Current Science-Vol 42

JANUARY - 5, 1973

Sixteith Session of the Indian Science Congress
The diamond Jubliee Year

Sixty Years of Science in India -- PRESIDENT: S.BHAGAVANTAM
Towards a Universal Mass Formula for Elementary Particles


A Study of Metastable Equlibrium in Aluminium-Copper Alloys


The Classification of Polymorphic Hyphomycetes


Letters to the Editor
A Universe Filled with Magnetofluid -- T.H.Date 15-16
On the Levels of 192Pt and 192Os -- Rajendra Prasad, S.P.Ram, L.Chaturvedi, S.N.Chaturvedi and A.K.Nigam 16-17
Stereospecific Synthesis of Cis- and Trans-1, 2-Epoxy-1-Phenylpropanes -- K.K.Mathew, P.S.Raman and T.G.B.Antharjanam 17-18
Estimation of Nitrate in Phophoric Acid -- T.R.Narayanan Kutty 18-19
Synthesis and Bacteriostatic Activity of Linear (7,6) and Angular (7,8)-a-Pyronochromones -- M.Vijayalakshmi and N.V.Subba Rao 19-21
A New Synthesis of Thiophanic Acid -- S.Neelakantan and N.Thillaichidambaram 21-22
Study of the Garnets from Sakarsanites, Sakarsanahalli. Kolar District, Mysore State -- M.Suryanarayana Sastry 22-23
Observations on the Normal Cell Counts in the Blood of the Indian False Vampire Megaderma Lyra Lyra -- A.Gopalakrishna and )Miss) S.R.Chitale  23-24
Effect of Body Weight on Intake and Conversion of Food in the Fish Rasbora Daniconius -- R.Raghuraman 24-25
The Spawn of a Cymatid Gastropod Cymatium Pileare (Linne) -- P.N.Ganapathi and R.Subbaiah Sastry 25
Acetylcholinesterase Activity in the Embryonic Muscles of Chick -- E.Radha and R.V.Krishnamoorthy 26-27
A New Species of Amphisphaerella (Sphaeriales) from India -- D.N.Mhaskar and V.G.Rao 27-28
Occurrence of Malabar Gourd (Cucurbita Ficifolia Bouche) in Khasi Hills -- R.K.Arora and H.B.Singh 29
Cytology of Sechium Edule Sw. -- Benny M.Varghese  30
Short Scientific Notes 31-34
Reviews and Notices of Books 35-36
JANUARY - 20, 1973

The Indian Academy of Sciences-XXXVIII Annual Meeting 37-38
Abstracts of Papers Presented at the XXXVIII Annual Meeting of the Indian Acdemy of Sciences 38-50
Self-Defence for Leprosy Patients 50
Letters to the Editor
Magnetic Susceptibility of a Room Temperature Liquid Crystal (MBBA) -- Birendra Bahadur, R.A.Yadav and Suresh Chandra 51
Vibrational Spectra of N-Methylthiopropionamide and N-Deuterated N-Methyl Thiopropionamide -- K.Venkata Ramaiah and P.Usha Bai 51-54
Infrared Spectrum of 1-Fluoro-2 : 4-Dinitrobenzene -- P.K.Verma and R.Shanker 54-56
Cyanato Complexes of Manganese (II) with Nitrogen Donor Ligands -- Asoke K.Das and D.V.Ramana Rao 56-57
Electrical Conductivity  of Two Solid Free Radicals -- S.N.Bhat 57-58
Tricyclopentadienyl and Triidenyl Cpomponds of Thallium (III) -- Narendra Kumar, B.L.Kalsotra and R.K.Multani 58-59
Chemical Examination of the Leaf Residues of Skimmia Laureola Hook -- K.K.Bhargava and T.R.Seshadri 59-60
A Note on Some Taxodont Bivalves from the Jurassic Rocks of Kutch -- S.Kanjilal 60-61
Zinc Nutrition and the Enerfy Value of Cereal Grains -- RamsnehiDwivedi and N.S.Randhawa 61-62
Occurance of a Bicornuate Vagina in the Indian Leaf-Nosed Bat, Hipposideros Fulvus Fulvus (Gray) -- (Miss)K.B.Karim 62-63
Tetraphylidean Larva (Cestoda) in the Gastropod, Murex Trapa Roding, Off Waltair Coast, Bay of Bengal -- P.Rama Devi 63-64
Record of the Adult Bathypelagic Fish, Lestidium Japonicum Tanaka (Family:Paralepididae), in the Indian Ocean -- P.K.Talwar 64-65
Establishment of New Cell Lines from Aedes Albopictus Larval Calls in Media Containing Calf and Goat Sera -- U.K.M.Bhat 66
Relationship Between Virulence and Auxin Production by Rhizobium Isolates from Groundnut -- P.Vidhyasekhran, K.Balaraman, M.Deiveegasundaram and G.Rangaswami 66-67
Short Scientific Notes 68-70
Reviews and Notices of Books 71-72
FEBRUARY - 5, 1973

Production of Iodised Salt and Prevention of Goitre in India


Stability of Diamond and Zinc Blende Structures at High Pressures


The Effects of Gamma-Irradiation on Growth


Letters to the Editor 85-105
Short Scientific Notes 106-108
Reviews and Notices of Books 109-110
FEBRUARY - 20, 1973

Results of the Full-Correlation Analysis of Thumba Drift Records During high Solar Activity


Metabolism of Phenylalanine by Myxococcus Species


On the Thermodynamic Properties of Lead Sulphide 


Letters to the Editor
Angular Correlations in 177Hf -- V.Visweswara Rao, K.Parthasaradhi and V.Lakshminarayana 123
An X-Ray Examination of a Crystalline Complex Between Cytidine Monophosphoric Acid and Arginine -- T.N.Bhat and M.Vijayan 123-124
Structure of Phthalmic Acids from 4-Substituted Phthalic Anhydrides and Aromatic Amines -- K.Sudarsana Rao, V.Veeranagaiah and C.V.Ratnam 124
Addition Compounds of Oxovanadium (IV) with 2-Substituted Benzimidazoles -- N.S.Biradar, Miss S.Devale and V.H.Kulkarni 125-126
Estimation of Protein Concentration of Body Fluids by Viscosity Method -- B.Krishnan, T.K.Nambinarayanan and S.Ramakrishnan 126-127
A Synthesis of (+-) O-Trimethyl-Brazilin and (+-) O-Tetramethyl-Brazilin -- J.N.Chatterjea, S.C.Shaw and N.D.Sinha 127-128
Isolation of Pongachalcone-I from the Heart-Wood of Pongamia Glabra L. Merr -- K.subrahmanyam, J.Madhusudhana Rao and K.V.Jagannadha Rao 128-129
Antiviral Spectrum of a Growth Product Designated 6-MFA Isolated from Aspergillus Flavus L. -- R.K,.Maheshwari and B.M.Gupta 129-130
Some Observations on the Sulphide Mineralization in the Impure Bichua Rocks, Deolapar Area -- S.C.Jain and V.K.Nayak 130-131
Buried Sinkhole of Dhamtari in the Charmuria Limestone of Raipur District in Madhya Pradesh and its Hydrogeological Significance -- P.G.Adyalkar, P.N.Phadtare and K.Ramanna  131-133
On Some Physical Characteristics of Blood of Indian Desert Gerbil, Meriones Hurricane Jerdon -- A.K.Karel and S.C.Saxena 133-134
Elastin Nature of the Inner Lining of the Stomodaeum and Proctodaeum in Amphipods -- K.shyamsundari and K.Hanumantha Rao 134-135
Trichinella Spiralis (Owen, 1935) in Bandicota Bengalensis (Gray) in Bombay -- S.M.Niphadkar 135-136
A New Anthocyanin Pigmentation Pattern in Tossa Jute (Corchorus Olitorius L.) and the Mode of its Inheritance -- K.Chakravarty 136-137
Early-Dwarf Mutant in Linseed Induced by Gamma-Rays -- K.P.George and G.G.Nayar 137-138
Induced Mutation Affecting Flower Development in Capsicum Annuum L. -- H.C.Bansal 139-140
Occurance of Dichotomosiphon (A.Br.) Ernst at Amruthur (Mysore State), South India -- A.R.Rao and V.S.Yalvigi 140-141
Short Scientific Notes 141-144
Reviews and Notices of Books 145-146
MARCH - 5, 1973

