloride-- P.Indrasenan and C.G.Ramachandran Nair 683-684
Notes on Abnormal Shrimps and Prawns-- S.Dutt and K.Ravindranath 684-685
Heterogonadism in the Pigeon (Columba Livia Gmelin) 685-687
Role of Hoplolaimus Indicus on the Severity of Seedling Blight of Rice-- K.V.Ramana , S.C.Mathur and Y.S.Rao 687-688
First Record of the Gregarine Farinocytstis Tribolii Weiser on Tribolium Castaneum Herbst from India-- R.Jebamoni Rabindra and T.R.Subramaniam 688-689
Occurence of Soybean Yellow Mosaic in Uttar Pradesh-- B.D.Suteri 689-690
Hybridization in Modern Roses-- Pushpa Lata 690-692
Systemic Lesions of Seed Borne Brinjal Mosaic Virus in some Varieties of Brinjal-- C.D.Mayee 692-693
Hormonal Regulation of Mango Malformation-- R.M.Pandey, D.S.Rathore and R.N.Singh 694-695
Development of Ovuleand Female Gametophyte in Eomecon Chionantha Hance-- R.P.Singh and A.M.Khan 695-697
Sugar and Nitrogen Content in Rice Influenced by Short Photoperiod-- P.A.Khan and G.Mishra 697-698
Chromosome Numbers in Termidae (Isoptera)-- Pierre Pol Vincke 698-699
Short Scientific Notes  
Rain Tree Fruit- A New Material for Alcohol-- B.G.Krishnamurthi 700-700
Occurence of the Household Insect, Asura conferta Wlk. (Arctiidae: Lepidoptera) on Field Crops-- B.L.Visweswara Gowda, H.C.Bhoge Gowda and B.N.Viswanath 700-700
A Rapid Test for the Identification of Virus-Infected Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)-- P.Narayanasamy and C.Natarajan 700-701
An Additional Host for Cercospera jasminicola Mueller and Chupp-- T.K.Kandaswamy and C.L.Subramanian 701-701
Reviews and Notices of Books 701-702
November 1974. 22
Gel Counting of 14 C and 3H^4-- T.M.Krishnamoorthy and S.D.Soman 703-705
2,3,5- Triphenyltetrazolium Chloride as a New Reagent for the Detection of Sulphide and Some Organic Thiocompounds-- U.Muralikrishna, K.V.Bapanaiah and G.V.Ramanadham 706-707
Occurence of Aflatoxins and Citrinen in Groundnut (Arachis Hypogaea L.) at Harvest in Relation to Pod Condition and Kernel Moisture Content-- P.Subramanyam and A.S.Rao 707-710
Letters to the Editor  
Spectrographic Determination of Lead and Tellurium in Bi-Pb and Bi-Te Alloys-- P.S.Murthy and P.P.Khanna 711-711
Dielectric Constants and Effective Ionic Changes of Strontium Sulphide and Barium Sulphide-- Mrs L.Sirdeshmukh 712-713
Near Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of 2,3,5- and 2,4,5-Trichlorophenol in Vapour Phase-- S.M.Pandey and S.J.Singh 713-714
Spectrophotometric and Analytical Studies of Fe (III) Complexes with 3-Phenyl-4,5,7-Trihydroxycoumarin and 4,6-Dihydroxy-3',4'-Dimethoxyaurone-- M.L.Dhar and A.C.Jain 714-715
Studies in S^IV - S^VI System-- P.S.Radhakrishnamurti and S.C.Padhi 715-716
Lipids of Mango (Mangifera Indica)-- S.R.Pathak and S.Sarada 716-717
Potentiometric Study of Metal Complexes of N-o-Ethoxy Benzoylphenylhydroxylamine-- Suprakash Lahiri 717-719
Formation of Azines from 4-Alkyl-4-Trihalo-Alkyl-2, 5-Cyclohexadienones-- J.R.Merchant and Dipak Roy 719-719
Detection of Sulphide using Cacotheline as Reagent--N.Krishnamurthy , V.Satyanarayana and K.Rama Rao 720-720
