Vol. 90 , January-December 1981

Inorganic and Analytical
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Redox patern in a group pf copper(II) dimers : Comments on equipotential Cu2 11-Cu11 and Cu11-Cu21 couples
D Datta and A Chakravorty
Complexes of rare-earth perchlorates with di-t-butyl amides of di, tri and tetraglycolic acids
C Premalatha and S Soundarajan
Amperometric titration of copper with ammonium dithiocarbamate and its determination in the presence of cadmium and mercury
R Chatterjee, D Guha and S S Chatterjee
Spectral and mossbauer studies of some iron(III) high spin complexes
P S Zacharias and G S Salvapati
Base adducts of dioxobis(acetoacetanilidato)uranium(IV)
P Sreeman and N Thankarajan
2,6-Lutidine-N-Oxide complexes of rare-earth bromides
P V Sivapullaiah and S Soundararajan
Synergism in the extraction of europium in the presence of alkylphosohate and sulphoxides
M Sudersanan and A K Sundaram
Binary and ternary complexes of copper(II) with some dihydroxycoumarins
H B singh, R K Negi and Smita Srivastava
Possible existence of the (nitrogen base H)_ cations with cobalt(III) chelates of 2-hydroxy-5-methyl acetophenone thiosemicarbazone
M S Patil and J R Shah
Mixed-ligand complexes of copper VII. Polarographic studies on copper-carboxylate aminocarboxylate complexes
V V Ramanujam and V Krishnan
Complexes of tungsten (VI) with tartaric acid, Comparative studiy of the various schemes of formation
A Cervilla Avalos, A Beltran porter and Beltran Martinez
Stability of some Lu(III chelates of pyrogallol
B C Bhuyan and S N Dubey
Vanadyl(V) chloride complexes of N-2(4,5,6, mono-substituted pyridyl)-N'-substituted thio ureas

K P Srivastava, I K Jain and K L Madhak
Solvent extraction of europium (III) with 4-thiobenzoyl 2,4-dihydro 5-methyl 2-phenyl 3H-pyrazol-3-one (SBMPP) and thiobenzoyltrifluoroacetone (SBTA)
V S Chauhan and G N Rao
Spectrophotometric study of the formation of adducts between Np (TTA)4 andsome neural donors
M S Sajun, V V  Ramakrishna and S K Patil
Synthesis and  properties of the  Fe2,Cu2,Cr2 Se4 system
A Bandyopadhyay, M N Holla and D K Chakrabarty
Square_planar adducts of Cu(II) and Ni(II) complexes of some 2-hydroxt acetophenonethiosemicarbazones with nitrogen donors
M S Patil and J R Shah
Thermal analysis of hydrazinium metal sulphates and their hydrazinates
K C Patil, S Govindarajan, R soundararajan and V R Pai Verneker
Synthesis and physicochemical studies on Co(II) complexes
M S Patil and J R Shah
Mononitrosalted and phenylamido substituted chelate linkage isomers of quadridentate Schiff base copper(II) complexes
V Balasubramanian, R R Iyengar and C C Patel
Lanthanide perchiorate complexes of 4-cyano puridine N-oxide, 4-chloro 2-picoline-B-Oxide and 4_dimethyl amino-2-Picoline N Oxide
N S Navaneetham and S Soundararajan
Carbonyl and hybridocarbonyl complexes of ruthenium(II) and Osmium (II) with tertiary arsines
K G Srinivasamurthy,  N M Nanje Gowda and G K N Reddy
Spectral studies of the newly synthesized azomethine derivatives of zirconium(IV)
R K Sharma, R V Singh and J P Tandon
Synthesis of bis (tetrahydrofurfuryl) Phosphonopropyl nitrile, 1-methyl-2-bis (tetrahydrofurfuryl)phosphonopropyl nitrile and 0,0-bis(tetrahydrofurfuryl) 2,2,2-trichloro-1-hydroxyethyphosphonate as possible flame retardents to cellulose
Bhoop Singh sharavati, Indira Handa and hari L Bhatnagar
Complexes of rate earth perchlorates and notrates with 3-methyl, 1-pheny;, pyrazol-5-one
C G R Nair and P K Radhakrishnan
Spectrophotometric determination of N-o-tolylbenzohydroxamic acid with vanadium (V)
V C Koshy and S G Tandon
Metal derivatives of organoantimony compoinds ; reaction of anhydrous Zr(IV) Nb(V) and W(VI) chlorides with arylantimony compounds
Hemant K Sharma, S N Dubey and D M Puri