Some Electrohydrodynamic Distortion Patters in a Nematic Liquid Crystal


Relativistic Invariance and Discrete Symmetries


Problems in Electromagnetic Mass-Difference Calculations


Weak Interactions


Gravitational Theory in the Presence of Spinors


"Unsolved Problems" in Quark Model and Hardon Spectra


The Group-Theoritical Aspects of Quantum Mechanics


Letters to the Editor
Calculation of High Frequency Dielectric Constant of Alkali Halide Crystals -- S.C.Goyal  and Jai Shanker 164
Thermodynamic Properties of Some Molecules of XO2Y2 and XO2YZ Types -- C.R.Gopinath and K.S.Raghavendra Rao 164-165
Tetrakis Selenourea Cobalt (II) Perchlorate -- P.C.Roy and D.V.Ramana Rao 165-166
Spiral Growth of Lead on a Copper (111) Plane -- T.H.V.Setty, M.F.Ahmed and B.S.Seshadri 167
Storage Stability of Antimicrobial Cotton Textile -- M.S.Maurya, G.Pandya and Bal Krishna 168-169
Large Scale Isolation Protoplasts from Maize Leaves of Maize -- S.N.Chakraborty 169-170
Biological Oxidation of Resorcinol -- C.Mythirayee and W.Madhavakrishna 171
Diagenetic Rhombohedral Calcite from the Maestrichtian Band of the Trichinopoly Upper Cretaceous, South India -- C.Gundu Rao 171-172
Inhibition of Ovarian Compensatory Hypertrophy by Barbital Sodium in Hemispayed Albino Rats -- Saraswati B.Singh and M.Appaswamy Rao 173-174
Inheritance of a Dwarf Barley Mutant - A Preliminary Study -- B.Thakur and B.C.Sinha 175-176
A New Species of Chaetomium from Soil -- D.P.Tiwari and P.D.Agarwal 176-177
Colchicine-Potassium Oxalate in the Analysis of Mouse Chromosome -- T.S.S.Dikshith and K.K.Datta 177-179
Short Scientific Notes 179-181
Reviews and Notices of Books 181-183
MARCH - 20, 1973

Photosynthetic Pigments and Primary Production


Appearance of Transmissible Disease Syndrome in Maize (Zea Mays L.) Plants Infected with Avian Mycoplasma


Thermal Responses in Cirrhina Mrigala Fry


Spectroscopic Studies of Propionamide, Thiopropionamide, N, N-Deuterated Propionamide and N, N-Deuterated Thippropionamide


Letters to the Editor
Electrical Conductivity of Some Hyrogen-Bonded Systems -- S.N.Bhat 198-199
A Distorted Octahedral Complex of Nickel (II) with O-Hydroxy-4-Benzamidothiosemicarbazide -- M.P.Swami, P.C.Jain and A.K.Srivastava 199-200
Liquid Crystalline Properties of a Homologous Series of Napthylidene Schiff's Base Compounds of Cholesterol -- J.S.Dave and George Kurian  200
Reaction of Dichloroanilines with Acrylic Acid and Methylacrylic Acids -- J.R.Merchant and D.S.Chothia  201
Reaction of Dimethyl Acetylenedicarboxylate with 1, 2, 3, 4-Tetrahydroquinaldine -- Mahendra Narain Sharma 201-202
Binding of Taurine to Hartmannella Culbertsoni Membranes and the Synthesis of Cyclic Amp. -- M.K.Raizada and C.R.Krishna Murthy 202-203
Autoradiographic Localisation of Triiodothyroline Sensitive Area in the Lateral Hypothalamic Region of a Telecost Fish -- Shamim Haider and A.G.Sathyanesan 204
Moult Cycle of a Centipede Ethmostigmus Spinosus (Chilopoda:Myriapoda) -- G.Sundara Rajulu 205-206
Effects of an Acute Dose of Biotin on the Reproductive Organs of the Female Rat -- P.K.Paul, P.N.Duttagupta and Hari C.Agarwal 206-208
Oxygen Consumption in Virgin and Mated Bed Bugs -- Hari V.Rao 208-209
Studies on Glucose and Glycogen in the Accessory Reproductive Gland of Chrysocoris Purpureus (Westw) -- L.S.Ranganathan 209-210
On the First Vertebra of Puntius Sarana Subnasutus (Valenciennes) -- B.Shobhana and N.Balakrishnan Nair 210-211
On a New Function of Crop in the Female Calliphorid Flies (Diptera, Insecta) -- Vijay Kohle 211-212
B-9 Induced Growth Stimulation in Jute (C.Olitorius L.) -- S.C.Chakravarti and V.K.Mishra 212-213
Isolation of Myxomycetes from Soil -- K.R.Sharma and K.G.Mukerji 213-215
Double Trisomic in Trigonella Corniculata -- Avtar Singh, Dalbir singh and R.P.Roy 215-216
Short Scientific Notes 216-218
Reviews and Notices of Books 219-221
APRIL - 5,  1973

Copper Content in the Inshore and Estuarine Waters along the Central West Coast of India


Vitamin A-Induced Haemolysis and Lipid Peroxidation : Effect of Vitamin E, D and Antioxidants


Importance of O-R Potential in Initiating Cultures of Axenically Grown Entamoeba Histolytica from Small Inocula


Mechanism of Ventilatory Movements in Tesseratoma Javanica and Their Recording Techniques


Letters to the Editor
Study of Impurity Precipitates in Doped NaCl Crystals by Means of Ultrasonic Velocity Changes -- E.Srinivasa Chary, V.Hari Babu and Y.V.Ramana 234-235
Application of First Order Kinetic Equation for the Evaluation of Kinetic Parameters by DTA-Uranyl Oxalate Trihydrate System -- K.S.Subramanian, T.P.Radhakrishnan and A.K.Sundaram 235-236
Spectrophotometric Studies on Iron (III) Complexes -- J.R.Shah and R.P.Patel 236-237
Tetrafluorenyl Oxy Molybdenum (VI) and Tungsten (VI) -- (Miss) Sushma Kapur, R.K.Multani and B.L.Kalsotra 237-238
A Note on the Geology and Micropalaeontology of the Neill Island, South Andaman -- Pratap Singh and K.P.Vimal 239-241
Free amino Acids in some Tissues of Gryllotalpa Africana Beauvois (Orthoptera : Insecta) -- R.Rakshpal 241-242
Karyolgical Studies on the Genus Acartia (Copepoda) -- Usha Goswami and S.C.Goswami  242-243
Herbicides as Regulants for Stomatal Closure in Dryland Farming -- T.R.Dutta, S.R.Gupta and J.N.Gupta 243-244
A Note on the Utility of Cotton Waste as a Soil Conditioner -- C.R.Lakshminarasimhan, C.S.Balasundaram and K.Rajakkannu 245
Foliar Sclereids in Rhodoleia Teysmanni -- A.N.Rao 245-247
In Vitro Production of Plats from the Anthers of Petunia Hybrida Vilmour -- Sudhir K.Sopory and S.C.Maheshwari  247-248
Kaempferol-3-Glucoside from Crateva Adansonii Dc. Subsp, Odora Jacobs (Family Capparaceae) and its Taxonomic Significance -- Prithipalsingh and K.M.Dakshini  248-249
Electrolyte Changes in Blasted Rice -- H.C.Dube  249-250
A Note on the Embryology of Polugonum Glabrum Willd -- B.A.Rao and P.K.Mukherjee 251-252
Differential Expression of Pleiotropic Genes for for Pigmentation in Rice (Oryza Sativa L.) -- C.V.Dhulappanavar 252-253
Isolation and Identification of Sesamin from Sesamum Indicum Tissue Cultures -- Pushpa Khanna and S.C.Jain 253-254
Glycogen Fractions During Exercise of the Dytiscid Beetle Cybister Confusus -- V.L.Kallapur 254-255
Short Scientific Notes 256-258
Reviews and Notices of Books 258-260
APRIL - 20, 1973

Autoinfection with Cysts of Entamoeba Histolytica in Experimental Animals and its Bearing on Relapses of Treated Cases of Chronic Human Amoebiasis


Discovery of a Komatiite in the Precambrian of India and its Significance in the Nature of Archean Volcanism and of the Early Crust in the Indian Shield


Active Layer os Asymmetric Osmotic Membrane


Satellite Television Cloudf Photography as a Possible tool to Forecast Plant Disease Spread