Cytological Effects of the Root Extracts of Tephrosia HamiltonII-- P.Venkat Reddy and S.Subramanyam 720-721
A Nuclear Polyhedrosis of Dasychira Mendosa HB. (Lepidoptera:Lymantriidae)-- R.Jebamoni Rabindra and T.R.Subramaniam 721-722
Two New Families of Chytrids-- C.V.Subramanian 722-723
Plantlets through Shoot-Tips Cultures in Pineapple-- G.Lakshmi Sita, R.Singh and C.P.A.Iyer 724-725
A Note on the Occurence of abnormal Flowers in Gossypium Arboreum L.-- D.Krishnadoss, V.Dharmalingam, V.Sivasubramanian, L.Robinson, S.Iyerperumal 725-725
Effect of Dowpon on the Content of Total Phenolics and Activity of Polyphenol Oxidase in Cynodon Dactylon Pers-- P.S.Srinivasan and J.Sakhram Rao 725-726
Ceratocystic Soft Rot of Sweet Orange-- A.K.Singh and K.C.Basu Chaudhary 726-727
Energy Conserving Efficiency of Natural and Modified Grasslands at Gorakhpur-- R.Sahal, M.Asthana and V.C.Srivastava 727-729
A New Base Number for the Genus Cheiranthus L.-- A.K.Koul and A.K.Wakhlu 729-729
Rhizopus Stolonifer, causing Soft Rot of Squash (Cucurbita Pepo L.)-- Om Prakash 729-730
On a New Species of Balantidium Claparede and Lachmann from an Indian Tortoise-- Asok Kumar Das and Rathindra Nath Mukherjee 730-731
A Note on Inheritance of Bushy Mutant in Chickpea-- Habans Singh and B.S.. Dahiya 731-732
Short Scientific Notes  
Preliminary Observations on Incompatibility in Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batatas Poir)-- P.Gopalakrishna Pillai 733-733
A Computer Program for Calculating Alkaline and Acid Phosphatase Activity-- S.Shivaji and P.C.Shekar 733-734
Occurence of Solanum elaeagnifolium Cav. in Mysore city, Karnataka-- R.R.Rao and B.A.Razi 734-734
Comparative Efficacy of Bacillus thuringiensis Berliner Formulations Against Pieris brassicae Linnaeus 734-735
Reviews and Notices of Books 735-736
December 1974. 23
A Technique for Accurate Measurement of Surface Angles on Crystal Surfaces-- N.J.Bapat and R.K.Khare 737-738
Thermal Neutron Capture Gamma Rays from 141 Pr(n,gamma) 142 Pr Reaction -- K.Sriramamurti, M.Srinivasa Rao and D.L.Sastry 739-740
Niobium(V) Complexes with Aromatic Schiff Bases-- N.S.Biradar and T.R.Goudar 740-742
Image Reconstruction using Fractional Fourier Transforms-- Ram S.Khare 743-744
Letters to the Editor  
2'-Deoxyadenosine-5'-Monophosphoric Acid Disodium Salt-- M.V.Hosur and M.A.Viswamitra 745-745
Emission Spectra of Isomeric Pyridine-Aldehydes-- M.R.Padhye and C.J.Jahagirdar 745-746
Free Energy of Adsorption of Benzotriazole on Copper Single Crystal Planes in Sulphuric Acid-- S.M.Mayanna 746-747
Mass-Spectral Fragmentation Pattern of some Schiff Bases from Isoniazide and of Benzalazines-- J.R.Merchant and D.S.Chowtha 747-748
Seed Alkaloids of Fumaria Indica--V.B.Pandey, A.B.Ray and B.Dasgupta 748-749
Chemical Constituents of Actiniopteris Radiata (SW.)Link-- S.C.Taneja and H.p.Tiwari 749-750
Some Biological Observations on the Mite, Acraparis Woodi Rennie, Infesting Honeybees, Apis Cerana Indica F.-- H.S.Dhaliwal, S.Srivastava and P.L.Sharma 750-752
