Vol. 93 , January-December 1984

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Inorganic and Analytical
Author Page
Crystal structure of 6-[1-methyl-4-nitroimidazol-5-yl)thio]purine K R Acharya 183-187
Crystal and molecular structure of cycloocta-1,5-dionatoacetyl-acetonato platinum tetrafluroborate K Venkatasubramanian 1237-1243
Energy Sources
Towards biochemical fuel cells H M Sonawat, Ratna S Phadke and Girjesh Govil 1099-1107
Erratum   1236

Inorganic and Analytical
Spectral, magnetic and thermal studies of transition metal complexes of delta(3-carboxy, 4-hydroxy benzoyl) pentanoic acid M N Patel and M R chaudhari 65-68
Polarographic study of the complexes of cadmium(II) and lead(II) with methoxyacetate ions Ram Prakash, S K Rehani and Renu Bala 69-72
Preparation and characterization of vanillin thiosemicarbazone complexes with Co(II), Ni(II), Cu(II), Zn(II), Cd(II), and Hg(II) K K Aravindakshan and C G R Nair 111-115
An efficient method of preparation of pheophytin a -Divalent metal Pheophytinates P R Droupadi and V Krishnan 117-124
Transition metal derivatives of 3-4-diphenyl-5-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole J Singh and N K Singh 125-130
Characterisation and antimicrobial activity studies of the mixed ligand complexes of Cu(II) with 8-hydroxyquinoline and salicyclic acids Y Anjaneyulu, R Y Swamy and R Prabhakara Rao 131-138
Reactions of dichloro-bis(cyclopentadienyl)titanium(IV) with bidentate Schiff bases B Kgera and N K Kaushik 139-143
Alcoholate derivatives of 3d transition metal chlorides Ram C Mehrotra, K N Mahendra and M Aggrawal 719-727
Role of orbital symmetry in transition metal promoted ring opening reactions of methylenecyclopropanes and cyclobutenes Ashoka G Samuelson 729-739
Structure and reactivity of palladium and platinum aeylazooximates Animesh Chakravorty 741-751
Binuclear and polynuclear complexes of rhodium with nitrogen heterocycles as bridging ligands N M N Gowda, R Halesha and G K N Reddy 753-766
Metal ions in molecular association of porphyrins V Krishnan 767-783

Synergism in the extraction of uranium in presence of antipyrine

R K Malhotra, M Sunderasanan and A K Sundaram 837-842
Phosphate coordination in copper(II) complexes M S Sastry, T Kesavadas, G S Rao and M D Sastry 843-848

Exchange interactions in some low-dimensional metal dithiolene complexes

P Kuppusamy, B L Ramakrishna and P T Manoharan 977-1001
Photoredoz processes in coordination compounds P Natarajan 1003-1014
Polarographic studies of mixed ligand complexes of carmium(II) and lead(II) employing ligands of biochemical interest V R Mundra, G N Rao and CSR Murthy 1245-1258
Some new timI(() complexes of Schiff bases derived from S-Benzyl-dithiocarbazate Anil Varshney and J P Tandon 1259-1264
Mercury(II) cyanide complexes with some bidentate ligands I S Ahuja 1265-1271
Mechanism of 1-phenylazo-2-naphthol-3,6-disulphonic acid reduction on a mercury electrode F Capitan, A Guiraum, J L Vilchez and J M Bosque 1273-1279