Letters to the Editor
Anomalous Etch Pits in Bismuth -- B.S.Shah 275
The Expanding Earth - An Evidence from Palaeomagnetic Observations in India -- B.S.R.Rao and I.V.Radhakrishna Murthy  275-276
Cone-in-Cone Structure from the West Bokaro Coalfield, India -- D.Chandra and J.P.Gupta  276-277
On the Occurance of Rapakivi Granite from Keskal Area of Bastar District in South-Eastern Madhya Pradesh -- P.G.Adyalkar, P.N.Phadtare and K.Ramanna  277-278
Release of Phosphate from Tricalcium and Rock Phosphates by Organic Acids -- R.P.Pareek and A.C.Gaur 278-279
Isolation of a Nephrotoxin From Pencillium Piceum, A Common Food Contaminant -- V.V.Parthasarathy and E.R.B.Shanmugasundaram 279-280
Effect of Triphenyltin Acetate on the Fecundity and Fertility of Dysdercus Cingulatus F. (Heteroptera : Pyrrhocoridae) -- Habeeb J.Ansari and Mumtaz A.Khan 280-281
Size Relationship of Oocytes and Their Nuclei in Three Species of Scorpions -- M.L.Sareen and Darshana Monga 281-282
Giant Cells in the Placenta of Two Species of Indian Rats -- K.B.Karim 282-284
Chromosomal Dynamics in the south Indian Palm Squirrel Funambulus Palmarum Palmarum Linn. (Rodenta : Sciuridae) -- K.L.Satya Prakash and N.V.Aswathnarayana  284-285
Mass Mortality of Lingula Anatina (Lam.) (Brachiopoda) in Porto Novo Waters, S.India -- K.Ramamoorthi, K.Venkataramanujam and B.Srikrishnadhas 285-286
Intracellular and Extracellular complement Fixing Antigens of Japanese Encephalitis and Chandipura Viruses in Mosquito Tissue Cultures -- S.N.Ghosh, S.s.Tongaonkar and C.N.Dandawate 286-288
Chromosome Studies in the Liver Fluke, Fasciola Gigantica Cobbold, 1856, from Andhra Pradesh -- P.Venkat Reddy and S.Subramanyam 288-290
Meiosis in Spironema Fragrans Lindle -- P.P.Gupta and S.K.Roy 291-292
Photoperiodic Responses of Some Species of Marsilea -- Brij Gopal 292-293
Short Scientific Notes 293-296
Reviews and Notices of Books 297-298
MAY - 5, 1973

Raman Infrared and Electronic Spectra of Acenaphthylene


Tectonic Framework of Gangetic Alluvium, with Special Referance to Ganga River in Uttar Pradesh


Ashing Procedures for Volatile Elements in Biomaterials


Letters to the Editor
Effect of Temperature on the Piezo-Optic Dispersion in Some Alkali Halide Crystals -- K.V.Krishna Rao and V.G.Krishna Murty 310-311
On the Force Field of PF5 -- T.R.Ananthakrishnan and G.Aruldhas 311-312
X-Ray Determination of the Debye Temperature Europium Fluoride -- D.B.Sirdeshmukh and M.J.M.Rao 312-313
Electronic Absorption Spectrum of 3-Methyl Indole Vapour -- M.A.Shashidhar and K.Suryanarayana Rao 313-314
Synthesis of Sericetin and Related Compunds -- A.C.Jain and M.K.Zutshi 314-315
Effect of Ascorbic Acid Against Chemically Induced Convulsions in Albino Mice -- 
Radha Yegnanarayanan, A.P.Saraf and G.V.Joglekar
Study of Mineral Nutrient Value of Greens -- X.Rosario Rajkumar, K.Durairaj and Casimir Gnanadickam  317
Proteinase Activity in Relation to Leaf Spot of Rice -- P.K.Mukherjee, D.Sarkar and J.J.Ghosh 318
A Note on the Biostratigraphy of the Upper Siwaliks of Naraingarh Tehsil, Ambala -- A.C.Nanda 319
Holocrine Secretion in the Hepatopancreas of Amphipods -- K.Shyamasundari and Susan Varghese  319-321
On Anemia and Total Liver Fat in the X-Irradiated Garden Lizards -- S.K.Banerjee, (Miss) Amiya Ghosh and L.K.Maity 321-322
Investigations on Formaldehyde as a Fixative and Preservative for Zooplankton -- T.Balachandran  322-323
Fatty Acids of the Body Fat of Toad (Bufo Melanostictus) -- A.K.Basu and J.Dutta 323-324
Cytological Studies in a Wild Indian Species of Dracaena -- A.Sheriff and B.K.Sadashiva Singh  324-325
Translocation of Tobacco Mosaic Virus from Tobacco Callus Cultures Through Hyphae of Phthium Debaryanum Hesse -- S.Subbaryudu, R.Padma, Mahua Datta Gupta and S.P.Raychaudhuri  325-326
The Occurance of Brown Spothelminthosporium Oryzae Breda de Haan on Some Wild Species of Oryza -- C.L.Subramanian and G.Ramakrishnan 327
Noogoora Burr (Xanthium Pungens) in India -- J.K.Maheshwari 327-328
A New Species of Phyllostictina from Maharashtra -- S,B.Thakur 328-329
Short Scientific Notes 329-332
Reviews and Notices of Books 333-335
MAY - 20, 1973

A Dipole-Assisted  Mechanism for Ion Transport Across Nerve Cell Membranes


On the Physico-Chemical Basis of Cell Adhesion


Effects of Actinomycin D on Growth, Heterocyst Formation, and Nucleic Acid Synthesis in the Blue-Green Alga, Anabaena Doliolum


Studies on Non-Specific Inactivation of Some Arboviruses by Fresh Serum From Different Laboratory Animals


Letters to the Editor
A Property of the Schild-Kerr Metric -- M.Misra 349
Liquid Crystalline Behaviour of Some Naphthalene Derivatives -- J.S.Dave, B.C.Joshi and George Kurian  349-350
Zinc (II) Complexes with Substituted Pyridines and Quinoline -- B.K.Mohapatra 350-351
Metal Chelates of N-Hydroxy-Ethylethylenediamine -- S.C.Rustagi and G.N.Rao 351-352
On the Discovery of Upper Palaeozoic Bryozoans from Kameng District, Arunachal Pradesh -- A.K.Jain and A.K.Das 352-354
In Situ Localisation of DNA with Basic Dyes of the Xanthene Group -- Mihir K.Dutt 354-356
Steroid Synthesizing Cellular sites in the Inetrrenal Tissue of Bufo Melanostictus and the Testis of Rana Tigrina -- M.A.Hooli, S.K.Saidapur and V.B.Nadkarni 356-357
A New Population of Rattus Rattus with 38 Chromosomes in North-Western India -- V.C.Shah, S.C.Lakhotia and K.Aravinda Babu 357-359
On the Distribution of Polygala Jacobii Chandr -- B.G.Kulkarni and N.P.Singh  359
Morphological Diversity in Phaseolus Sublobatus Roxb. -- R.K.Arora, K.P.S.Chandel and B.S.Joshi 359-361
Second Meiotic Division in the Tetrasporangium of Chondria Dasyphylla (Woodw.) C.Ag., -- C.S.Prakasa Rao and Abha Rani Gujarati 361-362
Production of Toxic Metabolites by Colletotrichum Capsici (Syd.) Butl and Bisby and its Role in Leaf Spot Disease of Turmeric -- M.Chandrashekharan Nair and K.Ramakrishnan 362-363
Observations on Basicladia Crassa (Collins) Hoffmann and Tilden - A New Addition to the Indian Flora -- Braj Nandan Prasad and Vijay Kumari Jain 363-364
Development of Ovule and Female Gametophyte in Talinum Patens Willd. -- A.M.Khan 364-365
Indole Acetic Acid Metabolism in Soil as Influenced by Pesticide Application -- D.Purusgothaman, K.Balaraman and G.Oblisami 365-366
Short Scientific Notes 367-369
Reviews and Notices of Books 370-372
JUNE - 5, 1973

Studies on "Sappe" Disease of the Silkworm Bombyx Mori, L.