Effect of Root Knot Extract of Ginger on Fusarium Oxysporum f. Zingiberi Trujillo causing Yellows Disease-- P.S.Agrawal, L.K.Joshi and M.P.Haware 752-752
Free Amino acids in the Developmental Stages of Oryzaephilus Surinamensis(L)-- S.C.Saxena and Santosh Kaul 752-754
An Approach to increase the Efficiency of Induction of Mutations in Rice (Oryza Sativa)-- S.N.Chakrabarti 754-755
Record of the Bathypelagic Fish, Epinnula Orientalis Gilchrist and Von Bonde from the Bay of Bengal-- P.K.Talwar and R.Sathiarajan 755-756
Jute Seed Storage and Oxygen Requirements-- R.G.Bose and J.P.Bhattacharya 756-757
X-Ray Induced Changes in the Activities of Acid and Alkaline Phosphatase in Periplaneta Americana-- S.Shivaji and S.C.Rastogi 757-758
Influence of Ethephon (2-Chloro Ethyl Phosphonic Acid ) on the Acid Phosphatase Content of Tomato and Sweet Potato-- C.R.Muthukrishnan, A.Shanmugam, C.Srinivasan and N.Kalaimani 758-759
Folliaceous Stipules-A New Variant of Olitorius Jute from Interspecific Hybrid Progeny-- R.D.Iyer and Fasih-Ur-Zaman 759-760
Albomaculata Type of Variegation in Coix-- Panuganti N.Rao 760-761
KCl Induced Incipient Plasmolysis and Its Role in Stomatal Regulation of Convolvus Microphyllus Sieb. Ex Spreng-- Prakash N.Bohra and David N.Sen 761-762
New Record of Parasitic Larvae of Agamermis Decaudata Cobb et al., 1923 (Nematoda:Mermithidae) in India-- M.K.Verma nd B.S.Yadav 762-763
A New Species of Cephalosporium from the Rhizosphere of Groundnut-- L.V.Gangawane and K.B.Deshpande 763-764
Induced Multilocular Ovary in Capsicum Annum by X-Rays-- K.Subhash and J.Nizam 764-765
Cyaneolytta Acteon (Laporte) (Celeoptera:Meloidae) A New Pest of Maize and Bajra-- J.S.Dhaliwal, Balraj Singh and A.S.Atwal 765-765
A New Species of Acrostaphylus from Phyllosphere of Brassica Juncea-- J.N.Rai and K.Wadhwani 765-766
Short Scientific Notes  
A New Record of Wilt of Gram caused by Fusarium solani-- J.S.Grewal, Mahendra Pal and D.D.Kulshrestha 767-767
New Record of Pheidole sp. (Hymenoptera:Formicidae) as a Predator of the Rice Leaf Folder Cnaphalocrocis medinalis Guen-- N.M.Das, C.C.Abraham and Kunjamma P.Mathew 767-768
A New Family of Chalcidoidea (Insects:Hymenoptera) Euryischidae fam.n.-- S.Adam Shafee 768-768
New Record of Choribus sp.(Hymenoptera:Braconidae ) as Parasite of the Rice Whorl Maggot Hydrellia Phillippina Ferino-- C.C.Abraham and Kunjamma P.Mathew 768-769
A Note on Powdery MildewsRecorded at Jabalpur-- N.D.Sharma and A.C.Jain 769-769
Reviews and Notices of Books 770-770
December 1974. 24
Spectrophotometric Determination of Antimony and Bismuth in Their Mixture after Seperation by Solvent Extraction and Paper Chromatography-- R.K.Barua and N.K.Baishya 771-773
Nutritional Evaluation of some Indian Noncultivated Wild Leguminous Seed Protein Isolates-- Radha Pant, C.Rajagopalan Nair , K.S.Singh and G.S.Koshti 773-776
Origin, Nature and Limit of Polyploidy in Marigolds-- Rehana Jalil, T.N.Koshoo and M.Pal 777-779
Serological Grouping of the Indian Bacteriophages of Xanthomonas Oryzae (Uyeda and Ishiyama) Dowson-- Rohoni Iyer, D.N.Srivastava and B.M.Gupta 779-780