A microcomputer system for mass spectrometer control and date acquisition P G Oza, H S Mazumdar, A K Choudhary and K Gopalan 189-193
Reaction of the carbonate radical with substituted anilines T P Elango, V Ramakrishnan, S Vancheesam and J C Kuriacose 47-52
Boron complexes of sulphur containing Schiff bases derived by the condensation of S-methyl or S-benzyl dithiocarbazate with beta-diketones P K Singh and J P Tandon 53-58
Reduction mechanism of 1,4-diamino-2,3-anthraquinone disulphonic acid F Capitan, E Alvarez-Manzaneda and J L Vilchez 59-64
Anomalous 1HNMR spectra of 3,4-dihydroisoquinolines and related compounds S Narayana Swamy, S Rajeswari, B R Pai, K Nagarajan, W J Richter and S J Shenoy 145-155
Seperation of electronic and steric effects:Oxidation of ortho-substituted phenyl methyl sulphides by peroxoanions,Chromium(VI) and picolinic acid catalysed chromoium(VI) C Srinivasan,P Kuthalingam,A Chellamani,S Rajagopal and N Armugam 157-164
Synthesis, infrared and mass spectral studies of substituted 2-cyclohexyl-2,30dihydro-1H-1,3,2-benzodiazaphosphole 2-oxides M S R Naidu and C Devendranath Reddy 165-170
Oxidation of benzaldehyde semicarbazone by T(III)acetate --a structure reactivity correlation R Balakrishnan and Vangalur S Srinivasan 171-176
Synthesis, reactions and characterisation of some new beta-ketoester boroacetates Yashpal Singh and A K Rai 177-182
Contribution from Indian laboratories to the chemistryof plant products T R Govindachari 491-502
Contribution to organic synthesis and reaction mechanism D K Banerjee 503-529
Structure of some unusual types of organic compounds T R Kasturi 531-545
A Facile synthetic route to complex polycyclic natural products through intramolecular alkylation with alpha-diazomethyl ketones Subrata Ghosh and Usha Ranjan Ghatak 547-563
Organic synthesis via photoinduced hydrogen and electron transfer reactions S V Kessar 565-572
Strategies of synthesis based on dihydrobenzenes G S R Subba Rao and K Pramod 573-587
Reaction of N-acylisatins with o-aminophenol and o-aminothiophenol V.Viswanathan, B S Joshi and M A Likhate 589-592
Aspects of tautomerism 12-some causes and consequences of participation in the solvolysis of acid chlorides M Vivekananda Bhatt, Viswanatha Somayaji and M Vishnumurthi Rao 593-600
Asymmetric reductionof carbonyl compounds with chiral alkoxy aluminium and alkoxymagnesium halides: an overview Dhanonjoy Nasipuri, Ashis K Samaddar and Mitra Datta gupta 601-614
Quinone-imines and their derivatives as transient intermediates in cyclisation reactions S Rajappa 615-624
Mechanism of aromatic lithiation reactions-Importance of steric factors N S Narasimhan, S P Chandrahood, P S Chandrahood and M V Barve 625-634
Micellar control of photochemical reactions v Ramamurthy 635-646
Chemical modelling of photosynthesis:Intramolecular quinoneporphyrin complexes K N Ganesh 647-659
Alkaloids from Indian medicinal plants and their biosynthesis D S Bhakuni 661-676
Microbial transformations of acyclic monoterpenes K Madhava Madyastha 677-686
Evolution of the genetic code: Chemical studies on the genesis of coded alpha-amino acids D Ranganathan, S Ranganathan and S Bamezai 687-701
Peptides as bioorganic models P Balaram 703-717
Facile chlorination of acetophenone by chloramine_t in cationic micellar phase P S Raghavan and Vangalur S Srinivasan 849-854
Gas phase elimination of methyl group from acetophenones within the range of 10-11 to 10 -6 second A I Helal 855-860
Cycloartenol to Buxus alkaloids Sukh Dev 1015-1030
Recent advances in the chemistry of ligands A Chatterjee, A Banerji, J Banerji, S C Patel and t Ghosal 1031-1057
Studies directed towards the total synthesis of anthracycline antibiotics A V Rama Rao 1059-1078
Recent developments in the chemistry of perhydroindoles and perhydrocinnolines K Nagarajan 1079-1097
Pyrolysis of aromatic acetals over gamma-alumina N Xavier and S J Arulraj 1281-1288
Chemical probes into the active centre of a heme thiolate monoxygenase P K Bhattacharyya, T B Samanta, A H J Ullah and I C Gulsalus 1289-1304
Micellar inhibited hydrolysis of esters-evaluation of binding constant and cooperativity index P S Raghavan and Vangalur S Srinivasan 1305-1315
The unambiguous assingment of 1H and 13C signals in the NMR spectrum K Janlowski, E Diaz and F Yuste 1317-1321