Growth Dynamics and Developmental Patterns in the Unicellular Trichomes of Angiosperms


The Growth of Silver Sulphide Crystals


Letters to the Editor
Crystallization and Crystal Data of Acetaminophen and Metamizol -- T.P.Singh, T.N.Bhat and M.Vijayan 384
Electrical Properties of a New Type of A+B5+B6+O6 2- Compounds -- V.S.Chincholkar 384-385
Observation of a Relatively Low Apperent Velocity and High Absorption Layer at 39.0 degree - 40.2 degree Epicentral Distances by Using P Waves -- S.K.Sarmah 385-387
Elimination of Acid Drift During Potentiometric Measurement of Root Cec -- P.A.Wahid, N.G.Pillai and C.B.Kamala Devi 387-388
Effect of Nitrogen Sources on L-Lysine Production by Homoserine Auxotroph of Micrococcus Glutamicus -- M.L.Lodha, S.L.Mehta and N.B.Das 388-389
A Kinetic Study of the Reaction of a-Hydroxy Acids and Their Esters with Halogen Hydracids -- T.P.Visvanathan 390
Tyrosinase : A Fe2+ Containing Enzyme from Tea Leaves -- D.V.singh and P.P.Mukherjee 391
The Karyotype of Zizyphoides Punctatus, Sp. Nov -- A.K.Bhattacharya 391-392
A New Record of Pentatomoidea (Hemiptera) from India -- A.D.Pawar 392-393
An Improvised Portable Fermentor for Small Scale Production of Rhizobium Culture -- S.L.Gulati and V.K.Seth 394-395
Isolation of a New Cyanophage TAuHN-1 -- B.D.Kaushik and G.S.Venkataraman 395-396
Distributional Records of Soliva Anthemifolia, Centipeda Minima and Merremia Emarginata in and Near Delhi -- K.M.M.Dakshini and Prithipalsingh 396-397
Protoplasmic Germinal Processes in Some Cucurbits -- S.Dhar 397-398
On Endothecial Thickenings in Some Monocotyledonous Families -- Arvind G.Untawale and R.K.Bhasin 398-400
Post-Infection Changes in Ascorbic Acid Content in Fruits of Tomato (Lycopersicon Esculentum Mill.) Induced by Cylindrocladium Scoparium Morgan -- M.P.Tandon and Jamaluddin 400-401
Studies on Stomato and Trichomes of Rauwolfia Serpentina L. -- B.S.Trivedi and Nirmala Upadhyay 401-403
Short Scientific Notes 403-405
Reviews and Notices of Books 406-408
JUNE - 20, 1973

Lecithin Cholestryl Acyl Transferase (LCAT) and Human Serum Cholestrerol Levels


Survival of Rhizobia in Nilgiris Peat


Solution of Linear Immiscible Displacement Process in a Finite Porous Medium with Randomly Oriented Fractures


Letters to the Editor
On the Mean Amplitude of Atomic Vibration and Nature of Bonding in Solids -- V.Raju, M.D.Aggarwal and J.K.D.Verma 418
Oxidative Hydrolysis of some Ketoximes by Thallic Ions -- T.Balakrishnan and M.Santappa 418-419
X-Ray Studies in the System BaTiO3 - MoO3 -- V.S.Chincholkar 420
Oxidation of Thioglycolic Acid Using Dichloramine-T in Glacial Acetic Acid Medium -- D.S.Mahadevappa and M.Madaiah 420-421
Study of Glycosides From Trigonella Corniculata Linn. and T. Foenum-Graecum Linn. Seeds -- T.R.Seshadri, I.P.Varshney and A.R.Sood 421-422
New Fossil Fishes from the Inetr-Trappean Beds in Surendranagar District Gujarat State -- V.D.Borkar 422-423
Food Intake and Energy Expenditure Patterns in Two Insect Primary Consumers -- T.J.Pandian 423-425
Record of Hydrophitrema Gigantica Sandars, 1960 (Trematoda : Hemiuridae) from Sea Snakes of Waltair Coast Bay of Bengal -- R.Madhavi and K.Hanumantha Rao 425-426
Somatic and Meiotic Chromosomes of Heteropneustes Fossilis (Bloch) -- P.Vasudevan, S.G.A.Rao and S.R.V.Rao 427-428
Effect of Surfactants on the Activities of C1 and Cx Cellulases in the Culutre Filtrate of Aspergillus Terreus -- B.L.Ghosh and R.G.Bose 428-430
In Vitro Foliar Shoot Bud Formation in Begonia Semperflorens -- Sharda Thakur 430-432
A New Entomogenous Fungus on the Root Grub, Holotricha Serrata F. from Mysore -- K.G.Ranghanathaiah, G.K.Veeresh and H.C.Govindu 432-433
Lipase Production by the Rice Blast Pathogen -- R.Sridhar and S.H.Ou 433-434
Structure and Development of Hairs in Agrmonia Eupatorium L. (Family Rosaceae) -- D.K.Jain and V.Singh 434-436
Abnormal Stomata of Equisetum -- B.S.Trivedi and Usha Kher 436-437
Effect of Irradiation with Gamma-Rays on Embryo Sac in M1 Generation of Rice -- L.D.Vijendra Das and S.R.Sree Rangasamy 437-438
Short Scientific Notes 438-441
Reviews and Notices of Books 442-444
JULY - 5, 1973

On the Mass Spectrum of Elementary Particles


Some Assorted Leptonic Puzzles


Geomagnetic Disturbance Effect on the Solar Daily Range of H Field


Body Water Turnover Rates in Anadara Granosa


Letters to the Editor
A Cylindrically Symmetric Non-Uniform Universe Filled with Perfect Fluid -- L.K.Patel 457
Ultrasonic Relaxation in n-Heptane-Phenol System Around the Critical Region -- K.Mallikhajuna Swamy, K.Laxmi Narayana, J.Sreeramamuthy and P.Sitaramaswamy 457-458
Some Characteristics of the Fluorescein in Solution -- S.Tripathi, J.Kishore, K.Gopalakrishnan and M.K.Machwe 458-459
Phase Studies in the System Zn, Fe, Sm(2-x) O4 -- S.P.Kedar and K.Rama Rao 459-460
A New Vanadyl (IV) Thiocyanate Method for the Spectrophotometric Determination of vanadium (IV) -- U.Muralikrishna and K.V.Bapanaiah 460-461
Complex Formation with 3-Phenylazo-4-Hydroxy Coumarin -- B.Bharat Kumar, K.S.R.Krishna Mohan Rao and M.C.Ganorkar 461-462
A Possible Involvement of Cyclic 3' :: 5' Adenosine Monophosphate in the Maturation of Mammalian Reticulocytes -- Ch. Raja Babu, S.Azhar and C.R.Krishnamurti 463-464
Potential Biologically Active Agents -- Rajendra S.Verma 464-466
Hydrobiotite From the Pakhals of Yellandlapad, Andhra Pradesh -- R.Ramamohana Rao and G.S.R.Krishna Murti 466-467
Nature of the Sex-Attractant Phermone in a Crab Paratelphusa Hydrodromus (Crustacea) -- G.Sundara Rajulu, G.Santhakrishnan and S.Shyamalanath 467-468
Sensitivity of Succinate Dehydrogenase to Inhibitors at Homogenate pH -- S.Sanvar Basha and Karumuri S.Swami 469-470
Late 'Splitting' in the Juvenile Leaf of Phoneix Dactylifera L. -- D.Padmanabhan and S.Veerasamy 470-472
Anomalous Gonadal Differentiation in the Frog, Rana Hexadactyla (Lesson) -- M.Suvarnalatha and H.B.Devaraj Sarkar 472-473
Interaction of Formaldehyde and X-Rays on Mutation Production in Dorsophila Melanogaster -- Sunanda Mahajani and V.L.Chopra 473-474
Mutagenic Action of nitroso Methyl Urea in Pearl Millet -- S.Tara Mohan, D.Srinivasachar and R.N.Raut 474-475
Influence of Abscisic Acid on the Endogenous Gibberellin Level of Phaseolus Radiatus, Linn Seedlings -- V.Rajagopal, M.R.K.Rao and I.M.Rao 475-476
Short Scientific Notes 477-478
Reviews and Notices of Books 479-480
JULY - 20, 1973