Chlorination of acetylpyridines by N-chlorosaccharin V S Panchaksharan, S Sundaram and N Venkatasubramanian  53-59 

Synthesis of some model esters of a constituent of shellac with long chain hydroxy and epoxy fatty acids  G B V Subramanian, Yougesh chander and Rafia Nuzhat  61-67 
Synthesis of 0,0-dial kyl-S-benzoyl-(benzylidene amino) dithiophosphorates and their inhibitory effect on acetylcholibestease activity J S shukla and Renu Rastogi  69-76 
Oxonium ions as initiators for vinyl polymerizations. A reappraisal   S Sivaram, R K Singhal and K M Naik  117-120 
Organic reactions in inorganic matrices-Oxidation of hydroquinone to p-benzoquinone on solid MoO3 surfaces  Gautam R Desiraju and B Prabhakara Shastry  243-246 
A total synthesis of 4-cyano-1,3-dimethyoxy-2-azaestra-1,3,5 (10)- trien-17beta-ol and its configuration assignment  T R Kasturi and lalitha Krishnan  281-290 
Antifertility agents-synthesis and activity B Ranjitha, Y Geetanjali, M Kanakalingeswara Rao , V V  Somayajulu and C K Atul  291-296 
neighbouring group participation and the tool of interesting electron demand : a review  M Ravindranathan, C Gundu Rao and Edward  NPeters   353-370

Physical and Theoretical
Nature of dependences of spin-orbit splittings ion atomic number  D D Sarma  19-26 
Two-stage adsorption and desorption processes in some notroaromatic semiconductor-vapour systems : Implications in compensation effect in dark conduction process
K M Jain, alpana Ghosh and T N Misra
Vibrational spectra and normal coordinate treatment of N,N-dimethy;thioacetamide
T Bhupal Reddy, G Ramana Rao and V Venkata  Chalapathy
Structure and allied properties of liquid carbondisulphide
R V Gopala Rao and R N Joarder
Green's function application to chemical pertuberation studies
S Lacha Goud, V Balasubramanian and B K Gupta
Infrered absorption of Ag(I) iodate in methanol-dimethyl sulphoxide mixtures
S Janardhanan and C Kalidas
Physico-chemical studies on the photostabilization of poly(1-butane) film
R P Singh, R Chandra and A Syamal
Effect of adsorption of vapours on the electrical conductivity of some nitroaromatic semiconductors : Adsorption and desorption kinetics
Alpana Ghosh, K M Jain and T N Misra
Photoacoustic spectroscopy of solids and surfaces
P Ganguly and C N R Rao
The determination of interfacial tension by differential capillary rise
S Ramakrishnan and S Hartland
Optical absorption spectrum of nickel antipyrine complex
V L R Murthy and S V J Lakshman
Preferred conformers in 3-aminopropanol by the PCILO method
Anil Saran and M M Dhingra
The evaporation coefficients of the Al2O3 vapour species
R D Shrivastava and M Farber
The chain length and isomeric effect of alcohol on the excess properties of amine-alcohol systems : Excess free energy of mixing, enthalpy of mixing and volume change on mixing
Shirish D Pradhan
Polarography of europium(III) in water-dimethylformamide mixtures
V R Chandrasekaran and A K Sundaram
Differential pulse polarographic study of thiamine (vitamin B1) in neutral and acedic aqueous solutions
P N Moorthy, Kamal Kishore and K N Rao
an average fock operator technique of approximate open-shell LCAO-Mo-SCF calculations
Sankar Prasad Bhattacharyya and Mihir chowdhury
Substituent effect on ionosatio potential in a series of related molecules : a theoretical study in a molecular orbital framework
Md Azizeul Haque, S P Bhattacharyya and Manas Banerjee
Excess volumes of the binary mixtures 1,2-dichloroethane +n-alkanols (c2-C2)
X Rosaria Rajkumar, K V Raman and S K Arulraj
The characteristic polynomial approach to the solution of quantum chemical perturbation problems
P Ravindranathan
Conformational investigation on retinal by PCILO method
M M Dhingra and anil Saren
Structure of the intermediate species of the protoreaction cycle of bacteriorhodopsin
M M Dhingra and Anil Saren
Hydration numbers of some metal acetates, monochloroacetates and trichloroacetates in solution from ultrasonic velocity and conpressibility measurements
D K Koppikar, M V Lele and S Soundararajan
Electronic absorption spectroscopic studies of enolimine-ketoamine equilibria in Schiff bases
A S N Murthy and a Ram Reddy
Ferric molybdate-A catalyst for the oxidation of toluene
K L Madhok and K P Srivastava