Physical and Theoretical
Absorption and emission spectra of isomeric tolunitriles A Maiti, S K Sarkar and G S Kastha 1-11
Spectrophotometric determination of basicities of substituted acetylbiphenyls and biphenyl carboxylic acids P Ananthakrishna Nadar and N Kannan 13-21
Effect of substituents on the oxidation of some alkyl-aryls sulphoxides by chloramine-T K Ganapathy and P Jayagandhi 23-28
Spectroscopic studies on the electron donor-acceptor interactions of aromatic hydrocarbons with tetrachlorophthalic anhydride P C Dwivedi and Avanija Gupta 29-32
A zero differential overlap study of chemical binding in ammonia-borane and carbonyl-borane Dulal CGhosh 33-46
Kinetic studies on the homogenous hydrogenation of fumaric and maleic acids catalysed by bis(dimethylglyoximato)cobalt(II) S Vasanthakumar,S Vancheesan,J.Rajaram and J.C Kuriacose 73-81
Excess volumes and isentropic compressibilities of binary mixtures of di-n-butylamine with iso-alkanols at 303.15K G S Sastry, M Ramamurthy and P R Naidu 83-86
Electron impact study of C6H5+ fragment ion obtained from three molecules Ezzat T M Selim, A I Helal and N F Zahran 87-92
Thermal decomposition studies of catalysed double base propellants Haridwar Singh and K R K Rao 93-97
Compensation effect in the electrical conduction process in a series of pyrenyl polyenes A Sircar, B Mallik and T N Misra 99-104
The infrered and Raman Spectra of 2,4-and 2,5-dimethylbenzaldehydes P Venkoji 105-109
State-to state chemistryL Ab initio approach N Sthyamurthy 449-478
Stability of polyhedral borane anions and carboranes E D Jemmis and P N V Pavan Kumar 479-489
Hydrothermal phase equilibria in ER2O3-H2)-CO2 and Tm2O3-H2O-CO2 systems Iftiqhar Mohammed, J A K Tareen and T R N Kutty 785-793
Ion-solvent interactions of some silver salts in N,N-dimethyl formamide water mixtures at 30oC V V Giridhar and C Kalidas 795-800
A new spacing law for Liesegang rings N kanniah, F D Gnanam and P Ramasamy 801-811
Exchange current density as control for oscillatory reactons R Ramaswamy and S Ramanathan 813-816
On thermodynamic and kinetic equivalence of chemical systems Chitra Dutta, Anjan Dasgupta and Jyotirmoy Das 817-830
Calorimetric study of isomeric and steric effects amine-alcohol interactions Shirish D Pradhan and Gopal Pathak 831-835
Radiationless transitions in trivalent lanthanide ions embedded in solids Deb Shankar Roy and Mihir Chowdhury 905-916
Use of semiempirical molecular orbital calculations for the evaluation of force fields A Annamalai, M Kanakavel and Surjit Singh 917-926
Correlations between topological features and physicochemical properties of molecules D V S Jain, Sukhbir Singh and Vijay Gombar 927-945
Use of cluster expension techniques in quantum chemistry. A linear response model for calculating energy differences Somnath Ghosh and Debashis Mukherjee 947-963
Search for a density-based alternative quantum mechanics of many electron systems B M Deb 965-976
Deaquation process in ammonium Tutton salts through electrical and dielectrical measurements K M K Srivastava and S D Pandey 1323-1329
Charge transfer band of N-alkyl pyridinium iodide in a mixed binary solvent system M Pal and S Bagchi 1331-1336
Effect of adsorption of vapours on the electrical conductivity of a series of pyrenyl polyenes:adsorption and desorption kinetics A Sircar and T N Misra 1337-1343
Excitation energies of 3p6 3d2D-3p53d4s4po, 4D0, 4F0 transitions in the potassium isoelectronic sequence Satya Narayan Tiwari 1345-1347
Structural, magnetic and Mossbauer studies on MnxFe3-xO4 (0<\x<\1) P P Nakare, M P Gupta, S K Date and A P B Sinha 1349-1359
Nanosecond laser flash photolysis of acridine in organic solvents N Periasamy 1361-1375
Electronic energy levels of N-methyl derivatives of formamide and acetamide and their cation radicals G V Kulkarni and A Muralikrishna Rao 1377-1384
Acid dissociation equilibria of benzimidazole-2-carboxaldoxime in mixed solvents P Ettaiah, P Karuna Reddy, K L Omprakash, A V Chandra Pal and M L N Reddy 1385-1390
Kinetic study of the copper-iodine reaction by electrical resistance measurements Indu Bhushan Sharma and P S Vassi 1391-1394