Marine Transgressions Along the East Coast of South India


Microbial Production of Amino Acids


Pollution in Vishakapatnam Harbour


Letters to the Editor
A Note on Ergodic Theorems for Mark off Processes -- K.Nagabhushanam 493
On Vaidya's Metric for a Tachyon Field -- A .Banerjee 493-494
Studies on Elastic Anisotropy and Cauchy Relation in Doped NaCl Crystals -- V.Hari Babu, E.S.Chari and Y.V.Ramana 494-495
Some Platinum Metal Complexes of Thiosalicylic Acid -- Chitra Nair and H.L.Nigam 495-497
Synthesis and Spectra Isoxazolo (5 6-d) Flavonols -- E.V.S.Bhushan Rao, K.S.R.Krishna Mohan Rao and N.V.subba Rao 498
A Improved Thin-Layer Chromatographic Method for the Detection of Abrus Precatorius Seeds -- R.Subramanian, E.H.Visanathan and G.Krihsnamurthy 499-500
Formation of Spirals During Anodic Dissolution of Coppe (100) Plane -- S.M.Mayanna and (Late) T.H.V.Setty 500-501
Amperometric Titrations with Iodine Cyanide and Bromine Cyanide -- Ram Chand Paul, Raj Kumar Chauhan and Ram Parkash 501-503
Effect of Incorporation of Lead on Solubility of the Bone Mineral -- N.S.Chickerur and S.V.Chiranjeevi Rao 503
Radio-Resistant Micrococcus Radiophilus Sp. Nov. Isolated from Irradiated Bombay Duck (Harpodon Nehereus) -- Norman F.Lewis  504
Influence of Air Pollutants on Point Discharge Currents in the Atmosphere -- A.M.Rao and J.K.Patnaik 504-506
A New Bryozoan Species from the Shelf Sediments off the East Coast of India -- M.Subba Rao and T.Kameswara Rao 506-507
Effect of Soil Phenolics on the Growth of Rhizobium -- D.Purushothaman and K.Balaraman 507-508
Serological Properties of Mutants of Rhizobium -- B.D.Kaushik, K.R.Dadarwal and G.S.Venkataraman 508-509
Occurance of Ectodesmata in the Epidermal Cell Walls of Asparagus -- A.K.M.Ghouse and Mohd.Yunus 509-510
A New Kind of Exine Sculpturing in Impatiens L. (Balsaminaceae) from South India -- V.Bhaskar and B.A.Razi 510-512
Short Scientific Notes 512-514
Reviews and Notices of Books 515-516
AUGUST - 5, 1973

A Normal Period of Large-Scale Break in the Southwest Monsoon over India


A Geochemiacl Study of Nobium Distribution, and of Nb-Ti and Nb-Zr Relations in some Phyllosilicates


Synthesis of some New Therapeutic N-p-Bromophenly-N-2-(Substituted_ Benzothiazolyl Guanidines


Letters to the Editor
A Note on the Generating Function of Laguerre Polynomials -- B.K.Karande and N.K.Thakare 531
Determination of Heavy Atom Positions in Protein Crystallography and Improved Difference Fourier Synthesis Incorporating Anomalous Scattering Data -- M.Vijayan 531-532
The Emission Band Spectrum of HfI in the Red -- T.Savithry, D.V.K.Rao and P.T.Rao 533-534
Thermal Expansion of Cobalt Ferrite and Cobalt-Zinc Ferrite -- Leela Iyengar, B.Ram Prasad and Burhanullah Quadri 534-535
Green's Function Formalism and Molecular force Field Ellipses and XY4 Structures -- K.L.Narayana and B.P.Sabale 535-536
Some Thallium(I) Molybdates -- M.Raghuchandra Kini, M.R.Udupa and G.Aravamudan 536-537
Stobbe Reaction of Phenylacetic Esters and o-Benzoylbenzoates -- B.H.Patwardhan and G.Bagavant 537-538
Aromatic Aldehydes from Amines -- S.H.Dandegaonker and P.D.Pagar 539-540
Barbiturate Induced Sleeping Time in Mice by Tea Polyphenols -- R.Murari, S.Natarajan, T.R.Seshadri and A.S.Ramaswami 540-541
Biochemical Differentiation of Fast and Slow Coxal Muscles of Male and Female Periplaneta Americana -- N.Chari, A.Bass and I.Hajek 541-542
On the Contribution of Follicle Epithelium During Oocyte Growth in Acrida Turrita (Acrididae - Orthoptera) -- N.A.Nirmala and M.R.Rajasekarasetty 543-544
Differences in ABO Blood Group Frequency Among Punjabis -- A.K.Gupta, J.S.Dhesi and B.S.Gill 544-545
Usefulness and Limitation of Ketolactose Test to Distinguish Agrobacteria from Rhizobia -- Y.D.Gaur, A.N.Sen and N.S.Subba Rao 545-546
Is Acrostichum Aureum L. Truly A Mangrove Fern? -- T.Ananda Rao, A.K.Mukherjee and L.K.Banerjee 546-547
Incorporation of Radioactive Glucose in the Extracellular Pencillinase of Staphylococcus Aureus -- S.Krishnaswamy, B.V.Gantotti and A.Balasubramanian 548
Short Scientific Notes 549-550
Reviews and Notices of Books 551-552
AUGUST - 20, 1973

Origin of the Fresh-Water Fish-Fauna of India


Hydrogeological Control for Teak and Sal Vegetation in parts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh


Histochemical Characterization of the Physiological Heterogeneity of Fibre Types in the Rhesus Extraocular Muscle


Letters to the Editor
Chemical Shifts of the Cobalt K Absorption Discontinuity in Some Compounds -- V.K.Kondawar and C.Mande 562-563
Poly (Butyl Acrylate-Co-Methyl Methacrylate) in Dilute Solution -- S.M.Arulsamy, K.S.V.Srinivasan and M.Santappa 563-564
Dislocation Etch in Sodium Bromate -- D.B.Sirdeshmukh and Ch.Satyanarayana 565
Cyanato Complexes of Zinc (II) with Nitrogen Donor Ligands -- B.K.Mohapatra 565-566
Metabolism of Aromatic Amino Acids by Pythium aphanidermatu (Edson) Fitzp. -- R.Bhaskaran 567-568
Inhibitory Activity of the Parasporal Crystal of Bacillus Thuringiensis Var. Thuringiensis on Yoshida Ascites Sarcoma -- S.S.V.Prasad, H.Lalitha Kumari and Y.I.Shethna 568-569
Fission Track Ages of Some Bundelkhand Granites Around Jhansi -- M.K.Nagpal, A.D.Arora and K.K.Nagpaul 570-572
Feddenichnus, A New Burrow Fossil from the Wadhwan Formation, Saurashtra -- G.W.Chiplonkar and V.D.Borkar 572-573
On the Histology of Caeca in Three Species of Birds -- N.P.Kalyanam, N.Gurumani and R.Suthanthiran 573-575
Occurance of a Composite Gonad on One side in the Male Toad, Bufo Melanostictus (Schn.) -- B.S.Thyagaraja and H.B.Devaraj Sarkar 575-576
X-Autosome Translocation in the Indian Langur - Resbytis Pentellus -- Usha Goswami 576-577
In Vitro Production of Shoot Buds in Euphorbia Pulcherrima -- K.Nataraja, M.S.Chennaveeraiah and P.Girigowda  577-578
Morphology of the Capitulum of Melampodium Divaricatum (Rich) DC. -- K.S.Manilal 578-580
An Interesting Feature of the Stipule Bundles of Serissa Foetida -- V.S.Rao and (Mrs.) K.Gupte 580
Influence of Riboflavin on Growth, Respiration, and Chlorophyll and Protein Contents in Green Gram (Phaseolus Radiatus Linn.) -- P.Gopala Rao 580-581
Occurance of Centric Fragment Chromosomes and their Meiotic Behaviour in a Pearl Millet (Pennisetum Typhoides Staff and Hubb.) -- Miss. J.N.R.Mani 581-582
Leaf Scald of Rice (Rhynchosporium Oryzae Hashioka and Yokogi) -- S.N.Shanmughom, N.Gopalan, K.M.George and R.Gopalakrishnan 582-583
Short Scientific Notes 584-585
Reviews and Notices of Books 586-588
SEPTEMBER - 5, 1973

Trace Element Distribution in some Mollusca from Bombay Coast


Studies on Accumulation of Citrates in Insects


Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Hydrogen Bonding in Amide-Amide Complexes