Letters to the Editor  
Kinetic and Solvent Isotope Effects in Oxidation of Acetophenones by Vanadium (V)--M.S.Khelikar and R.Shanker 781-782
Effect of Salinity on RNA and Protein Biosynthesis in Wheat Seedlings-- G.L.Pathak, U.V.Singh and M.M.Simlot 782-783
Tectonics of the Region of Eastern Himalayan Syntaxis-- V.C.Thakur and A.K.Jain 783-785
Steroid Synthesizing Cellular Sites in the Testes of the Cobra, Naja Naja (Linn): A Historical Study 785-786
Regional Differentiation in the Structure of the ductus Epididymidis in the Vespertilinoid Bats, Pipistrellus Mimus and Pipistrellus Ceylonicus Chrysothrix-- A.Gopalakrishna, R.S.Thakur and A.Madhavan 786-788
Garra Notata (Blyth) (Pisces:Cypriniformes:Cyprinidae), A New Record from India-- M.Babu Rao 788-789
On the Occurence of Cirratulus Cirratus O.F.Muller (Polychaeta: Cirratulidae) A New Record for Indian Waters-- N.Kalyanasundaram, S.S.Ganti, K.Magapathi Rao and P.Ramachandra Raju 789-789
Calorimetric Estimation of Sesame Oil in Adulterated Samples-- Subhash chand, C.Srinivasulu, (Mrs) K.Vijayalakshmiand S.N.Mahapatra 790-790
Effect of Certain Rare Earth Elements on the Regulation of Stomatal Movements in Asphodelus Tenuifolius Cav-- L.N.Harsha and D.N.Sen 790-791
A Method for the Determination of Keratophilic Molds-- S.C.Agarwal and R.K.S.Kushwara 791-792
Proanthocyanidins in Seeds of the Leguminous Weed, Rhynchosia Minima-- N.S.Rangaswamy, H.G.Krishnamurthy and M.S.Rawat 792-793
Druses in the Ovular Envelopes of Euphorbiceae-- Piratla Narasimha Rao and D.Sarveswara Rao 793-795
Genetical studies in Rice Brittleness and Easy-ShellingHabit-- M.V.S.Sastry and R.Seetharaman 795-795
Some New Fruit Rot Diseases-- M.P.Tandon and Gaori Srivastava 795-796
Activation of Succinic Dehydrogenase Activity of the Shoot, Respiration and Protein Synthesis of Seedlings of Phaseolus Radiatus L. by B Vitamins-- P.Gopala Rao, A.Nagi Reddy and N.Rajakumar 796-797
Freak 'Flowers' from the Involucre of Bracts in Sunflower (Helianthus Annuus Linn)-- B.R.Rajendra, P.Nagarajan and G.Sivashankar 798-798
Histochemical Localization of DNA and RNA in Cuscuta Reflexa and Its Host-- Shrish C.Gupta and V.M.Rajeswari 799-800
Inhibition of GA3 Induced Extension Growth and Male Flower Formation in Female Parts of Cannabis Sativa by Cycloheximide-- V.S.Jaiswal and H.Y.Mohan Ram 800-801
Short Scientific Notes  
Galactsomum Lacteum (Jagerskoild, 1896) LLooss, 1899 (Trematoda:Heterophyidae) from a Domestic Cat (Felis catus Linne), in Madras , India-- D.J.Chellappa and M.Anatharaman 801-802

Post-Infection Changes in Sugar Contents of Banana Fruits-- M.M.Prasad

Occurence of the Hyper Parasite Cerebella on Ergot of Bajra [Pennisetum typhoides (burm F.) Stap f and C.E.Hubb]-- C.S.Kulkarni and L.Moniz 803-803
Insect Antifeedants Against Snail Opeas Gracile (Hutton)-- P.A.Rajan Asari and D.Dale 803-803
The Pachytene Chromosome of Jute (Corchorusoliritus L.)-- P.Paria and S.L.Basak 803-803
Reviews and Notices of Books 804-804