Papers presented at the National symposium on Bio-organic Chemistry,

Bangalore, July 1982

Foreword   1109
Dual role of liposomes as adjuvant and carrier for the production of sugar-specific antibodies Manoj K Das, Bimal K Bachhwat, Pijush K Das and debi Prasad Sarkar 1111-1115
Toxic proteins of snakes and scorpions L K Ramachandran, K E achyuthan, O P Agarwal, L chaudhury, J R Vedasiromani and D K Ganguli 1117-1136
Chemical characterisation of tubulin sites involved in the colchicine binding and polymerisation process D Dasgupta and S Gurnani 1137-1142
Microbial transformation of pyridine compounds O P shukla 1143-1153
Biodegradation of phthalates and phthalate esters T B Karegoudar and B G Pujar 1155-1158
Biosynthesis of 9-phenylphenalenones in plants of the family Haemodoracease:possibly biomimetic synthesis of lachnanthocarpone by an intramolecular Diels-Alder reaction Ulrich Weiss 1159-1169
Some aspects of monoterpene biosynthesis A Banerji and G J Chintalwar 1171-1178
Transmission and reduction of imines using NADH Models Serjinder Singh, Sarbjeet Gill and Iqbal Singh 1179-1183
Design and synthesis of systemically active enkephalin-like peptides K P Mathur 1185-1190
Studies on the microsomal 11alpha-hydroxylation of progesterone in Aspergillus ochraceus: characterization of the hydroxylase system K M Madyastha, C R Jayanthi and P Madyastha 1191-1203
Homology in oilseed proteins V Prakash and M S Narasinga Rao 1205-1214
The structure of and the internal rotation in N,N-dimethyl uracil C L Khetrapal and A C Kanwar 1215-1220
Electron delocalisation during oxidation-reduction cycle of FAD:Design and fabrication of a coenzyme immobilized bio-anode Ratna S Phadke, H M Sonawat and Girjesh Govil 1221-1228
Design and synthesis of new fluorescent photoaffinity labels to study membrane structure P S R Anjaneyulu, Deepti Pradhan and Anil K Lala 1229-1235

Solid State Chemistry and Surface Chemistry
A simple model for predicting the electronic configuration of a an ion in a tetragonally distorted octahedral environment Bernard Buffat, Gerard Demazeau, Michel Pouchard and Paul Hagenmuller 313-320
A study of Co/Mo/Al2O3 hydrodesulphurization catalysts and related model compounds by XPS and X-ray absorption spectroscopy (NANES and EXAFS) G Sankar, P R Sarode, A Srinivasan, C N R RAo, S Vasudevan and J M Thomas 321-334
Adsorption of carbon monoxide and oxygen on transition metal surfaces: a comparative study of the results from electron spectroscopy and theoretical calculations P Vishnu Kamath, D D Sarma and C N R Rao 335-355
reactions on oxide catalysts-kinetics and mechanism of dehydrogenation and decarboxylation K Balasubramanian and J C Kuriacose 357-372
Electron spectroscopic studies of the adsorption and decomposition of methanol on transition metals. A review M S Hedge 373-387
Glass transition. a new approach based on cluster model of glasses K J Rao 389-406
Organic solid state chemistry-Some perspectives Gautam R Desiraju 407-419
Perspective solid state chemistry. Recent developments J Gopalakrishnan 421-432
Studies on photoelectrochemistry A S N Murthy and K S Reddy 433-447
Nonstoichiometric compounds: A critique of current structural views J S Anderson 861-904
Structural Chemistry
X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of the crystal and molecular structureof the predominant monocarboxylic acid obtained by the mild acid hydrolysis of cyanobalamin: Outline Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin 195-196
X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of the crystal and molecular structure of the predominant monocarboxylic acid obtained by mild acid hydrolysis of cyanocobalamin. Part I. X-ray diffractionstudies of wet crystals C E Nickolas and S Ramaseshan 197-218
X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of the crystal and molecular structure of the predominant monocarboxylic acid obtained by mild acid hydrolysis of cyanocobalamin. Part II. Neutron diffraction studies of wet crystals
Joyce M Waters and T N M Waters 219-234
X-ray and neutron diffraction studies of the crystal and molecular structure of the predominant monocarboxylic acid obtained by mild acid hydrolysis of cyanocobalamin, Part III. Neutron diffraction studies of wet crystals F H Moore, B H O'Connor, B T M Wills and Dorothy Crowfood Hodgkin 235-260
Structure of isopropylidene nucleoside derivatives: Implications for ribose ring flexibility under external cyclic constraints M A Viswamitra and N Gautam 261-269
Conformational flexibility of longifolene K R Acharya, S S Tavale and T N Guru Row 271-282
Structural research on non-transition metal double nitrites: Crystal structure, optical absorption and emission oif TlBa2(N)2)5 G Fava Gasparri, M Nardelli and F Fermi 283-293
Nuclear magnetic resonance of paramagnetic metalloporphyrins L B Dugad and Samaresh Mitra 295-311