Letters to the Editor
Flash Photolysis of Seawater -- P.S.Rao 599
Some Carbonyl Complexes of Rhodium and Iricyclohexyl Arsine -- G.K.N.Reddy and N.M.Nanje Gowda 600-601
Thermal Responses of Catla Catla Fry -- M.C.Balani 601-602
Studies on Acetylation of Sulfanilamide in Ochromonas Malhamensis -- Urmila S.Murdia and D.V.Tamhane 602-604
Analysis of Methacrolein in Gas Mixtures -- S.K.Ray and M.Chanda 604-605
Components of the Seed Coats of Phaseolus Mungo and Phaseolus Radiatus -- R.Murari, T.R.Seshadri and S.Vydeeswaran 605-606
Triterpenoid Constituents of Alstonia Venenata Fruit Pods -- V.B.Pandey and A.B.Ray 606-607
Radiocarbon Dates of the Buried Soil in the Lower Narmada Valley -- K.T.M.Hegde and V.R.Switsur 607-609
Note on the Inheritance of a Sterile Induced Mutant in Rice -- N.R.Nair and R.Gopalakrishnan 609
Prolonged Starvation on Survival and Fecundity in Trogoderma Granarium -- G.K.Karnavar 609-610
Glutamic Acid-Effects on the Nervous Activity of the Aestivating Snail, Pila Globosa -- P.Murali Mohan, K.S.Swami and K.Sasira Babu 610-612
A Haematological Study on the Freshwater Teleost, Catla Catla -- M.V.Subba Rao and M.K.Behera 612-613
Antifertility Effect of Biotin and its Amelioration by Estrogen in the Female Rat -- P.K.Paul, P.N.Duttagupta and Hari C.Agarwal 613-615
A New Species of Xenosporium from India -- Vasant Rao and P.Raghuveer Rao 615-616
A New Species of Pringsheimia Schulzer -- K.S.Panwar and D.K.Purohit 616-617
MES Induced Dwarf Mutants in a Pearl Millet (Pennisetum Typhoides Staff & Hubb.) -- J.Venkateswarulu and Miss J.N.R.Mani 617-618
A New Record of a Cyst Forming Nematode (Heterodera Chaubattia N.Sp.) from the Hills of Uttar Pradesh -- Pramila Gupta and J.C.Edward 618-620
Chenopodium Murale - A Differential host for Cowpea Mosaic Viruses -- R.Padma and Arvind S.Summanwar 620
Comparative Pollen Morphology of Japanese and Indian Specimens of Spinacia Oleracea Linn. -- P.K.K.Nair and (Mrs.) S.K.Kapoor 621-622
Short Scientific Notes 622-624
Reviews and Notices of Books 625-626
SEPTEMBER - 20, 1973

Vibrational Spectra of the Three Isomeric Fluorobenzoylchlorides


Rapid Distortion of Axisymmetric Turbulance


Celluloly IC Activity in Some Land Snails of South-India


Letters to the Editor
Tidal Inequality Attributed to Orbiral-Rotational Coupling -- Irving Michelson 638-639
Integrated Absorption Intensities of Carbonyl Band in Substituted Ureas -- K.Mrutyunjaya Rao and K.Venkata Ramaiah 639-641
Velocity Anisotropy in some Indian Limestones -- Bh.Krishnamurty and T.Visweswar 641-642
Acergenin from the Heartwood of Acer Caesium -- V.Narayanan, R.Seshadri and T.R.Seshadri 642-643
On the Variation in the Incorporation of Radioactive (14C) Glucose by Two Isolates of Xanthomonas Oryzae -- A.Balasubramanian, K.Balaraman and V.Muniappa 643-644
Effect of Volume of Water on Predatory Efficiency of the Fish Combusia Affinis -- S.Ravichandra Reddy and T.J.Pandian 644-645
The Nature of the Lymphoid Tissue in the Caecum of the Domestic Fowl -- S.N.Hegde and C.J.George  645-647
Blood Groups Among Slender Loris and Bonnet Monkey -- Hafeezur Rahman, K.Srihari and R.V.Krishnamoorthy 647-648
Effect fo a Nuclear Polyhedrosis on Uric Acid and Nitrogen Content of Spodoptera Litura F* -- Abraham Jacob,* * and T.R.Subramaniam 648-649
On Partial Ovovivipaity in Tiarothrips Subramanii (Ramakrishna) (Thysanoptera : Insecta) -- T.R.Viswanathan and T.N.Ananthakrishnan 649-650
Centella Asiatica (L.) Urban - A New Host of Albugo Pers Ex Gray -- A.B.sinha, Y.N.Srivastava and S.C.Gupta  650-651
Subramania Poonesis Sp. Nov from Maharashtra -- Mrs.Alaka Pande  651
Inheritance of Resistance to Rice Gall Midge Pachydiplosis Oryzae Wood Mason -- M.V.S.Sastry and P.S.Prakasa Rao 652-653
Emendation of the Bivalve Genus Trigonarca Conard, 1862 -- G.W.Chiplonkar and P.M.Tapaswi 653
Translocations in Pennisetum Typhoides Involving all the Chromosomes in One Complex -- D.S.Brar, J.L.Minocha and B.S.Gill 653-654
Partial Inhibition of Fusarium Wilt Symptoms in Pigeon Pea by Non- Pathogenic Formae of Fusarium Oxysporium -- A.Maitra and A.K.Sinha 654-656
A Note on the Revision of Some Graphidaceous Lichen Taxa -- Dharani Dhar Awasthi and Krishna Pal Singh 656-657
Short Scientific Notes  658-659
Reviews and Notices of Books 660-662
OCTOBER - 5, 1973

Clustering Rate-Reversal Temperature and other Pre-Precipitation Characteristics of Al-Zn-Ag Alloys


Use of Lineation in the Determination of Folids


Embryoid Differentiation in Eschscholzia Californica


Letters to the Editor
Spherically Symmetric Radiating Star -- Pramila Goyal 674
Electrical Properties of Some New Compositions in the BaTiO3-MoO3 System -- V.S.Chincholkar 674-675
Complexes of Copper Aryl Carboxylates with Pyridine N-Oxide -- N.Kumar and B.L.Kalsotra 675-676
Hexamethylenetetrammonium Tetrathiomolybdate and Tetrathiotungstate -- M.R.Udupa and G.Aravamudan 676-677
Kinetics of Oxadation of Mannitol By Ce4+ in H2So4 Medium -- M.G.Ram Reddy, B.Sethuram and T.Navaneeth Rao 677-679
Effect of Fusidic Acid on Mitochondrial Protein Synthesis in Rat and Goat Liver -- Biswendu B.Goswami, Pratap Mukherjee, Sandip N.Sinha, Bimal K.Roy and Dipak K.Dube  679-680
Production of Interferon by Arboviruses in Suckling Mouse Brains -- S.S.Tongaonkar and S.N.Ghosh 680-682
Synthesis and Antifungal Activity of BIS-(3-n-Acyl-4-Hydroxy-6-Chlorophenyl) Sulphoxides -- R.A.Pawar 682-683
Influence of Some Aspergillus Species on the Population of Sitophilus Oryzae L. (Coleoptera : Curculionidae) -- D.Srinath, A.N.Raghunathan and S.K.Majumdar 683-684
Biological Significance of the Shapes of Polysaccharides -- V.S.R.Rao and B.K.Sathyanarayana 684-685
A Comparison of antigenic Properties of Rhizobia Cultured In Vitro and Their Bacteroid Forms from Root Nodules -- K.R.Dadarwal, A.N.Sen and N.S.Subba Rao 686-687
Marek's Disease Herpes Virus in Ovary Tumor of Chicks -- H.N.Thakur 687-688
Disjunct Distribution of Pyrosomids in the Indian Ocean -- T.S.S.Rao, M.Sakthivel and S.V.Abdul Rahim 688-689
A New species of Xenosporium -- K.S.Panwar, D.K.Purohit and C.S.Gehlot 689-690
Diploconha, A North American Polychaeta in the Upper Cretaceous of South India -- G.W.Chiplonkar and V.G.Phansalkar 690
Hemoglobin Polymorphism in the Air-Breathing Climbing Perch, Anabas Testudineus (Bl.) -- Absar UL Hasnain, A.Qayyum Siddiqui and Sheikh Amjed Ali  691-692
A New Dianthus from Kashmir, Dianthus Minimus Sp. Nov -- G.N.Javeid 692-693
Blumea Venkataramanii Rolla Rao Et Hemadri - A New Species of Asterceae from Maharashtra State -- Rolla Seshagiri Rao and Koppula Hemadri 693-694
Milky Disease Bacterium fro the Control of the Sugarcane White-Grub -- H.David, K.C.Alexander and K.Anantanarayana 695-696
Observations on a "Tip-Over" Disease of Banana in Allahabad -- J.C.Edward, S.C.Tripathi and K.P.singh 696-697
Short Scientific Notes 698-699
Reviews and Notices of Books 700
OCTOBER - 20, 1973

Coherent Potential Approxiamation, Averaged T-Matrix Approximation And Lloyd's Model


Laser Microspectral Analysis of Ores


Infrared Spectroscopic Studies of Hydrogen Bonding in N-Methylacetamide-N, N-Dimethyl Amide and N-Methylacetamide-N, N-Diphenly Amide Complexes


Chemical Charactersistics of Tar-Like Materials Found on the Beaches Along the East and West Coasts of India in Relation to Their Source of Origin


Letters to the Editor
A Method of Determining Lone-Pair Electron Contributions and Molecular Force Feilds of Isotropic Ozone Molecules -- K.L.Narayana 712-713
Raman and Infrared Spectrum of 2-Chloro, 4-Nitrotoulene -- Jaya Shukla, K.N.Upadhya and P.C.Upadhya 713-714
Spectroscopic Factors for the Proton States in 38Ar -- C.R.Ramaswamy and N.G.Puttaswamy 714-715
Solvent Extraction of Iron(III) From Hydrochloric Acids solutions with Sulphonides -- R.N.Das, B.B.Misra (Mrs), D.B.Misra and S.R.Mohanty 715
Entropy and Mobility of Benzene Molecules Adsorbed on Alumina --Mrs S.Sitalakshmi, B.Viswanathan, C.S.Swamy and V.Srinivasan 716-717
Synthesis of Some New Substituted Benzothiazolyl Thiazolidones as Potential Fungicides -- P.N.Bhargava and Ishwar Chandra Tiwari 717-718
A Note on the Kinetic Study on the interaction Between p-Benzoquinones and Glycine -- K.S.Amonkar and B.N.Ghosh 718-719
Occurance of a-Spinasterol Gentiobioside in Tea -- Indresh Khanna, R.Seshadri and T.R.Seshadri 720
Location of Dextranase Activity in an Aspergillus Luchuensis Spp. Isolate -- V.K.Joshi and D.V.Tamhane 720-721
Chemical Analysis of Cereus Sp. Cactus Fruits -- Radha Pant 721-723
The Meiofauna and Pollution in Vishakapatnam Harbour -- P.N.Ganapati and A.L.N.Sarma 724-725
Juvenile Hormone Activity in Some South Indian Plants -- V.K.K.Prabhu, M.John and B.Ambikamma 725-726
Observations on the Biology, Ecology and Behaviour of Ecacanthothrips Sanguineus Bagnall (Tubulifera : Thysanoptera) -- T.R.Viswanathan and T.N.Ananthakrishnan 727-728
Chromosome Numbers Some Indian Zygnemacea -- Y.S.R.K.Sarma and K.Vedajanani 728-729
Growth Inhibitor (s) from Parthenius Hysterophorus Linn. -- Lakshmi Rajan 729-730
Systematic Status of Round  Melon (Citrullus Vulgaris Var. Fistulosus as Studied by Leaf Phenolics) -- Manjit Kaur, H.C.Dass and G.S.Randhawa 730-731
Short Scientific Notes 731-735
Reviews and Notices of Books 735-736
NOVEMBER - 5, 1973

Kinetics of Solution Polumerisation of Furfuryl Alcohol


High Phosphorous Stromatolitic Limestones from Nandini, Drug District Madhya Pradesh, India


Differential Activity of Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase in Rhesus Skeletal Muscle: Enzyme-Histochemical Investigation of the Operation of A secondary Glycolytic Pathway in Slow Muscle Fibres


On the Genus Zornia Gmel. (Fabaceae) in India and Ceylon


Letters to the Editor
Synthesis of Julolidines -- J.R.Merchant and D.S.Chothia  746
Myricetin and Quercetin Glycosides from the Leaves of Four Sapotaceous Plants -- S.Sankara Subramanian and A.G.Ramachandran Nair  746-747
Lignite as a Carrier of Azotobacters -- J.N.Dube and S.L.Namdeo 747-748
Benzyl Adenine Induced Uptake of Water Under Simulated Drought in Excised Cucumber Cotyledons -- K.S.Krishna Sastry and M.Udayakumar 748-749
Inoculation Experiment with Different Bacterial Cultures on Soybean -- M.K.Jain and R.B.Rewari 749-750
A New Species of Polypora from Aru Valley, Kashmir -- N.H.Hashimi 750-751
Use of Carmine in the specific Staining of Nucleic Acids -- Mihir K.Dutt 751-752
A Note on the Fossil Shark Tooth fromTiruchchirapalli District, Tamil Nadu, India -- S.N.Paul 753
Observations on Holocrine Secretion in the Gut of the Digenetic Trematode Elongoparorchis Pneumatis Hanumantha Rao, 1961 -- S.Vijaya Sri 753-754
Occurance of an Actinocephalid Gregarine in the Gut of Hemiptera Pirates Quadrinotatus Fabr -- S.D.Amoji and S.S.Rodgi 755
Diversity of the Karyotype in the Indian Lonf-Tailed Tree Mouse Vandeleuria Olercea (Bennett) -- K.L.Satya Prakash and N.V.Aswathnarayana 755-756
A Nuclear Polyhedrosis of Rice Moth Corcyra Cephalonica St. (Lepidoptera : Galleriidae) -- R.Jebamoni Rabindra and T.R.Subramaniam  757
Free Amino Acid Content of Aruna Ragi Malt Extract -- R.Narayana and K.B.S.Murthy Reddy  757-758
Three Unrecorded Corticolous Lichens from India -- K.N.roy Chowdhury 758-759
Abnormal Embryo Sac Formation on Nothopegia Dalzellii Gamble Var. Angustifolia Gamble -- S.S.Kelkar 759-760
In Vitro Inhibition of Spore Germination of Drechslera Nodulosa (Berk and Curt) Subram and K.Jain by Pesticides and Plant Extracts -- Y.Azeez Ahmed and Shanker Bhat Sullia 760-762
Effect on Hardening on emergence and Sedling Growth in Sweet Pepper (Var, California Wonder) -- Miss Sukhada D.Kanchan 762-763
Effect of Potato Virus X Infection on the Chemical Composition of Tomato Fruit -- R.Singh and T.P.Mall 764-765
Cytological Studies in Fimbristylis Dichotoma (L.) Vahl (Cyperaceae) -- B.H.M.Nijalingappa 765-766
Development of New Plant type in Barley and its Impact on Yield Potential -- J.S.Bakshi and S.C.Gulati 766-767
Chromosomal Stickness in Justica Quinqueangularis Koen Ex Roxb -- T.S.Sareen and K.Sanjogta 767-768
Short Scientific Notes 769-771
Reviews and Notices of Books 771-772
NOVEMBER - 20, 1973

Conformation Studies on Pectic Acid


Infrared Absorption spectra of Meta- and Para-Methylanisoles


A Comparitive Study of the Petrography and Heavy Mineral Suite of the Post-Miocene Sediments from the Kutch and Cambay Basins


A Prelimenary Report on the Foraminiferal Assemblages from the Lagoon Sediment of Karavati Atoll (Laccadives)


Letters to the Editor
Penetration Parameter and Mixing Ratio for the 57-keV Transition in 143Pr -- K.Venkata Ramaniah, T.Sesh Reddy and K.Venkata Reddy  783-784
The Near Ultraviolet Absorption Spectra of Some Dihalogenated Toluenes -- C.P.D.Dwivedi and S.N.Sharma 784-785
Distribution of the Minor Meteor Shower Radiants Observed During OctoberFebruary 1960-72 -- M.Srirama Rao, S.Rajaratnam and A.Gopalakrishnamurty 785-786
Absorption spectra of Some Xanthydro Derivatives -- M.K.Machwe, J.Kishore and K.Gopalakrishnan 786-787
Oxidation of Oxalate by Aqueous Iodine Induced by Iron (II) -- R.B.Kharat and S.Bose  787-788
Role of Dimethyl Sulfoxide in the Oxidation of Ketones by alkaline Hexacyanoferrate (III) -- P.S.Radhakrishnamurti and Sushila Devi 788-789
Blood Groups and Diabetes Mellitus -- B.R.Busi and M.R.Chakravarti 789-790
Dependance of Point-Discharge Current with Sea-Breeze -- A.M.Rao and J.K.Patnaik 790-791
Occurance of Ectopic Renal Thyroid Follicles in Three Freshwater Cyprinoid Fishes -- V.K.Deshpande and V.B.Nadkarni 791-792
Observations on the Gut and Digestion in the Gall Bladder Trematodes Paradistomum and Xenopharynx -- V.Vijayalakshmi 792-793
Development of Metacercarial Cysts of the Common Liverfluke of Indian Domestic Carnivores in Guniea-Pig and Rabbit* -- B.P.Pande and R.P.Shukla 793-795
A Reliable and Reproduclible Method for Testing Direct Acting Amoebicides against Axenic Entamoeba Histolytica -- S.R.Das and B.N.Krishna Prasad 796-797
Rhixobiophage in Indian Soil -- E.L.Foo, A.K.Varma, N.Prakash and N.S.subba Rao 797-798
A Note on the Screening of Rai (Brassica Juncea Coss.) Against White Rust (Albugo Candida (Pers) Kuntz) -- N.R.Parui and D.C.Bandyopadhyay 798-799
A note on the Forms of Composition Mont from the River Yamuna at Allahabad -- R.S.Pandey, G.L.Tiwari  and D.C.Pandey 800
Great indian Rhinoceros Inhabited Gujarat -- K.N.Momin, (Mrs) D.R.Shah and G.M.Oza 801-802
Cytological Studies in Myriophyllum Oliganthum (Haloragaceae) -- B.H.M.Nijalingappa 802-803
Resistance in Cabbage to Black Rot Caused by Xanthomonas Campestris (Pammel) Dowson in India -- B.P.Chakravarti, S.V.Hegde and D.K.Gupta 803-804
An Alternaria Blight of Solanum Elaeagnifolium, A Perinicious Weed -- P.Vidyasekaran, K.Ranganathan and G.Rangaswami 804-805
A New Source of Glyco-Alkaloid solanum Trilobatum, Linn,  and its Tetraploid Derivative -- T.V.viswanathan 805
Short Scientific Notes 806-807
Reviews and Notices of Books 807-808
DECEMBER - 5, 1973

Configurational Statistics of Polysaccharides


Poluphenolic Constituents of Pyrethrum Flowers (Chrysannthemum Cinerarifolium)


Development of Gynoecium in Triglochin in Three Dimensions


Letters to the Editor
Ultra-Violet Absorption Spectrum of 5-Methyl Pyrimidine Vapour -- M.A.Shashidhar and K.Suryanarayana Rao 816-817
Studies on 3, 4 Dihydroxy enzaldehyde Complexes of Lanthanides -- S.Fazal Mehidi Ali, M.P.Gawande and V.Ramachandra Rao 817
Analytical Applications of 2-Propionyl-1-Naphthol Oxime (2-Pronapox) -- D.N.Patkar, N.D.Tambat and R.N.Merchant 818
Stepwise Formation Constants of some Trivalent Metal Ion Complexes of N-Acetylacetoneanthranilic Acid and N-Benzoylacetone-B-Alanine (Schiff Bases) -- S.L.Pania, K.N.Kaul, (Miss) Sushila Mehta and R.K.Mehta 819-820
Triterpenoid Constituents of Grewia Asiatica -- V.J.Tripathi, A.B.Ray and B.Dasgupta 820-821
Isolation of the Hexamethyl Ether of the Monolactol-Monoaldehyde form of (+) Gossypol -- T.R.Seshadri and N.N.Sharma 821-822
stratigraphic Time-Trend Analysis os Dolomite Variation in the Sirban Limestone of Raisi, J and K State, India -- C.Gundu Rao 822-823
A Rare Case of Twining in the Bat, Hipposideros Fulvus Fulvus (Gray) -- K.B.Karim 823-824
Occurance of Caecae in the Gut of a Pill-Millipede Arthrosphaera Lutescens Butler (Diplopoda : Myriapoda) -- G.Sundara Rajulu and K.Nagarajan 824-825
Irreversible Inhibition of Cell Aggregation by Some Sulfhydryl Reagents -- K.Vasydeva Rao 826-827
Sexual Abnormalities in the Genus Acetes (Sergestidae, Decapoda) -- C.T.Achuthankutty 827-828
A New species of Spider of Genus Plator Simon (Family - Platoridae) from India -- B.K.Tikader and U.A.Gajbe 829
A Note on the Amino Acid Composition of the Collagen of Virgularia Sp. -- Miss M.Kalyani 829-830
Benzyl Adenine Induced Uptake of Potassium and Sodium in Excised Cucumber Cotyledons -- K.S.Krishna Sastry, M.Udayakumar and S.Rama Rao 830-832
The Pachytene Chromosomes of Jute (Corchorus Olitorius L.) -- P.Paria and S.L.Basak 832
Phosphatase Activity of an X-Ray Induced Mutant of Aspergillus Niger -- R.Bhaskaran, C.V.Venkataramanan and N.N.Prasad 833
Heteropogon Contortus as a Collateral Hos of Sorghum Downy Mildew (Sclerospora Sorghii) of Maize in Rajasthan -- S.R.S.Dange, K.L.Jain, Babu singh Siradhana and R.S.Rathore 834
An Addition to Indian Galiums from Kashmir -- Gurucharan Singh 834-835
Utilization of Disyston as Carbon and Phosphorus Sources by Soil Microflora -- R.Bhaskaran, D.Kandasamy, G.Oblisami and T.R.Subramaniam  835-836
A New Species of Sporidesmium from India -- Dhrubash Karan 836-837
A Note on the Precociously Exerting Protogynous Stigma in Cotton -- M.Bahavandoss, S.D.Peter and N.Jayaraman 837-838
Differential  Temperature Optima for the Seed Germination and Seasonal Distribution of Two Populations of Chenopodium Album L. -- Promila Dharmvir and P.S.Ramakrishnan 838-839
A Shoal of Sergestid Shrimp Acetes in Association with a Swarm of Gammarid Amphipods in the South-West Cosat of India -- C.T.Achuthankutty, K.K.C.Nair and K.S.Purushan 840
Short Scientific Notes 841-843
Reviews and Notices of Books 844
DECEMBER - 20, 1973

Thermal Denaturation of B-Lactoglobulin-A in Water


Inhibition of Monoamine Oxidase by Newly Synthesised Anticholinesterases


Trace Elements Study by Electron Probe Method in Sulphides from Kolihan, Rajasthan, India


Letters to the Editor
K Shell Photoelectric Cross-Section Measurements at 36.818 keV in Elements 33 < Z < 53 -- K.L.Allawadhi and B.S.Sood 852
Spectrophotometric Study of Nickel (II) Complex with Orthohudroxy Acetophenone Hydrazone (AH) -- (Mrs) Hem Lata Ray, B.S.Garg and R.P.singh 852-853
Synthesis and Rearrangement of Alkyl Substituted Spiranes - Part III -- D.N.Chaterjee and T.K.Banerji 853-854
A Method for Assay of Pectinase Activity -- B.L.ghosh and R.G.Bose  854-855
The Action of Testosterone Administered Neonatally on a Rat Preputial Gland : A Radioautographic Study -- V.P.Dixit and Mikko Niemi 855-856
Stratigraphic Position of the Carbonatites and Associated rocks at Nakal and Amba Dongar, Gujarat State -- V.Nageswara Rao 856-857
Plant Microfossils of Paleoceneeocene Age from the Wagad Region, Kutch -- Y.K.Mathur and Jaishree Pant 857-859
On the Occurance of Pearls in Placenta Placenta (Linne.) -- P.V.Bhavanarayana and B.Raghunath 859
Occurance of Cyprinotus Fulviatilis Furtos, 1933 (Cyprididae -Ostracoda) in Southern India -- Reginald Victor  860
Blastocyst-Uterus Relationship in the Indian Leaf-Nosed Bat, Hipposideros Fulvus Fulvus (Gray) -- A.Gopalakrishna and K.B.Karim 860-862
A New Species of Rare Spider of the Genus Ctenus (Family - Ctnidae) from the Andaman Islands, India -- B.k.Tikader 862-863
Cholinesterase Activity in the Rice Gandhy Bug, Leptocoryza Varicornis F. -- D.R.Bardhan, H.N.singh and A.K.Sharma 863-864
Control of Tomato Leafcurl Virus (TLCV) in tomatoes by Controlling the Vector Whitefly Bemisia Tabaci Gen. By Mineral-Oil Sprays -- N.S.Butter and H.S.Rataul 864-865
Control of Heliothis Armigera Hub. (Noctuidae : Lepidoptera) Attacking Sorghum -- A.S.Srivastava and Y.P.Singh 865-866
Diapause Inducaing Factors on Metamorphosis of Trogoderma Granarium -- G.K.Karnavar 867-868
Biomass Estimation of Producer in Grassland Ecosystem -- L.P.Mall and R.K.Tugnawat 868-869
A Note on the Embryology of Phaleolus Aureus Roxb -- S.A.Salgare 869-871
Occurance of Perfect States of Two Cucurbit Powdery Mildews in Southern India -- P.D.Sharma 871-872
Interception of Race T of Helminthosporium Meydis on Sorghum Seed -- Ram Nath, A.K.Lambat, M.M.Payak, (Miss) Janki Lilaramani and (Mrs.) Indra Rani 872-874
Short Scientific Notes 874-875
Reviews and Notices of Books 876
Volume 42 Complete